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sochi.jpgGasprom’s Krasnaya Polyana Resort at Sochi, the Russian Black Sea Riviera


The Notable Horn of America and the Great Horn of Russia

Meet at the Caspian Sea in Georgia

Gogu-Magog War completes its Seventh Year (2007-8)

By Robert Mock M.D.

August 2008

Part Nine

Section Six



Bush and Putin’s Final Hour

The Caspian Oil Connection

America Abandons Israel

United States Prepares for Nuclear War as American Armada Heads to Iran

Preparation for the Final Global Battle between the Persian Ram and the Grecian He-Goat

Georgia Invades the Breakaway Provinces of South Ossetia, Russia Invades Georgia

Putin Orders Destruction of American Armada in the Persian Gulf

Russia invades Georgia – Is this the Final Battle between Ram and the He-Goat?

Ethnic Cleansing or Genocide, Georgia Files Lawsuit against Russia

America Asserts her Global Authority

A “Cold War” of Words and Threats between Bush, Russia, and NATO

Russia and the Caucasus – a Political World in Turmoil


Bush and Putin’s Final Hour


It was at the NATO summit in Bucharest, in April 2008, that the Russian President Vladimir Putin was informed of NATO and the United State’s intention to attack Iran. It was also there that considerable discussions about the induction of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO were made and whether to begin the membership process for these two countries. In spite of their vast differences at the summit, President George Bush left Bucharest and went, as a guest, to visit the vacation home of President Vladimir Putin at the Black Sea Resort of Sochi.  This was no doubt in repayment of the cordial visit that Putin took earlier to the Bush family compound along the Atlantic coastline at Kennebunkport Maine in 2007.


Here in Sochi, the southernmost city of Russia, located on the Black Sea is the closest place to the Pacific Northwest or the French Riviera that Russian businessmen and officials can meet and live in Russia.  In that city in Russia where real estate is higher than New York’s Manhattan, this seaside resort is the reputable for the home where crime and politics many times go hand in hand. Here is also the playground of the rich and the famous, but especially the Russian Mafia, plus government and businesses that are reputed to be tied to so much corruption and crime in Russia.  For many Russians, who have millions that they could travel the world, know that it is better to stay in Russia than to go abroad and be arrested for Russian crimes that are being prosecuted in the freedom of courts outside of Russia. Such is the story of money-laundering of Pavel Borodin and sochiYevgeny Adamov that was tried in the Italian courts from the reconstruction days of the Kremlin in the mid-90s.


Russian President Vladimir Putin escorting American President George W. Bush at his Summer Black Sea Resort in Sochi


With the Russian’s official bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympics, today we see the powerful money influence by Russia’s Gazprom’s monopoly over Russian gas exports that make Europeans groan over the political and economic noose that France and Germany are in over the stranglehold of Russian influence and control in the international energy marketplace.   Sochi today is called Gazprom’s Village that is turning this former summer resort for the Russian’s rich and famous that was a “sleepy Soviet-era ski resort” in the Caucasus Mountains near the summer residence of former president and now Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, now into a world-famous international resort not far from the Black nation of Georgia.


Euxine-Colchic deciduous forestsIt was there at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort, that was built by Gazprom, the huge Russian strategic pipeline network and oil producer that controls as much as 60% of Germany’s energy imports, that the world media was hosted as they sailed the sleek yacht hired by Gazprom’s organizers to cruise along the coastline of the Black Sea. Also in the entire complex, located at an altitude of 2,953 feet above sea level, were also a four-star Luzurnaya Hotel with sleek and plus marble-lines venues highlighted by palm trees near the city that blended a unique atmosphere of mountains and seacoasts that have been the favorite retreat of the Soviet elite.  As the director of Radisson SAS Lazurnaya (RSL), Boris Averyanov stated, “Oil and gas are not eternal, tourism and banks are." 


Box Trees in the Çamilhemsin Valley, near Trabzon, Turkey. The Ecosystem of the Euxine-Colchic Broadleaf Forests run along the southern and southeastern coasts of the Black Sea from Turkey’s Istiranca Mountains in the west to the Abkhazia region of Georgia in the east

Photograph by Jeffrey England


Yet, tourism and banks have a price the Russian activists claim are at the cost of the natural environment and in “gross violation” of Russian law.  On the wooded mountain slopes up to the Caucasus ranges, Andrei Rudomakha, the head of the North Caucasus Ecological Watch, claim that Gazprom has brought “colossal harm to the ecological complexes” by cutting down thousands of rare Box Trees – Buxus colchica – that were hundreds of years old located in the territory of the Sochi National Park, a 15,000 acre natural preserve.


Their vast differences in the geo-political visions between Bush and Putin were centered predominately on the expansion of NATO eastward to encompass the Motherland of Russia.  They also had significant differences over the deployment of the NATO missile defense system in the Czech Republic and the Nation of Poland by the year 2012. History always will be remembered, and Putin’s memory was not dimmed when in 2004 the former Soviet satellite states of Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, the were former Soviet satellite states in 1945, were inducted into NATO in 2004.  This was done in spite of the promise that after the Cold War ended in 1992, NATO would not expand beyond Eastern Germany.


The Nation of Ukraine, to the Russian Motherland has certain painful realities as Russia watches the homeland of the Kievan Rus, the ancestral state from which Russia and Ukraine share ancestral political heritage.  Even today, the historians in Russia refer to Kiev as The Mother of Russian cities”.  Yet, the true global reality is that the western globalists of the Golden Internationale truly are encircling the nation of Russia, first to neutralize her international influence and second to grab her oil and other natural resources to be used to enhance the western appetite of global possession. 


Yet, Putin and the motherland of Russia did have cards to play in the game of global possessionRussia held the key energy routes to supply gas and oil to Germany and FranceShe also knew that that almost 60% of the Ukrainians are were opposed to their country being included in NATO.   Also 70% of the Czechs are opposed of having a radar shield installed in their country.  Most of them were cautious of provoking Russia, including Germany and France, not wanting to rouse up a belligerent bear. On the eastern front, Georgia had always been an independent thorn in the former Soviets side. Yet inclusive within their homeland were two provinces that were secessionist states.  So the bargaining, missile defense or NATO membership continued. 


After the summit at the Sochi resort of Putin’s, it appeared that their destinies would soon part.  Both had learned to trust each other and share in their differences.  As Time reported in the April 7, 2008 article, Sunset for the Bush-Putin Era”, as it reminisced;


Time – “The chemistry between Bush and Putin was warm and sentimentalclearly, the continuing coolness in the relationship between Washington and Moscow is nothing personal, "I want to repeat and confirm that working with the U.S. President has always been pleasant and interesting for me," said Putin, praising his American counterpart’s integrity and reliability. For his part, Bush did not spare words to heap up praise on the man whose soul he claimed to have glimpsed back in 2001, when they first met in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, and decided he could trust.


The Sochi meeting produced a rather amusing document, titled "The Strategic Framework Declaration," whose contents could be summed up in the old Russian adage that "It's better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick."  The declaration emphasized, for example, that the Cold War was over — although there was not much news in that observation, first made at an equivalent summit 18 years ago by President Bush's father and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. The document affirms their commitment to improve relations on all fronts, but the trend in U.S.-Russian relations may be moving the two countries further apart than closer together.


The last few words seem today almost prophetic, yet there was one unusual hint, as President George W. Bush’s father and Mikhail Gorbachev thought it best to let the old Soviet Union disappear and so they could remain “rich and healthy” so today, the young Bush president and Vladimir Putin may also choose the same, when the final chips fall.


Russia had for centuries recognized her backyard, the Caspian Sea, as Russia’s private fiefdom.  Now President Bush and the Council on Foreign Relations had now inserted the Caspian Oil Connection


When oil and gas was discovered, it was first developed by the Jewish oligarchs.  After they developed the resources and became billionaires, these companies were not only taken away from them but Putin nationalized them. The Jewish billionaires either had to flee or were imprisoned.  When you are looking for the bastion of power and authority, watch the trail of money. This certain trail led to the oil terminals along the Caspian Sea.


At the same time, in January 2005, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his intelligence team cornered Israeli Prime Minister Arial Sharon over the flight of Russian capital to the Banks of Israel that came from the money oligarchs of Russia.  These included:


·       Boris Berizovsky, former director of ORT (Russian Public Television) was living in self imposed exile in London after fleeing Russia under criminal indictment.

·        Mikhail Khodorovsky the former owner of YUKOS, who was imprisoned in a Russian jail for supporting political opposition in Russia. 


With personal representatives in Jerusalem, the moneyed rich in Russia were transferring vast sums of money to Israel outside of Putin grasp.  Included in this money trail were non-Jewish assets such as from members of the Russian Christian Orthodox Church who were being protected by Israel under Sharon’s version of the Law of Return which forbad prosecution or extradition of people or assets unless laws were broken.


Today we stand on the precipice and watch this epic battle unfolding between the oriental East and the occidental West.  The covert and psychological wars have been going on for decades throughout the “Cold War” era.  Russia the Bear was crippled and the Iron Curtain came down in 1991 while the Golden Internationale took possession of Russia by financing her international debt through the International Monetary Fund.  Was it not amazing that the flow if money went through the Frankfurt Banking House of the Rothschilds in Germany?  Only with the nationalization of the assets and the hasty exodus or imprisonment of all of the Jewish oligarchs who controlled the vast oil and mineral resources in Russia has the Russian Bear been able to rise again for this final round of conflict.  


In the past decade, while the Russia bear was floundering, the rising star in the Red Internationale was the People’s Republic of China.  A global monster of humanitarian, political and numerical proportions, China today is seeking to swallow the global commodities market with its insatiable appetite for growth and development.  The covert wars were not seen by the normal public but the effects were epic and catastrophic; billions of American “dollars” in massive fraudulent money laundering and forged American “dollars,” the foundation of the global economy, the threat to swing the oil market away from the American “dollar” as the monetary trading vehicle, the massive computer hacking and assault into the global economic, banking and industrial houses that supported the Western technological superiority over the East in order to steal proprietary secrets, the bribery of the Clinton White House to steal military and intelligence secrets and the funneling of billions of dollars in economic aid to Middle Eastern countries, predominately Iran and Syria to bleed the military strength of America in insurgency wars with proxy nations. Here in lies the basis of this present war between Israel with Hezbollah and Hamas.

