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The Last Days of the Globalist Zionist State of Israel

Gogu-Magog War completes its Seventh Year (2007-8)

By Robert Mock M.D.

August 2008

Part Nine

Section Seven




Prime Minister Ehud Olmert – The Fate of Israel in the Hands of Israel’s most Corrupt Politician

The Corruption Scandals of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Israel is Owned by the Council of Foreign Relations

Israel is Ruled by Freemasons

Peace, Peace – Its time to give away the Golan Heights, Shebaa Farms, Half of Jerusalem, the Water in Galilee and Israel

Syria – Hezbollah again in Control of Lebanon
Hezbollah now Officially a Nation

Assad’s Second in Command Assassinated while Syria returns to the International Scene as Broker of Peace

Bush’s Patience Wearing Thin on Iran – Military Blockade and Sanctions Begins

Iran and Syria Celebrate the Collapse of the Fourth Round of Western Sanctions

9th of Av 2008 brings a Flurry of Peace Proposals

Hezbollah is Ready for Revenge

Hamas ready to take back Jerusalem with Jihad

Iran Woos Bush – Bush Ponders his Destiny

Israel Isolated by the United States

Israel Braces for a War of Annihilation

Will Israel Attack Iran?


Introduction the 9th of Av, that date of infamy to Israel, rolled by in the year of 2008, the destiny of Israel was holding itself in the scales of balance. Her fate was still in the hands of the most corrupt politician in modern Israeli history, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. His reign would last at least until September 2008By that time, it may be too late to change Israel’s path of destiny. 


Russia surrounded by NATO and US Allied countries of Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan


As the biblical Prophet Daniel foretold 2400 years ago, an epic battle would rage north of the Middle East, for Daniel was looking to the north from the Persian palace at Shushan, in southern Iran.  This battle would be at the “time of the end” according to the Archangel Gabriel, the appointed angel to the 70 nations on this planet earth. Two global powers would meet in battle; one representing the ancient imperial power of Persia and the other would represent the ancient imperial power of Greece, who built their culture legacy upon Egypt yet, became the face of Rome”.  


It was the archangelic messenger who proclaimed that the outcome of this world conflict would be the crushing of the Persian-Iranian Ram. Yet to achieve such an event, her two great horns of Russia and China would have to be “broken”. The victor was also seen in futuristic terms by the later Pope John Paul II, who proclaimed that there were two contenders of world domination, the Red Internationale that represented the eastern oriental powers of the Red Communist Leninist-Marxist countries of Russia and ChinaThe second would be the Golden Internationale, the western occidental powers representing the internationalists and the transnationalists of the world economic giants of the European Union and the United States. Angel Gabriel proclaimed that the laurels of victory in this conflict would be the mighty He-Goat, whose face and great horn would be the source of her great powerTwenty-three hundred years ago, the Eternal One of Israel gave us a real literal prophetic mini-drama.  It was a “rehearsal imperial conflict” that would later be played out over the world continents at the time of the end.  This mini-drama occurred in 332 BCE when Alexander the Great defeated the mighty army of the Persian Shah Darius Nothus.


The Nation of China surrounded by the Western Allies of India, Pakistan, and Taiwan with Three Aircraft Carriers setting off the East China Sea and the Formosa Straits.


In the final conflict, there would also be an imperial force that would take the mantle of exporting Grecian democracy to the entire world and thereby by the roots of Hellenism expand her influence throughout the world.  As the Grecian He-Goat, this mighty beast was to be represented by the bulky and strong body of Rome with the face and mighty horn of the United States. It would also be an aerial power, a fact not understood by the prophet, except he faithful described it as an apocalyptic animal that moved above the earth with great speed as flying over the ground using the Hebrew word, “el al” the name of Israel’s National Airway, El Al.


As the clock struck its appointed hour and on the eve of the 9th of Av, 2008 arrived, Israel was not invaded or attacked by her enemies who lived and surrounded her, but the world awakened watching the Russian Bear rising from her hibernation as her military jets and military forces stormed across the borders of NATO’s new ally and potentially soon partner.  This was the tiny country of George that flanked the south-eastern borders of Russia. The flashpoint for a new global war was in the making. It appeared that the first global battle, Round one was showing an international win for Russia! 


The 18,000 troop military of the country of Georgia crumbled and she was no match to the military power of her northern imperial neighborEven more startling, Georgia was receiving no assistance from her western globalist benefactors, NATO and the United States. The Georgian president surrenders and is humiliated. American President George Bush appears as a weakling depending only on words of diplomacy. Israel gets a black eye and a threatened reprisal later by Russia. Not knowing how the God of Israel will allow the geo-political events to unfold, we continue to watch and be ready”. 


At the same time, Russia’s global partner, China, was dining the world with the feats of athletic prowess as the ancient Grecian games of the Olympiads were finally allowed to be hosted and feted to the world populations at the capital city of Beijing in the land of the Chinese Dragon. Yet, China was tied up in the international economic spotlight and did not dare to flex any imperial military muscle. embroiled in this global war, China and the United States had already matched their wits with their secret weapons of mass destruction; the ionospheric heaters.  These weapons of mass destruction can slide tectonic plates upon each other and create massive earthquakes, or develop vortexes by billions of volts of energy to form hurricanes and cyclones and by both, destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in minutes.   


The Nation of Persia-Iran surrounded by the western allies of Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan


To the south, in the third Khanate of the Ancient Mongolian Imperial Axis, in the regions of the Ilkhanate of Persia, the Mullahs and Ayatollahs of the Shi’ite Nation of Iran was reviving her legacy of the ancient Persian Empire and the Mongolian EmpireThwarting all rapprochements by the United States and Europe to drop her designs to become the nuclear giant of the Middle East, the United States was sending a third and fourth aircraft carrier groups to the Persian Gulf in what would become the largest flotilla of naval presence in the entire world.


The covert wars had already been fought. By economic alliances, assassinations, economic wars, weather modification wars, military alliances, nuclear alliances, the western economic global powers of NATO and the United States had effectively surrounded the Axis of the Red Internationale; Iran, Russia and China. Would America act? Or would, what appears to be the last President of Sovereign United States, bowing out and leave his diplomacy in shambles for the next elected president to take office in January 2009?  At the time of the 9th of Av, what we do know is:


1.    Russia was surrounded by the allied nations to NATO and the United StatesThe forces of the western occidental economic powers were now strategically placed in Europe and the Balkans (NATO), Turkey (United States), Afghanistan (NATO), Lebanon (NATO), and Iraq (United States) with allied partners in the Caspian Sea; Georgia (United States), Turkmenistan (NATO) and Azerbaijan (NATO).


2.    China was surrounded by the allied nations to NATO and the United States.  These countries included India and Pakistan with a nuclear military pact, Turkey with military air base used as an Allied base.  Then there was Taiwan where a flotilla of three nuclear carriers traversed along the Eastern China Sea and the Formosa Straits.  Plus the military regime at Myanmar was in the process of being softened as almost 250,000 of her citizens killed and millions left homeless in the wake of Cyclone Nargis that devastated the Irrawaddy River delta.


3.    Shi’ite Iran was also surrounded as military bases and vast armaments were built and stored in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey and Azerbaijan.


Yet, the prophetic picture proclaims that the He-Goat will stomp the Ram into the ground ut this could only be done when the Ram’s “two horns” were broken. 


We also know, if the prophetic sage Vilna Gaon’s time of the end scenario as interpreted by the esteemed Sephardic sage, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, is to ring true, the final chapter of the seven year war of Gogu-Magog that started on the 7th day of Succot 2001 will end this October.  At this time, we pray and trust in the Sovereign God’s divine will.


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert – The Fate of Israel in the Hands of Israel’s most Corrupt Politician


It may have been one of the last of Prime Minister Olmert’s secret diplomatic negotiations, but it may be the beginning of a new era of dismantling the Labor Zionist Nation of IsraelBy seeking to play with the big boys and act as though he were one of the elite of the western internationalists, the government of Olmert may have begun the ball rolling that may permanently cut Israel’s ties with the United States, send President George W. Bush into retirement, and start a cascade of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel geo-political events around the world.


Not only was Prime Minister Olmert aligning himself with America and with Bush’s dream legacy to create a democratic Palestinian State on land given in perpetuity to the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel, but he, like his predecessor, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, sought to create his own diplomatic legacy.  Yet, the finger of the Lord began to resurrect all his prior corruption and scandalsTransparency began to overwhelm the House of Olmert. In what appeared to be a desperate play of international diplomacy, Olmert moved on alone, in effect circumventing Bush, NATO, the United States, and even Rome.  Was it fear, greed, or lust for power that made him go alone, we do not know.

Ehud Olmert and George W. Bush

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert meeting with American President George Bush


Nine months earlier, at the Annapolis Conference on November 4, 2007, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made the following statement:


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert – “If the day comes when the two-state solution collapses, and we face a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights (also for the Palestinians in the territories), then, as soon as that happens, the State of Israel is finished."


Ehud Olmert meets with Condoleezza Rice and Mahmoud AbbasPrime Minister Olmert took over the Kadima Party, when former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had his stroke and slid into a permanent coma.  The Kadima Party was built on the principle that it was to be party for all Israeli, a party with no principles and no ideology.  Kadima would be neitherrightist nor leftist, but in reality did not represent the real purpose of Israel’s existence only the secular “feelings” of the majority of the Jewish citizens in IsraelTo the God of Israel, the Nation of Israel had only one reason to exist, to care for and preserve the land, Israel and the city, Jerusalem, that the God of Israel called His own


Prime Minster Ehud Olmert meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, along with American Secretary of Condoleezza Rice


In essence the prime minister led the vanguard to destroy the “real Israel” and replace it with the Shabbatean model of the future Jewish anti-Messiah who would be anti-Torah, anti-orthodox Jew, and against the Eternal One of Israel. Is it any wonder that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has become the symbol of the Shabbatean Jew that has no principles, no ideology, no core convictions, only a dream and greed for his legacy.  In the statement above though, he revealed that he did have a conviction that he was a supra-ideologisthe stood for principles that stood above the polarity of interests of his Israeli constituents. As we will soon see, theseprinciples” could be bought for a price, or demanded for aprice”. As a Jew, though, to whom was Olmert beholden to? 


Such a quest to find that answer only suggests to look at his Prime Ministerial investment portfolio and to investigate what his private self-interests are in order to develop a profile of what many Israeli and Israel watchers have come to believe; he was the most beholden Jewish leader to outside foreign interests and the most corrupt Israeli politician that Israel has ever voted to lead their country.


It was on May 4, 2006, that the newly elected Prime Minister Olmert presented to the Knesset his new government.  He was the new Prime Minister of Israel, and in order to “buy” the alliance with the United Torah Judaism, the Sephardic based Jewish party, he also took the realm of the Minister of Welfare, in appease the political demands of the orthodox politicians. What an odd-bedfellow it was for this most leftist of Israeli rulers, choosing to join his Kadima coalition with the most rightist of Jewish politicians, who wanted only the party management of the Welfare Department from a Deputy Ministerial position. 


Within twenty days, the new Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was standing in front of the joint session of the United States Congress and proclaiming his allegiance to the vision of the American President George Bush for a Palestinian State.   In any other country of the world, this ideological concept would be treason, but in Israel this was standard negotiating politics for the Jewish-anti-Jew that we call today, the Shabbatean Jew, for the base philosophical beliefs of the Shabbatean Jews came out the failed messianic vision of Shabbatai Zevi and his protégée Jacob Frank the 17th century Eastern EuropeThey were Jews who wanted to give up their Jewishness.  They were against the covenanted relationship of the Jews with the God of Israel. They were against the Torah and also against the Eternal One of Israel. They had no affinity with the Land of Israel”, yet they would rather live and assimilate into the nations of the world, except here in Israel, the Shabbatean Jews could become “big fish in a small pond”.  Like the Sadducees in the days of Yahshua HaMaschiach (Jesus the Messiah) the Shabbatean Jews could be bought and soldfor a price like the Sadducee High Priests bought the office of the High Priest “for a price” in the days of the Roman imperial control of the land of Judea.
Today, the Land of Israel is against their
Jewish Messiah, Yahshua HaNotzri (Jesus the Nazarene) for the fundamental core belief of the Labor Zionist State of Israel is that this “Land” can be bought and sold “for a price”. It is the fundamental belief of BibleSearchers that the day when the Jewish people accept their mandated covenant with the God of Israel, and accept the HaShem’s Messiah, the literal physical manifestation of the One God of YHVH God Himself as the Torah revealed in human flesh that the possession of Greater Israel will unfold before their eyes.


The British Mandate (1920-1948)


This “Palestinian State would eventually come in conflict with the “promises of the God of Israel”.   This “Land” was promised by the God of Israel for the returning tribe of the House of Judah (Jews) and eventually the returning “Lost Tribes” of the House of Joseph/Ephraim.  The latter would someday represent all the 10 tribes that went into Assyrian exile 2700 years ago.  Yet, it was a fact of history that the “British Mandate” was given to the British occupiers in the Middle East for one reason only: to establish a national home for the Jewish people.


Without a mandate or a Palestinian peace partner, not only was the new prime minister committed to the United Nation’s global agenda called the Road Map for Peace, for he was also willing to ghettoize the State of Israel into fragmented indefensible sections of land. Like Czechoslovakia, prior to World War II who was forced by British Prime Minister Chamberlain in appeasement to the Fuehrer Adolf Hitler of Germany, ceded the central regions of the formidable and defensible Nation of Czechoslovakia to Germany.   Within one year, the entire Czech country fell under Nazi rule.


A little over sixty days the Nation of Israel was embroiled in a war with the Iranian sponsored militia called Hezbollah, the 2006 Israel-Lebanon WarBought by the globalist “visionof America’s President George W. Bush and his Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Olmert was revealed to the world that he was now a puppet of the American White House.  His political influence had been “bought” by the most powerful nation of the Western globalists, the Golden Internationale


The Nation of Israel virtually lost its first war and deflated its impregnable image in the eyes of the Arab world for the Labor Zionist State of Israel was not fighting for Israel’s mandate by the God of Israel to be a Biblical Zionist, but Labor Zionist Israel was fighting for the Rothschilds and the world economic globalists, the American economic globalist the Council of Foreign Relations, the European economic globalist the Bilderbergs, the Scottish Rite of Freemasons, the Illuminate, and every other global power that desires to rule the world. The State of Israel was now vulnerable, and bloodied as a wounded lion.


