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The Pacific Northwest Volcanic Fields of Washington, Oregon and California.

Electrical Discharges over the United States Capital


Dreams from the Lord of a Catastrophic Attack on the Pacific Northwest

Study on the Catastrophic Events Taking Place Prior to the Coming of the Messiah

By Robert Mock MD

April-June 2006




A Dream (October, 2005)of a Catastrophe and a Message

Scalar Attacks on Mount Hood

A Second (May 11, 2006) Dream and a Confirmation of a Date

The Covert Scalar Wars between the Globalists Powers

Scalar “Blasts” against the Tectonic Plates in the Pacific Northwest

Scalar Weather Modification Sites around the World

Russian-Japanese Scalar Weapons

Mount Hood and the Potential Catastrophe at Portland-Salem




What would you do if the Lord of hosts came to you in a dream and gave you a message?  What if this message was like Jonah of old; to warn a wicked city that destruction was about to fall around them?  Such is the quandary of a pastor in Salem, Oregon as a catastrophic threat of Mount Hood looms in the horizon. 


With such a potential catastrophe, we as BibleSearchers start looking for its cause.  The surprising results; it may not be an “act of God” but an “act of terror by evil men with weapons so powerful that the future of our earth is in jeopardy.  Welcome to the world of scalar longitudinal weapons of mass destruction where in the hands of evil men, they can engineer our Armageddon.  This event may occur except for the intervention of the protective hands of the angels holding back the “four winds of strife”. 


We will study the seismographs and search the clues that give us the “signature” of what may be a scalar tectonic aerial impact. We will roam the planet and visit the sites that do wonderful projects like atmospheric research that many researchers feel is a front for a whole armamentarium of weapon systems so powerful that make nuclear bombs obsolete


We will visit such places as HAARP, EISCAT, SPEAR, SOUSY and SUPERDARN where political and military leaders learn how to control and manipulate any region of the world by the use of mental-disruptive electromagnetic rays to impair, subdue or control the brain thought processes over large land masses and environmental control technology to develop a “more controlled and directed society”. 


A Dream, a Catastrophe and a Message


It was on late October, 2005, a young pastor in a small Messianic congregation near Salem, Oregon received a dream of a coming catastrophe in the Pacific Northwest.  This dream was specifically focused on Portland, Oregon that sits under the shadow of the beautiful volcanic mountain, Mount Hood


Mount Hood from Trillium Lake southeast of Portland, Oregon


A Dream of Judgment – October, 2005


In the article and letter written, called A Warning for the People of the Willamette Valley”, Pastor Lloyd Day, he describes this dream as follows:


“I was struggling with praying for the hurricane victims.  I certainly want to pray for those who are suffering through this ordeal but at the same time I see all these things as judgments from God.  My real prayer is that this country will wake up and realize that this is a judgment from God and repent of their evil ways.  As I watched the aftermath of Katrina, I saw the enormous devastation and the very first business to open back up was a tavern.  I also understand that there was a Gay Pride Parade scheduled for New Orleans for after the hurricane.  The promoters of this parade went ahead with it anyway.  They were in a sense making an obscene gesture at God, just defying Him to try that again.  These are supposed to be poor abused victims?  What is it going to take before the people of this country realize the seriousness of what they are doing?  How many more people have to die or loose everything?


 As I contemplated on these things, my mind shifted to here in Oregon.  I heard a knock on my door and when I went to answer it, there were two men standing there.  They looked like ordinary men but I had never seen them before.  There was something different about them, although I couldn’t put my finger on it.  There was one interesting thing, however.  Whenever anyone comes up on our porch and knocks on the door, our dog will start barking very loudly.  This time she didn’t.  They told me that I had to gather my emergency things and get out of town as soon as possible.  I stood there stunned for a moment.  They said that God was going to bring judgment on webicorder imagethis area


Seismogram 1 - Aberrant Scalar Electromagnetic Surge Impulse (in Blue) at 2243:55 hrs at Mount Hood on May 21, 2006 between 1600 – 0600 hrs


Then my mind shifted to the two angelic beings that warned Lot to get out of Sodom.  I asked them if we had time to warn our family and friends, and they said to go ahead.  I had my wife start calling while I went out and started packing emergency things into my pickup.  These two men came out and started helping me.  These men were very fast and efficient packers.  Some of the things I was packing in, they grabbed and threw to one side.  I could tell by the urgency in their actions that this was no time to argue with them.  As we concluded the packing of the pickup, one of the men left and came back in a couple of minutes leading my wife and dog and they both literally pushed us into the pickup.  


We had previously arranged with our family and members of our congregation for a meeting place in case there was ever an emergency and we had to evacuate.  These men told us to head out for our pre-arranged meeting place and not to stop for anything.  I always keep my gas tanks as close to full as possible so we didn’t have any excuse for stopping.


It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the meeting place.  We weren’t sure of what to do next so we started setting up a camp.  After about twenty minutes someone from our congregation came in and joined us.  Over the next two hours, more people in our congregation and family members arrived.  After a little while, we felt a small trembling in the ground.  We all kind of just looked at each other.  We turned on a small radio to see if we could find out anything.  We heard a report that a major earthquake had hit Portland and that major damage had occurred.  The report also said that Bonneville Dam had collapsed because of the quake and that a wall of water was rushing down the Columbia toward Portland.

webicorder image

Seismogram 2 - Aberrant Scalar Electromagnetic Surge Impulse (in Blue) at 2243:15 hrs at Mount Hood on May 22, 2006 between 1600 – 0600 hrs


My thought now shifted to where I was above all of this watching it all take place.  There was a big Gay Pride Parade going on in downtown Portland when the earthquake hit and buildings came tumbling down on all of those there.  Portland was in total devastation.  I’m not sure just how big the earthquake was but the number of 9.2 seems significant.  There was also a major earthquake off the west coast that started a tsunami.  Not too long after the quake in Portland, a wall of water from the collapse of the Bonneville Dam came rushing through Portland.  A little while latter another wall of water from the tsunami came up the Columbia River and it also came rushing through Portland.


Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River in Oregon


Salem was also totally leveled by the earthquake.  The loss of life in the whole Willamette Valley was enormous.  As I looked around Salem, I saw a group of men.  I think that there was about twenty of them.  They all had large automatic weapons.  I had the feeling that they were terrorists but I’m not sure.  There were a few survivors wandering around, dazed from their injuries from the earthquake


Whenever this group of men came upon anyone wandering around, they would kill them.  They seemed to be looking for anyone they could kill.  There was no one to come against them.  Finally, after a long while, some National Guard troops came on the scene but this gang had killed a lot of people by this time and when they saw the troops, they just faded into the rubble and escaped.”


So what should a BibleSearcher do when confronted with “dreams” or “visions” from the Lord that force one to take definitive action?  To listen for the voice of the Lord can sometimes appear hazardous.  It is easy to become immobilized and not take any action.  It is easy to not listen and to rationalize these events away.  But those who do “watch” but choose not to become ready may mean the difference between life and death


As this article was written and posted, the prophetic implication of this event has not been determined.  We are reminded of Jonah when the Lord told him to go and prophecy to Nineveh.  He protested, he ran away, he hid and was then consumed by a whale, he was redeemed from the whale and after he warned the citizens of destruction that was coming upon them, they repented and Jonah sulked away in humiliation.


