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Klein: Did Obama call on Israel to vacate Temple Mount? Israeli politicians accuse President of ‘Misrepresenting History’


The Judgments of the L-rd are Coming as the Dark Clouds of War surround Jerusalem


May, 2010


Obama, BP and Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Catastrophe’s Connection with Israel – “Holy City for Oil” Part One


Bush/Baker and the Exxon Valdez Alaskan Oil Catastrophe’s Connection to Israel – “Holy Land for Oil” Part Two


The Witness of a Catastrophic Volcano that becomes the Force of the Divine in the Creation a New Island; Re-Creating a New Eden


The Final Collapse of America and the Dollar Predicted for Last Half of 2010


Retired Major General Paul E Vallely admits; “Iran has Nuclear Weapons” – Nuclear Iran Part One


Iran had Nuclear Weapons, Cruise Missiles in 2008 and Russia did Not give it to Them - Directly – Nuclear Iran Part Two


President George W. Bush signed 2008 State of Emergency in 2008, feared Nuclear North Korea, prepared to Launch Attack on Nuclear Iran- Nuclear Iran Part Three


Is America preparing for a 2010 Tisha B’Av or Yom Kippur War with Israel against Iran? – Nuclear Iran Part Four


The Price of Renting Homes Skyrocketing in the West Bank Settlements of Shomron


Redemption: Hastened or at the Appointed Time?


The Holy Spirit at Pentecost Catapults the Jewish Messianic World Mission to find the “Lost Sheep of the House of Israel”


Shavuot: Today You became a Nation!


North Korea attacks Deepwater Horizon Oil Platform in the Gulf of Mexico - Deepwater Part One


Torpedoed Deepwater Horizon Oil Platform: Sabotaging the International and Political Scene - Deepwater Part Two »


Attack on Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig brings the Earth to the Brink of an Eastern Nuclear Conflagration – Deepwater Part Three


“Where Heaven Kissed Earth”


Rare Pacific Gray Whale making Aliyah to the Israeli Mediterranean Coast just in time for Pentecost


Israel's Tourism Ministry is Creating a Vision of a New Israel


Middle East War planned by Summer 2010 as Bulked up Hizballah Army seeks to Destroy Israel


Ash clouds, Missiles, and a Crazy Chamsin


Ahmadinejad: “Iran is Obama's way to stay in power”


Obama’s Borders for Israel, Future Palestinian State


The Unfairness of the Jewish claims to Israel


Was Noah's Ark Found in Turkey?


Sunni Al-Qaeda Targets “Killing Muslims”


April, 2010


The Holocaust can Happen again, warns Top Anti-Semitism Scholar


The Mediterranean Summit in Barcelona; Stage Set for the One World Order’s “Union for the Mediterranean” – Part One


The Bilderberg's and the Trilateral Commission's Secret Meetings preparing for the Mediterranean Summit in Barcelona – Part Two


Will Barcelona become the Capital where the Maschiach Nagid (Anti-Messiah) becomes the Signatory to the World Peace Agreement with Israel? – Part Three


Will Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu sell “Jerusalem”, the “Land of Israel” and his own Soul for Peace? – Part Four

Children of Light and Darkness: Goering’s Brother Saved Jews


American Food Price Inflation beginning to Spiral out of Control

“Exploiting the Crisis” – It’s time for Israel to Move beyond Obama »

Big Lie Unraveling / The 9/11 Cover-up


“Jewish Ties to Temple Mount will Bring Peace”


The World’s most Dangerous Volcanoes – and We thought the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland was a Problem?


Have You seen the Messiah?


Satan’s Green Revolution – Creating a Toxic Eco-system for the Coming Messianic Era – Part I


Eco-Terrorism and the Destruction of G-d’s Pristine Natural Wonders around Mount Shasta – Part II


Catastrophic World Famine is heralded by the Eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull Glacier Volcano


DEBKAfiles – As Nuclear Iran completes its Quest to join the Nuclear Club, Tehran threatens America with Nuclear Terror


Orthodox Jewish Patriots prevented from Sacrificing Sheep or Goats near the Temple Mount at Pesach


Will Iceland’s Volcano wreck our Global Climate as Famine encompasses our Globe?


You’ll Need an Israelite Great-Grandmother like this to Survive the Cataclysms at the Time of the End


His Resurrection Destiny, our Destiny


HaShem (G-d of Israel) begins to Educate the Lost Tribes of Israel – “I can Obliterate you if I choose, but I will redeem you instead!”


