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frontpageThe Day the God of Israel wrote His Name on the “Wall” of Wall Street, 777, on Rosh Hashanah 2008 as the Last Sabbatical Week of Years began before the Messiah Arrives


BibleSearchers Reflections

Reflections on the Time of the End

By Robert Mock MD

September, 2008 to April, 2009 Issue



A Biblical Analysis on the Rise of a One World Order

The 2008-2009 World Economic Collapse - God’s Judgment in the Gog-Magog War


The Jewish Mission to Prepare the Homeland for the Return of Ephraim and the Lost Tribes of Israel

Joseph of Arimathea, the Jewish Metal Merchant and Apostle to Britannia

The Jewish Refugees Flee to the Isle of Avalon

The Jewish Nazarene Culdee Yeshiva and the British Cymric Druids

The Early Formative and “Lost Years” of Jesus

The Vetusta Ecclesia – The Ancient Sanctuary build by the Hands of God’s Messiah

The History of the Vetusta Nazarene Synagogue (Ancient Ecclesia)


The Divine Mission to Restore the Lost Sheep (Tribes) of the House of Israel

The Exile of the Ten Tribes of Israel

The Early Migrations of the House of Israel

“God’s Battle Axe” – The Mystery of the Pashtun Israelites of Afghanistan

 The Durrani Pashtun Afghan Bani-Israel Empire and its Legacy – the Islamic Messiah, the Mahdi and the anti-Messiah, the Dajjal

The Israeli-Scythian Migration to Europe

Finding a New Home for the Lost Tribes of Israel

Rothschild Sabbatean Zionist State of Israel preparing the Future Home for the Returning Ten Tribes of the House of Israel

The Final Days of the Labor Zionist State of Israel as the Messiah calls the Lost Tribes of Israel to come Home


President Bush makes a statement in the Rose Garden of the White House the day after meeting with G7 finance ministers on Yom Kippur, October 10, 2008  about the World Financial Crisis, in Washington.


A Biblical Analysis on the Rise of a One World Order

The 2008-2009 World Economic Collapse - God’s Judgment in the Gog-Magog War

April 2009



Christian NewsThe Spider Bot Warning in the Fall of 2007 of an Epic World Event on October 7, 2008 just before Yom Kippur

The Hurricane that Put the “Nail in the Economic Coffin” of America

The Hurricane that was an Economic Weather War

America’s Looming Bankruptcy

The Federal Reserve in a Global Economic War for World Domination

The “Death Ship” Titanic’s influence on the Creation of the Federal Reserve Bank

The Seven Days that Shook the World – The Virtual Death of the American Economy

September 13 to September 20, 2008

The War against the American Dollar

Time to face Judgment - Rosh Hashanah 2008,

The 1st Year of the Jewish Sabbatical Week of Years (2008-2015)

Rosh Hashanah – sunset, September 29, to sunset, October 1, 2008

Yom Kippur - The Great Day of Judgment for the Jews and the Tribes of Israel

Yom Kippur – sunset, October 9 to sunset, October 10, 2008

Seven Day Festival of Sukkot

Sukkot - sunset, October 13 to sunset, October 20 / 21, 2008

Hashanah Rabba and God’s Seven Year Judgment on Gog from the Land of Magog

7th Day of Sukkot - sunset, October 18 to sunset, October 19


Summary – The world watched with astonishment when on the eve of the Jewish New Years 2008 heralding a new seven year cycle of the Sabbatical Week of Years, the United States Congress voted down the TARP bail-out bill and the American Stock Market plunged its worse daily loss in history – a total of 777 points – the number of God. Yet this catastrophic event followed only weeks after the 3rd largest Hurricane in American history that drove the “nail” in the coffin of AIG and America’s solvency. During the next 10 days of awe, the world was watching with amazement as all the major stock exchanges around the world collapsed.  As the Great Day of Judgment arrived, the finance ministers of the seven largest economies in the world sat in judgment in the White House pondering how to forestall a world economic collapse. The American economy was facing bankruptcy.  Americans were now beginning to wonder was this country created to be destroyed as we move into a world unified economic order?  Only an inside look into the American Federal Reserve System that was created by the allies and agents of the Rothschild financial dynasty, leads us only to ponder, this truly may have been God’s judgment upon Wall Street and the economic world order created by their masterminds.  Read with amazement as the God of Israel gave His judgment upon America and the world.


It was on October 7, 2001, on the 7th day of Sukkot, the Jewish fall Feast of Tabernacles, on the very moment that the sun was rising over the mountain ranges surrounding Jerusalem that an armada of American Air Force jets were invading the sovereign airspace of Afghanistan.  Heralded as retaliation for the catastrophic attack by two commercial airlines, loaded with American passengers, collided into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on 9/11 2001 by Saudi assassins purportedly trained by Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda, the War on Terror began.  Yet, not known to most Europeans and Americans, whose ancestors were descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel, this act of terror was foretold by an esteemed but aging Sephardic rabbi in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri.   At the age greater than 108 years of age, made this announcement to his students in his yeshiva (Jewish Torah academy); “On Hashanah Rabba, the actual war of Gog and Magog will commence and will last for some seven years.