The Caspian Oil Connection


It was in 2008 that the pro-US-NATO president Mikhail Saakashvili launched his ambitious campaign to bring his country into the fold of NATO and the European Union.  From a globalist point of view, this act would bring the Nation of Georgia into the greater folds of Rome’s Vatican.  It was on February 2007 that BibleSearchers’ posted an article documenting the convergence of the 2006 Lebanon Hezbollah–Israel War and the dedication of the bold western industrialist dream to circumvent Russia’s hegemony in the oil rich Caspian Sea basin, in the article titled, The War on Lebanon and the Global Battle for Oil – Opening of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Terminal in Turkey”.  It revealed the true nature of the War on Lebanon. As reported:


BibleSearchers ReflectionsAs all the world was watching with interest or dismay, Israel pounding southern Lebanon in one of the most intense aerial bombing attacks in decades.  At the same time Hezbollah and Hamas were raining Katyusha and Kassam rockets into Galilee in northern Israel.


The Oil and Gas East-West Energy Corridor from the Caspian to the Black and the Mediterranean Sea


On that same day, July 13, 2006, to the north of Israel and Lebanon, a western globalist economic and energy coup was taking place as the United States and its allies opened the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Oil Terminal near to the coastal city of Adana, Turkey.  Was this a coincidence?


This 1,100 mile pipeline passed through the countries of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.  One million barrels of oil per day are destined for the western world, flowing from the Sangachal oil terminal twenty five miles south of the Azeri capital of Baku on the Caspian Sea.  This oil will flow all the way towards the southwest to the Turkish Mediterranean port of CeyhanOil that previously flowed from the land locked Caspian Sea through the pipelines of the Nation of Russia will now be diverted to the western controlled BTC pipeline.  This oil will no longer be under the threat of a Russian stranglehold against the western economies.


The world’s largest private construction project, the $3.2 billion BTC pipeline will be the first link to bring the third largest oil and gas reserves to the western markets.  Yet this British Petroleum consortium is only a fraction of a total of $20 billion of energy projects that are on the planning boards for the future.  A coup for the western Golden Internationale globalists, this pipeline will also open huge revenues to the former provinces of Russia and the Nation of Turkey with its transit fees and royalties.


The war for global domination over the energy reserves of the Middle East and the Caspian regions of Central Asia is seen by many as an economic and political set back to the Red Internationale of Russia, China, and Iran.  It is also seen as a geo-political victory for the Golden Internationale and the economic welfare of the international oil community; Europe, the United States, and Israel. 


While the Israeli-Lebanese War diverted the attention of the world, the strategic economic coup was of greater magnitude than a military battle victory between the eastern communist giant, Russia, and the western economic globalists of the European Union and the United States.”


The bid for NATO’s acceptance of Georgia was still under negotiation but Russia was now seeking to thwart the plans of Europe, the United States and Israel along with the investment power of the Western oil giants.  They sought to route the oil from Azerbaijan and the natural gas from Turkmenistan then let it transit through Georgia, and then to the Turkish port of Ceyhan.  They would effectively bypass the Russian middlemen and cut the spigot to Russia, depleting vast revenues and capture the international control to the oil and gas resources that would have gone through Russian pipelines.


According to DEBKAfiles, once the oil reached the Turkish port of Ceyhan, it would be transferred to the Israeli oil terminals at AshkelonOnce the land of Lebanon came under the control of the western global powers, and the Syrian and Hezbollah threat to western economic hegemony eliminated, a pipeline would then be built that would transfer the oil down the coastline of Lebanon to Israel. Then from Ashkelon, Israel on the Mediterranean Sea, it would be over to the Red Sea port of Eilat.  There the oil would be placed on supertankers and sent to the Far East over the Indian Ocean. 


America Abandons Israel


On July 22, 2008 it was reported from the office of Prime Minister Putin that a proposed agenda for their mini-summit at the Beijing’s Olympics opening ceremony was sent by President George W. Bush.  It contained “language suggesting” that the US was “nearing an imminent split” with their longtime Middle Eastern ally Israel. According to Bloomberg News, Putin had warned Bush that Russia would respond militarily by sending military aircraft back to bases in Cuba and would react with “military-technical” means to the US system if Russia security is threatened by NATO and America’s plans to base anti-missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. In addition, the Russian leaders would aim nuclear missiles at the bases in those two countries.


Back in Israel, it was the Haaretz News that reported that senior officials at the American State Department, including the Secretary of State, were becoming more forceful to Israel over “minor Palestinian issues”, “complaints about settlement construction”, and “army operations that kill Palestinian civilians” with the suggestion that America will begin to intervene in “much broader range of issues.” 


It was also revealed on a separate Haaretz report that Retired General James Jones, who was the United States Security Coordinator for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was in the preparation stage of preparing an “extremely critical report of Israeli’s policies in the territories and its attitude toward the Palestinian Authority’s security services. With words like “scathing”, the American General who was appointed by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice after the Annapolis Peace Conference in November 2007 was preparing to draft a “strategic plan in order to facilitate the final-status negotiations. According to Israeli Defense Force officers, their impression was that the report would be very harsh, and make Israel look very bad.”  Yet due to the very critical opinion of the report also on Washington, the White House was “debating” on whether to allow it to even be published. 


According to Russian military analysts, also on July 22, 2008, it appeared to them that the United States in pulling away from its allegiance and allied support to Israel was “strictly adhering” to decades long practices of “past betrayals of longtime allies”.  The most recent and most prominent was the 1979 betrayal of the Shah of Iran when with the French and the American support, the Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini returned to Iran and with the Iranian Revolution on February 11, 1979 established the current Shi’ite Islamic Republic of Iran


According to these same analysts, the United States was also pulling back of its support for the current Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf.   As it was reported, it would be the final lynchpin in the West’s Grand Game for the Middle East with the return to Turkey of Fethullah Gülen,…who is one of the most important Muslim figures in the entire world. Clearing the path for Gülen’s momentous return to Turkey are the past few week’s two rulings by American and Turkish Courts allowing both his extended exile in the US and his return from exile to his Turkish homeland. It cannot be understated how “seismic” Gülen’s return to Turkey, and the entire Middle East, will be, these reports continue, as the journals American Foreign Policy (AFP) and Prospect in their Worldwide poll show that Gülen has been voted to be the “World’s top public intellectual.


As a fundamental Islamic scholar, Fethullah Gülen’s return to Pakistan is expected to institute a new moderate Islamic Sunni Revolution. As the Asia Time News reports:


Asia Times News“A perfect storm of enmity has come down on the beleaguered Turkish secularists, who find themselves without friends. That is a tragedy whose consequences will spill over Turkey's borders, for the secular model established by Kemal Ataturk after World War I was the Muslim world's best hope of adapting to modernity. Many years of misbehavior by Turkey's army and security services, the core institutions of secular power, have eroded their capacity to resist an Islamist takeover. The United States State Department, meanwhile, has found a dubious use for what it thinks is a moderate strain of political Islam. Washington apparently hopes to steer Turkey into a regional bloc with the short-term aim of calming Iraq, and a longer-term objective of fostering a Sunni alliance against Iran's ambition to foment a Shi'ite revolution in the Middle East."


The next day, on July 23, 2008, Prime Minister Ehud Olmertshot off a secret note to President George W. Bush, according to DEBKAfiles that protested the White Houses strategic negotiations with rapprochement with the Shi’ite government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  According to the letter, Olmert was “bitter” for not being forewarned and complained that these negotiations violated the US-Israel understandings on Iran that they had shared over the past year. He also accused President Bush that he had “broken the promises he gave in face-to-face meetings with the prime minister earlier and reaffirmed Israel’s concern that if nothing was done to arrest the progress of Iran nuclear program towards the development of a nuclear bomb, that “Iran will have all the components ready for assembly by early 2009, that is, in 6-8 months.”


The White House chose to ignore Olmert and his letter and complaints. Instead, it was reported that when Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. General Gabi Ashkenazi went to Washington to meet with the American military chiefs, though he was received with great honor, the American hosts refused to address the “working theories” guiding the IDF in regards to the threat of Iran. The rhetoric was getting desperate and strident for the former (2002) Israeli Mossad Chief Ephraim Halevi was reported, in TIME, against such an attack as it “could have an impact on us (Israel) for the next 100 years.  This was countered by Res. Maj-General Yizhak Ben-Israel, world class expert on Iran’s nuclear and missile program that was the former head of IDF Weapons Authority proclaimed on July 26, that “Israel’s failure to attack Iran’s nuclear sites” would “jeopardize its security.”  Over in Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made international news with the announcement that Iran’s nuclear program had finally doubled its uranium-enriching centrifuges at Natanz to 6,000 centrifuges.


The loop was beginning to close. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was trying to out negotiate the Bush-Rice Middle East team by directly negotiating with Syria over the Golan Heights give-away, and President George W. Bush was trying to negotiate around Israel with Iran at the expense of eventually withdrawing away America’s long standing strategic, military, social, and spiritual relationship with Israel. 


United States Prepares for Nuclear War as American Armada Heads to Iran


As the Ides of Summer approached on August 6, 2008, 46 days into summer with the same number of days left till fall, the United States Navy had already commissioned two more US Navy Aircraft Carrier Groups that were heading to the Gulf and the Red SeaIt was reported in the Jerusalem Post on August 7, 2008 that the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier task force had completed an exercise along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States and was ready for operational duty. It would join up with the USS Ronald Reagan carrier task force that was currently with the 7th Fleet as it set sail from Japan to its new operational region from the Eastern coastline of Africa to the International Date Line.



In the meantime there was an Arabic news agency called Moheet who was reporting a flurry of sightings at the end of July 2008 that an unnamed destroyer that was accompanied by two Israeli naval vessels were traveling through the Suez Canal from the Mediterranean. This was preceded one week earlier that a US nuclear submarine along with a destroyer and a naval supply ship also went through the Suez. they would rendezvous in the Gulf as President George Bush and the European Union were putting pressure on Iran with the threats of an embargo and sanctions for shunning the latest proposals by the Western economic globalists called the Golden InternationaleThese two carrier groups would join forces with the Aircraft carrier group led by the USS Abraham Lincoln with 65 fighter aircraft and the other carrier group by the USS Peleliu traveling with a variety of planes and strike helicopters.  Together they formed probably the largest naval armada since the 1991 Gulf War.  


