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 Pope John Paul II 


The Fate of the Vatican on the Death of John Paul II

A Study of the Papal Prophecies and

their Effect on John Paul II’s Papal Successor



Prophecies of the Vatican and the New 266th Pope


Mary, the mother of Jesus and the Fatima Prophecies

The Prophecies of Malachy


The Papal Conclave and the New Pope

Prime Contenders for Papal prophecy, “Gloria olivae”-

Cardinal Aron Jean-Marie Lustiger

Cardinal Carlo Marie Martini S.J.

Cardinal Paul Augustin Cardinal Mayer OSB

Jewish Popes in the History of the Catholic Church

The Papacy, the False Prophet and the anti-Messiah


Prophecies of the Vatican and the New 266th Pope


Johannes Friede (1204-1257)

When the great time will come, in which mankind will face its last, hard trial, it will be foreshadowed by striking changes in nature. The alteration between cold and heat will become more intensive, storms will have more catastrophic effects, earthquakes will destroy great regions, and the seas will overflow many lowlands. Not all of it will be the result of natural causes, but mankind will penetrate into the bowels of the earth and will reach into the clouds, gambling with its own existence. Before the powers of destruction will succeed in their design, the universe will be thrown into disorder, and the age of iron will plunge into nothingness.


When nights will be filled with more intensive cold and days with heat, a new life will begin in nature. The heat means radiation from the earth, the cold the waning light of the sun. Only a few years more and you will become aware that sunlight has grown perceptibly weaker. When even your artificial light will cease to give service, the great event in the heavens will be near.


Maria Laach Monastery (16th Century)

The twentieth century will bring death and destruction, apostasy from the Church, discord in families, cities and governments; it will be the century of three great wars with intervals of a few decades. They will become ever more devastating and bloody and will lay in ruins not only Germany, but finally all countries of East and West. After a terrible defeat of Germany will follow the next great war. There will be no bread for people anymore and no fodder for animals. Poisonous clouds, manufactured by human hands, will sink down and exterminate everything. The human mind will be seized by insanity.


Pope John Paul II


The Ecstatic of Tours (19th Century)

Before the war breaks out again, food will be scarce and expensive. There will be little work for the workers, and fathers will hear their children crying for food. There will be earthquakes and signs in the sun. Toward the end, darkness will cover the Earth. When everyone believes that peace is ensured, when everyone least expects it, the great happening will begin. Revolution will break out in Italy almost at the same time as in France. For some time the Church will be without a Pope.


Nostradamus – Quatrains Century 2, Quatrain 41

The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
The big mastiff will howl all night
When the
great pontiff will change country.




Part One – The Election of Pope John Paul II, the Pope of the Black Internationale – January, 2005


This series of articles on the Papacy began with the election of John Paul II and his world vision of the global power players that seek to control this planet earth.  This first article was written on what appeared to be the soon or imminent death of Pope John Paul II as 2005 made its debut.  As the year started he was clearly fading in health but in the one act of international attention, hosted a delegation of Jewish rabbis and leaders to firm up the relationship between the Nation of Israel and the Vatican. Was this meeting a geo-political move on the Pontiff to pave the way for his successor who according to papal prophecies had a special mission with the Jewish people?  With the death of Pope John Paul II at 2:37 p.m. EST, the fifteen days of mourning and funeral has begun. 


Then the most secret of institutions, the Vatican Conclave, begins, where the chosen cardinals from around the world confine themselves in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican with the magnificent frescos of Michelangelo overhead to nominate the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  This may be the most fateful Conclave in Papal history because all the prophecies concerning the papacy, the 3rd Fatima prophecy, the prophecies of St. Malachi and the prophecies of Nostradamus.  Contrary to many prophetic suppositions, all of these prophecies allude to that day when the Roman Catholic Church and the “city of seven hills” will be destroyed in an era of tribulation and great calamities.


Whether Biblical prophetic scholars like it or not, these prophecies will be the most fateful harbingers of the future as the hierarchy of the Catholic Church sees it.  That these prophecies will affect the minds of the 117 – 120 cardinals as they enter their conclave is an understatement.  What are these prophecies, who were their authors and what are their implications on the future days of the time of the end? This is where our journey begins.


Mary, the mother of Jesus and the Fatima Prophecies


It was May 13, 1981, the “popemobile” was carrying the pontiff, Pope John Paul II through the throngs of the 75,000 pilgrims and visitors at the Vatican Agca, shots Pope John Paul II in 1981.and in observance of 11 million television views at St. Peter’s Cathedral.


The assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II by Ali Agra on May 13, 1981


On that same day a fateful shot rang out from the gun of a Turkish hired assassin, Mehmet Ali Agca and hit John Paul II in the chest.  The two bullets aimed at the head of John Paul II missed the mark as he leaned over towards a young girl wearing a picture of Mary, the mother of Jesus pinned on her blouse as “Our Lady of Fatima”.  John Paul II was rushed to the wrong hospital, the Policlinico Gemelli, where in during the emergency treatment he was given transfusions of hepatitis tainted blood.  This one medical malpractice affected his health the rest of his life.   


While the pontiff’s life was threatened, his mentor and closest friend and confidant, Cardinal Wyszynsky was in his final moments of life, mortally ill with stomach cancer.  He was bedridden in his Warsaw residence on Miodowa Street on May 3, 1981.  The two would never again see each other.  Not knowing that his mentor had less than seventy two hours to live, the convalescent Pope made a telephone call from Gemelli hospital and talked with Wyszynsky May 25 for the last time.  Both knew that their mortal relationship was over, both were weak, one fatally and the other permanently weakened.  Their last words were left unrecorded.  Wyszynsky died on May 28, 1981.  In their mind, their dream of the implosion and change of the Soviet Union was another twenty years in the future.  The finger of the Lord of hosts had a different plan. 


The geo-political dream of John Paul II was fatefully altered on those two days. Both men were ardent Marian believers in which Mary the mother of Jesus is alive and the Queen of the Heavens. John Paul II was now convinced that it was the hand of Mary who saved him that day from death in St. Peter’s Cathedral on May 13, the official feast day of Mary of Fatima


The Shrine of the Mary of Fatima


It all started sixty four years earlier standing on a sheep pasture at Cova da Ira at the Fatima, Portugal that a series of visions were given to three children.  Every month for six months Francisco and Jacinta Marto, nine and seven years old, and their ten year old cousin, Lucia dos Santos claimed they went and visited with the Fatima Mary.  Lucia was the only one who was literate. These apparitions included important messages that the messages who claimed that she was Mary the mother of Jesus wanted to be given to all the nations of the world and especially to the Vatican and Russia.  Not only that, the apparition promised that on October 13, 1917, she would authenticate her message by a miracle from “God”.  The month, day and place were not only foretold but also the hour, midday.  On that day, the world was ready to listen.


Torrential rains heralded this day from Friday evening, October 12, 1917 and continued to blanket the landscape with three inches of rain into Saturday, the Sabbath of the Hebrews. There upwards to seventy five thousand people thronged around the three children and their parents when Lucia the eldest spoke out, “Look up at the sun!”  The clouds broke and the sun came out in a manner that made the crowds in the vicinity cry out in awe, fear, panic, surprise, joy and amazement.  It was this apparition of the sun that would later be seen by Pope John Paul II sixty four years later on August, 1981.