The kabbalist rabbis of that day reanalyzed all the Jewish and Talmudic prophetic studies trying to comprehend the meaning of this enigmatic statement that appeared so amazing trueThey came to an amazing conclusion.  The lost tribes of Magog that traversed the Eurasian landmass during the centuries (2400 BCE) after the Great Flood of Noah (2550 BCE), skirted over Northern China hindered from going south by the Great Wall of China called the Wall of Al-Magog”.  This was one of the greatest migrations of humans in earth’s historyThey traversed the Aleutian Straits and moved into landmass of North America as the American Indians.  The “Land of Al Magog had been found and Gogwas the Prince of the Land of Magog


As the fateful War against Terror in Iraq was dwindling into a fateful stalemate, missiles were flying over a besieged Jewish IsraelAs the Jew’s tribal cousins, the Lost Ten Tribes in Europe and America were seeking to render their cousins the Jews helpless and defenseless to an unforgiving and unrelenting Islamic horde seeking the Zionist Jew’s destruction, a global war erupted over the entire world.  The concluding days of the Seven year War of GoguMagog saw a global economic war that was virtually destroying every nation on this planet earth.  Little did the populations of the world understand but that this global economic war was a war for the ultimate control of the world economy between two global cousins; Ephraim and his alliance of 10-Triber Israel against the Jews who had economic control of the Land of Manasseh in the Land of Magog(Click to Open the Article, “(The 2008-2009 World Economic Collapse – God’s Judgment in the Gog-Magog War)


The Jewish Mission to Prepare the Homeland for the Return of Ephraim and the Lost Tribes of Israel


Summary - One of the greatest unifying themes of the biblical prophets is the story of the Lost Tribes of IsraelIt is a story of rebellion, rejection of the divine, deportation and exile, lost identity and assimilation into the nations of the world.  The prophets are emphatic that God was always there watching over them, and though they defamed the name of God, He will redeem them to honor His holy name.


It is inconceivable to believe in a Sovereign God of the Universes that rejects His own people that He made a covenant by the honor of His holy name, and then abandon them to exile forever and still be a “Loving God”. He guaranteed that even though His chosen ones were evil, He is a God of honor and integrity, and will honor His holy covenant. Here is a love story of the immense compassion of God, who not only waits for His errant children, but prepares a pathway for their recovery and redemption.  He sent to this planet earth His own Messiah, the very manifestation of Himself in human flesh, who was sent on a “Jewish Mission to prepare the final Homeland for the Return of the Tribe of Ephraim and the Lost Tribes of Israel.”  Welcome to a new series on BibleSearchers Reflections. Michael’s Mount off the Coastline of Cornwall England where Joseph of Arimathea’s British Lead was Transported to Rome


Joseph of Arimathea, the Jewish Metal Merchant and Apostle to Britannia

Part Eleven

Section One

January 2009




The Cosmic Drama on the Mount of Offense

The Bethany Family, the Tin-Merchant and Prince of David Joseph and the Grain-Merchant the Pharisee Nicodemus

The Beams of Light in the Reign of Tiberius Caesar

The British Claim to being the First Gentile Christian Church

Prince Joseph and the Royal Welch Silures

The British King Cynobelinus

The Royal Family of Cymbeline

The Invasion of Britannia by Caligula, the Insane Emperor of Rome

The Refugees


Summary - He was a noble Prince of David, a honored “metal merchant” known as the Noble Roman Decurion.  Joseph of Arimathea was there at Passover to witness one of the most dramatic cosmic events in world’s history; the travesty of Hebrew judicial justice by the hanging by execution of this Jewish messiah, as one accursed of God.  Yet it was the visual imagery necessary by the Law to someday open up a pathway of redemption for – The Lost Tribes of Israel.


Joseph was the Messiah’s great uncle, and gave to him the family royal Davidian tomb, but it also opened up the door for this Roman decurion’s expulsion from Judea, from his esteemed status as an Elderof the Great Sanhedrin, and with twelve disciples, became a Culdees”.  As refugees, they were cast into a boat to drift to their oblivion in the Mediterranean Sea from Israel. Yet, saved they were, and then they went to the island of Britannia as guests of the royal family of King Cymbeline, a friend of Rome, whose family became one of Rome’s feared and fiercest enemies.


The conversion to the teachings and life of the Jewish Messiah of the royal Silurian family of Wales became the battle cry for this island to become the only piece of real estate that successively resisted the oppression of Roman.  Let us meet these people that were destined to take the British people on a noble and spiritual journey of resistance to political and spiritual oppression, a people who would someday become God’s imperial emissaries to take the “Good News” of God’s Messiah to the entire world.


The stage was set. The Unknown One of the Cosmos was now to seal the redemption of the remnant of His “chosen ones” the Jews. This would set the stage for the return of the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel. Through the manifestation of the very emanations of the Almighty One of Israel, His Messiah would reenact the drama in living reality as the Accursed One” hanging on a tree and fulfill through His physical form the drama of the sacrificial paschal lamb that was slaughtered as a sin offering for all mankind. Every player in this great drama fulfilled his assigned role; Judas, Miriam the mother, the corrupt Sadducee high priest, and the timid and panicking disciples.


