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Learning with sonsTeaching the Children of the Torah Insights of the Messiah


“The Written and the Oral Torah”

The Testimony of Yeshua by the Jewish Orthodox Rabbi Simcha Pearlmutter

A Revelation of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua as Spoken by the Chazal, and the Sages of Judah

Transcribed by Agatha Van der Merwe, Editor of Kol Ha Tor

Posted by Robert D. Mock MD - Contributing Editor of Kol Ha Tor

August, 2009


Complete and Unabridged Transcript (2009) of 9 Part YouTube Video Lectures Recorded (1992) in Israel and posted on


Part Two of Nine


Something is happening! Something is happening! Let me tell you what that something is. You see, we Jews are funny people. Even when we know the truth—even when we know the truth about certain things—why we don’t always tell it. And the answer to the question, “Why don’t you tell it?” is simple. Sometimes it would be very painful and very hurtful to us to tell. We’ve tried. Very often we’ve tried to tell the truth about many things. We tell the truth that Hashem, G-d, appeared to us in Mt. Sinai, and He gave us a Law, Torah.


The Judean Wilderness overlooking Eilat on the Red Sea – Photo by Robert Mock


And we were so zealous over how to keep that Law, over how to keep the specific points of that Torah, that Law, that we came to G-d at different times. And we said to Him, “Tell me, how could we specifically and correctly keep,” let’s say, “the law of Shabbat.” And G-d would answer us through Moses, through Moshe Rabbeinu, Moshe our teacher, and He would say, “Tell the people of Israel, this is the way they should observe the Shabbat, so that they will not be guilty of desecrating My day, so that they will be able to observe it as I want them to observe it.”


And we listened carefully, because you know, the punishment for non-observance, or desecration, malicious desecration of the Shabbat, that is, desecration after one has been told not to, and after one has been told how to do something and how not to do something, and then to purposely do it the other way. That is called malicious desecration. And for that the penalty is death.


You know, in many, many states, even a murderer, someone who commits, let’s say, first degree manslaughter, what we would call negligent homicide. A person uses something he knows is dangerous, an instrument he knows is dangerous, and as a result of using it, maybe an axe with a loose head from the handle, it flies off and it strikes a fellow worker in the head and kills him. Even a worker, even a man like that who is guilty of negligent homicide can still flee to a city of refuge, and find refuge from the hand of the avenger. Yet one who breaks the Shabbat is condemned to die.


Coral and Marine Life from the Red Sea – Israeli Eilat Aquarium – Photo by Robert Mock


So zealous were Israel, all of us, wanting to know how to obey these laws, that the moment that they had something that said, “You shall not strike a fire, you shall not light a fire, kindle a flame, in your habitations, in your dwelling places on Shabbat,” we wanted to know what constitutes that. What shall we do and what shall we not do? “Don’t work on Shabbat.” What constitutes work? “Don’t plow on Shabbat.” What constitutes plowing? Running my fingers in the soil? And many, many, many, many, many more laws. When we came back to Moshe, we said, “Please ask Hashem, ask G-d, ‘How shall we obey it?’ How should we obey the commandment, the mitzvah, of the Torah?”


Moshe did go back to G-d, and G-d gave us a secondary Torah, the Torah called the Torat Mishneh  (some call it the Mishnah Torah) in which we received an oral instruction, and handed it down from generation to generation on how to implement the Torah. Therefore, the Jewish people not only received the Torah, but we received also a second instruction book alongside of it, which was not really a book, but it was from mouth to ear, that said, “This is how you are to observe these laws.” And it went from Moshe to Yehoshua, and from Yehoshua it went to the seventy elders, and so forth and so on, until the time that it came to Yehudah Ha-Nasi who finally had to put it into a codified, written form. Ok? I won’t go into the whole history of Judaism.


Eilat near David and Solomon’s Seaport on the Red Sea south of the Negev Desert – Photo by Robert Mock


But understand that the Jews are ready to tell the world that we received at Mt. Sinai from G-d’s own appearance and from His mouth the holy Torah. And we received additional instruction teaching us how to observe it. And the Rabbis today, Orthodox Rabbi’s today, are the carriers of that authority, to teach us the tradition handed down by G-d to Moses and so forth, in an unbroken chain until today.


Well, amongst this unbroken chain—the links of the unbroken chain—is a link called the Mashiach, the Messiah. And I am a Rabbi who has been known, and rightly so, to call the name of Yeshuayud, shin, vav, ayin in Hebrew—Yeshua, as Mashiach, the Messiah. “Aaahh,” somebody may say, “Then you must have been influenced by the Christians.” No, not at all. I never knew Christians when I grew up. I may have known Christian boys, Christian girls, but I didn’t know them as Christians. I knew them as boys and girls who maybe, were in the neighborhood or whatever. I knew them as non-Jews, but not in a religious sense, as Christians. They knew me in a very religious sense as a Jew.


However, where did I learn that this one called Yeshua is Mashiach? Where did I learn that he has a place in Israel, that is higher and above all prophets, all kings, and all kohanim, all priests. I give you the answer, p’shut, simply. I learned it from my Rabbis, the Rabbis who taught me. You say, “Wait a minute! How is it that you learned something like that from your Rabbis?” Simply, because they taught it to me.


Aquaba, Jordan and the Trans-Jordanian Desert of Lawrence of Arabia Fame Across the Eilat, Israel on the Red Sea – Photo by Robert Mock


Well, now you can ask me the question, and I hear it coming from the airwaves, “If you truly believe in this one ‘Yeshua,’ isn’t he the same one that we Christians call ‘Jesus’? And shouldn’t you then be a Christian?” It’s a good question, and I have for you a straightforward answer. You may not like it, but I have an answer. We Jews are never short of answers. I can tell you the truth though. We usually have more questions than answers. The balance sheet is a little tilted in favor of questions over answers. And I will probably leave you with more questions than answers. But, let’s go into the answer column.


Yes, I learned from my Rabbis. And no, I am not a Christian.  And why? Because the personality of the one that the Christians call “Jesus,” is really not the same personality as the one the Rabbis teach to their own students, the one who is called Yeshua. “Well, in other words, you don’t believe in the Messiah.” I do believe in the Messiah.


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Israel, the Messiah and the Torah


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Orthodox Jewish Testimony of Yahshua HaMaschiach (Jesus the Messiah)

by the Israeli Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Simcha Pearlmutter

Revelation of Jewish Messiah Yeshua as Spoken by the Chazal, the Sages of Judah


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A Voice Crying in the Wilderness


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The Written and the Oral Torah


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Israel, the Messiah and the Torah


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The Secret Name of Yeshua at Rosh Hashanah


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