According to Jesuit Malachi Martin, in “The Keys of this Blood”, this event with all of its glory and wonder evolved into three parts:


“This was not the unbearably bright midday sun normal in the skies of Portugal and Rome, the sun you cannot stare at without damaging the eyes.  This sun was a fast-spinning plate of brightly shining silver, a giant pinwheel turning on its own axis, casting off beams of colored lights – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – that tinted faces, clothes, cars, carts, umbrellas, animals, ponds, grass, mountain top and horizon in all the successive hues of the rainbow.  Everyone was able to stare fixedly at this brilliant disk, but yet without pain and without being blinded.  All were fascinated by the rim of color around the spinning disk of that sun.  At first deep red, the rim’s color changed successively to all the colors in the rainbow.  That was the first part of what the onlookers later described picturesquely as the “dance of the sun.”  It lasted two or three minutes.”


The second part of the “dance” started with a cessation of the spinning motion.  Now the sun roamed back and forth among the clouds, seeming to tremble and pulsate and within itself, appearing and half disappearing behind puffs and strips of cloud, occasionally stopping and spinning again on its own axis and throwing off those brilliant shafts of multicolored light, then resuming its roaming among the clouds.


The third part of at exotic dance came when the roaming stopped.  That brilliant sun was stationary for a while, trembling, pulsating, rotating above the clouds, hurtled in zigzag fashion toward earth and towards the upturned faces of those ten of thousands.  One observer described later how the smiling look of wonder on the faces around him in that crowd changed first into looks of puzzlement, then immediately into white-faced fear according as that solar disk, ever rotating and pulsating, came closer and closer, appearing bigger and bigger in its reeling descent, the heat increasing as it came nearer and nearer. 


As this molten mass of light and heat zigzagged downward, cried of anguish and horror, prayers and exclamation, rose up: “It’s the end of the world!”  “We will all die!”  “God forgive me my sin!”  and the like. But in the middle of the downward plunge of that blazing sun, the voices of the three children were heard above the cries of anguish: “Pray and Pray hard!  Everything is going to be all right!”


But for a time it did look as if that disk was going to smash into the crowds, crushing and burning all before it.  At the peak of these fears and horror, the disk halted, reversed its path, ascended back to the sky.  It stopped moving.  The spinning ceased. There were no more colors thrown off. The people could no longer look at the midday sun.  It had just its unusual unbearable noonday glare.  The winds started to blow with noticeably greater force. All noticed the rise in the force of the wind.  They noticed, too, that there was no movement whatever in the branches of the trees.  No sooner was it noted that the leaves and the branches were motionless in the middle of the strong winds than they noticed – again, all together – that there was no water on the ground, no mud. All was dry and dusty. 


Then someone shouted: “I’m dry! Bone dry!” The cry suddenly became universal.  Everybody’s clothes, a few minutes before heavy and cold from rainwater, were Sister Lucianow dry and light and crisp and warm.  “They looked as though they had just come from the laundry,” one still-surviving witness recalled in 1989.” (Malachi Martin, The Keys to the Blood, pg 628-629)


Sister Lucia Marto


This event, witnessed by a recorded 75,000 witnesses in the hillside of Fatima, Portugal was an event of public documentation.  On August, 1981, over the luminous skies of Lazio above the seven hills of Rome, this event was witnessed again by John Paul II.  What was more important were the witnesses of the three children who gave unwavering testimony by extensive cross-witnessing that of their six conversations with the apparition of Mary over the prior six months.  During this time they were given three messages


These three messages were not initially reported by the three children as they were forbidden by the Marian apparition to do so.  And then came the untimely deaths during the pandemic flu epidemics of Francisco Marto on April 4, 1919 at age eleven and the death of Jacinta Marto on February 20, 1920 at the age of ten.  The sole surviving witness left to testify to the “three visions” was Lucia Martos the elder cousin. 


The first two of the Fatima messages were transmitted to the world and the Vatican.  In the first message, the entire world was warned that their society was on a pathway of sin and eternal punishment.  The vision depicted a “night illuminated by an unknown light” that would come before a “worse war”.  During this war “the good will be martyred” and “the Holy Father will have much to suffer.”  In the year before the onset of World War II, on January 25, 1938, the magnetic shield around the earth was bombarded and a rare display of the aurora borealis was visible all across Europe.


Pope Pius XII was kept in isolation during the majority of World War II as the fruits of the Hitler-Pacelli (Pius XII) Concordat of 1933 came upon the continent of Europe.  The last democratic party in Germany, German Catholic Centre Party that stood in the way of Hitler’s absolute power, was banned from political activity.  The pontiff had in defacto betrayed his own people by giving Hitler his ultimate goal, the supreme leadership of the German people


This second Fatima Secret was interpreted as a prediction of World War II.  In these instructions from the Fatima secret pageapparition of Mary, the Pope and the bishop were to consecrate the people of Russia in the name of Mary.  If this was not done, the country of Russia would “spread error and evil throughout the world; many human beings would suffer and die as a consequence.” (Ibid 630) 


Sister Lucia Marto’s Secret “Third Fatima Prophecy”


The third Fatima message still remained a secret in the heart and mind of Sister Lucia, who was now a Carmelite nun.  In 1944, she was ordered by her bishop to write down the third message.  With only bare details, she sealed it in an envelope and told him that it was to be opened in 1960 which by then, “things will be clearer.”  The Vatican became more uneasy as the years went by and the envelope was brought to Rome and deposited in a “humidor-type box” and kept on the mantelpiece of the Pope’s private quarters in the Apostolic Palace for the pope of 1960 to see.


Pope John XXXIII read the Third Fatima prophecy in 1959-1960 and returned it to the box as he determined that its message did not affect his reign. Then his successor, Pope Paul VI read it and also chose to neglect its message.  Once again Pope John Paul I read the message.  From the historical testimony it appeared that John Paul I was in the process of making radical changes within the Vatican and may have decided to act upon the Fatima prophecies. Yet only 33 days into his reign, he was assassinated by the “Superforce” as described by “The Keys of this Blood.”  This fact had a lasting impressing upon John Paul I’s successor and friend, John Paul II.  When John Paul II read the message in 1978, he also returned it to the box. Was he trapped by two demonic forces within the Vatican: the secrets of the Fatima prophecies and the power of the ‘superforce’ that surrounded him behind the walled city of the Vatican?   By then the essentials of the prophecy were beginning to be known to the world as the two who knew the contents, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger and John Paul II, spoke with openness about the essentials of the message.


The Third Fatima Vision covers three secrets:  The first “Secret” was the physical punishments to the nations involving catastrophes, natural and man made on the earth, the seas and in the atmosphere.  The second “Secret” was the spiritual punishments to the Roman Catholic Church which would come as a disappearance of religious belief, revolt and unfaithfulness in the bishopric around the world in which Russia was the key to unlocking that timetable.  Yet these did not have to be.


The punishments of the Third Fatima Secret, according to Sister Lucia, could have been avoided if Pope John XXIII, who was the pope in 1960, the year of President John F. Kennedy’s death, would have published the text of the “Third Secret” so that the entire world would know its contents


The second demand was that the Pope would with all the bishops acting in one accord consecrate Russia to Mary.  If these things were done, atheistic Russia would be converted to a religious belief and peace and prosperity would follow.  If not a domino effect of fateful events would occur: Russia would spread her evil, millions would die, the ‘Church” would find her faithful flee the sanctuary of the papacy and widespread corruption and evil would permeate the corridors of the Vatican and the Curia. 