The Arrival of the American Air Craft Carrier Groups to the Persian Gulf Region – What Does It Mean days later it was revealed in DEBKAfiles that not two but Three US Navel Strike Forces were due in Persian GulfWith the addition of the USS Iwo Jima carrier task forces and the arrival of these three flotillas, there would be five strike forces that would include 40 carriers, warships, and submarines of which many were nuclear armed to now oppose the Islamic RepublicAccording to informed sources, they were there to begin the final preparations for a partial naval blockade to Iran, predominately to deny entry for benzene and other refined oil products, which Iran imports 40% of its refined fuel products from its Gulf neighbors.  Denying that America would strike Iran preemptively, by nuclear or non-nuclear means, President Bush had now given up on the United Nations imposing still sanctions against Iran and it appeared that he was preparing to go alone.


The Fury and Conflict between Ahmadinejad’s Ram and the Bush’s Notable Horn of the He-Goat – What Does It Mean


It was expected by military analysts that Iran would retaliate by seeking to shut down the Strait of Hormuz oil route choke lanes in which the American tasks forces were prepared to open them back up and fight against any Iranian bid to break the American blockade. Within such military strategies; American blockade, Iranian retaliation and blocking the Strait of Hormuz, thre could be the addition of an Israeli attack at the heart of the Islamic government, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and their major nuclear uranium centrifuge processing plants.


The Preparation for the Final Global Battle between the Persian Ram and the Grecian He-Goat


As we begin this segment, we turn our “eyes” that want to “see” to the throne of the Almighty One.  It was He who gave the vision and the interpretation through His Archangel Gabriel to the Prophet Daniel, about the final conquest for world dominion depicted in the Battle between the Ram and the He-GoatIt was also the Eternal One who gave the Revelation of The Messiah Yahshua (Jesus) that has become a dramatic apocalyptic pictoral-drama about the time of the end. All the world powers that had affected the lives of the Israelites and the Jewish people would again resurrect themselves on the face of this globe.  The Jewish people would come to the end of their great exile, after the Holocaust, as depicted in the second 70 year prophecy of Jeremiah, where the Jews would not be sent back to the land of the Babylonians and the Medes and the Persians, but they would be cast out among the nations of the world.


Jeremiah 29:10 – “For thus says the Lord: After seventy years are completed at Babylon, I will visit you and perform My good word towards you, and cause you to return to this place.  For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.  Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.…


I will gather you from all the nations and from all the places where I have driven you, says the Lord, and I will bring you to the place from which I caused you to be carried away captive.”


Yet, the “dry bones” of Ezekiel did foretell of the rise of the Nation of Judah from their holocaust after Adolf Hitler chose in the Final Solution to eliminate the Jews off the face of the earthThe God of Israel refused to allow the destruction of the Jewish race. Now the Nation of Islam, the ardent followers of the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt would seek a more limited “Final Solution” and wipe the Jews off the face of the Middle East. The God of Israel will also refuse to allow this to happen.


Yet, before even the Gogu-Mogog War could be finished, the Great Game between the occidental global powers of the Western Golden Internationale, the internationalists and transnationalists of the Vatican controlled NATO, that is the military arm of the European Union that was fronted by the face and “notable” horn of the United States, would again for the last time face off in global conflict against the oriental global powers of the Eastern Red Internationale would have to come to its final battle. How was that to happen?


To the BibleSearchers, the 9th of Av, 2006 was a trigger that would focus God’s great drama of the ages to its next “act” or episode.  In the year of 2006, the Golden Internationale began to sap the strength of the Red Internationale when the financial spigot for Russians, the oil of the Caspian Sea began to be diverted as a million barrels of oil began to flow around Russian into the coffers of the Western globalists. As the American-Israeli bombs began to pound the Hezbollah militia forces of Lebanon and the Iranian – Hezbollah missiles began to saturate bomb the northern quarters of Israel, the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil pipeline went into full production. On the 9th of Av 2006, the Rome Peace Accord began its final deliberations as the Vatican observed and guided peace agreement now placed the United Nations-NATO UNIFIL troops at the northern “gates” of Jerusalem, at the border of Galilee.  The next “act” would have to wait as the participants of this great prophetic drama would arrange themselves upon the stage of history.


Now came the 9th of Av, 2008Would Israel be attacked?  It appeared that the Jewish kabbalists predictions about the ending of the 7 year war of Gogu-Magog War was about to unfold.  How would it happen?  The Golden Internationale was positioning its forces and naval armada along the Persian Gulf, ready to attack Iran, the descendant of the Great Persian Empire.  Yet this was the prophecy of Daniel 8, where the Great Ram of Persia empowered by the “two great horns” of Russia and China would come in conflict with the Mighty He-Goat as the powerful body of the European Union, that was empowered by the “Notable Horn” or the military might of the United States.  As the Russian and Georgian War would depict, was the end of the Cold War about to return or was a Hot War” beginning to unfold as all the participants come to its final battle. How would this occur? Let us watch as the drama began to unfold on the 9th of Av, 2008.


Before this “act” of the final Drama of the Ages is over, the full revelation of the imperial powers that God places upon this earth would be revealed. The representatives of the Oriental global nations of Russia and China that represent the imperialist dream that the imperial state is supreme and that all mankind are subject to the imperial state will be revealed for its evil manifestation.  The representative of the Occidental global nations the European Union and the soon to rise North American Union that represent the imperialist Hellenistic economic dream that the “free will” and the “democratic expression” of man is supreme and that “The Law” of the democratic will of the global village of humankind will be revealed for its complete evil manifestation.  All this must be a part of the revelation before God’s will and His “Law” the Torah can be understood in its full manifestation when the Messiah comes. ­


Georgia Invades the Breakaway Provinces of South Ossetia, Russia Invades Georgia


Christian NewsThe Georgian Separatist Regions – South Ossetia and Abkhazia  known as “Autonomous Republics” in the Western Oriented Nation of Georgia – Koenig’s World Watch Daily


It was Friday the 7th of Av (August 9, 2008), Georgian tanks and infantry with the reputed guidance of Israeli military advisors who captured the capital of South Ossetia, Tskhinvali, a breakaway province of the Nation of Georgia.  Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin suddenly threatened and Russian President Dimitry Medvedev immediately ordered a Russian counter-invasion to retrieve the province that Russia called her own while she called the UN Security Council into an emergency session to support the Russian “peacekeepers” in South Ossetia under heavy overnight aerial bombing strikes that were immediately followed by an invasion of Georgian tanks. According to Georgia Prime Minister Lado Gurgenidze, “Georgia will continue its military operation in South Ossetia until a “durable peace” is reached. “As soon as a durable peace takes hold we need to move forward with dialogue and peaceful negotiations.”


As the growling Russian bear resurrected itself from hibernation, the international world wondered, what was it that caused such a transcontinental uproar that would bring the American Eagle and the Russian Bear nose to nose in conflict.  It first appeared that Russia was just siding and protecting the separatists in South Ossetia against its southern neighbor who was biding to become a NATO ally on the south and vulnerable underbelly of the mighty bear. Yet as DEBKAfiles wrote:


DEBKAfiles – “The Russians may just bear with the pro-US Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili’s ambition to bring his country into NATO. But they draw a heavy line against his plans and those of Western oil companies, including Israeli firms, to route the oil routes from Azerbaijan and the gas lines from Turkmenistan, which transit Georgia, through Turkey instead of hooking them up to Russian pipelines.


Georgian army moves to retake South Ossetia , 4 Russian Planes Shot DownOn the eve of the 9th of Av, 2008 the air over Georgia and South Ossetia was roaring with  the sounds of bombs. The Russian Bear had awakened up from hibernation and was going to war against Georgia.  There has always been a touchy relationship between the independent Georgians whose nation borders the southern underbelly of RussiaThough a nation of their own, the Georgian government, under the duly elected presidential rule of President Mikheil Saakashvili, was seeking to unite their country with two breakaway provinces, South Ossetia and Abkhazia.   These provinces were seeking to realign their country back with Russia.  It was reported in April 2008 that Georgia and Russia were building their troops and forces in preparation for war. And then Georgia invaded South Ossetia.


Georgia launched a major military offensive Friday to retake the breakaway province of South Ossetia, prompting Moscow to send tanks into the region in a furious response that threatens to engulf Georgia, a staunch U.S. ally, and Russia in all-out war.


Within three days, the Georgian army was defeated, America nor NATO did not respond in defense to Georgia and as DEBKAfiles continued in the article titled, Georgia cracks under Moscow’s military pressure as Russian planes bomb Tbilisi International Airport:


DEBKAfilesRussian planes bombed Tbilisi international airport and a military airfield near the capital Sunday evening Aug. 10, after Georgia handed the Russian embassy in Tbilisi a desperate message offering to halt military action in South Ossetia and withdraw its troops from the region. Russian forces were then reported to be on the way to invading the Georgian town of Gori after moving in on the second Georgian breakaway province of Abkhazia. The Russian president Dimitry Medvedev rejected the Georgian appeal and said the war would go on until Tbilisi withdrew its forces unconditionally from South Ossetia and pledged never to attack the region again. This is tantamount to Georgia accepting its truncation and surrender to Russian hegemony


DEBKAfile discloses Israel’s interest in the conflict from its exclusive military sources: Jerusalem owns a strong interest that the Caspian oil and gas pipelines reach the Turkish terminal port of Ceyhan, rather than the Russian network. Intense negotiations are afoot between Israel for the pipelines to reach Turkey and thence to Israel’s oil terminal at Ashkelon and on to its Red Sea port of Eilat. From there, supertankers can carry the gas and oil to the Far East through the Indian Ocean. Aware of Moscow’s sensitivity on the oil question, Israel offered Russia a stake in the project but was rejected.”