Icelandic Volcanic Ash sends Massive Ash Clouds Paralyzing Air Traffic in the Lands of the Lost Tribes of Israel


Massive Fireball descending across America's Midwestern Sky a foretaste of our Catastrophic Future


The Jewish Sages and Talmudic Scholars fight to Preserve the Hebrew Torah – Part One


The Jewish Sages and their Covenanted Role Preserving the Hebrew Language as they Preserved the Torah– Part Two


The Land of Israel predicted to be the New Middle East Capital for Oil and Natural Gas


Are we entering a new Jewish Spiritual Awakening? - 600,000 Jews – the same Number as the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt visited the Western Wall over Pesach 2010


Why do we not Comprehend?


Messianic Fervor planting its Seed in the Hearts of Israel


Jerusalem Jewish Posters in East Jerusalem call for the Building of the Third Temple; with no Mosque


The Final Walk for Israel – Obama closes door on America for Israel


The Last Days of Pope Benedict – Will Vatican’s Chief Moral Enforcer meet his Fate for Failure to Control the Vatican’s Sex Abuse Scandal?


The Collision of G-d, and G-d’s Messiah with Sin


His Agony was our Passage through the Messiah to the Divine


March, 2010


Jewish Justice or Roman Justice - The Shocking Trial of Jesus (Yahshua) by the Great Sanhedrin


Is this the Face of the Executed Jewish Messiah? - Turin’s Forensic Pathologists Computerize the Face on the Shroud of Turin - Part One


Is the Shroud actually Two Thousand Years Old? - Part Two of a Series on the Shroud of Turin


Did boy Jesus look like this? – The Image on the Shroud of Turin reversed to Age 12 – Part Three


Is Your Hope in G-d faint and dying?


The Temple Mount Institute offering Subscription for Korban Pesach Lamb to be Eaten at the 2010 Passover Dinner


“Earth under Attack by “Pass-over” Death Star”


Temple Institute files Suit for the Right to Sacrifice Sheep on the Biblical Passover as Commanded in the Torah


The Egyptian Pharaoh rises again – Africans seeking Jewish homeland massacred by Egyptian Soldiers


Catholic Sex Abuse Claims drive Thousands away from Austrian and Continental Roman Christian Church


Nissan: Blossoms of Redemption


“The Hurva” and “The White House”


Egypt Opens Restored Rav Moshe Synagogue, dedicated to Maimonides, under Tight Security


Changing Face in Poland: Skinhead Puts on Skullcap


Post Holocaust Germany – Anti-Semitism yet Judenfrei (Jew free)


HaShem's Creative Beauties (Part Two) – The Flawless 7.03-carat Flawless Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond


Are American and NATO forces of Northern Europe fighting their Tribal Brothers of the Lost Tribes of Israel in Afghanistan and Pakistan?


The Dedication of the Hurva, Israel’s National Synagogue held on Rosh Chodesh, the 1st day of the Festival of Passover, 2010


Are you Spiritually Exhausted?


Hevron: With Regards from the Great Patriarchal Grandparents


U.S Federal Reserve in 2012 leaves America to her Destiny - Fate of Fort Knox, Part Three


Fiat Money and the Fort of Gold – Fate of Fort Knox, Part One


The Federal Reserve, Jekyll Island and the Sinking of the Titanic – Fate of Fort Knox, Part Two


U.S Federal Reserve in 2012 leaves America to her Destiny - Fate of Fort Knox, Part Three


The End of the Golden Era – One Hundred Years until the Default of the American Dream – Will the Gold of Fort Knox be Gone?


Dubai: Hunting for Jews


Is Israel expected to be the First non-Sovereign Nation of the World Global Village?


Jewish Competitors at the 2010 Winter Olympics


Ice Dancers from the Tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh claim Dominance on the Ice for North America at the Winter Olympics


Abraham’s Descendants were Blessed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada


Archeologist Mazar overlooking 10th c. City Walls from Solomon’ s Royal Headquarters


Silwan and the Proverbial Key in East Jerusalem


Is Your Imagination of G-d Blinded?


