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Computer-generated sketch of boy Jesus based on Shroud of Turin (courtesy Retequattro-Mediaset)


The BibleSearchers Reflections

Reflections on the Time of the End

By Robert Mock MD


Gleanings on Global News at the Time of the End

 January 2005 Special Edition Issue



BibleSearchers Reflection Topics

Biblical Archeological News of 2004 

The Pathway to a One World Order

A World Religion for a World Peace

Signs at the Time of the End

Israel and the Middle East

America and the World of Terror2-month truce seems to be crumbling


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Biblical Archeological News of 2004 


BibleSearchers Reflections brings this special article on a review of the major archeological findings in Israel in the year of 2004.  If one of the purposes of the time of the end is to bring transparency so that all the earth will know of the Eternal One of Israel and His Son, Yahshua ben Yosef (Jesus son of Joseph), then an era of transparency is occurring in all arenas of knowledge.  One of the purposes of transparency will be that the forces of evil will be uncloaked as well as the powers of divine goodness will be unveiled. 


As “knowledge will be increased” so will the evidence that God did truly choose a people to carry the torch of the truth of Torah to the whole world, so that all will know of the God of Israel.  The evidence for the chosen “children of Israel” will continue to be unveiled more and more as the end of the ages unfolds.  We would like to share with you what new archeological findings or new news on older finding were discovered or revealed during this year. 



The Pool of Siloam (where the blind man gained sight by Yahshua)

The Priestly Benediction on Ancient Silver Amulets – 6th Century BCE

The Cave of John the Baptist

Bulging and Garbage on and from “The Temple Mount”

The Village of Cana – Miracle of the Water turned to Wine

The Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) declared Forgeries

The Ossuary Stone Box of James the Just, brother of Jesus

The Ivory Pomegranate of Solomon’s Temple

The Joash Inscription of Solomon’s Temple

Qumran as a Pottery Factory

The Shroud of Turin

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The Pathway to a One World Order


The pulsation of the march towards universal globalism is getting louder and louder.  For those with “eyes to see and ears to hear” the map of the final events is getting clearer and clearer.  Read the prophets!  All the prophets of the Hebrews and the ‘prophet’ for the people of the reNewed Covenant (New Testament) each carry clues to the panorama of the Drama of the Ages that is preparing for is grand finale and the return of the messiah. 


Time Magazine Persons of the Year for 1993 – Yassir Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin


Rabin - "I've said more than once in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict, we make peace, or we negotiate meaningful steps towards peace, with enemies. Sometimes bitter enemies."


The year of 2004 set the stage for the final revelation of the One World Order.  Whereas George Bush Jr. was “given the crown” of the presidency in the year 2000, he earned the crown this year and become the front runner in America’s role in the globalists dream of world domination.  The clarion call of using preemptive strikes to force the nations of the world to accept the one world domination is only one of many clues of the future foreign and national policy of the Bush administration. 


The Seven year Oslo Accord


We have set forth the thesis that seven year “Land for Peace Oslo Accord” as a pathway for peace between Israel and the Palestinians has already occurred.  This accord was designed to place Israeli-“occupied” Gaza Strip and eventually the rest of the West Bank under Palestinian rule.  That this peace accord did occur according the lunar Hebrew festival calendar of the Lord gives it even more validity.  This peace accord has already been Dalia Rabin-Pelossof Speaks on Oslo Ten Years Laterrecognized as a peace accord that affects not only the Middle East but the entire world.  The mantra is that peace, any peace whether forced or willingly by Israel will give peace to all people.  This in itself is an amazing concept and that it is accepted by the nations of the world suggests that the Name of the God of Israel is penetrating the consciousness of all people.  Yet man will not bring the peace only grief and suffering by their quest for power, greed and control.  Only the coming of the Messiah will bring peace


Yitzhak Rabin shakes hands with Yasser Arafat on White House lawn, September 13, 1994.