Yet it was not just the Western globalist’s intent to drain the oil from the Caspian Sea outside the control of Russia, but even more ominous were the estimated 1,000 military combat Israeli advisers that were commissioned by the Georgian president from Israeli security firms to train the Georgian armed forces in land, sea, air armored and artillery combat tactics.  The Israelis also provided the assistance of military intelligence and security for the Saakashvili government in the capital of Tbilisi that came with providing the purchase for Israeli weapons, electronic warfare systems and intelligence from the Land of Israel. As Israel was demanding and threatening Russian to stop her influence with her neighbors of Syria and Iran, so also Russia had been demanding and threatening Jerusalem against providing military assistance to Tbilisi even though these weapons and advisors were called “defensive” services only.

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili casts his ballot as he holds his son Nikoloz and first lady Sandra Roelofs (L) looks at them during local elections in Tbilisi, 05 October 2006. Local self-rule elections began in Georgia on Thursday.  According the Central Election Commission, 3,033 polling stations were opened, including four in the upper Kodori Gorge that Georgian authorities call Upper Abkhazia. AFP PHOTO / VANO SHLAMOV

(Photo credit should read VANO SHLAMOV/AFP/Getty Images) From Getty Images by AFP/Getty Images.

22 months ago: Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili casts his ballot as he holds his son Nikoloz and first lady Sandra Roelofs (L) looks at them during local elections in Tbilisi, 05 October 2006


The Olmert government, with Israel’s bid to work independent of the United States and NATO, sought to undermine the global power of Russia.  This face to face encounter with Russia may now have brought the entire land of Israel in the bull’s eye of Putin and Medvedev’s Russia military might. (aka Gog-Magog WarWhat has been less known and understood have been the studies and evidences that the Jewish kabbalist rabbis that Gog of the Land of Magog, or the “Prince” of the Land of Magog, may not be the Rus or Russians, but rather the Prince or President of the Land of America. What is also not fully understood, the coalition forces of Gog of the Land of Magog if it is the President of the United States will include, as one of the coalition partners that will invade Israel in the Ezekiel prophecy, the land of Persia is represented today by the Islamic Shi’ite Nation of Iran


Putin Orders Destruction of American Armada in the Persian Gulf President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin watched the Western globalist armada of the Golden Internationale heading to the Persian Gulf, Prime Minister Putin sensed that an “imminent attack” upon Iran was being prepared.  He sent the military order, on August 10, 2008, that the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation order the Volga-Urals Military District and the Black Sea Fleet to go on “full war alert” in preparation for the defense of the Iranian Nation.  According to the Kremlin Insider What Does It Mean, in the article titled Russia Orders “Destruction” of the US Naval Armada in Persian Gulf


Russian soldier walks away from a damaged building of the Russian peacekeepers' base and a burned tank in Tskhinvali, capital of Georgian breakaway enclave of South Ossetia


What Does It Mean“The fears of Russian Military Analysts have been realized with the US backed puppet state of Georgia launching an unprecedented and unprovoked attack upon the Russian protected enclave of South Ossetia, and to which the latest reports have put the death toll at over 1,500 citizens of Russia and over 15 Russian Peacekeepers.


In a bid to force Russia from its planned defense of the Iranian peoples by provoking war in the Caucasus, however, the West has severely miscalculated as Putin has not only ordered the retaking of South Ossetia from the Western backed Georgian forces, but has also ordered the destruction of all oil pipelines going through Georgia to the West.”

Though this attack had not been confirmed along the 3 billion dollar Western owned and built Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline, its entry and exit remained under the control of the RussiansIt was this pipeline that ran from the Nations of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan along the Caspian Sea through Georgia, and Turkey to the Turkish Mediterranean Seaport Terminal of Cehhan.  The effect has not only sought to deter the United States from striking Iran, but also hit the “apple” of the “eye” of the Golden Internationale’s global thrust for world domination; to control the energy resources; oil, gas, and nuclear, of all the nations on this earth.  This confirmation came from Reuters News Service: News ServiceRussian fighter jets targeted the major Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline which carries oil to the West from Asia but missed, Georgia's Economic Development Minister Ekaterina Sharashidze said on Saturday."This clearly shows that Russia has not just targeted Georgian economic outlets but international economic outlets in GeorgiaThere have been no independent verifications of Russian jets targeting the BTC pipeline.”


An Ossetian soldier uses a mobile phone as he walks near a destroyed tank in Tskhinvali, capital of Georgian breakaway enclave of South Ossetia


Not to be missed was the involvement of the Labor Zionist State of Israel who was directly allied with the global mission of world dominion by Golden Internationale and the Great Horn”.   Here was the apocalyptic global contender for world dominion; the powerful He-Goat of Daniel 8 whose power came from the military might of the United States’ Pentagon and the United States’ State Department.  The outcome of this war has been testified in the prophetic scriptures.  How soon it will be completed, we do not know, but all the elements are there that this war could be concluded by Succot, in October 2008. Another model suggests that the Gogu-Mogog war, as the War against Terror would last for seven years, but the finale of the military campaign against Israel would not occur until 2009.


Daniel 8:6-7 – “The he (the male he-goat representing the apocalyptic image of  Vatican Europe fronted by the notable horn between his eyes representing the face of the United States as Greece is the face of Rome”) came to the ram (Persia-Iran) that had two horns, which I had seen standing beside the river, and ran at him with furious power.  And I saw him (he-goat of Vatican NATO and the United States) confronting the ram (Iran-Persia); he (he-goat) was moved with rage against him (ram), attacked the ram, and broke his two horns.  There was no power in the ram (Persia-Iran)  to withstand him (he-goat), but he (he-goat of Vatican NATO and the United States) cast him (Persia-Iran) down to the ground and trampled him (Persia-Iran); and there was no one that could deliver the ram (Persia-Iran) from his (he-goat of Vatican NATO and the United States)  hand.”


The aftermath of the fury of Russia against the Labor Zionist State of Israel and its potential for biblical prophecy will be evaluated in detail in the next article of this series.  The interesting perspective will be the role that the United States might play in the Russian Gogu-Magog prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39.


Russia invades Georgia – Is the Final Battle between Ram and the He-Goat about to begin? the war in Georgia was commanding the rapt attention of the world community, the strategy was being implemented for the mission of the massive American Armada in the Persian Gulf.  The United States had few resources in Georgia, as NATO and American forces in nearby Afghanistan were tied up in bloody battles with the Taliban.  Pakistan’s military dictator General Musharraf resigned under the threat of impeachment while the Middle East appeared to be embroiled in the threat of a fiery inferno.  President Bush with firm but tired facial features in a special statement from the White House on August 11, 2008 stated that the “Russians may soon be bombing targets in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. This was a dramatic escalation. It was inconsistent with Russian assurances that their purpose was to restore the status quo ante of August 6, and meant they may now be seeking to depose Georgia’s elected government. This is unacceptable in the 21st century.”


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin


Yet both military leaders representing the two opposing global powers of world dominion may have known “the rest of the story” that was not revealed in the national press until August 18, 2008 when Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin published the article, This Sparked the Russian-Georgian War was a Calculated Attempt to Win Western Help?


World Net Daily“Sources in Georgia say the massive Russian onslaught into South Ossetia was prompted by Georgian snipers who apparently were picking off separatists in response to the killing of seven Georgian peacekeepers, then ran into a team of Russian peacekeepers and killed all but three, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.


It happened in the days before August 7, when Russian forces penetrated sovereign Georgian territory, the highly reliable sources said. South Ossetians, under fire from Georgian snipers, were not aware of where the shots were coming from and began shelling Georgian positions outside South Ossetia.  But the fleeing Georgians killed a number of Russian peacekeepers, triggering the conflict, according to the Georgian sources.


The exchange of artillery fire between the Georgians and Russians virtually leveled Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia. The Georgian response to the South Ossetian artillery fire came despite common knowledge that the Russians had troops massed on the Russian side of the border, in North Ossetia, just opposite Georgian-controlled South Ossetia.


Indeed, there were published reports as early as July 18 that Russia and Georgia were holding large-scale military exercises simultaneously. The reports referred to the presence of more than 8,000 Russian troops, including the elite Pskov Airborne Division, taking part in exercises dubbed Kavkaz-2008. The exercises were being held in almost a dozen Russian regions, including Chechnya, North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachayevo-Cherkessia.


Prime minister Vladimir Putin toys defiant GeorgiaMeantime, some 1,200 U.S. and 800 Georgian troops were involved in a joint exercise called Immediate Response 2008 held at the Vaziani military base near Georgia's capital, Tbilisi. After the Russians came into Georgia, however, Vaziani was destroyed.


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin - DEBKAfiles


Until the Russians responded to the Georgian attacks on Tskhinvali Aug. 8, North Caucasian rebels opposed to the Russians had been monitoring the movement of Russian forces in the conflict zones and putting the information on their website. In one case, the rebel website reported two Russian armored motorcades had moved from Chechnya to North Ossetia and to the Roksky pass in South Ossetia next to the Russian-Georgian border. The rebels, who are very active in the areas of the North Caucasus from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea, further warned that Russia planned to attack Georgia in August.

Following the mid-July disclosures of Russian maneuvers to the north of South Ossetia, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev demanded that Georgia remove its troops from Abkhazia's Kordori Gorge. Medvedev warned that "the only way out of the current situation is to adopt joint documents obliging the sides to refrain from force and guaranteeing security, and the withdrawal of Georgian troops from the upper part of the Kordori Gorge."


The Russians frequently have made it known that they will protect Russian peacekeepers and any person who holds a Russian passport, which most of the habitants of South Ossetia and Abkhazia have.  For years, Russian peacekeepers have occupied the so-called conflict areas of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, both of which are recognized by the international community as belonging to Georgia. Up until the latest flare-up, Georgian peacekeepers worked with Russian peacekeepers to police the conflict regions.