Yet this story does open the possibility for many to look and to understand what is happening in our world around us.  Many will say, “Ignore evil and look only for good,” yet this may also be the pathway to deception.  At the time of the end, that which is righteous will be made to appear evil.  That which is evil, will appear to be coming from the throne of God.  Maybe we should not try to look to understand and idly or passively sit by resting only on the promise that “the Lord will provide.”  To do so, one person’s life may be lost or death may ensue by our lack of action


So this was the quandary of this Pastor Day.  This is the same quandary to each of us, in our search to understand and also be a true servant of the Divine.  We must always pursue the Lord and remain true to the integrity of how He has led us in our past.  The local pastor saw a catastrophic event, at a specific location and it was associated with a specific social event.  Yet, when was this to be?  It is now seven months later.


As this pastor and his congregation were trying to perceive the implications of this message, they set to work and made a strategy of escape for their own congregation.  With the sense that they were soon to be emissaries for the Almighty One, they first sought to protect their families and children.  This is one of the greatest of the Hebrew commands; the saving of a life and the saving of one’s family and children’s lives.


Yet beneath their very feet, not felt nor perceived neither understood, the source of their impending destruction was occurring and continued day after day.  If we understand the technology correctly, the “acts” for their destruction was occurring at the time of the dream in October, 2005. 


If the catastrophe, according to this dream, does hit the Pacific Northwest, it will not be an “act of God” as seen in the ongoing forces of nature make their destructive and restorative cycles.  This catastrophe would be the acts of evil men in a covert war seeking to establish global power for the control of this planet earth. Let us look at the evidence.


Scalar Attacks on Mount Hood


In a four day period, May 21-24, 2006, the seismograph readings were analyzed at Mount Hood.  For the first illustration let us look at Seismogram 3 put on a larger scale.  What we see is an electronic graph with horizontal lines color coded to go across the screen every ten minutes red, blue, green and black and the cycle repeats itself. 



We see in the left side, “time markings” from 17:00 to 05:00 hours with six lines between each for sixty minutes.  On the horizontal line at the bottom of the graph we again see markings of time in minutes. The entire line is marked out in ten minute increments.  Between each minute were six markings for each ten seconds in a minute.  When you see any webicorder imagepulsation on the graph, it will be coded with the ten minute increment within that certain hour and calculated to the second.


Seismogram 3 – Aberrant Scalar Electromagnetic Surge Impulse 2242:35 hrs at Mount Hood on May 23, 2006 between 1600 – 0600 hrs


As we look at the graph above, we see a crescendo and a decrescendo pulse in blue at 18:04:40 hours.  As we shall study later, this is a normal earthquake pulsation on the seismograph that was recorded.  Below, we also see a more prominent pulse that is wildly swinging to its maximum positive and negative poles. When it quits, the pulse immediately stops and fades into the normal background “noise.”  This is an aberrant signal that can be generated by a scalar high energy longitudinal wave that is transmitted by what is called a “scalar weapon.” 


Pounding in a steady and very rhythmic fashion, a high energy pulse is targeting Mount Hood.  It is to be presupposed that the purpose is to eventually disrupt the tectonic base and cause a catastrophic earthquake or a catastrophic volcanic explosion or both. Let us now look at the scalar signature on each subsequent day, May 21, May 22, May 23 and May 24.  Notice how they occur with order and regularity.


In the meantime, Pastor Day and his congregation continued to pray and plan. Let us continue to read:


A Second (May 11, 2006) Dream and a Confirmation of a Date

downtown Portland skyline

Portland, Oregon under the gaze of the beautiful Mount Hood


One thing I’ve learned about a dream from God, you are so actively involved in the dream that there is no way to forget it when it is over.  In this (second) dream, there was a very strange shape being assembled.  It was like a cylinder that had a very irregular shape.  There were a lot of pieces on the table next to it.  They reminded me of jigsaw puzzle pieces and yet they were nothing like puzzle pieces.  There were no tabs or offsetting cutouts.  There were no patterns or changing colors so that you could match them up with where they went.  There was no way to identify any markings so that you could figure out where they went.  You just had to take each piece and try it and keep trying it until you found a place it would fit.  I was getting very frustrated because of the difficulty of this.  Finally, in complete desperation, I cried out, “Father, what am I suppose to be doing?”  No answer.  Then again, “Father, what am I doing here?”   After several attempts with no answer, I heard a voice say, “Shmoneh Esrei.” 


“Shmoneh Esrei!!!!”  What am I suppose to do with that?  I knew that the Shmoneh Esrei was a list of prayers that have been a part of the Jewish webicorder imageSynagogue service for the past 1800 years.  But what am I suppose to do with it.  How does it fit in with what I am involved in with assembling this cylinder? 

Seismogram 4 - Aberrant Scalar Electromagnetic Surge Impulse 2241.60 hrs at Mount Hood on May 24, 2006 between 1600 – 0600 hrs


Have you ever been involved in a research project of some kind where the material was very difficult to understand?  At some point in your studies you all of a sudden “get it.”  You start rejoicing and dancing around.  This is kind of what happened next for me.  I suddenly realized that “Shmoneh Esrei” is also the Hebrew word for the number eighteen.  I had been asking the Father to show me the date for this Father’s Day outing.  I needed to know whether it was just the 18th or both the 17th and the 18th.  He just showed me that it was the 18th only.”


The information that we know today is that there will be a “Gay Pride Parade” in Portland, Oregon on Father’s Day, June 17-18, 2006. There is also a dream that associates a similar event with a catastrophe message of omens and warning for the inhabitants of northern Oregon and southern Washington states. What is more, this dream gives us insight in what is happening in the final war against terror by the Lord of hosts in the “Great Conflict between Christ and Satan.” 


In the Book (Sefer) of Revelation, the Jewish emissary of Yahshua (Jesus) wrote the following testimony: 


Revelation 12:7-8 – “And war broke out in heaven; Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. So the dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”


One of the great messages of the ancients was the saying: “As above, so below.” The testimony of Revelation tells us that at the time of the end the “gateways” to heaven will be opened so that all men will be able to see that the “seen” that is observed on this planet earth will be reflected in the “unseen” that is occurring in the multi-dimensions of the universe. 


The temple is depicted as the heavenly archetype to the earthly natural temple in the Garden of Eden and the later in the magnificent temple of Kings David and Solomon. As the former crowning cherubim that stood before the throne of the Almighty One of Israel made his rebellion against the hierarchy and authority of the Almighty, a “war” against the Supreme Authority of the Divine started at the throne of the Almighty.  This war has moved down through the multiple dimensions of the angelic world.  It will end upon this planet earth


Each dimension of the angelic spheres have been fought over the great battle between good and evil, right and wrong by the forces of light and the forces of darkness.  Today this Great War has extended from the spheres to our three dimensional world. Here we see the nations of the earth aligning themselves in conventional and nuclear confrontation with each other.  What is not seen nor little comprehended is that today these battles are not with tanks, helicopters and depleted uranium armaments but in the psychological and coverts wars to control the populations of this earth.  One of the most devastating is the covert wars with scalar and quantum potential weapons. Here we begin our quest to “know”.