Pope John XXXIII refused to publish the Third Secret of Fatima after 1960 even when the most opportune time to rally the Catholic Church to its message came when 2,500 Roman Catholic bishops were assembled at the Vatican on October 11, 1962.  This was the opening of the Second Vatican Council.  The physical and spiritual chastisements were now in full force.  By then the bishops of Europe, Canada and Latin America were in full revolt breaking down the traditional liturgy and fundamental beliefs of Catholicism; moral reforms by homosexual clerics and nuns sought the Catholic’s blessing while  contraception, abortion and divorce was promoted around the globe.  Also the rise of the “Superforce” within the Vatican became entrenched in the Vatican by 1963 beginning in the reign of Pope Paul VI.  It was Paul VI who referred this “superforce” as “the smoke of Satan which has entered the Sanctuary” which spoke of the enthronement of the Satanism in the halls of the Vatican, including the cultic rites and practices of Satanic pedophilia whose destructive wasteland was uncovered in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. 


Yet John Paul II also refused to reveal and comply with the Third Fatima Secret.  His reply when questioned at the 1980 Fulda meeting, “Given the seriousness of its contents, my predecessors in the Petrine Office (John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul I) diplomatically preferred to postpone publication (of the text) so as not to encourage the world power of Communism to make certain moves.”  It only depicted his geo-political insight of the stark reality of the might of the Communist regime and the vulnerability of the western capitalistic powers in that era.  Instead of spiritually obeying, the Vatican politicized the Fatima Secret messages and as Cardinal Ottaviani said in 1957, it was to be buried “in the most hidden, the deepest, the most obscure and inaccessible place on earth.” (Ibid 634) 


To the new Pope who was now three years in his papal reign and an avid Marian worshipper, the assassination attempt on his life in 1981 and the coincidence of occurrences that happened on that day would forever change his world view and his future. The miracle of saving his life when he was looking upon Lady Fatima would cast upon his papal reign a new urgency and a new direction.  When we see the John Paul II in his final years, fighting to stay alive, we can almost sense his foreboding that with his death the full retribution of the Fatima Secrets will be cast down upon the Roman Catholic Church.  Whereas he was voted in the 1978 Conclave to be the prime candidate to spread the liberalization of Vatican II throughout the world, his ministry remained strongly orthodox and in defense of traditional Catholicism.  

FILE -- Pope John paul II kisses an unidentified baby at the end of a general weekly audience in the Pope Paul VI hall at the Vatican, Wednesday, March 14, 2001. Pope John Paul II, the Polish pontiff who led the Roman Catholic Church for more than a quarter century and became history's most-traveled pope, has died at 84, the Vatican announced Saturday, April 2, 2005. (AP Photo/Plinio Lepri)

John Paul II did not publish the “Secret third vision” nor did he proclaim that the people of Russia were to be under the protectorate of the Virgin Mary.  The prophetic catastrophes that were prophesied to fall upon the Roman Catholic Church, according to his contacts with Sister Lucia, could mitigated future tribulations if he performed certain acts.  So prior to May 13, 1982, he wrote to all the bishops to support him in his proclamation at Fatima on May 13, 1982 or in spirit on that day in their home dioceses.  On this day he pronounced the invocation of Mary upon the world and upon the Russian people. 


Pope John Paul II kisses an unidentified baby at the end of a general weekly audience in the Pope Paul VI hall at the Vatican, Wednesday, March 14, 2001. (AP Photo/Plinio Lepri)


Strange as it may seem, the Vatican hierarchy despises and abhors any devotion to Mary, Fatima or any other form of divine revelationMalachi Martin, an Irish Jesuit priest and confidant of the popes in the 1960s had been the most prolific writer of the “Superforce” within the Vatican.  An ancient Semitic expert, one of the Dead Sea Scroll scholars, he became one of the leading Catholic experts on satanic exorcism and the battles of the occult world.  As such he had insights into the Catholic hierarchial church structure and knew the secrets of Fatima prophecies, given to him reputedly by Pope John XXIII, who took the same name as the Antipope John XXIII who reigned between 1410-1415.  It also gave Martini an uncanny prophetic view of the future of apostate institutional Catholicism.  According to his summation of the Third Secret of Fatima, he states these words:


Martin- “It says that no matter what happens there are going to be terrible wars, there are going to be diseases, whole nations are going to be wiped out, there are going to be 3 days darkness, there are going to be epidemics that will wipe out whole nations overnight, parts of the earth will be washed away at sea and violent tornadoes and storms. It's not a nice message at all”


It is the masters of this same “superforce” that has forsaken orthodox Catholicism and what they feel are its divine mandates.  It is not that they believe that Mary, as the Mother of Jesus and now the Queen of Heaven in their apostate orthodoxy.  It is because any form of devotion to a divine mandate is against their stated goals to usurp the Roman Church fully to the “Seat of Satan”.  One thing is clear, they do oppose any reverence and honor to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  When these evil infiltrators in the Vatican saw that this present Pontiff as being under the special protection of Mary, they feared also the wrath of the Fatima prophecies and willing allowed him to live out fully his life, knowing that their day will come. 


Pope John Paul II


On January 13, 2005, the frail and ailing pontiff with his usual fiery spirit cried out a warning to Satan, “You’re finished”He discussed the ultimate defeat of evil and the downfall of Satan and concluded,  "The words of the Apocalypse regarding those who have vanquished Satan and evil through the blood of the Lamb, echo also in the splendid prayer attributed to the Christian martyr Simeon, from Seleucia-Ctesifonte in Persia: 'I will receive life without pain, worry, anguish, persecutor, persecuted, oppressor, oppressed, tyrant or victim, there I will see no threat of king, or terror of prefects, no one will quote me in court or terrorize me and no one will drag me or scare me.'"


As John Paul II was quickly declining in health over the Christmas season 2004 and as the day of John Paul’s reported death arrived on April 2, 2005, the apocalyptic portents of the Fatima prophecy were being heralded around the world.  Is it not fortuitous that this planet is undergoing massive catastrophic changes with earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and global extremes in weather and temperature?  Every major religious institution is under assault or the seeds of destruction are already imbedding within their hierarchical structure.  Nations are aligning themselves against nations and Israel at the geo-political-religious vortex of the world is finding herself isolated, surrounded by nations that hate her and crumbling under the seeds of her own destruction for not following her God, the God of Israel. 


This fact must be imbedded in the minds of the rest of Christendom, theologians and prophecy students alike.  Catholicism is not monolithic.  The foundations of Roman Catholicism with its rites and hierarchy wrapped around apostate Christianity are crumbling.  What we do know is that Roman Catholicism as we know it today may soon no longer exist. Maybe the Lord of hosts knows that it is easier to move a Marian worshipper to the real worship of the God of Israel than those espousing humanistic, agnostic, or satanic theology.  Whereas Marian worshippers do seek guidance from spiritual powers of the heavenly places, the latter look inward and come to the conclusion, “I am god.” 


Many are looking for the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope to ascend to the mantle of the Antichrist or the False Prophet of Revelation.  It appears that the intent of apocalyptic prophecy suggests that all institutional religions from Islam to Roman Catholics, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodist, Baptists, Adventists, Mormans, Jehovah’s Witnesses, sects of Judaism and Messianic-Nazarene institutional churches will all cease to exist or be usurped by the satanic forces of the anti-Christ. 


