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The Nuclear Powered French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle


The Pathway of NATO and the “New Middle East” 

Golden Internationale’s Final Bid in its Triumphant Battle for World Domination

Daniel's Vision of the Ram and the he-Goat

By Robert Mock MD

January - February  2007




The Western Globalist Strategy of Divide (Balkanization) and Conquer (Finlandization) in Eurasia and the Middle East

The Balkanization and Finlandization of the Nation of Iraq and other Nations in the Middle East

NATO (Princes of Greece and Rome) as the Guardians of the Eastern Mediterranean Front and the Caucasus

Coordination of the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean Theaters of War

Russia’s High Stakes Energy and Weapons Play in Bid for World Domination

Eurasian – Communist Military Alliance

America’s “Surge” to bring the Western Globalists the Prize for World Domination

The Russian and Chinese Military Preparation for World Domination



The study of the Daniel Eight’s Apocalyptic Ram and the He-Goat prophecy has been the guiding image of the ageless biblical East and West battle for world dominationProphetic scholars in the 1950s to 60s were exhorting their parishioners during the “Cold War” that this was to be the final battle between Russia and the United States. Today, the international press has become apocalyptic in its own political commentaries with the looming crisis accelerating as the ancient land of Persia becomes “Nuclear Iran.”   They speak of a world crisis of “biblical proportions” with the cliques such as; “World War III,” the coming “Armageddon” or the “Battle of Civilizations.” 


It was Pope John Paul II, a student of the bible and an international expert in Vatican affairs, who felt that the two final global geo-political forces for world domination to be the Golden Internationale and the Red InternationaleBibleSearchers will use these thematic concepts in the portrayal of the final battle between the Ram and the He-Goat that the angel Gabriel said, “Understand, son of man that the vision refers to the time of the end.” 


In Part One, we were introduced to the Map of the “New Middle East” and the concepts of “Creative Destruction” as the model for creating new nations in the Middle East that are friendly to the western globalists dream for universal dominion.  We also looked at the recent war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon as one of the global mini-battles to eventually rebuild Lebanon as a nation that will serve the “interests” of NATO and the United States. 


Here in Part Two, we will look how NATO used the international paradigm of “divide and conquer” to destroy and rebuild the Balkans and move this region into the sphere of NATO domination.  We will look at the implications that this model has in the Middle East.  With NATO forces now as occupation forces in Afghanistan and now in Lebanon, the attention will be spent on observing the intense build-up of offensive and defensive military forces by both NATO and the United States in opposition to Syria and Iran with Russia and China.  As this military buildup accelerates, the crescendo call for “war” continues to escalate in the international press.


Daniel’s He-Goat that Flew Over the Ground – Digital Art by Ted Wilson


As watchers of the Biblical drama unfolding at the time of the end, we prayerfully submit the idea that what we are seeing today is a fulfillment of that final confrontation between the “He-Goat of Greece” in Daniel 8 as Golden Internationale (Western global forces of the European Union with the aerial power of the United States) against the “Ram of Persia” as the Red Internationale (Iran supported by the Red Communists giants of Russia and China).


Daniel 8:5-7 – “And as I was considering, suddenly a male goat came from the west, across the surface of the whole earth, without touching the ground; and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes.  Then he came to the ram that had two horns, which I had seen standing beside the river, and ran at him with furious power. And I saw him confronting the ram; he was moved with rage against him, attacked the ram, and broke his two horns. There was no power in the ram to withstand him, but he cast him down to the ground and trampled him; and there was no one that could deliver the ram from his hand.”


Let us encourage ourselves to take off our spiritual “eye-blinders” and behold the accuracy of the prophetic imagery as it is being portrayed before our eyesNever has a nation or a world imperial power risen on the geo-political stage that has encompassed the imagery of an apocalyptic animal that has the ability to fly over the earth with great speed and power.


The prophet gives us the imagery not of plodding armies of immense power but the ability to rapidly move across the entire earth “without touching the ground.”  In fact the prophet uses the terminology of “El Al” which in Hebrew (אל על) means “skyward.”  Is it not amazing that this is the name of the national airlines for Israel today?  How did this prophet in the land of ancient Babylon and Persia know that the final imperial power would not be designated by just speed like the armies of Alexander the Great but by its immense aerial power?


Let us keep this imagery in our mind as we watch the progressive encroachment of the Golden Internationale, the western economic international globalists.  This immense power is buttressed by the mighty aerial power of the United States and the rising power of the military arm of the European Union, called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  Who alone at the time of the end is the greatest proponent of spreading the Grecian concept of “democracy” to the entire world?  Who is using this concept of “democracy” to give justification for its imperial spread across the Balkans, the Mediterranean Seaboard, the Caspian and Caucasus regions, and into the midst of the Middle East? 


The Western Globalist Strategy of Divide (Balkanization) and Conquer (Finlandization) Eurasia and the Middle East


The model of social change by the western world has been described in journals of military and social strategy as Balkanization and Finlandization.  This strategy is where the country that is the target for absorption and assimilation into the greater world order is first divided by social chaos (Balkanization) and later pacified by planting the seeds of rebuilding, restoration and the introduction of western civilization (Finlandization).  


As the war in Kosovo dragged on through the summer the refugees camps became more orderly but remained Overcrowded and Refugees were evacuated out to third countries. Cegrane refugee camp, Macedonia. 1999


The paradigm model for the term “Balkanization” first was introduced to the global community in 1991.    The President of the United States Bill Clinton (1993-2001) became the presidential architect for the division and conquest in the region of the Balkans to the east of Europe. For over a decade, the process of division and pacification came as the expansion of NATO the military arm of the European Union as the Golden Internationale moved eastward


It was critical that the Nation of Yugoslavia be dismantled for it was the regional power of the Balkans and the entire Southeast Europe.  There was close cooperation between the military forces of the United States with the NATO alliance of Europe in the War in Yugoslavia. As the western world was panicking about whether the threat of an international computer meltdown of Y2K was going to change our world as we knew it, under the code name of “Operation Allied Force,” the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) began a war of “balkanization” against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia between the dates of March 24 to June 10, 1999. 


Howard Davis Exile Images of the Refugees from Kosovo


This war was only a part of the larger Kosovo War whose first conflict began between the dates of 1996-1999.  This larger war began between the Serbian and Yugoslav’s security forces escalating amidst the threats of the Albanian guerilla Kosovo Liberation Army.  This inter-nationally recognized terrorist organization was threatening regional conflict.  NATO arrived on September 1995 with their form of conflict resolution; “Operation Deliberate Force” in Bosnia and A refugee family, fleeing war in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo.Herzegovina. The 1999 conflict between Yugoslavia and NATO was soon highlighted by the massive displacement of 500,000 to a million Albanian Muslims that were being driven from the region of Kosovo to Albania.  


A refugee family, fleeing war in the Yugoslav province of Kosovo, awaits accommodation at the Blace transit camp in neighboring Macedonia.


The Iraqi War (2003) was initiated with the international appeal to bring democracy and peace to the Middle East and to get rid of the weapons of mass destruction from the heartland of the Middle East.  The Palestinian and Israeli conflict was initiated with the Oslo Accord in 1993 with the international appeal to bring democracy and freedom to the Palestinian people that were enticed by the Muslim leaders to migrate to Palestine in 1947.  They were promised that they could claim the war prize of free land after the five greater Islamic powers attacked the budding Israeli nation in 1948 seeking to destroy her in her youth.


The Palestinian refugees were abandoned by the Islamic nations after their failed Islamic invasion against Israel.  As refugees now in the land of Israel, they were no longer wanted in the lands of their Muslim origin.

The greater Kosovo War’s goal was to protect the Kosovo Islamic Albanian population from what was described as aggressive ethnic cleansing by the military of Yugoslavia.  The Serbian leader and later President Slobodan Milosevic claimed that he was protecting the Serbian minority in Kosovo from the terrorist attacks by the U.S. State Department classified terrorist organization called the Kosovo Liberation Army. 


A distressed Kosovar Albanian woman in the chaos of fifty thousand refugees

Living in the increasingly overcrowded Blace camp. Blace refugee camp, Kosovo-Macedonia border. 1999


Operation Allied Force used the western strategy of large-scale aerial campaign to destroy Yugoslavian targets from high altitudes without the use and risk to European ground troopsStrong international criticism erupted due to its ineffectiveness against mobile military targets as long-range cruise missiles destroyed heavily fortified military targets in Belgrade and Pristina.  They also extensively bombed the infrastructure of the country’s power and water processing plants, strategic roads and bridges plus the state owned broadcasting studios much like Israel did in the summer of 2006 to the Nation of Lebanon.  During that time, a NATO jet attacked an Albanian refugee convoy claiming that it was a Serbian military convoyFifty Albanian refugees were killed which brought NATO apologies five days later. 