Knowing of the Russian troop buildup and the warnings issued the month before, the question arises as to why the Georgians responded to initial South Ossetian artillery fire with its own that hit the South Ossetian capital.  Some analysts suggest that the Georgian government did not think the Russians would go beyond South Ossetia, since there had been prior skirmishes between Georgian and South Ossetian forces.  Other analysts, however, suggest that it may have been a calculated effort to force Russia's hand and thereby draw attention from the West to Georgia's relations with Russia and desire to be part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO.” a Russian report by Sister Nikolaevna in Vladikavkaz concerning Russian military strategies, it spoke of Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsyn’s battle plan against the Georgian Peacekeepers.  Skeptics wonder why we look at the Russian analyst’s point of view, we remind ourselves that the God of Israel is stirring all the nations of the world, not just those we perceive as America’s enemies, or those beholden to American “national interests”.  So we do look at the “other side of the story”.  According to the Russians it was the Israeli, yet according to World Net Daily military analysts, it was the American forces that were supposedly invading into the “Russian protected enclave of South Ossetia.  This attack was stated to be “deliberately timed to coincide with Prime Minister Putin’s absence from Moscow as he was attending the opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympic games as it was believed he would not be able to rapidly respond to the full measure of the American President’s plan for continued Global conquest.”  Yet it appears that there were already 8,000 Russian troops in the area on a military exercise. As reported from a trusted intelligence source, both Russia and America were “broadsided by the Georgian-South Ossetia conflict.


2008 Olympics Opening Night in Beijing China


At the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies, both Putin and Bush were having their own mini-summit.  This “summit” was to have moved them beyond their intimate time together two months prior at Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s summer retreat at Sochi.  The timing of this military engagement between Russian forces and American-Israeli-Georgian forces at South Ossetia played out in a very particular drama in the spectator seats at the Beijing Olympic Bird’s Nest StadiumAs reported in The Australian with an interview with  Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who was sitting nearby and reported in the article titled, “Kevin Russ reveals Putin-Bush Argument at Opening Ceremonies on August 9, 2008.


Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd – “Mr Rudd revealed in an interview with Beijing Now in Beijing on Saturday that he was sitting just two rows behind Mr Bush when an "animated" discussion between he and Mr Putin broke out over Russia's advance into South Ossetia, a breakaway region in neighbouring Georgia.  "The President and Mr Putin were in animated conversation two seats in front of us and I imagine they had a few things on their agenda." …Mr Rudd said that Mr Bush appeared to be making a strong point to the Russian Prime Minister, even as the world's elite athletes filed into Beijing's Bird's Nest stadium.


What appeared to be Putin’s greatest anger towards Bush, these reports continued, was that Bush knew beforehand that Georgia would invade South Ossetia with American and/or Israeli forces to focus the world upon watching the Olympics but then now upon a crisis by the Russians in the Caspian Sea region instead of focusing on America’s plan for a limited nuclear strike upon the nuclear plants of Iran.  Yet, we have to ask, who is calling the “simmering kettle black”?  It appears now that Russia was also feeding the same regions with instability with its own imperial aims of world control.


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at Security Council meeting in Sochi, 16 Aug 2008When the conflict was over, the pro-American Georgia president Mikhail Saakashvili appeared helpless against the overwhelming might of the Russians, yet Americans might look and say, “Why was Russia wanting to be a bully to a fledgling democratic government?”  In the end the international condemnation of the behavior of Russia as “unacceptable and disproportionate” whether premeditated or not, did not stop the violence by Putin and Medvedev’s Russia.  Even more the grumpy and belligerent Russia growling at the world was a remarkable contrast to the Western globalists, the French Jewish President Sarkovsky and America’s Secretary of State Rice seeking peace.


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signing the Cease-fire Accord


Nicolas Sarkozy, left, and Dmitry Medvedev outline the deal and the problems ahead.According to DEBKAfiles, it was Russia’s President Dimitry Medvedev who proclaimed that Russian would not withdraw its forces from Georgia until Georgia “withdrew its forces unconditionally from South Ossetia and pledged never to attack the region again. This would mean Georgia’s acceptance of its truncation and its surrender to Russian hegemony.”  Even when Georgia’s President Saakashvili signed a third commitment for a ceasefire, in the presence of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the current president of the European Union and Finnish foreign minister Alexander Stubb “was brusquely rejected by the Kremlin” even before it was presented to them as the Russian NATO ambassador proclaimed that they would not deal with a “war criminal” whom President Medvedev later called a “lunatic”.  It clearly appeared that Russia had an agenda and a goal predetermined beforehand.


Nicolas Sarkozy, left, and Dmitry Medvedev outline the deal and the problems ahead.


As the military analyst of DEBKAfile reported on August 9, the Georgian experience was:


1.    Moscow’s payback for the US-NATO actions to separate Kosovo from Serbia and with the Westerners help proclaim her independence.

2.    It was a warning to other former Soviet block countries; Poland, Ukrainia, and those in the Caucasian and Central Asia not to join the American and NATO bloc for they were a part of Russia’s sphere of influence “unconditionally”, democracy or no democracy.

3.    After severing the separatist’s provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgia, Russia will also proclaim their independence just like America did for Kosovo.

4.    Russia would continue to overlord over the country of Georgia with military and air power in order to reduce the pro-American president Saakashvili to capitulate and Russia insert a pro-Russian president.

5.    The appearance of the trampling the small country of Georgia was also to be an object lesson from Russia to other secessionist provinces like Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia, warning that Russia would deal with them differently, not with wooing democracy and independence but the power of Russia’s armed might.

6.    The Caspian sea pipeline of BTC was taking gas and oil from Russia’s backyard and her private possession that today carried one million barrels per day from Baku through Georgia to Turkey and then to all over to the Western world of Europe who have to accommodate the rulers of the Kremlin. to informed reports, the Russian troops laid siege to the Georgian border town of Gori after the Georgian troops retreated to defend the capital of Tbilisi 36 miles awayThe Georgian outpost of Kodori Gorge with 3,000 troops holed up in the mountainous region of northern Abkhazia had their supply lines severed to this strategic area until Russia could produce a more lethal blow. Even though the claim that Georgia had been “cut in half” was not true, the panic before the Russian bear was enough to please the Moscow regime.


The Kodori Gorge in Northern Abkhazia


On the 12th of August, as the French President Nicolas Sarkozy was arriving in Moscow to meet  Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, back in Tbilisi, the political leaders of the five former Soviet republics and the three Baltic nations, plus Ukraine and Poland all flew in and joined the Georgian president at a massive rally in the parliament square.  There they joined him in a fiery anti-Russian news conference.  “The Russian state has once again shown its face, its true face,” stated Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski, but “it was ‘good news’ that Medvedev ordered a halt to military action.”


President Saakashvili was hailed as a hero defending his country from the aggression of Moscow as the Georgian crowds chanted, “Georgia, Georgia” while demonstrators held posters with Putin’s picture captained with the words, “Wanted: Crimes against humanity in the world.”  There the Georgian president promised the crowd, ‘I promise you today that I’ll remind them of everything they had done and one day we will win.”   A few days later, Saakashvili proclaimed that Georgia was leaving the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in a protest of the Russian’s military action against sovereign former Soviet states.


In Russia, Sarkozy and Medvedev met to discuss and agree upon a five-point cease-fire document that was later amended by Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili guaranteeing both sides to abandon the use of force, stop all military activity for good, and allow the free flow of humanitarian aid into the country. The Georgian troops were to return to the place of their permanent deployment and the Russians were to return to their pre-conflict positions. The sixth and last clause centered on the discussion on how to ensure “security and stability” and added the Georgian demand, not to compromise Georgian territorial integrity.


U.S. President George W. Bush makes a statement on the situation in Georgia with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington. Bush, expressing his concern over Russia's military actions against neighbouring Georgia, said he is sending Rice to Tbilisi to show U.S. support for the Georgian government.President George Bush flanked by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice


At home in America, President George Bush made his first public announcement. As the president spoke:


President George Bush – “At the White House on Monday (12th), Bush had demanded that Russia end a "dramatic and brutal escalation" of violence in Georgia, agree to an immediate cease-fire and accept international mediation.


"Russia has invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people. Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century," Bush said in a televised statement.”


Ethnic Cleansing or Genocide, Georgia Files Lawsuit against Russia


As Georgia just finished its political festival with its former Soviet satellite sisters, the Georgian Security Council announced that it had filed a lawsuit against Russia at the International Court of Justice for alleged ethnic cleansing. As announced by Council Chief Alexander Lomaia, on August 12, the Russian troops who came in with force were trying to drive out the ethnic Georgians out of South Ossetia and its companion secessionist colony, Abkhazia.  This came on the accusation by the Kremlin that that Georgia was committing genocide after it launched an offensive that included missile attacks to regain control of this area that the international world claims was part of its territorial boundaries that was populated by ethnic Ossetians. It was the Russian Army General Igor Kononenko that showed civilian sectors of the capital city of Tskhinvali.  He also showed off the old Jewish quarters with extensive damage as proof that Georgians were targeting civilians, by saying "This street is very small, tanks can't go through here," he said, arguing there was no military reason for the Georgian military to shell the neighborhood. What was not explained was why Israel military advisers with the Georgian forces were shelling Jewish neighborhoods.


America Asserts her Global Authority


bush-rice-gates-georgia.jpgOn the 13th of August, it was the American President George W. Bush, who began to remove his gloves.  He demanded that Russia reopen all routes for the delivery of humanitarian aid and to restore civilian traffic. This infuriated president demanding strong geo-political action was an American bid to break the blockade of the sea, land, and air by Russia that was now in violation of the European brokered ceasefire between Russia and Georgia.  


President George W. Bush flanked by Secretary of State Condolleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates


With Russian mastery over the skies, President Bush flanked by his secretaries of state and defense, Rice and Gates, announced that the American military had already sent its first US Air Force C-17 military cargo plane with medical and humanitarian aid had already landed in Georgia via its “short” cargo distance from US bases in Italy and Turkey.  With the arrival of humanitarian aid, the American pressure began on a diplomatic front to counter the forceful, brutal and bullish appearing actions of the Russian military attitude of the Medvedev-Putin Russian regime. Though their imperial aims for global possession were the same, the tactics of how they accomplished their international goals were quite different. Bush issued a veiled threat, “To begin to repair the damage to its relations with the United States, Europe, and other nations, and to begin restoring its place in the world, Russia must keep its word and act to end this crisis.”  He accused the Russians of violating a day-old ceasefire by continuing to send Russian tanks and APC to the east of the Georgian town of Gori, making threatening moves upon the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, and bombing the Georgian Black Sea port of Poti.


Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili


Six days after the Russian invasion into Georgia, US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili announced the truce had been signed at a joint news conference in Tbilisi on Friday, Aug. 15, 2008.  At this same time, the Russian troops were furiously trying to create a narrow security belt of 300-500 meters wide along the borders of South Ossetia and Abkhazia for within the agreement it was stated that the Russian peacekeepers” would be allowed to implement additional security measures until international security can be implemented.  Soon after, a European observer force would arrive to oversee the truce.


