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The BibleSearchers Reflections

Reflections on the Time of the End

By Robert Mock MD


 Gleanings on Global News at the

Time of the End

January, 2005 Special Edition Issue

A World Religion for a World Peace



The Death of John Paul II and the Election of a new Pope in 2005?

The Vatican and Pope John Paul II

Judaism and the One World Order of Labor Zionism

Christianity and the One World Order
Islam and the Hajj at Mecca

Towards an Ecumenical Faith for All People


The Death of John Paul II and the Election of a new Pope in 2005?



The Life of Karol Josef Woytyla

The Assassination or Murder of Pope Paul I

The Forces within the Unholy Vatican

 The Final Hour of Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I

The New Pope John Paul II

Cardinal Wyszynski and the Three Internationales

Pope John Paul II and the Red Internationales

Pope John Paul II and the Golden Internationales: Transnationists and the Western Internationalists

The Attempted Assassination of Pope John Paul II and the Lady Fatima


As the religious and temporal world move into the middle of the first decade of the 21st century one of the most anticipated events in geo-political-religio history will be the passing of Pope John Paul II as one of the longest reigning popes in history and the election by the Vatican  Conclave of the 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  As students of prophecy anticipate this event and its impact on the prophecies of the prophets to Israel, Judah and the followers of the reNewed covenant of Yahshua ben Yosef (Jesus son of Joseph), it is well to review the recent history of the papacy and it thrust to become one of the main contenders in the future and soon-coming One World Order.


The “Holy Father” Ioannes Paulus PP.II, Karol Wojtyla 16.X.1978


In a world in which global interests were competing against each other, it was recognized early by the newly elected Karol Josef Woytyla as Pope John Paul II that he was thrust into a global competition of who will establish the first One-world system of government that this planet earth has ever had under the modern society of nations.  With six billion inhabitants living out their lives with multiple purposes of intent and choice, the stakes for the ultimate prize for power, greed and control is high – supremely high.  Such a world will be radically different than anything that you or I ever can expect, all depending on the outcome of the victor. 


This was the world seen by the newly crowned Karol Woytyla when he emerged on the eighth ballot on the second day, October 14, 1978, of the papal conclave in the Sistine Chapel as Pope John Paul II.  Here was the recognized successor to millions of Roman Catholics as the 263rd successor to recognized apostolic seat of the Peter the Apostle


The Life of Karol Josef Woytyla


Then suddenly there broke upon the international scene a pope who would shatter the papal image and thrust the papacy into the center of the global competition.  He quickly gained the confidence of the masses of Catholics as a man invested with a special destiny


Born on May 18, 1920 during the time of a solar eclipse, he grew up in an obscure hamlet called Wadowidce in the foothills of the Beskids mountain range about 170 miles south of Warsaw Poland as a son to a former soldier of the Hapsburg Empire.  Karol Josef Woytyla as the 264th Pope also fitted the ancient prophecy that he was born under the sign of labor solis or the Latin expression for a solar eclipse


His early life was common to his era: a two room apartment home, worker in the Zabrzowek Quarry and later as a boiler-room helper in the Belgium industrial plant, Solvay Chemical Works.  He became a confidant of the tailor-mystic Jan Tyranowski, a skilled soccer goalie, a budding and talented amateur guitarist, a drama poet student in the Rapsodyczny Theater of Krakow, an avid skier, writer of ten published books, a master of more than ten languages and three doctorates: philosophy, theology and phenomenology. (Malachi Martin, The Keys of This Blood, Simon and Schuster, NY, 1990 p. 61)


As a young man, he became part of the Polish underground during World War II and reputed to be part of the espionage team that secreted the first Nazi V-2 rocket to the allies in London.  Even under the noses of the Nazi, he began his seminary training in 1942 in the clandestine “conspiratorial seminary” founded by Polish Cardinal Adam Stefan Sapieha, Archbishop of Krakow.  


Quickly within the Catholic hierarchy, the firsts in the life of Wojtyla began: 1946: first Polish priest to be ordained after four years of training; 1958: youngest auxiliary bishop in Polish history; 1964: youngest archbishop in the diocese of Krakow; 1978: first Polish Pope in history, and first non-Italian Pope in four fifty five years. (Ibid 61) 


For the second time in only thirty three days, a Pope had been elected by the Vatican ConclaveCardinal Albino Luciani of Venice as Pope John I was laid to rest in the catacombs of the Vatican after he suddenly demised as some suspected of suspicious conditions. 


The Assassination or Murder of Pope Paul I


Albino Luciani, known as the “Smiling Pope, was one of the Cardinals of the Papal Conclave who was not known to have ties to big banking, corporate and international moneyed interests.  He born October 17, 1912 near Belluno, Italy to a pious yet poor family and in a manner like his personal master, Jesus the Christ, gave up a life of as a wealthy ‘elder’ in church society.  What was also thought by many of his colleagues was that Luciani was an “intellectual light weight” yet would present a public image of the Vatican as a God endowed institution sanctified by the Christian God that would morally protect the faithful and physically protect the flocks of the poor and the dispossessed.  Luciani truly was a people’s pastor and a champion of the poor and the dispossessed.  


Albino Luciani as Pope John Paul 1 “The Smiling Pope” (August 26, 1978 – September 28, 1978)


At the same time, did they think that Albino Luciani would protect the international corruption of the Vatican Bank, called by David Yallop in his book, In God’s Name, “Vatican Incorporated”?  This budding international banking and fraud scandal would soon be revealed which rocked the securities market of the United States, toppled the giant Franklin Bank and left the saving and loan association reeling for year to the cost of ten billion U.S. tax dollars.  Vatican Incorporated had become like “Herod Incorporated” nineteen hundred years before in the days of Jesus, a powerful religious institution corrupted by power, greed and control.


According to the public Vatican press which was controlled by Cardinal Villot, the Secretary of State, the early demise of Pope John Paul I was announced initially to be caused by a myocardial infarction and later changed to a personal accidental overdose of one of his medications, a blood thinner called Coumadin.  He was not found for seven hours after death in which his face was described by the domestic Sister Vincenzia as twisted in agony.  An Italian State inquest and an autopsy were denied even though it was Italian law.  He was quickly embalmed and his body removed without even receiving the sacrament of extreme unction.  Within twelve hours, the Papal 19 chamber rooms were stripped of all belongings and the floors scrubbed and polished.  The embalmers, the Signoracci brothers “attempted to remodel the face so his death agony would be changed to show a calm expression” (Christiano p 5) Later investigators would charge that embalming effectively covered up any trail of foul play in the death of Albino Luciani.


Behind the scene, according to the Catholic historians, Malcolm Martin in The Jesuits and David Yallop in his book, In God’s Name, the Abbe of Nantes in Murder at the Vatican wrote that it was “the most successful of ‘perfect crimes” from Cardinal Villot, to the domestics, the secretaries and physicians within the Vatican to the Swiss Guards and the Italian Police. 


Ordained in 1935, Albino Luciani became a bishop in 1958 and the Cardinal of Venice in 1973.  He was a fervent believer in the ecumenical movement, praised as a liberal with a mission to change the church’s stance on contraception, lived and believed like a conservative with a crusading desire to reduce the wealth of the church, clean up the corruption and scandal in the Vatican Bank and dismiss a large number of ranking Masonic cardinals

Giovanni Montini as Pope Paul VI “The Pilgrim Pope” (1963 – August 6, 1978)


This should not have surprised the Vatican prelates for in 1972, after the Milanian Mafioso had taken control of the Banco Ambrosiano under the directorship of Roberto Calvi, they made a move on the Canco Cattolica del Veneto which was called the ‘Priest’s Bank’Bishop Marcinkus, the director of the Vatican Bank had sold it to Roberto Calvi without the bishops knowing it and Albino Luciani was the only cleric to protest and carry that protest all the way to the Vatican.  It was in 1973 that the Crime and Racketeering Section of the US Department of Justice found evidence in a signed document by Pope Paul VI, the predecessor of Pope John Paul I, of what constituted the “one of the largest swindles in the world”.  This fraudulent scandal was conducted by Bishop Marcinkus, head of the Vatican Bank and Michele Sindona in which $1 billion in false bonds with nominal value was sold on consignment by the Vatican. 


The Forces within the Unholy Vatican


The forces behind the papal assassination were an unholy empire.  This is a tale of two deaths, twelve investigations, two suicides and up to $1.2 billion in unsecured loans.  In the end, the huge banking consortium in Milan Italy, Banco Ambrosiano run by Robert Calvi left over 200 financial institutions holding millions in loans from the Vatican.  The scandal threatened the entire international banking industry and part and partial of a plot to undermine the Italian government. 


This scandal was created in part by the decision of the Vatican, the world’s largest and wealthiest land owner, to transfer a large bulk of the liquid Italian assets to other nations of the world to avoid the new demands of the Italian Government in 1967-68 to repeal the 1942 Papal exemption.  It was 1942 and the Italian President Benito Mussolini was involved in the height of World War II.  The United States, bombed in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 had entered the war with Allied Forces.  With the 1942 Papal exemption, Mussolini gave exemption to the Papacy from paying Italian taxes on share income


This Papal exemption was built upon the earlier 1929 Lateran treaty (concordat) between Pope Pius XI and Mussolini which accepted the sovereignty of the Vatican State, declared Roman Catholicism to be the Italian state religion, requesting the papacy to remain neutral in the foreign affairs of Italy and with a compensation up to a reputed $85 million formed the framework of the modern fortunes of the Roman Catholic Church.  Like an “off shore tax haven in the middle of Rome”, the Institute of Religious Works (IOR) was created by the Vatican to divert tithe, gifts and offerings of the Catholic faithful into a religious charity which was created to speculate on the stock, commodity and currency markets without paying taxes to the Italian State. 


Benito Mussolini reads his credentials prior to signing the Lateran Treaty on behalf of King Victor Emmanuel III. Cardinal Gasparri (seated), signed on behalf of Pope Pius XI.


This “Special Administration” was formed on June 7th, 1929 and the Vatican became a financial consortium built upon the quadrangle of money market speculation, the fluctuations of the international stock markets, laundering dirty money through banking channels and the evasion even by governmental exemption of capital taxes. And so there arrived a Jewish speculator banker converted to Catholicism, a Sabbatean Jew called Bernardino Nogara to run the Special Administration.   with one proviso: “that he be allowed to manage to manage this fortune as an ordinary banker, that is to say without regard for the laws of Christ the King or of earthy States, and without any tiresome scruples of conscience.” (Nantes 3)  The Catholic Church lost a lot of money in the Wall Street Crash of 1929 but according to J.F. Pollard in The Vatican and the Wall Street Crash: Bernardino Nogara and Papal Finances in the Early 1930’s, by 1935 the Vatican Bank was investing in blue-chip stocks plus in May, 1939, sent $7.6 million worth of gold bars to the United States, a move that kept the Vatican afloat during World War II.  (The Final Unholy Alliance)


While the Jewish world was effectively creating a world-wide boycott against Hitler and the rising Nazi state in order to prevent the vast buildup in the military machine needed by Hitler to conquer Europe and the “Final Solution” to Jewish blood from the continent of Europe.  While the Labor Zionist’s Movement leadership was collaborating with Hitler’s Regimen as documented in Edwin Black’s book, The Transfer Agreement, the Dramatic Story of the Pact between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine or Ben Hecht’s book, Perfidy, the true life story and trial of Rudolf Kastner, leading representative of the Jewish Agency representing David Ben-Gurion’s Mapai party, now the Labor Zionist Party, of collaborating with the Nazis to save 400 friends of Rudolf Kastner and the Mapai while 600,000 Hungarian Jews were transferred for their extermination to the gas chambers of Poland.  And now, according to John Cornwell in Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII, we see Pope Pius XII as he abrogated the Catholic democratic movement in Germany and signed a Papal treaty, the Hitler-Pacelli Concordat of 1933.  Out of this came a German ecclesiastical tax of great benefit for the Roman Catholic Church.


Eugenio Pacelli born to an Italian legal family became Secretariat of the Vatican for Pope Pius XI and guided the Papal foreign policy for ten years before becoming Pope Pius XII in 1939.  Through his nineteen year reign until 1958, his reign intersected with the entire Image:konkordat.jpgWorld War II, the dividing of Europe into the Christian “West” and the communist (“anti-Christian”) East.  During these years, recognized as one of the most autocratic of all popes, Pius XII tried to extend the influence of the Papacy into the rise of the German Reich.


Eugenio Pacelli signing the Concordat with Germany


The papal concordat (Papal treaty) was instituted in 1870 as a reactionary movement against the challenges to papal infallibility.  The Catholic Church suffered greatly in power and prestige by the anti-clerical chaos of the French Revolution in the 18th century and the rise of socialism, evolutionism and industrialism, the Italian unification of power by Garibaldi.   The German unification of power by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and the earlier Protestant Prussian Kaisers led to a significantly weakened spiritual and temporal power of the papacy.