A month later on May 7, 1999, the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was hit, killing three journalists and the outrage of the Chinese national sentiment. Again NATO apologized claiming it was using outdated maps.  British and Danish newspapers reported that it was intentionally targeted for being a relay station for Yugoslavia army radio signals.  It was also reported to be a radar unit to target American air force planes and expose them as military targets.  One report also claimed that the Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic was at the Chinese Embassy at the time


The British Royal Navy Harrier Jet Air Craft Carrier HMS Invincible


In the Kosovo War, the military might of the combined aerial allied thrust of NATO and the United States included; the United States Air Force that included the first introduction of the American B-2 Stealth bomber, the Royal Air Force of Britain plus the Canadian, Turkish, Spanish, and Danish Air Force.  In 1999, the German Luftwaffe were engaged for the first time since 1945 in combat operations as part of the NATO-led Kosovo War


The naval forces included the United States armada with the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge plus the French aircraft carrier FS Foch with its escorts.  It also includes the British Royal Navy with its Sea Harrier FA2 fighter jet carrier, HMS Invincible, plus the first use of British cruise missiles from the British nuclear submarine HMS Splendid. The ground forces that were deployed into Albania included the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division


This type of covert wars over an Eastern European country between the Golden Internationale (European NATO and the United States) against the Red Internationale (Russia and China) has been the central thesis of BibleSearcher’s research of the larger global war of conquest for world domination. This type of covert war was highlighted recently in the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War where the Nation of Israel is allied with the United States and NATO while Hezbollah is the front militia guard of the Syrian-Iranian military strategy.  Syria and Iran are then empowered by the global presence of Vladimir Putin’s Russia and Hu Jintao’s Republic of China.


President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Hu Juntao of the People’s Republic of China at Shanghai China on June 15, 2006


The international observation about the appearance of the impulsively quick response of retaliation by the Israel’s IDF against Hezbollah targets was valid. This war had the markings of a pre-determined military engagement just as the groundwork and preparation for the invasion into Iraq saw a decade of military bombardment and strikes against the Nation of Iraq. 


The Nation of Iraq was militarily crippled in 1991 by the first coalition war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.  These military strikes against Iraq were used to weaken its military fortifications and leave the country defenseless, so that when the allied forces began their push towards Baghdad, they met thousands of soldiers walking with white flags of surrender


We saw the same strategy in the 1995 and the 1999 Wars of Yugoslavia.  The aerial raids against Serbian infrastructure assured the military success of NATO.  When the war was over, the overall objective was clear; NATO was shifting its military bases eastward to secure the energy routes needed for European and America’s industrial survival.  Strategic regional wars, dismantling of states, the images of ethnic conflicts and global power regional rivalries are all the fodder for the progression of global power


A multitude of regional and ethnic states is felt by many global observers to be the easiest path for pacification by Finlandization. We see this same process in the midst of the Middle East, land of Israel and what is now becoming known as the Eurasian Balkans.


The Balkanization and Finlandization of the Nation of Iraq and other Nations in the Middle East


Since the 2003 allied invasion, Iraq has been crumbling and degenerating in sectarian strife between the Sunnis, the Shi’ites and the Kurds.  This process of “Balkanization” has divided the country bitterly.  Part of this Balkanization has been the training of covert Kurdish groups in Iraq that will infiltrate across the borders into their primary targets of Iran and Syria.  Since many of the Kurds live also in Turkey and the eastern regions of Armenia, this poses also a factor of instability.  What has been detailed in investigative observations are the use of Israeli teams that are specially trained on “assassination missions” and the formation of “hunter-killer teams” in Iraq. 


Being the geographic heart of the contemporary Middle East, Kurdistan is seen, according to Nazemroaya, as theGordian knot holding all its mosaic of states and people together.”  It was the perception by many that the United States was manipulating and deceiving the Kurdish people in northern Iraq while these people were still the most loyal of the Iraqi people to the coalition war in Iraq.  If the Kurds do feel that America does not have their best interest, it could produce chaotic instability in Kurdistan.  This instability could bleed into the neighboring regions of Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq.  This domino effect highlights the purpose of Balkanization; to produce division in not only the targeted country but the neighboring countries as well.  When this occurs, the resistant movements begin to weaken.


The Map of the “New Middle East”


As the globalist thesis goes, if Iran is weakened internally, they cannot easily support the Shi’ite Iraqi insurgents in Iraq.  This equally applies to the support of the Shi’ite Iraqis to their Shi’ite Ayatollah leaders in Iran. We are now beginning to hear on the international news that the Nation of Iraq may no longer remain within its former sovereign bordersIf the Map of the “New Middle East” is correct, it appears that the western globalists will seek to split Iraq into its three regional sectarian former lands to include an Arab Shia State, a Sunni Iraq in the region of Baghdad and a Free Kurdistan that will be enlarged to include Kurdish regions of Armenia in Eastern Turkey


This premise in the relationship between Israel and the United States is highlighted by the Oded Yinon Plan that was described in the New York Times article dated on September 22, 2002 titled, The Sunshine Warrior.  This was a secret strategy meeting in the summer of 2002 at Fort Leavenworth by the U.S. Army’s “new leaders” that quoted Army Chief of Staff General Eric K. Shenseki:

Army Chief of Staff General Eric K. Shenseki - "A young Pentagon analyst, Paul Wolfowitz, directed a secret assessment of the Persian Gulf that marked Iraq as a menace to American interests. This, Shinseki informs them with everything but a drumroll, was in 1979, a dozen years before Desert Storm. Indeed, a detailed plan was prepared by the Israeli Mossad and the Department of Information of the World Zionist Organization and published in its journal Kivunim (Directions) by Oded Yinon.  It called for the fragmentation of each Middle Eastern country in its turn into its ethnic components. The report was detailed and specific: Iraq is first. Rich in oil, and internally torn, it is guaranteed as the initial target. Its dissolution is even more important than of Syria. ... Egypt will then be torn apart, like a second Lebanon. ... The entire Arabian Peninsula is a natural for dissolution. ... The matter is inevitable, especially in Saudi Arabia."

Oded Yinon plan was taken up by Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Kenneth Armitage, Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Cheney, and by the Committee on the Present Danger. These plans were analyzed fully in late 1978 by the Brookings Institution. Its detailed study, "U.S. Armed Forces as a Political Instrument," was prepared for the Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency. It revealed "215 times between 1946 and 1975 when U.S. armed forces were used for specific political objectives." As set forth in my book, Iraq and Kuwait: A History Suppressed, the article by Pentagon analyst Miles Ignotus in Harpers Magazine in 1975, entitled "Seizing Arab Oil," described the "rapid deployment and strike force" prepared to seize "Saudi oil fields, installations and airports."


Here was shown the close relationship between the Israeli Mossad, the United States Intelligence and military with the State Department strategic planners called the Neo-Cons in the Bush State Department.  Their goal was to create client states in the Middle East like Kuwait and Bahrain as western oriented mini-states.  This can be seen as an extension of an American Empire.  Yet, it is not an American Empire but the Golden Internationale or the Empire of the Economic Western Nations of the European Union and the United States. To many that live inside and outside the Beltway, this is the mission and purpose of American interests abroad; to break down nations (Balkanization) that oppose American’s plan to pursue its self-interests abroad by fragmenting nations into sectarian rivals and then teaching and pacifying them (Finlandization) to become good allies with America’s global interest. 


While the Bush administration of the United States has been actively promoting democracy in the Middle East, the historical pathway of American foreign policy has appeared to require democracy from those Middle Eastern nations that have not conformed or shown willingness to appease American political demands.  In that region are non-democratic societies like the absolutist monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Jordan or the democratic dictator of Egypt. They are firmly identified with the American and western globalists international interests and goals.  


This international foreign policy has neither deviated from either Democratic or Republican administrations. It was in 1953, under the Republican administration of Ike Eisenhower, that the democratic government of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq was overthrown by the U.S./British coup called “Operation Ajax”.   This coup occurred because the democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadeq, in his socialistic bid to take control of his nation’s oil industry, nationalized the Anglo-American Oil Company without giving them any compensation.  This led to the installation and the return of the autocratic Pahlavi Dynastic dictatorship.  The non-democratic dictator, Persian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, did become a strong, yet non-democratic ally of America.  The Pahlavi dynasty also became one of the “twin pillars” upon which the American strategic foreign policy in the Middle East was built. 


It was Democratic President Jimmy Carter who failed to support the administration of the Shah of Iran.  This led to the 1979 Iranian Revolution and the democratically led installation of the Ayatollah led Shi’ite Iranian government of the Ayatollah Ruhollah KhomeiniIn this same vein, we have seen the American administrations support the takeover in Pakistan by the military dictator, President Pervez Musharraf, in a military coup d'état over the democratically elected Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz The Iranian Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, meeting with Arthur Atherton, William H. Sullivan, Cyrus Vance, President Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1977Sharif on October 12, 1999.