February, 2010


HaShem Creative Beauties (Part One) – Zambia’s 6,225 carat “Elephant Emerald”


The Return of the Messiah and the Redemption of All Israel appears now will Come with Great Calamities and Catastrophes


Jewish Prophecies on How G-d put Judea in a 1870 year Drought since the Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem


The Fight for the Heartland of Israel has now Begun - Israel’s Heritage Trails


Palestinian Towns and Villages are not Refugee Camps according to International Law


Billionaire Club meet in Rockefeller Summit in bid to Curb Overpopulation


In France, Screwing Israel makes you a Hero – the Palestinian Blood Libel against Israel in the al-Dura Affair - Part One


Nidra Poller - The “Death” of Mohamed al Dura comes Back to Life - the Palestinian Blood Libel against Israel in the al-Dura Affair, Part Two


Ancient Jerusalem Waterway Revealed at Jaffa Gate


Hurricane-Force Blizzard Storm Aims at Paralyze Maine to Pennsylvania in Late February 2010


The Future Cataclysms on Earth in the Eyes of Immanuel Velikovsky


“The Purpose of the Copenhagen Conference” – The Blue Print for “The Club of Rome” – Part One


Population Control and Eugenics – The Blue-Print for the Club of Rome – Part Two


“There are Powers so Organized” – The Blue-Print for the Club of Rome – Part Three


Israeli Settler’s building sites attacked by Jerusalem Agents


Let's Face the Facts, Israel is a Semi-Theocracy


Nazi-Avenging Expose by Lt. Col. Danny Baz met with Cries of ‘Baloney’


‘Settlers Don’t Know How Much People Love Them’


Ann Frank’s Savior, the “Lost Israelite” Dutch Miep Gies, dies at the Age of 100


Pat Boone’s Christmas Present to the Jews


Lincoln and the Jews


All over, the Left supports Immigration for Votes in Tribal Ephraim’s Britain


Reserve Generals Sign Petition Supporting Struggle against New Israel Fund


A Main Road in Jewish Jerusalem revealed – It existed before the Islamic Jihad


With War increasingly more likely, Seditious Israeli Anti-Israel Group Exposed


Will Israel obey God or man?


Elon: Real Danger to Jerusalem as Israel's Undivided Capital


The Jerusalem Grand Mufti’s Diary on His Meeting with Adolf Hitler


Considering the Role of Amalek and Nazism in the 2010 United Nation’s and Auschwitz-Birkenau Holocaust Memorials


The Dire Plight of Israel’s Most Poor


Netanyahu Declares City of Ariel ‘Jewish Capital of Samaria’


Maps don’t Lie! - “Israel: The Most Disputed Strip of Real Estate on Planet Earth!”


The Auschwitz Album


Strong Religious-Zionist Presence in Elite Shaldag Air Force Units


Netanyahu demands Future Israeli Presence in West Bank


Israeli Reservists will 'Freeze' Service Until Freeze Ends


Mayor Arrested, Police Violence in Shomron as Israeli Inspectors clash with Citizens to Give out Construction Freeze Orders


Settler Leaders: We Must Break Netanyahu's 'White Paper'


“Choose You this Day! - Israeli Rabbis urge Loyalty to G-d over Israeli Defense Force


Mega-Blizzard Paralyzes Washington DC and Mid-Atlantic Region


Jews, Evangelicals: Strange Bedfellows


Jewish Zionist Activists compare Netanyahu to Pharaoh


Jewish father, daughter arrested for 'Praying' on Temple Mount


The Plot to Possess the Vineyard of Prince Naboth for King Ahab's Royal Gardens at the Palace at Jezreel


Jewish Growth in Judea/Samaria Tops the Charts


January, 2010


The Cataclysmic Role of a Binary Dark Star uncloaking Cosmic Wars between Satan and the Messiah


2010 Passover Festival Tour of the Biblical Homeland of the Lost Tribes of Israel – Samaria in the Shomron Region


Unmatched Israeli Innovation Praised in New Book


A Chronology of the Attempt by the Vatican to Displace Israel from the Old City Of Jerusalem – Part Two


So What Is The Vatican Planning And What Can Israeli Jews Do About It? – Part Three


The Vatican Agenda for Jerusalem – Part One


Israel won't Surrender Christian Sites to Vatican


Israeli Intelligence Reporter, Barry Chamish on the Debacle of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 bound to Detroit


Norway, Israel Clash on Palestinian Authority Status in Jerusalem


BOMBSHELL: Evidence Clearly Indicates Staged Attack on Detroit Flight


Dutch Man builds Replica of Noah’s Ark


Syria, Hizballah preparing for War with Israel


Israel to Wrap up Haiti Rescue Mission


Rumors Swirl around Egyptian Film as being Pro-Israel


Are the Talibani Descended from Jews?


Eighteen Minutes


Obama acknowledges Failed Mideast Policy


Palestinians again use Jerusalem as 'Capital'


United States now in Control of Haiti


'Shabbat from Hell’ reported by Israeli Teams in Haiti


Obama: Walking on Israel in Chamberlain’s Shoes?