The Papacy sought to maintain its power in the rise and fall of nations throughout the Mid-Ages by adhering to the concept of the divine right of kings which the kings in turn forced their subjects to adhere to the mandates of the Papacy.  This church-state union was the glue of this Image:Piusxiib.jpgEuropean social order during the rise of democracy that came at the end of the 19th century.  When Pope Pius IX was crowned in 1846, he had to face the rabble of the republican mob in the Eternal City.  He “hurled denunciations against the ‘outrageous treason of democracy’ and threatened prospective voters with excommunication.” (Hitler’s Pope p. 10) 


         Eugenio Pacelli as Pope Pius XII (March 2, 1939 – October 9, 1958)


By the seventh decade of the 19th century, the historical decree of papal infallibility was passed on July 18, 1870 with the almost unanimous assent of 433 bishops out of 435 in affirmation.  The decree reads,


The Roman Pontiff, when he speak ex cathedra, that is, when, exercising the office of pastor and teacher of all Christians, he defines….a doctrine concerning faith and morals to be held by the whole Church, through the divine assistance promised to him in St. Peter, is possessed of the infallibility with which the Divine Redeemer wished his Church to be endowed….And therefore such definitions of the Roman Pontiff are irreformable of themselves, and not from the consent of the Church.”  (Hitler’s Pope p. 12)


Democracy died that day in the Roman Christian Church and in the eyes of the papacy, the whole of Christendom.  Also in that same year, on September 20, 1870, the government of Italy seized the city of Rome which was the last of the Papal States.   Yet when all the citizens participating in the seizure faced the power of excommunicated by Pope Pius IX, Italy issued the Papal Guarantee which gave the pope his sovereignty including the freedom of the conclave and councils with the Vatican, the Lateran and the Castel Gandolfo were declared extra-territorial


In protest Pope Pius IX shut himself up in the Vatican and he and his successors became virtual prisoners for 59 years, never leaving until Lateran Concordat was signed with Mussolini in 1929.  Newspapers around the world took note and The Catholic Advocate of Brisbane, Australia on April 18, 1929 claimed that the Concordat would “heal wound of many years.”  It reminds us of the prophetic passage in Revelation.


Revelation 13:1-3 – “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.


It was June, 1914, and Eugenio Pacelli, the representative of the Vatican and the representatives of the kingdom of Serbia met to sign the “Serbian Concordat”, which affected a large part of the Serbian electorate who were part of the Roman Orthodox Church.  Within this decree were the following provisos:  “Serbia guaranteed that the Holy See had the right to impose the new Code of Canon Laws on its country’s Catholic clergy and subjects; that Catholics would have freedom of religion, worship and education within its territories…At the same time, the treaty implied the abrogation of the ancient protectorate rights of the Austro-Hungarian Empire over the Catholic enclaves of Serbian territories.”  (Hitler’s Pope p. 48-49) 


This Concordat was drafted and then negotiated over the next eighteen months by the then undersecretary of the Sacred Congregations for Extraordinary Affairs by Eugenio Pacelli (the future Pope Pius XII).  When the Austrians heard of the papal abrogation of imperial ties with Serbia, anti-Serbianism rose to a volatile level.  Up until the end of the 19th century, the emperors of the Hapsburg Empire held the right to veto the choice of a pope.  This ended following the Papal Concordat and the institution of papal infallibility that was signed in 1870.  In the progressive decline of the old imperial order of the Hapsburgs and the rise of European nationalism, the signing of the ‘Serbian Concordat’ opened a seething old wound. 


Four days after the signing of the ‘Serbian Concordat’ the Austrian  Archduke Franz Ferdinand was visiting in Sarajevo, Serbia and was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip one of the leaders of the Narodna Odbrana.  The power of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire came down upon Serbia and in the opinion of Vatican historian John Cornwell, “The ‘Serbian Concordat’ undoubtedly contributed to the uncompromising terms that the Austro-Hungarian Empire pressed on Serbia, making war inevitable.”  Conflict started in weeks and soon flamed the whole world into World War I.”  (Hitler’s Pope p. 48-49) 


With the rise of the Third Reich of the German State, Pius XII in his pre-papal role first as the Papal nuncio in Berlin and later as Secretariat of the Vatican negotiated for Pope Piux XI for a Reich Concordat (Treaty).  This treaty was not to benefit the Catholic faithful in German or those that supported the Catholic Center Party but to ensure the continuation of the Catholic autocracy started in 1870 with Vatican I of the papacy.  The Centre Party as it was known in German had wide support among the German citizens and was avidly anti-Nazi.  It was the German Catholic Centre Party that stood in the way of Hitler’s absolute power. 


With the Hitler-Pacelli Concordat of 1933, the last democratic party in Germany was banned from any political activity for the Catholic faithful. The future pope defacto betrayed his own people and gave Hitler his ultimate goal, the supreme leader of the German people.  In the end, Pacelli, as Pope Pius XII, living in one of the two main power centers for the European Axis powers, not only was influential in the first spark that created World War I, also with his anti-Semitism, his abandonment of the last democratic political party in Germany, he endorsed and gave Adolf Hitler the last pillar to ultimate Germanic and eventual European conquest of power.  With this goal for autocratic power, six million Jews lost their lives as well as millions of Christians, Gypsies and other undesirables were eliminated. 


For the next six decades, historians, scholars, Jews and Christian faithful have asked, why did Pope Pius XII not defend the Jews and call for an end to the genocide for the “children of Jacob” as an act of moral justice and humanitarian kindness? With more than a billion followers under his authority and moral control, the influence of the Vatican would have been profound.  If the Papacy had joined the Jewish people in not only an economic boycott of the rise of the Nazi regime but also a political boycott, the “Light” and “Love” of the Eternal One of Israel could have radiated around the world.  That moment in time did not come.


During the height of World War II, the Vatican was kept in total isolation.  During these years, the catacombs beneath St. Peter’s Cathedral were discovered and the vast mortuary tombs were explored and catalogued. During these years, the tomb of Peter, the apostle was found who was crucified upside down in the Circus of Nero and buried on the hillside nearby.  For a decade after the war was over this discovery would remain hidden by the Vatican to the outside world.


The Final Hour of Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I


Here we see the ‘apostate Church’ already corrupted, scandalized when Albino Luciani was elected in the second vote of the Papal Conclave on August 26, 1978.  First note of fascination was that Luciani sat right across from his successor, Karol Woytyla.  He later predicted that Woytyla would follow him in the seat of St. Peter.   


Pope John Paul I, seen here on the papal throne, is wearing an inexpensive silver pectoral cross, not the standard golden cross worn by Popes and his uncut hair, simply brushed back, was considered unusual but more genuine and modest than the dandy coifs of the other Cardinals.


The Italian clerics were known to be hostile to Luciani.  For over four centuries, the Latin prelates had controlled the Holy See and many were it was known later were part of an underground secret lodge reopened in 1970 and called the P-2 Lodge.  Originally founded in 1877, for provincial Freemason, the Propaganda Due (P-2) sought within its secret confine those bishops and prelates of a conservative persuasion to prevent a takeover of the Vatican by Communists.  Its nefarious activities were discovered, its offices were raided, and its membership list was discovered.  Its members spanned the spectrum of Italian political leaders, military and police officials, business leaders, and journalists which included its Grand Master Licio Gelli and Michele Sindona. To the consternation of the Masonic prelates and the power brokers associated with the corrupt financial dealings of the Vatican Bank, word quickly went out that the new Pope John Paul I was opening an investigation into both and was seeking to dismiss many.


The Vatican Bank and the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR) were owned and under the personal control of the Pope into order to fund or loan money to religious projects around the world.  Under the guise of the “Special Administration”, the investigator Christiano wrote about speculative schemes and money laundering that was funneled through the hands of Robert Calvi, the director of the Banco Ambrosiano of Milan and Michele Sindona, advisor to Pope Paul VI who as Cardinal Archbishop Montini of Milan received over two million dollars from Sindona for his religious organizations.  Michele Sindona was a member of the Milanian Mafia, a Sicilian by birth, who later reaped big rewards when the Vatican assets needed to be transferred out of the country and across the Alps.  While Pope Paul VI condemned the illegal and amoral activities of racketeering and money laundering in the encyclical Populorum Progressio, the siphon of money began to alert government fraud authorities, first in Italy, then the Interpol, the CIA, the FBI while Michele Sindona’s “Italian Solution” eliminated many of investigators. Later in 1981, Calvi was convicted by the Italian fraud authorities for currency fraud ($1.3 billion missing from the bank), fled to England and later found dead hanging by an orange rope under Blackfriar’s Bridge in London.  Here left behind was the hallmark sign of a Masonic suicide.


According to Christiano, Cardinal Villot, the Secretary of State and also a secret Grand Master of the Masons, was given privileged information: list of Catholic prelates Luciani was planning to reassign, resign or transfer plus a list of a large group of Church leaders suspected to be involved in the Masonic movement (P-2 Lodge).  Under instructions to the Secretariat, an investigation was to commence immediately.  “No department, no congregation, no section is to be excluded”, Luciani told Villot…The financial review was to be done discreetly, quickly and completely. The new Pope advised his Secretary of State that once he had considered the report he would decide on appropriate courses of action.” (Abbe de Nantes quoting Yallop p. 8)


The list of prelates listed on the Masonic P-2 membership claimed to name 121 members of the Roman Curia who were members of Propaganda Due.  These included: Cardinal Jean Villot the Secretariat of the Vatican; Cardinal Agostino Casaroli, undersecretary of the Vatican who later became Secretary of State; Cardinal Ugo Poletti, Cardinal Vicar of Rome; Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio, the director of the powerful Congregation for Bishops, Bishop Marcinkus, director of the Vatican Bank and Pope Paul’s secretary, Pasquale MacchiThe protector of all was Cardinal VillotThe new pope was surrounded by his bitterest enemies.


When the news reached Roberto Calvi at Bank Ambrosiano, he was upset and livid.  The international fraud authorities were already on his lead and his only guarantor was Bishop Marcinkus at the Vatican Bank.  According to Yollop, “If by some miracle Albino Luciani were to drop dead before Marcinkus was removed, then Calvi would have time” Calvi turned to Gelli, who reassured him: “The problem (of the miracle!) could and would be resolved.”  (Abbe de Nantes quoting Yallop p. 8)  


Across the Atlantic the national media was alive with the scandals of misappropriation of funds by Cardinal John Cody of Chicago and he was threatened with deposition.  On his last day alive, Luciani’s first order of business he gave to Villot was that Cardinal Cody had to be removed.  The second order was that Cardinal Baggio was to be reassigned as the Patriarch of Venice.  His name was discovered – Baggio, Masonic name Seba, Lodge number 85/2640. Enrolled on August 14th, 1957.  (Abbe de Nantes, p. 9)


Later that evening Cardinal Villot met with Luciani and the conversation turned to the Vatican Bank.  The earlier meeting of the Pope with Bishop Marcinkus did not go well and: Luciani advised Villot that Marcinkus was to be removed immediately. Not in a week’s or a month’s time.   The following day. “He would be replaced by an honest man, “a key figure in the financial tribunal of the Vatican, Monsignor Abbo…The claws of the lion which his intimates had waited to be revealed, were on full display to Villot.”  Furthermore he was going to dismiss the uomini di fiducia, Marcinkus’ mafia, and he intended to cut all links, without any delay, with the Banco Ambrosiano Group of Sindona and Calvi.” (Abbe de Nantes, p. 9) Such an act of authority had not been seen since the time of Saint Pius X. Seventy-five years earlier, Pius X had broken the power of the formidable Secretary of State of his predecessor Leo Xiii, the freemason Cardinal Rampolla.  As the Holy See retreated to his private quarters, the last words he said to Villot, “Buona notte. A domain. Se Dio vuole.”  (Abbe de Nantes quoting Yallop p.11)


According to Yallop in In God’s Name, the murder of Pope John Paul II had all the telling traits of a Masonic murder.  It would be made to look like a suicide, and accident or a natural death with an alibi and would include a pre-established scheme, an implausible scheme or a scandalous scheme.  Yet in Yallop’s investigation, one aberrant detail however methodical was noticed.  “At the Vatican’s insistence, no blood was drained from the body, neither were any organs removed.  Injections of formalin and other preserving chemicals were made into the body through the femoral arterial ad vein passages. The entire process took over three hours.  The reason the process took so long was because, contrary to normal practice when the blood is drained or cleared with a solution of salt water that is circulated around the body, the Vatican was adamant that no blood should be drawn off.”  Here was the indisputable proof of the assassination of Pope John Paul I, any blood, any retained organs of the body would constitute the presence of poisoning or the evidence that digitalis does to hemorrhaging tissue. 