The Iranian Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, meeting with President Jimmy Carter, Arthur Atherton, William H. Sullivan, Cyrus Vance and Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1977


Even with the traditional allies of the United States, their countries are not immune to the American foreign policy of intervention into the political boundaries of their future state. As we notice very starkly, the key democratic ally of the United States, the Nation of Israel, is slated on the New Middle East Map to give up the lands it won and return to the borders of the pre-1967 War. 


This reduction of national borders is also slated for Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan.  This reduction in national boundaries includes also the Nation of Turkey, where the eastern regions are projected to be incorporated into the new Free Kurdistan Republic.   There also is the expansion of the borders into an “Enlarged Jordan” and the reduction of the borders of Saudi Arabia as a new “Islamic State” is created that will govern the sacred cities of Medina and Mecca


It was reported by Nazemroaya that at the time of the Rome Peace Summit, the map of the “New Middle East” was up for display at the NATO Military College in Rome, Italy.  When the Turkish military officials arrived and reviewed the map they became furious with the partitioning and segmentation of their national borders.  This outrage was at the top levels of command.  The Turkish Chief of Staff, General Buyukanit personally contacted the U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Peter Pace with the official protest also in the projected change of the borders of the countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The Pentagon quickly assured the national leadership of Turkey that this map was not official U.S. policy.


NATO (Princes of Greece and Rome) as the Guardians of the Eastern Mediterranean Front and the Caucasus


In the midst of the massive continent of Eurasia, we find a large populated region that is even more religious and ethnically diverse than the Balkans.  This heartland of Eurasia is composed of the lands in the region of the former Greater Mongolian Empire.   This empire spread from Russia to China and down into the Middle East.  This region includes not only the southeastern provinces of the former Soviet Union, but also Central Asia, parts of South Asia and the Middle East that include Pakistan, Kashmir, India, the region of the Persian Gulf and the entire Middle East.


While the focus of international media is on Persia and Iraq, an even greater zone of global instability is the heartland of the sphere of influence of Russia and China. Could this be the juggler point for the eventual control and absorption of the Red Internationale by the Golden Internationale?  With Europe and America still being the global arbiter of power in the Middle East, we see Russia and China seeking to topple these dominate western global presence.  At the same time the United States and NATO are actively pursing toppling the global presence of the Red Internationale in the Caucuses region in Central Asia.


One of these diplomatic and strategic coups was the opening of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Oil Terminal.   This pipeline stretches from the Sangachal oil terminal on the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan, through the countries of Georgia and Kazakhstan in the Caucuses and across the country of Turkey to the coastal city of Adana, Turkey.  That this is a geo-political coup for the western economic globalists is an understatement.  The entire Caucuses region is centered upon an enormous reserve of natural gas and oil


The world’s energy consumption, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, was expected to increase more than 50 percent in the twenty years span between the years of 1993 to 2015.  The most significant rise in expansion would be in the Far East.  Is it no wonder that China is aggressively entering the Caucuses and the Middle Eastern energy markets with great vigor and persistence? 


Yet the region, known for its gold and other minerals, is still unexplored for the strategic minerals needed in the technological and military industries that fuel the overarching bid for universal global power.  Most of these strategic minerals are located in the strife ridden regions of Central Africa, a hot bed of covert wars between the United States, Russia, and China.


What has been learned in past global bids for power and control is that the central regions are power vacuums.  Their instability tempts the powerful regional neighbors to be invited into the region; each opposing the other’s bid for regional domination. Is it not a mystery that three of the powerful neighbors of this region outside of NATO aspiring Turkey are Russia, China, and Persia, the Ram of Daniel’s vision (Daniel 8)?


As the wars in the European Balkans were a struggle for European supremacy so also will be the covert and overt wars for supremacy by the global forces of the Golden against the Red Internationale in EuroAsia.   Within the Central Asian and the Caspian Sea regions, the known reserves of natural gas and oil dwarf those reserves in the Middle East, the North Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. This is why the Caucuses region is suspected to be the next big power battle between the two major global forces as they may go for the “jugular vein” in the “Eurasian Balkans.”  Here in the heart of the former Soviet Union the Eurasian Balkans include nine countries; Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia plus the Middle Eastern nation of Afghanistan


The five member countries of GUUAM - Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova-form a transportation corridor East to West. Uzbekistan pulled out of the Alliance in 2005

This region also includes what is called the “Eurasian Corridor.”  Crossing the bridge lands along the ancient Silk Road from Russia to China were the provinces that were once part of the old United Soviet Socialist Republics.  They are now independent states that have come under the influence of the United States and NATO


It was in the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe’s (CFE) negotiation that the League of GUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Moldova) was born. Together they form a transportation bridge called the Eurasian Transport Corridor along the route of the ancient Silk Road to move goods from the Asian East to the European WestGeorgia, Ukraine, and Moldova are called direct NATO borderlands. They are alongside NATO alliance members of Turkey, Poland, and Romania respectively.  Azerbaijan is called an indirect NATO borderland where she shares borders with Georgia and almost shares a border with Turkey.  As GUAM’s birth mother is called the CFE (Conventional Armed Forces in Europe), her foster mother is recognized as NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) with 26 member countries.


Intimately interlinked geographically with Iran and Russia is the Caucasus region.  Many of these countries are forming political mutual ties with NATO and the United States.  They threaten therefore to destabilize the geo-political links by blocking the land corridor from Russia to Iran.


When we review the map of the “New Middle East”, we see the vision of the west in the creation of a region that will become indelibly linked with the western economic nations and counter the influence of Russia.  Inherent in these lands are regional conflicts that continue to brew: Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan over the Nagomo-Karabakh region, the internal conflicts within Georgia with the separatist movements of South Ossetia and Abkhazia alongside the covert wars with the Chechnya and Dagestan.  These regional conflicts are also mini-covert wars for global domination in the Caspian Sea region between the U.S./NATO against Russia and China.


The Areas of Major Armed Conflict since 1988 in the Caucasus Region


In opposition to the encirclement of Russia and the division between China, Russia and Iran by NATO and the western oriented republics of GUAM, we see asserting geo-political power coming from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).   The two largest members are the Red Internationale giants of Russia and China. They are decisively opposed to the Golden Internationale’s infringement in the regions that they claim as their own.  They challenge the NATO-American oil interests in Central Asia and the Caspian Sea Basin.  Can we once again see the manifestation of covert geo-political wars that highlight the prophecy war between Daniel’s Ram and the He-Goat?


The unofficial reality of the covert changes is in the protection and occupation of Lebanon and Afghanistan.  It appears that the goal of the United States’ regimen changes in the Middle East will be to support the military arm of the European Union, NATO as it establishes itself as the “occupation force” and the power broker in the region.  This concept appears to merge perfectly with Daniel’s imagery of the He-Goat in Daniel 8 and the Great Image in Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream in Daniel 2. The real globalist power is the “he-goat” representing the western economic internationalists and transnationalists whose main power and headquarters come from the “ten toes” of the former Roman imperial provinces of the European Union.  The military ascending power of the “great horn” is the unsurpassed aerial might of the United States. 


We saw this transfer of power to NATO, the military arm of the European Union, in the country of Lebanon after the Israeli-Hezbollah War in the fall of 2006. We saw this earlier (2001-2006) in the country of Afghanistan with the transfer of “occupation power” from the United States to NATO also in the fall of 2006. We witnessed these European powers in the 1990s when the “No-fly Zones” in Iraq were unilaterally enforced by aircraft patrol along the 36th parallel.   This patrol was called “Operation Northern Watch” that flew out of NATO-aspiring Turkey’s military air force base in Incirlik that is under NATO control.  The enforcement against the Nation of Iraq was by the two 19th century globalist colonial powers that were given “mandates” by the League of Nations to control the Middle East until 1948; Great Britain and France.  Now they would be joined by the new 20th century globalist giant, the United States. These no-fly zones contributed in progressively weakening the Nation of Iraq and give credence to the long term military and political strategy of power and domination as we enter into the years just prior to the 2003 American led coalition force that conquered Iraq


With the naval embargo and militarization by NATO in the Western Mediterranean and the American-Canadian naval embargo in the Persian and Arabian Seas, it appears that this military and political strategy continues as the Nations of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran are now being targeted and isolated for a military assault by the aerial and naval forces of the United States and NATO. 