The final choice will not be what church do you belong but are you willing to be the bondservant of Jesus the Christ (Yahshua ha Christos) or allow yourself to come under the alliance and power of the anti-Christ.  As we shall soon see, most of the Roman Catholic prophecies foretell of a destruction of the institutional Roman Catholic Church before the final days of the anti-Christ.  Whether these prophecies come from Satan or from God, one thing we do know from the story of Job, all events in our lives are given only by the direct will of the Eternal One of Israel.


How do we view the Fatima Secrets and Prophecy in the light of truth and error?  The easiest pathway is to suggest that Marian worship is of Satan and thereby must be ignored and discarded.  For our personal lives that is true.  But if we want to ‘watch and be ready’ we must understand the streams of prophecy from the perspective of apostate Christianity then we must be aware of these prophecies and their implications to the time of the end.  Most of prophecy is understood from our point of view and our frame of reference. Many times suppositions and applications are inserted into prophetic frameworks that are not literally spelled out in the Word of the Lord.  The interpretation is many times limited by our own boxed in framework.  Many times we seek to watch with fascination with the destruction of other religious institutions and fail to see the corruption and mortality of our religious institutional world.  If we take away Marian worship before the reality of the living crucified Christ is able to take roots and live within in the hearts of the Catholic faithful, their empty hearts might become the habitation of demons.  This is the testimony of Yahshua (Jesus). 


The Prophecies of Malachy


St. Malachy, known as Maolmhaodhog ua Morgair; Maol Maedoc ua Morgair the Irish monk best known as Malachy O'Morgair, was born on 1095 at Armagh, Ireland and died about 54 years of age on November 2, 1148 at Clairvaux.  His feast day is November 3. 


Canonized in 1190 by Pope Clement III as the first Irish saint, Malachy left his legendary mark on the mindset of Catholics at the time of the end through his famed gift of prophecy and his 1139 vision showing him all the popes from his day to the last pope of Catholicism.  


Not only a visionary but a miracle worker and faith healer, he left countless of people in his path healed by his ministry.    Since that date, though the authenticity of the prophecies of Malachy have been challenged, it remains one of the most potent forces in papal politics.  He was ordained by St. Cellach or Calsus of Armagh in 1132 and was a student under Bishop St. Maichius of Lismore


Under Malachy’s bishopric he was instrumental in replacing the ancient Celtic Liturgy with the Roman liturgy while he was an abbot at Bangor, Wales.  The antiquity of this Celtic Culdee Christian liturgy came by Joseph of Arimathea who was the Apostle to the British Celts.  It was Joseph of Arimathea, Lazarus later bishop of Marseilles France, Mary Magdalene who later lived out her life secluded in a cave retreat in the Ste. Baume mountains in southern France and Martha, who was a missionary to the people of Avignon the site of the residence of the French popes who transformed the Celtic Druidic religion to the vibrant Hebrew Nazarene Ecclesia on British Celtic soil and began the Christian Culdee Church.  It was this Jewish Nazarene liturgy that was finally transformed to the fold of the apostate Christian Church.


While on his way to the Vatican in 1139 to become the papal legate for Ireland, Malachy went into trance and vision.  There he saw the future lineage of papal reigns from the successor to Pope Innocent II all the way to the last pope, known as Petros Romus (Peter the Roman). He presented this papal prophetic manuscript to Pope Innocent II.  It was later archived in the Vatican vaults and forgotten till found in 1590 (or 1597) when discovered by Dom Arnold de Wyon.  . (Cucherat, "Proph. de la succession des papes", ch. xv).


To each of the popes he wrote a short description in Latin in which a hidden meaning came from family ancestral names, places of birth, special features on the coat-of-arms, an office held before election to the papacy or an ingenious twist of multiple prophecies. . Some of the phrases are multiple prophecies, written with ingenious word play. According to these prophecies, there are only two Popes and possibly only one pope remaining after John Paul II.


In his descriptions, Pius II, whose reign was only 26 days in 1503, was described as "De Parvo Homine" (from a little man). How true this description was as Pius II’s family name was Piccolomini, which in Italian means "little man."  We might find a personal note in history of the popes when Malachy wrote of Clement XIII (1758-69) as “Rosa Umbriae (Rose of Umbria).  He was politically aligned with the government of the Italian state of Umbria whose emblem was a rose. 


In spite of the origin of the prophecies, whether divine or satanic, these prophecies and their accuracy have withstood scrutiny over the passage of time.  If there is a final note, he prophesied when he was to die and fulfilled his own prophecy.  So we start with the successor of Innocent II, Pope Celestine II in 1143 and in a list of 112 (possibly 111 popes), their characteristics are noted to the last pope of a time of tribulation and destruction for the Vatican at the time of the end.  Here were Malachy’s final words, “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city (Rome, the seat of the Vatican) will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people.


Malachy's Prophecies - The Last 10 Popes


  1. “The Burning Fire” -             PIUS X. 1903-1914.               This Pope showed a burning passion for spiritual renewal in the Church.
  2. “Religion Laid Waste” -        BENEDICT XV. 1914-1922. During this Pope's reign saw Communism move into Russia where religious life was laid waste, and World War I with the death of millions of Christians who were carnage in Flanders Field and elsewhere.
  3. “Unshaken Faith” -               PIUS XI. 1922-1939.              This Pope faced tremendous pressure from fascist and sinister powers in Germany and Italy, but he was an outspoken critic of Communism and Fascism which enraged Hitler.
  4. “An Angelic Shepherd” -      PIUS XII. 1939-1958.             Peter Bander says Pius XII "has emerged as one of the great Popes of all time," and he "was in the truest sense of the word an Angelic Pastor to the flock..." This Pope had an affinity for the spiritual world and received visions which have not been made public.
  5. “Pastor and Mariner” -         JOHN XXIII. 1958-1963.       John was a pastor to the world, much beloved, and the Patriarch of Venice. The connection to "mariner" is thus remarkable.
  6. “Flower of Flowers” -           PAUL VI. 1963-1978.             When we study the coat-of-arms of Paul VI, we first see three fleurs-de-lis or three iris blooms as stated in this prophetic passage.  At the time of his reign, a more enigmatic meaning was not known until his death in that Paul VI was a practicing homosexual.
  7. “Of the Half Moon” -            JOHN PAUL I. 1978-1978.     John Paul I, as the 109th Pope was described as "De Medietate Lunae" (Of the Half Moon) and gives us one of the richest and most intriguing.  One of the hallmarks of John Paul I was his smile that to many was compared to a ‘half moon.’  When we study his life, John Paul I (1978-78) was born in the diocese of Belluno (beautiful moon) and was baptized Albino Luciani (white light).  He was elected Pope on August 26, 1978, when there was a half moon, reigned 33 days, and was assassinated soon after an eclipse of the moon which was during a ‘half moon.’ 
  8. “The Labor of the Son” -     JOHN PAUL II. 1978 - 2005  John Paul II is the most traveled Pope in history and has truly circled the globe numerous times, preaching to huge audiences everywhere he goes. He almost had a fatal assassination attempt by the Turkish Ali Agra, but has been persistent in his international travels.  Like the sun which never ceases to labor, he continued to provide a beacon of light for his people. John Paul II was born on May 18, 1920 during an eclipse of the sun over Europe and was buried during a hybrid eclipse of the sun on April 8, 2005, which is also the New Moon satanic “Day of the Masters”.  Like the sun came he from the East of Europe, the land of Poland.  The 110th Pope is "De Labore Solis" (Of the Solar Eclipse, or, From the Toil of the Sun).
  9. “The Glory of the Olive” -                                                   The 111th prophesy is "Gloria Olivae" (The Glory of the Olive (Tree)).
  10. “Petros Romanus” -                                                             The 112th prophesy states: "In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Petrus Romanus, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people."