According to Yallop, it was not Cardinal Jean Villot who murdered the Pope, nor the accomplice or the author of the crime.  “Licio Gelli was the initiator and general organize of the crime, that Roberto Calvi was his partner in the crime, a crime that was to cost him ever more dearly to the point where he too had to be suicided.  The executor of the crime was some thus who had received the contract of his life from an agent of Ortolani’s in the Via Archimede.  This underworld of the mafia, the bank and Vatican village is known to us now. And Marcinkus? Ah, Marcinkus! He was keeping watch in the meantime….”  Luccio Gelli was the Grandmaster of the underground P-2 Lodge, a member of the Black Shirt Battalion and liaison with Herman Goring of the SS Division in World War II.


The New Pope John Paul II


As a rebel, a non-conformist linked with the masses of the people, is it any wonder that on Pope John Paul II’s first press conference to two thousand journalists in the Vatican and 125 members of the Vatican diplomatic corp. representing one hundred countries, he spoke of his destiny to bring the papacy into the new road of papal internationalism.


“It is not our business to judge the actions of government… But there is no way the dignity and the right of all men and every human individual can be served unless that dignity and those rights are seen as founded on the life, death and resurrection of Christ…The Church seeks no privileges for herself, but we do desire a dialogue with the nations”… even though the Church’s diplomatic relations with so many countries “do not necessarily imply the approval of one or another regime – that is not our business…We have an appreciation of the positive temporal values, a willingness for dialogue with those who are legitimately charged with the common good of society, and the understanding of their role, which is often difficult.”  (Ibid 62)


At the ceremony of his coronation, Wojtyla, like his predecessor, John Paul I, quickly rejected the papal triple tiara which he claimed was “wrongly considered to be a symbol of temporal power of the pope.(Ibid 63)  It was only clear in part as he spoke in ten languages to billions of people around the world, “Open wide the doors of Christ.  To his saving power the boundaries of states, economic and political systems, the vast fields of culture and civilization and development.  Do not be afraid…I want your support in this, my mission.”  (Ibid 63) 


John Paul II visiting the site of the Sermon on the Mount


He quickly vaulted the office of the papacy to beyond the scope of temporal power which the tiara symbolized and expressed his mission to exercise the spiritual authority and moral mandate he felt was divinely given to him over those who did wield temporal power over their subjects. 


The “temporal world” and all of its rulers, the media, the industrialists, and the bureaucratic power brokers, were suddenly put on notice, Pope John Paul II was to bring a new era to the Holy See.  With an independence of mind and a flare for the unusual, he quickly hit the road first to Assisi and then Siena, over to the summer papal residence of Castel Gandolfo, the mountain shrine of La Mentorella and unusual events like visiting an ailing bishop in a Roman hospital.  The public loved him and though a Pole by birth the Italians adopted him as il nostro polacco – our Pole and “Papa Wojtyla.”  Walking in St. Peter’s Square, he was mobbed and many times left with papal buttons missing and red lipstick on the white papal cloak.  (Ibid 65)


This new image suited this new Pope.  It kept him in the public eye with the admiration of the masses yet immune from conspiratorial, suspicious or prying eyes.  The simple white robe and skull cap, the Fisherman’s Ring on his index finger, the ambience of ‘divine’ rituals gave a simple meaning, here was a religious leader to be trusted and loved.  For awhile, he stood in a ‘one-way geo-political window’ unobserved and undisturbed.  With all the international intelligence of the papacy, the historical archives of the Vatican, the legends and prophecies secreted by the Holy See and the privilege to call any leader around the world and discuss in private consultation any subject of his choosing, John Paul began to exert is spiritual mandate upon the political powers on the earth.  


Cardinal Wyszynski and the Three Internationales


Behind all his musings of the historical trends and political events unfolding around him, the words of Karol Wojtyla’s mentor, Cardinal Wyszynski of Warsaw whom he worked for thirty years were fresh in his mind.  Cardinal Wyszynski has been dubbed the “Fox of Europe” because he carried out the “first and only geopolitical strategy every carried out against an Eastern satellite nation against the Soviet Union.”  (Ibid 20) 


Here together, the mentor and the student and future Pope, they saw a world of the immerging “three Internationales”, the three geopolitical contenders for the future world power.


“There exist on this earth, Wyszynski used to say, only three Internationales. The ‘Golden Internationale’ was his shorthand term for the financial power of the world – the Transnationalist and Internationalist globalist leaders of the West.


The ‘Red Internationale’ was, of course, the Leninist-Marxist Party State of the Soviet Union, with which he and Wojtyla and their compatriots had such long and painfully intimate experience.”


The third geopolitical contender – The Roman Catholic Church; the ‘Black Internationale’ – was destined in Wysynskyi’s eyes to be the ultimate victor in any contention with those rivals.” (Ibid 20-21) 


For prophecy watchers, the “Black Internationale” must be watched in this era approaching the Black Seal of Revelation. 


Pope John Paul II and the Red Internationales


By the spring of the next year, 1979, Pope John Paul II invaded the sanctum of the ‘red Internationale’ by visiting his Soviet run homeland of Poland.  To the dismay of his former political masters and the capitalists, he demonstrated in word and deed that the status quo in the international sphere was outclassed and outdated and a new geopolitical reality must transcend old values. 


Pope John Paul II at the Vatican


There in the mid-heart of the international contention, was the arena called Mettel-europa, the underbelly of the Soviets that is “Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals is a giant seesaw of power. Europe from the Baltic to the Adriatic Sea is the center of that power.  The Holy Father’s battle was to control that center.”  Here Pope John Paul II was to become a geopolitical pope and only eight months after his election and coronation, he opened the millennial game to control the ‘time of the end’ and became the first player to enter that geopolitical arena. (Ibid 22) 


According to Cardinal Wyszynski of Warsaw, “certain historical developments are willed by the Lord of History, and they shall take place.  About many other – mostly minor – developments, that same Lord is willing.  He allows men the free will to choose between various options, and he will go along with those choices; for, in the end, all human choices will be co-opted as grist into God’s mill, which grinds slowly but always grinds exceedingly fine.”  (Ibid 22)


In a world when globalism was still not prominent in the lexicon of the 20th century man.  He would aim for a ‘new Europe’ and run around the ‘cold war’ that pitted the globalist west with the communistic east.  China was still in the backwaters of international politics but both the east and the western powers would soon be beating a pathway to their doorway.  To the Kremlin masters, Wojtyla was an enigma yet they responded.  To the Polish shipyard workers in Gdansk, the green light was given for the birth of the Solidarity trade union as the first innovative breech behind the Iron Curtain, yet innovation it was and opens the door to the next, the fear of an economic implosion within their own hemisphere. 


The year of the ascension of Pope John Paul II was also the year of the ascension to the central hierarchy of the Soviet Politburo a new face that would change the Soviet political landscape, Mikhail Gorbachev.  Named Secretary of Soviet Agriculture and Secretary of the Central Committee (CC) of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), Gorbachev thrived under his two mentors and supreme leaders: KGB chief Yuri Andropov and his successor, Konstantin Chernenko.  Industrial stagnation, technological inferiority and socio-political backwardness were the paramount ills in the Soviet society.  By 1985, Gorbachev emerged as the General Secretary of the CPSU and Supreme Leader of the Soviet Union and to Pope John Paul II, here was an innovative power broker in an imploding society.  Centered between an economic powerhouse of Western Germany with 300 million people to the West and the emerging Eastern powerhouse of the People’s Republic of China with 1.5 billion people, Russia was struggling with her own economic stagnation and decay   Half-way around the world also stood the powerbroker of international politics, the United States of America with President Ronald Reagan repeating over and over, “the evil empire” leaving the Leninists in international isolation. 


With a bang, Gorbachev entered in the international arena with as much suave as a Madison Avenue PR agent.  Within four years, he had won over Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and was wooing the vast populations of America and Europe.  He began to set the international agenda of the “Group of Seven” and vindicated the geo-political vision of John Paul II a decade earlier that the power center of the world lay in central Europe.  By 1989, in a bold and theatrical stroke of a chessman, Gorbachev banished the “evil empire” from political sight.  The “iron curtain” came down and by 1992 the geopolitical discussion centered not around containment but integration.   Yet while the western world was mesmerized by “Mr. Gorbachev” he quietly and brutally suppressed the rise of nationalism in the Soviet states of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.  He not only changed the ‘red internationals” but more vastly changed the “gold internationals” with the new Gorbachevism.


Yet John Paul knew the goals and the aims of Gorbachev’s design for a new world order.  To the “Red Internationale” all national governments would cease and one central governing command center in Moscow controlled by the Communist Party would rule the world.  They would control the military, security, the global economy using western market economics with centralized governing standards of Leninist Marxism.  They would control the cultural values of the global society and while religion would be banned, the new value system centered around human values and worth rather than Divine qualities and worth would be instituted. 


While the western world was cooing over the new Soviet leader, the papal vision was clearer and knew the words of Gorbachev must be taken literally, “I am a Leninist, devoted to achieving the goals of Leninism and the worldwide Leninist association of all workers under the banner of Marxism.” (Ibid 32) Yet for his perestroika it suggested that he needed the KGB, the Red Army central command with its super secret Soviet Defense Council and the support of the Central Committee. 


Yet John Paul also knew that Gorbachev’s ‘Achilles Heel’ was he was designing a new world order that denied the existence of God and believed that man is a creature of nature.  To John Paul, it was “a cruel denial of man’s highest aspiration. It is a violation of man’s deepest instinct – to worship God; and of his deepest desire – to live forever, never to die.  ‘The claim to build a world without God,” the Pope stated bluntly in Czechoslovakia during his visit in April of 1990, ‘has been shown to be an illusion….Such a hope has already revealed itself as a tragic Utopia...for man is unable to be happy if the transcendent relationship with God is excluded.” (Ibid 33)


Pope John Paul II and the Golden Internationales: Transnationists and the Western Internationalists


To the north and west of the Vatican, John Paul saw a different vision.  The champions of Western capitalism and democracy were built around the architectural foundation of a different new world order founded on the pillars of money and technology.  The Transnationalists and Internationalists of America and Europe saw a new world empire based on power, greed and control but by exploiting democratic capitalism and democratic egalitarianism to the fullest, the foundation of the nation-state capitalism would evolve naturally to a planetary system of global regulation.  


                                                                                                                                       Pope John Paul II


The glue would be the interdependence of the nations called international development and the craftsmen would be the bankers, attorneys, bureaucrats and scientists.  This one world order would hinge around contracts, agreements, covenant, treaties, joint ventures all approved and sealed by the approval of a united nations.  The geopolitical spheres of influence were the same as the Leninists, one was politically controlled at the center and the other was economically controlled at the center


The concept of the founding fathers of the United States was that fundamental to democracy, that is a government for the people, of the people and by the people with all its supporting political, economic and technological institutions, all the structural elements of its existence were inviolable.  Take away any one of the three separate power of governance or the right of free association and the organic whole no longer exists.  Even more so, capitalism nor democracy demands or require a moral foundation to its existence.  Once again, Pope John Paul II spoke to this issue at the Prague Castle on April 21, 1990 that for the newly liberated Czechoslovaks from communism must not replace it with “secularism, indifference, hedonistic consumerism, practical materialism, and also the formal atheism that plague the West.”  (Ibid 37) 


As John Paul observed the Western globalists even with their moral rhetoric, they remained “indifferent to the rape and genocide of Tibet; to the cruel oppression of democracy in Myanmar (formerly Burma) and in the PRC; to the Indonesian genocide of the East Timorese; and to the war of extermination of Syria’s Hafez Assad has waged against Christian communities in his land.”  (Ibid 37)  Today, the political landscape is not much different.  The genocide in Sudan, the intifada of the Palestinians against Israel and Christian Arabs, the economic oppression of the Zionists against the Palestinians, the nuclear threats of India versus Pakistan, the Iranians versus Israel, the North Koreans against the United States.  In the post-millennium reign of Pope John Paul II the international scene is not better and even appears to be astronomically worse. 


Yet the prophetic picture of Jesus speaking to his disciples on the Mount of Olives overlooking the Temple of Herod, appears in clearer detail.


Matthew 24:6 - “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars.  See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.”