The Coordination of the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean Theaters of War


As Americans debated, the Bush administration began implementing the president’s “troop surge.”  The mood of the nation wavered on the edge of concern and despair.  It is not that America was being led into a war for victory but deep in their souls they felt that they were being led down a one-way street that in their innermost feelings would be astronomical in cost and lives.  While the target persiangulf-iran-usa-001was Iran, Americans “knew” that the scope of the war will be far wider;  Syria (Damascus), Lebanon, Gaza, the Caucuses, and the provinces of Russia even to the western borders of China


The Persian Gulf and the Straits of Hormuz


One of the military strategist’s fears is that the Iranian navy will attempt to sink a few mega-tankers and block the Straits of Hormuz between Iran and the United Arab Emirates. Hugo Chavez, the president in Venezuela may then choose to honor his promise and stop the flow of his oil to the western world.  With Russia sitting at the cut off oil and gas outlet from the oil found in the regions of the Caucuses Sea, the world’s import supply of oil would affectively be cut off.


For this reason alone, the opening of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Oil Terminal was critical to the continuation of the western way of life as we know it today.  The protection of this one lone source of oil along the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Oil Pipeline coming from the Caucuses and the Caspian Sea will be heavily depended upon the military forces located near the Syrian border and the Mediterranean coastline.  The air force headquarters for this protection will be at the major NATO air base in Turkey called Incirlik Air Base.


The Incirlik Air Base was one of the critical air bases that supported the aerial campaign against the Afghanistan Taliban in 2001.  It was also a critical base in the Cold War and later in the 1991 Persian Gulf War.  Hosting a 10,000 foot main runway and a secondary 9,000 foot runway, it became the home of the U.S. Air Force 39th Air Expeditionary Wing and Operation Northern Watch.


If the oil exports moving through the Persian Gulf’s Straits of Hormuz were to be shut off and Venezuela’s oil was halted, the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Oil Terminal would become the critical life-line and safety net for the survival of the military and industry in the lands controlled by the globalist west.  The primary protection of the Port of Ceyhan would be the responsibility of the aerial military fleets out of Incirlik and the navies of NATO and Israel guarding the Mediterranean.



The Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey


The critical command and control suites on the U.S.S. Mount Whitney along with the French carrier Charles de Gaulle would coordinate naval and aerial assaults from the western regions in the Mediterranean Sea and the southeastern regions in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. 


The “Cold War” - Rise of the Eastern Oriental Ram of Daniel’s Vision


Daniel 8:2-4 – “I saw in the vision, and it so happened while I was looking, that I was in Shushan, the citadel, which is in the province of Elam; and I saw in the vision that I was by the River Ulai. 


Then I lifted my eyes and saw, and there, standing beside the river, was a ram which had two horns, and the two horns were high; but one was higher than the other, and the higher one came up last. I saw the ram pushing westward, northward, and southward, so that no animal could withstand him; nor was there any that could deliver from his hand, but he did according to his will and became great.


It was during the rise of the Nazi Imperial Quest to gain control of Europe and the Middle East that two new imperial powers began to rise in the east and the west.  In response to the Nazi threat and the impending destruction of the European countries in the former heart of the Roman Empire, a coalition between “strange bedfellows” was formed between the United States of America and the Soviet Union.  

The Imperial Ram of Daniel with Two Great Horns Plodding Across the Earth from the East


It was the purpose of the Western Alliance in World War II of Great Britain, the United States, and the United Soviet Socialists Republics (USSR) to destroy the global threat of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  Yet, in the eyes of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the “Big Three” were called “the Four Policemen” with the inclusion of the rising power of the Republic of China. 


The allies of these four nations began what appears to be the formation of the final two imperial powers that would affect the Land of Israel and the national group, the Jews that were called Daniel’s “people.” In BibleSearcher’s entire researcher, we have kept faithful to the globalist vision of that dynamic internationalist Pope John Paul II.   It was his vision of the final global powers seeking world dominion that appears to closely match the biblical prophetic drama.  Here we see Satan’s last bid to claim dominion over this planet earth.  According to the prophets, Satan will seek to capture and dominate the land that the God of Israel calls His own; the Promised Land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem. 


At the culmination of World War II, the two superpowers, America and the U.S.S.R. became international rivals highlighted by their difference in how to reconstruct the post World War II world.  Out of this conflict between oriental and occidental concepts of world governance there arose a period of international conflict, global tension, and competition for world dominion.  This conflict was called the “Cold War” because there never was a direct military engagement, or a “Hot War.” 


The “Cold War” was first coined in 1947 by Bernard Baruch and Walter LippmannBernard Mannes Baruch was the American financier and economic and military advisor to the Presidents Roosevelt and Truman.  Walter Lippmann was an American journalist and political commentator.  Together, they described a half-century of global competition between the 1940s to the 1990s that would create the greatest military build-up in world history.


For those who grew up in the 1950s, the “Cold War” was a time of fear and tension in which the expectation of nuclear missiles raining over America was an ever present reality in our minds.  While the war was real, it was battled out in the covert arenas and mini-wars that were primarily psychological and ideological.  It was played out in proxy wars, espionage, industrial, military, and technological sabotage.  This caused huge expenditures on offensive and defensive spending that included a massive nuclear and conventional arms race.  Before it would be over, the entire world would be contaminated with the idea that “peace” could only come with “great security”. For those with a spiritual vision, they could see the beginning of the rise of the last world empire that would be led by the future anti-Messiah which Christians call the Anti-Christ.


This “Cold War” spread around the entire world.  The purpose of American international relations was to find allies for our world vision and the containment of the world vision of the Red Communist countries in alliance with Russia and China.  Out of this were forged numerous alliances that were seeking to “protect” America’s “national interests”. The seductive concept that our “national interests” must become also the global world community’s interests is the prima fascia evidence of what is perceived by many third world countries and our global competitors as American or Western imperialism.


Over the decades, the “Cold War” erupted into mini conflicts that continued to threaten World War III.  First came the Korean War (1950-1953), then the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962), and the Viet Nam War (1964-1975).  Finally, President Ronald Reagan took down the “Evil Empire” of the old Soviet Socialists Republics with the economic collapse of Moscow in Russia in 1991.  The western globalists won the first round.


While Russia fell to her knees and begged economic insolvency in order to access the resources of the World Bank, her lifeline for economic recovery went through banks of Frankfurt, Germany.  What was little understood, Frankfurt was the international center of the world banking interests of the Rothschild Banking Conglomerates.  Within years, the gold reserves of Russia would be drained from her coffers and the Russian Jewish oligarchs would soon control of the mineral and oil resources in the Russia and her former provinces.


Round two came when Moscow suddenly realized that she controlled or was the land holder of 40% of the oil reserves in the world.  By the early part of the 21st century, a new anti-Semitism would arise in Russia where the oil tycoons were driven out of Russia or imprisoned while at the same time the land holdings of the great western oil giants, British Petroleum and Shell were being nationalized.  What Russia thought was her “backyard” with the control of the Caspian Sea Basin, a new national assertiveness of the Russians was seen.  They were again back into the reins of international global competition with their vast oil reserves in the Siberian tundra that once was a land of virgin and massive forests.


The government under President Vladimir Putin has been stealthfully rebuilding the imperial quest of Motherland Russia.  This time, they reached into the heartland of the Middle East with the Islamic nation that has the closest national and cultural affinity with the Russian people.  This was their old ally in the Greater Mongolian Empire, the Mongolian Il-Khanate of Persia with the Kipchak Khanate of Russia. So began the nuclear economic ties between Russia and Iran with the building of the nuclear reactor at the Bushehr Nuclear Plant.  Here began Shi’ite Iran’s thirsty quest for nuclear hegemony in the Middle East.


Whoever now could control the oil reserves in the Middle East and gain or control access to the oil reserves in the Caspian Sea would have a stranglehold on the economic industrial engines that fuel our global economy. The tapestry of the quilt showing partners for global domination and the vision of Daniel 8 slowly come into focus. With the Lebanese War, the implantation of European NATO military troops into Lebanon, the immense build-up of naval and aerial presence in the Persian Gulf and the opening of the Caspian oil pipeline, Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC), the final match of Round Two in the battle for global dominance appears to be coming soon.  The international intelligence community is in full alert. What ever happens to the fate of Iran, and whoever controls her destiny will decide the next phase of world domination.


The Great Image in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream being destroyed by a “Little Stone” with the destruction of human imperial global systems.


At the same time that the “Cold War” rose in global politics, the God of Israel planted into the heartland of the Land He promised Abraham, thirty five hundred years ago, a babe of a nation for His chosen people.  As the world was engulfed in tension and fear of nuclear annihilation, an apocalyptic “stone” arose on the prophetic horizon.  The prophet foretold that this “stone” would eventually smite and destroy the “spiritual forces” of all of the four imperial powers, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome.  These were the “forces” that claimed dominion over Daniel’s people, the Jews.


Daniel 2:31-35“You, O king (Nebuchadnezzar), were watching; and behold, a great image! This great image, whose splendor was excellent, stood before you; and its form was awesome.  This image’s head was of fine gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze, its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron and partly of clay. 