The last entry of Malachy’s prophecies, Petrus Romanus is the most enigmatic.  Is Peter the Roman, the name of the last pope, whose description is the “Gloria olivae” or is he the next and final pope before the destruction of Rome.  It could be a double-nickname: The Glory of the Olives, Peter the Jew in Rome.  It would fulfill one global mission of the apostate Roman Church, to sit in the seat of the ancient temple and bask in the glory of Solomon.


To understand this phrase, let us consider the first Peter, the emissary or apostle of Jesus.  He truly was an authentic Jew, named Shimon bar Jonah and was given another name later by Jesus as Shimon Ananias, which in Aramaic means “Rock”.  As an authentic Jew, he serviced as the Beth ad ben of the Hebrew Nazarene Ecclesia, worshipped in Herod’s temple of the Lord, participated in all the festivals, was Hebrew and Aramaic speaking, Shabbat (Sabbath) worshipping and lived his life as a Torah abiding Jew.  In essence he never left his Jewishness.  More than that, he believed fully in his Lord and Master, Yahshua ben Yosef, known to the Roman gentiles as Jesus the Messiah.  As a Jewish foreigner he went to live in Rome upon the death of Paul and in the eyes of the Roman citizens would be known as Petros Romanus.  In the eyes of the Catholic faithful, Peter the Jew would have been known as the “the Glory of the Olives, Peter the Roman”.  And so today, we do have a Jewish cardinal,  who recognized and affirms his Jewish roots, believes that he is an authentic Jew, who walked the corridors of power in the Vatican as now a citizen of Rome and as a convert who balances his adopted Christian yet retains his essential Jewishness in one life.  




Nostradamus, known as Michel de Nostredame was a physician in the Provencale France.  Published in 1555 in Lyon, we wrote what was known as ‘centuries’ or groups of one hundred quatrains.  His medieval French writings have been praised as enigmatic and cryptic utterances of prophetic import and as rambling demonic utterances of a delusional mind. Yet in hindsight, the clarity of some of these prophecies is not only true but startling.  It gives pause to the concept that not only God but also satanic agencies can prophetically reveal what they intend to do in a future era. 


It is understood in broad prophetic circles that some powerful forces of the Roman Catholic Church will be alive and well seeking ultimate control of a Global and Universal Religion.  The power players in this arena are the Jesuits, the Opus Dei and the Jews.  In the pressures of the geo-political climate of the Middle East and the fact that the Vatican has already placed its stake for the controlling interest in the Temple Mount as a site of worship for Christians, Jews and Moslems, a Jewish compromise candidate as Cardinal Aron Jean-Marie Lustiger, a senior powerful cardinal who will not be around many years may look promising to the Vatican conclave.


One prophecy by Nostradamus in Century 5, Quadrain 49 seems to fit this event.


Mais de l’antique France

Ne sera lu pour la Tremblante nacelle,

A l’ennemi sera faite fiance, Nul del’Espangne Qui dans son regne fera peste cruelle.


                      In English Translation:

Not from Spain but from Ancient France

One will be elected for the trembling ship, to the enemy will make a promise, who in his reign will cause a terrible plague.


The Papal Conclave and the New Pope

The papal showing of Pope John Paul II, Friday, April 8, 2005


The new pope will be nominated by the Vatican Conclave after the funeral of John Paul II on Friday, April 8, 2005.  Though the speculation of who will be the front runner to be the new pope is international news, we find ourselves turning once again to the papal prophecies that are lingering in the minds of the 117 cardinals that will be in the Sistine Chapel until the new pontiff is nominated.  Our concern is not the racial, national or political reasons to nominate a certain popeable candidate, but to look at any candidate that might fulfill the prophetic expectations of the Prophecy of Malachy.


The prophetic description of this new pope to be nominated was first written 866 years ago by Malachy O'Morgair of Armagh, Ireland.  This description is “Gloria Olivae”, or “The Glory of the Olive.”  This hidden prophetic picture, when we first hear this cryptic description, we think of Israel and the Jewish people.  Are they not the people of the “olive”? Where else is there a Mount of Olives with two thousand year old olive trees still on the hillside?


There was probably no pope in the history of the Roman Catholic Church that has sought to mend the breeches between the Jewish people than John Paul II.  The interest today has profound meaning as the flames of violence have erupted all over the Holy Land. At the start of the Palestine Intifada on Rosh HaShannah, September, 2000, the seven year Oslo Accord was effectively declared null and void.  Since that day the torch of terrorism has spread like a wake over the rest of this planet.  The fact that this newly nominated pope is prophetically destined to be the next to the last and possibly the last pope in papal prophecies, the stakes are quite high and ominous to the Catholic mind. When the final four papal prophecies are read in full, it reads as follows.


Malachy O’Brien – “De medietate Lunae (of the half of the moon), De labore Solis (of the eclipse of the sun or from the labour of the sun), Gloria olivae (the Glory of the Olive), In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oues in multis tribulationibus: quibus transactis ciuitas septicollis diruetur, & Iudex tremêdus iudicabit populum suum. Finis. (In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End.)


This last of the papal prophecy concerns the final end of the Roman Catholic Church.  It is only an assumption that this end will occur at the time of the end and the arrival of the Moshiach of Yisra’el (Messiah of Israel). It is also unclear from the text of Malachy’s as to whether the description of “Gloria olivae” is really separate or connected to the final description by the final pope who is called “Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman). 

That this may be a possibility suggests that according to this papal prophecy in the Vatican, the 2005 Vatican Conclave may be nominating the last pope before the final destruction of the Roman Catholic Church.  There is no declaration in the prophecy about the destruction of this planet earth only that Rome, the “city of seven hills will be destroyed”Who is this formidable Judge?  Will it be the arrival of the Moshiach of Yisr’el (Messiah of Israel) who will come to rule with a “rod of iron?” 


The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican


Within the sublime aura of the Capella Sistina (Sistine Chapel) the 2005 Papal Conclave will follow the ancient rules that have been followed for centuries.  Under the frescoes painted by Michelangelo of the Apostle Peter and Paul the first assemblage of the Cardinals will begin in the Pauline Chapel.  After singing a Latin hymn, “Veni Creator” seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they will move to the Sistine Chapel where they will remain in locked its confines until the next pope is nominated


The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo


This conclave will carry the atmosphere of John Paul II’s influence as it was in 1996 that the last updated rules for the conclave were published with the ‘Universi Dominici Gregis” or “Shepherd of the Lord’s Whole Flock.”  At this time the first initiation the Cardinals will pledge complete secrecy of what occurs in the Chapel and by oath pledge loyalty to the next pope


Cardinals over the age of 80 will not attend.  Since it has been 26 years since Pope John Paul II was nominated all of the Cardinals will be participating in the conclave for the first time except for three.  The ten days between the burial of Pope John Paul II and the conclave, these cardinals will have to become acquainted with each other.


Once the papal official cries out, “Extra omnes” which in Latin means “all out”, all the cardinals must then remain totally secluded until the next pope is elected.  This year an arena of luxury will await the arriving cardinals who will be housed in a $20 million renovation, the Domus Santae Marthae, which includes 108 suites and 23 single rooms with baths.  In order to shelter the cardinals from any outside influence, there will be no access to any television, telephone or publications.  The area will be swept for ‘bugs’ and all windows will be closed and drapes drawn. 