With an approval rating of 22% in early 2006, the administration of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert plummeted to almost non-existent with a rating of 3% in May, 2007 when the Winograd Commission accused the prime minister of failing to properly manage the Second Lebanese War.  10,000 Israeli citizens conducted a mass rally calling for his resignation that same day.


The Corruption Scandals of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert the military debacle in Lebanon hanging on his shoulders, Prime Minister Olmert has kept his government on a lifeline lease, as he adeptly maneuvered himself from one corruption scandal after another that also began the revelation of the true nature of this Israeli prime minister whose legacy may be that he led his country to destruction. Yet, it will be the legacy of his overt corruption.  These investigation included:


Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert


·         Corruption scheme in the 70s that involved high places; Jerusalem businessmen, organized crime that also were linked to the renown and respected retired General Rechavam Ze'evi. With a counter suit libel case against him by General Ze'evi and the allegations of transferring illegally funds from the Likud party treasury for his private defense fund, this case was quickly settled out of court.


·         The Greek Island Affair was a corruption scheme that involved both Arial Sharon and Ehud Olmert that alleged the bribing of the Israeli businessman, David Appel while Olmert was the Mayor of Jerusalem. This case closed in June 2004 for lack of evidence.


·         1999 Sale and Lease back of private home when on March 7, 2006, Olmert’s house was sold with substantial profit and then leased back on very favorable times that started an inquiry on March 7, 2007 that sited illegal campaign contributions as the motive. Criminal case was launched on September 24, 2007 and remains open.


·         Steering the Sale of a Private Bank called Leumi to help a close friend and associate, Australian real estate baron, Frank Lowy was opened for criminal investigation on January 16, 2007Case was closed for lack of evidence for indictment.


·         Criminal activity of taking an active part in an investment center highlighted the next investigation on April 2007 while Olmert was the Minister of Trade, Industry and LaborParliamentary inquest on July 2007 yielded denials to the accusations. No criminal investigation was ever opened.


·         Bribery allegations were cited and a criminal case was opened on May 2008 where Olmert took more than $150,000 in cash given to him in envelops from a Jewish-American businessman Morris Talansky during the years of Olmert mayoral reign in Jerusalem.  On May 27, 2007, Morris Talansky arrived in Israel to formally testify in court about the 15 years that he gave then Mayor Olmert cash money in envelops.


On July 30, 2008, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced that he would resign from office after the leadership primary of the Kadima Party on September 17.  Yet, true to the style of the prime minister, his “resignation” was designed that he could possibly stay in office for another ten months, until the next general election date in March 2009. His resignation came with the premise and assumption that the Kadima Party would be able to form a coalition government.  If not, then the elections in Israel would not be held until March 2010 while an interim coalition government would preside. Refusing to resign immediately, Olmert avoided the step that would trigger the early elections in November 2008, and so Prime Minister Ehud Olmert carries the fate of Israel with him. 


How come is there is so much corruption in the Land of Israel today?  For Bible believers, we have to respond, because the God of Israel said that is what the House of Judah and the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel would be like before the coming of the Messiah.   Did He not say that the Land of Israel had “born the shame of all nations, that she had defiled the land (of Israel) by her own deeds and ways, and that she “profaned My holy name?”


Ezekiel 36:6-7“Therefore prophesy concerning the land of Israel, and say to the mountain, the hills, the rivers, and the valleys, ‘Thus says the Lord God: ‘Behold I have spoken in My jealousy and My fury, because you have borne the shame of the nations”


Ezekiel 36:17“Son of man, when the house of Israel dwelt in their own land, they defiled it by their own ways and deeds.


Ezekiel 36:20-21“When they came to the nations, wherever they went, they profaned My holy name – when they said of them, ‘These are the people of the Lord, and yet they have gone out of His land.’ But I had concern for My holy name, which the house of Israel had profaned among the nations wherever they went. Therefore say to the house of Israel., ‘Thus says the Lord God: ‘I do not do this for your sake, O house of Israel, but for My holy name’s sake, which you have profaned among the nations wherever you went.”


Did not the Eternal One of Israel call Jerusalem with the symbolism of Egypt and Sodom, the city in which the last Two Witnesses to the Almighty One will be killed by the forces of the Anti-Messiah?” 


Revelation 114,7-8“These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands standing before the God of the earth…When they finish their testimony, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them, overcome them, and kill them.  And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.”


To the Prophet Zechariah, the City of Jerusalem, not once but twice, will be surrounded by impossible odds as in defeatThe first will be when all the surrounding people will come against her and besiege Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:2).  The second will be the day when the Lord will gather all nations to battle against Israel.” (Zechariah 14:2) 


Zechariah 12:2 – “Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they lay siege against Judah and Jerusalem. And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it.


Zechariah 14:2For I will gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem; the city shall be taken…”


Yet, we ask, is not Israel already surrounded and controlled by the globalist nations of the world?


Israel is Owned by the Council of Foreign Relations


Why will the nations of this world come to surround Israel?  Do not the members of the Council of Foreign Relations own over 60% of all the public companies and industry in Israel?  Do not also the members of the Council of Foreign Relations own and control 60-80% of the Israel national media?  Is not Israel owned by only 12 families?  Yet, while Israel is “owned” and “controlled” by one of the global power alliances in the world today, still the Council of Foreign Relations in the United States do not represent all the nations of the world.” 


It was on April 4, 2006 that Forbes Magazine listed the following ruling families of Israel that was later published on Israel National News in the article titled, “Forbes Reinforces Claim that Kadima is Tool of Oligarchs”.


Arutz Sheva (Israel National NewsAccording to the report, the business groups are controlled by the following families: Sami Ofer, Nochi Dankner, Shari Arison, the Cerberus-Gabriel consortium, Charles Bronfman, Yitzchak Tshuva, the Saban group, Lev Leviev, Matthew Bronfman, Tzadik Bino, the Borovich family, and Eliezer Fishman. The 12 families own 60 percent of the aggregate market value of all Israeli public companies (excluding the even larger Teva Pharmaceutical Industries), Forbes reported. The report goes on to say that the families have constructed their empires, which consist of Israel's largest companies, using organizational structures that have long ago been done away with in the Western world.

The report explains that the groups have an inordinate amount of control over Israel's economy, political leaders and media due to the structuring of their holdings as pyramids – meaning several layers of companies each own others beneath them but are all beholden to the leading families. Such a phenomenon was eliminated in the US in the early 20th century through restrictions on ownership and the double taxation of dividends a company paid its owner company.  The report stressed that the issue is not economic, but political – saying the only way to regulate the power of the families is a large government coalition that would seek such regulation.”


Then again we ask, is not the State of Israel ruled by Prime Ministers most of whom were elected by the loyal orthodox Jews in the Land of Israel?  Since July 1992, one year before the signing of the Oslo Accord in August 29, 1993, between Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the Nation of Israel has been ruled by members of the Scottish Rite FreemasonsThe order of the British and Scottish Rite Masonic lodges were initiated in the late 18th century by agents of false messiah Shabbatai Tzevi protégé, Jacob Frank, in league with the Jesuit trained Samuel Weishaupt of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati and financed by the Jewish Rothschild family, leaders of the world banking industry. 


Israel is Ruled by Freemasons


David Ben-GurionHere we find evidence that eight (8) of the fifteen (15) Prime Ministers of Israel were members of the secret society called the Freemasons?  Let us note the enlightening summary given by the Israeli investigative reporter, Barry Chamish, on July 18, 2008 in the  article titled, Modern Insanity in Israel”:


Israeli President David Ben-Gurion


Freemason Israel Prime Ministers, 1948-2008


Barry ChamishThe Prime Minister of Israel is the head of the Israeli government and is the most powerful political officer in Israel (the President of Israel being a titular figurehead). He or she wields executive power in the country, and has an official residence in Israel's capital, Jerusalem. A total of thirteen different people have served as Prime Minister of Israel. [including "acting" PM's].  Four of those people have served on two non-consecutive occasions. Of these 13 people, documentation and/or references found thus far indicate at least eight (8) of these people are (were) Masons:


David Ben-Gurion - Freemason

Moshe Sharett

Levi Eshkol

Yigal Allon

Golda Meir - Co-Mason

Yitzhak Rabin - Freemason

Shimon Peres* - Freemason and Jesuit (Roman Catholic) trained

Menachem Begin

Yitzhak Shamir

Benjamin Netanyahu - Freemason

Ehud Barak - Freemason

Ariel Sharon - Freemason

Ehud Olmert** - Freemason


* Shimon Peres is presently the President of Israel
** Ehud Olmert is presently the
Prime Minister of Israel

For eighteen years, the land of Israel has been under the rule by members of a secret world order that many biblical scholars postulate will host the final Masonic anti-Christ, whom we call the Anti-Messiah. Any election today in the Land of Israel the only candidates that have the finances to run will be those whose influence are bought by the Freemasons. To understand history, we also know that the American Revolution erupted because of the messianic vision started by Scottish Rite Freemasons that were agents of the messianic vision of anti-Messiah Shabbatai Zevi; Jacob Frank and the Dolmeh Islamic-Jewish sect, the protégées of Shabbatai Zevi, the Jewish Rothschilds who have vast geo-political influence and economic control on every continent of the globe, and Adam Weishaupt, the Roman Catholic Jesuit trained founder of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminate


Prior to that, only two Israeli Prime Ministers, Menachem Begin (June 17, 1977 to October 10, 1983) and Yitzhak Shamir (October 10, 1983 to September 14, 1984 and October 20, 1986 to July 13, 1992) were defendants of a Biblical Zionist Israel, whose existence came by the will of the Divine Mandate given to the prophets of old, that the House of Judah would return to the Land of Promise before the final “end of days.”  They were last leaders and protégés of the inspired Jewish visionary leader, Vladimir Jabotinsky, and members of the Israeli Irgun Zvai Leumi, the underground Jewish militia organization that was responsible for driving out the British and their Imperial Mandate out of Palestine.


We perceived that Israel was following the lead of the United States.  Fourteen of the Presidents of the United States were members of the Freemason Secret Society beginning with President George Washington, who with almost all of the American as well as the British commanding officers were members of the same secret societies. Today, President George W. Bush took his oath of office upon the same Bible that President George Washington took his oath of office on April 30, 1789. The “oath” was administered to President Washington by the Grand Master of the Masons in New York.


We must suggest that Israel is already surrounded from without and within?  The power of the “holy ones” was in the process of being broken. 


Revelation 13:7“Then he (Sea Beast) was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and he was given authority to continue for forty-two months. Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name, His tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven, It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation.”


Was it not the orthodox Jews that had their homes taken away from them at Gush Katif (Gaza Strip) in 2005 and today, three years later, 80% of them are still homeless?  Was it not the orthodox rabbis and their families that were consistently been shot and murdered?  Yet the “Holy Presence” of the God of Israel is still felt in Jerusalem and in the Land of Israel because a remnant of His “chosen ones” is still in a covenanted relationship with Him.


The people of the covenant, the Jewish orthodoxy, were ideologically the worst enemies of this prime minister who had no ideology.  He had no core beliefs except the consistently failed policies of offering “Land for Peace.”   Not only did he implement and uproot 10,000 Jewish people, destroy their homes and farms, but three years later, still left 80% of them as refugees in the land, because no new housing was made available for them.


Peace, Peace – Its time to give away the Golan Heights, and the Water in Galilee of the core orthodoxies of the Jewish anti-Jew Israeli leaders as noted above was the conviction that the Arab or Palestinian leaders with which they are negotiating could bebought off”.  One of the core myths of Middle Eastern politics is that the Palestinians do not have a homeland.  They do have a homeland, but in the politicization of the early 20th century British and the French Mandates, the home of the Palestinians was with the 90% of the land that was dedicated for the Arab nations.


The 1920 Division of the British Mandate to Appease the Arab Rulers in Arabia


But, the Palestinians were the “unwanted” of the Arab tribesNo Arab leader wanted the Palestinians to be settled with their people when the first division of the Middle Eastern lands came by the League of Nations. It was the Arab core orthodoxy that the unwanted could always be settled in the land given to the Jews because the Jews were more unwanted. This came upon another philosophical foundational Arabian belief, the land of Palestine was also “unwanted” until it was given to the Jews. This was truly Allah-forsaken land.


It was on May 21, 2008, that the Prime Minister’s office in Israel announced that the Olmert government of Israel was engaging in direct negotiations with Assad’s Syrian government over the fate of the Golan Heights in order to reach a comprehensive peace accord within the framework of the 1991 Madrid ConferenceThis announcement, publicized while Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was on vacation at the Golan region, also confessed that the negotiations, without the knowledge of the American White House, had been going on for over three months.  Later, it would be revealed that he had “promisedPresident Assad of Syria that the Golan Heights was his to give.

Secret Negotiations to give away the Golan Heights between President Basher Assad and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert


This was followed with the announcement that months before, President Bashar Assad had made peace overtures to the Olmert government.  This overture was quickly rebuked the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. So outside of his own confidential party ministers, Olmert’s aides, Yoram Turbovitch and Shalom Turjeman were secretly negotiating with the Syrians under the watchful eyes of Turkish mediators in Ankara.


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syrian President Bashar Assad


Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni was kept in the dark by her fellow “kitchen cabinet” members, Olmert and Barak.  She was given a joint statement drafted by Jerusalem, Ankara, and Damascus an hour before it was released. She quickly made the public announcement:


Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni"Israel's primary goal has always been peace with its neighbors. The Syrians have to understand that it entails giving up their support of terror (elements), namely Hamas, Iran and Hizbullah.”


A political storm hit the Israeli Knesset with the “peace talk” by an announcement by the Syrian Foreign Minister that "Israel has already agreed to the Golan Heights."  Likud chairman MK Gideon Sa'ar stated, “There is no end to this cynicism in playing with Israel's strategic assets for the sake of Olmert's personal survival."  Likud MK Gilad Erdan charged that "Olmert has finally proven that he is willing to sell everything, including Israel's security, in order to cause us to forget the severe criminal offenses that he is suspected of," with the further rejoinder, “If Shas, Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak do not quit his corrupt government forthwith then they are fully complicit in selling the Golan and relinquishing our defense."