You watched while a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay, and broke them in pieces.  Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver and the gold were crushed together, and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors; the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found.  And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth.”


Here was an apocalyptic image of literal imperial powers.  The Great Image of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream portrayed the global imperial powers that affected the Jewish people from the days of Daniel all the way to the end of the ages.  Today, we live in the era of the toes of that image, the remnant of the Roman Empire, where the nations are mixed together in coalitions, unions, and alliances that are partly strong and partly weak like iron mixing with ceramic clay.  The literal imperial powers were:


1.      Babylon

2.      Medo-Persia

3.      Greece

4.      Rome with Two imperial legs; Holy Roman Empire in Europe and the Byzantine Empire in Constantinople.

5.      The Ten Toes of Iron and Clay.


As we open our prophetic imagery, we must not forget the “stone” that was “cut out without hands”.  This “stone” was a divinely implanted “power” that would also become a literal kingdom that will not float and vanish into ethereal or inter-dimensional spiritual dominions. As the prophetic text claims, this “stone” will become greater and larger and eventually become “like a great mountain” and will fill the whole literal three-dimensional earth.


While the “Stone” planted by the Lord of hosts continues to grow, let us return to the high stakes drama as human earthly imperial quests are seeking to claim power and dominion over this planet earth in their final quest of greed and control.


Russia’s High Stakes Energy and Weapons Play in Bid for World Domination


If the focus of the international press has been on American’s bid for world domination with the European Union, the Nation of Russia is still a formidable foeNATO and America’s strategy has been to seek the allegiance of the former central Asian countries in the Caucuses regionRussia is furiously working to counter what she feels is a strategic threat to the Russian MotherlandNATO and America are seeking to hem in Russia from the east in Georgia and Azerbaijan, Europe in the west, and Turkey and Afghanistan in the soft-underbelly of Russia.  So also Iran and Syria are both finding that they are being encircled with foes, not friends


Russia has been the prime exporter in nuclear technology to the billion dollar plus nuclear industry in Iran.  Both of the nations of Russia and China are sealing billion dollar oil sales with export technology of offensive weapons and defensive military shields.  In the motherland of Russia, Putin’s government has been aggressively nationalizing their oil, gas, and mineral industry; first by imprisoning or nationalizing the assets of the wealthy Jewish oligarchs or taking over regional owned gas companies by the Russian state owned company called Gazprom. 


Shell Oil Company was forced into a subsidiary role in its Siberian oil holdings. British Petroleum has now been targeted by the Russian administration as BP’s Russian gas reserves are threatened to be taken over by Russia and nationalized.  Recent international news has been on the gas war between Russia and the former province of Belarus.  The Russian pipeline to that country was threatened to be cut off unless they were willing to pay two-three times the former contract price or give controlling interest of Beltranzgag, the Belarus State gas company, to Russia. 


Eurasian – Communist Military Alliance


Image:SCO Map.pngThe Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Blue: Member States and Green: Observer States


While the Rome Peace Summit was being held in Italy on September 15, 2006, creating a peace treaty between Hezbollah and Israel, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was holding a strategic meeting in Dushanlee, Tajikistan.  The two eastern oriental permanent Security Council members on the United Nations were also two giants on the SCO.   In September, 2006, they instituted the “Eurasian Energy Club”.  If this select international energy club were to come to full reality, it would be dependant upon Iran becoming a permanent member with Russia and China.


Iran was conducting war games in the Persian Gulf (August 2006) at the same time that the Shanghai CO members were conducting joint military exercises and anti-terrorism drills. In an era in which terrorism, fundamentalist extremism and separatist movements have become the official targets for “war games”, the real enemy to the SCO members are NATO and the United States.  Prophecy watchers that have “eyes that can see” will take sharp notice on the “war games” hosted with the coalition forces for the Golden Internationale and the allied members with the Red Internationale as they seek to claim international control over the energy corridors around the world. 


According to Nazemroaya these military exercises included:

·         United States along with Bulgaria and Romania held war games in the Balkans in July-August, 2006.

·         War games by the Iranian military were held on August 19, 2006.

·         China and Kazakhstan held joint anti-terrorism drills on August 23-24, 2006.

·         Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan held joint military exercises and anti-terrorism drills with the members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in August 2006.

·         Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) held anti-terrorism exercises in Russia along with the countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan in late August 2006.

·         Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan held joint anti-terrorism drills on September 19-23, 2006. 

·         China and Tajikistan held their first joint military exercise on September 22-23, 2006.

·         CIS and Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) held anti-terrorism drills in Armenia on September 26-28, 2006.


It is the thesis of BibleSearchers that these “war games” are the destruction and building of regional coalitions.  They include: the fronting and military assistance of regional “terrorists” to further one’s military objectives and the assassination of “drug runners” who are actually agents for the CIA or the KGB.  The military and economic control in certain regions is all tied to the covert, psych, and military posturing between the larger global forces of the western Golden Internationale and the eastern Red Internationale.  When one country is conducting anti-terrorism, extremism, and anti-separatists drills as a defensive posturing they also are using them as an offensive weapon against the larger world powers that are creating these extremist and separatist movements.


It has been well documented about the role the CIA played with the Pakistani ISI in the creation of the Taliban.  They were used in the war against Russia in Afghanistan.  This also included American, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabian role in the Chechnya extremist movements in the former provinces of the Soviet Union. Russia was wooing the surrounding nations as they allowed them to become observer members of the Shanghai Cooperative Organization.   These members included Iran, India, and Pakistan.  Mongolia, the country President Bush was wooing as a friendly nation to the United States in the fall of 2005, is slated to become a full member along with Armenia, Belarus, and Serbia.  This expansion of the Communist Shanghai Cooperative Organization has recently come under the scrutiny of the Helsinki Commission on September 26, 2006.  Their concern was the impact of the SCO on the global international objective of America and Europe.


While the NATO alliance forces were moving on land and offshore in the nation of Lebanon, the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China were also sending symmetrical forces into Lebanon.  These included: a Russian sapper (military combat engineers) battalion sent in October 2006, troops near the city of Sidon in Southern Lebanon, and even some Russian naval vessels patrolling offshore.


We noted earlier, the Chinese, who were earlier described as imbedded in the midst of the Kosovo War.   They used using their embassy as a monitoring and radar station to alert the Serbian forces to the presence of Allied NATO aerial attacks.  This same type of crisis caused quite a stir during the Israeli-Hezbollah War when a Chinese “observer” was killed while he was imbedded with the United Nations UNIFIL observers, whom it was reputed was helping the Hezbollah.  The Chinese who also plan to add over 1000 Chinese troops into Lebanon only enhances the biblical thesis of the prophets that:


Zechariah 13:1-4 – “The burden of the Lord against Israel. Thus says the Lord, who stretches out the heavens, lays the foundation of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him:  ‘Behold I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they lay siege against Judah and Jerusalem. And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it. 


America’s “Surge” to bring the Western Globalists the Prize for World Domination


Since the international presentation of the Baker-Howard Iraqi Report that encouraged dialogue and mediation between the United States, Iran, and Syria, the Bush White House went hawkish as they pushed a “thrust” in troop escalation and stridency towards Iran.  This military buildup and threat of war triggered a reported order by Russian President Vladimir Putin that all Russian naval and merchant vessels were to be moved out of U.S. territorial waters and harbors by March 17, 2007


If such a war were to begin between the United States and NATO and the countries of Iran and Syria that are allied with Russia and China, the match would be lit to an all out confrontation between the two opposing international forces seeking world domination; the Golden Internationale and the Red Internationale.  The naval and troop presence of the Golden Internationale are all in place. 


The Eastern Mediterranean theatre would include several fronts from the naval forces in the Mediterranean Sea, the U.N.-UNIFIL forces in Lebanon plus Pakistan and the NATO allied offensive forces in Afghanistan.  In the Persian and Arabian Sea theatre is the equally impressive flotilla of the United States naval armada allied with Canadian and Australian naval presence.  This naval presence is headed by one aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) aircraft carrier battle group.  This is augmented by the expeditionary assault task force with the U.S.S. Boxer (LHD 4) amphibious assault ship, the flagship of the Boxer Expeditionary Strike Group.  Soon to arrive will be the aircraft carrier U.S.S. John C. Stennis (CVN 74) Strike Group heading from Washington State to Hawaii and over to the Persian Gulf.


It was Israel National News that reported on January 16, 2006 the following article, Showdown Looms in Persian Gulf as US Sends 2nd Aircraft Carrier”:


Israel National News - “The deployment of a second U.S. aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf has analysts speculating that President Bush means to stop Tehran's nuclear ambitions by force if necessary. The USS John C. Stennis was scheduled to sail Tuesday from its homeport of Bremerton, Washington. When the second Aircraft Carrier Strike Force arrives in the Middle East in February, this will be the first time since the U.S.-led Iraq invasion in 2003 that the United States will have two carrier battle groups in the region, according to a U.S. Navy official.