Even above the two superpower contenders, the Marxist-Leninist East versus the Democratic Globalist West, smaller groups were seeking to assert their influence while riding upon the global vehicles of the larger powers.  The New-Agers and the Mega-religionists were out to persuade the world that we are evolving and fusing into a global universal mega-religion for all mankind.  All nations and tribes in what is called the Temple of Human Understanding gave their allegiance to one common good.  Its value system was peace, health, respect for the Earth and environmental devotion under the mantle of Understanding.  Like chameleons they infiltrated all the super-power structures economic boardrooms, political bureaucracies and church institutional hierarchies whether they are Christian, Jewish or Islamic.  When the political push comes to shove, power, green and control reign supreme even in these institutions also in search of an earthly Utopia instead of the transcendent revelation of a loving God. 


Yet as John Paul was laying a strategy towards the new millennium, he was not intent on accepting the continuous dualism of opposing ideologies on the political sphere.  He designed to move around the Soviet Party-State complex and set up alliances and ties with the Russian Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox Churches.  He quickly visited the patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church in Istanbul and fostered strategic ties with the Eastern European Roman Catholics and Russian Orthodox communities.  When the political barriers of the Soviet state crumbled, a majority of mainstream Orthodox Churches were prepared to enter the fold of the Roman Catholic Church by vote and accession of their church property to the Vatican.  Understand though this was not as much a religious strategy as a geopolitical strategy.  


Whereas the Western globalists under the mantle of Reagan’s push to topple the ‘evil empire’ of the Soviets, the Solidarity experimentation in Poland and the bid to unify the Orthodox communities behind the Iron Curtain had probably more impact.  In turn John Paul began to turn his attention to the progressive materialist, anti-God, anti-Church identity of the Western capitalist and globalists.  Crisscrossing the world, from one country to another he kept his international profile highly visible, his spiritual frame of reference current among world political leaders and after a hundred years of political isolation of the Roman Catholic Church, even the United States with highly visible and respected President Ronald Reagan reestablished diplomatic relations with the Vatican, the “American Concordat” with Rome.


The Attempted Assassination of Pope John Paul II and the Lady Fatima


And then on May 13, 1981, in the presence of 75,000 people and 11 million television viewers in St. Peter’s Cathedral, John Paul bent over in the ‘popemobile’ to a young girl wearing a small picture of Mary, the mother of Jesus as Our Lady of Fatima when two bullets shot out missing his head and then two more this time turning his papal cassock bloody red.  A Turkish hired assassin, Mehmet Ali Agca, hit his mark against a man not as an act against a religious leader but for international interests not wanting this Pope to be an “independent and uncontrolled force in international politics.”  (Ibid 47)  Pope John Paul II had shown his skilled as an international and purposeful contender for power, determined to shape the destiny of nations.


The Three Children of Portugal at Fatima


It also happened on May 13, a supernatural event of intimate interest to him occurred on May 13, 1917 in an small Portuguese hamlet of Fatima and ending on October 13 of the same year, a ‘miracle’ of the Virgin Mary controlling the sun in a spectacular way lodged in his memory along with the fact that if he had not of bent over to that little girl with the picture of the Lady Fatima, a bullet would have lodged in his brain.  


To the new Pope, now three years in his papal reign, was an avid Marian worshipper, this coincidence of occurrences would change his future. The miracle of saving his life when he was looking upon Lady Fatima would cast his papal reign a new urgency and a new direction(To be Continued)


The Vatican and Pope John Paul II


Pope to Satan: You're finished! - Pontiff invokes the Apocalypse, discusses ultimate defeat of evil – January 13, 2005
World Net Daily - In comments before 7,000 people attending the General Papal Audience yesterday at the Vatican, Pope John Paul II commented on the Apocalypse, saying that the increase in violence and injustice in the world is the work of a furious Satan who doesn't have "much time left" and ultimately will be defeated. According to a report in the Italian website AGI online, the pope said, "God and the Lamb, Christ, surrounded by the 'Council of the Crown,' are judging human history in good and evil, but showing us however the ultimate end in salvation and glory. The songs which are found in the Apocalypse and which serve to illustrate the issue of divine glory which regulates the flux, often disconcerting, of the tide of human events."


Pope John Paul II


The pope then predicts Satan's downfall: "Satan, the original adversary, who accused our brothers in the heavenly court, has now been cast down from heaven and therefore no longer has great power. He knows he has not much time left because history is about to see a radical turning point in freedom from evil and therefore he is reacting full of great fury. "And then the resurrected Christ will rise up, whose blood is the principle of salvation and who received from the Father royal power over the entire universe; in Him are centered salvation, strength and the kingdom of our God. In his victory are associated the Christian martyrs who chose the path of the cross, not yielding to evil and it virulence, but delivering themselves to the Father and uniting themselves to the death of Christ by means of a testimony of donation and courage which brought them to give up life in order to die."


Concluded the pope: "The words of the Apocalypse regarding those who have vanquished Satan and evil through the blood of the Lamb, echo also in the splendid prayer attributed to the Christian martyr Simeon, from Seleucia-Ctesifonte in Persia: 'I will receive life without pain, worry, anguish, persecutor, persecuted, oppressor, oppressed, tyrant or victim, there I will see no threat of king, or terror of prefects, no one will quote me in court or terrorize me and no one will drag me or scare me.'" (Article)


Rome's Next Choice? - Arch-conservative Cardinal Ratzinger emerges as a possible successor to Pope John Paul II – January 2, 2005
Time - Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, the chief architect of Pope John Paul II's traditionalist moral policy, has long been a bugaboo for liberal Catholics. But they had stopped worrying that the German might one day ascend to St. Peter's throne. His hard-line views and blunt approach had earned him the epithet of panzerkardinal and too many enemies. Well, their worrying may now resume. Sources in Rome tell TIME that Ratzinger has re-emerged as the top papal candidate within the Vatican hierarchy, joining other front runners such as Dionigi Tettamanzi of Milan and Claudio Hummes of Sao Paolo. "The Ratzinger solution is definitely on," said a well-placed Vatican insider.


There are no immediate signs that John Paul's health has taken a turn for the worse, and he has publicly ruled out becoming the first Pope in eight centuries to retire voluntarily. But as his long papacy grows ever longer, some feel the next conclave will seek a shorter-term "transitional" figure. Ratzinger, 77, may fill that bill. His doctrinaire ways have been tempered of late by a deft and more pragmatic approach to issues such as rising Western secularism and Islamic fundamentalism. During the recent U.S. controversy about giving Communion to pro-choice candidates, Ratzinger authored a careful letter to American bishops reasserting the Vatican's antiabortion stance without dragging the Holy See into election-year theatrics. "There was a stigma," said the Vatican official of Ratzinger. "He rises above that now."


Moreover, John Paul's very public health woes may prompt the Cardinals to push his successor to impose a mechanism to avoid another pontificate slowed by illness. Ratzinger, who has sought ways to adapt church governance for modern times, might be willing to agree to an age limit and pass on the job after a few years. (Article)  


The Vatican and the Palestinians signed an agreement regarding the status of Jerusalem on February 15, 2000 – January 18, 2005

Koenig’s International News - The Vatican and the Palestinians signed an agreement on February 15, 2000, stating the following:

An equitable solution for the issue of Jerusalem, based on international resolutions, is fundamental for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East, and that unilateral decisions and actions altering the specific character and status of Jerusalem are morally and legally unacceptable; Calling, therefore, for a special statute for Jerusalem, internationally guaranteed, which should safeguard the following: (a). Freedom of religion and conscience for all. (b). The equality before the law of the three monotheistic religions and their Institutions and followers in the City. (c). The proper identity and sacred character of the City and its universally significant, religious and cultural heritage. (d). The Holy Places, the freedom of access to them and of worship in them. (e). The Regime of "Status Quo" in those Holy Places where it applies.


The Israelis responded by saying, "Israel expresses its great displeasure with the declaration made today in Rome by the Holy See and the PLO, which includes the issue of Jerusalem, and other issues which are subjects of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on permanent status. The agreement signed by these two parties constitutes a regretful intervention in the talks between Israel and the Palestinians."  Furthermore, there is no denying that Israel safeguards freedom of conscience and freedom of worship for all, and provides free access to the holy places of all faiths. Similarly, there is no question that the religious and cultural character of Jerusalem is being preserved, as are the rights of all the religious communities and their institutions in the city. Consequently, Israel flatly rejects the reference to Jerusalem in the aforementioned document. Jerusalem was, is, and shall remain the capital of the State of Israel, and no agreement or declaration by these or any other parties will change this fact.  PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat visited the Vatican nine times beginning in 1994. (Article)


Vatican Proposal for Jerusalem Gains Weight Following Camp David – August 9, 2005
Conclusions of Madeleine Albright's Visit to Rome

VATICAN CITY, AUGUST 9 ( On August 1, U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright visited the Vatican and met with Archbishop Jean Louis Tauran, Vatican Secretary for Relations with States. Albright described the meeting as an "exchange of opinions" with the Archbishop, on the state of the peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis, particularly as regards the future of Jerusalem. Fr. Ciro Benedettini, Assistant Director of the Vatican Press Office, said that "Mrs. Albright wished to inform the Vatican on the recent Camp David summit, and on the general situation of the peace process in the Middle East." For his part, Archbishop Tauran confirmed the Vatican's well-known position on the necessary conditions for a just and lasting peace in that part of the world, that is: priority of dialogue, respect for international decisions, particularly U.N. resolutions, and the need for a special, internationally guaranteed statute for the holy places of the three monotheist religions."


There is satisfaction and optimism in the Vatican over the results of the meeting and the fact that the Holy See's position on Jerusalem is understood better, gaining credit in face of future negotiations. Archbishop Tauran himself commented on this on Vatican Radio. "The fact that the U.S. Secretary of State. Mrs. Albright, wanted to come to the Vatican to hear the Holy See's true position again on the question of Jerusalem's holy places is, in itself, a recognition of the Popes' and Holy See's interest in the Holy Land. I think it also implies recognition by the international community of a moral power, which the Vatican is, working so that political authorities will assume their own responsibilities, the French Archbishop said. "During our conversation, Mrs. Albright updated me on details of the results of the Camp David negotiations, which, as she herself acknowledged, were not entirely negative. Mrs. Albright wanted to hear the Vatican's opinion again on the question of a special status that will give international guarantees to the holy places. She wanted a clear understanding of our position because, as she read in a newspaper, many think that the Vatican is asking for the internationalization of the city of Jerusalem, and this is totally false. What we request is that the shrines of the three religions may preserve their unique and sacred character, thanks to international guarantees, in such a way that in the future none of the parties will be able to claim for itself exclusive control of these sacred parts of the city. In a word, this is the objective of the formula that the Vatican is trying to promote and I have the impression that, following Camp David, this idea is going forward, and our position is considered a valid solution," Archbishop Tauran concluded. (Article)

Vatican hit by new row over role in WWII over denying Jewish children to be returned to parents if they were baptized – December 30, 2004

Revelation: (Taipei Times) - Pope Pius XII wanted to obstruct the return of Jewish children after they were entrusted to the church to save them from Nazi camps, a letter from 1946 shows
THE GUARDIAN , ROME  - The Vatican secretly issued instructions to the Catholic church in France not to return Jewish children to their families after World War II, it emerged on Tuesday. The children were entrusted to the church's care to save them from the death camps. But if the parents survived the war and came forward to reclaim their sons or daughters, the children were only to be returned "provided [they] have not received baptism," the Vatican ordered.


The instructions, contained in a letter dated Oct. 20 1946, were sent by the Holy Office, the Vatican department responsible for church discipline, to the future Pope John XXIII, Angelo Roncalli, who at that time was the Holy See's envoy in Paris. The letter was published yesterday by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

The letter ends with the words: "Please note that this decision has been approved by the Holy Father." This may well have been a warning to the then Monsignor Roncalli, who, in his previous job as the pope's nuncio, or ambassador, in Istanbul, was suspected by some in the Vatican of an excessively pro-Jewish outlook.


The letter deals a new and crushing blow to the reputation of the wartime pope, Pius XII.  Research for a film released two years ago by the documentary maker Aviva Slesin concluded that fewer than 10 percent of the 1.5 million Jewish children living in Europe in 1939 survived the conflict. In a desperate attempt to save their sons and daughters, many parents made arrangements with Christian couples or left them in orphanages. The Vatican's letter indicates that Pope Pius wanted both to obstruct and minimize the return of those children who had been put in the church's care. "Children who have been baptized may not be entrusted to institutions that are not in a position to guarantee them a Christian upbringing," it said.