The Covert Scalar Wars between the Globalists Powers


In a profound pdf file analysis of the future catastrophes that face the global community, we read the succinct introduction to the article titled, Urgent Warning of Imminent Cataclysm in Northwestern United States.”


“As Americans are distracted by manufactured news of an impending attack on Iran or the baseless threat of a bird flu epidemic, a dedicated campaign of electronic scalar tectonic warfare is ongoing worldwide that will bring America to the brink of destruction.  Within months, and possibly weeks, the northwestern coast of the United States will experience a tectonic and volcanic cataclysm quite unlike any other in recorded history. In the process, millions of people will die or be injured.  The American economy will be shaken to its very foundations.  In the process, a draconian form of martial law will be declared that will make our once cherished institute of constitutional democracy a thing of the past.


What would you think if you were told that America was being subjected to a series of irregular, electronically induced scalar tectonic attacks?  What if you were shown seismic waveforms with anomalies that do not correspond to normal earthquake activity?  Most people would think those waveforms and the claims that preceded theme were just a hoax. Unfortunately, what you are about to view is not a hoax.”


On the website called Weather Wars, hosted by Scott Stevens, a veteran weather forecaster formerly in Idaho and now the premier researcher in weather wars and scalar attacks on the tectonic plates around the world, we read the following in the article, Engineering Armageddonthis summary:


Scott Stevens, Weather Forecaster – “Given the current situation, unbelievably chaotic destruction is about to occur. In the case of America, a best-case scenario would be one or more magnitude 9+ earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest. These quakes will strike near  Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon, resulting in tsunamis all along the west coast. If sufficient in intensity, Mt. Rainier, already sufficiently primed, will erupt explosively. Millions could die.


Scott Stevens, Veteran Idaho Weather Scalar Forecaster


In a worst-case scenario, there will be many large quakes all along the west coast, and the North American plate will shear from Puget  Sound in Washington to the east of Baja in the Bay of California - at the shear zone north of the mid-America trench. There have already been six earthquakes in Baja this month. This plate shear will serve to ignite the eruptions of many of the volcanoes that run from Washington State through California. The Long Valley Caldera and the Yellowstone Caldera could undergo massive eruption. It will be the “Big One” that has been talked about for years, but it will not be from natural causes, unless you are watching CNN or FOX. The destruction will decimate America. Martial law will be declared immediately. America as we know it will have come to an end.


The ash and gasses from the wall of eruptions will travel eastward, forcing people to abandon their homes and flee. The economic infrastructure of America will immediately collapse, already prepared to do so from accumulated and unserviceable national debt. There will be riots and looting from lack of food and water as gasoline disappears and anarchy kicks in. The badly needed military to restore civil order will be stuck in Iraq, Afghanistan and overseas bases. Then, massive seismic events will begin along the New Madrid fault and the eastern coastline of what was once America. Everything will happen according to the operational plans of the perpetrators, for they have engineered Armageddon.”


Why Portland, do we ask?  With an avant-garde social culture that routinely votes democrat and hosts a media that is pro-peace, anti-war, anti-imperialism and anti militarism such as the Portland Independent Media Center, it suggests this social culture would not be missed to some inside the Beltway.  Take for example the May 24, 2006 article coming out of Portland, Oregon titled, U.S. Imperialist, Hands off Latin America! that stated:


Portland Independent Media Center – “The past few years have borne witness to considerable negative attention from U.S. bourgeois politicians and mass media directed against the government of Venezuela and its President, Hugo Chavez. Since his landslide electoral victory in 1998, the U.S. government has sponsored two coup attempts and routinely funnels money to reactionary Venezuelan opposition groups that oppose the social-democratic reforms taking place under the leadership of Hugo Chavez.

Ever since the Monroe Doctrine of 1823, the U.S. ruling class has essentially laid claim to Latin America as its sphere of influence and has backed this up with invasions, naval blockades, diplomacy, economic sanctions, political pressure and more. Indeed, the years since then have borne witness to plenty of aggressive U.S. government actions aimed at putting this doctrine into practice.

The 1846 invasion of Mexico (which resulted in the annexation of much of what is now the present-day western United States), the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, the 1967 assassination of Che Guevara, the 1973 CIA-sponsored coup to overthrow Salvador Allende's Popular Unity government, the U.S.-backed reactionary Latin American death squads of the 1980s and countless other aggressive actions serve as blood-soaked precedents for current U.S. actions against Venezuela. Taken as a whole, these actions have led to the deaths of millions of our class sisters and brothers and have directly contributed to the impoverishment of many millions more.”


What we are searching for is the protection of human lives.  When the scientific evidence that thousands or millions of human lives may be lost in a human engineered earth catastrophe, no matter what their political, religious or social affiliations are, we must see that threat to even one human life as a threat to all humanity.  That one person who has an opportunity to accept that the God of Israel is the God of all creation and a God of peace and justice for all mankind, is the same as the one “lost” person (sheep) that the Son of God spoke in a parable:


Matthew 18:12, 14 – “What do you think?  If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them goes astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine and go to the mountains to seek the one that is straying?...Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one these little ones should perish.” 


Scalar “Blasts” against the Tectonic Plates in the Pacific Northwest


On February 14, 2006, the article was posted on Weather Wars by Scott Stevens called Engineering Armageddon.”  We are indebted to Scott Stevens for the following information and many of the other graphs that was used in this document. 


Let us look at the evidence that America and many places around the world is being attacked by “irregular, electronically induced scalar tectonic attacks.”  The first question we ask, what is normal?  What is the waveform for a normal earthquake?  What we see on this seismogram is an “earthquake signature” from any seismic server that registers an earthquake around the world.

Normal Appearance of a USGS live Internet Seismic Server Seismogram


The depiction of this seismogram shows first a P wave as the first spike and an S wave component as it quickly crescendos into a large bipolar spike at a peak amplitude and then tapers off or the vibration dampens as the waveform given an echo and settles as it returns to the normal vibrations of the seismograph. 


Let us now look at another seismogram.  This seismogram is aberrant from any normal seismic activity.  When it was reported, it was called an “anomalous signal” that did not appear at the same moment of time on any other seismogram as seen from the USGS live Internet seismic server around the world


Aberrant Exploding Pulse of Maximum Amplitude, no Crescendo or Decrescendo, that quickly and suddenly disappears and returns to normal seismogram pulsations.


This seismogram below was taken from the Ecuador PAYG seismic station.  This “event” immediately and dramatically erupted from a perfectly calm seismogram field.  At that moment, at the blue arrow, it exploded into a pulse with very long waveforms that ran completely off the seismic scale.  It then settled into a 23 minute pattern of waves of the same frequency exploding again into very long waves. 


At the bottom of the seismic display, we see blue dot time indicators that depict a frequency about 22 cycles per minute or .366 cycles per second.  Once again the question has to be asked, what is going on here?   


One of the “Signatures” of a scalar tectonic attack is the noted change in the magnetic flux of any magnet that is in the area of the pulsation or attack.  Within the seismograph, the magnet field has a momentarily flux level change as it sits inside the pickup coil.  It is this magnetic flux that is detected by the magnet and sends the signal as it as a current for the reading public and observers. 