The increase in U.S. forces is a show of strength by Washington in the face of Iran's growing regional assertiveness and a perception among U.S. adversaries that the United States is vulnerable in Iraq, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Monday.


Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. John C. Stennis


The Stennis is a Nimitz-class carrier, with approximately 3,200 sailors. It will stop off in San Diego to pick an air wing of more than 80 planes, including F/A-18 Hornet and Superhornet fighter-bombers. After a month long voyage across the Pacific and Indian oceans, the Stennis will join the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, which is already tasked to the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet, based in the Gulf sheikhdom of Bahrain, said Cmdr. Kevin Aandahl of the Fifth Fleet.

Once in Middle East waters, the second aircraft carrier will significantly boost U.S. air power in the region and serve as a reminder of U.S. firepower to Iran. "This demonstrates our resolve to do what we can to bring security and stability to the region," Aandahl said. "That's obviously to dissuade others from acting counter to our national interest." Washington will maintain two carriers in the Middle East "as long as the situation demands it," Aandahl said. A typical carrier deployment lasts six months.”


Ten days earlier, DEBKAfiles also reported on January 7, 2007 in the article titled, “Three US Norfolk-based amphibious assault ships set out for Persian Gulf Saturday” with the following details:


DEBKAfiles – “They are part of the USS Bataan Strike group carrying 2,000 Marines and equipped to insert forces ashore by helicopter, landing craft and amphibious vehicles. The Bataan is equipped with helicopters and fast hovercraft capable of landing thousands of Marines on beaches and providing the landing with cover.


The Shreveport, known as the Super Gator, combines the logistical-intelligence support of a command ship with the assault capabilities of combat loaded marines. It is designed for extended amphibious operations. The USS Oak Hill is designed to assist distressed vessels. DEBKAfile’s military sources add that another three warships are due to sail out of Norfolk for the Gulf this week with marine personnel aboard. This will bring to more than 20,000 the complement of sailors, marines and pilots either heading for the Gulf region like the USS John C. Stennis strike group, or already present like the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and the USS Boxer.”


The U.S.S. Shreveport (LPD 12) called the Super Gator


With the arrival of the Stennis Strike Group, the American naval presence will have the ability to sow sea mines over large stretches of water in order to disable the Iranian army plus the ability to block Iran’s oil terminal outlets Each nuclear powered aircraft carrier attack group was sent with a flotilla of 12 naval supporting ships. These included: two guided missile-cruisers, generally Ticonderoga-class, two guided missile destroyers usually of the Arleigh Burke-class, and an attack submarine of the Los Angeles-class. In total the American Armada in the Persian Gulf will include 2 aircraft carriers, seven escort warships, 10 air squadrons, 2 attack submarines, and support helicopters for large scale amphibious landing on the Iranian or any hostile enemy soil. Hostile activity by the Nation of Iran could quickly be interpreted as a “provocative” act with the continuation of the “banned” nuclear enrichment programs and give the Bush administration reason for retaliation and a military showdown.


First deployed in the Persian Gulf in 2006, the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) Carrier Strike Group (CSG) redeployed out of San Diego, California in response to President Bush’s intention for a “troop surge” in the Middle East.  This deployment was announced in the Navy News on January 25, 2007 in the article titled, USS Ronald Reagan to Surge Deploy.”  As stated:“USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) Carrier Strike Group (CSG), with more than 5,000 sailors, will surge deploy January 27, while USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) undergoes scheduled maintenance in Yokosuka, Japan. The Ronald Reagan CSG is deploying under the Navy's Fleet Response Plan (FRP) and will operate in the western Pacific in support of U.S. commitments in the region. FRP provides the U.S. with the ability to respond to any global commitment with flexible and sustainable forces and the ability to rapidly respond to a range of situations on short notice.


The Ronald Reagan CSG, commanded by Rear Adm. Charles W. Martoglio, is comprised of Commander, Carrier Strike Group 7 (CCG 7), Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 14, Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 7, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), the guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain (CG 57), the guided-missile destroyer USS Russell (DDG 59), and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit 11, Detachment 15…


The squadrons of CVW-14 include the Strike Fighter Squadrons (VFA) the Redcocks of VFA-22, the Fist of the Fleet of VFA-25, the Stingers of VFA-113, the Eagles of VFA-115, the Black Eagles of Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 113, the Cougars of Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron (VAQ) 139, Providers of Carrier Logistics Support (VRC) 30 and the Black Knights of Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (HS) 4.”


The Ronald Reagan CSG had just returned six months ago in July from its maiden deployment in the Persian Gulf and the Western Pacific Ocean in support of “Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.”  With a six month turn around time, this ninth Nimitz-class nuclear powered aircraft carrier steamed to the southern Pacific with its motto on the Reagan theme of “Peace through Strength.” 


April 27, 2006 Charles de Gaulle R-91 operating in the Persian Gulf with the USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 (Middle Left), Cassard D-614 (bottom right), USS Vicksburg CG-69 (middle) and USS McCampbell DDG-85 (top left).


Called the “Mighty Hulk” this carrier is the largest weapon in the entire American military arsenal.  As long as the Empire State building is tall, the 4.5 acres on its flight deck, 45,000 tons of steel and two nuclear reactors that propel this huge ship faster than 30 knots is a $5 billion dollar investment of the might of the American sector of the western globalist bid to be the most powerful force on earth.


The operational capability of the Ronald Reagan is the opposite of the soon to arrive Stennis carrier group;  to sweep up marine mines or explosive charges that could possibly be used by Tehran to blockade the strategic Hormuz Strait and the Persian Gulf.  If needed, this Carrier Group stationed in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean would quickly “surge” over to the Persian Gulf to protect the vast number of American warships and oil tankers traversing the outgoing oil shipping lanes thru this vital international oil choke point.  If this were to happen, for the first time in military history, the American Navy would have three Aircraft Carrier Attack Groups in the Persian Gulf and the surrounding Arabic Sea and Indian Ocean.


On January 12, 2007, the Cihan News Agency reported that at least 16 U.S. F-16 fighter aircraft had arrived at the strategic Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey. This was the first transfer of military aircraft to Incirlik in three years.  These jets were also accompanied with the early warning system AWACS airplane plus air tanker plane from the Air Force base in Germany.  It was reported they were sent for joint F-16 Block 40/42 is now equipped with CCIP avionics upgrade that enables it to use smart weapons and advanced targeting systems.military exercises with the Turkish military command.


F-16 CCIP upgrade


Besides all the firsts in naval and troops size in the Middle East, DEBKAfiles reported on January 15, 2007 the following article titled, Washington again ups the military stakes against Iran, plans deployment of 600 Patriot anti-missile missiles in Middle East”:


DEBKAfiles – “For the first time, the Pentagon released the figures of US and British casualties in Iraq from the extra-lethal explosive devices manufactured in Iran: 198 dead and more than 600 wounded. These devices are smuggled in through the southern marshes and along the Tigris River.


The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff told Congress Friday that Iranians are now on the US target list in Iraq. He spoke of an “aggressive ground campaign” against Iranian networks operating inside Iraq. The Pentagon has also referred to possible cross-border raids into Iran, but so far Four Patriot missiles like the one shown here can be fired from this mobile launcher between loadings.none has been approved. The stakes have been rising since Wednesday, January 10, when the US president vowed to seek out and destroy Iranian and Syrian networks disrupting US operations in Iran and fomenting violence.


Four Patriot missiles like the one shown here can be fired from this mobile launcher between loadings.


Attempts to disrupt these networks combine with the decision to send a second aircraft carrier, the USS John. C. Stennis, to the Persian Gulf as a warning to Iran plus a Patriot air defense missile battalion to the Middle East and the deployment of a large number of warplanes in the Turkish base of Incirlik. A US military spokesman has said the two carrier strike groups will not just be showing force but actively involved in combat operations and providing air support across the regionAll these actions are raising the ante of the conference Condoleezza Rice will lead in mid-week in Kuwait of Arab foreign ministers from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan. She will try to build a pro-American alliance by selling the argument that an American failure in Iraq would pose an existential threat to all their nations…”


The MIM-104 Patriot (Phased Array Tracking to Intercept OTarget) medium-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) system today is the only combat proven Tactical Ballistic Missile defense system and the most advanced and successful SAM in the world today.  The Patriot’s radar system also boasts the world’s highest performance radar system while sending the Patriot that is reported to outmaneuver and intercept any air threat on the military market.