The position with regard to unbaptized Jewish children was more complicated. The Vatican's officials ruled that those who had lost their parents ought not to be entrusted to "persons who have no rights over them." Only where the parents had re-emerged to claim their children was it permissible for them to be handed back, and even then only if they had not been christened. The revelation represents a fresh setback for the cause of Pius XII's canonization. The present Pope is known to have wanted to beatify his predecessor as a first step towards declaring him a saint. But the process was halted by a host of articles, books and films questioning Pius XII's failure to speak out publicly against Nazism and, in particular, the Holocaust.  His record is still a matter of heated dispute and the controversy surrounding him is unlikely to be resolved until the Vatican opens its wartime archives. (Article)


Hitler 'ordered pope kidnapped'But leading German general refused to obey order, newspaper says – January 15, 2005


Pius XII: There are plans to make him a saint, but others accuse him of turning a blind eye to the Holocaust


VATICAN CITY (Reuters) -- Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler gave one of his generals a direct order to kidnap Pope Pius XII during World War II but the officer did not obey, Italy's leading Roman Catholic newspaper reported.

Avvenire, which is owned by the Italian Conference of Roman Catholic bishops, said new details of the plot had emerged in documents presented to the Vatican in favor of putting the controversial wartime Pontiff on the road to sainthood. Elements of alleged plots to abduct the pope during Germany's occupation of Italy have already emerged in the past from some historians, but Avvenire's full-page report said its details were new.


Avvenire said Hitler feared the pope would be an obstacle to his plans for global domination and because the dictator wanted to eventually abolish Christianity and impose National Socialism as a sort of new global religion. The newspaper said a plot that was code named Operation Rabat had originally been planned for 1943 but was not carried out that year for unspecified reasons. It said that in 1944, shortly before the Germans retreated from Rome, SS General Karl Friedrich Otto Wolff, a senior occupation officer in Italy, had been ordered by Hitler to kidnap the pope. According to the newspaper, Wolff returned to Rome from his meeting with Hitler in Germany and arranged for a secret meeting with the pope. Wolff went to the Vatican in civilian clothes at night with the help of a priest. The newspaper said Wolff told the pope of Hitler's orders and assured him he had no intention of carrying them out himself, but warned the pontiff to be careful "because the situation (in Rome) was confused and full of risks."


story.hitler.jpgFascist dictator Benito Mussolini had already fallen and set up a German-backed puppet regime in northern Italy. The German occupation of Rome was in its dying days. Allied forces were advancing on the capital, which they liberated on June 5, 1944.  As a test of Wolff's good faith, Pope Pius asked for him to free two Italian resistance leaders who had been condemned to death. Wolff arranged for them to be released, the paper said.


Hitler feared the pope would be an obstacle to his plans for world domination


Road to sainthood


Avvenire said the details of the plot are in testimony Wolff gave before he died in Germany to Church officials accumulating evidence to back efforts to have Pius eventually made a saint. But the reports of Hitler's contempt for Pius have contrasted with other versions by historians and authors who have depicted Pius as being pro-German and have accused him of intentionally turning a blind eye to the Holocaust. The Vatican's procedures to put Pius on the road to sainthood have not been slowed or shelved despite concerns from Jews, and they will enter a new phase in March when Vatican historians will begin discussing many volumes of documentation. The Vatican maintains that Pius did not speak out more strongly because he feared it would worsen the fate of Catholics and Jews, and that he worked behind the scenes to save Jews. Pius's pontificate has been one of the trickiest problems in post-war Catholic-Jewish relations. In 1998, there was widespread Jewish discontent with a Vatican document called "We Remember, a Reflection on the Shoah," which effectively absolved Pius of accusations that he facilitated the Holocaust by remaining silent. But the current pontiff, Pope John Paul, has strongly defended Pius and once called him "a great pope."  (Article)


Pope John Paul II and Nicolas Sarkozy (French Presidential Candidate) are Leaders of the Frankist subsect of the Sabbatians – January, 2005

Barry Chamish - I thought this would be of interest to you.  Nicolas Sarkozy who has taken over this week the leadership of the ruling Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), is on his way to head for the Elysee Palace in the 2007 presidential election. His maternal grandfather, Benedict Mallah, a native of Ottoman Salonica immigrated to France in the early 20th century and immediately "became" a Catholic


Nicolas Sarkozy


According to the book written by the prominent historian Joseph Nehama (1881-1971) Histoire des Israelites de Salonique (part VI., pages 56, 66, 67) the Mallah family originated from the Provence region in France. Haim Joseph Mallah, a rabbi from Salonica, spread out Sabbateanism in Ukraine and Poland. He died in 1720. This rabbi who was a member of the Donmeh in Thessaloniki was of the Karakash (the group the later false messiah Jacob Frank had ties with) subsect of the Sabbatians.

 This means that Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy too has family ties with the Donmeh of Turkey.
Dear Mr. Chamish, I hope that you have not forgotten our earlier conversation regarding the theory I posited to you, that Karol Wojtyla is the leader of the Frankist subsect of the Sabbatians. If the information you've given in this email is correct, It would also explain Wojtyla's utility to the Polish and Soviet Communists during the Cold War, as they often made use of Nazi Collaborators for their own designs. The story of the Sabbatean/Frankist relation to WWII and the Holocaust remains to be written, although your efforts in this regard have done much-at least in my mind. (Article)


Judaism and the One World Order of Labor Zionism


Judaism And Zionism Are Not The Same Thing  - Orthodox Jews speaking on their identity and faith - December 24, 2004

Neturei Karta demonstrationJews United Against Zionism - We would like to take a few minutes of your time to prevent you from making a terrible mistake that may have disastrous results for many. You have always without a doubt heard and read much about the political crises in the Middle East in which the State of Israel plays a central role. This is, in fact, an ongoing series of crises with potential to bring the greatest misfortune on the entire world. Tragically many believe that Zionism and Judaism are identical. Thus they conclude that the entire Jewish people are responsible for the actions of the Zionist government and the world crises which emanates from it. This is a Grave Error! The truth is that the Jewish faith and Zionism are two very different philosophies. They are as opposite as day and night.


Muslims and Jews demonstrate solidarity in protest against the apartheid wall


The Jewish people have existed for thousands of years. In their two thousand years of Divinely decreed exile no Jew ever sought to end this exile and establish independent political sovereignty anywhere. The people's sole purpose was the study and fulfillment of the Divine commandments of the Torah.


The Zionist movement created the Israeli state. The latter is a persuasion less than one hundred years old. Its essential goal was and is to change the nature of the Jewish people from that of a religious entity to a political movement. From Zionism's inception the spiritual leaders of the Jewish people stood in staunch opposition to it. To this day Torah Jewry remains forever loyal to its faith. Zionists want the world to believe that they are the representatives of the entire Jewish people. This is false! The Jewish people never chose them as their leaders. The Zionists have deceived many well meaning Jewish people via terror, trickery and false propaganda. They have at their disposal the use of a nearly universally subservient media. Whoever attempts to criticize them puts his livelihood and, at times, his very life in danger. However, despite the media blackout and easy resort to terror the simple truth remains unrefuted and irrefutable: ACCORDING TO THE JEWISH FAITH AND TORAH LAW THE JEWISH PEOPLE ARE FORBIDDEN TO HAVE THEIR OWN STATE WHILE AWAITING THE MESSIANIC ERA!


The Creator gave us the Holy Land thousands of years ago. Yet, when we sinned, He took it away and sent us into exile. Since that time our task is to wait for Him to send the Messiah. At that time, the Creator alone, without any human being lifting a hand or saying a word, will bring us together and take us out of exile. He will likewise establish universal peace among all mankind and all will serve Him in good will.   Some religious Jews, confused by Zionist propaganda quote Biblical verses that state that G-d gave the children of Israel the Holy Land. They overlook, unfortunately, those verses which say that He took it away due to our sins. They further ignore those prophecies which explicitly describe the last exile's conclusion as a Divine, not a human process. The Creator has commanded every Jew to follow the ways of peace and to be loyal to the country where he lives. Torah true Jewry waits patiently for the Messianic redemption. They have nothing to do with any kind of pseudo "Jewish State" and its aggressions against other peoples. They have a deep sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians who have suffered the most from Zionism's false teachings and barbaric actions. The Zionist state is not a Jewish state. The Zionists alone are the only ones responsible for their actions. Authentic Jewry has and will continue to oppose the very existence of this blasphemous state. May all mankind witness the true redemption. (Article)


The Tale of the Wall – by Jews United against Zionism


The Sale of the Jerusalem Post – Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) sells to CFR - January, 2005
Jerusalem Post was sold to Israeli/Canadian Companies. CanWest, owned by the Asper family, is one of the largest media companies in Canada, with newspapers, television stations and channels, publishing houses, and radio stations in Canada, Britain, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. I actually met the scion of CanWest, Izzy Asper. He was running for the premiership of a Canadian province and I was a young BA student. His sole issue was that a dam project would flood some Native Indians' land. He brought the tribe in full regalia to the university and I accused him of playing on our feelings and exploiting the Natives for his own purposes. I was roundly booed for doing so.


He has passed away but his son Leonard will be the new publisher of the Jerusalem Post. I have long proven that the Post is a mouthpiece for the Council On Foreign Relations because its previous owner, Conrad Black, CEO of the Hollinger Corp. was a prominent CFR member. Now, with gratitude to my correspondent Elisheva Rubin, I can report to you that the Post hasn't really been sold. It's still safely in the hands of the promulgators of the New World Order. We begin with the 2000 Bilderberg meeting. Look who are both invited participants: Izzy Asper and Conrad Black. Now look who is a director of Asper's CanWest Global Communications. Why it's Conrad Black of the CFR!! The Jerusalem Post sold itself to itself.


Conrad M. Black (by CDN) - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hollinger International Inc. in the United States, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Argus Corporation Limited and Hollinger Inc. in Canada and Chairman of Telegraph Group Limited in London. He became a member of the British House of Lords as Lord Black of Crossharbour in October, 2001. Hollinger International Inc. owns English-language newspapers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Israel. Included among the paid daily newspapers that the company owns are the Chicago Sun-Times (U.S.), The Daily Telegraph (U.K.) and The Jerusalem Post (Israel). In addition, the company owns a large number of non-daily periodicals, numerous magazines and other publications, including the Sunday Telegraph and Spectator, (U.K.). Hollinger is also a successful Internet publisher and investor. In addition, Lord Black is a director of Sotheby's Holdings, Inc., Brascan Corporation, The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, CanWest Global Communications and The Jerusalem Post Limited and serves on the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Meetings and is Chairman of the Editorial Board of the National Interest in Washington D.C. He is also a member of The Trilateral Commission, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Chairman's Council of the Americas Society, a trustee of the Malcolm Muggeridge Foundation, the Nixon Center and the Hudson Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana, and a director of the Centre for Policy Studies in London, a member of the International Advisory Board of The Council on Foreign Relations in New York

Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism, and the Holocaust by Barry Chamish – December, 2004
Joel Skouson -
World Affairs Brief - No update on Israel would be complete without a review of Barry’s unique series of exposes putting Israel’s treacherous leaders under the scrutiny of truth. I read everything Barry Chamish writes about Israel. I consider his works, even with their flaws, essential reading for any serious student of the inner workings of Israel. He is literally Israel’s lone voice in the wilderness, trying desperately to wake up a sleeping nation to the reality of their impending demise—by their own leaders. There are other valiant voices defending Israel from its enemies within, but none has the clarity of understanding that Barry has concerning the conspiratorial and globalist ties which control Israel’s leaders, whether on the right or the left.


Most defenders of the Jewish Torah-Zion position in Israel naively think their problems with leaders are the result of "rogue" elements of corruption that can be fixed by simply changing leaders. Little do they know that the corruption and betrayal is systemic, rather than exceptional.  And, as in US politics, globalist controllers in Israel cultivate opposition leaders further to the right (i.e.: Netanyahu) of the current phony conservative leader (Sharon) so that when the people finally get fed up with betrayal they fall into the arms of another phony savior claiming to champion their cause, and so the cycle of deception continues.


Barry Chamish is loved and appreciated by thousands and hated by many more for having the audacity to challenge the official government version of events surrounding the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. That was the key event that changed Barry’s life and career. Not only was Rabin NOT shot by a right-wing fanatic settler, as the government claimed, but the blank-shooting patsy who was set up to be blamed for the assassination, Yigal Amir, turned out to be an agent for the Shabak (Israeli Secret Service) and part of a radical right wing outfit created by and run by other Shabak agents. In other words, Rabin was killed by dark side elements of his own government—just like JFK in the US. Chamish has discovered 90% of all the sordid details surrounding the assassination and subsequent cover-up, and sources keep coming forward to confirm more of the actual story. Chamish’s Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin is a classic in the genre. His video analysis of the assassination film graphically proves his case as well.


One of the fascinating things to read in Barry’s subsequent books are the number of first hand witnesses that come forward to give him additional pieces of information missing in the original work—which served as an impetus to bring many reluctant witnesses out from the woodwork. We in America almost never have the benefits of so many insiders coming forward, so great is their fear of elimination and retribution from the powerful forces that control our country.