Syrian President Bashar Assad makes another Win with Hezbollah in Lebanon


Within five days, on May 27, 2008, a multi-party bill in the Israeli Knesset received 61 signatures before it was filed by the Member of the Knesset (MK) Eliyahu Gabbi (NU-NRP) that would require a two-thirds parliamentary majority or 80 of the 120 Israeli MKs in order to approve any concession on the Golan Heights. Those that signed the anti-Golan withdrawal bill were Knesset members from the wide ranging parties of Labor, Likud, Shas, Israel Beiteinu, and National Union-National Religious and Pensions.


Yet, the negotiation had just begun.  By June 6, 2008, President Bashar Assad, in typical Islamic fashion, began to raise the price in another “Land for Peace” deal. As Israeli Prime Minister Olmert was heading to Washington D.C. for talks with the American president and his top aides, Assad quickly challenged the rights of the Israeli State to the control of the Sea of Galilee, the main source of Israel’s national water supply. In his demands, Syria would also refuse any peace accord without not only access but control of part of the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee that is today lined with Israeli kibbutzims; Ha'on, Tel Katzir, Shear Hagolan and Massada.  Back in the 50s and 60s these kibbutzims lived under the constant shelling and attacks by the Syrian shooting down from the heights of the Golan overhead. Assad also demanded that any serious talks would not begin until after the Bush administration had ended.


The Golan Heights proposed “giveaway” by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert


Then suddenly the finger of the Lord put brakes to the negotiations. Under pressure from investigators that he was soon to be indicted for fraud and corruption, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert tendered his resignation. Expected to be on his way out within three months, Ehud Olmert’s chief of staff and lead negotiator, Yoram Turbowicz also resigned on August 1, 2008 and then Syrian foreign minister, Walid Moallem, the leading proponent of talks with Israel also returned empty handed to Damascus. sources revealed that Turkish mediators were in hot pursuit of a new proponent of negotiation, the Hamas Palestinian chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood. A sudden flurry of negotiations began again, this time Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas sought to patch up his relationship with Hamas and so he released 200 Hamas prisoners in the interest of Palestinian unity and reconciliation.


Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem


Jordan sources revealed that the Director for the Hashemite Kingdom’s General Intelligence services, Gen Muhammad Zouabi, met in consultation with three Muslim Brotherhood leaders to establish the groundwork for negotiations. With the Israeli negotiation in the “tank”, the sudden stream of negotiations now included not the Israelis, but Ammon Jordan, Damascus, President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah in Ramallah and the deposed but ruling Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.


Syria – Hezbollah again in Control of Lebanon

On the same day that President George Bush was speaking to the Israeli Knesset, May 15, 2008 the fortunes of Lebanon turned upside down. The pro-American government of Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora capitulated to the Iranian-Syrian terrorist militia, Hezbollah and the American backed Lebanese cabinet cancelled two measures that it had taken against the terrorist militia.  This erupted into the worst civil war in Lebanon since the 1975-90 civil Lebanese war


Cancelled were first; the army’s decision to overturn a government action to reassign the head of the Beirut airport security and second also to assign an intelligence task force to probe a communications network set up by Hezbollah. In a last ditch effort to preserve peace and civil tranquility in that beautiful country famed for its Lebanese cedar trees, an Arab League mediation effort was set into process of a land that had been without a for eighteen months.


Prime Minister Fouad Siniora after agreeing to Doha Capitulation Agreement


With Hamas as the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian chapter now in control of Gaza since June 2007, both Assad and Ahmadinejad were both smiling as the government of the pro-American Fouad Siniora capitulated and rewarded Hezbollah with the Doha Agreement.  This came after a six day armed onslaught against Lebanese government positions that went unopposed by the Lebanese armed forces.  Eighteen months after the 2006 Hezbollah-Israeli war ended about the 9th of Av 2006 when the fortress walls of Jerusalem at the borders of Israel did not break, Hezbollah, the enemy of Israel retreated, the and feared Assyrians (Syria) along with the Medes and the Persians (Iran) were now rising again, bellicose and threatening as they sought to besiege again the “Gates” to Jerusalem, at the Northern Borders of Galilee.  


Hezbollah Secretary and Leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah


Highlighting the complete ineffective enforcement by the United Nations UNIFIL troops, true to the western globalists style of military confrontation, called Creative Destruction, the land of Lebanon has been allowed to disintegrate and be Balkinized into its many factions.  The Vatican controlled NATO forces in that land of beautiful mountains and valleys, stood idly by, refusing to enforce the Roman Peace Accord and approved and to be enforced by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701.   In vivid imagery, we were introduced to the Western Hegelian Dialectic Theory of the Emerging One World Order, pitting one faction and party against another, awaiting the day when all the various factions can be subjected and destroyed.  Shall we wait and watch as out of the roots of destruction would arise a new world order?  For eighteen months the Land of Lebanon had been under one political crisis after another as the forces of Hezbollah Secretary Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah rebuilt and tripled the fortifications and armaments since prior to the 2006 war with Israel.


According to the Doha Agreement, 11 of the 30 ministers in a national unity government in Beirut would be members of the Hezbollah party membership that would give the Shiite party the right of veto to any government decision16 of the current ministers of the Siniora government would continue to serve in the new government, and an additional 3 ministers would represent the new president. The new national unity government, agreed to under the mediation of the Qatari Prime Minister Shiek Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani, the next President of Lebanon, would be Lebanon’s army commander, General Michel Suleiman who earlier ordered the Lebanese forces to lay down their arms in surrender to the demands of Nazrallah’s Hezbollah. 


The Coffins of Israel’s Fallen Soldiers as They Return from Hezbollah in Lebanon – Lekarev Report


As the Nation of Israel was going through the agony of redeeming the coffins that held the bodies of their two IDF soldiers lost in the ambush that started the 2006 Lebanon-Israeli War, on July 16, 2008, the nation of Israel was already fully aware that “Hezbollah was re-arming at a “dizzying pace”.  As reported in the July 10, 2008 Lekarev News:


Lekarev News“There are some 2,500 non-uniformed Hizbullah fighters in southern Lebanon, and the organization has tripled its pre-war missile arsenal...According to the sources, Hizbullah today has some 40,000 short and medium-range missiles inside Lebanon, and UN Security Council Resolution 1701 …has been completely ineffective in stopping arms from pouring in to Hizbullah from Syria.  The vast majority of the missiles are north of the Litani river, but can still "blanket" the northern part of Israel, the sources said.

mugniyah-2.jpgOne day before the fall of the Lebanese government, it was reported that Israel had gone into high alert with the notification that Iranian forces were now manning the Lebanese peaks on Mount Sannine. A Hezbollah offensive was anticipated secondary to the blame upon the Israeli Mossad and revenge for the murder of the Hezbollah military commander Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus earlier in 2008.    


There upon the strategic 7,800 foot peak of Mount Sannine, the nation was alerted that for the first time, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Officers were manning military command positions over Hezbollah and taking control of their fighting units.  There on the peaks they could monitor the movement of the United States Sixth Naval Fleet in the Mediterranean.


Hezbollah military commander Imad Mughniyeh


As Hezbollah was celebrating the five imprisoned Hezbollah terrorists they received in exchange for the two slain Israeli soldiers caught in a Hezbollah commando assault within the borders of Israel, from the mountain peaks, they could now “monitor and menace” the movements and ships of the US 6th Fleet or the Israeli jets flying overhead by using their new and improved supply of anti-air, surface and shore-to-ship missiles. There they could shoot down any approaching Israeli flights with the tactical instructions from their air defense officers and the monitoring services by the Iranian intelligence services nearby. 


According to DEBKAfiles, the Iranian and Syrian military and intelligence experts along with the newly trained Hezbollah militia are now spread out over the entire coastline of Lebanon with what was described as a “dense line of 1,000 Iranian C-802 anti-ship missiles that had a range of 120 km (72 miles). Skimming over the top of the waters of the Mediterranean at about 6-7 meters (18-21 feet) the cruise controls on these missiles features that made them virtually invisible to the ships at sea. Along with the imbedded and improved radar stations, plus a series of light reconnaissance planes and helicopters, they could track naval positions as the ships cruised along the Lebanese coasts. 


The Lebanese Peaks of Mount Sannine – Lekarev Report


Earlier in the summer, June 17, 2008, Brig. Yossi Baidatz, the head of the AMAN’s research division brought to the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee the evidence that on the northern borders of Israel that Hezbollah had stockpiled tens of thousands of rockets that were placed in fortified bunkers.   Recently finished were three clusters of bunkers that were used to store rockets and fortified against aerial attack were located first in the Beqaa Valley nearby to the northeastern entry of the Hezbollah major supply routes of military weapons from Iran and Syria to Lebanon. Enclosed in these fortified bunkers were tunneling tracks with wide openings that could store long range rockets that would keep the rockets out of reach of aerial bombing. 


As describes by the DEBKAfiles report, the second cluster of fortified bunkers was in the central Lebanese Valley just north of the “strategic” Beirut to Damascus highway was used for medium range rockets.  These would be provided Syrian air and anti-tank forces for umbrella protective coverage. The third cluster of fortified bunkers were located close to the Israeli border.  They would become an offensive shield against the IDF using short- rockets, anti-tank artillery and missiles.  These bunkers would then interconnect with subterranean tunnels that were large enough to trunks to move without fear of aerial attack.  The cement lined channels on the sides of the mountains would form a protective shield against air strike and for anti-tank shields.


Model of new Hezbollah Fortified Bunker DEBKAfiles


Last was a rapid transit highway for the exclusive use of Hezbollah military movements that will connect them to all three systems. Though known in vast detail by the Israeli military intelligence, the Olmert government has refused to attack and neutralize these bunkers out of fear to harm the “peace” negotiations between the Olmert government and Syria through their Pakistani mediators. 


The face of the tour-de-force of Hezbollah was beginning to take shape. The new Hezbollah controlled Lebanese national army would become responsible for attacking the Israeli outposts at the Shaaba Farms enclave and the Iranian officer directed Hezbollah forces would monitor and man the mountain peaks and ridges against their Israeli enemies. Clearly the United Nation’s UNIFIL forces have not been a threat, neither a hindrance, and possibly UNIFIL had become a valuable ally, like the assistance UNIFIL gave to the Hezbollah in the 2006 Israeli-Lebanon war. weeks after (August 4, 2008) the Israeli’s learned that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was not only in command of the Hezbollah forces but had manned the highest peak in the Mount Lebanon ranges called Mount Sannine but they were equipping this peak with Iranian and Syrian radar and anti-air weapons when a new revelation came forth by the Israeli intelligence services, that they were also militarizing another position on the western ridge of Jebel Barukh that was east of Jezzine. This military site would be closer to the Israeli border.


Maximum Hezbollah Rocket Strike RangeZelzal-2 – 130 miles and Fajr-5 – 45 miles


There, perched on the two tallest mountain peaks in Lebanon, Hezbollah, with her Syrian and Iranian operatives, now had “command” of the Israeli air space to the south, the Mediterranean coastline to the west, and military control over the Christian heartland of Lebanon perchedBarracked in Hebollah military enclaves were two defensive positional lines that were connected to their main command centers near the Israeli border at Marjayun, Nabatiya, and Hasbaya.  There the fortification lines and military bases stretched along one defensive line northwest of the Zahrani River shielding the 10th and the 14th Syrian armored division that were positioned on the Syrian-Lebanese border.  Across the Israeli border, the IDF held strong on Mount Hermon and Mount Dove.  Then continuing northwest, a second long line of military positions was erected to block any Israeli advance along the Lebanese valley, traversing from Mount Hermon in the east and Sidon along the Mediterranean Sea on the west.  Hezbollah along with her Syrian and Iranian officers were now prepared and ready for war.


Iranian, Syrian Hezbollah Katyusha Rockets – Lekarev Report


Hezbollah now Officially a Nation


And then, on August 5, 2008, expected moment of time came.  The Lebanese “unity” cabinet formally approved diplomatic relations with the Syrian government.  For the first time since 1940, when they both gained independence from France, the Lebanese government was opening an embassy in Damascus. Just prior to this diplomatic history, the Lebanese government also unanimously approved that Hezbollah would have the “right to arms and to continue their efforts to liberate the territories that it felt were still under Israeli control.


On that same day, 5th of August, 2008, the Lebanese government unanimously approved a policy draft that gave Hezbollah the “right to arms and to continue their efforts to liberate under Israeli control. Hezbollah now had control of the government of Lebanon. As part of the normalization between the two countries, the demarcation of their international border, long demanded by Lebanon, would begin.


The Lebanese Flag – Lekarev Report


According to Lebanese MP for Hezbollah, Hassan Haballah, "The government's decision proves that the resistance, which won in July 2006, completed its victory in Operation Radwan (the prisoner-exchange deal with Israel), and is now going from victory to victory."


Days of Celebration for Hezbollah – Lakerev Report


It would only be days, when the shock waves” hit the national and international scene, the strongest and the most ardently pro-US, pro-Israeli Druze Lebanese leader, Walid Jumblatt, made the strategic decision that his Christian Druze enclave could no longer hold out alone.  Over the past few months, the pro-Western strategic alliances with America or Israel began to crumble.  As this Druze chief watched, he understood that he would be forced to join forces with the Shiite militia in order to shield ancestral mountain dominion from the larger forces of Syrian domination. So Jumblatt chose to switch sides with the most extreme pro-Syrian, pro-Iranian, anti-Israel force in Lebanon, the Shiite Hizballah, that was now unopposed in the Lebanese government. He signed a defense cooperation pact with the Hezbollah chief, Hassan Nazrallah, that defacto now gave the Shi’ite Hezbollah control in the strong foothills of the Lebanese Druze bastion at Mount Chouf.


Druze Lebanese leader, Walid Jumblatt changes alliances with Hezbollah – Lekarev Report


Within days a joint commission was formed with Akram Shahaib representing the Christian Druze people, and Wafiq Shafa, the Hezbollah security and intelligence chief who was now becoming recognized for his successful prisoner exchange by Israel. Having joint security patrols with Druze and Hezbollah, Mount Chouf became the third Lebanese mountain peak, following Mount Sannine and Mount Jebel Barukh that was now under Lebanese control. 