Many were wondering if the United States would respond to Russia with force against force, yet at a Pentagon briefing on Thursday evening with the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Army General James Cartwright, the United States Secretary of Defense Robert Gates warned that the international relationships and ties between the United States and Russia would be “adversely affected” for years unless the Russian government leadership and military adjusted its “aggressive posture and actions.” 


United States Secretary of State Robert Gates with Joint Chiefs of State Chairman, Army General James Cartwright – What Does it Mean


Gates highlighted the facts that Russia would have to pay “some consequences” for its attacks on Georgia, yet when queried about whether America would respond with force, Gates responded: “I don’t see any prospect for the use of military force by the United States in this situation. Is that clear enough?


Within the country of Georgia, Russia was busy destroying as much of the infrastructure of the country that she could. During the week, there was a series of explosions near the Georgian Senaki Military Base where Russian troops destroyed a great cache of Georgian arms and ammunition that was captured during the brief war that saw the Georgian troops scatter and collapse as the Russian bear bore down upon them.  According to Professor Tornike Sharashenidze with the Georgian Institute for Public Affairs, "Of course, there was a great symbolism to them doing this at the Senaki base.  In their eyes Senaki was a bit of NATO that they just don't want to see in Georgia." in the western region of Georgia, near the Black Sea, this “showcase” of all the military bases was built according to the specifications of NATO by President Mikheil Saakashvili during his 2003Rose Revolution”.  Culturally with the Russian soldiers moving throughout the base, they were exposed to a military comfort unknown in Russian society.  The barracks were large and comfortable and the facilities and equipment were styled after NATO-style.  As the Deputy Defense Minister Batu Kutelia reported, “The buildings, the arms, all gone”, most of which was taken as booty back to the land of the Russians.


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev


Yet, the ceasefire agreement did not come easy for DEBKAfiles claimed that if took “five hours of arm twisting by the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice  for the Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to accept the “clarifications”  which “contradicted Washington’s spirited assurances for Georgia’s ‘territorial integrity’.”  This included the passages that Russian would still remain in Georgia but only for “very limited to a light patrolling ability, such as a few kilometers outside of South Ossetia, not the right to maintain a presence inside Georgia.”


So the “quiet diplomacyof the European Union and the United States began, spearheaded by the American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the Jewish French President Nicolas Sarkozy.  According to DEBKAfile’s political sources, “in most cases when international tensions and violence reach dangerous levels, the big powers have instituted secret diplomacy to cool the situation before it gets out of hand in order to formulate new modes of conduct and relations.’


The Golden Internationale was now monitoring and becoming the controlling force over the Red Internationale. With the permission or the formal call for the humanitarian aid of Georgia, for the first time the United States would be able to mobilize American or European construction and humanitarian workers, along with military personnel inside Georgia and near the soft underbelly of the border of Russia.  With the careful and forceful coaxing, the Golden Internationale was taking over.


Unknown to the Georgian president, his days were probably soon to be over, as other Russian concessions to be implemented later and unveiled at a later date, would be that President Saakashvili would soon be replaced.  As reputed sources reported, “It is hard to see Saakashvili surviving the outcry at home when the extent of his military and diplomatic failures is revealed to his people.” 


As Saakashvili signed his name and announced the globalist formal agreement, he gave a “highly charged speech” to the public “heaping verbal coals on the standoff with Russia to keep it ablaze. Nearby with firm and clenched lips the American Secretary of State stood.  The Western globalist agenda would resolutely continue, but they might choose to sacrifice one of their defenders and zealots.  The next day, Russian President Medvedev signed the “cease fire agreement” that was also signed by the Separatist leaders from South Ossetia and Abkhazia


A “Cold War” of Words and Threats between Bush, Russia, and NATO


The ink had not been dry for twenty four hours when the rhetoric of the Russian leaders raised the oratory to the highest peak since the end of the “Cold War”. 


Christian NewsBack-door US-Russian contacts sought to de-escalate war of words - after Moscow threatens to nuke Poland. The same day that Georgian President Nicolas Saakashvili signed the cease-fire agreement, the Russian Deputy Chief of Staff, General Anatoly Nogovitsyn send a threatening warning to Poland that she was “exposing herself to a strike 100 percent.”  He also added that if the United States added any new “assets” on the mainland of Europe that these assets would come under Russian attackNot only that, the allies of countries having nuclear weapons” Russian would seek to destroy them “as a first priority.”


President George W. Bush delivers a statement on the situation in Georgia with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Crawford, Texas, Saturday, Aug. 16, 2008. White House photo by Eric Draper

Koenig’s World Watch Daily then note that for the second time in a week, Russian president Medvedev had a private visit with Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, Medvedev commented that “he could not see South Ossetia and Abkhazia living with Georgia in one state.”  BibleSearchers took special note of the affinity between the relationship between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.  We remind ourselves that twelve months ago, BibleSearchers researched the genetic ancestry of the Chancellor of Germany.  BibleSearchers Reflections presented the evidence that Chancellor Merkel was the daughter, by artificial insemination, of the sperm held in the Russian archives taken from Germany, of the German Fuehrer Adolf Hitler with the surrogate mother who was the twin sister of Hitler’s significant other, Eva Braun, right after World War II.  


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, right, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left, look on during a news conference at the presidential residence in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, on Friday, Aug. 15, 2008.


Immediately after the urging of President Bush, an emergency meeting of NATO foreign ministers (August 18) reviewed the relationships between NATO and Russia after the Russian military intervention with Georgia.  One informed insider of this conference commented


NATO American Senior Official - “There had been no evidence yet that Moscow had begun its announced troop withdrawal from Georgia and "at a minimum" NATO would be looking at suspending ministerial meetings with Russia.  We don't want to be in a situation where we are in some kind of frozen relationship…Until Russia pulls its forces out of Georgia and respects international norms of the 21st century, we just can't go on with business as usual."


Back at Brussels, the American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice claimed that Russia was playing a very dangerous game and warned that NATO would not allow Moscow to destabilize Europe, win in Georgia and “draw a new Iron Curtain through eastern and western Europe”.   She later affirmed that the NATO alliance would “punish Russia for its invasion and deny its ambitions of rebuilding and fully backing Georgia and other Eastern European democracies.”  She continued, We are determined to deny them their strategic objective."


Concerning the European Union, Rice was emphatic that resurrecting the “Cold War” would not work, and drawing a “New Line” through Europe, separating the east from the west, and “intimidating former Soviet republics and ex-satellite states into submission would fail. As stated, “We are not going to allow Russia to draw a new line at those states that are not yet integrated into the trans-Atlantic structures," she said, referring to Georgia and Ukraine, which have not yet joined NATO or the European Union but would like to.


Yet, concerning the power brokerage relationship in Russia, the American Secretary suggested that the new Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, though it was he who signed the EU-sponsored cease-fire that was brokered by the French president, may not have the ability to wield power in opposition against his prime minister, the military, or the KGB, who all hold great power in Russia. For an additional week, the Russians continued to linger in Georgia, setting up a virtual siege of checkpoints between Georgia and South Ossetia. Yet, the reality was still concerning the European nations, especially France and Germany, would Russia and Gazprom, as France and Germany’s primary energy supplier, use oil and gas an economic weapon. 


Immediately the Russian NATO envoy Dmitry Rogozin warned that the Russian cooperation with NATO had been damaged by the alliance's support for Georgia and could deteriorate further if Georgia gained NATO membership.


He said Moscow would be closely watching the NATO meeting and warned: "If these decisions are in fact taken on behalf of the Georgian aggressor, we will not be able to maintain the quality and the schedule of our relationship with NATO." 


Russia and the Caucasus – a Political World in Turmoil

But the war was not over, and while the focus of the world’s attention were upon the Russian troops who still had virtually control of the country, a new force was building to the west in the Black Sea.  According to an exclusive report by DEBKAfiles;


The Georgian Separatist Regions – South Ossetia and Abkhazia  known as “Autonomous Republics” in the Western Oriented Nation of Georgia

– What Does It Mean


DEBKAfiles“While the world’s attention was fixed on the Russian-Georgian contest over two breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, DEBKAfile’s exclusive military sources reveal that Russia has massed a fleet of warships and marine forces opposite the Georgia's semi-autonomous Black Sea region of Ajaria. Moscow is preparing to punish what it regards as Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili’s further provocations by occupying this coastal strip on Georgia’s southwestern border with Turkey. The appearance of Ukraine’s president Viktor Yushchenko alongside Saakashvili, leaders of the pro-Western Orange and Rose Revolutions, at a huge national rally outside the Georgian parliament in Tbilisi Tuesday night, August 12, may well be seen by the Kremlin as over the top. It came hours after Russian President Dimitry Medvedev’s gesture to the European mediation bid of ordering the Russian military operation in Georgia halted there and then.


Half of Ajaria’s ethnically Georgian population professes Islam, in contrast to the country’s Christian majority. The other half is Russian. Ajarian has come to mean a Georgian Muslim.


The Russian Black Sea buildup is deployed opposite the Ajurian capital of Batumi, an important port for the shipment of oil from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Its oil refinery handles Caspian oil from Azerbaijan.  When Saakashvili was elected president five years ago, the region’s leaders refused to recognize his authority and maintained close ties with Moscow up until May 2004 when, after Ajurians demonstrated against Tbilisi, he ordered them to obey the Georgian constitution and disarm.  Russia maintained a military base at Batumi which it agreed to close by November 2007.


DEBKAfile’s sources report that by recovering the base, Moscow will not only punish the Georgian president, but also profit from the turmoil of the past week in three ways:


1.    A third semi-autonomous province will be hacked off Georgian territory after the loss of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

2.    Russia will gain a strategic Black Sea foothold at Turkey’s back door.

3.    It will also control a gateway to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia.


As Russians and Georgias begin to realize their future relationships together, we also have to look at the broader covert and sessationist wars that are also going on in the land and along the borders of Russia. As reported on August 22, 2008 in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, titled, What’s Triggering Russian Aggression?”, we read, “With this Enemy, we are at War” Rebel leader says:


Joseph Farah’s G2 BulletinRussia may have an important reason for reasserting itself in the Caucasus beyond recalling the grandeur of the old Soviet Union or even controlling the flow of oil from the Caspian Sea: It may be seeking control over a buffer zone between its borders and a rising level of radical Islam, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.