There are reasons why Israel’s fate is a little different. First, because of God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Israel (though most Jews are irreligious and undeserving) the Lord keeps intervening, thwarting these conspirator’s designs through continual Palestinian terror. Second, dealing with conspiracy in the nation of Israel is like dealing with a city government the size of Houston, rather than a nation. When a nation has only a few million people and is tucked into a city the size of Houston, you run into people who see things and know things much more easily than you do in a huge country like the United States. Barry is always running into conspirators at public functions where he confronts them brazenly and records their reactions, ranging from outright disdain to livid bursts of anger. He tirelessly hauls his books around to conferences or meetings and dares people to read the truth. Many do, and now over half of Israel believes there was a conspiracy by government to kill Yitzak Rabin and blame it on radical settlers.


Barry’s other books, Traitors and Carpet Baggers in the Promised Land, and Save Israel continue to saga of collusion and conspiracy between those pretending to represent Israel’s Right (the Likud) and the radical Marxist Left (Labor Party). Chamish details the manner in which America’s elite leaders of the Council on Foreign Relations and other interlocking globalist conspirators suborn, train up, and control Israel’s leaders. He is the only Israeli investigative reporter other than Joel Bainerman (Author: Crimes of a President) who really understands this crucial issue.


Chamish’s latest book is Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism, and the Holocaust ($25 postpaid from Israel for WAB subscribers). Don’t be put off by the difficulty of the title. Like his other works, most of this book is a chronicle of his latest research uncovering the hidden hand of treachery behind the most recent political assassinations and murders in Israel. His analysis of the Ginosar scandal is a must read, showing who in Israel colluded with terrorists to set up Arafat’s secret bank accounts and why. Only the last two chapters deal with the historical conspiracies of Shabtai Tzvi and Labor Zionism.


As a caution to those unfamiliar with his works, you have to know how to read Chamish. He is brilliant, but also a little erratic, darting from one topic to another without refreshing the reader’s memory about who’s who, or explaining titles or acronyms that abound. Keep in mind, these books are all produced under the greatest personal strain by a man impassioned by a just cause but operating with no outside editor, little money, and harried by government attempts on his life and sanity. It’s best to get the whole set of Barry’s books and start from the beginning. If you come to a part you don’t understand, just keep reading; he’ll eventually repeat the information in another context, and after hearing certain key people show up numerous times, you’ll start to remember who the real dangerous people are. This is real live sleuthing, even if the prose is not as clear as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Be patient. The journey is worth the effort. For books and prices, go to Barry’s website, Send check or money order to Barry Chamish, Nahal Zohar 40/2, Modiin, 71700 Israel. Contact email is: Telephone from US: 011 972 8 9752937. (Article)


The Final Infiltration to the Jewish Problem  - December 3, 2004

Chamish - The last holdout of Jewish morality, our religion, has been taken over by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The two leading New York rabbinical colleges, Yeshiva University and the Jewish Theological Seminary, are now in the hands of the worst enemies of Judaism, indeed of mankind. In the future, the majority of America's rabbis will be thoroughly inculcated in the globalist vision of the New World Order Sabbataians. And this dreadful vision has already spread to Jerusalem.  We begin with a letter sent to me by an astute student of Rabbi Marvin Antelman, David Samuels:

"A head of the CFR, Haass went to a ceremony in a synagogue on 5th Ave. in Manhattan inaugurating the CFR division at Yeshiva University (again I mean this literally)--an institute for Middle Eastern Affairs which will be overseen by the CFR itself. Also presiding over the ceremony was the new YU president Richard Joel. Joel is without doubt one of the most dangerous figures in the Jewish world today. He immediately went about revamping YU according to his NWO-CFR vision, replacing the age old YU symbol with a torch (of illumination), literally effacing every last sign of the old symbol, and he even wants to change the name to something like American Jewish University or something like this, which sounds more like a conservative or reform institution. This is just the beginning of it. I understand much more is going on than these things. I even heard about students receiving death threats via telephone."


Here are a few passages from Samuels' essay on the YU takeover:

”In only the past two years we’ve seen a shocking takeover of Jewish institutions by Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) elements. This includes the takeover of newspaper Makor Rishon and TV channel Techelet by the CFR’s Ronald Lauder and an almost-takeover of the religious paper HaTzofeh. But worst and most dangerous of all is the takeover of the historical supply channel for the Orthodox Union’s rabbis, Yeshiva University.”


The new head of Yeshiva University is a certain Richard Joel. Joel isn’t even an ordained rabbi. Now see what one of his first moves is.
Remarks of Richard Haass at inauguration of the Arthur Schneier Center for International Affairs, Yeshiva University:

"I am always happy to be here at Park East Synagogue, to my shul. I am especially happy given the circumstances: to help launch Yeshiva University's Rabbi Arthur Schneier Center for International Affairs. I want to salute Yeshiva and its president, Richard Joel, for its good judgment twice over: first, for establishing an interdisciplinary center that will bring together faculty and both undergraduate and graduate students from diverse intellectual backgrounds to study and discuss some of the fundamental issues of the day. Your timing could hardly be better. This is a moment of great promise and peril alike for Americans and for the United States, and we need to prepare a new generation that understands and is tooled to address the challenges of living in this global world of ours...I do believe too that everyone involved would benefit in particular from the establishment of a viable Palestinian state alongside Israel...This policy need not be seen as inconsistent with the road map, which calls for a Palestinian state with provisional borders."


With Yeshiva University now a CFR outlet, the same plotters turned their attention to the Jewish Theological Seminary. Before we begin with this sad episode, recall who CFR member Stephen Frand Cohen is. For those familiar with my work, you remember the Ginossar scandal of March '02. For those unfamiliar, get my new book, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust, which boasts a long chapter on the issue.


To summarize: The former deputy head of Israel's internal security forces, the Shabak, Yossi Ginossar, laundered over $300 million in stolen funds for Yasir Arafat in a Swiss bank account. To create a complicated paper trail, Ginossar founded numerous phoney companies on Arafat's behalf and he appointed as CEO of many of these companies, Stephen Frand Cohen. The tale turns to murder, when Cohen's Washington partner, former Utah congressman Wayne Owens, is found dead on a Tel Aviv beach. In short, Cohen is an embezzler, fraud and complicit in murder. So who better is there to bring inter- faith joy to America's future rabbis? (Article)

Christianity and the One World Order


Two Nations Legislate Dangerous Trends for Christians – December 22, 2004
Christians in several countries are noting with alarm the mounting evidence of what can happen when governments favor homosexuals or religious sects with special rights, while anti-Christian bias is increasingly sanctioned. Recent examples have come to light in Australia and in Canada.

In Australia, a judge has ruled that an evangelical Christian group's criticism of Islam violated the nation's law against racial and religious vilification. Pastors Daniel Nalliah and Daniel Scot of Catch the Fire Ministries were tried under Victoria's new race and religion hate laws and found guilty of publicly mocking Islam. The Islamic Council of Victoria had filed legal action against the ministers, claiming that they called followers of Islam demons, liars, and terrorists.


Christian Teaching Criminalized


Last week in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Judge Michael Higgins cited comments Scot made to a church congregation during a seminar on Islam, saying that Muslims want to turn Australia into an Islamic nation and that the Koran promotes violence, killing, and looting.  According to a WorldNetDaily report, the judge found that Scot's comments were not made "in the context of a serious discussion," but were instead "presented in a way which is essentially hostile, demeaning, and derogatory" of Muslims, their god Allah, the prophet Muhammed, and Islamic beliefs and practices in general. The judge ruled that a website article and a newsletter published by Catch the Fire Ministries were also in violation of the religious vilification laws.

Scot and Nalliah maintain their innocence and insist that no hate speech was involved in the ministry's presentation. Following the decision the pastors spoke to the media, stating their intention to "continue to stand up for religious freedom and freedom of speech in Australia." They added that they expect this ruling will have "major implications for the critique of the religious texts of other religions."

 In their formal complaint, the Islamic Council asked for an apology, compensation and costs. Since there is no set monetary limit, this could amount to many hundreds of thousands of dollars - on the other hand they could be very ‘nice’ and simply ask for an apology. However, there is no set monetary limit under this legislation, so the penalty in the case remains to be determined.  According to a Catch the Fire Ministries article, the case continues to be watched by Christians and governments nationally and internationally, and the British government is currently considering similar legislation to the Victoria statute.

Meaning of Marriage Muddied


Meanwhile, in Canada, the Globe and Mail newspaper is reporting that civic officials in some provinces could be forced to perform civil marriages for homosexuals, even if they object on religious grounds. A new homosexual marriage law that has been approved by Canada's Supreme Court allows an exemption for churches, but it fails to provide any protection for Christians who might work as marriage commissioners, court clerks, or justices of the peace.

According to the Globe and Mail, there is disagreement among the provinces concerning the assertion of Justice Minister Irwin Cotler that civic officials will be able to opt out of performing same-sex marriages based on religious grounds, with different jurisdictions adopting different policies. Manitoba's Premier Gary Doer says commissioners in his province must perform such ceremonies if they want to remain licensed, because as provincial officials they must not discriminate.

Saskatchewan has established the same policy, with no opt-out for civil employees. However, one Conservative Member of Parliament in Saskatchewan, MP Maurice Vellacott is insisting that Cotler has "made it very plain" that civic officials would be able to opt out of performing homosexual marriages if they have "conscience qualms" about doing so, and therefore, the Justice Minister has an obligation to ensure this right. And in New Brunswick, where same-sex marriage is still against the law, the provincial officials are preparing legislation to allow court clerks who perform civil marriages to opt out of performing them for same-sex couples by citing a religious objection. And in British Columbia, marriage commissioners have been instructed that they can refuse to perform a same-sex marriage, so long as they refer the couple to a commissioner who will perform the ceremony.

Twelve B.C. marriage commissioners have resigned over that rule, however, apparently unwilling even to make same-sex marriage referrals. Meanwhile, in Manitoba, two commissioners have quit over their province's "no opt out" policy and have filed human rights complaints. The current legislative quagmire is one that many Christians, Canadian and otherwise, predicted well before the Canadian Supreme Court decided in favor of redefining marriage.  Now, while some human rights activists argue that no province has the right to allow its civil officials to refuse to marry a homosexual couple, others argue with equal vehemence that government employees must not be forced to act against their religious convictions. There is no end to the controversy in sight. (Article)


Islam and the Hajj at Mecca


What is the Hajj? – January 18, 2005

The Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam, which every adult Muslim must undertake at least once in their life if they can afford it and are physically able.

Muslim pilgrims pray around holy Kaaba at Mecca's Great Mosque Every year about two million Muslims converge on Mecca - the holiest place in Islam - to take part in an event which combines piety and passion. Many Muslims save for years in order to perform the pilgrimage. They often have to travel thousands of miles.

Then, once they arrive, they must brave vast crowds and the fierce heat of the desert as they perform the Hajj rituals.


Pilgrims at the Kaaba at Mecca


Saudi custodians


For the host country, Saudi Arabia, the event has a special importance. Saudi rulers are acutely conscious of their responsibility as custodians of the Muslim holy places. The sheer number of pilgrims poses formidable problems. In recent years hundreds have died as a result of demonstrations, fires, stampedes - or just sunstroke and exhaustion. The Saudi authorities have introduced a quota system to keep down the numbers of pilgrims. They have also tried, and failed, to keep politics out of the Hajj. In 1987 hundreds of pilgrims were killed in clashes between the Saudi security forces and Iranian-led demonstrators.


The Hajj step by step:
To carry out the pilgrimage rituals a pilgrim needs to be in a state of Ihram - a special state of ritual purity. A pilgrim does this by making a statement of intention to perform the Hajj, wearing special white clothes (which are also called Ihram), and obeying certain regulations. A pilgrim is forbidden to:

·                     Engage in marital relations

·                     Shave or cut their nails

·                     Use cologne or scented oils

·                     Kill or hunt anything

·                     Fight or argue

·                     Women must not cover their faces, even if they would do so in their home country

·                     Men may not wear clothes with stitching.


Once in Mecca pilgrims enter the Great Mosque and walk seven times round the Kaaba (a cube-like building in the centre of the mosque) in an anti-clockwise direction. This is known as Tawaf. Pilgrims also run seven times along a passageway in the Great Mosque, commemorating a search for water by Hajar, wife of the Prophet Abraham.



Pilgrims travel to Mina on 8 Dhul Hijjah (a date in the Islamic calendar) and remain there until dawn the next morning.



Pilgrims then travel to the valley of Arafat and stand in the open praising Allah and meditating. At the end of the day, pilgrims travel to Muzdalifa where they spend the night. Pilgrims gather up stones to use the next day.