Only one was chosen, Joseph of Arimathea, a Prince of the House of David, who would take the Good News to the Royal Silurian family and the Druids living in YHWH God’s sacred sanctuary in the far west.  It was here, where the Messiah would begin a great revolution for the reclamation, redemption and restoration of His Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.  


The “Prince was not genetically pure, by halakhic Jewish law, for though he was a true Prince of the Royal Solomonic House of David, he came from one of the accursed bastard lineages because not all of his ancestral mothers were Jewish.  Neither were all of King David’s ancestral mothers…(Click to Open the Article, “(Joseph of Arimathea, the Jewish Metal Merchant and Apostle to Britannia) Glastonbury Tor on the Isle of Avalon – Photo by Sarah Boait


The Jewish Refugees Flee to the Isle of Avalon

Part Eleven

Section Two

January 2009



The Return of the Jewish Tin Trader, Joseph of Arimathea

Pontius Pilate, the Druidic Student in Jurisprudence

Symbolism of the Ancient Sadducees and the Modern Secular Zionists Elite

The Invitation to Joseph to Come to Britannia by Prince Arviragus

Traditions of Jesus (Yahshua) in Cornwall and the Isle of Avalon

The Arrival of Jesus’ (Yahshua) Closest Friends to the Sacred Isle of Avalon

The Charter of the Twelve Hides given by the Prince Arviragus to Joseph of Arimathea

The Origin of the Jewish Nazarene Synagogue on Avalon


Summary - Strange as it may seem, there was a unique bond between this Jewish decurion and “metal merchant” with the new Roman procurator of Judea, Pontius Pilate.  He sat on the Roman Provincial Council of Judea as one of Judea’s thought leaders to forge an international relationship between Rome and the Jewish people. One thing that they both had in common they were international leaders intimately acquainted and participants in the largest and most esteemed educational system of the world, the British druidic universities.


Joseph of Arimathea with a charter of 1260 acres of British land, in a sacred, secluded, and uniquely protected isle called Avalon began their mission; to build a Jewish synagogue and to establish a Jewish educational seminary with educators from the Jewish Fourth Philosophy and Sect, the Jewish Nazarenes who were apostles, disciples, and educators trained by Yahshua HaNotzri (Jesus the Nazarene). Welcome to a new journey that may enlighten you to your ancestral past.


The life of Joseph of Arimathea has long been a fascination with BibleSearchers, for with this enigmatic Jewish internationalist hung a lot of the responsibility for the safety and protection and destiny of the early Jewish Nazarene Ecclesia as they began their world wide mission on such humble of circumstances.  True, Joseph was wealthy and powerful, and he was also one of the last of the Princes of DavidMost of the Princes of David had been assassinated by King Herod during the waning years of Herod’s life, when paranoia consumed his own soul.


No one was safe around Herod, especially a prince of David, for by Jewish law, only a legitimate prince with complete ancestral lineage from male to male descent to the royal Solomonic lineage of King David through Prince Zerubabbel could be a legitimate King of the JewsHerod the Idumean was not a Davidian and this fact haunted him all the days that he ruled upon the throne of Judea. 


For his safety alone, the life of Joseph of Arimathea was most secure when he was traveling across the Mediterranean to the Cornwall coastline of southern Britain. In Judea, while he was an Elder that sat on the esteemed seat of honor for the descendants of the King David in the Great Sanhedrin, he was honored and secure.


This powerful Roman Decurion was cast out of the Sanhedrin and thrown into prison after his defense of Yahshua HaMaschiach (Jesus the Messiah) in the trumped up nighttime trial in the Court of Hewn Stones, where the Sanhedrin sat in deliberation(Click to Open the Article, “(The Jewish Refugees Flee to the Isle of Avalon)
The Glastonbury Abbey where Joseph of Arimathea and the Apostolic Eleven Lived and Taught in the Hebrew Nazarene Culdee Seminary reuniting the Ancient Israelite Druidic Faith with the House of Judah


The Jewish Nazarene Culdee Yeshiva and the British Cymric Druids

Part Eleven

Section Three

January 2009



Jewish Nazarene Culdee Yeshiva (Seminary) at Avalon

The Transmission of Jewish Messianism to Cymric Druids of Britannia

The Druid – Israelite Connection

The Druidic Universities and Seminaries that Trained the Royal Priests, Physicians and Esteemed Astronomers

The Druidic Royal Priesthood

The Druidic Astronomers and Architects

The Druidic Temples and Architecture

The Druidic Temple, Priest and the Arch Druid as the High Priest

The Spiritual Literature of Druidism


Summary - On the island known as the educational center of the world, the Jewish Nazarene Culdees (Refugees) had three unique advantages. First they were nestled on a sacred druidic island representing the oldest educational system of the world reputed to have been established by from the sages and disciples of the antediluvian Patriarch Seth. They were also representing the most enlightened and educated people in the world, the Hebrew Jews, who were the guardians of the Creator’s sacred revelation of Himself, the Torah, and His sacred oracles given to his emissaries the prophets of Israel and Judah. They also lived and worked with the island residential miners, known as Saraceans, that were descendants of the earlier explorers from the Jewish – Phoenician Empire of Kings David and Solomon that were tribal members of the Israelites Tribes of Simeon and Dan.