Assad’s Second in Command Assassinated while Syria returns to the International Scene as Broker of Peace


The covert wars continued and the world wondered who are in inciters and who can we find that are the defenders. On August 1, 2008, one of the highest ranking Syrian general was mysteriously assassinated by a single shot in the head by what appears to have been from a speedboat by a long-distance sniper equipped with a silencer.  It was reported that he was on his yacht or in his garden at his summer house near the Syrian port city of Tartus. Due to the circumstances, the suspicion has fallen upon the Israelis. 


Syrian Brigadier General Muhammad Suleiman was one of the closest confidants of the Syrian President Basher Assad - clearly his right arm man. There was no other that was entrusted with highly sensitive security and intelligence issues including the management of the weapons transfer from Syria for the Lebanese-based Shi’ite militia, Hezbollah. His key roles within the Assad government were on the highly sensitive envoy mission between Syria and her allies. These numerous roles included:


1.    North KoreaSuleiman was Assad’s liaisons man between Syria and the North Korean government of Kim Yong II. On his frequent trips to Pyongyang, Suleiman was the point man for the building and consignment of the nuclear components for the plutonium reactor in Northern Syria and the provider of security for the North Korean scientists and technicians that were sent to build and manage the reactor.


2.    IranSuleiman was the Syrian president’s private communication channel with the military and intelligence chiefs of Iran.  More than any other, it was felt that he was the facilitator between the axis of nuclear developing countries of Iran, North Korea, and Syria. According to intelligent sources, it was his responsibility to Iranian nuclear program and the radioactive weapons production in Syria.


3.    Syrian plutonium reactor demolished last SeptemberHezbollah Suleiman became the president’s private voice with the Shi’ite leaders of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia. He was in charge of guaranteeing the delivery of the weapons and to the displeasure of the Hezbollah leadership, he charged high commissions for his services.  The general was also the contact channel with the late Imad Mughniyeh, the former head of Hezbollah’s security and interestingly shared the same fate by Mughniyeh, when he was assassinated in Damascus last February.


The North Korean built Nuclear Reactor in Northern Syria that was bombed by Israel


4.    SyriaSuleiman also was the voice of President Assad with Syria’s chief of staff, the generals and the directors of the Syrian intelligence services. With his private brain, he carried with him all the state secrets for on the day of his burial in his home village of Driekesh in Northern Syria, he was to have accompanied President Bashar Assad to Iran to meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


5.    Israel Since Suleiman was the general supplier of weapon to Hezbollah and he was reputed to have passed the Russian-made SA-8 mobile launchers to the Shi’ite militia that had the potential as a potent weapon defying Israeli air power, the suspicion of an Israeli sniper could not be discounted.


For such a key and important person in the government of Assad to have been assassinated has also spawned a whole breed of assassination theories. It was well known that President Bashar Assad was in high level negotiations with Israel for the return of the Golan Heights and access to the eastern coastline of the Sea of Galilee. If this were to have happened, the power or the mission of Hezbollah would have had to have been curtailed or destroyed.  It would have been General Suleiman who would have carried the presidential orders for a crackdown on the cutoff of weapons delivery to Hezbollah.  If such negotiations would have succeeded, there would have been a seismic shift in Middle Eastern politics between Syria, Hezbollah and Iran. While the assassination was, as usual, blamed upon the Israeli Mossad, we have to ask, was there a palace revolt in the House of Assad that was a sign of intensifying power struggle in Damascus?  Was Hezbollah sending a signal to Assad to cancel the peace agreement with Israel?  Was Shi’ite Iran becoming and disturbed with their Sunni Baith Party allies in Damascus?  Any intelligence asset of Hezbollah and Iran would have had prime motive to carry out an assassination against a high-ranking Syrian officer like General Suleiman.


President Bashar Assad pondering the Loss of His Right Hand General and Confidante – Lekarev Report


Yet, Syria was at a fork in the road with the ability to seriously pursue peace with Israel and break out of the diplomatic isolation with the powers of the west and secure for herself immune from a military threat by Israel.  Iran would be ready to isolate Syria, and Hezbollah would take revenge for not receiving the military arms that she needs.  Yet the God of Israel began to deconstruct the entire game of selling Israeli land for security.  The government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was on the verge of collapse, Syria was going defensive by being quiet about the assassination of General Muhammad Suleiman, yet a new role in the Middle East conspired between Ankara and Damascus was beginning to be revealed.  Frustrated America was being sidelined as a new power broker axis was on the rise – Turkey, Syria and Iran.


Bush’s Patience Wearing Thin on Iran – Military Blockade and Sanctions Begins


The United States was frustrated.  There was much anticipation that Iran would finally agree to a new incentive package. It was even being hailed by America as a secret agreement between Rice and Putin and that Washington was softening to Iran with the intention of opening a US office in the Iranian capital.  This idea that Iran was in a secret agreement with the United States did not sit well with the Russian hierarchy.  Neither did it sit well with Jerusalem.


Yet on August 7, 2008, Tehran, in its typical intransigence called the package by Europe and America “unacceptable”.  It included a one-page document that was presented to the European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana in Brussels.  It was not the definitive reply hoped for from the Western economic Golden Internationale’s bid for Iran to suspend uranium enrichment and reprocessing in exchange for economic benefits.  As stated, it was a “restatement of Tehran’s earlier insistence on the right to conduct peaceful nuclear activities” and as another official stated, more “delay tactics” of which the west was becoming weary.

EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana


The day before (August 6), informed Washington sources were revealing that Israel was beefing up its strike capacity preparing for the moment of time in which tougher measures against the Iranian regime failed. It was also hinted by Washington that Israel could “go alone” and attack Iran even without Washington’s permission.  


Jerusalem had previously purchased 90 F-161 jets with extra fuel payload for them to reach Tehran with an additional 11 planes to be sent by the end of 2009.  Also to its nuclear delivery capabilities, Jerusalem also purchased two additional Dolphin submarines from Germany with the capacity to fire nuclear-armed warheads.  These would be added to their fleet of three Dolphins in active service. The Olmert government, believing that Iran would have enough enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb by 2009 was becoming the driving force in her equal concern that America was negotiating behind her back and could seal an agreement that would harm the interests of Israel.

It was a commonly held belief that Israel was also active in covert espionage within the nation of Iran and had strategic assets in many of Iran’s nuclear facilities.   It was also felt that Israel could deliver a crippling blow to the nuclear enrichment program, even if all the separated nuclear plants would not be neutralized.


Russian United Nation Ambassador Vitaly Churkin – Lekarev Report


When the word arrived in Moscow that by closing the windows of opportunity and the probability of sanctions by the West would begin, that a nuclear strike by Israel was raised to the highest level, Moscow sent its UN ambassador, Vitaly Churkin into action:


Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly ChurkinThere have been no firm agreements or understandings or any kind of concerted work" against Iran over its nuclear program."


Russia was insistent that the British and American fourth round of sanctions in response to Iran’s refusal to the six-power incentives was unacceptable.  Early that day, the US, British, Russian, Chinese, French, German and European Union representatives spoke together by conference call.  Britain and America were insistent on a fourth round of sanctions if Iran failed to give a definitive and clear yes or no in the suspension of uranium enrichment in return for incentives. Moscow denied that they had participated in the call and that there was no deadline for Iran to respond to the June 19 incentive offer.


As stated by Ambassador Churkin; "The negotiating track is open, there are contacts between the parties.  While Russian would have preferred a clear response, "It's more complicated than that as we all know."  


In a delay tactic to complicate the entire negotiation timetable, he suggested that the six powers again sit down and discuss the issue at the next UN General Assembly.  Yet, Bush’s days were clearly over.  Either he would have a definitive legacy of his eight years in office, or he could possibly be firmly written down in history as a failed American chief of state.


Yet, there would be another obstacle in the united road to sanctions. This time it would come from within the Western economic globalist block.  One of the key ingredients in the sanctions was a ban on technology that would reduce Iran’s dependence upon the other Gulf States for refined fuel products, in specific benzene. “loose pin in the European Union’s united front was German Chancellor Angela Merkel who in advance to the power drive heading for sanctions with Iran informed her European partners that in early February 2008, Germany had approved a $157 million contract for SPG (Steiner-Prematechnik Gastec) to build three conversion plants for gas to liquid fuels in the Iranian Islamic Republic.  The ink was already dry when Chancellor Angelo Merkel stood up in the Knesset podium and promised that she would push for addition sanctions against Iran with the promise that Israel’s security was “nonnegotiable”. 


German Chancellor Angela Merkel – Lekarev Report


This fact was already known in Jerusalem, but the Olmert government did not protest because the prime minister was insistent that the prisoner swap for the remains of the two Israeli soldiers with Hezbollah remain on track because it was being conducted by German negotiators. Germany saw no reason to hold back on future trade agreement with Iran even though Merkel knew that Bush was conducting “secret negotiations with Tehran in June 2008. She even instructed Harmut Schaerte, her party colleague to “push” the German Export Control Office to expedite the sale.  Later it was revealed in leaks to the German press that Schaerte had not pressured for the liquefied gas project, SPG would have withdrawn and abandoned the project.  


With this rift in the European front, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown began to push other European Union leaders to extend the sanctions to include liquefied gas technology. This became even more critical when Iran test-fired its long range gas powered ballistic Shehad-3 missiles after which Total, a French company withdrew its liquefied gas project to comply with Sarkozy and Paris’ insistence. As confirmed by DEBKAfiles, " The German chancellor has therefore decided to break away from the international front working for escalated sanctions against Iran - even though this means throwing Israel’s “nonnegotiable” security to the winds.


Iran and Syria Celebrate the Collapse of the Fourth Round of Western Sanctions


As American was sending for the third time (1991, 2003, 2008), a massive Naval armada to the Persian Gulf, Syria and Iran were celebrating their international feats and diplomatic skills.  Even though Assad had now lost his prime conduit of power with the assassination of General Muhammad Suleiman two days prior, on August 3, 2008, the Damascus-Tehran fete came on the heels of Tehran’s refusal to knuckle down to the powerful economic block of the West and suspend her uranium enrichment programseven with the threat of a fourth round of sanctionsWhat was the reason for such jubilee?


When the one page letter of rejection was returned to Europe, America only responded “mildly” with the words that “we are not counting the days”. The European Union also proclaimed that there was no rush. Yet, Iran was fully aware that the European Union front was not unified for already had the signed agreement, agreement by Berlin, for the German liquefied gas deal would negate any of the western world’s penalties.


Presidents of Iran and Syria celebrating their Diplomatic Coups – Lekarev Report


In fact, Iran was so pleased with their fortuitous success in out maneuvering the West and by blunting the penalties of any such sanctions, that Assad was quickly summoned to Tehran for the celebration summit. 


They were also celebrating that fact that a rift was now opening between Washington and Jerusalem. The Bush government was beginning to pull away from Israel, and if Israel did choose to “go alone” in the attempt to target Iran with a nuclear strike, Bush did not want to be culpable or appear to be backing the Israeli operation. For three weeks now, the Israeli government had not sent any representative to Washington. 


After Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz, preceded by Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. General Gabi Ashkenazi, and Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, the Washington-Jerusalem hot line became silent.  Prime Minister Ehud Olmert now knew that Bush had now abandoned him. For this reason, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali-Khamenei, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syrian President Bashar Assad were patting each other in celebration over the first rift and cooling of the American-Israeli relationships.


According to DEBKAfiles military analysts, the Iranian-Syrian feats were not to their “own ingenuity” but to the failure of how the West played out their cards. As revealed:


1.    It was in mid-June that President George W. Bush embarked on a dual path of international politics with Iran.  Instead of confrontation, he opened up officially yet secretly the path of direct negotiations.  It had been revealed prior that Vice President Dick Cheney had met with Ahmadinejad on his Gulf States tour.  It was revealed in the DEBKA-Net-Weekly that traced this abrupt change of events. 


2.    Iran had been offering to open a direct line for business with American government leaders and secretly they were wrapping up deals” behind Israel’s back that include issues of oil pricing, assistance in peace in Iraq, LebanonNow, Tehran had side-stepped the international leverage of Washington with the knowledge that the six-power ultimatum was an empty gesture.


3.    While America was negotiation behind Israel’s back, Israel was negotiating behind Washington’s back.  Through Turkish mediation, Prime Minister Olmert had opened up peace overtures with Assad in Syria through Turkish mediators.  He had now bought legitimacy in international foreign relations in a respected Middle Eastern role without giving up her cozy relationship with Tehran or Syrian’s funnel and sponsorship of terrorism.


4.    It was the Jewish French President Nicolas Sarkozy who gave Bashar Assad a huge boost on the international field when he hosted the Syrian president as guest of honor at the most recent French Bastille Day celebration parade. It was there that Sarkozy assured that he would act, as the new president of the European Union through the UN Security Council to abolish the international tribunal that was set up to prosecute any of the murderers, including Assad and his close family relations, of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri in the year of 2005


5. fact, the two leaders of Iran and Syria also noted that a torrent of studies on international relations were streaming from the American think tanks that depicted that the major American research and intelligence brain trusts were nudging the White House to expand and open diplomatic relationships with Tehran. They were pushing Bush to abandon the sanctions against Iran, pull back from American underground backing of Iran’s anti-Tehran indigenous minority movements against the Islamic regime and open the gate to normal international relations.  The only country in the world to lose out would be the Nation of Israel.  Gradually within the diplomatic intelligentsia, the notion that the Nation of Israel was dispensable was coming to the forefront of American polity.


Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan


The Tehran Summit was also to celebration the new role of Assad as an international star negotiator.  By Tuesday, August 5, 2008, the Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan entertained the Syrian president, plus many Syrian notables, as Assad was coming straight from his triumphant talks in Tehran.  There on the Aegean Sea, the luncheon was followed with the announcement that the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be visiting Ankara with the President of Turkey, Abdullah Gul on August 14. 


According to DEBKAfiles international observers, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan as the broker of the indirect Syrian-Israeli peace talks, was now improving the credentials of the Syrian president.  He was rehabilitating Assad from a pariah on the international scene to a respected regional broker and partner in the secret negotiations between the United States and Iran.  As BibleSearchers now look at the development of a future coalition of international relationship as it appears to foretell in the Book of Ezekiel, the final resurrection of the mysterious coalition between Gog of the Land of Magog that would eventually turn its eyes towards Jerusalem and choose to invade that once wasted and uninhabited land that was now blooming with fields, orchards, and unwalled cities with the returning House of Judah, we begin to see that the hosts of diplomatic leaders that were streaming to Israel on her 60th birthday, were only there with empty platitudes and praise, culminating with the Birthday Celebration hosted by the Vatican Jesuit trained Israeli President Shimon Peres.