The region that includes the North Caucasus from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea has come to be referred to as the Caucasus Emirate. It also includes the Russian portion of North Ossetia and, which is part of the Republic of Georgia.


Also in Georgia is Abkhazia, another breakaway province, which is becoming increasingly Islamic and has undertaken operations in the past with Islamic rebels from Chechnya.  The region includes other neighboring Russian regions of Ingushetia, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachayevo-Cherkessia and Chechnya, which borders Georgia to the north.

Islamic radicals look upon the Caucasus Emirate to include all of the North Caucasus and South Caucasus, which comprise Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. The commander-in-chief of the Caucasus Emirate is Dokka Umarov.


The rebels are said to be active in all the mountain areas of the North Caucasus, from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea.

One of the main ideologists of the Caucasus Emirates, Movladi Udugov, said the militants had been monitoring Russian movements near Georgia. As director of the National Information Service of the Caucasus Emirate out of Ingushetia, Udugov said its intelligence had warned him that Russia planned to attack Georgia in August. Ingushetia is east of North Ossetia in Russia."So far, neither Tbilisi nor Washington has turned to us with any requests or proposals," he said. The Caucasus Emirate is anti-Russian and monitors closely Russian troop movements. Udugov said that rebel websites had monitored Russian armored columns from Chechnya to North Ossetia and then to the Rokcky tunnel located on the South Ossetian side of the Russian-Georgian border.


The Former Caspian and Black Sea Satellite Republics


The rebel websites also had reported a large column of Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers moving from Chechnya to North Ossetia via Ingushetia. In pursuing their anti-Russian stance, Udugov and Dokka Umarov have pressed the Caucasus countries to unite. They said all Caucasians have a common culture, but Moscow has sought to foment hatred of Caucasians among Russians. "The Russian leadership also acts like fascist thugs that kill Caucasians on the streets of Russian cities," Umarov said. "People in all the Muslim-inhabited territories that were conquered by Russia are periodically subjected to genocide," Udugov said. "So if we are to speak of the adversary as the source of a threat that involves violence, enemy No. 1 is Russia. With this enemy, we are at war."



Gogu-Magog War completes its Seventh Year (2007-8)


Introduction –

The Identification from the Jewish Sages of ‘Gog from the Land of Magog’


The War of Gog and Magog

Gog of the Land of Magog

Who is Rosh, Meshekh and Tubal?

Where is Magog?

The Mongols and the Golden Horde

The Mystery of Magog, one of Japheth’s fourteen descendants

The New World Order Conquers the Land of Magog

The Identification of Mogog by the Great Jewish Mystic Sages

Mogog according to the Esteemed Mystic, Rabbi Issac Luria of Safed, Israel

“Place from the Far North”

“Go Up” to the Land of Israel

The “Apple of God’s Eye”

Israel as the Navel of the Earth

Jerusalem as the Geo-political Vortex for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The “North” from the Perspective of the Torah

The Biblical North as the “Place of all Evil”

The Religious “North” and the “South”

America, the Land of Magog, now the Occupier of the Land of Babylon
The Identification of Gog by Mystical Judaism

Who is the Gog of America, the Land of Magog

Is George Bush for or against the Land of Israel?

A Message by the God of Israel to President George Bush

The Chassidim – The Gog-Magog War was the Holocaust

Postlude – Bush as GogUMogog meets the President of Mongolia

The Rabbinic Translations of the Prophets of Israel on the Battles against Israel at the Time of the End

The Prophet Ezekiel

The Prophet Joel

The Prophet Obadiah

The Prophet Zechariah

The Psalmists

The Prophet Daniel


Go to Section One –

Onward Christian Soldiers - The Rise of Global Catholicism and Christian Dominionism


“There are Powers at Work – Power so Organized,..Watchful,..Complete!”

2008-2015 – Sabbatical Week of Years to Inter-connect all Nations into a One World Order

World Leaders line up for Conversions to Catholicism and Solidarity to the Vatican

The Division of England by the European Union

The American Presidency, the Religious Right and the National Prayer Breakfast

The Roots of “The Fellowship”

Dominion Theology and the Prayer Breakfast Movement – The Blueprint for Literal Christian World Domination

The Council on National Policy and the Religious Right Military

“Onward Christian Soldiers” – Global Dominionism with the “Christian Army of God”

Forced “Christianization” of American Military Troops


Go to Section Two –

Footprints Leading to a Global War


Targeted Pulsed EMP Attack against England’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Plane

French President Nicholas Sarkozy targeted by Assassins in Israel

Putin warned at NATO Summit Meeting – “Join Us as we go to War”

American B-1B Lancer Bomber taken down on Reputed Iran Attack

Nuclear Explosion as escaping American B-25 Bomber Downed

President Bush declares his Allegiance to the Pope

“War” in the White House and the Death of a Jesuit National Media Giant

Israel Prepares to Go Alone against Iran


Go to Section Three –

Exotic Weapons in Super-Power Battles for Global Control



An Antiquark Spree causing a Volcanic Explosion in Chili, and a Catastrophic Earthquake in China

Seeking to “Become like God” and Control the Powers of Nature

CERN’s Tensor Transformer Experiment Destabilizes Earth’s Orbit

Devastating Earthquake in China – The “Horn” begins to Break

Was a HAARP Attack Timed to Coincide with the “Anti-Quark Spree Accident”?

Epicenter of China Earthquake  - a Nuclear Explosion in a Large Military Armory

CERN’s Experiment to Create a Black Hole

The Philadelphia and Nazi Bell Experiments Revisited

HAARP Bending Time and Space to Destroy Spy Satellite Lost in Covert War with Israel

Warnings of Military Use of Weapons for Secret Warfare and Weather Modification

Sanhedrin Famine Cycle

Israeli Confirmation of Impending Global Famine

China Retaliates against America

America’s Floods in the Mid-West ordered by Chinese 4 Billion Watt Radar

China Retaliates by Seeking to Shut Down the Waters to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers

Battles over Divine Vision – Bush vs Ahmadinejad

Drought in America

The Mongolia Connection in the Iran, Russia, and China Axis

The Prophetic Fall of the Oriental East


Go to Section Four –

Super-Secret Weapons Creating Collapsing Environment and a Global Famine


Global Environmental Collapse

The Disappearing Honey Bee

The “Flight” of the Honey Bee – Sonically Induced

Mysterious Bat Syndrome

Moose Populations near Extinction in Genetically Modified Growing Region

In a World of Famine, Genetically Modified Food introduced into World Markets

World Leaders warn of Starvation, Rioting, and Geopolitical Catastrophes

The Rapid Rise of Food Commodities

The Role of Exotic Weapons in the Covert Wars of World Domination

Using HAARP in the Cyclone Nargis and the Devastation of Myanmar (Burma)

The Path of HAARP and CERN leads to China’s Earthquake

The World is Asleep as the Days of Noah Return

The Rise of the Dark Forces of the World Planetary Order

The Rise of Greater Israel and the Restored Houses of Judah and Israel


Go to Section Five –

President George W. Bush seeks to Fulfill His Destiny and Legacy


The Power Brokers of the Quartet of Globalist Nations

The Bush White House taken Over by the Council of Foreign Relations

The Nations Rage and Plot against the Lord and His Anointed People

The Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group Destructive Council against Israel

The “Seek and Destroy” Surge begins with High Level Military Reassignment

The Battle for Baghdad No. 2 Begins as the Mahdi Army goes Underground

The Palestinians Unwanted and Pawns of the Iranian Shi’ite Muslims

American Raiders at Irbil – Number 3 Commander of the Revolutionary Guard Captured

The Bush Pentagon Shake-Up – Robert Gates assumes power as Secretary of Defense

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Bush White House Plots a Divided Course of War and Diplomacy

A Defensive Putin restarts the Cold War Spy Plane Confrontations

President Putin orders Invasion of Georgia along the Caspian Sea

The United States Navy surrounds China and Iran

American Shadow Government goes Underground

Bush’s Knesset Speech Lauding Israel’s 60th Birthday

Bilderbergers Warn as America and Russia Prepare for Global War

Bush and the European Heads of State Flock to Israel

Bush, the Bilderbergs, and the CFR move to Confront Iran

Iran has Nuclear Weapons, Cruise Missiles and Russia did Not give it to Them – Directly

The State of Emergency in America at the Beginning of the next Sabbatical Week of Years (2008-2015)

One Super Intelligence Agency now Over Global America

Bush in Secret Diplomacy with Iran


Go to Section Six –

The Notable Horn of America and the Great Horn of Russia

Meet at the Caspian Sea in Georgia


Bush and Putin’s Final Hour

The Caspian Oil Connection

America Abandons Israel

United States Prepares for Nuclear War as American Armada Heads to Iran

Preparation for the Final Global Battle between the Persian Ram and the Grecian He-Goat

Georgia Invades the Breakaway Provinces of South Ossetia, Russia Invades Georgia

Putin Orders Destruction of American Armada in the Persian Gulf

Russia invades Georgia – Is this the Final Battle between Ram and the He-Goat?

Ethnic Cleansing or Genocide, Georgia Files Lawsuit against Russia

America Asserts her Global Authority

A “Cold War” of Words and Threats between Bush, Russia, and NATO

Russia and the Caucasus – a Political World in Turmoil


Go to Section Seven –

The Last Days of the Globalist Zionist State of Israel



Prime Minister Ehud Olmert – The Fate of Israel in the Hands of Israel’s most Corrupt Politician

The Corruption Scandals of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Israel is Owned by the Council of Foreign Relations

Israel is Ruled by Freemasons

Peace, Peace – Its time to give away the Golan Heights, Shebaa Farms, Half of Jerusalem, the Water in Galilee and Israel

Syria – Hezbollah again in Control of Lebanon
Hezbollah now Officially a Nation

Assad’s Second in Command Assassinated while Syria returns to the International Scene as Broker of Peace

Bush’s Patience Wearing Thin on Iran – Military Blockade and Sanctions Begins

Iran and Syria Celebrate the Collapse of the Fourth Round of Western Sanctions


Go to Section Eight –

Preparing for GoguMogog War - Israel’s Final Hour


9th of Av, 2008 – The Israeli Equation in Russia’s Invasion of Georgia

The Russian Aftermath of the Russian-Georgian War

The Western World’s Response to Russia

Russia Breaks all Ties with the West

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel’s Strange Silence

The Black Sea confrontation between the East and the West

Russia now in Possession of US Intelligence Equipment 

9th of Av 2008 brings a Flurry of Peace Proposals

Hezbollah is Ready for Revenge

Hamas ready to take back Jerusalem with Jihad

Iran Woos Bush – Bush Ponders his Destiny

Israel Isolated by the United States

Israel Braces for a War of Annihilation

Will Israel Attack Iran?