In the morning, pilgrims return to Mina and throw seven stones at pillars called Jamaraat. These represent the devil. The pillars stand at three spots where Satan is believed to have tempted the Prophet Abraham.

Pilgrims sacrifice an animal (usually a sheep or goat). This commemorates the incident related in the Old Testament when the Prophet Abraham was about to sacrifice his son and God accepted a sheep instead. Nowadays many pilgrims pay someone to slaughter the animal on their behalf.

Pilgrims shave their heads or cut some hair from it and return to the Great Mosque at Mecca for a further Tawaf, walking around the Kaaba. They then return to Mina, where they spend the night.


DAYS 4 & 5

Pilgrims spend time in Mina, stoning the pillars each day.

If a pilgrim has been unable to return to Mecca to walk around the Kaaba, he or she does so on the fourth or fifth day. (Article)


Click here to see the different stages of the pilgrimage


Click here to see pix of Eid-ul-Adha (the Feast of Sacrifice) around the world


 Millions of Muslims continue haj – January 20, 2005

Millions of Muslims continue hajITV Network - More than two million Muslim pilgrims have begun one of the final rituals of the annual haj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. This involves throwing seven pebbles at stone pillars that symbolise the devil. Arms aloft, Muslims from around the world are praying for salvation at Mount Arafat on the most important day of the haj. From the break of dawn, tens of thousands of buses ferried pilgrims from a sprawling tent city in the valley of Mina to the hill just outside Mecca. The faithful - the men clad in a white cloth, the women covered except for the hands and face - spent the day praying for forgiveness and beseeching God for success. Pilgrims held hands out for each other to climb the hill to hug a pillar, standing where the Prophet gave his last sermon in the year 632.


The pilgrimage to the birthplace of Islam is one of the central religious duties of Muslims. All able-bodied Muslims who can afford to must perform haj at least once in their lifetime. The haj began in Mecca with the circling of the Kaaba, the large stone structure that Muslims face during their daily prayers. The congregation at Mount Arafat is a day of soul searching and prayer, interpreted as a foretaste of Judgement Day. Standing on Mount Arafat before sunset is the high point of the haj, and pilgrims who fail to make it on time must repeat their pilgrimage in future. The pilgrims will return to Mecca later, the first day of Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice).


Most will sacrifice an animal, generally a sheep, in remembrance of Abraham's readiness to sacrifice his son to God. They will then return to Mina to stone the jamarat, three pillars symbolising the devil, the ultimate but also the most dangerous ritual. Last year 244 pilgrims died in a stampede during the ritual - in 1990 1,426 people were killed. (Article)


Islamic militants 'lured by devil,' cleric tells hajj – January 20, 2005

MT. ARAFAT, Saudi Arabia -- Pilgrims converged on Mt. Arafat for the climax of the hajj, their eyes welled with tears as they prayed on the most critical day of the annual pilgrimage that the faithful believe will wipe away their sins. Saudi Arabia's top cleric, Sheik Abdul-Aziz al-Sheik, speaking at a nearby mosque, lamented the violence waged by Muslim militants against Saudi Arabia. ''The greatest affliction to strike the nation of Islam came from some of its own sons, who were lured by the devil,'' the cleric said. Men and women climbed the uneven but gentle slope to hug a pillar, standing Wednesday where Islam's Prophet Muhammad gave his last sermon three months before his death on June 8, 632. Later, the pilgrims headed to Muzdalifa, where today they will each throw seven pebbles at pillars in a symbolic stoning of the devil. The hajj began in Mecca earlier this week. (Article)


Top Saudi Cleric Blasts Attacks on Nation – January 19, 2005

MOUNT ARAFAT, Saudi Arabia (The Guardian/AP) - Saudi Arabia's top cleric told 2 million hajj pilgrims Wednesday that some of Islam's own son's had been ``lured by the devil'' to conduct violent attacks on the kingdom and charged that the non-Muslim world was conspiring against the people of the faith. The pilgrims converged on Mount Arafat for the climax of the hajj, their eyes welled with tears as they prayed on the most critical day of the annual pilgrimage the faithful believe will wipe away their sins.


Sheik Abdul-Aziz al-Sheik, speaking at a mosque near Mount Arafat on the climactic day, lamented the violence waged by Muslim militants against Saudi Arabia.

``The greatest affliction to strike the nation of Islam came from some of its own sons, who were lured by the devil,'' the cleric said. ``They have called the nation infidel, they have shed protected blood and they have spread vice on earth, with explosions and destruction and killing of innocents.''  He pointedly asked of Muslim youth: ``How would you meet God? With innocent blood you shed or helped shed?'' He warned them not to be used by enemies of the nation to weaken it. ``Oh, Allah, at thy service,'' the pilgrims chanted, as they swarmed on foot and in motor vehicles to the mountain plains, 12 miles southwest of Mecca.


Raising their hands to the sky, many pilgrims had tears in their eyes as they prayed on a day of soul searching and prayer interpreted as a foretaste of Judgment Day. Men and women, otherwise not allowed to mix in the conservative kingdom, rubbed shoulders and stretched helping hands to each other as they climbed the uneven but gentle slope. Many already atop pushed and shoved to hug a pillar, standing where Islam's 7th century prophet Muhammad gave his last sermon in the year 632, three months before his death.


Helicopters hovered above the plain, dotted by pilgrims all the way to the peak of Mount Arafat. Some paused for photographs; men in seamless white robes and women, covered from head to foot except for their hands and faces, held prayer booklets and recited the Quran. The cleric, al-Sheik, said that campaigns were being waged against Muslims from outside the Islamic world - ``military campaigns, thought campaigns, economic campaigns, and media campaigns. ``They are all against this religion. The nation was described as a terrorist nation, that we are terrorists and backward,'' he said. ``Conferences have been held and conspiracies have been woven ... all unjustly and unfairly.''  Al-Sheik urged worshippers to abide the words of God and his prophet and not be ``fooled by a civilization known for its weak structure and bad foundation.''


Saudi pilgrim Abdullah Abdel-Latif, 34, said he agreed with the cleric's sermon. ``Something has to be done to glorify the name of Islam. The evil work of a few is giving the religion a bad name unnecessarily,'' the bearded man said, urging non-Muslims not to jump to conclusions about Islam. Later, the pilgrims headed to Muzdalifa, where on Thursday they will each throw seven pebbles at pillars in a symbolic stoning of the devil. Many pilgrims then shave or trim their hair as a symbol of rebirth. Abdullah Salam, from Muscat, Oman, searched on the dirt path for his seven pebbles, mixing with young and old, men and women, rich and poor from around the world.

``This is an obligation to God and I don't mind it,'' he said of the crowded scrambling for pebbles. ``Who wouldn't want to get the devil for luring us from the right path?''


Saudi officials have taken extra precautions this year to prevent the deadly stampedes that have marred the ritual in the past. Last year, 244 pilgrims died in a stampede; 1,426 died in a similar fashion in 1990. About 10,000 forces - including traffic and crowd control - will patrol the area Thursday to ensure the smooth flow of the ritual. Authorities have erected three new pillars, wider and taller than ones used previously, so more pilgrims can throw stones at the same time. A foot bridge leading to the pillars has also been expanded to accommodate more people and includes two new emergency exits. ``We are very confident that we will be able to handle the crowd,'' Interior Ministry spokesman Brig. Gen. Mansour al-Turki said. ``Pilgrims will also have to do their part to avoid accidents.'' The hajj - required at least once in the lifetime of every able-bodied Muslim who can afford it - began in Mecca earlier this week with the circling of the Kaaba, the large cubic stone structure that Muslims face during their five daily prayers. Thursday marks the beginning of Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of the Sacrifice. Saudi Arabia has imported more than 1 million sheep for slaughter on that day. (Article)


Saudi Arabia welcomes 2 million pilgrims with calls to act against ”terrorism and extremism-  January 20, 2005

Thousands of Muslim pilgrims started one of the final rituals of the Hajj early Thursday, each throwing seven pebbles at large stone pillars symbolizing the devil. Saudi prayerThe majority of the 2 million pilgrims who have come in the Saudi city of Mecca from around the world will perform the rite around midday, but those who completed the ceremony early acted under a fatwa, or religious edict, issued last year that allowed the stoning before the dawn prayers.

On Wednesday, the pilgrims converged on nearby Mount Arafat, where Islam's 7th century prophet Muhammad gave his last sermon in the year 632, three months before his death. Saudi Arabia's top cleric, speaking at a mosque near Mount Arafat, lamented the violence waged by some armed groups against Saudi Arabia and complained that a hostile world was conspiring against Islam.


''The   greatest affliction to strike the nation of Islam came from some of its own sons, who were lured by the devil,'' Sheikh Abdul-Aziz al-Sheik said, according to The AP. ''They have called the nation infidel, they have shed protected blood and they have spread vice on earth, with explosions and destruction and killing of innocents.'


'Meanwhile, King Fahd bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Abdullah delivered a speech to citizens and pilgrims on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha of this year. The speech was delivered on television and radio by the Saudi Minister of Culture and Information Dr. Fouad bin Abdulsalam Al-Farsi. In their speech they said "Eid in Islam has many meanings: to show joy and satisfaction, to look after the needs of other Muslims and seek what is good for them, to cooperate on the enhancement of good deeds, and to build bridges of mercy and sympathy with Muslims to achieve the bounds of brotherhood in Islam, and to resort to the firm tie away from extremism in a manner that expels terrorism, the plague whose ruinous nature is the very thing Islam proscribes and warns against." (Article)


Muslims Hajj festival nears end  - January 20, 2005

Hajj pilgrims camp in Mina, near MeccaAround 2.5 million Muslims from around the world are nearly at the end of their annual five-day Hajj pilgrimage. Wednesday saw pilgrims climb Mount Arafat, where the Prophet Mohammed made his last sermon. This is one of the most important parts of the journey. On Thursday Muslims began celebrating Eid al Adha, the most important religious holiday of the year. Officials in Saudi Arabia brought in 50,000 extra security staff to help prevent a possible stampede.


Click here to find out about Hajj


In 2004 291 Hajj pilgrims were killed in Mina when crowds got out of control and some people got trampled. This year many worshippers started arriving in the town just after midnight because they were worried about the crowds. All Muslims who are fit and healthy and can afford the trip are expected to perform Hajj at least once during their lifetime. It can be an exhausting journey for many pilgrims, some of whom have traveled on foot and slept in the open air. (Article)



Pilgrims "stone Satan" as Muslims mark Adha festival – January 20, 2005

SGE.DEO03.200105121735.photo00.quicklook.default-245x163.jpg - Some 2.5 million Muslims took part in the "Stoning of Satan" ritual, as the Islamic world marked the Eid al-Adha feast of sacrifice following the annual hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. The pilgrims were stoning one of the "jamarat", or three pillars symbolising the devil, in the ultimate but also the most dangerous ritual of the hajj that last year saw 251 people killed in a stampede.


Karim Sahib - (AFP)


Ahead of Eid al-Adha, the faithful went to Muzdalifa, 10 kilometres (six miles) from Mecca, to collect the stones used for the ceremony. Then in Mina, also near Mecca, the faithful approached the pillars -- standing in ditches several metres (yards) deep behind a fence or on a bridge built over the site for extra security -- to stone the target. According to tradition, it is the place where Satan appeared first to Abraham, to his son, Ishmael, and to Ishmael's mother Hagar. All three pillars are to be stoned as the ritual resumes on Friday and Saturday. Last year saw 251 pilgrims trampled or suffocated to death during a stampede as they vied to hurl pebbles at the pillars. "Thanks to God, the stoning of the jamarat is taking place in the best possible manner," Information Minister Fuad al-Farsi, on the scene in Mina, told AFP.

He praised the 28-million-dollar modernisation programme carried out since last year's disaster to make it easier for pilgrims to throw their pebbles and the extra cameras installed to allow the flow to be monitored.


The hajj reached its climax Wednesday with some 2.56 million pilgrims from around the world converging on Mount Arafat, according to interior ministry figures. The faithful -- men clad in a two-piece seamless white cloth, the women covered except for the hands and face -- spent the day praying for forgiveness in a symbolic enactment of the Final Judgement at the scene of the Prophet Mohammed's last sermon 14 centuries ago. The pilgrims on Thursday were sacrificing animals, normally sheep, in remembrance of Abraham's readiness to sacrifice his son to God. On Friday and Saturday, they stoning ritual continues to close the hajj.