Syrian President Bashar Assad, left, refused
to shake hands or pose for photographs
with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, right, 
during the Paris Mediterranean summit. 
Avi Ohayoun/GPO/BPH ImagesIn collusion with Turkey, the backwater diplomacy of Ahmadinejad and Assad were not sole ventures but according to DEBKA, were quietly cheered by America’s President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and even Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who were “all in the ploy”. The plot was first revealed in mid-June in Paris by the Jewish Shabbatian President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.  It was he who asked Syrian President Bashar Assad to mediate between Iran and the West on the nuclear impasse, to the delight of Assad.


The Posturing of Snubs by Syrian President Bashar Assad against Israeli President Ehud Olmert


On June 14, 2008 at the Sarkozy sponsored Mediterranean Summit, both Syrian President Assad and Israeli Prime Minister Olmert played their roles with perfection as Assad snubbed Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as the indication of how far Assad had ascended in the world of international relations and how far Israel how descended.


Rather than be outraged at this diplomatic sniff with his future secret partner in the Golan Heights negotiations, Prime Minister Olmert went along with the ploy, entered into direct negotiations with Syria as Israeli citizens began to wonder, who was Olmert serving? Against the warnings of his intelligence chiefs, that Olmert was being set up as serving the interests of Israel’s mortal enemies, Iran and Syria.


While Syrian President Assad was streaking across the diplomatic sky, like a comet, he could fade out for back home, his regime was shaky.  His front diplomatic agent was now dead by assassination.  The large party of Syrian notables that Assad brought to Ankara was led by Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mualem, the prime proponent of a pro-American foreign policy, yet Assad’s fiercest opponent was Buthaina Shaaban was on the sidelines seeking to derail any sort of dialogue between Damascus with Jerusalem or Washington.  This sharp division in the trusted circled that surrounded Assad was brewing as Brigadier General Muhammad Suleiman, his key liaison agent for the Syrian president with Iran, North Korea, and now Hezbollah’s Lebanon. With the storm cloud brewing at home, the fall of Suleiman as a victim to a sniper’s bullet came only as an omen to Damascus.


In Israel, the 9th of Av 2008 brings a Flurry of Peace Proposals


The events in Georgia, on the 9th of Av, also produced a flurry of new peace proposals between Israel and her neighbors. During this same time, the three year anniversary of the Gaza Disengagement that came days before the southern coast of the United States at New Orleans was hit with the devastating Hurricane Katrina.  The land of Gaza had not decided on its future, until after 8-10,000 Jewish were forcibly from unwanted and unused sand dunes that had lain waste for more than a thousand years.  Modern towns, synagogues, and profitable farms were destroyed. Today they continued to lay devastated as the habitation for Hamas and al Qaeda terrorists whose only productive employment was terrorism.


The Israeli Orthodox forced evacuation from their homes in the Gaza Strip the day after the 9th of Av 2005 – Lekarev Report


Since that day, three years prior, that ended the Jewish presence in Gaza, the Muslim Brother Palestinian chapter of Hamas had amassed a fully army with 175 tons of explosives, thousands of machine guns, precision guided missiles and 10 million rounds of ammunition, according to the intelligence report by the German newspaper, Der Spiegel.


Hamas Arsenal of 10 Million Rounds of Ammunition – Lekarev Report


As 10,000 Jews were evacuated in 2005, there are living there today an estimated 10,000 terrorists. Yet, according to intelligence experts, the Hamas Sunni Islamic militia has been reorganized after the Shi’ite Islamic Hezbollah militia expecting again to confront the Israeli Defense Force. There are also today, 5,000 hired Palestinians that are working in developing their tunnel systems.  This was an ancient military tactic of the Philistines in the days the future king of Israel, David, when he was a hired military mercenary for the five cities of the Philistines.

Abu Ala, picture from 1995

Abu Ala (Palestinian negotiator Ahmed Qurei


In three thousand years, history had come to repeat itself.  Of the former 10,000 Gaza Jewish residents, 80% are still refugees and not resettled or living profitably, yet 4,000 returned that week to a forest outside of the former Kissufim crossing to the Gaza Strip and there they vowed to return and rebuild their former homes of habitation.  As the former Gaza Jews were pledging their allegiance to the God of Israel, the prime minister and his foreign minister were busy negotiating a flurry of new peace proposals between Israel and the Palestinians.  This time they were pledging to permanently give up Judea and Samaria, the heartland of the former Davidian Empire.


It was Palestinian appointed negotiator, Ahmed Qurei, who, on August 11, informed his Fatah party loyalists in a closed door meeting at the West Bank headquarters in Ramallah that a two-state solution would able to be achieved if Israel would agree to withdraw from all occupied land.  He was referencing his statement to the lands in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip that Israel captured in 1967:


Palestinian Negotiator Ahmed Qurei"The Palestinian leadership has been working on establishing a Palestinian state within the '67 borders."


Then he added a new reality:


Palestinian Negotiator Ahmed Qurei - "If Israel continues to oppose making this a, then the Palestinian will demand for the Palestinian people and its leadership (would be) one state, a binational stateIf Israel continues to reject our propositions regarding the borders (of a future Palestinian state), we might demand Israeli citizenship."


Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas – Lekarev Report


Then on the 13th of August, Prime Minister Olmert also agreed on the existing proposal on the shelf that Israel would take in 20,000 Palestinian refuges as a family reunification” program. This would include 2000 Arabs per year for the next 10 years. Before that would occur, all other issues between the two states would have to be resolved.  The Palestinian would have to agree that there would not be a “right of return” to Israel and most refugees would be absorbed into the Palestinian state. 


While Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was negotiating with President Mahmoud Abbas, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni was negotiating parallel talks with Ahmed Qureia. She opposed the absorption of any Palestinians and refused to them on the basis of “family reunification”. As she told President George W. Bush in January, “It’s like in a thriller, where you see the heroine open the door a crack and you know that the man with the knife is going to come in and stab her."  To the foreign minister, Israel must not compromise on refugees or in the future it would be re-interpreted as allowing the “right of return” from any Arab nation in the Middle East. In her opinion, Israel must not compromise on letting in refugees, because that would be interpreted as an opening to exercising the "right of return."


The creative mind of Prime Minister Olmert stayed in constant motion.  His proposals were only five steps ahead of his predicted indictment on multiple criminal charges of money laundering and racketeering against the State of Israel.  The one indictment that they forgot was his attempted desecration and destruction of God’s Promised Landfor his “chosen people”. On the 18th of August, he again proposed to release another 200 Palestinian security prisoners, included many who had purposefully killed Jewish people. The only reason for the release was to bolster is personal negotiations, by a government that was politically bankrupt with its own people. In the minds of most Israelis, were the words, Shame!, subversion of ethics and security”, “the blood of future Israelis killed”, “useless”, “damaging”, and “insanity” while the Palestinian reaction was always, “too little, too late”. 


Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert giving away the Land of Judea and Samaria – The Lakerev Report


On August 13, 2008, World Net Daily, posted the article by the Jewish correspondent Aaron Klein who claimed that Israeli forces bar Jews from Reclaiming Jerusalem Property”.  So today “tens of thousands of Arabs are illegally squatting on key capital land.” Correspondent for World Net Daily, Aaron Klein – “Israeli police forces today prevented Knesset members and Jewish activists from reclaiming ownership of a Jewish-owned Jerusalem property that had been illegally settled by local Arabs. The incident has major political implications, since it involves an area widely expected to be handed over to the Palestinian Authority as a result of Israeli-PA negotiations aimed at forming a Palestinian state. Much of the land in question, however, is legally owned by a Jewish nonprofit organization that purchases property for the stated purpose of Jewish settlement. Tens of thousands of Arabs moved into the neighborhood, known as Shoafat, the past 15 years and constructed there illegally…


Illegal Arab Construction in Jerusalem at the Arab neighborhood called Shoafat


A WND investigation last year found Shoafat was purchased legally on behalf of JNF (Jewish National Fund) using Jewish donations in the early 1900s. The Israeli government manages the land on behalf of the JNF… King last year released a study detailing how while Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was mayor of Jerusalem from 1993 to 2003, the Jerusalem city hall deleted files documenting hundreds of illegal Arab building projects throughout eastern sections of Jerusalem…”


While the Israeli Prime Minister was negotiating behind the back of President George W. Bush and the American people, he was also negotiating behind the back of his own people, the Israeli Jews.  On August 12, 2008, the Jewish Correspondent Aaron Klein, Israel’s Adopts US plan to Split Nation into Two wrote about Olmert’s “call for Palestinian State in Strategic Territory”.


Jewish Correspondent for World Net Daily, Aaron Klein – “A detailed proposal for the creation of a Palestinian state that reportedly was presented by Israel to the Palestinian Authority in recent weeks was heavily influenced by the U.S. and is largely based on an American-drafted plan…a plan for an Israeli withdrawal from most of the strategic West Bank and for parts of the Israeli Negev desertIsraeli territory undisputed by the international communityto become part of a Palestinian state. last week quoted a top Palestinian official stating Olmert told the PA he intends to accelerate negotiations the next few weeks to reach a deal on paper outlining a Palestinian state before he steps down from office next month…due to a criminal investigation, described by police officials as "serious," in which he is accused of corruption and financial improprieties…The proposal calls for Israel to evacuate 93 percent of the West Bank, while the Palestinians would receive territory equivalent to 5.5 percent of the West Bank, located in the Israeli Negev desert.


President George W. Bush with President Mahmoud Abbas of the West Bank – Lekarev Report


The plan grants the Palestinians passage between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip on territory that would be jointly patrolled by Israel and the PA. The passageway would give the Palestinians access to areas close to central Israeli population centers… According to the plan Olmert sent to the PA, land to be annexed to Israel would include the large West Bank Jewish community blocs of Ma'aleh Adumim, Gush Etzion and the areas surrounding Jerusalem, and some land in the northern West Bank adjacent to Israel. The rest of the West Bank would be handed to the Palestinians.


An area from the Israeli Negev nearly equivalent in land mass to the territory Israel would retain in the West Bank would be transferred to the West Bank – marking the first official Israeli plan that calls for pre-1967 land to be given to the Palestinians. Pre-1967 refers to Israeli territory that was not reconquered in the 1967 Six Day War. The plan would be set out on paper and implemented on the Israeli side in stages, while the PA would need to first retake control of the Gaza Strip from Hamas before Israel would give them most of the West Bank.”


Here would lay the future political path of international negotiations for the State of Israel to give up the entire Land of Israel. In the meantime, the centerpiece” of Olmert’s proposal would bring the Gaza people free access to bring weapons of mass destruction to Israel’s only protected land.


Hezbollah is ready for Revenge


As though slighted by the lack of international attention, official sources told a Kuwaiti newspaper, that “there is no escape” from Hezbollah taking revenge and vengeance against the Israelis for the assassination in February 2008 in Damascus of their senior Hezbollah operative, Commander Imad Mugniyah


On the most wanted list by both Israel and the United States, most intelligence experts believed that Mugniyah was killed by Syrian interests. To Hezbollah, with their malignant hatred to Israel just like the Amalekites in the days of Moses and Kings Saul and David, the burning hatred will be self fulfilled. At a Hezbollah rally outside of Lebanon on the 22nd of August, Sheikh Ahmad Morad declared:


Hezbollah Sheikh Ahmad Morad – "The revenge will be shocking and huge surprises are in store.  We will not allow and its generals to enjoy stability…Hezbollah is ready for revenge and will act "when the opportunity on the ground allows it, while examining the ramifications of such an operation." 

Hezbollah Chief and Commander, Imad Mugniyah – Lekarev Report


This same theme was picked up by another Hezbollah operative who stated, "the timing must be right for the forces and the countries which are Hizbullah's allies, and out of the assumption that any response by Israel may affect everyone. This compels Hizbullah and its allies to be on the alert for an open war."  And so, Hezbollah is expecting, planning, and plotting for a regional war.”  It appears that Psalmist (Psalms 83) and Zechariah’s futuristic visions may occur anytime soon.


At the two yearCelebration Anniversary of the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah Lebanon War, on August 15, 2008, the Hezbollah military leader, Sheikh Hassan Nazrallah spoke to the Lebanese and his own militia as he spoke of the Israeli military staff with derision.  Let us listen to his linkage to the Israeli involvement in the Georgian war with Russia:


Hezbollah Leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah"The entire front line of the army's brass stepped down because of the war (2006 Israel-Lebanon War). Gal Hirsch, who was defeated in Lebanon, went to Georgia and they too lost because of him," laughed Nasrallah.
Hirsch, a brigadier-general in the reserves, served as commander of the IDF's Galilee Division during the war and resigned in its wake. In recent years he was a consultant to the Georgian army on the establishment of elite units and rearmament, and gave various courses in the fields of combat intelligence and fighting in built-up areas.  "Relying on Israeli experts and weapons, Georgia learned why the Israeli generals failed," proclaimed Nasrallah, "what happened in Georgia is a message to all those the Americans are seeking to entangle in dangerous adventures."

Hezbollah Leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah – Lekarev Report


The Hezbollah chief continued in his rebuke and ridicule when commenting on recent comments by the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak regarding the importance of having an experienced military leadership. "Ehud Barak admits that the reason for losing the war was a lack of military experience. So who is there left in Israel with military experience if not all those failed generals? Those who stand against us today are the same failures who have already suffered blows from us before."  With distain, Sheikh Nasrallah stated concerning Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, quoting an Israel newspaper, Olmert "died two years ago in Lebanon and will be brought to political burial in two months.Concerning Hezbollah’s arsenal and weapons, he said, “They will remain secret, that is part of Hezbollah's war of nerves against Israel.”


Hamas ready to take back Jerusalem with Jihad


Yet the Muslim Brotherhood chapter of the Palestinian Hamas organization also did not want to be ignored on the international stage of history. On August 21, 2008, the Hamas Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh stated that the Muslim Brotherhood Islamic group would not accept any future agreements with Israel unless they included the return Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley to the Palestinians.  This also included the right of return of all Palestinian refugees in all Arab states to their homes in Israel.