The Druids, on the other hand were uniquely connected by ancestry and history, so with great fascination we explore the educational world of the druids that took over twenty years to complete setting themselves as the supreme educators of religion, literature, medicine and astronomy, a royal priesthood with temple architects unexcelled in ancient history.  Demonized in history by their enemies, rivals, and future imperial oppressors, the literature of the Druids shared a close affinity and identity of the most primitive and sacred priesthoods on earth; the Hebrews. Here on this island, Joseph of Arimathea and the Jewish Nazarene Culdees (Refugees) established a Jewish Yeshiva, a religious seminary, with two missions; train emissaries to evangelize to the regions of Gaul and Southern Europe to imprint and imbed the principles of Jewish Messianism upon this island.  They were destined to become the future homeland of the Tribe of Joseph particularly his youngest son, Ephraim, who became the inheritor of Patriarch Jacob’s birthright and divine blessing. Let us enter the world of the Druids, not demonic, but an older and more ancient order of God. Enjoy a new perspective of God’s ancient people.


The founders of this Jewish Avalon Nazarene Yeshiva (Seminary) were the giants of the primitive “Jesus Movement in 1st century CE. These were Yahshua’s closest associates; His maternal uncle, the Prince of David Joseph of Arimathea, the who was the brother of Mary’s father, “Heli”, the Hasmonean and Davidian Prince Alexander III Helios, of the Lucan genealogy of Jesus’ ancestries.  They included Yahshua’s three closest friends, the Bethany family of Lazarus whom Yahshua resurrected from the dead, and his two sisters, Mary Magdalene and Martha. 


The word spread quickly from the British Isles to the spiritual followers of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua was also recognized by the Arch Druids as their Messiah Yesu.  The conversions first began within the House of the Royal Dynasty of the Silures.  We appeal to the documentation left to us by George F. Jowett in his book, The Drama of the Disciples”, for the following historical threads of the Josephan Mission to Britain within five to six years after the death of Yahshua HaMaschiach (Jesus the Messiah) in the year of 30 CE


We find this documentation in the 1922 Cambridge printed book titled, St. Joseph at Arimathea at Glastonbury written by the Vicor of Glastonbury, Reverend Smithett Lewis, that as early as 48 CE, Conor Macnessa, the King of Ulster sent all of his druidic priests to the Isle of Avalon on a special mission to write down all the Jewish Nazarene Torah law provisions that were brought over to the “isles of the west” from Judea and put these legal writings and teachings into Celtic law that was called “The Celestial Judgments”.  (Lionel Smithett Lewis, St. Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury, cited by Jowett pg. 80) We have to seriously consider that the educators of the priests of Druidism from Ulster Ireland were Joseph of Arimathea, Lazarus, Mary of Magdala and her sister, Martha(Click to Open the Article, “(The Jewish Nazarene Culdee Yeshiva and the British Cymric Druids) Youth Yahshua (Jesus) in dialogue about the Torah with the Great Sanhedrin in Jerusalem


The Early Formative and “Lost Years” of Jesus

Part Eleven

Section Four

January 2009



The Early Formative Years of Yahshua’s Life

The Guardian and Protector of the Lad Yahshua

Ramallah, the Ancient Headquarters of Joseph of Arimathea

The Family of Prince Matthan ben Eliezar

Yahshua the Messiah, Raised amongst the Zealots of Israel

Yahshua Meets the Elders of the Great Sanhedrin

Daughters of the High Priest Yahshua and their Husbands

The Geo-Political Crisis Surrounding Yahshua’s Meeting with the Sanhedrin

The Silent Years in the Life of Yahshua (Jesus)

A Stranger in Your Own Land

The Historical Threads of Jesus’ Early Life

The Roman Cover Up

The Egyptian, Indian and Essene Traditions

The British Culdee Traditions of the Boy Jesus with Joseph of Arimathea

The Great Divisions between the Pharisees in Jerusalem


Summary - The Jewish Messiah, Yahshua ben Yosef (Jesus son of Joseph), grew up in the most auspicious time and era in earth’s history, when Pax Romana ruled and when safety and freedom to travel the entire known world was available. As an esteemed prince of David, though orphaned early, Yahshua (Jesus) was privileged to have a special guardian and protector, his maternal uncle, Joseph of Arimathea and a special family, the royal cousins of the House of Kings David and Solomon


Raised among the radical right at Nazareth in Galilee called the Zealots of Israel, Yahshua gravitated naturally to his favorite uncle, the Jewish Internationalist whose world headquarters was located at the modern Palestinian terrorist haven, Ramallah. It was known two thousand years ago as ArimatheaHere we enter the mysterious and “Silent Years during the pre-adult years of Yahshua’s life, where, when he returned to Galilee, he was known as the “stranger” in his own land.  We will explore the Roman Christian cover up of the traditions of His travels to Britain, Egypt, India and his association with the Jewish Essenes during the days of great religious divisions in Judaism by the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Read of these interesting years.


St. Augustine of Canterbury (597 CE) – “God beforehand Acquainted Them,

Found a Synagogue Constructed by No Human Hand,

But by the Hands of Messiah Himself for the Salvation of His people.”