Saudi King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz marked the start of Eid al-Adha with a call on Muslims to disavow terrorism, which they said was taboo in Islam. "The meanings of the Eid in Islam are many. They include the Muslim's sympathizing with the needs of fellow Muslims ... and cooperating with them in what is good ... away from excess and extremism," they said in a joint message. Muslims should embark united on "a course that disavows terrorism, which spreads mayhem and seeks destruction and was forbidden by Islam," said the message to Muslims reported by official media. King Fahd and Abdullah, de facto ruler of the oil-rich kingdom, made similar remarks in their Eid al-Adha message last year.


Since May 2003, Saudi Arabia has been battling a wave of terror by presumed Islamist extremists from Al-Qaeda, who have killed more than 100 people and wounded hundreds more in a spate of bombings and shootings. The Qatar-based satellite television Al-Jazeera, whose ties with the conservative Saudi conservative have often been strained, was banned for a third straight year from covering the hajj. (Article)


CNN's Zain Verjee: My Hajj experience – January 20, 2005

story.zain.jpg (CNN) -- Zain Verjee is anchoring CNN's coverage of the Hajj pilgrimage. She is also keeping a Web log of her experiences:

From Mecca to Mina and back, Thursday:

The Hajj is in it's final stages. Pilgrims are streaming back to Mecca for rituals at the Grand Mosque. They are circling the Kaba seven times. More than 2 million pilgrims spent the morning in a long, narrow desert stretch surrounded by granite mountains in the Mina valley. They are fulfilling an important ritual known as the stoning of the devil.


Today they throw stones at the biggest of three pillars in a symbolic rejection of the devil and his temptation. Over the next few days they will stone the other two pillars as well. Two Turkish sisters we met told us what is was like to do the stoning ritual. They said it went smoothly and was easier than expected. Both of them praised the Saudi authorities for organizing it well. They also said one of the problems was with the pilgrims themselves. Many just didn't know what to do during various stages of the Hajj, and would be confused or hold things up. They said they felt fulfilled and wanted to lead better lives and be different people.

Pilgrims climb Mount Arafat as the culmination of their pilgrimage to Mecca

The biggest fear on this day was stampedes. Last year more than 240 pilgrims were killed in a crush during that ritual. Saudi authorities have focused on pilgrim safety this year. Here's what they've done: Deployed about 50,000 security forces, put helicopters in the sky to monitor the movement of pilgrims, and placed cameras and sensors around the stoning area to monitor crowds inside.  The concrete enclosures of the Jamarat have been coated with rubber so the stones thrown don't deflect and injure pilgrims. The Red Crescent is everywhere -- as are makeshift hospitals in anticipation of any accidents


Pilgrims climb Mount Arafat at the end of their Mecca pilgrimage


Crowd control techniques appear to have been successful. Pilgrims were instructed not to lug their baggage to the ritual area and that was heeded. It's created major problems in the past creating congestion and pilgrims have collapsed with exhaustion. Officials say cool weather played a part in pilgrim safety too -- tempers didn't flare and pilgrims didn't collapse with heat exhaustion. The Saudi authorities have spent Muslim pilgrims pray together on the Mount of Mercy in the plain of Arafat outside Saudi Arabia's holy city of Mecca more than $28 million to modernize the Jamarat area. There are plans to expand the stoning area to nine levels. Currently there are only two. More than 22,000 buses ferried pilgrims from Mecca to Mina and back.


Back in Mecca, a leading Saudi cleric warned Muslims against heeding the calls of Militants to wage attack in the name of Islam. He said militants calling for violence were "misguided". Muslims celebrate the festival of Eid al-Adha today. A sheep is slaughtered and the meat distributed to the poor. After doing Hajj, men shave their heads and women cut off a lock of hair, to symbolize rebirth.


In Arafat Tuesday/Wednesday:                                Muslim pilgrims praying on the Mount of Mercy on the Plain of Arafat outside of Mecca.


We arrived from the Mina valley to Arafat on Tuesday evening, ahead of the arrival of more than 2 million pilgrims, so we wouldn't get stuck in traffic. When we got there, we needed a place to set up our workspace, but there was a major problem: Men and women are segregated in Saudi society, so they found our request for a mixed workspace unusual. Six hours later, after many cups of tea and dates, we finally managed to organize one. It was fairly comfortable, carpet was strewn on the floor and mattresses and blankets ringed the room.


For dinner, rice and sheep head was served in large trays. We had too much work to do, so we settled for bananas, oranges and biscuits we bought from the supermarket. Tea and Arabic coffee kept us going. We all worked most of the night and got an average of about three hours' sleep. We had set up our videophone on a location overlooking the plain of Arafat and did a live shot for CNN International. At 5.30 a.m. local we were awoken by deafening sound of hooting cars and an African pilgrims on the Hajjextraordinarily loud call to prayer broadcast into the tent city. The pilgrims had started arriving for the most important ritual of the Hajj.


African female pilgrims forbidden to wear the Ihran face covering robe covering their face while at Mecca.


By the time we got out, the desert was packed with more than 2 million people. All around us a sea of white robes. We had some shooting to do, so we pushed ourselves into the thick of the crowd. We were pushed and jostled. It was tough to move around. We were hit in the head several times by flying boxes of biscuits that were being distributed to the pilgrims. Everyone chanted "Labbayka Allahumma Labbayk", "God I'm here at your service." As we weaved our way back to our tent, I saw pilgrims sitting on the ground, reading the Koran, eating oranges and bananas. Some where holding umbrellas to shield themselves from the glare of the sun; other pilgrims were creating even more congestion by hauling around their luggage.


This day was the most important day of the Hajj, from noon to sunset pilgrims stand in prayer and reflection and ask for God forgiveness. There are many emotional and tearful moment. Pilgrims regard this day as a practice for the day of judgment, when they stand in humility and equality before God. We filed reports from Arafat all afternoon. We tried to leave before sunset, before the pilgrims moved on en masse to the next stage of the Hajj. We didn't want to get caught in traffic, but we were. We had to wait before we moved, we waited two-and-a-half hours in the car before we could even leave our compound.  We couldn't waste any time, because we had a deadline for a story, so we started writing, producing and editing it in the car. We tagged along with a VIP convoy and we were able to navigate through the traffic. We got back to Mecca two hours later and first ordered food. We edited and filed a story. We'll prepare for our Hajj special in the coming days.


In Mina, Tuesday:


An Asian Muslim pilgrim sits with her daughter on a camel while others ascend the Mount of Mercy in the plain of Arafat More than two million pilgrims left the holy city of Mecca and headed east toward the Mina Valley. They traveled by bus, car and foot. The Mina Valley is a long narrow valley surrounded by granite mountains and desert dunes. For 360 days of the year, no one is there. But for the five days of Hajj, it is packed with pilgrims. As far as the eye can see, hundreds of thousands of tents speck the desert region.


Asian mother pilgrim with daughter riding on a camel as others are ascending the Mount of Mercy on Mount Arafat


The logistics are awesome. Transport, food and water for this mass of people is a monumental mandate. Here are some numbers I got today: 10 million loaves of bread are baked every day; there are 12,000 food outlets; 14, 000 buses to transport pilgrims.  Organized transportation is key because the time and place a pilgrim is in during Hajj are vital. If they are not where they need to be, their Hajj can collapse. We headed into a section of a camp. People were sleeping on the sidewalk, praying on the ground, eating fruits. There was a string of restaurants to our left, including a Pizza Hut!

Pilgrims on Mount Noura outside Mecca

We went inside a tent. Men and women are separated. The tents are air-conditioned and spacious, though the alleys between them are narrow. We kept running into people with trays and cups of tea. We headed out of Mina after a couple of hours for Arafat. This is a key desert location of the Hajj pilgrimage, where the pilgrims will head at dawn for the most important day of the Hajj.


In Mecca:                Mount Noura, the mountain cave where Muhammad is thought have received his first revelation from God


The window of the hotel we are staying at overlooks the grand mosque and the Kaba. I have the most The Grand Mosque in Mecca, illuminated at night and reflected on a marble surfaceamazing view from my window. We had a little down time from our intense schedule and the crew and I decided to go down to the Kaba and walk around. It was about 11 p.m. We took our shoes off when we entered the Kaba area and it took us about 15 minutes to walk down into a sea of people. We noted where the single minaret was located. It is a point people use to mark when they start and finish a round. The atmosphere was emotionally charged. I heard many different chants as we made our way around. People were silently praying in groups or just alone. It was serene in the mosque. Many people traveled in groups and held onto each other so that they would not get lost or separated. I saw some men link hands and create a circle around their women so they would be protected. There was an old blind woman who was tapping a stick, making her way around.


The Grand Mosque of Mecca reflected on a Marble Surface in the night illumination


I was on the edge of the crowd. The closer inside you go toward the Kaba, the more pushing there is. It's just because there are so many people and this is such a significant moment for them. They just want to get close to the Kaba, and if they are lucky, touch it. I saw one man rubbing a blue velvet cloth on it when he reached the Kaba. Muslims have spent their whole lives turning in its direction to pray, and now they are there. The Kaba is not an object of worship, but rather a symbol that Muslims turn toward, and around, to show God is at the center of their lives. It is believed the prophet Abraham built it as the first house of prayer to God. It took me about 12 to 15 minutes to make one round. Muslims go around seven times. It was a really wonderful experience. Then I headed back up to the top floor of my hotel to watch it from another angle. (Article)


Pictures courtesy of In pictures: Hajj begins    


Towards an Ecumenical Faith for All People

Joint Institute to Produce Moderate Sheiks, Rabbis, Priests and Ministers - Summit for Interfaith Respect – December 3, 2004
Jewish Forward – Some of the most influential and controversial Islamic clerics in the Middle East are participating in a plan to launch what organizers describe as the first joint-training institute to produce future moderate sheiks, rabbis, priests and ministers. The unprecedented proposal to create a summer religious institute — where young seminarians from the three faiths would study together to break down barriers and foster positive relationships — was unveiled this week during a nine-day "Summit for Interfaith Respect," held in New York City and in Boston.


Partially funded by the U.S. Department of State, the interfaith summit assembled Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Protestant, Islamic and Jewish religious leaders from around the world to study biblical texts and begin planning for the joint-training institute. The group spent Tuesday at the Jewish Theological Seminary, the flagship institution of Conservative Judaism, interpreting and debating the Jewish, Muslim and Christian versions of the story of Abraham's binding of Isaac.

Organizers, including Stephen P. Cohen, president of the Washington-based Institute for Middle East Peace and Development, are hailing the initiative as a vital step toward bridging gaps between the West and the Islamic world. Jewish participants included several members of the JTS faculty; Orthodox rabbi and Brooklyn College professor David Berger, and Rabbi Reuven Firestone, a professor of medieval Judaism and Islam at the Los Angeles campus of the Reform movement's Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. "This is a very important moment for leading religious figures from the Middle East and the United States to come together," Cohen said in a welcoming statement Tuesday. Cohen, a private citizen who has spent much of the past two decades shuttling between Arab, American and Israeli officials in an effort to promote peace, said, "The tensions that currently characterize relations among many nations and religious communities require high-level discussion about ways to advance respect and understanding across faiths."

In early December, the CFR road show, this time led by the devious CFR leader Daniel Pipes, arrived in Jerusalem to continue it's infiltration of the religious and the Right. As expected, these two groups supplied the dimwits as both speakers and audience. But the circus didn't fool everyone. Prof. Paul Eidelberg summed up the feelings of everyone who saw through the charade: “A more subtle and insidious method of undermining Israel and the Torah has just surfaced in Israel: it’s called the “Jerusalem Summit.” The Summit held its second annual conference at the King David Hotel on November 27-29. Its logo: “Building Peace on Truth.”


With branches projected on various continents, the Jerusalem Summit must have very high-powered financial backers. The Summit has attracted to its cause prestigious Americans and Israelis from the world of academia, politics, and journalism. Although Summit conferences include Christian and Muslim speakers, the organization’s Presidium, Academic Committee, and Media Committee are overwhelmingly Jewish, indeed, patently conservative. They include many nationalist-oriented and Orthodox Jews. Such Jews would be the last to give their names to an organization based on a globalist and adulterated Jewish ideology. But what better way to undermine Israel and the Torah than through their most ardent supporters?

Indeed, it’s reasonable to assume that the UN will use the Council, hence the Jerusalem Summit, to internationalize Jerusalem, spiritually, then politically. The Summit can advance this objective by its interfaith and cosmopolitan orientation, which subtly underlies its logo “Building Peace on Truth.” What truth? One can only wonder: Who is really behind the Jerusalem Summit? We need “transparency,” lest the Summit’s objective, “Building Peace on Truth,” is a facade for undermining Israel and the Torah. With the Jewish religion targeted and taken over by the demonic powers which have corrupted this planet beyond moral recognition, the last outpost of protest will soon vanish. And with it, Jerusalem and Israel. (Article)



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