The present “lock-in” in the Vatican first occurred in 1243 when after a year and a half deadlock, the Italian Senate and the citizens of Rome locked up the cardinals until they would vote for another pope.  In 1271, a new provision was added, a diet of bread and water until they had agreed to the next papal choice.  It was that papal nominee; Pope Gregory X who formalized the locked cloistered atmosphere for the future conclave.  From 1271 to 1831, 23 conclaves still lasted over a monthSince 1831, the longest conclave has been only four days. 


While in the past a two thirds majority was needed, John Paul II had the rules amended so today a two thirds majority is needed for only the first three ballots.  After that only a simple majority of the secret round of balloting and pauses will be needed before the next pontiff is elected.  As each cardinal approaches the altar with his vote in the Sistine Chapel, he will kneel and pray and slide his vote into a chalice with a large plate.  The votes will be counted by three cardinals called “scrutineers”. Two will tally the vote and the third will announce the names and pass a needle through first word on the ballot, “Eligo in summen pontificem” which means “I elect as Supreme Pontiff….” 


Only then all the ballots are to be tied together by a string and chemically burned.  If it is burned with black smoke, the voting will have to continue. If the rising smoke is white, a new pope will have been nominated by the cardinals and the public will soon await the new pontiff who will be present to the public over St. Peter’s Square. 


Prime Contenders for Papal prophecy, “Gloria olivae”


This supposed penultimate entry is cryptic, enigmatic, and problematic. As the Malachy text states, this is “De Gloriae Olivae, or ‘(He that is) of the Glory of the Olives’.  The simplest explanation would be to reach for the obvious Jewish root.  Is it not the Jewish people who are most associated with the olive?  Yet one of the last acts of Pope John Paul II was when he made his speechless appearance from his window at Easter and held up an ‘olive branch’.  Will the next pope become a major peace bringer or the bearer of the olive branch?  If this were to happen in the Middle East between the Palestinians and Israel, he truly would be the “glory of the olive.’  If he were a Jew and became the architect of world peace, he would truly be the ‘glory of the olive (tree).  Could it be possible that the next papal candidate would come from a family of olive growers and any of the olive commercial products?  Maybe his name is associated with the olive.  The last possibility is that this papal candidate would be associated with the branch of the Benedictine Order called the Olivetans or carry the name of Benedict?  Which candidate fits the description of Malachy’s prophecy?


Cardinal Aron Jean-Marie Lustiger of Paris, France


The most promising contender for this papal election who will be nominated under the prophetic description of “Gloria olivae” is the  Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Aron Jean-Marie Lustiger.  Born in Poland to a Jewish family in the early 20th century, Aron (Aaron) was left in the home of a Catholic family to protect him from the Nazis when his parents were forced to the concentration camp of Auschwitz.  His father serving in the military survived the war, but his mother died in the flames of the crematorium at Auschwitz


Cardinal Aron Jean-Marie Lustiger


At the age of fifteen, Aron was baptized in the Catholic Church and took on the name Jean-Marie.  This fact alone that his decision was made as an adult according to Jewish thought also suggests that this decision may also have saved his life. His Jewish parents were shocked at the conversion but consented.  Over the years it has been apparent that his Jewish background was instrumental for his meteoric rise in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church; first as Bishop of Orleans and then as Cardinal Archbishop of Paris. This fact is well known to European Catholics but not well known to American Catholics except to their Catholic hierarchy.  As a fellow Pole, Cardinal Lustiger was a personal friend of John Paul II and has been instrumental in assisting John Paul II in his aggressive campaign to build bridges to the land of Israel. 


Though as a Catholic, Cardinal Lustiger is proud and quite verbal about his Jewish roots.  He was a son of a liberal, reformed yet non-practicing Jew, whose father as a Socialist like the father of John Paul II.  He carries his heritage with honor as a Polish brother who lived only amongst Jews.  With a smile, he was quoted, “I am a Jew, whether anyone likes it or not!” 


Now as one of the most powerful cardinals of the Catholic Church, he still carries as his first and foremost wish, “to heal the breach between Jews and Christians.”  This dialogue began with his Jewish parents, continued throughout grade school with his Jewish and Christian grade school friends and remains today as part of the legacy of his life. 


Even though in the 1990’s, he was castigated by the public media for his stance on Zionism, it has only made him more valuable to the hierarchy of the Vatican.  The overall purpose and thrust of the ministry has been that Cardinal Lustiger feels that his life has been as a healer of the vast divisions between the Jews and Christianity and this alone might save the world.  There is also an undocumented statement that Cardinal Lustiger was once a school rector at an Olivetan school. 


When we look at the Biblical prophecies of the time of the end, there is a certain consensus that there will be a terrible tribulation, a time of peace and then the arrival of the anti-Christ who will initiate the “abomination of desolations” and then the final plagues upon this earth. What appears to be missing in Protestant eschatology is that the city of Rome and the seat of the Roman Catholic Church will be destroyed, unless we concede that Rome is the Babylon of Revelation.   


While many will suggest that this pope will be the antichrist, Peter the Roman, the meaning of the Malachy prophecy belies that interpretation.  Here we see a papal pastor who will be nurturing his ‘flock’ while the flames of destruction will surround the Vatican while the centuries of the papal power will vanish into smoke.


Cardinal Carlo Marie Martini S.J.


The second candidate possibly destined to be the 266th pope that may fit the description of the “Gloriae olivae” is the Jesuit scholar, Cardinal Carlo Marie Martini.  He would please the liberal wing of the Vatican as Lustiger would please the conservatives.  The first question that must be asked is what is the connection of this candidate with the “Gloria olivae”?  As “martini” is associated with the olive, so we must suggest that Cardinal Martini could be called the “Glorious olive of the Vatican”. 


Cardinal Carlo Marie Martini


As the former Archbishop of Milan, Martini is now 78 years old.  One of his most visible roles has been as an editor of the Pontifical Biblical Institute and a text editor of the United Bible Society. He declared in 1994 that fundamentalist Christians were “dangerous” and later made the pronouncement that “all people should look at the suffering of others, and peace will be nearer.” 


Known as a brilliant linguist and speaking eleven languages, he early became embroiled in the controversy of the Nestle/USB Greek (Alexandrian) translation of the Bible, the text that has influenced so many later translations of the Bible such as the Roman Catholic New American Bible, NASB and the New International Version (NIV).  It was the earlier Textus Receptus manuscript that had many textual variances to the approved Catholic Vulgate Bible and the Vulgate’s progenitor, the Vaticanus manuscript.  The Textus Receptus was placed by John Paul II on the Forbidden Book Index and the remaining copies sealed in the archives of the Vatican Library.  As such, the influence of the Catholic interpretation of the Biblical translations was been increased immeasurably. 


Cardinal Martini, S.J. was born in the city of Turin, Italy on February 15, 1927.  At the age of seventeen he enrolled in the Jesuit seminary and ordained at the age of twenty five as a Jesuit priest.  Two years later he graduated from the Gregorian University summa cum laude with his degree in theology, later to receive his doctorate in Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute, which he later became its Rector.  He was named the new Archbishop of Milan by John Paul II on December 29, 1979 and later the head of the prestigious See of Milan a year later.  He served as a member of the Curial Offices of the Second Section of the Secretary of State, the Congregation for Oriental Churches, the Congregation for Divine Worship and Sacraments, the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies for Apostolic Life and the Congregation for Catholic Education as well as the Pontifical Council for Culture.  In 2002, he retired after twenty years as the Archbishop of Milan. 