The Russian and Chinese Military Preparation for World Domination


On January 8, 2007, it was reported on DEBKAfile’s Exclusive that “Iran’s supreme rule Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, 68, appeared on State TV Monday looking Pale and Feeble, after Suffering a Cerebral Stroke last Wednesday January  3”:


DEBKAfiles – “As soon as he was stricken he was transferred to the emergency department of the Khatam Al-Anbia hospital, since when he has recovered consciousness every few hours and can identify the people around him.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei


According to our Tehran sources, after neurosurgeons diagnosed extensive brain damage, two foreign teams of specialists were rushed over from Germany and Switzerland Friday. By Saturday, they had stabilized his condition enough to put him before TV cameras and refute the rumors spreading round Iranian exile communities that he was dead. The rumors were started when he missed two important state and religious events and was not seen in public after Dec. 24.  In the interim, our Tehran sources report the aged, scholarly Ayatollah Mohammed Reza Mahdavi Khani, an apolitical figure, was appointed temporary stand-in for the supreme ruler. Khamenei who used the broadcast Monday to invite senior clerics from the holy city of Qom to visit him, is considering making Ayatollah Reza’s appointment as stand-in permanent.


Khamenei’s illness had been kept a close secret in Tehran for fear of an outbreak of factional hostilities. The elections held last month for the Council of Experts, which is competent to choose the supreme ruler, was not accepted by the radical political and military camps, especially President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his backers, the Revolutionary Guards. They took exception to the comeback of former president Hashemi Rafsanjani, who Khamenei had placed in line as his successor…The Islamic Republic appears therefore to face a period of confrontation and instability in the interim period between Khamenei’s rule and the succession - up to and including a violent coup d’etat by the Republican Guards – with critical effect on the national nuclear program, depending on which camp prevails.”


With the instability in the higher leadership of the Tehran government, the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was having his own election Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah-Yazdiwoes during the poor election results in the Iranian elections for local councils. The students at Amir-Kabir University in Tehran recently disrupted his speech with the shouts of “Liar!” and “Get Out!”


Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah-Yazdi – Spiritual Mentor of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Even to the normal Iranian, the promises of a better life have been overshadowed by the apocalyptic and messianic Shi’ite pursuit of nuclear power and Islamic domination.  These views of the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are only a reflection of the world view of his mentor and spiritual counselor, Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi.  This Islamic Shia cleric and politician is a member of Iran’s Assembly of Elders who espouses complete isolationism from the Western world. Any Muslim who interprets the Qur’an non-literally is a heretic


Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks in Mashhad, Iran's holiest city Tuesday, April 11, 2006.To his disciples like President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi is seeking to become the Supreme Ruler of Shi’a Iran when the ailing Ayatollah Ali Khamenei leaves that office.

Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks in Mashhad, Iran's holiest city Tuesday, April 11, 2006. [AP]


As DEBKAfiles states, the world view that the Iranian president and his spiritual advisor Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi:


DEBKAfiles - “espouses are far out even for Iran’s clerical rulers. He seeks to transform Iran into a religious dictatorship which treats its subjects as minors too immature to make their own decision who must be guided by the “wise guardian, a religious dictatorValiy-E Faqih. He cherishes the dream of attaining this eminence after Khamenei leaves the stage.”


On January 16, 2007, the DEBKAfiles article reported Russian defense minister Sergei Ivanov confirms the sale of short-range anti-aircraft TOR-M1 missiles to Iran”:


DEBKAfiles – “Ivanon stated that Moscow will consider further requests from Tehran for defensive weapons. The Russian minister added: “Iran is not under sanctions and if it wants to buy defensive … equipment for its armed forces then why not?”


He insisted that the UN sanctions restricting Iran’s trade in sensitive nuclear materials and technology “do not apply to missiles.”


Read original DEBKAfile article HERE


DEBKAfile’s Moscow sources reveal this is exactly the position President Vladimir Putin laid before Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert at their Kremlin talks on Oct. 18, 2006. They quote Putin as spurning Olmert’s request to withhold advanced weaponry from Tehran. He said: ‘We will sell Iran and Syria too all the defensive arms they want to buy. Neither Israel nor the Americans can stop us. As long as we don’t give them offensive weapons, you have nothing to complain of.’


The Russian made Tor-Mi Defensive Shield Missiles


On his return home, the Israeli prime minister presented his talks with Putin as a big success and therefore neglected to make the Russian president’s position on arms sales to Iran and Syrian known. National military strategists were therefore caught unawares by the revelation of Moscow’s sale of the S-300PMU2 Favorit air defense system to Syria.


According to our Moscow sources, Putin and Ivanov are determined to equip Tehran and Damascus with defensive hardware to deter the United States and Israel from attacking both countries by the threat of heavy casualties. Last December, DEBKAfile’s military sources reported the conviction of some Iranian and Russian aid defense experts that the deployment of Tor-M1 missiles at Iran’s nuclear installations will make it almost impossible for the Americans or Israelis to knock out those facilities for any lengthy period. Therefore, they estimated that any US or Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear sites must go forward in the next six months sbefore the new Russian anti-air systems are in place.”


The military arm of Russia is rapidly arming Iran and Syria, for they are the front guards against any type of confrontation between the United States and NATO against Russia and China. With the Iranians obtaining the most advanced defensive shield against American or Israeli attack, the Syrians are also revamping their entire military and encircling their country with a defensive shield.  As reported on January 15, 2007 by DEBKA files in the article titled, Syrian Armed Forces Revamped”:


DEBKAfiles – “The Syrian army has begun striking out in new directions for the first time since Bashar Asad succeeded his father as president seven years ago


Two new mechanized divisions are under construction. When they are completed in the coming spring, the Syrian armed forces will consist of 12 divisionsfive deployed opposite Israel on the Golan, of which 3 are in forward positions facing Israeli troops and tanks and 2 further back on call as reinforcements should war erupt. Two armored divisions are stationed outside the Syrian towns of Homs and Der’a; the Republican Guard division 569 is permanently assigned to securing the ruling Asad family in Damascus; an infantry division is posted on the Syrian-Turkish border and another on the Syria-Iraq frontier.


The Strategic Position of the Nation of Syria


Hafez Asad’s military doctrine was based on Syria being too poor in money and technology to maintain modern air and naval forces; it must therefore rely on a very strong anti-air defense system based on large quantities of medium range missiles, mostly Soviet Scuds-B, -C and –D, equipped with chemical and biological warheads. These missiles are capable of reaching every densely-populated corner of Israel. Asad senior also bought a huge fleet of tanks from Moscow.  Today, the Syrian army is one of the few in the world, outside Africa and the Third World, to maintain in active service the anachronistic T-54 and T-55 tanks. The later model, T-72, is obsolete too, and most would be destroyed in combat with up-to-date tanks


The Israel-Hizballah war of summer 2006 was the Syrian ruler’s real eye-opener. He saw the legendary IDF fail to subdue the enemy; Hizballah pounding northern Israel’s towns and villages day after day and forcing one million Israelis to abandon their homes. And he saw Hizballah using anti-tank rockets with devastating effect against advancing Israeli armored forces regardless of steady Israeli air bombardment.  The Syrian army has consequently undergone fundamental changes in weaponry and self-perception:


In Moscow last month, the Syrian president signed a big arms deal with Russia. He was taken round a base near Moscow for a display of the latest Russian anti-air missiles. In particular, he examined the S-300PMU2 FAVORIT system, which is designed to defend strategic facilities and armed forces against attack by modern aircraft, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles in heavy ECM environments.


This air defense system is equipped with 30N6E2 fire-control radar, a 96L6E target acquisition and designation radar, eight 5P85SE launchers and 48N6E2 missiles with a range of 200km against aircraft and 40 km against ballistic missiles. The system can engage six targets simultaneously with 12 missilesDEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military experts describe this as a highly sophisticated, extremely expensive piece of hardware. Each battery costs $600 million…


This is worrisome news indeed. It will place in the radical Asad regime’s hands a strategic weapon capable not only of downing Israeli planes while still in Israeli air space, but also US and European aircraft taking off from carriers in the eastern Mediterranean.”


The next day, on February 19, 2007, another revelation came out in Israel National News in the article titled, “Intelligence Chief: Hizbullah is Stronger than Before War”:


Israel National News“Hizbullah continues to smuggle weapons into southern Lebanon, and has surpassed pre-war abilities. MK Shalom: "If so, the war was a failure." Brig.-Gen. Yossi Beiditz, head of the IDF's Intelligence Wing Research Division, told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Hizbullah has "returned to its pre-war capabilities, and has even become stronger…"

Just a few days ago, Hizbullah terrorist chieftain Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah bragged publicly about the continuing smuggling of weapons into southern Lebanon. "We say this openly; after all, we didn't fight Israel with sticks, but with rockets," he said. "Israel doesn't know where we are hiding them." Nasrallah added that Hizbullah would not disarm, as called for in the ceasefire agreement ending last summer's war. Hizbullah fired some 4,000 Katyusha rockets at Israel last summer, killing 41 civilians (including 17 Arabs and Druze); 119 soldiers were also killed in the war. It was estimated that Hizbullah had not used even half of its rocket strength.”