Seismic Plots of the Sumatra Tsunami Earthquake of the Seismic Stations at each seismogram by distance from the Epicentre of the Quake


What we notice is that this seismogram is not recording an earthquake as a seismic event but the dynamic change in the flux within the magnet of the seismogram.  This is a scalar tectonic attack


What is commonly thought is that the earthquake reflects the shaking of the ground’s tremors and movements.  It is true that some seismograms do use earth movement by using a suspended wire coil that moves back and forth on one axis.  As the earth moves, the suspended coil that is grounded and does not move, the magnet, moving along with the earth is recorded while the small electrical current is registered by the induction of the coil.  This current is then amplified electronically and registered on a seismogram.  These are called vertical axis recordings.


The problem is that most seismograms around the world are vertical axis recorders, yet cannot register “impulses” that are sent by scalar longitudinal waves.  As such, they will never record such events.


During a scalar tectonic attack, there is no inducing current into the wire coil.  Rather, the magnet exhibits a temporary flux and for a moment of time it is not magnetized. This is sometimes registered by the fact that during an earthquake a refrigerator door magnet will loose its magnetization for a moment and as such fall to the ground.  


The use of scalar tectonic attacks also comes with a different modification.  In the seismogram from the Ecuador PAYG seismic station you might notice that the large waveforms were off the chart in both the positive and the negative scale.  Yet in a Russian seismogram, we notice that the waveforms peak where the blue arrow is pointing on the positive pole. Yet the waveform still goes off the graph at the negative pole. These are not normal.


On the left, the peak amplitude is constant along the entire string of low frequency waves.  Once again these types of wave forms are of a constant amplitude and regular frequency


Russian Seismogram with Low Amplitude, Low Frequency  “Blasts”


The total “attack” by this scalar weapon lasted for about 24 minutes with a constant barrage of hits.  Once again this exceeds any known limit of normal earthquake wave activity. Once again, here is evidence that there are artificial assaults on the tectonic plates that are not normal earthquake waves.


For those living in the Pacific Northwest or if you have friends and relatives there, it would do well for you to tag this website below at the “Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network Volcanic Webicorders” and the location of the volcano nearest to your residence to monitor the mount or volcano nearest to your home. The second thing to do is pray for the protection of the Almighty One of Israel and make preparation to protect the lives of you and your family and friends.


The Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network Volcanic Webicorders


The next graph is from Camp Shuman near the summit of Mount Rainer (RCS SHZ UW) that was recorded on January 27, 2006.  Two thirds the way down this seismogram you can see six “parabola shaped waveforms” that go clear across this graph. They appear to be six separate earthquake pulsations.  The anomaly is that the register from the left to the right is only ten minutes with six different tremors. Why is this happening?


Next we notice that there is a diagonal multi-colored band of separate individual seismic events that are each 8-seconds long.  Each one is occurring at exactly one hour and seven minutes in a rhythmic interval between the red to red, black to black, green to green and blue to blue events.  As such they form a diagonal line across the graph. 


If you could research RCS SHZ UW: Rainier - Camp Shurman site at the seismograph network link above and open each individual seismographic record, you would find that a diagonal line formed by equal duration seismic events is not on every record.  This is not some kind of station anomaly.



Camp Shuman near the summit of Mount Rainer Seismograph Aberrations


Each one of these aberrations is a well ordered, repeating sequences and not seen in any related to any known laws of nature.  As Scott Stevens concluded, “These events are being artificially and purposefully created with bad intent using scalar tectonic weapons technology. It’s been going on for some time. The unusual events discussed earlier are being created with the same scalar tectonic technology.


What is now known is that the scalar attack does not register as a seismic earthquake “event” but actually do “create seismic events (earthquakes)!”  In other words, most of the seismographs around the world will not register such an attack on the fault lines and crustal plates. 


Normal seismographs do not register longitudinal waves as in scalar pulses or blasts. So we remain clueless.  These scalar spikes are aimed at tectonic plate margins, fault zones and volcanoes.  They will continue to build up this scalar energy.  Then this energy will be released in designated stress zones tectonic plate.  How then is this done


Scalar Weather Modification Sites around the World


HAARP (High Frequency Active Aural Program at Gakona, Alaska


On February, 2005, right after the Asian Tsunami, BibleSearchers Reflections posted the following article titled, The Asian Indonesian Tsunami and the Globalist’s bid to Control the Nations of the Earth.  In a sub-article titled, The United States and its Global Conquest with HAARP,” we read:


BibleSearchers Reflections – “The research and development of HAARP is one of the most closely guarded secrets of America’s Department of Defense which include the US Air Force and the US Navy. Located in Gokona, Alaska, HAARP is publicly promoted in the media as an ionospheric heater not unlike other programs that are safely used throughout the world: Arecibo, Puerto Rico; Tromsø, Norway and the research facilities in the former Soviet Union. 


It uses radio-frequencies to send electromagnetic waves that are focused and they have the capacity to steer these EM (electromagnetic)waves when they are sent into the ionosphere.   This is the electrically charged mantle in the upper atmosphere surrounding this earth.  Instead of receiving signals, it sends signals 40 – 60 miles above the earth and then bounces them back to the earth penetrating anything in its pathway with powerful and intense focused rays of energy. 


HAARP and Scalar used in the Delivery of Weapons Systems


Within its research, the maximum and the highest “high frequency power” known in the west are used. It sometimes produces unstable atmospheric activities or as one writer wrote, it ‘boils the upper atmosphere.’  The military in cooperation with the University of Alaska at Fairbanks have developed a “Star Wars” technology on geophysical manipulation of the atmosphere.  Patent investigators have  uncovered probably a more realistic use for this technology.  These include:


·         The military would have a new technology to replace the electromagnetic pulse effect of atmospheric thermonuclear devices (atomic bombs).

·         The communication system with submarines called Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) would be replaced with a more compact technology.

·         Replace the over-the-horizon radar system in Alaska with a more flexible and accurate system.

·         Develop a technology to eliminate all communication systems over an extensively large area of the earth yet keep the military communication system active.

·         Provide earth-penetrating tomography that could peer through harden silos and bunkers to verify evidence of nuclear proliferation.

·         A geophysical tool for probing the earth’s crust and tectonic plates to find oil, gas and mineral deposits.

·         Develop technology to detect incoming low-level planes and cruise missiles.


Creation of visible artificial optical emissions in the auroras by high-power radio waves at HAARP in Alaska


For defense and national security minded citizens, this technology may give Americans a big security blanket, but according to some scientists  the results of penetrating the unknown geo-magnetic fields around the earth with the largest energy beams ever used by man are disturbing.  This could be truly a ‘skybuster’ with unknown effects.  By some it is viewed as “global vandalism.’”


While the HAARP main site located in Gokona, Alaska, was designed with an array of 48 antennas (present photo), this facility now has 180 antennas operational.  Each group of 6 antennas has its own transmitter site with a total of 30 transmitting buildings.  Many have called it an “atmospheric heater.”


The Main HAARP facility at Gakona, Alaska


This comes with the implication that it transmits only up into the ionosphere.  This may not be totally true.  Recent analysis show that with only a minor rearranging from its official photographs, the Alaskan HAARP site could easily be transmitting massive fluxes of energy directly through the core of the earth. 