The very assets of Cardinal Martini may also be his liabilities.  While the news media is on the hunt for the most papable or “popeable” candidates, one of the most frequently mentioned is Martini. If he is perceived as the media favorite, he is haunted by the rumor in the city of Rome, “To enter the conclave a pope is to exit a cardinal.” 


The biggest liability of Cardinal Martini according to the National Catholic Reporter is that he is “outspoken, a Jesuit and a liberal inclined toward reform.”  Of the 122 potential electors in the College of Cardinals, John Paul II has appointed 106 of them which make this papal conclave very conservative.  Never has a pope been nominated from the Order of the Jesuits, which was founded by Ignatius of Loyola in 1539.   The power of the Jesuits within intelligence organizations and even within the Catholic Church is staggering.  It appears for a Jesuit to rule from St. Peter’s they will have to overthrow it. 


Cardinal Paul Augustin Cardinal Mayer O.S.B


While another candidate could arise that has roots within the branch of the Order of St Benedict called the Olivetons, this would make him the “gloriae oliveton”.  The Order of St. Benedict has said the pope of the “Gloriae oliveton” will come from their order. It was Saint Benedict who prophesied that before the end of the world, the Benedictine Order, known as the Olivetans, would lead the Catholic Church into triumph over evil.  It is interesting that Jesus gave his apocalyptic prophecy about the end of time from the Mount of Olives.  Will this pope reign during the beginning of the tribulation? 


There is only one candidate, Paul Augustin Cardinal Mayer OSB, as former Titular Archbishop of Satriano (1972) and past-president of the Pontifical Commision Ecclesia Dei (1988-1991) and Cardinal Priest of the Title of Sant’Anselmo All’Aventino (1996).   In as much as he was born on May 23, 1911 and is eighty four years old, the age of the late John Paul II, he would only be a long shot.


Yet there is a possibility that the next papal candidate could take the name of Benedict XVI and live a life representing the life of their St. Benedict or this pope’s Benedict successor, Pope Benedict XV.  It was era of the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XV just prior to World War I, who was an emissary of peace and wrote papal documents seeking peace. Will this be a shadow-picture of a new pope spreading the message of peace just prior to World War III or the future war of Armageddon.  Will this be the era in which another invasion of Arab states will put the city on seven hills to the flame and destruction, conquering much of Europe and Africa? 


Jewish Popes in the History of the Catholic Church


Surprised as it may be, Jewish Popes have prominently been placed in the papal succession of the Roman Catholic Church in past eras.  It would be reasonable to accept that the first bishops of Rome were Jewish as was the Apostle Peter whom the Catholics claim to be the first pope.  Good historical research in the early Christian Church does not affirm this position.  It was known that at the time of the death of the Apostle Paul in Rome that Peter who was ministering on the European continent in the land of Gaul.  He rushed back to Rome to help with the Roman Church. 


It was in the palatial home of Senator Rufus Pudens (Jr) and his wife Gladys, the Silurian princess of Wales where the Roman gentile Christians worshipped on the Jewish Shabbat (Sabbath).  Here was the home of the daughter of Caradactus, the Pendragon of England who was the most feared opponent of the Roman Empire and his family, converts to Yahshua (Jesus) by Joseph of Arimathea


When the Apostle Paul was sentenced to death in Rome, it was Peter who rushed to assist the Roman Christian Church.  When Peter arrived in Rome, according to the best historical records that we have, he was within months taken into custody by the Neronian government and thrown into the dreaded Mamertine Prison.  Such was the fear of Nero to the power and influence of the Apostle Peter. 


The Tomb of Peter under the Throne of the Basilica of St. Peter’s. 


The question must be asked, what evidence is there that Peter was the Bishop of Rome?  None that I can find! Trying to sketch out the life and travels of the Apostle Peter is difficult at best with the paucity of records.  We do have record that in 44 CE, Peter was in Rome and met with Rufus the Roman Senator.  The historical documents and testimony also suggests that the Senator Rufus had a vast palatial estate which covered one of the seven hills of Rome called the Veminalis Hill.  It is stated that it took three hundred servants to run the entire estate of Senator Rufus.  Yet how was he interested in the newly formed “Jesus Party” of the Hebrew Nazarene Ecclesia in Jerusalem?  Why was Peter visiting, staying or in Rome to visit with this august governmental official? 


At the end of the edict that expelled all the Jews from the city of Rome, Claudian edict in 44 CE, Peter arrives in Rome, visits with Senator Rufus and then leaves to travel throughout Gaul in the regions of France and Germany


We again find Peter about 45 CE back in Antioch, the second established center of the gentile branch of the Nazarene Ecclesia.  It is here where the dynamic interchange occurs between Simon Magnus and Peter and propelled the central ecclesia in Jerusalem to recognize the need for strong central leadership.  When Barnabus was sent by Peter to find Paul and invite him to the ministry in Antioch, it was Peter who again moved away on his continuous world mission in response to the command of his Lord and Master, Yahshua ha Moshiach (Jesus the Messiah) who said three times, “Feed My sheep!, Feed My sheep!, Feed My sheep!”.  The ministry of the Apostle Peter was to the entire world and not the bishopric of one city.


In the organization of the Hebrew Nazarene Ecclesia, Peter was the Ab Beth-Din of the Nazarene Sanhedrin in Jerusalem was the general supervisor, chief evangelist and pastoral director of the world.  It was this role in the Nazarene sect that he fulfilled the rest of his life.


It can be expected that by 48 CE, Peter was back in Jerusalem again around Pentecost when the world was divided amongst the apostles of Jesus so that the “Good News” could be sent to the entire world.  Between the years of  52 to 66 CE, the early Christian history of Gaul shows Peter moving from site to site from Spain, France and Germany to help the Apostle Philip and onward to Britain to assist in the mission of Joseph of Arimathea at Avalon (Glastonbury), England.


The Site of Peter’s Death and Tomb along the ramparts of the Circus of Nero and its relationship to the St. Peter’s Basilica


To date there is no textual history that suggests that the Apostle Peter was in the city of Rome between 45 CE and 66 CE. Yet there he stayed for nine months in the Mamertine Prison, the most famed isolation prison in the Roman world.  Here was a two chamber cell cut into solid rock, one over each other with only one entrance, a hole in the ceiling.  According to the historian Sallust about 50 CE as recorded by Jowett:


Sallust - “In the prison called the Tulian, there is a place about ten feet deep.  It is surrounded on the sides by walls and is closed above by a vaulted roof of stone.  The appearance of it from the filth, the darkness and the smell is terrific.” (Taylor 176) It was here that Jugurtha was starved and went insane, and Vereingirorix, the famed and feared Druidic Chief was murdered by Julius Caesar.  Yet here incarcerated in the filth and stench of decades of human debris, Peter was bound in chains for nine months, standing upright to a column, never able to rest.  Peter’s undaunted spirit was such, that in these nine months, he converted his gaolers, Processus, Martinianus, and forty-eight others to the ministry of Christ. (Jowett 176)


There in the central corridor of Nero’s Circus the historical testimony states that Peter was crucified head down and buried on the sloped sides of Nero’s Circus whose tomb is now in the center of St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican. 