Hamas Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh – Lekarev Report


Haniyeh went on to state:


Hamas Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh“Jerusalem will be returned to the Palestinian not by way of negotiations or hugging and kissing the enemy, but only through blood, shahids and resistance,” adding, Muslims must protect Al-Aqsa Mosque.”


According to Haniyeh; “Most reports on secret peace talks or agreements, Israel is refusing to relinquish Jerusalem and the West Bank, refuses to accept the right of return Palestinian refuges, refuses to dismantle the settlements and deems the Jordan Valley vital to its security. On behalf of the Palestinian nation and Muslims everywhere, I say that we will not accept any agreements.”


While Prime Minister Haniyeh was drawing the line in the sand with the negotiations with Jerusalem, a top level Hamas spokesman stated that the IDF soldier Gilad Shalit could remain in captivityforever” if the Israeli government failed to comply with all of Hamas’ demands. The story never changes. The corrupted Israeli leadership never changes their geo-political vision. They truly do not represent the Eternal One they are covenanted to serve; rather they have served the interests of the globalists of which they seek to compete with.


Iran Woos Bush – Bush Ponders his Destiny


In the lands of Shi’ite Iran, President Ahmadinejad was wooing the United States to move beyond the duplicity of America’s dual paths of “war” and “negotiations” with IranHe stated that “he was willing to seek ‘common ground’ with the US if Washington takes a new approach over the country's nuclear programme… Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said such an approach should be rooted in ‘mutual respect’ not ‘confrontation’. If the (US) approach changes, we will be facing a new situation and the response by the Iranian people will be a positive one." Iranian president continued to restate that “Iran was not building a nuclear bomb and had no interest in doing so.”  While the Iranian president stated his nuclear development program as solely used for peaceful energy purposes”, he also ignored the fact that Iran probably already had the nuclear bomb from its Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s nuclear financed program with the North Koreans nuclear weapons production plants.  Ahmadinejad also did not preclude that in the future with the “peaceful nuclear technology” intact that they could convert to a nuclear weapons programs. Of course, the fact must be conceded that Iran might actually be developing the technology for nuclear weapons production.


President Ahmadinejad with his Nuclear Scientists knew that the Bush lame duck presidency was in a dilemma.  They also saw that if “America was not provoked” that America did not have the “moral will” to open a nuclear war with Iran like Russia was willing to do in the Black Sea Nation of Georgia. Yet the brinksmanship of nuclear war had now escalated to a new dimension, not by Iran, but by the belligerent Russian bear. With Russian nuclear weapons now being scattered from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, from the Arctic Barents Sea to Cuba’s Caribbean isles, the apocalyptic drama of Daniel began to unfold.


Bush’s America not Ruling out Military Action against Iran


Daniel 8:6“Then I saw him (he-goat of NATO and the United States) confronting the ram (Persia-Iran); he (he-goat) was moved with rage against him (ram), attacked the ram, and broke his two horns (Russia and China).”


The Iranian response was to increase her centrifuges to 6000 and to launch a rocket carrying a “dummy” satellite into outer space to demonstrate her ability to launch a ballistic missile carrying large payloads to distant lands with a warning to Israel and Europe.  What Ahmadinejad did not calculate was the prophetic futurist vision of Daniel. The only question we have, will this conflict be fulfilled now by the Bush White House either in the Talmudic prophetic 2008 sabbaticalyear of war or in a “state of emergency” as a new American dictator or would it be fulfilled by the new presidential occupant of the White House in 2009.


Israel Isolated by the United States


It was August 7, 2008 that DEBKSfiles reported that it was “unlikely that Israel would attack Iran without US approval” but added the caution that “this might change if tough sanctions were taken off the table”.  Just purchasing 90 F-161 jets from the United States that could carry extra-payload of fuel to reach Iran and two new Dolphin submarines from Germany, Israel was prepared for a nuclear war. 


With Washington’s hints warning Moscow that by closing the doors to sanctions, Iran was opening herself up to an Israeli attack, Russian’s UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin was adamant that Moscow, in transmitting the UN Security Council’s declarations, had not set a deadline for Iran to respond in the offer made on June 19. The talks would continue by the six powers in the UN General Assembly, the US, British, Russia, China, France and Germany, in September and the American naval flotilla was prepared for war.

Russian’s UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin


The day prior the obvious was becoming a living reality. Israel had already been bought by the American Council on Foreign Relations when the United States Central Command Chief, General David Petraeus arrived in Lebanon on August 6 to review the strategic threat to the US Mediterranean Sixth Fleet by checking out the military ramifications of Hezbollah capturing the twin strategic peaks on Lebanon’s Mount Sannine and Barukh and studying the failure of the Nation of Lebanon to allow Hezbollah to remain armed in violation of the United Nation’s Security Council’s resolutions.


The United States was giving a clear signal that the White House was vetoing Israel’s involvement in eliminating Hezbollah as a threatening force in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley. The failure of Israel to crush the Hezbollah in 2006 led to America to refuse to allow Israel to fight Hezbollah now.  The government of Israel would soon come to the dreadful realization, that Olmert not only squandered Israel’s security but “sold” the Nation of Israel into the hands of the international economic global elite.  They also realized that Washington had also “vetoed any effective action against Iran’s development of a nuclear bomb and left a “Nuclear Iran on the eastern doorsteps of Israel.  President George W. Bush not only allowed but fostered the development of the buildup of Hamas’ war machine in Gaza” just like President George W. Bush’s grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush, fostered the Nazi military base for he represented the financial interests of the German industrialist, Fritz Thyssen.  Prescott Bush was the director of the Union Banking Corporation (UBC), a New York based Banking Corporation for the Brown Brothers Harrimon Banking CorporationHe then formed a multinational cluster of front or shell companies that allowed Thyssen to move his gold and money assets around the world and essentially financed Hitler in the 1930s development of the Nazi military industry of the Third Reich.  Bush was also there near the end of World War II as his banking firm protected the assets of the German military machine and the continuation of the Nazi death camps for the Jews in the 1930s and 40s. So the Bush dynasty, seventy years later with Father Bush, the former 43rd president of the United States, and with James Baker as the Bush family adviser, shares a responsibility for the appearance of the impotency of the CFR controlled Israeli government while the Land of Israel has now become surrounded by mortal enemies. With friends like the American Rice State Department, who needs enemies?


 Israel Braces for a War of Annihilation


Faced with insurmountable odds of the forces that were surrounding the Land of Israel, the bravado of Israeli Prime Minister Olmert became a phenomenon of itself.  It appears that Olmert’s expectation was that Israel’s share of the total war eliminating the enemies of Israel was Hezbollah and Hamas while the United States would confront Iran and Syria. It was Bush’s dream to bring a nation for the Palestinians that would be represented by Fatah, the remnant of Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization. During a visit to the IDF front Command headquarters, Prime Minister Olmert, in spite of seeking to flee imprisonment for his financial scams, continued his usual bravado as reported in the Lekarev news report, No Restraint the Next Time”:


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert discussing War Strategies with Military Leaders – Lekarev Report


Lekarev Report - Olmert noted that Israel had "massive capabilities and tools during the Second Lebanon War that it refrained from using, because it was fighting a terror organization, not a state.  If Lebanon becomes a "land of Hizbullah", which is apparently happening to a great extent, the rules of the game will change. Olmert suspects that a Hizbullah-led Lebanon will lead to a war in which Israel will be under a comprehensive attack. "There will no longer be a situation of distant fighting, where major cities continue with life as usual. The war will reach the cities and homes of Israeli citizens and our enemy's objective will be to target the home front," he elaborated.  At that point, "we will bring an end to hostilities quickly, at the smallest possible cost, using our comparative advantage."


Instead of relying on the God of Israel, the talk is about “comparative advantages”. As Rabbi Lazer Brody keeps saying, without “emunaor faith and trust in the sovereign power of God, Israel will go from one disaster after another, until they learn, that Hashem (God of Israel) and in only Hashem will they trust. today, Israel is looking for technological advantages, not God, to win their wars.  They had forgotten how the God of Israel paved the way for their coming into the Land of Israel and virtually won the wars against enemies whose strength was multiple times stronger than theirs.  While the American president’s dream of fulfilling his legacy by bringing a democratically free Palestinian state to Israel was becoming an illusion, one wondered that if Bush could not fulfill his legacy, would he deny the Israeli prime minister the ability to fulfill his dream of bringing the Iranian president Ahmadinejad to justice? 


First test of Israel's Tamir “Iron Dome” missile interceptor


When it comes to “comparative advantagethe Tamir Short Range Missile Interceptor was one of the first of the defensive weapons to be revealed to the public.  As reported by DEBKAfiles on June 10, 2008, this preventative missile interceptor was designed to kill short-range rockets and artillery shells.


DEBKAfiles – “According to Western defense experts, the air speed of a Palestinian missile fired from Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza is 200 meters per second; it covers the 1,800 meters from Beit Hanoun to the edge of Sderot in 9 seconds, whereas the Iron Dome’s interceptor needs fifteen.


DEBKAfile’s defense sources report that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have been pushing Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, hard to hurry up and develop the anti-missile system quickly… An operational short-range missile interceptor would provide them with yet another excuse to avoid conducting a major military operation to break the back of Hamas’ campaign from Gaza. However, US defense experts were pessimisticSome experts doubt whether the Iron Dome can be operational by its target date of 2010. They think 2016 is the more realistic timeline.


The Iron Dome Rafael Advanced Defense System


The Iron Dome’s interceptor is even less effective against Hizballah’s Katyusha rockets, which were launched from a greater distance in Lebanon; the Israeli system would need 30 seconds to intercept the incoming rocket which would slam into its target in 9 seconds. The Israeli announcement does not specify whether the Tamir is to be launched by the Iron Dome or some other launcher.


On July 29, 2008, according to Lekarev Newsletter, the Israeli Rafael’s solid-based laser system was already used in prototype form by the Southern Command of the IDF to detonate explosive devices that were planted alongside the border fences by terrorists. Even reading about these technological advantages it was hard to comprehend having to live in an environment where your whole life is in expectation of when the missile will fly over or into your home. August 4, 2008, the United States agreed to connect Israel with two US X-Band radar units for early Iranian missile detection. The evidence that America was withdrawing away from any Iranian attack by Israel was apparent when it was reported that “US officials made it clear that, while prepared to help Israel defend itself against Iranian missile retaliation, they are determined not to be involved in any Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites.”


The US X-Band Missile Defense System


The American missile defense was designed to counter more advanced and lethal weapon systems, such as the Shehab-3 ballistic missiles from IranAccording to the prophetic picture, the origin of the nuclear missile that biblically might make impact in the land of Israel might come from the land of Shinar.  As BibleSearchers as revealed, the land of Shinar may not be the former land of Babylon, now Iraq, but the land of Syria near Damascus; called the ancient land of Senir. That fact loomed large when the Russian president announced that it was surrounding the west with a “nuclear noose.”


In the world of covert wars, Rafi Eitan, the Israeli Minister of Pensioner Affairs was interviewed by the German news magazine Der Spiegel.  He suggested that Israel could have already trained a commando force to abduct the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who had advocated the eradication of Israel, or any other international figure that posed a threat against the State of Israel.  The former Mossad agent who led the 1960 Mossad operation to capture the former Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina and bring him to justice “could very well be that a leader such as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad suddenly finds himself before the International Criminal Court of Hague.”


The Advanced Russian S-300 Multi-target anti-aircraft-missile systems


The final days of the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert let the Israeli defense leaders to issue bombastic claims such as “If Russia goes through with the sale of its most advanced anti-aircraft missile system to Iran, Israel will use an electronic warfare device to neutralize it and as a result present Russia as vulnerable to air infiltrations.”  Concerning the Russian air defense system, the S-300, Lekarev Report wrote:


Lekarev Report – “The Russian system, called the S-300, is one of the most advanced multi-target anti-aircraft-missile systems in the world today and has a reported ability to track up to 100 targets simultaneously while engaging up to 12 at the same time. It has a range of about 200 kilometers and can hit targets at altitudes of 27,000 meters.


The most revealing outcome of this Georgian-Russian war was that Georgian military troops were trained and assisted by the failed commander of the 2006 Galilee military forces, Israeli Brigadier General Gal Hirsch.  This young military invaded a break-away province of South Ossetia to forcibly bring her back into the Georgian sphere of influenceRussian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and President Vladimir Putin were now furious at Israel for its military assistance to Georgia.  President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice were both furious with Israel.  The God of Israel was quietly wooing His people, the Jews, saying, Do not put your trust in other nations.  When you put your trust in Me and call upon My Holy Name, I will answer, and I will protect you.”  Chief of all the threats now facing the Land of Israel was the approaching time when the GoguMagog War will reach its final conclusion.  Chief of all the risks the Israelis face was that they will not put their entire faith upon the overwhelming power of the Eternal One of Israel.


It is important that BibleSearchers must view the chaos of the world through the visual lens of the God of Israel.  What appears to be chaos in the world to us may also be an orderly but catastrophic transition to the future “kingdom of heaven that will be ruled by YHVH God’s Messiah


It was on August 9, the eve of the 9th of Av, August 10, 2008, that day of infamy to Israel, that the Nation of Russia started bombing Georgian military sites in retaliation for her sending troops into South Ossetia to bring these provinces totally under the Georgian rule. We must first note that Israel and Jerusalem were not attacked on the 9th of Av, 2008.


With this military conflict between Russia and Georgia, the ancient nation with a monarchial dynasty ruled by Princes of David, the key may have been given by the Eternal One of Israel to the Archangel of the Lord that the door” will be opened for a major assault against Israel.  This would be the vision of the GoguMogog War of Ezekiel 38-39 that twenty five hundred years ago was given to a young Jewish prophet. It foretold of a massive military coalition that would head to Israel to destroy the land of unwalled villages.(Ezekiel 38:10) 


Most Christian biblical scholars claim that this coalition will be headed by Russian military ruler seeking to conquer the “land of those brought back from the sword and gathered from many people on the mountains of Israel.” (Ezekiel 38:8) These were the same people that “had long been desolate” for “they were brought out of the nations, and now all of them dwell safely.” 