(Epistolae ad Gregoriam Papam- translated into a Jewish Nazarene Context)


It was at the age of twelve, just prior to His bar Mitzvoth during the festival of Sukkot at that same year, the young pubescent Jewish male, Yahshua (Jesus), went as a Jewish adult male to worship in the temple at Jerusalem during the greatest festivals of the Jews, Passover. With the estimated date of birth of Yahshua at 7 BCE, his bar Mitzvoth year would have been in the year of 6 BCEDuring this visit a very strange event occurred.  The young lad, Yahshua, was discovered at the temple in an intense Torah debate and dialogue in the presence of the esteemed elders, rabbis, and priests of Israel. The question, how did this occur and were there any adult agencies that were responsible in this encounter


What happened at this time?  Just north of the city of Jerusalem were the crossroads of the trade junctions between Jerusalem with the rest of the world.  Here was the city of Arimathea, the trade capital of Judea. This Judean city is the same city as Ramallah is today. There is one difference.  Arimathea was a city of Jewish orthodoxy. Ramallah is the headquarters of the Middle East terrorist’s nest established by the Father of World Terrorism, Yasser Arafat(Click to Open the Article, “(The Early Formative and Lost Years of Jesus) of a Model of the Abbey of Glastonbury – The Enclosed and Preserved Vetusta Ecclesia (Ancient Synagogue) that Jesus Built on the Bottom Left


The Vetusta Ecclesia – The Ancient Sanctuary build by the Hands of God’s Messiah

Part Eleven

Section Five

January 2009



The Visitors

The Historical Traditions of the Young Jewish Messiah living at Glastonbury

The Tin Mines and Jews Houses at Cornwall

The Vetusta Ecclesia (Ancient Synagogue) that was “built by the Hands of Christ Himself

The Ancient Synagogue (Vetusta Ecclesia) in Glastonbury

The Vetusta Ecclesia and the “Rest” of Princess Miriam

The Secret of the Resting Place


Summary - The historical traditions of the young Jewish messiah visiting the Glastonbury region on the Isle of Avalon are extensive and compelling. Here he walked amongst the Jewish tin mines of Cornwall, learned the trade of the tin mining, how to negotiate with the islanders to extract tin and lead used as strategic metals in the Roman military industry.  


Yet the most alluring of all the traditions of the young messiah, had nothing to do with the fame and fortune of commerce and industry but in the fact that he actually built with his own hands a small oratory hut that he used to meditate and commune with his Father in heaven.  This sacred place became the site of a Jewish Nazarene Synagogue that was recognized in religious history as being built by the hands of God’s Messiah.  This sanctuary became the sacred place of “rest” for his mother, the Princess of David, Miriam and her uncle, the Prince of David, Joseph of Arimathea.


St. Augustine of Canterbury (597 CE) – “God beforehand acquainted them, found a Church constructed by no human hand,

but by the Hands of Christ Himself for the salvation of His people.”

(Epistolae ad Gregoriam Papam)


The Traditions of Glastonbury - “One day a small boat, from one of the large merchant ships anchored in the Bristol Channel, tied up at the causeway of the Lake Village.  A bearded man and a slim young boy in his early teens stepped ashore.  They were no strangers to the villagers who crowded around to welcome them.  The merchant had been coming by their village for many years, on his way to the lead mines of the Mendip Hills. It was known that he held a very important position in the powerful Roman government and carried the title “Nobilus Decurio.”  It was rumored that he owned many of the merchant ships that came to these Isles of the West, from Rome and Phoenicia, to barter for metal and other goods.


The auburn haired lad was also known. He had accompanied his uncle on a prior visit, staying at the village and exploring the surrounding territory, while His uncle conducted his business at the nearby Mendip lead mines.   But this time a woman, perhaps in her early thirties, was with them. As the boy helped the woman ashore, the crew proceeded to unload various sized chests and sacks, obviously belonging to them.  Accommodations were soon found and the baggage was carried to one of the tiny huts facing the estuary. 


In the weeks that followed, the merchant and the boy constructed a wattle hut, similar to those of the village, on a nearby island.   The site they chose was at the base of a hill from which ran a spring of fresh water. Hawthorne and oak trees dotted the landscape.  Small game and fish were in abundance and the marshy fertile shores promised bountiful cropsWhen the hut was finished, the woman and the boy moved from the village to their new home.  The merchant and his men sailed away.” Yahshua (Jesus) and his mother Miriam (Mary) were now alone. (Extracted from the Preface by (W. Raymond Capt, “The Traditions of Glastonbury” pg. 3) (Click to Open the Article, “(The Vetusta Ecclesia – The Ancient Sanctuary build by the Hands of God’s Messiah) Foggy Morning Gazing upon the Site of the Vetusta Nazarene Synagogue – Photo by Sarah Boait


The History of the Vetusta Nazarene Synagogue (Ancient Ecclesia)

Part Eleven

Section Six

January 2009



The Era of King Lucius and the Rebuilding of the Lignea Basilica

(Wooden Church) called the Ealdechurche (Old Church)