What we now know is that HAARP is only one of a family of scalar tectonic weapon systems around the world that include: HAARP, EISCAT, SPEAR, SOUSY and SUPERDARN.  Promoted as a civilian science project yet owned by the Department of Defense and operated by the Navy and the Air Force, it now is located in eight different locations across the North American continent.  These include one facility in Arecibo, Puerto Rico and probably more than one on the Hawaiian Islands.  These “atmospheric heaters” have been suspected by many authors to be involved Polar Lightwith weather modification or “weather control weapon” in use along with chemtrails, having mind control capacities and can be used as a scalar weapon.  Generating radiated power up to three terawatts (1,000,000,000,000 or 1 trillion watts) from one single location, they have the capacity to triage with up to three sites and beam unprecedented “blasts” of voltage into whatever site they choose.  This can be done at random to eliminate detection or in a steady pounding upon the tectonic plates on this planet earth.


It was the former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinsky, and former professor at Columbia University who wrote twenty five years ago the following statement.  HAARP was designed:


The Aurora Borealis near EISCAT Transmitter Site at Tromso, Norway


UHF RadarZbigniew Brzezinsky –to control and manipulate any region of the world by international leaders seeking to    assert it power and authority or any area of the earth by the use of mental-disruptive electromagnetic rays to impair, subdue or control the brain thought processes over large land masses for long periods of time.  This was called environmental control technology capable of being used by the American military to develop a “more controlled and directed society.’”


EISCAT 931 MGz Ultra-High Frequency Radar Unit at Tromso, Norway


Many such facilities are scattered all around the world.  Whether their research is synchronized or whether they work as a scientific consortium, it is not known.  In the Scandinavian country of Norway alone there are seven such sites on the Svalbard Islands.  Under the banner of EISCAT, the acronym for European Incoherent SCATter, they operate two powerful radar systems (224 MHz and 933 MHz) and a transmitting site at Tromsø, Norway plus receiving sites at Sodankylä (Finland) and Kiruna (Sweden).   



According to Scott Stevens, they are creating an “electronically manufactured geological Armageddon.” They are participants in a “scalar covert war” that most of the inhabitants of this planet are totally clueless.  Yet when the destruction that these scalar facilities do occur, it is OSGRO-00000456-001called an “act of God” or the “acts of nature.”  It must be understood that the God of Israel will not take the blame, neither will “Mother Earth” which is His creation


Northern Lights shining around the EISCAT 224 MGz Very-High Frequency Radar Unit at Tromso, Norway


In Northern Scandinavia alone there are three EISCAT geophysical research sites: an Incoherent Scatter Radar system sites, an Ionospheric Heater and a Dynasonde on the Island of Svalbald


With the consideration that besides the civilian scientific research, these antennas can be usedfor military defensive and offensive purposes, we must consider them a part of the global battle for world domination.  This is not a conspiratorial concept but a biblical concept that at the time of the end, the entire world will be under the banner of the anti-Messiah (anti-Christ).  This global consortium that he will control will be the final unified one-world governance that will oppose the coming of the Messiah. 


32 m. parabolic dish antenna at EISCAT Svalbard Radar site near Longyearbyen, Svalbard Radar Site in Northern Norway


If we look over the recorded history of mankind, this has been the quest of all imperial powers. Starting with Cain in the ante-diluvian era, we see the first historical world power as the Sumerian empire of Nimrod in the days of the Patriarch Abraham.  This dream, quest and search for global governance continued to the Egyptian United Dynasties, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Medo-Persians, the Romans, the Roman Papacy, the early Islamic Empire, the Mongolian Empire including the Kipchak Khanate of the Golden Horde, the British, French, German and Portuguese Empires and the imperial quests of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany with Japan. The fight for world dominance goes forth and the final status of its world quest may be at our doors.


Svalbard 500 MHz Ultra High Frequency Radar


From all appearances these antennas are the guardians of the military might of the Golden Internationale as they beam several of their antennas to the northern reaches across the Arctic Sea facing Siberia and the northern shores of the Red Internationale, their dominate global opponent for world domination. 


As described above, the HAARP site in Gokona, Alaska can, with two other scalar sites, coordinate an attack upon an enemy.  Together they can beam up to three terawatts of power from a singe station.  Understandably, this is three trillion watts (3,000,000,000,000,000 watts).  The normal household light bulb consumes about 50-100 watts of energy.  A large electric home oven consumes about 3,500 wattsThe world’s energy needs per day were estimated in 2002 to be 14 terawatts


Considering that a summary triage of 3 terawatt power blasts can be beamed into Arecibo Radio Telescopea singe point of the mantle of the earth, or about 20% of the world’s energy needs for a day, we can now understand the immensity of power and the capacity of destruction that these beaming antennas can create on the tectonic mantle of the earth.  


30 MHz imageing radar interferometer site on St. Croix in the Virgin Islands


While the United States is known to have sites in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, there are also other remote sites such as the Jicamarca Radio Telescope site outside of Lima, Peru and Sondrestrom, Greenland.  As seen in this photo, the array of Jicamarca Radio Observatory
outside Lima, Peruantennas at this latter site in Peru is massive.  Such remote sites are valuable because they are capable of radiating a huge amount of radio frequency energy


Jicamarca Radio Telescope near Lima, Peru


There is also the Haystack Observatory with its 37 m. telescope that is being upgraded as a radar facility to 95 GHz. Located now at Westford, Massachusetts, it was initially built at the Sagamore Airforce base.  This will be a fully steerable and remotely accessible radio telescope fully operational in 2008 with up to 115 GHz frequency range of power.  


These sites are part of the world’s earth and atmospheric science university programs such as this one at Cornell UniversityOther universities host degrees in engineering with CEDAR graduates trained in such areas as the EQUIS II rocket campaign on the Kwajalein Atoll on the Marshall Islands.   They monitor plasma irregularities in the aurora in the northern regions and the ionosphere in support sounding rocket experiments


They also have graduate degrees in Atmospheric Science in the Madrigal program. This program in part is in league with MIT at the Haystack Radio Telescope site that are classified along with Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Peru as incoherent scatter radar facilities that study the earth’s upper atmosphere and ionosphere.  As stated in the following description of Incoherent Scatter (IS) radars:


Millstone Hill Haystack Observatory and Incoherent Scatter Radar Telescope in Massachusetts at 440 MGz power  


EISCAT – “Incoherent Scatter (IS) radar is the most powerful ground based technique for the study of the Earth's ionosphere and its interactions with the upper atmosphere, the magnetosphere and the interplanetary medium (solar wind). The 'incoherent' scatter echo is the result of the scattering of electromagnetic energy, radiated from the radar, by electrons in the ionospheric plasma, which are themselves controlled by the much slower, massive positive ions. Most of the power is due to scattering from electron density fluctuations caused by the presence of these ions and the frequency spectrum of the received signal provides information about their temperature, composition and velocity.  In addition, the typically double-peaked ion-line spectrum of the incoherent scatter echo also contains information about the temperature of the electrons themselves. Besides the "ion-line", the incoherent scatter spectrum also contains other, normally weaker, components including two "plasma-" or "electron-lines" representing scattering processes where the electrons act as if the ions were absent…