The historic Oslo Accord was signed and letters were enchanged beteen Arafat and Rabin on the lawn of the White House on September 13, 1993.  It was witnessed by the whole world as Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat shook the hands of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin with the Masonic handshake while President Bill Clinton stood behind with hands wide open like a savior to the world.  (Click to Open “The Pathway to a One World Order”)



A World Religion for a World Peace


The Election of a new Pope


As the religious and temporal world move into the middle of the first decade of the 21st century one of the most anticipated events in geo-political-religio history will be the passing of Pope John Paul II as one of the longest reigning popes in history and the election by the Vatican  Conclave of the 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  As students of prophecy anticipate this event and its impact on the prophecies of the prophets to Israel, Judah and the followers of the reNewed covenant of Yahshua ben Yosef (Jesus son of Joseph), it is well to review the recent history of the papacy and it thrust to become one of the main contenders in the future and soon-coming One World Order.


The “Holy Father” Ioannes Paulus PP.II, Karol Wojtyla 16.X.1978


In a world in which global interests were competing against each other, it was recognized early by the newly elected Karol Josef Woytyla as Pope John Paul II that he was thrust into a global competition of who will establish the first One-world system of government that this planet earth has ever had under the modern society of nations.  With six billion inhabitants living out their lives with multiple purposes of intent and choice, the stakes for the ultimate prize for power, greed and control is high – supremely high.  Such a world will be radically different than anything that you or I ever can expect, all depending on the outcome of the victor. 


This was the world seen by the newly crowned Karol Woytyla when he emerged on the eighth ballot on the second day, October 14, 1978, of the papal conclave in the Sistine Chapel as Pope John Paul II.  Here was the recognized successor to millions of Roman Catholics as the 263rd successor to recognized apostolic seat of the Peter the Apostle


The Life of Karol Josef Woytyla


Then suddenly there broke upon the international scene a pope who would shatter the papal image and thrust the papacy into the center of the global competition.  He quickly gained the confidence of the masses of Catholics as a man invested with a special destiny(Click to Open “A World Religion for a World Peace”)



Signs at the Time of the End


It all began on the weekend of December 26, 2004. In the early morning the coolness of the day produces the pleasure of being close to God’s nature.  People were walking along the beach, children playing along the lapping waves when the tides suddenly moved out.  The children followed the retreating tides lines eager to pick up shells that were left behind and unaware of the disaster that lay ahead of them.  The foundations of the earth went into spasms and all the seismographs around the world recorded the convulsions


Live International Seismographs of the Indonesian Earthquake – December 26 (21:40:57)

- By the United States Geological Survey (USGS)


Tsunami Wave Approaching the Shore


A 9.0 magnitude earthquake, known to seismologists as a “megathrust”, shook the tectonic plates near the archipelago of 17,000 islands of Indonesia and 155 miles south of the city of Bandah Aceh on the northern tip of the western shoreline of Sumatra.  Five miles below the Indian Ocean the edges of three continental tectonic plates along with the Indian and Australian plates slowly grind along a subduction zone against the Burma plate. There they overlap and thrust above and below each other.  In a long 745 mile fault line running north and south west of Indonesia, the Indian plate dives below the Burma plate and the Sunda Trench marks where the Indian plate descends into the hot mantle of the earth’s molten interior inferno.  Here one of the biggest earthquakes in the Indian-Asia hemisphere in the past 200 years began to convulse the entire planet earth.  An 8.0 earthquake rocked this area in the year 2000, preceded by giant quakes in 1797, 1833 and 1861.  Yet this quake released 31 times more energy than the 2000 quake.


The mass of water displaced by the tectonic plates sent a mega tsunamis racing along the ocean floor of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean faster than an airliner streaks across the sky. (Click to Open “Signs at the Time of the End”)




Israel and the Middle East


The year of 2004 was a pivotal year for the Land of Israel. The death of Yassir Arafat moved the Israeli people into a new era of relationships with the Palestinians and the rest of the world.  There will be struggle for this new reality and the “Oracle of Zechariah” will see its eventual fulfillment.  The nation of Israel accepted the invitation of the European Union to become a part of the EU Neighborhood Program and by an international pact agreed to place themselves under the geo-political influence of the national bodies that constitute the ancient Roman Empire known as the Edomites to their ancient forefathers.  Ariel Sharon as the leader of the Likud, chose to follow a political pathway that abrogated the political rights and the political voice of his own Jewish constituents. He was willing to destroy the majority party relationship of his own Likud Party in order to advance the disengagement of the Jewish people living in the southern Gaza Strip even at the risk of a civil war within his own country and the potential of an uprising within the Israel Defense Force (IDF). 