Patrick of Ireland, David of Menevia and the Sapphire Altar-Stone of Glastonbury

Building the Great Ecclesia by Saxon King Ina of the House of Ephraim

The Abbot Dunstan and the Glastonbury Benedictine Abbey

The 11th century Norman Glastonbury Abbey & the Rise of Roman Christian Domination

The Great Fire of 1184 CE

The Dissolution and Destruction of the Glastonbury Abbey in 1524 CE

The Rise of Ephraim’s British Empire and the Homeland for the Tribe of Manasseh

The Life of Joseph of Arimathea in Aristocratic Jerusalem Culture

The Emerging Davidian Struggle of Joseph of Arimathea in a Decaying World of Jewish Culture

Joseph of Arimathea, the Jewish Prince Extraordinaire

The Last Days and Legacy of the Decurion

Lazarus Sent as a Nazarene Emissary to Marseilles

Jews as Emissaries of the Messiah

The Glastonbury Nazarene Mission to Roman Gaul - Beatus the Noble Briton

The Irish Mansuetus to Alsace-Lorraine, France and Illyria in the Balkans

The British Marcellus to Treves, France

The Irish Cathaldus (Cataldo) to Tarentum, Italy

Albion’s Culdee Priests Herald the Coming of the Lost Israelites


Summary - As the island matured, and developed their unique style of messianic Judaism, that young spiritual tabernacle on Avalon became the premier centerpiece of the future British Christian Culdee faith.  First rebuilt one hundred fifty years later by the first Nazarene Christian King Lucius, this wooden ecclesia was called the Lignea Basilica or the Ealdechurche (Old Church). It was alter expanded by Patrick of Ireland, gained with a noble gift from Jerusalem called the Sapphire Alter-Stone, and eventually was expanded into the Great Ecclesia by the Saxon King Ina.


From this one sacred site emanated one of the greatest evangelistic spiritual centers in the world.  Taught the principles of Torah by the orthodox Jewish Nazarene educators, they spread the infectious story of the risen messiah to a larger part of the Roman EmpireThe first of the emissaries was Lazarus, now an apostolic educator who became the Nazarene emissary and the Nazarene priest to the international city of Marseilles France. It was he and his sister’s, Mary Magdalene and Martha who taught a new generation of Jewish Nazarene evangelists that scattered all over the lands of Gaul, Ireland, Scotland and the Isles of the future Scandinavian villages of the Vikings. They infected the newly arriving Lost Tribes of Israel with Jewish Messianism as they were settling into their new homelands after seven hundred years of wandering. 


The growth of the future Glastonbury Cathedral was built upon the sacred memory to preserve the one humble oratory sanctuary built by the hands of Yahshua (Jesus). The purpose of every future building was to preserve this edifice and this they did for almost twelve centuries.  Called the Vetusta Ecclesia (Ancient Synagogue), it later became the resting place for many of the ancient saints of Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Roman Gaul in central Europe. The glorious mission of the Messiah was nearing completion.  It was awaiting the fruits of its fullest manifestation of messianic idealism for at the time of the end the God of Israel would awaken the Lost Tribes of Israel to their final destiny and mission.


St. Augustine of Canterbury (597 CE) – “God beforehand acquainted them, found a Church constructed by no human hand,

but by the Hands of Christ Himself for the salvation of His people.”

(Epistolae ad Gregoriam Papam)


Over a century after Joseph of Arimathea arrived in Glastonbury, Fagan (Phaganus) and Deruvian (Deruvianus) arrived on the Isle of Avalon in the year of 166 CEThey were official legates (holy men) that were sent at the request of Lucius, the King of the Britons by Jewish Desposyni Pope Eleutherius in Rome. While they were there, they baptized the Silurian Cymric king and his family at Glastonbury.  


King Lucius (Lewer Mawr), the British ruler not only professed his faith in the Messiah but his desire to be a teaching father to the subjects of his realm. He sent two of his learned scholars, Elvanus and Medvinus to Rome in order to seek an audience with the Bishop of Rome ElutheriusHe wanted to know the best ways to evangelize his own subjects.  The Roman Bishop Eleutherius not only received these emissaries, but personally taught them the precepts of the Torah Law and the precepts of the New Covenant of the Jewish NazarenesThey return back to Britain, with two Roman ambassadors, Fagan (Phaganus) and Deruvian (Deruvianus), arriving back in Britain in the year of 166 CE


With the bishop’s emissaries was sent copies of bothe the Oulde and Newe Testaments (Sir W. Dethicke – “Vide Collection of Curious Discourses”, Vol II, pg 165, cited by Andres Gray, D.D., “The Origin and Early History of Christianity in Britain”, pg. 38) along with a personal letter:


Roman Bishop Elutherius – “You have received in the kingdom of Britain, by God’s mercy, both the law and faith of Christ.  You have both the Old and New Testaments. Out of the same, through God’s grace, by the advice of your realme, take a law, and by the same, through God’s sufferance, rule you your kingdom of Britain, for in that kingdom you are God’s vicar.” (Prideaux’s Introduction to History. Quoted in Trelawny’s Perranzabuloe, pp. 55-57. Cited by Andres Gray, D.D., “The Origin and Early History of Christianity in Britain”, pg. 38)