At the height of the Christian persecution in the 2nd century, the bones of Peter were transferred to the Calistixus Catacombs.  According to a letter from King Oswy in Britain to Pope Vitalian in Rome in 656 CE, the bones or part of the relics of Peter were requested to be relocated to the Canterbury Cathedral.   It is not known if any part of this part was ever granted.


“Jewish” Bishops and Popes who ruled over the Roman Christian Church

prior to the prophecies of Malachy O’Brien


According to William Thomas Walsh in his book, Philip I”, the first ten recognized Popes of the Roman Catholic Church were of Jewish descent.  It must be understood that the office of the Pope was not established until the 4th century.  As such the first leaders were pastors and eventually bishops of the Roman Christian Church. These first ten include: 


Roman Bishop No. 1 according to the Papal Succession Heirarchy was the Apostle Peter (32 – 67)

Roman Bishop No. 2 – Linus (67 – 76)

Roman Bishop No. 3 – Anacletus (Cletus) (76 – 88)

Roman Bishop No. 4 – Clement (88 – 97)

Roman Bishop No. 5 – Evaristus (97 – 105)

Roman Bishop No. 6 – Alexander (called Xystus 1) (105 – 115)

Roman Bishop No. 7 – Sixtus I (15 – 125)

Roman Bishop No. 8 – Telesphorus (125 – 136)

Roman Bishop No. 9 – Hyginus (136 – 140)

Roman Bishop No. 10 – Pius I (140 – 155)                                                                     


According to the records of Gert Haendler in the 1980 Berlin published book called “Kirchengeschichte, Evangelische Verlagsanstalt” Berlin the following Bishops and Popes of Rome were of Jewish blood.

Roman Bishop No. 15 - Zephyrinus (199-217)

Roman Bishop No. 38 - Siricius (384-99)

Roman Pope No. 52 - Hormisdas (514-23)

Roman Pope No. 165 – Analdet II (1130-1138) – this Pope is unknown yet the dates coincide in part with the reign of Pope Innocent II (1130-43)


Jewish Popes who are listed in the Prophecies of Malachy O’Brien (1139 CE)

Pope No. 211: Callistus III (1455-1458) Jew*
Pope No. 216: Alexander VI (1492-1503) Jew*
Pope No. 217: Pius III (1503) Jew*
Pope No. 219: Leo X (1513-1521) Jew*
Pope No. 221: Clement VII (1523-1534) Jew* (cousin of Leo X)
Pope No. 222: Paul III (1534-1549) Jew*
Pope No. 227: Pius V (1566-1572) Jew*
Pope No. 228: Gregory XIII (1572-1585) Jew*


According to Piers Compton in “The Broken Cross – the Hidden Hand in the Vatican” the history of the following Jewish Popes were revealed:


Pope Leo X (1513-21) the 218th Pope was of the family of the Medici who were from the Khazar Black Nobility along with Clement VII (1523-34) his cousin who became the 220th pope. (Das Papsttum, Breitkopf & Haertel, 1904)


The 261st Pope, Pius XII’s (1939-1958) father was a banker brought to Rome by the Rothschild family when he was in their employment and was also a member of the Khazar Black Nobility.


Then there was the 262rd Pope, John XXIII (1958-1963) who was the Patriarch of Venice that glorious maritime city of gondolas.  It was the Angelo Roncalli who chose the same name and number as the Antipope John XXIII who reigned between 1410-1415.  History depicts him to be an occultist. 


We also find Pope Paul VI (1963-78), the 263rd Pope, who was known as “The Pilgrim Pope” was Giovanni Montini who according the Blue Book of prominent family in Italy was also a Jew. 


And then the recent past 265th Pope, John Paul II’s (1978 – 2005) mother was of Jewish descent.  Her maiden name “Katz” which was Polanised from the name as “Kaczorowska”.  They were accepted into the annals of Roman nobility over a century prior to his birth. (The Broken Cross – The Hidden Hand int eh Vatican by Piers Compton, p. 51)  


The Papacy, the False Prophet and the anti-Messiah


Weaving throughout end time prophetic models, the pope has remained throughout the centuries the iconoclastic “bad boy” and the “prince of evil”. Protestants have had to carry the centuries of intimidation and persecution complex from their mother, the Roman Church within its psychic.  Rarely do they seek to ask, what do the Catholics think about themselves?  What does the Pope think about himself?  To the historian the pope and the papacy are not necessarily a symbiotic unionPowerful popes controlled the “seat of Peter” and weak popes were controlled.  A few popes went on to change the image of the “seat of Peter” while they knew that the papacy was under the control of forces that were more powerful than they.  Such was the reign of John Paul II.  Lurking within the corridors of the Vatican was the “superforce” and his life was held in the same balance that his predecessor whose life was sacrifices the moment he sought to reform the decay and corruption within the Papal See. 


Is it inconceivable that at the time of the end, the stark reality between good and evil must be transparent for all to witness?  Within this period of time, the people who seek power, greed and control in all religions and denominations will reign supreme.  Hierarchical institutions are by nature built on the foundation of power and control.  Are not these the qualities that we must eventually relinquish and give to the Father of Yahshua, the Eternal One of Israel? 


The sad and tragic story is that John Paul II, though he sought to change the religio-political landscape, he was a victim of his own success.  Many have watched with admiration of John Paul II as the “Papa” of the Catholic faithful.  They also watch with admiration of the strength and tenacity that he held on to the last ounce of his life.  The question that must be asked, was there a reason?  Did the prophecy of Malachy and the Third Fatima Secret make him fear death knowing that the final pathway to the destruction of the Vatican and Rome would be realized upon his death?   Did he realize that out of the pyrrhic ashes of Rome would raise up the anti-Messiah and the false prophet? 


It makes no difference what Protestant or Islamic prophetic scholars think about the Roman Church which founded the seeds of apostasy from the Mother Synagogue of the Hebrew Nazarene Ecclesia in Jerusalem. They cannot fulfill the ultimate destiny of Rome. Only the leaders of Rome and the power invested in their authority will ultimately change the destiny of the 1.1 billion Catholics around the world. This destiny may be unlike any prophetic models.  If the Prophecy of Malachy and Fatima are correct and Satan is giving his true prophecy to his chosen one, the prophetic end will be the destruction of Rome.  It will be an understatement as the world watches in wonder in awe and amazement as “The Church” is resurrected from the ashes of its Roman tomb and transforms itself into a more sinister force of evil with its headquarters in Jerusalem


When we look at our future pathway, we see the “Black Seal” looming on our prophetic vision.   The white and red horses and riders of the apocalypse will continue “conquering and to conquer and “to produce “fear so that all men shall kill one another.” Then comes the black horse and rider bearing down upon its prey as it charges forth from the “seat of Satan” in Pergamum, Turkey.  Here was the hereditary seat of the former Babylonian priesthood that escaped the Persian invasion of Cyrus the Great.  Here was the ancestral seat of the Roman priesthood.  Yet was it not John Paul II whose vision of his world saw the Black Internationale, the third geopolitical contender,  as the Roman Catholic Church; who would be the ultimate victor in any contention with its rivals, the Golden Internationale and the Red International?  Is it any wonder why people shutter when they hear of the “Black Pope”  The fact that we are treading closely to that time of transparent evil should give each of us pause.  Have we connected with the God of Israel and allow him to reign supreme through our lives?  The power of the “holy ones” will be scattered so that the power of the Eternal One will shine forth in all His glory. The time for prayer and fasting is here. 



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