The flurry of arms purchases and military installations with the arrival of true weapons of mass destruction is moving into the Middle East at historic speeds.  It was on January 28, 2007 that DEBKAfiles revealed a new chapter in the confrontation between the western and the eastern forces of global dominationTitled “Iran’s Space Venture Will Enhance its Nuclear Military Resources,” this bm25-iran-icbm-001article opens up the visions of a new “Cold War” with Iran that has now become a “Hot War.”


Iranian acquired North Korean BM25 Land Mobile extended range replication of the Russian SSN6 SLBM


DEBKAfiles - Iran is closer than ever before to the launch of a spy satellite by a BM25 ballistic missile. 18 of which were purchased from North Korea, notwithstanding Pyongyang’s denials of aid to Iran’s nuclear program. Allaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of the Iranian parliament’s national security and foreign policy commission, said last week that Iran had finished building a reconnaissance satellite and converted a ballistic missile into a space launcher. If this claim is correct, then Iran has a launcher able to put 300 kg into earth orbit - and by the same definition, an ICBM that could drop more than 300 kg anywhere in the world, including Washington DC…


DEBKAfile’s military sources report that Iran has just finished upgrading its Shehab series, adapting them to solid fuel.  Although most military and intelligence experts doubt the Iranian satellite would survive in orbit for more than a few months before burning out, Tehran’s technological feats cannot be overstated. Its initial goal appears to be deterrence at a time that the United States is massing heavy naval, air and amphibious might opposite Iranian shores. However, the Islamic Republic’s progress in missile development is as much or more cause for concern than the announcement Jan. 27 by a senior Majlis lawmaker that Tehran has begun installing 3,000 niran-missile-fleet_010uclear centrifuges ahead of schedule at the Natanz underground facility.


Chart showing various Iran/N. Korean Missiles. The tallest one is a Shehab-6 missile. Could it be the newly developed 3-stage solid-fueled ICBM?



Our intelligence sources reveal this group of centrifuges is being activated in stages, an added 200-300 every ten days. So far, between 1,000 and 1,200 are believed to be operational and all 3,000 are expected to be working by the end of April.


The Islamic Republic’s nuclear-missile infrastructure rests further on the reported purchase of a dozen Kh 55 nuclear-capable cruise missiles on the Ukraine’s nuclear black market some time ago. They were apparently sold stripped of the components making them functional, including their original 200-kiloton warheads, but may have come with manuals. Some experts in the West and Russia believe Iranian missile engineers were able to dismantle and replicate some of the Kh 55 systems and implant them in their home-assembled missiles…


Washington has been impelled by Tehran’s rapid progress in missile technology and uranium enrichment to make haste and get elements of its anti-ballistic missile system quickly based in Poland and the Czech Republic, ready to intercept any prospective Iranian missiles heading towards Europe.


Moscow objects strongly to US missiles being based in the two former Warsaw Pact countries. Russian defense minister Sergei Ivanov argued this week that Iran does not and will not possess missiles posing this threat. The American missiles, he charged, are pointed at Moscow rather than Tehran. The fundamental conflict of interests on Iran between Russia and the United States stands out a mile. Moscow, up in arms to protect its stake in Iran’s nuclear program, has refused to take Tehran’s belligerent stance as seriously as Washington and consistently soft-pedals international punitive action against its violations, such as uranium enrichment


As for Israel, the launch of an Iranian spy satellite would not be the worst-case scenario…  The real trouble is inherent in the ICBM-cum-launcher. A three stage-missile in Iranian hands, powered by solid fuel with a long-range capability presents a major military challenge to Israel and the IDF. Israel would defend itself with its anti-missile missile Arrow system, as well as surface missiles, which can reach Iranian targets and offer a deterrent to counterbalance its missiles. But the size and capabilities of the missiles in which Iran is investing underscore Israel’s inadequacies.”


If there was any doubt as to the seriousness of the military buildup in the Red Internationale by the oriental military giants of Russia and China, the international press received another shock on January 19, 2007 when it was announced that China hails satellite killer - and stuns its rivals in space.” The Guardian Press in UK posted this article:

The Guardian – “China has given notice of its increasing power in space - and provoked widespread international concern - with a successful test of an anti-satellite weapon that could be used to knock out enemy surveillance and communications craft.


In the first such test since the cold war era, the White House confirmed that China had used a medium-range ballistic missile, launched from the ground, to destroy an ageing weather satellite more than 500 miles into space... The test, on January 11, was the first of its kind since 1985 when Washington halted such exercises because of fears of damaging military and civilian satellites with large clouds of debris. The test was especially troubling because it exposed the vulnerability of America's dependence on low-orbiting satellites, which are used for military communications, smart The launch site at Xichang in south-west China, from where  the missile is thought to have been launchedbombs and surveillance. In theory, last week's exercise could give Beijing the capability to knock out such satellites - a realization that underlay the protests from Washington…


The launch site at Xichang in south-west China, from where the missile is thought to have been launched. Photograph: Li Gang/Xinhua/Reuters


News of the test, first reported by the magazine Aviation Week and Space Technology, comes months after the Bush administration unveiled a doctrine asserting America's right to take action against any perceived threat in space. The missile relied on the force of impact rather than an exploding warhead to shatter the satellite…The magazine said on its website: ‘Details emerging from space sources indicate that the Chinese Feng Yun 1C (FY-1C) polar orbit weather satellite launched in 1999 was attacked by an asat (anti-satellite) system launched from or near the Xichang space centre.’"


With the November 2006 elections in which the Democratic Party took over power in the Senate and the Congress of the United States, the Bush administration has been on over-drive in pursuit to seal its historical presidential legacy.  If this legacy reframing is not critical enough for the peace in this world, a second legacy is also at stake. 


We see this same frantic pace in Great Britain as British Prime Minister Tony Blair is trying to seal his administrative legacy in that European nation that once had the largest empire of the world, Great Britain.


Yet a third legacy is at stake, the “shepherds” in the Nation of Israel.  


  1. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert just returned back from China to find himself under criminal investigation by the Israeli Supreme Court with the charges of influence peddling towards friends while he was Finance Minister during the privatization and sale of Bank Leumi, the country’s second largest Israeli bank in 2005.


  1. President Moshe Katsav is on presidential leave of absence defending charges by the Israeli Attorney General of indecent sex acts with a government employee, and


  1. Israeli’s Military Chief of Staff Lt. General Dan Halutz resigned on January 17, 2007 while under investigation by the Vinograd Commission whose report is pending on the military breakdown in the War in Lebanon in 2006.  He had been under intense fire by the military commission headed by former IDG Chief of Staff Dan Shomron on his military leadership failures and for his tending to his personal stock portfolio accounts while he was to have been conducting the military defense of the Nation of Israel.


This reminds us of the warning by the God of Israel to the “Shepherds” of the Nation of Israel that they were to watch over his flock of sheep:


Ezekiel 34:2-4,10 (parts) - “Woe to the shepherds of Israel who feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks?  You eat the fat and clothe yourselves with the wool; you slaughter the fatlings, but you do not feed the flock. The weak you have not strengthened, nor have you healed those who were sick, nor bound up the broken, nor brought back what was driven away, nor sought what was lost; but with force and cruelty you have ruled them…Thus says the Lord God: ’Behold, I am against the shepherds, and I will require My flock at their hand; I will cause them to cease feeding the sheep, and the shepherds shall feed themselves no more; for I will deliver My flock from their mouths, that they may no longer be good for them


This also reminds us of the God of Israel’s admission not only to the wayward Nation of Israel (Tribe of Judah) but also to the entire House of Israel:


Ezekiel 36:22-28 - “Therefore say to the House of Israel, ‘Thus says the Lord God: I do not do this for your sake, O house of Israel, but for My holy name’s sake, which you have profaned among the nations wherever you went. And I will sanctify My great name, which has been profaned among the nations, which you have profaned in their midst; and the nations shall know that I am the Lord,’ says the Lord God, ‘when I am hallowed in you before their eyes.  For I will take you from among the nations, gather you out of all countries, and bring you into your own land. Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean; I will cleanse you from all you filthiness and from all your idols. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do them. Then you shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers; you shall be My people, and I will be your God.’”  


As we continue to watch the Frantic Drive for the Legacy of Global Domination”, we see the finger of the Lord of host at work in the nations of the world.  There are many pathways and destinies that the nations of the world may go. Time may be delayedTime may speed up. What do we do?  As our Master instructed; “Watch and be ready.” Here we rest assured that the will of the Almighty One of Israel will remain supreme. Today, we continue to watch and pray with expectation that the day of the messiah’s coming will be soon


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