En Gedi Waterfall  - by


When we watch political wrangling that is weaving throughout the political and social life of the Jewish people as the fallout for the “go it alone Sharon”, must we not ask why?  If Israel truly is a democratic nation and the model of democracy to the Islamic people, does Sharon have a different master than the will of the Israeli people?  Will Arial Sharon be looked upon in history as the Prime Minister who departed from serving his own people and his own God in order to secure a place in the echelons of nations who want to absorb Israel into a unified international identity? Will this internal conflict within the Nation of Israel begin a new revolution that the Israel ordained by the God of Israel will not be a democracy but a theocratic state under the rulership of the Messiah of Israel?


A trend is escalating in the national identity of the Jewish people that Jews who believe in the Messiah of Jesus are not only welcome but courted to make aliyah (return to live in their national homeland) in the Land of Israel.  These do not currently include Messianic Jews from American, British, Australian and New Zealand but it does include the Spanish and Portuguese Marrano Jewish Christians, the Ethiopian Falash Mura Jewish Christians and the Russian Orthodox Jewish Christians.  With the door wedged open, someday a floodgate may occur for Messianic Jews to return to the land of their forefathers from Europe, America and former lands of the British Commonwealth. Some many consider that it is the will of the God of Israel to plant within their own land Jewish people with a love for their own rabbi and son of the Land of Judea, Yahshua HaMoschiach (Jesus the Messiah?


A new identity is also developing in the Land of Israel that is willing to stand up in opposition to the secular political agenda of the Labor Zionists whom more and more are recognized as Sabbatean Jews, the offspring of the last great ‘false’ messiah of the Jews, Shabbatai Zevi in 1666.  There is a rising tide of fundamental theocratic orthodox Jews who believe that the true spiritual Nation of Israel will not become a literal reality until the messiah of Israel returns. A new Jewish Sanhedrin was re-established for the first time in over one and one-half millennium.  Will they be responsible to leading the Jewish people back to a life of Torah?  Shabbat worship (Seventh-day Sabbath) is also becoming a political and economic force in the Land of Israel that may lead to a counter-force revolution in the rest of the world to enforce Sunday Laws in honor of the Christian Sunday worship. Yet there is another political trend developing in the Land of Israel, an unabashed vibrant Jewish identity towards the realization of a vision: the building and re-establishment of the Beit HaMikdash (the Holy Temple.)  There will in the future be a clash as to whether this ‘Holy Temple’ will be built by the political-religious forces within and by the Nation of Israel or by David, son of David, the future Messiah of Israel. The Eternal One of Israel is molding a new reality that bring His Eternal Will into a living reality as foretold by the prophets of Israel and Judah. (Click to Open Israel and the Middle East)


America and the World of Global Terror


On January 20, 2005, George W. Bush, in a global, sweeping and lyrical inaugural address, sent a message loud and clear, America’s mission and mandate over the next four years will be to bring the torch of freedom to every corner of the globe, all under the banner of democracy.  Under the global call for peace, he stated, “The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world.”  Born on the ‘day of fire”, the “force of human freedom” will carry the message that “every man and woman on this Earth has rights, and dignity and matchless value because they bear the image of the make of heaven and Earth.” 


AFP | Tim Sloan With a pledge to battle terrorism and promote democracy around the world, US President George W. Bush, seen here 19 January 2005 was to launch his new term under an unprecedented security blanket and a dusting of snow


The foreign policy of the United States will carry the mandate “to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world.  This “Freedom, by its nature, must be chosen and defended by citizens and sustained by the rule of law and the protection of minorities.”  This “ideal of freedom” is also what has brought to the citizens of the United States the most obtrusive government in modern history.  Lauded in this ‘ideal’ is the Homestead Act and the government “reforming great institutions” to serve the people’s of the world. 


Before an estimated audience of 100,000 listening to the president on the National Mall, the beautiful rhetoric and the flowering panorama of verbal imagery by President Bush’s chief speechwriter, Michael Gerson, unleashed the theme of democracy in the grand march to corral all the nations of the earth into the acceptance of a One World Order and usher in a era of world peace. Are we presumptuous to consider that what we are seeing unfolding before our eyes is truly what the prophets of old foretold in the sacred texts as the time of the end? (Click to Open “America and the World of Global Terror) 



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