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Learning with sonsTeaching the Children of the Torah Insights of the Messiah


“Israel, the Messiah and the Torah”

The Testimony of Yeshua by the Jewish Orthodox Rabbi Simcha Pearlmutter

A Revelation of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua as Spoken by the Chazal, and the Sages of Judah

Transcribed by Agatha Van der Merwe, Editor of Kol Ha Tor

Posted by Robert D. Mock MD - Contributing Editor of Kol Ha Tor

August, 2009


Complete and Unabridged Transcript (2009) of 9 Part YouTube Video Lectures Recorded (1992) in Israel and posted on


Part Three of Nine


And I’ll tell you more. You know, my question to those who are not Jewish—what I told you in the beginning, the Gentiles, those who are not part of the Jewish people—my question to the Christian of those Gentiles, who asks me, “Why am I not a Christian?” I sometimes look at him and I say, “If you truly believed in the Messiah that the Jewish people believe in, and the one that the Jewish people originally attempted to teach to the Gentile world, then why aren’t you Jewish?”


Makes sense, doesn’t it? In other words, if you are going to believe in the Jewish concept, and a concept which, Mashiach is not only a total Jewish concept, but it embraces the entire Torah, that concept, because the Talmud by the way, that Oral Law I spoke about, the Talmud teaches us that the world was not created but only for the Mashiach, and that the prophets, all the prophets, prophesied not, but only of the days of the Mashiach. So the concept of Mashiach, Messiah, is a concept that embraces the entire creation, and a concept that embraces all prophecy from Moses, Moshe Rabbeinu, Moshe our teacher, until this very day.


Peering out over the Judean Desert through a Shattered Wall by Roman Soldiers at Herod’s Fortress Wall at Qumran – Photo by Robert Mock


So the concept of Mashiach is all-embracing. And in Jewish life, we ask then, if someone says, “I believe in the Mashiach”—let’s forget for the moment that there is a religion called “Christianity”—and a non-Jew were to come and say, “I believe in the Mashiach,” a Jew would say, “Really? Welcome to the family.” That’s the first instinctive idea. Remember, I’m thinking not in Christian terms. I can’t think in Christian terms, I don’t know Christian terms. But I can think in Jewish terms. And if I were to hear from a non-Jew, “I believe in   then I would say, “Wonderful! You must also then believe in the message that G-d gave to us at Mt. Sinai. You must believe in the holy Torah. And you must also want, at least know, or if you don’t know, want to learn, how to observe that according to what we call halachah, which is the rabbinical law, rabbinical teaching of how to observe the commandments, the mitzvoths, of the Torah. You see, Mashiach goes hand in hand with that.


One cannot think Mashiach without thinking observance of Torah. Not in Judaism. One cannot think of Mashiach without recognizing that we have a link forged between the nation of Israel and Hashem, which is so unbreakable, that every word that Hashem has spoken and commanded, we are obliged to do. And not simply because, out of the goodness of our hearts we want to do it spontaneously, or we want to do it, let’s say, not because we have to. We do have to! We are commanded to do certain things. And therefore we happily take upon ourselves a discipline to observe certain ways of life that Hashem has commanded us. I am a little bit off the track, but I will come right back.


Therefore if the Jewish people claim that Yeshua is truly the “One,” and what do we claim about him, and why haven’t we been known throughout the last two thousand years of history, as being a people who have walked up and down the streets with signboards saying, “Salvation is of Yeshua”? (Burma-Shave, as they’d say in the United States.) Why don’t we say…why aren’t we salesmen? Why aren’t we salesmen? Why not? There is an answer to that question too.


You see, originally we were, and we began to really, when he appeared, speak to Gentiles wherever we could find them. We were so zealous to speak to every Gentile who was interested in coming into the Jewish family, just as so many Gentiles came out of Egypt with us in what we call an erev rav, a mixed multitude. You see, out of every exile, and into every ingathering, there is a mixed multitude, just as there is today coming from the four corners of the earth, a mixed multitude of those who come back with Hashem’s, G-d’s, people, Israel, to the land, to our G-d, to our Torah, to our way of life, to our customs, to our traditions.


Looking down upon the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea beyond from Herod’s Fortress at Qumran – Photo by Robert Mock


And to this day, as I speak to you, the doors are still open. They may not always be, but they are until this day. Well, we tried. We tried, but because it was an unpopular message, because you see, the idea, the concept of Mashiach not only embraces Torah, but what does Torah embrace? What does that say to us? What do the prophets say to us if they prophesied not but only of the days of Mashiach? The prophets said something. They said there is going to be a day of ingathering, there is going to be a day of return, there is going to be a day when there’ll be no more exiles. There is going to be a day when I will carry you back to your land, and I will even have the nations, and the representatives of the nations, their kings, and their great men, their presidents, their leaders, their rulers carry you back to your land!


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Messiah’s Message – I will Return with your ‘Return’ during your National Resurrection


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Orthodox Jewish Testimony of Yahshua HaMaschiach (Jesus the Messiah)

by the Israeli Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Simcha Pearlmutter

Revelation of Jewish Messiah Yeshua as Spoken by the Chazal, the Sages of Judah


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A Voice Crying in the Wilderness


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The Written and the Oral Torah


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Israel, the Messiah and the Torah


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Messiah’s Message – I will Return with your ‘Return’ during your National Resurrection


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Return Home to Israel


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The Secret Name of Yeshua at Rosh Hashanah


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The Rosh Hashanah Concert for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand


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The Messiah Yeshua suffered with Six Million Jews


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Yeshua the Son – the Redemption of all Firstborn Sons


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