Largest Incoherent Scatter Radar Unit at Sondrestrom, Greenland at 1290 MGz power


Incoherent scatter radars


Typical Incoherent Scatter radars radiate effective powers measured in gigawatts (1,000,000,000 or 1 billion watts) but the returned signals normally represent only picowatts. Powerful multi-mega-watt transmitters, large high-gain antennas (typically at least 1000 m2 in area), sensitive receivers and sophisticated radar control and data acquisition systems are all necessary for the successful detection and evaluation of the weak incoherent scatter echoes received from the ionosphere. The EISCAT radars can currently make measurements covering all altitudes from about 50 km to more than 2500 kmIncoherent Scatter radar systems provide a wealth of observational data and are complemented by detailed observations from balloons, rockets and satellites as well as a wide range of ground-based instruments including magnetometers, all-sky cameras, ionosondes and coherent (auroral) backscatter radars…


Ionospheric Heating

In addition to studies of the natural ionosphere and neutral atmosphere, a range of ionospheric modification experiments, performed to improve our understanding of fundamental plasma processes, are also conducted using powerful high- frequency transmitters located close to the EISCAT radar site in Tromsø. This 'Heating' facility is an integral part of the EISCAT Scientific Association.”


Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico Incoherent Scatter Radar and Coherent Ionospheric Heater


As EISACT radar sites are in support of the European Union military consortium for the western globalists called the Golden Internationale, the  HAARP radar sites are in support of the American military consortiums.  They are all partners for the defensive as well as the offensive capabilities of the power brokers in which they serve. In essence the major universities are an extension of the military consortiums of the major global forces.  Many world communities accept that the military and the university systems are one in the same as those forces seeking global control under the banner of national interests.  In this fact, their “national interests” extend to the whole world.   

Russian and Japanese Scalar Weapon Systems


Also on February, 2005, in the same article posted on BibleSearchers Reflections on February, 2005 titled, The Asian Indonesian Tsunami and the Globalist’s bid to Control the Nations of the Earth, we read in the sub-article titled, The Russian-Japanese’s bid for Global Conquestabout the Russian Scalar Wave Technology and its use as a weapon


Nikita Khrushchev (Presidium 1960) - "We have a new weapon just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on earth."


BibleSeachers Reflections - The Russians have been working and perfecting also with supersonic longitudinal light waves which can travel at infinite velocity and with infinite energy. Experimentation have been done transmitting Mozart’s 40th symphony through a barrier and a wave guide at 4.7 times the speed of light. This high-tech physics is being done while at the same time geologists use the same speed of light as a constant in their geological dating equations claiming that the speed of light can never change.  As such the geologists seek to impose a theory of geological ages in the millions and billions of years upon the world public, when modern physicists have proven and demonstrated in the lab that the speed of light is variable and potentially infinite in speed.  


The USSR under the direction of the KGB has been using electromagnetic (EM) longitudinal waves for weather modification for decades, according to Lt. Col. Tom Bearden (retired) in “Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use:  Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetrical War on the U.S. (Sept. 28, 2004).   The first attack at weather over the United States was in 1967 with the signature of perfectly round holes appearing in clouds and the resultant severe winter over North American.  As a bicentennial gift to the United States, they began full time weather engineering over America and the rest of the world on July 4, 1976, the 200th anniversary of America’s Independence


It was in 1975 that Brezhnev called scalar as being “more frightful than the mind of man could ever imagine.”  That year he sent the dour Andrei Gromeko, Prime Minister of the Soviets from 1954-1985, to the United States to draft a treaty seeking to half the production of new weapons of mass destruction.  He feared the potential of the experimentation of the United States in HAARP and the Russian’s own technology in scalar potential. According to Bearden, “Longitudinal waves don’t pack a great deal of mass.  They interact fairly weakly but they do interact.  But because they interact weakly, they go great distances through mass.  In other words you can pass longitudinal waves right through the ocean or right through the earth.  And you can “hear” them on the other side.


Scalar as a longitudinal weapon was first used as a weapon in April 1963 when the Russians killed the USS Thresher atomic submarine as it was moving off the eastern coast of the United States.  The next day they shot a huge burst of energy 100 miles north of Puerto Rico.  It was sighted by the crew of a nearby commercial jet.  As reported, a column of water shot out of the ocean almost a mile into the atmosphere that formed a mushroom cloud and fell back into the ocean. The results impressed and alarmed the United States government. 


Weather engineering is what they do best because it is simpleThey will create a low pressure (hot air) area in one place and a high pressure (cool air) in another area.  Then by ‘steering’ the hot spots and the cold spots, they can entrain the jet stream and guide it wherever they wish.  According to Bearden, “We haven’t had normal weather over North America since July 4, 1976.” 


It must be understood that the weather engineering over America has not been done directly by the Russian government but, according to Bearden, is under the control of the KGB/SFG, the old guardian warriors of the communist SovietsDue to financial instability in the Soviet Union, they have leased their scalar interferometry stations to a rogue Japanese team controlled by the Yakuza or the Russian mob and Aum Shinrikyo (now called Aleph) the creator of the Tokyo sarin terrorist attack since 1989. 


Today this “terrorist” consortium according to Bearden has penetrated all levels of the Japanese government and every major corporate group on that island nation.  Here we have an avowed enemy of the United States potentially far more dangerous than the al Qaeda and ones who have and are using superweapons of mass destruction against the interests of the United States.  It is their determined intent to conduct strategic strikes in the goal to destroy the United States.  Their motive is vengeance against the US from the “shame” put upon the Japanese people, according to the old Bushido Code, for the defeat of Japan by dropping the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  A sixty year old blood libel against America is seeking its ultimate revenge. 


Besides guiding the jet streams across the world, scalar interferometer transmitters can do the same things in the waters of the oceans of this planet.  By sending a longitudinal burst pulsing across the water, you can gradually heat it or cool it.  In the Pacific Ocean, they have the technological capabilities to produce an El Nino or a La Nina at their whim.  They also can take the same scalar energy wave and create increasing energy in a seismic fault zone.  When the energy builds up in the piezoelectric rock structure, it will mechanically expand, slip and then create an earthquake.  They can also pulse the energy at the tectonic plate. Even if there is no fault zone, the longitudinal waves will blast its way through the tectonic plate.  Using their technology thousands of miles away, longitudinal wave interferometry can send electromagnetic waves through the earth or through the ocean and will leave no signature as to where this ‘terrorist’ wave is originating from. 


At least ten nations have scalar longitudinal wave interferometry weapons and the list is growing.  The most active site of testing is by a consortium of several nations/groups including Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo in the deserted area of Western Australia over the last several years. To demonstrate the potency of their destructive power, in April, 1986, Bearden reports, “a secretive little U. S. group intervened in a forthcoming giant earthquake being built up by the KGB scalar interferometers for the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. They were building up the electromagnetic energy to create the “big one” along the California coast and destroy the western coast of the United States.  With a special electronic device, the group suddenly destroyed one of the distant Soviet scalar interferometer transmitters near the Russian nuclear plant at Chernobyl.  In the process, this attack became the catalyst for triggering the nearby Chernobyl nuclear catastropheWell it did prevent the loss of perhaps 200,000 lives in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area along with the terrible destruction and economic damage that it would have occurred including the damage or destruction of the Diablo nuclear power plant on the California coastline.