Britain was the first nation on this planet whose subjects were converted to the Jewish messianic faith of the Messiah Yahshua (Jesus). It was the first country in whose king was a convert who governed as a Jewish Nazarene (later Christian) ruler. One hundred and forty six years before Rome professed her Christian faith, a ruler of the Isle of Britannia governed the entire island in the name of Yahshua HaMaschiach (Jesus the Messiah)…(Click to Open the Article, “(The History of the Vetusta Nazarene Synagogue (Ancient Ecclesia)


The Divine Mission to Restore the Lost Sheep (Tribes) of the House of Israel Mystery of Stonehenge – The Mystery of the Druids


The Exile of the Ten Tribes of Israel

Part Eleven

Section Seven

February 2009



The Deportation and Exile of the 10-Tribers from the Kingdom of Israel to the River Gozan

The First Assyrian Invasion by Pul, Tiglath-Pileser, king of Assyria

The Second Assyrian Invasion by Pul, Tiglath-Pileser, king of Assyria

The Third Assyrian Invasion by Shalmaneser, king of Assyria

The Fourth Assyrian Invasion by Esar-Haddon

The Fifth Assyrian Invasion of Esar-Haddon, son of Sennacherib

The Guti (Gadite Israelite) General of Cyrus the Great leads the “Bloodless” Takeover of Babylon

The Imperial Rise of Cyrus the Great

Who were Cyrus the Great, Darius the Mede, and Ahasuerus?

Was Cyrus’ General Gobryas the same as Darius the Mede?

Where was the River Gozan, the Land of Exile for the Deported Israelites?

The Khazar Connection with the Lost Israelites

The Unfolding Appointed Destiny of the Lost Tribes of Israel


Summary - The Kingdom of Israel became defiant and refused to worship as one great family with their God in His temple in Jerusalem, and in rebelling by yielding to the interpretation of God’s governance by His legal judiciary interpreters, from the House of Judah, became nationalistic, independent, and sectarian.  They chose to go alone and develop a new house of worship, a new priesthood, and a newgod”. For this they were exiled by the Kings of Assyria and disappeared in the nations of the world.  It appeared that they would be lost forever.


Is it not amazing that the God of Israel took His “chosen ones” who rebelled against Him and exiled them around the entire face of this planet earth?  Just when the appointed time had come for them to return back to their homeland, the land in which nobody wanted because it was a wasteland for two thousand years, now the whole world wants a “piece of the pie” of Zion. 


What is equally amazing is that there are Christians or Islamists who serious think that their church, mosque or religious affiliations makes them eligible to take by defraud, as “spiritual Israelites” the inheritance of the “chosen ones”.   Whether this inheritance is “temporal or spiritual”, many of them will be abrogating their own genetic rights to the possession of the Promised Land, whether on this planet or another dimension.  Unknown to them, they are willingly giving up their birthright, not knowing that they are the Lost Sheep of the House of IsraelIt’s like the man, who sold his family estate, to spend his life prospecting for a diamond mine; not realizing that he had sold the largest diamond in the world that was in the backyard of his own family inheritance.


We can only begin to understand the vast destruction and desolation of the northern tribal regions of Samaria, 2700 years ago (conventional historical time), when we come to the realization that the land that the Palestinians, with the support of every nation of the world, except the United States, is demanding to be their rightful homeland is the land that the God of Israel has promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  This same God prophesied through the prophets that someday it would be inhabited by the Lost Tribes of the House of IsraelYou may very well be that one, whose prophetic ancestral homeland is destined to be yours, for you might be that “lost Israelite”(Click to Open the Article, “(The Exile of the Ten Tribes of Israel) Route of the Danube followed Hu Gadaru Hysicion, the House of Dan and later the Israelite-Scythians to Europe


The Early Migrations of the House of Israel

Part Eleven

Section Eight

February 2009



Was the Legendary Hu Gadaru Hysicion an Ephraimite Israelite?

Was Hu Gadaru Hysicion a Danite Israelite Leader?

Hu Gadaru Hysicion as the Guardian of the Spiritual Life Culture of the Patriarch Seth

The Early Migrations of the Tribes of Dan and Simeon

The Apostasy of the City of Dan

The Third Wanderings of the Tribes of Dan and Simeon


Summary - Some of the tribes of Israel were known for their disposition to explore and wander.  Others were known for their militancy. One of the most mysterious was the legendary Hu Gadaru.  Imbedded in the mists of history, we explore the legendary “Hu” as an Ephraimite, who escaped from Egypt during the plagues and fled to the west, or later as a Danite Israelite leader who left the land of Israel when the impending forces of the Assyrians were on a meteoric path to Israel.  The most fascinating is Hu Gadaru Hysicion as the Guardian of the even more ancient, antediluvian Spiritual Life Culture of the Patriarch Seth, left his post-diluvium imprint upon the ancient Druids inhabiting the isles of the west. 


It was the Danites, who led the Israelites into apostasy, but a part of that tribe, a sea-faring tribe, who along with part of the Tribe of Simeon migrated early to the western isles of Britain, Ireland, and Scotland.  With the remainder to the tribe apostatizing and bringing to Israel their sea-faring allies the Golden Bull Cult from Phoenicia, we explore this era and the archeology that the Israelites left behind.  With the 3rd wandering of the Simeonites and the Danities after Nebuchadnezzar’s decapitation of the Kingdom of Judah, the last of the Tribe of Dan and Simeon headed west.