The Rise of a New Israel


The Globalist Red Internationale Axis –

Greater Mongolian Dynasty of Russia, China and Persia of Daniel’s “Ram with Two Great Horns”


Go to Section One –

The Mongolian Il-Khanate ‘Persian Ram’ and the ‘Horns’ of the Kipchak Khanate of Russia and the Kublai Khanate of China


Saladin and the Christian Crusades, a Prelude to the Mongolian Invasion of Persia

The Shi’ite Muslim incitement of the First Crusade

The First Christian Crusade

The Crusader Siege of Damascus

Edessa and the Manylion, the Image of Jesus

The Saladin of History

The Military Genius of Saladin

Saladin and the Legends of Baalbeck

The Jewish Messiahs in the Age of Saladin and the Crusaders

Saladin and the Sunni Ayyubid Dynasty of Egypt

The Final Years of Saladin’s Ayyubid Egyptian Dynasty

The Crusader Christian Kings of Jerusalem

Saladin’s Ayyubid Sultanate of Egypt


Go to Section Two –

Saladin and the Christian Crusades, a Prelude to the Mongolian Invasion of Persia



The Vision of Daniel at Shushan

The First Horn of the Ram – The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic

The Second Horn of the Ram – The People’s Republic of China

Xinhai Revolution – the End of the Manchurian Mongol Dynasty of China

The Great Wall of China

The Mongolian Empire of Genghis Khan and the Chinese Invasion

The Death of Genghis Khan and the Division of the Mongolian Empire

The Four Kingdoms of the Greater Mongolia Empire

Ögedei Khan, the second Great Khan of the Greater Mongolian Empire

The Death of Ögedei Khan the Second Great Khan of the Mongols

Güyük Khan the Third Great Khan of the Mongols and its Affects on the European Invasion

Möngke Khan (1251-1259) the Fourth Great Khan of Mongolia

Sartaq Khan of the Golden Horde and Alexander Nevsky the Grand Prince of Novgorod


Go to Section Three –

The Persian Il-Khanate Dynasty, the Ismaili Assassins and the Jews



The Mongolian Il-Khanate in Persia

The Rise of the Hulegu Khan and the Il-Khanate of Persia

The Ismaili Hashshashin, the Islamic Assassins

The March to Baghdad by the Mongolian – Christian Crusader Alliance

The Battle of Baghdad by Hülegü Khan

The Affect of the Mongolian Invasion upon the Jews


Go to Section Four –

The Final Kingdoms of the Mongolian Empire and the Rise of the Modern Communist States of Russia and China



The Four Rival Kingdoms of Alexander’s Grecian Empire

The Four Rival Kingdoms of Genghis Khan’s Mongolian Empire

The Four Khanates of the Greater Mongolian Empire

The Yuan Mongolian Dynasty of Kublai Khan in China

Tamerlane and the Mongol Invasion into Palestine and the Middle East

The International Effect of the Mongolian Invasions

The Nephrite Jade Khasbuu Dynastic Seal and the Manchurian Dynasty

The Final Days of the Russian Khanate and the Rise of the Mucovite and the Russian Empire

The Mongolian Legacy and the Battle for Jerusalem




The Return of the Biblical House of Judah and the Prophetic Cycles of War


Daniel 8 “Ram” and the “He-Goat” War Cycle

The Epic War of Civilizations between the Western Golden Internationale and the Eastern Red International


Go to Part One –

Daniel, the Palace at Shushan and the Tomb of Daniel


Go to Part Two –

The Two-horned Ram, the Shaggy Unicorn he-Goat and the Rise of the Little Horn


Go to Part Three –

The Rabbinic Interpretation of the 2300 Day Prophecy


“The Rise of Israel and the Ancient Empires of the Bible”

Labor Zionist Israel, Imperial Islam, and Imperial Babylon and Persia


Go to Part Four –

Go to Section One –

The Shabbatean Jews and their Influence on Global Politics


Go to Section Two –

The Rise of Israel and the Ancient Babylonian Empire


Go to Section Three –

 “The Rise of the Ancient Kingdoms of Assyria and Babylon


Go to Section Four –

 “The Fall of Babylon and the Rise of the Apocalyptic Sea Beast and the Islamic Earth Beast of Revelation


Go to Section Five

 “The Rise of Ancient Persia with the Pahlavi Shah of Iran


 “The Globalist Mongolian Red Internationale Axis”

Greater Mongolian Dynasty Axis of Russia, China, and Persia-Iran


Go to Part Five –

Go to Section One –

 “The Mongolian Il-Khanate Persian Ram and the Horns of the Kipchak Khanate of Russia and the Kublai Khanate of China


Go to Section Two

 “Saladin and the Christian Crusades, a Prelude to the Mongolian Invasion of Persia


Section Three

 “The Persian Il-Khanate Dynasty, the Ismaili Assassins and the Jews


Section Four

 “The Final Kingdoms of the Mongolian Empire and the Rise of the Modern Communist States of Russia and China


 “The Age of Imperial Persia and the Islamic Caliphates”

The Influence of the Persian Empire upon Islamic Caliphates and Shi’ite Iran


Go to Part Six –

 Go to Section One –

The Fall of the Persian Sassanid Empire and the Rise of the Islamic Caliphates


Go to Section Two

 “The Golden Age of Islam and its Influence upon the Jewish People


Section Three

 “The Influence the Mongolian Invasion, Mystical Sufism and the Shi’a Islamic Safavid Dynasty upon the Shah’s Peacock Throne


 “The Sanhedrin Commentary”

The Last Seven Years before the Coming of the Messiah


Go to Part Seven –

Go to Section One –

Will 2008 be the Year of the Coming of the Messiah?


Go to Section Two –

The Effect of the Jews, Christians, and Muslim’s Views upon the Final Apocalypse


Go to Section Three –

The Rise of the Sea Beast and the “Messiah the Prince”


Go to Section Four –

The Convergence of Prophetic Streams before the Messiah Returns


Go to Section Five –

The Fourth Reich and the Seventy Year Prophecy of Jeremiah


Go to Section Six –

The Third Reich’s Holocaust and the Seventy Years to Build the Rothschild Temple


Go to Section Seven –

The Abomination of Desolation, the Two Witnesses and the Final Days


Go to Section Eight –

Effect of Jewish Mysticism on the Earth’s Final Days


“The Globalist Economic Golden Internationale”

 Golden Internationale’s Bid for World Domination


Go to Part Eight –

 Go to Section One –

Is the “War of Civilization” about to Erupt in the Persian Gulf” - Part One


 Go to Section Two –

Wake Up World – The “War of Civilization” is all about Israel” - Part Two


 Go to Section Three –

The Pathway to a ‘New Middle East’


The Ezekiel 38-39 GoguMogog War Cycle”

GoguMogog War completes its Seventh Year (2007-2008)


Go to Part Nine –

Introduction –

The Identification from the Jewish Sages of ‘Gog from the Land of Magog’


Go to Section One –

 “Onward Christian Soldiers - The Rise of Global Catholicism and Christian Dominionism


Go to Section Two –

 “Footprints Leading to a Global War


Go to Section Three –

 “Exotic Weapons in Super-Power Battles for Global Control


Go to Section Four –

 “Super-Secret Weapons Creating Collapsing Environment and a Global Famine


Go to Section Five –

 “President George W. Bush seeks to Fulfill His Destiny and Legacy


Go to Section Six –

 “The Notable Horn of America and the Great Horn of Russia

Meet at the Caspian Sea in Georgia


Go to Section Seven –

 “The Last Days of the Globalist Zionist State of Israel


Go to Section Eight –

 “Preparing for GoguMogog War - Israel’s Final Hour


The Globalist Black Internationale”

The Vatican and the Black Pope


Go to Part Ten –

Go to Section One –

The Vatican Seeks to Reclaim its Own – The Church with the Upper Room


Go to Section Two –

The Vatican Seeks to Reclaim its Own – The Pathway and Players in the Bid to Control Jerusalem


Go to Section Three –

The Vatican Seeks to Reclaim its Own – The Vatican Wants Jerusalem


Go to Section Four –

The Papal Prophecies - Fate of the Vatican upon the Death of John Paul II


Go to Section Five –

Cardinal Ratzinger and the Rise of the Black Internationale


The Coming of the Messiah son of Joseph and the Messiah son of David”

 “The Jewish Expectations for the Coming of the Messiah


Go to Part Eleven –

Go to Section One –

The Messiah will be Revealed Soon


Go to Section Two –

The Conflicts between the Messiah Son of Joseph and the Erev Rav (“Mixed Multitude’)


Go to Section Three –

The End of Days – Armilus HaRasha, the Expulsion of the Jews and the Threat of Annihilation by Iran


Go to Section Four –

The Pathways of Catastrophes towards Redemption


Go to Section Five –

Secret Note from Torah Giant in Israel Gives Name of the Jewish Messiah, ‘Yehoshua


The Coming of the Islamic Mahdi (Messiah)”

 “The Islamic Expectations for the Coming of the Mahdi (Messiah)


Go to Part Twelve –

Go to Section One –

The Mufti of Jerusalem” and “The Muslim Brotherhood” – The Fight to Own Jerusalem and the Land of Israel


Go to Section Two –

Yasser Arafat – the Architect of Terrorism and Jihad


Go to Section Three –

Ramadan and the Islamic Expectations of the Coming Mahdi (Messiah)




Message from BibleSearchers


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