BibleSearchers has continued to respect the mystical prophetic insights of the kabbalist Jewish rabbi, Rabbi Isaac Kaduri, who just after 911 prophesied that on the 7th day of Succot in 2001, the war of GoguMagog, would begin.  This would be a seven year war


We also take account that this year (2008) was the Seventh Year of the Shmittah Sabbatical Week of Years (2001-2008) that in the Sanhedrin Talmudic prophecy would be the year of war.”  The question we ask now, is this war between the tiny 4.5 million strong independent nation of Georgia that was once was a part of the sprawling empire of the former USSR (United Socialist Soviet Republics) now confronted by its mammoth neighbor, the Nation of Russia, the flash point that will provoke Russia so much and it along with the Islamic nations will turn against the Land of Israel and seek to conquer her?    


The day will come in the near future when all the nations of the world will surround Jerusalem prepared for the battle called ArmageddonThis battle, Armageddon, will not be the Gogu-Magog in Ezekiel 38-39 for this military coalition will not include all the nations of the world and Israel will have another seven years to live off the “left behind” military weaponry left on the battlefields. With the enormous fuel depots that were to service the giant military coalition that were now surrounding Israel, these fuel storages would provide fuel to Israel for the next seven years.


Ezekiel 39:9 - “Then those who dwell in the cities of Israel will go out and set on fire and burn the weapons…and they will make fires with them for seven years.” 


GoguMogog will not be the battle for world domination by the last two political imperial systems of the oriental east (Red Internationale) and the occidental west (Golden Internationale), as envisioned by the final battle between the Ram and the He-Goat in Daniel 8.  With the merging of the biblical prophecies, the Ram and the He-Goat followed by the Gog-Magog War, the Little Horn will emerge as the power broker and the Anti-Messiah of the final world order. 


How that will happen maybe is unfolding right in front of our own eyes.  One step at a time, all the nations that oppose the existence of the Children of Israel to live in the land of Israel are aligning their military armaments in opposition to Israel.  Though it appears that they are in opposition to each other, but in reality all are armed and their weapons and missiles are aimed at that tiny speck of land on the this planet that the God of Israel claims that He will place His universal capital


·         The Russians will be implanted on a Syrian naval base of Tartus just north of Lebanon.  The United States will have command of a Turkish airbase just north of the Russians. The US 6th Fleet, along with the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and its armed contingent will be guarding and sealing an embargo all along the Israeli coastline on the Mediterranean Sea.


·         The American naval flotilla in the Persian Gulf will be armed and capable to launch aShock and Awe” attack on Jerusalem with cruise missiles that can fly over Saudi Arabia, who will surely give their permission to attack the land of Israel.


·         The Shi’ite Hezbollah and the Sunni Hamas militia will be standing at the northern gates and the western walls of Jerusalem.  They will have arrived armed with 40,000 missiles at the border of Lebanon aimed directly at Israel and 10 million rounds of ammunition with precision guided missiles aimed at the western border of Gaza.  Hamas will have commando invasion forces prepared to assault the “new” corridor into the Negev given as a good-will present by the Israeli president Ehud Olmert who had just been indicted on massive charges of corruption and money laundering operations in Israel.


·         Syrian President Assad and the Nation of Syria will have maneuvered his entire troops and preparing for military conflict into the Golan Heights region that the Israeli Jewish Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and the French Jewish President Nicolas Sarkozy will have given Syria control to this range, that once protected the Jewish Zealots from the Romans, looking down upon the Sea of Galilee.  Yet the Syrian will now be armed with nuclear tipped missiles manned by Russian military personnel ready to rain a torrent of missiles upon the hapless Jewish “sheep” that would be victims in the Kinneret valley below.


The Russian President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin finally “blinked” and the Russian “horn” was “broken” by the immense overpowering presence of the NATO-American military forces. The forces of resistance within this powerful member of the global contender for world domination of the Red Internationale Communist Leninist Marxist nations finally gave up and affirmed the concept of a One World Ruling Government.  The president and prime minister of Russia finally affirmed the premise of Putin that “It’s better to be rich and healthy than to be poor and sick”. 


The Chinese President, President of China Hu Jintao understood that his people would sink back into the days of medieval Chinese poverty if they did not have the consumer appetite of America and Europe to feed their growing economy.  They finally broke the last resistance of Communist autonomy against the Western globalists, and the Red Internationale’s bid for world domination ended.  The Chinese economy was cracking under the multitude of earthquakes that devastated their country, that were caused as they charged by weather modification weapons of mass destruction by the ionospheric heaters of America and Europe in Alaska and Norway.


The world today is under the threat of a world nuclear conflagration.  The final ratification of the constitution of the European Union, with Russia’s saber rattling to the east appears to be imminent.  Safety in numbers drew all of them together, for no country in Europe wanted to be “left behind”. The ratification of a North American Union between the United States, Canada and Mexico within twelve to twenty-four months appears to be assured. The nations of Russia and China will be offered, “join us” or be “eradicated”.  Faced with the evidence that was outlined in the Council on Foreign Relations article, “The Rise of a US Nuclear Primacy”, the overwhelming military might of the American Eagle, the United States, it will serve the interests of the Russians and the Chinese elite to join rather than be conquered and eliminated.


The resistance of the Iranian President Ahmadinejad and the Guardian Council of Ayatollahs against all offers by the Europeans and Americans to halt the production of nuclear warheads will finally succeed. The Nation of Iran will finally have been “crushed to the ground”.  The “great hornsof their international guardians in the United Nation’s Security Council, Russia and China, will have been broken”.   These two nations will be destined to link themselves together into regional unions and no longer assist the Shi’ite Iran’s global bid for an Islamic Caliphate. Yet Shi’ite Iran, as the Earth Beast of Revelation will join in union with the rise of the Black Internationale, the Sea Beast of Revelation into the final anti-Messiah World Federation of Nations.


This crack in the Iranian resistance appears to come with the assurance that the United States will agree to withdraw her military protection from the Nation of Israel. With Israel all alone, all the nations of the world, including the United States, Russia, and the Islamic nation of Persia (Iran), Ethiopia (Egypt), and Libya will be part of the international coalition of GoguMagog that the prophets foretold would invade the Nation of Israel. (Ezekiel 38:5) 


Will Israel Attack Iran?


As late as July 24, 2008, the Israeli Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi acknowledged that Israel preferred to resolve the threat of Iranian nuclear annihilation against Israel through diplomatic means.  He did admit that the Jewish state must be prepared for a military strike if it was absolutely necessary and conceded that “all options are on the table”. 


It was the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who did that an Israeli strike on Iran would have “catastrophic consequences”.  As quoted:


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad – “We think that Israel could try to launch attacks against Iran, even against Lebanon or Syria…Any attack by Israel or by anyone else will have catastrophic results not only on the region but on the whole world."


Syrian President Bashar Assad – Lekarev Report


What is known, the Israeli government is seriously planning and preparing for such an attack upon Iran. It was on September 6, 2008 that the Israeli intelligence site, DEBKAfiles disclosed that two of the airbases in Georgia that were attacked and destroyed by the Russians were designed especially to be used by Israeli fighter-bombers that were heading to Iran for a surgical strike.  It was also reported the flying from southern Georgia over the Caspian Sea into Iran would reduce the flying time by 3.5 hours to penetrate Northern Iran and Tehran where the largest concentration of nuclear facilities are located. As such Israel could bypass Iraq and the need to request the permission of the United States military to fly over Iraqi airspace.


For those “watching” might want to write down the dates of the evening of September 29 to October 9, 2008 between the eve of Rosh Hashanah and the start of Yom Kippur.   According to the Russian military analysts, the Yom Kippur II nuclear strike on Iran is anticipated to occur within these date ranges.  This nuclear attack will be in memory of the Israelis as the 1973 Yom Kippur War (Fourth Arab-Israeli War) and in the memory of the Arabs as the Ramadan War, when on September 6, 1973 the Third Army of Egypt made a surprise preemptive strike and routed the Israeli defenses in the Sinai Peninsula while the Nation of Syria struck Israel from the Golan Heights. Within days, we will know whether the God of Israel ordained that this would be the day that the fulfillment of the final battle between the Ram and the He-Goat will be fulfilled.


It was the anti-war blogger Justin Raimondo, who on September 3, 2008, wrote with insight as to the future pretext for the final battle of the Gog-Magog War:


Justin Raimondo – “Saakashvili, a vain and reckless man, now has even more reason to go behind Uncle Sam's back and give the Israelis a clear shot at Tehran. With this sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of the Americans, the rationale for a more limited, shot-across-the-bow strike by the U.S. becomes all too clear.  After all, if the Israelis attacked, the entire Muslim world would unite behind the Iranians. If, on the other hand, the U.S. did Israel's dirty work, with Tel Aviv lurking in the background, it would conceivably be far less provocative, and might even generate sub rosa support among the Sunni rulers of America's Arab allies. It's going to happen anyway, goes the rationale, and so we might as well do it the right way, rather than leave it to the Israelis, who have threatened – via "independent" commentators like Israeli historian and super hawk Benny Morris – to use nuclear weapons on Iran's population centers.”


On September 1, 2008, the international news was riveted by the announcement that the Dutch intelligence had pulled out of Iran their super spy who was spying on Iran’s military industry in an ultra-secret operation because the spymasters in the Netherland were convinced that an American air attack against Iran was imminent.  As reported in the Telegraph UK:


Telegraph UK – “According to reports in the newspaper De Telegraaf, the country's intelligence service, the AIVD, has stopped an espionage operation aimed at infiltration and sabotage of the weapons industry in Iran. The operation, described as extremely successful, was halted recently in connection with plans for an impending US air attack on Iran," said the report. Targets would also be bombed which were connected with the Dutch espionage action."  Well placed" sources told the paper that a top agent had been recalled recently "because the US was thought to be making a decision within weeks to attack Iran with unmanned aircraft".


So we as BibleSearchers ask the same question that has incessantly been asked in the international press for over three years, will Israel attack Iran?  The only answer that we can give is that there is historical evidence that Israel has already tried in the past to send a nuclear attack force against the Ayatollahs of Iran.  The United States prevented Israel from completing her mission.  The Labor Zionist State of Israel has planned for several strikes and even larger long range aerial attacks by numerous jets hitting Iran.


As we look at the biblical prophetic picture there is a hint in the prophetic oracles of Zechariah that Israel will sustain a nuclear attack as the Eternal One’s divine judgment for cleansing the Land of Israel. To this date, we find no compelling biblical interpretation that Israel is to be thesword of Godagainst the Islamic Nation of Iran. If there were such an attack upon Iran, it would be so selective that the people and the government of Iran would remain intact to later be recognized as a coalition partner in the soon to come GoguMogog war. It would also provoke the Islamic world to react with rage and provide the catalyst for the onset of the GoguMogog War.



Gogu-Magog War completes its Seventh Year (2007-8)


Introduction –

The Identification from the Jewish Sages of ‘Gog from the Land of Magog’


The War of Gog and Magog

Gog of the Land of Magog

Who is Rosh, Meshekh and Tubal?

Where is Magog?

The Mongols and the Golden Horde

The Mystery of Magog, one of Japheth’s fourteen descendants

The New World Order Conquers the Land of Magog

The Identification of Mogog by the Great Jewish Mystic Sages

Mogog according to the Esteemed Mystic, Rabbi Issac Luria of Safed, Israel

“Place from the Far North”

“Go Up” to the Land of Israel

The “Apple of God’s Eye”

Israel as the Navel of the Earth

Jerusalem as the Geo-political Vortex for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The “North” from the Perspective of the Torah

The Biblical North as the “Place of all Evil”

The Religious “North” and the “South”

America, the Land of Magog, now the Occupier of the Land of Babylon
The Identification of Gog by Mystical Judaism

Who is the Gog of America, the Land of Magog

Is George Bush for or against the Land of Israel?

A Message by the God of Israel to President George Bush

The Chassidim – The Gog-Magog War was the Holocaust

Postlude – Bush as GogUMogog meets the President of Mongolia

The Rabbinic Translations of the Prophets of Israel on the Battles against Israel at the Time of the End

The Prophet Ezekiel

The Prophet Joel

The Prophet Obadiah

The Prophet Zechariah

The Psalmists

The Prophet Daniel


Go to Section One –

Onward Christian Soldiers - The Rise of Global Catholicism and Christian Dominionism


“There are Powers at Work – Power so Organized,..Watchful,..Complete!”

2008-2015 – Sabbatical Week of Years to Inter-connect all Nations into a One World Order

World Leaders line up for Conversions to Catholicism and Solidarity to the Vatican

The Division of England by the European Union

The American Presidency, the Religious Right and the National Prayer Breakfast

The Roots of “The Fellowship”

Dominion Theology and the Prayer Breakfast Movement – The Blueprint for Literal Christian World Domination

The Council on National Policy and the Religious Right Military

“Onward Christian Soldiers” – Global Dominionism with the “Christian Army of God”

Forced “Christianization” of American Military Troops


Go to Section Two –

Footprints Leading to a Global War


Targeted Pulsed EMP Attack against England’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Plane

French President Nicholas Sarkozy targeted by Assassins in Israel

Putin warned at NATO Summit Meeting – “Join Us as we go to War”

American B-1B Lancer Bomber taken down on Reputed Iran Attack

Nuclear Explosion as escaping American B-25 Bomber Downed

President Bush declares his Allegiance to the Pope

“War” in the White House and the Death of a Jesuit National Media Giant

Israel Prepares to Go Alone against Iran


Go to Section Three –

Exotic Weapons in Super-Power Battles for Global Control



An Antiquark Spree causing a Volcanic Explosion in Chili, and a Catastrophic Earthquake in China

Seeking to “Become like God” and Control the Powers of Nature

CERN’s Tensor Transformer Experiment Destabilizes Earth’s Orbit

Devastating Earthquake in China – The “Horn” begins to Break

Was a HAARP Attack Timed to Coincide with the “Anti-Quark Spree Accident”?