Before the ‘evil empire’ collapsed, in the late 1980’s nuclear weapons were inserted in all of America’s major cities, according to Bearden, by Russian Spetznaz teams by the KGB/FSB and prepared to detonate upon command.  Even though the ‘cold war’ is over and Russia is under the leadership of a moderate Russian president who seeks political accommodation, the KGB is still controlled by the ‘old guard’ of the communist elite command.  This information was reported in the book, Through the Eyes of the Enemy by Stanislav Lunev in 1998, a Colonel in the GRU military counterpart of the KKGB and the highest ranking defector to date.  One such crisis was adverted in 1970 by a “friendly little nation” many assume to be Israel, when they inserted nuclear weapons in the cities and target centers in Russia.


It was in 1986, this same “friendly little nation” came to the aid of the United State s by exploding some large Russian missile ammunition depots as an act of warning.  It prevented the American strategic destruction by “even more powerful energetics weapons” system.  


Again in 1997, the United States was destined to be destroyed on two occasions by a “Soviet superweapon” attack, the latter date being, May 1, 1997 as the “big one”. It was adverted when the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo teams on site in Russia were “checkmated” by a third party intervention of this “friendly little nation” to the KGB/FSB.


In 1990, the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo teams who paid a reputed 900 million in US gold bullion and $1 million yearly for lease of the Russian scalar sites assumed operational management for weather engineering operations over America


Hurricane Francis heading towards Florida – An Act of God or Guided by Man?


By 2004, the 2 year “final preparation phase” was entered and some of the most dramatic and spectacular feats in weather engineering were demonstrated to the American public.  The Yakuza weather engineering teams directly sent a signature message to the Bush administration by influencing and controlling Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne in their course, speed, power and behavior.  As demonstrated, they targeted the State of Florida when the ‘eye of the hurricane’ entered, meandered through the state and exited while traversing only over counties in the State of Florida that voted for George W. Bush in the contested Florida vote of 2000So dramatic was the feat of engineering that Hurricane Ivan did a 180 degree turn and Hurricane Jeanne did a 360 degree loop before reaching the Florida coastline. This use of scalar was confirmed by Bearden and also by a News weather forecaster, Scott Stevens in Pacific Northwest


If that was not enough, in March 2004, the first-ever recorded hurricane occurred in the South Atlantic called Hurricane Catarina. It headed towards the Brazilian coast with 90 mile per hour winds.  It truly “broke all the records” and again it appears that the Japanese Yakuza were probing the American government and testing the will of the American people.  They wanted to see if the American’s would recognize their adversary’s ability to control the laws of nature and “become as God” as they advertised by psychological warfare their ability by artificial human control to manipulate and engineer the weather as it traverses across our hemisphere.  To date the western meteorologists have shrugged off the evidence according to Bearden.  The western governments are refusing to alert or inform their citizens of the potential catastrophic effect this is having on our global economy.


Since 1989, the Yakuza group has designed its own scalar electromagnetic (energetics) technology and taken it back to Japan.  In clandestine laboratories it is reported that they have designed small portable scalar interferometers that can be transported in a SUV or a small van and transported to any city in the world.  They have manufactured also EMP weapons and possibly even negative energy EMP weapons.” 


Mount Hood and the Potential Catastrophe at Portland-Salem, Oregon

Mount Hood, the Tallest Mountain in Oregon


Mount Hood is the tallest mountain in Oregon at the height of 11,237 feet.  Popular with snow skiers and hikers, with its five ski resorts, its appeal to the mountain climbers is only second to Mount Fuji in Japan.  Only forty-five miles southeast of Portland, Oregon, Mount Hood is a stratovolcano that is composed of lava flows, domes, and volcaniclastic deposits, most of andesite composition.


As part of the Cascade Range, Mount Hood is the fourth highest mount in this part of the northern Rocky Mountain chain. The most recent eruptions were in the last 250-180 years when dactitic lava domes collapsed on the southwest flank of the mountain.  This resulted in pyroclastic flows and mudflows but no major explosive eruptions.  Out of this last eruption, Crater Rock, a favorite rock pinnacle dactite dome formed. 


Mount Hood at Trillium Lake in Oregon – Photo by Paul Doss of Colby College


We have already analyzed the recent seismographs that were taken at the site of Mount Hood.  We now recognize the significance of the aberrant signals that have been identified as a scalar interferometry weapon.


What is little known is that Mount Hood is not the only site targeted by these scalar blasts.  A study of similar high risk sites such as Mount Rainer, the Long Valley Caldera at Mammoth Lake, California, the Seattle Fault at Pugent Sound near Seattle, Washington and Vancouver Island in Canada and the Yellowstone Caldera at Denny Creek, Wyoming today are all showing signs of being attacked by scalar longitudinal weapons.  


The most active earthquake and volcanic zone in the world is what is called the “Ring of Fire that goes clear around the Pacific Ocean Rim.


“Ring of Fire” on the Pacific Rim


The “Ring of Fire” is a line of active volcanoes that form along the margins of the tectonic plates.  This is also the home of most of the volcanoes in the world.

From the Pacific Island of New Zealand upwards to Alaska and down to the tip of South America at the nation of Chile, this vast rim is lined with ancient and currently actively moving tectonic plates.  Here lies also the formative regions for earthquakes and volcanoes.


Historically Active Alaskan Volcanoes


The American Earthquake and Volcanic region begins with the Aleutian Islands along the Bering Sea in the State of Alaska.  This is the most active earthquake and volcanic zone in North America.  With 40 active volcanoes along the “Ring of Fire,” the area is alive with constant seismic activity and the arena for active scalar attacks.


Small World Map with Station and EventIn the region of the Aleutian Islands is also a prime example of the weather wars that are so covertly being played out.  On February 6, 2006, researchers discovered two simultaneous siesmographs, one in the Aleutian Island chain and the other at Bilibino, Russia


Notice where Biligino, Russia is as pointed out by the blue triangle on the map?  It is side by side, next to the Aleutian Islands.  Both Bilibino, Russia and the Aleutian Islands were registering an interesting seismic phenomenon as though they were simultaneously being attacked. 


The time sequence on each site is the same: February 6, 2006.  The registry of each seismogram is depicting giant jagged waves like the waves we were studying above that were an indication of a scalar tectonic weapon


Seismographs two Silent Earthquakes produced by Three Axis Scalar Tectonic Weapons. The top is at the Aleutian Islands and the bottom at Bilibino, Russia.


As we analyze these two seismographs we also must ask, what kind of earthquake occurred at these two regions?  It must have been extensive because of the intense activity and the wide range of seismic activity


The problem exists.  There was no mega-quake. There was seismic activity.  There were no simultaneous earthquakes.  What actually occurred according to weather war researchers was that there was “a silent earthquake produced by three axis scalar tectonic weapons.


 Bilibino Nuclear Power PlantThe interesting facts abound that not far from the Aleutian Islands is the Alaskan HAARP site at Gorkona.  Is it not also interesting that at the Bilibino, Russia site is a light water cooled, graphite moderate nuclear reactor?  We wonder what also might be at that site.


Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant


As we searched all the records for earthquake activity, an earthquake in either of these regions did not exist.  Yet the bipolar mega seismic activity on the seismographs did exist.  The Aleutian Islands as stated above is one of the most seismic active areas along the “Ring of Fire.”  It was here that it appears that the two big contenders for global dominance were aiming their scalar tectonic weapons at each other


Consider earlier in this manuscript that it was reported by Colonel Bearden that the Chernobyl Reactor explosion was caused by a scalar attack.  Let us repeat this testimony:


BibleSearchers Reflections – “In April, 1986, Bearden reports, “a secretive little U. S. group intervened in a forthcoming giant earthquake being built up by the KGB scalar interferometers for the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. They were building up the electromagnetic energy to create the “big one” along the California coast and destroy the western coast of the United States.  With a special electronic device, the group suddenly destroyed one of the distant Soviet scalar interferometer transmitters near the Russian nuclear plant at Chernobyl.  In the process, this attack became the catalyst for triggering the nearby Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe


Were we seeing a repeat performance in a covert war that the peoples of the world do not know are truly happening?  Will an earthquake actually occur in this region from these strikes?  Not having all the records, it was reported that there was a 7.7 magnitude quake that did occur at Bilibino, Russia at a depth of 43 km. on April 20, 2006 at 23:25:05.  If you want to watch the after shocks the next few days and scan the 24 hour data on this quake click on to the Bilibino Seismic Activity Chart. We have no damage records and do not know if this was precipitated by a scalar attack.


As we move down the Pacific coastline we reach the Yukon Territory in southern Alaska and down into the western reaches of the Canadian British Columbia.  These volcanic fields go from Mount Churchhill in the southern Yukon Territory to the Tuya Volcanic Field in western British Columbia.  All along the mountain crests of Hoodoo to Iskuf and Lava Fork down to Tseax the ancient lava field show signs of past and current activity.  These are also sites of seismic instability with the potential for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.


The Volcanic Fields of British Columbia in Canada


It was Weatherman Scott Stevens who posted an article on his website, Weather Wars on February 14, 2006 titled, Engineering Armageddonstating:


Scott Stevens –Many of the unusual seismograms you viewed earlier show resonant scalar tectonic attacks. The waves are at the resonant frequency of the mass being attacked. That’s why they appear so big and are of one frequency. Yet, while there is a lot of movement involved, the rate of these waves is very slow, so people in the area may not notice anything different. But the net mass of the target at resonance will undergo changes in its modulus of elasticity and soften, just as described in the stress relief sidebar above, producing changes in the lattice structure of the material. This sets the target area up for a disaster, or stores energy that can be moved to another target.


Imagine applying that kind of force to Mt. Rainier or the San Andreas Fault or the Philippine Sea Plate, which is jammed up against Japan. The possibilities are endless. Sometimes the All the major Cascade volcanoes except Garibaldi (which is north of this image's extent).targeting is indirect, you push something over here to get a result over there. In recent weeks, the Galapagos Islands and Greenland have come under scalar tectonic attacks. Neither one is exactly a hot tourist spot.”


The Volcanic Mountain Peaks in the Cascade Range


Further down we come to where the theme of our article began: the Pacific Cascade Range and Mount Hood as one of many volcanic mountains in this region. 


Here we find familiar names such as Mount Baker, Mount Rainier, Mount Shasta and Mount St. Helens. Here our memories are reminded of the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, though in an isolated region left 57 people dead and 230 square miles of devastation. 


Here also is Mount Rainier, at 14,000 feet the highest mountain in the Cascade Range and a potential catastrophic hazard to 2.5 million people in the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area.


It was Scott Stevens who posted an article on his website, Weather Wars, titled, Is Western North America being Targeted by Scalar Weapons?”  Within this site he directed us to a research site on scalar attacks called, Urgent warning of imminent cataclysm in Northwestern United States.”


As we return back to our Messianic pastor, Lloyd Day with the Beth Tefilah Messianic Congregation in Salem, Oregon, we suddenly are reminded that when the word of the Lord comes into our lives and a message is given to us, the heavy hand of the Lord weighs upon our soul.  Let us listen as Pastor Day continues:


Pastor Lloyd Day – “I was trying to maintain a low key profile on this.  I said that I wasn’t a prophet and I didn’t want to give the impression that I was trying to set myself up as one.  Now all of a sudden I realize that He wants me to warn the people of the Willamette Valley with what He has shown me.  My first response was, “You’ve got to be kidding!”  Then all of a sudden Ezekiel 3:17-21 came to mind. 


Ezekiel 3:17-21 -Son of man, I have appointed you a watchman to the house of Israel; whenever you hear a word from My mouth, warn them from Me. When I say to the wicked, 'You will surely die,' and you do not warn him or speak out to warn the wicked from his wicked way that he may live, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand.  Yet if you have warned the wicked and he does not turn from his wickedness or from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered yourself.


Again, when a righteous man turns away from his righteousness and commits iniquity, and I place an obstacle before him, he will die; since you have not warned him, he shall die in his sin, and his righteous deeds which he has done shall not be remembered; but his blood I will require at your hand.  However, if you have warned the righteous man that the righteous should not sin and he does not sin, he shall surely live because he took warning; and you have delivered yourself."


We hope and pray that the protecting hand of the Lord of hosts will continue to protect the citizens of Oregon. By “watching” we are able to participate in the internal struggle that Jonah the messenger to Nineveh, the prophet Jeremiah the messenger to Judah, the Apostle John in the “Revelation of Jesus” and all other prophets of Israel.   We are allowed to understand how they must have felt when the God of Israel asked them to document His message of warning and then sign their name in testimony that this was a message from the Lord of hosts. 


Are we to suggest that the prophets of old were not also insecure as to whether they were presenting correctly the “warnings of the Lord?”  Did they not also have moments of doubt if they truly were hearing the voice of the Lord?  It matters not whether it was Jerusalem or Nineveh, Israelite, gentile or pagans, the value of saving a human life so that they might recognize and want to establish a personal relationship with the God of creation in the eyes of our heavenly Father is all the same.


From all appearances, the Lord of hosts is gradually removing His protecting hand from this planet earth.  There will come a day that we will feel as isolated from the presence of God as Jesus felt isolated from His Father while at Gethsemane. By faith alone, our salvation and our hope for the future will be sealed. 


Yet it was the prophetic testimony of Jesus to the people in Jerusalem in Matthew 24 when He gave the warning; “when you see…flee.”  This is not time for theological dissertations.  Over and over again, the God of Israel has given us shadow pictures of what to do in times of great tribulations; keep a clear testimony and allegiance to the God of Israel and seek to protect all God’s people, especially the poor, the widows, the pregnant mothers and children.  Always remember; keep your eyes focuses on “High” for as the Psalmist stated:


Psalms 91:1-2 –He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my God, in Him I will trust.’”



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Cosmic Blasts, Invading Comets, Tectonics Booms – Is this Planet’s Ecosystem on the Verge of Collapse?


Dreams from the Lord of a Catastrophic Attack on the Pacific Northwest




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