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“The Rosh Hashanah Concert for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand”

The Testimony of Yeshua by the Jewish Orthodox Rabbi Simcha Pearlmutter

A Revelation of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua as Spoken by the Chazal, and the Sages of Judah

Transcribed by Agatha Van der Merwe, Editor of Kol Ha Tor

Posted by Robert D. Mock MD - Contributing Editor of Kol Ha Tor

August, 2009


Complete and Unabridged Transcript (2009) of 9 Part YouTube Video Lectures Recorded (1992) in Israel and posted on


Part Seven of Nine


We must leave it in, and therefore here it stays. But there is more, and I can show you Spain, El Alhambra Art Print by David Robertsthousands of places like this, but I am here only to show you just a few to prove to you that the name Yeshua is not foreign, but very intimately known. By the way, why do we expressly say the name at the time of Rosh Hoshanah? Because that’s when we blow the shofar, and that’s when the sound, that’s when the sound of the name is not likely to be heard by the nations, by the non-Jewish people who may very well be present.


The Islamic Palace of Alhambra in Granada, Spain where Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand Lived by David Roberts (1830s)


You know, there is an interesting story that I could tell at this point, that we tell of the time of the Spanish Inquisition. There was at that time a gentleman called Don Aguilar—Don Aguilar—and he was a famous Jewish composer of music, and as well as being a composer, he was a conductor. Don Aguilar was what we called a Marrano. Marrano is the Spanish word for pig. And that was the word that they used about Jews who had externally, to save their lives or the lives of their families, converted to Christianity, and yet inwardly and secretly they maintained a full Jewish life and they maintained it under threat of death, and a very painful death, a very horrendous death.


Well, it came time during the…after the Jews were expelled from Spain, that the Marranos, the Jews who had converted remained behind, but always under suspicion. And of course, during the time of Rosh Hashanah, the commandment of the Torah is you must hear the shofar blowing. If you don’t say a prayer, if you don’t do another thing, you must gather yourself together in a particular place where the shofar is sounded, that’s the commandment. And if you have done that, you have fulfilled the commandment of the Torah, even if you have done nothing else. And the Jews had to do it, and they couldn’t do it. Except Don Aguilar decided that he would solve the problem of the Jews.


And here is how he did it. On that particular day—the day on which fell Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, the Festival of the Blowing of Trumpets, called in the Torah, in the Bible—he called a great concert and he invited at that time Queen Isabella, King Ferdinand, that they should all come, and the whole royal court, and all the Christians, all the court of the Church, the whole hierarchy of the Church, they should come as well, and that they should hear the concert which was going to be music of all nations.


And true enough, on that day everyone in the kingdom came, including the Marrano Jews. In matter of fact, the Marrano Jews were forced to come, because it was a great day. It was a day of rejoicing. It was a day of…after all, if any Jew was caught behind, they would suspect him of observing Rosh Hashanah. And so, the Marrano Jews had to show up. Because then they could prove to the Gentile world that they were no longer observing Jewish customs or laws of the Torah. G-d forbid! That they had eschewed all the laws of Torah and that they were obeying only the Christian laws that was at this particular time, to come to the concert. And they came. And so did the Christians. And so did the Royalty.


The Mezquita – the Great Mosque of Cordoba  preserved from the Destruction of the Inquisition of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1498 by the addition of the Christian Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin


And Don Aguilar began his concert, all the music of all nations—and everyone was thrilled by it as the various musicians stood up and played different compositions all in a medley of a song from all the nations of the world. And finally there was one section in which the musicians stood up and they had a very strange instrument in their hand known by no one, an instrument which we know as the ram’s horn, the shofar. And they lifted up the shofar and they blew;


Tekiah - paaaa...ahh,

Teruah - paaaa…ahh…ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta…pa…ahh,

Teruah Shevarim -  pa…ahh…pa…ahh,

Shevarim Teruah - pa…ahh, pa…ahh, pa…ahh…pa…ahh, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, pa…ahh.

Tekiah Gedolah - paaaaaaa…..aaaahh.


And all the Jews in the hall knew what was happening. And every heart beat faster. Every ear and every eye watched for and listened for the Mashiach. They knew it, they felt it, they could see him coming, they could hear him coming and not a single Christian knew what was happening. Not a single Christian realized that every Jew in that hall was calling upon the name of Yeshua and not upon the name that they had accepted via the Christians under forced conversion, that they were listening to the sound of the shofar and that they were uplifting the name of Yeshua, which had they been discovered, they would have met with a terrible death at the stake.


And under Christian noses, Jewish tradition was upheld. But for this reason we have had to keep it secret. This is our tradition, this is our history forced upon us, albeit by the Roman exile and by the Church which had to come together with the Romans. After all there was a political detente with the Church. You couldn’t have a history, you couldn’t have a religion together with a government, the Roman government, the civil Roman government could not join hands with the religious element unless they agreed. You can’t have the religion preaching that the Jews are going back to their homeland, when you have the political element saying we are going to take them out of their homeland. And so the religious element agreed, “Yes, we will obey all the laws of the politics and we will say,, the Jews, forget about them. They are finished.’”


The Fountain Clock in the Court of Lions, the Family Quarters at Alhambra created by Jewish Artists as a Gift of Friendship to the Sultan of Granada.  The Twelve Lions represent the 12 Tribes of Israel Spouted a Stream of Water each Hour. Four Streams of Water represented the 4 Corners of the Globe.  Spanish Christian Conquerors disassembled the Clock and the Fountain made by Jewish Hands never Worked Again.


And that’s what is the hallmark of the Gentile book which is called the New Testament. There is no return in it for the Jewish people to their homeland. The message of the prophets is not carried forward. They say the message of the Messiah is carried forward, but it isn’t. Because the message of the Messiah is the return, the ingathering of the exiles! It isn’t a spiritual one, it is a very physical one and together with that physical one are tremendously spiritual overtones and undertones. But there is not a separation. The Messiah is not cooking a barbeque in heaven someplace. He is coming back to this land to govern, to rule in what we call—in what we call—the Kingdom of Mashiach for a thousand years. That’s real! And he is doing it in this day.


And this day while I sit in Fortress Israel, and can now speak this without fear that the Gentiles are going to murder me or my family. I don’t have to hide as Don Aguilar made it possible for the Marranos to hide. I don’t have to hide anymore. I don’t have to fear any longer. I’m home! And if you are Jewish and watching me, please, you don’t have to fear either. You don’t have to kowtow to your Christian neighbor who may become offended when he learns that you know Yeshua better than he does. Because he never knew him in the first place. You can come home and truly see what I see!


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The Messiah Yeshua suffered with Six Million Jews


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Orthodox Jewish Testimony of Yahshua HaMaschiach (Jesus the Messiah)

by the Israeli Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Simcha Pearlmutter

Revelation of Jewish Messiah Yeshua as Spoken by the Chazal, the Sages of Judah


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The Rosh Hashanah Concert for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand


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