Epicenter of China Earthquake  - a Nuclear Explosion in a Large Military Armory

CERN’s Experiment to Create a Black Hole

The Philadelphia and Nazi Bell Experiments Revisited

HAARP Bending Time and Space to Destroy Spy Satellite Lost in Covert War with Israel

Warnings of Military Use of Weapons for Secret Warfare and Weather Modification

Sanhedrin Famine Cycle

Israeli Confirmation of Impending Global Famine

China Retaliates against America

America’s Floods in the Mid-West ordered by Chinese 4 Billion Watt Radar

China Retaliates by Seeking to Shut Down the Waters to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers

Battles over Divine Vision – Bush vs Ahmadinejad

Drought in America

The Mongolia Connection in the Iran, Russia, and China Axis

The Prophetic Fall of the Oriental East


Go to Section Four –

Super-Secret Weapons Creating Collapsing Environment and a Global Famine


Global Environmental Collapse

The Disappearing Honey Bee

The “Flight” of the Honey Bee – Sonically Induced

Mysterious Bat Syndrome

Moose Populations near Extinction in Genetically Modified Growing Region

In a World of Famine, Genetically Modified Food introduced into World Markets

World Leaders warn of Starvation, Rioting, and Geopolitical Catastrophes

The Rapid Rise of Food Commodities

The Role of Exotic Weapons in the Covert Wars of World Domination

Using HAARP in the Cyclone Nargis and the Devastation of Myanmar (Burma)

The Path of HAARP and CERN leads to China’s Earthquake

The World is Asleep as the Days of Noah Return

The Rise of the Dark Forces of the World Planetary Order

The Rise of Greater Israel and the Restored Houses of Judah and Israel


Go to Section Five –

President George W. Bush seeks to Fulfill His Destiny and Legacy


The Power Brokers of the Quartet of Globalist Nations

The Bush White House taken Over by the Council of Foreign Relations

The Nations Rage and Plot against the Lord and His Anointed People

The Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group Destructive Council against Israel

The “Seek and Destroy” Surge begins with High Level Military Reassignment

The Battle for Baghdad No. 2 Begins as the Mahdi Army goes Underground

The Palestinians Unwanted and Pawns of the Iranian Shi’ite Muslims

American Raiders at Irbil – Number 3 Commander of the Revolutionary Guard Captured

The Bush Pentagon Shake-Up – Robert Gates assumes power as Secretary of Defense

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Bush White House Plots a Divided Course of War and Diplomacy

A Defensive Putin restarts the Cold War Spy Plane Confrontations

President Putin orders Invasion of Georgia along the Caspian Sea

The United States Navy surrounds China and Iran

American Shadow Government goes Underground

Bush’s Knesset Speech Lauding Israel’s 60th Birthday

Bilderbergers Warn as America and Russia Prepare for Global War

Bush and the European Heads of State Flock to Israel

Bush, the Bilderbergs, and the CFR move to Confront Iran

Iran has Nuclear Weapons, Cruise Missiles and Russia did Not give it to Them – Directly

The State of Emergency in America at the Beginning of the next Sabbatical Week of Years (2008-2015)

One Super Intelligence Agency now Over Global America

Bush in Secret Diplomacy with Iran


Go to Section Six –

The Notable Horn of America and the Great Horn of Russia

Meet at the Caspian Sea in Georgia


Bush and Putin’s Final Hour

The Caspian Oil Connection

America Abandons Israel

United States Prepares for Nuclear War as American Armada Heads to Iran

Preparation for the Final Global Battle between the Persian Ram and the Grecian He-Goat

Georgia Invades the Breakaway Provinces of South Ossetia, Russia Invades Georgia

Putin Orders Destruction of American Armada in the Persian Gulf

Russia invades Georgia – Is this the Final Battle between Ram and the He-Goat?

Ethnic Cleansing or Genocide, Georgia Files Lawsuit against Russia

America Asserts her Global Authority

A “Cold War” of Words and Threats between Bush, Russia, and NATO

Russia and the Caucasus – a Political World in Turmoil


Go to Section Seven –

The Last Days of the Globalist Zionist State of Israel



Prime Minister Ehud Olmert – The Fate of Israel in the Hands of Israel’s most Corrupt Politician

The Corruption Scandals of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Israel is Owned by the Council of Foreign Relations

Israel is Ruled by Freemasons

Peace, Peace – Its time to give away the Golan Heights, Shebaa Farms, Half of Jerusalem, the Water in Galilee and Israel

Syria – Hezbollah again in Control of Lebanon
Hezbollah now Officially a Nation

Assad’s Second in Command Assassinated while Syria returns to the International Scene as Broker of Peace

Bush’s Patience Wearing Thin on Iran – Military Blockade and Sanctions Begins

Iran and Syria Celebrate the Collapse of the Fourth Round of Western Sanctions

9th of Av 2008 brings a Flurry of Peace Proposals

Hezbollah is Ready for Revenge

Hamas ready to take back Jerusalem with Jihad

Iran Woos Bush – Bush Ponders his Destiny

Israel Isolated by the United States

Israel Braces for a War of Annihilation

Will Israel Attack Iran?


Go to Section Eight –

Preparing for GoguMogog War - Israel’s Final Hour


9th of Av, 2008 – The Israeli Equation in Russia’s Invasion of Georgia

The Georgian Israeli Puzzle

The Russian Aftermath of the Russian-Georgian War

The Western World’s Response to Russia

Russia Breaks all Ties with the West

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel’s Strange Silence

The Black Sea confrontation between the East and the West

Russia now in Possession of US Intelligence Equipment 

The “Hot Wars” and Threats of Weather in America by the Wars of GoguMagog 

The Russian versus the Euro-American concept of World Domination

Will Yom Kippur be the Date when the ‘Hot War’ of the Ram and the He-Goat Begin?

The Rise of a New Israel


The Globalist Red Internationale Axis –

Greater Mongolian Dynasty of Russia, China and Persia of Daniel’s “Ram with Two Great Horns”


Go to Section One –

The Mongolian Il-Khanate ‘Persian Ram’ and the ‘Horns’ of the Kipchak Khanate of Russia and the Kublai Khanate of China


Saladin and the Christian Crusades, a Prelude to the Mongolian Invasion of Persia

The Shi’ite Muslim incitement of the First Crusade

The First Christian Crusade

The Crusader Siege of Damascus

Edessa and the Manylion, the Image of Jesus

The Saladin of History

The Military Genius of Saladin

Saladin and the Legends of Baalbeck

The Jewish Messiahs in the Age of Saladin and the Crusaders

Saladin and the Sunni Ayyubid Dynasty of Egypt

The Final Years of Saladin’s Ayyubid Egyptian Dynasty

The Crusader Christian Kings of Jerusalem

Saladin’s Ayyubid Sultanate of Egypt


Go to Section Two –

Saladin and the Christian Crusades, a Prelude to the Mongolian Invasion of Persia



The Vision of Daniel at Shushan

The First Horn of the Ram – The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic

The Second Horn of the Ram – The People’s Republic of China

Xinhai Revolution – the End of the Manchurian Mongol Dynasty of China

The Great Wall of China

The Mongolian Empire of Genghis Khan and the Chinese Invasion

The Death of Genghis Khan and the Division of the Mongolian Empire

The Four Kingdoms of the Greater Mongolia Empire

Ögedei Khan, the second Great Khan of the Greater Mongolian Empire

The Death of Ögedei Khan the Second Great Khan of the Mongols

Güyük Khan the Third Great Khan of the Mongols and its Affects on the European Invasion

Möngke Khan (1251-1259) the Fourth Great Khan of Mongolia

Sartaq Khan of the Golden Horde and Alexander Nevsky the Grand Prince of Novgorod


Go to Section Three –

The Persian Il-Khanate Dynasty, the Ismaili Assassins and the Jews



The Mongolian Il-Khanate in Persia

The Rise of the Hulegu Khan and the Il-Khanate of Persia

The Ismaili Hashshashin, the Islamic Assassins

The March to Baghdad by the Mongolian – Christian Crusader Alliance

The Battle of Baghdad by Hülegü Khan

The Affect of the Mongolian Invasion upon the Jews


Go to Section Four –

The Final Kingdoms of the Mongolian Empire and the Rise of the Modern Communist States of Russia and China



The Four Rival Kingdoms of Alexander’s Grecian Empire

The Four Rival Kingdoms of Genghis Khan’s Mongolian Empire

The Four Khanates of the Greater Mongolian Empire

The Yuan Mongolian Dynasty of Kublai Khan in China

Tamerlane and the Mongol Invasion into Palestine and the Middle East

The International Effect of the Mongolian Invasions

The Nephrite Jade Khasbuu Dynastic Seal and the Manchurian Dynasty

The Final Days of the Russian Khanate and the Rise of the Mucovite and the Russian Empire

The Mongolian Legacy and the Battle for Jerusalem




The Return of the Biblical House of Judah and the Prophetic Cycles of War


Daniel 8 “Ram” and the “He-Goat” War Cycle

The Epic War of Civilizations between the Western Golden Internationale and the Eastern Red International


Go to Part One –

Daniel, the Palace at Shushan and the Tomb of Daniel


Go to Part Two –

The Two-horned Ram, the Shaggy Unicorn he-Goat and the Rise of the Little Horn


Go to Part Three –

The Rabbinic Interpretation of the 2300 Day Prophecy


“The Rise of Israel and the Ancient Empires of the Bible”

Labor Zionist Israel, Imperial Islam, and Imperial Babylon and Persia


Go to Part Four –

Go to Section One –

The Shabbatean Jews and their Influence on Global Politics


Go to Section Two –

The Rise of Israel and the Ancient Babylonian Empire


Go to Section Three –

 “The Rise of the Ancient Kingdoms of Assyria and Babylon


Go to Section Four –

 “The Fall of Babylon and the Rise of the Apocalyptic Sea Beast and the Islamic Earth Beast of Revelation


Go to Section Five

 “The Rise of Ancient Persia with the Pahlavi Shah of Iran


 “The Globalist Mongolian Red Internationale Axis”

Greater Mongolian Dynasty Axis of Russia, China, and Persia-Iran


Go to Part Five –

Go to Section One –

 “The Mongolian Il-Khanate Persian Ram and the Horns of the Kipchak Khanate of Russia and the Kublai Khanate of China


Go to Section Two

 “Saladin and the Christian Crusades, a Prelude to the Mongolian Invasion of Persia


Section Three

 “The Persian Il-Khanate Dynasty, the Ismaili Assassins and the Jews


Section Four

 “The Final Kingdoms of the Mongolian Empire and the Rise of the Modern Communist States of Russia and China


 “The Age of Imperial Persia and the Islamic Caliphates”

The Influence of the Persian Empire upon Islamic Caliphates and Shi’ite Iran


Go to Part Six –

 Go to Section One –

The Fall of the Persian Sassanid Empire and the Rise of the Islamic Caliphates


Go to Section Two

 “The Golden Age of Islam and its Influence upon the Jewish People


Section Three

 “The Influence the Mongolian Invasion, Mystical Sufism and the Shi’a Islamic Safavid Dynasty upon the Shah’s Peacock Throne


 “The Sanhedrin Commentary”

The Last Seven Years before the Coming of the Messiah


Go to Part Seven –

Go to Section One –

Will 2008 be the Year of the Coming of the Messiah?


Go to Section Two –

The Effect of the Jews, Christians, and Muslim’s Views upon the Final Apocalypse


Go to Section Three –

The Rise of the Sea Beast and the “Messiah the Prince”


Go to Section Four –

The Convergence of Prophetic Streams before the Messiah Returns


Go to Section Five –

The Fourth Reich and the Seventy Year Prophecy of Jeremiah


Go to Section Six –

The Third Reich’s Holocaust and the Seventy Years to Build the Rothschild Temple


Go to Section Seven –

The Abomination of Desolation, the Two Witnesses and the Final Days


Go to Section Eight –

Effect of Jewish Mysticism on the Earth’s Final Days


“The Globalist Economic Golden Internationale”

 Golden Internationale’s Bid for World Domination


Go to Part Eight –

 Go to Section One –

Is the “War of Civilization” about to Erupt in the Persian Gulf” - Part One


 Go to Section Two –

Wake Up World – The “War of Civilization” is all about Israel” - Part Two


 Go to Section Three –

The Pathway to a ‘New Middle East’


The Ezekiel 38-39 GoguMogog War Cycle”

GoguMogog War completes its Seventh Year (2007-2008)


Go to Part Nine –

Introduction –

The Identification from the Jewish Sages of ‘Gog from the Land of Magog’


Go to Section One –

 “Onward Christian Soldiers - The Rise of Global Catholicism and Christian Dominionism


Go to Section Two –

 “Footprints Leading to a Global War


Go to Section Three –

 “Exotic Weapons in Super-Power Battles for Global Control


Go to Section Four –

 “Super-Secret Weapons Creating Collapsing Environment and a Global Famine


Go to Section Five –

 “President George W. Bush seeks to Fulfill His Destiny and Legacy


Go to Section Six –

 “The Notable Horn of America and the Great Horn of Russia

Meet at the Caspian Sea in Georgia


Go to Section Seven –

 “The Last Days of the Globalist Zionist State of Israel


Go to Section Eight –

 “Preparing for GoguMogog War - Israel’s Final Hour


The Globalist Black Internationale”

The Vatican and the Black Pope


Go to Part Ten –

Go to Section One –

The Vatican Seeks to Reclaim its Own – The Church with the Upper Room


Go to Section Two –

The Vatican Seeks to Reclaim its Own – The Pathway and Players in the Bid to Control Jerusalem


Go to Section Three –

The Vatican Seeks to Reclaim its Own – The Vatican Wants Jerusalem


Go to Section Four –

The Papal Prophecies - Fate of the Vatican upon the Death of John Paul II


Go to Section Five –

Cardinal Ratzinger and the Rise of the Black Internationale


The Coming of the Messiah son of Joseph and the Messiah son of David”

 “The Jewish Expectations for the Coming of the Messiah


Go to Part Eleven –

Go to Section One –

The Messiah will be Revealed Soon


Go to Section Two –

The Conflicts between the Messiah Son of Joseph and the Erev Rav (“Mixed Multitude’)


Go to Section Three –

The End of Days – Armilus HaRasha, the Expulsion of the Jews and the Threat of Annihilation by Iran


Go to Section Four –

The Pathways of Catastrophes towards Redemption


Go to Section Five –

Secret Note from Torah Giant in Israel Gives Name of the Jewish Messiah, ‘Yehoshua


The Coming of the Islamic Mahdi (Messiah)”

 “The Islamic Expectations for the Coming of the Mahdi (Messiah)


Go to Part Twelve –

Go to Section One –

The Mufti of Jerusalem” and “The Muslim Brotherhood” – The Fight to Own Jerusalem and the Land of Israel


Go to Section Two –

Yasser Arafat – the Architect of Terrorism and Jihad


Go to Section Three –

Ramadan and the Islamic Expectations of the Coming Mahdi (Messiah)




Message from BibleSearchers


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