Christians of the Holy Land denounce the Jews of Israel


Arabs may demand Galilee and Negev in Future, warns Minister


Israeli Team Heads for Quake-Struck Haiti; Fate of Jews Unknown


5,900 New Housing Units - But None in Judea/Samaria


The Common Dilemma of Palestinian Jews and European-American Israelites


The Links between 9-11 and the Jewish Civil War – Part Three


Largest Biological Warfare Exercise in Israel ever Conducted to Begin in Tel Aviv Area of Dan

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak receives Death Threats for Shomron and Judea Settlement Construction Freeze »

The Links between 9-11 and the Jewish Civil War – Part Two


The Links between 911 and the Jewish Civil War – Part One


We are Yisra’el!


Happy News Years - Welcome to the New Millennial of Age of the Messiah


December. 2009


Yellowstone's Plumbing Reveals Plume of Hot and Molten Rock 410 Miles Deep – a Cauldron set to Explode during the Apocalyptic Great Earthquake in the 6th Seal of Revelation


Jewish Expectations that Construction will begin on the Third Temple in the Spring, 2010


Want to save the planet? Ban babies!


There'll be Nowhere to Run from the New World Government


The Greater Picture as seen by the G-d of Israel – “I will Restore you to your Land”


At Midnight, November 30, 2009, the United Kingdom ceased to be a Sovereign State


G-d engraved the Tribe of “Ephraim’s” Name in 3-D upon the Mountains North of Jerusalem


Englishman's Metal Detector finds Record “Lost Tribe of Israel” Treasure Trove by the Anglo-Saxons


Archeological analysis proves Hasmonean Rule extended to Negev Highlands


Fellowship in the Good News of G-d’s Redemption


The Shofar Call to a New War of Hanukkah


Nibiru and the Binary Twin Dwarf Star arrives to our Solar System as Planet X


The Secularist View of the Hanukkah Story


The Hidden Messiah


Kindling the Chanukah Menorah – Sharing the Jewish experience of the “Miracle of the Light” from the Jewish Siddur


Yahshua (Jesus) was not born but Conceived at Hanukkah


Thankfulness in the Viewpoint of God’s Perspective


Arab Markets start to Crash, Israel unaffected thanks to Islamic Boycott


Blue Whale ‘Song of Death’ Says Warns World Of 2012 Catastrophe


The Spiritual and Scientific Quests in Revealing Planet X


I'm doing 'God's work'. Meet Mr Goldman Sachs


“Crystal Night” – The Nazi Pogrom that Began the Holocaust


How Islamic Sharia Law may Affect Europe and America


We are Yisra’el


November, 2011


O Give Thanks for the Eternal Faithfulness of our LORD


Velikovsky vs. Sagan – The Quest to Understand Catastrophic Earth History


Obama and Ahmadinejad – Is Barrack Obama the “Promised Islamic Warrior”?


Sacred Service


The Amos Kennan Precedent - The Destruction of an Arab or Israeli Town is Blatant Violation of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Is Israel Planning to Annex the Shomron, the Future Homelands of the Lost Tribes of Israel?


The Nations Ruled by the Lost Tribes of Israel are the Least Corrupt in the World


The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler


The Unrivalled Power of Prayer


If Palestinian Authority Declares State, Israel Will Annex Settlements'


The State of Israel needs to be Reminded, the Land of Israel is Sacred


2012, Planet X, and the Mayan End of the Age


Footprints in the Sand


The Undetected Sacredness of Circumstance


UN General Assembly Endorses Goldstone Report, Threatens Israel, and the Lost Tribes of Israel


The Authority of Reality


Happy Mother’s Day to Mother Rachel


Where is the Messiah?


2,000 Year-Old Temple Mount Coins Exhibited at the Davidson Center in the Jerusalem Archaeological Garden


UK Commander Challenges United Nation’s Goldstone Report


Sanhedrin to UN: Goldstone Will Bring Judgment Upon You


Is Obama poised to Cede US Sovereignty?


Israel Plans Major Excavation at Western Wall


October, 2009


US and Israel reiterate to Moscow: Military option is on the table


1927-1933 Chart of Pompous Prognosticators


The Vatican opens the Prophetic Door for the Anglican Church to return to Rome


Jewish Astronauts in Space


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a Jew


The Spider Bots Predicting Major Event about October 26, 2009


Obama the “The Nobeled One”


“2009-10 - The Waves of Change will engulf the Whole Earth”


Rosh Hashanah’s Search for our Soul Mate


Welcome, O Israelite to the Day of Restoration and Redemption!