This passion for education, according to the Traditional Annals of the Cymry, went back to the year of 1800 BCE when Hu the Mighty (Hu Gadaru Hysicion (Isaacson) led the first Cymry colony from the city of Defrobane, at the ancient site of Constantinople, to the western Isle of Britannia.  As celebrated in the Welsh Triads, Hu the Mighty “mnemonically systematized the wisdom of the ancients of these people whom he led west from the Summerland.”  According to Welsh traditions, Hu Gadaru began the culture of the intellect by the use of memorization, where poetry to Hu was the vehicle of memory for the reputed inventor of the Celtic Triads.  Like the historical orthodox Jew, who memorizes the complete Torah by his twelfth birthday, so the ancient Cymric used memorization to increase the intellect and honor his creation in the “Image” of God.


It was Hu Gadaru Hysicion who in Celtic traditions was the architect of Stonehenge and established the Assembly of the Druids and Barbs. It was they, who only met in a place open to the visualization and hearing of all people in an open, uncovered and grassy site. To “Hu the Mighty was also attributed the inventions of glass-making and the writing of Ogham characters.  It was Hu Gadaru, whose standard was the depiction of the Ox”, but was it in a year more akin to the Great Exodus from Egypt? 


From the traditions in Jewish lore, we today know that a larger portion of the Israelites escaped on their own, fleeing northwest from Egypt during the midst of the plagues against Pharaoh.  Many of these ancient Israelites went directly to Britain, Ireland and the continent of Europe. Was it Hue the Great who began the great Cymric exodus from Egypt, while Moses with the remaining Israelites headed towards the Promised Land?(Click to Open the Article, “(The Early Migrations of the House of Israel) Mystery of the Afghani Tribes of Bani-Israel


“God’s Battle Axe” – The Mystery of the Pashtun Israelites of Afghanistan

Part Eleven

Section Nine

February 2009



The Miraculous Return of the Lost Tribes of Israel

The Ancient Nation of United Israel and the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel

The Pashtun Tribes of Bani-Israel

The Mystery of the Ethnic Cleansing of the Afghani Lost Tribes Israel

The Pashtun Tribes of Beni-Israel in Afghanistan, God’s Battle-Axe against the Nations

Is God’s Battle Axe now the Genocide Target of the Globalist Forces in Afghanistan?


Summary – It is well known by historians that the Tribes of Israel were sent to the northeast from the land Israel and Judah.  Most scholars identify the Lost Tribes of Israel predominately with the Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, and Cimmerian Tribes that migrated to Europe, it does appear that there were also Israelites that were left behind or chose to remain living in the lands of their deportation.  As we begin to discover the miraculous return of the Lost Tribes of Israel one of the most mysterious of all are the Pashtun Tribes of ancient Khurasan in eastern Afghanistan and western Pakistan


As we begin to analyze this tribe that call themselves “Bani-Israel or the Children of Israel”, we sit back and ponder, these are the tribes that the Bush and the Obama presidential administrations have vowed to exterminateWe wonder what does the God of Israel think about these events? Even more troubling, are not these the same tribes that drove out the Russians in the 70s, the British in the 1880s and the only tribe that refused to ally themselves with Alexander the Great.  The Romans, to their wisdom, did not even bother to touch them.  It is any wonder that the God of Israel called them, “God’s Battle Axe”?


As BibleSearchers was beginning its research on the Lost Tribes of Israel, an amateur Orthodox Jewish researcher on the Lost Tribes of Israel, Howard Bahr wrote to BibleSearchers the following”


Howard BahrAs you know, the re-unification of the "10 hidden tribes" with normative Jews is in fact a Scriptural teaching. The prophets allude to this re-unification. Here is an observation. I believe this will happen before the Revelation of Messiah. According to Chazal (Sages of Judah), there is a well known teaching agreed upon by all Jewish Scholars and Expositors. There will be no converts to Judaism after the appearance of Messiah. Conversion will not be an option at that time. For that reason, it would appear that the "hidden tribes" will be re-united with normative Jews before the Redemption, i.e appearance of Messiah.


There would be a modified, abbreviated conversion process, perhaps similar to the process underwent by the black Jews, the Falashas. It would be somewhat different than the conversion process which gentiles undergo, i.e for an authentic orthodox conversion. I am absolutely certain, though, there will be some sort of conversion process. Obviously, if such people in the millions were declared Jews, it would provoke unimaginable controversyThe prophet Elijah is suppose to appear just before the Revelation of Moshiach, or to confirm his identity. Christianity utilizes this teaching by having John the Baptist, "baptising Jesus" and declaring him Messiah. Another function of Elijah will be to declare all authentic Jews from non-authentic people claiming to be Jewish. It would appear that this weighty mission of Elijah would have a direct impact on the authenticity of the hidden Jews who would have already emerged.


One other point which I alluded to. We may be getting bogged down in Afghanistan if reports are correct that President Obama intends on focusing on this Mission and doubling the number of troops, i.e very soon. It would appear he may be also intent on capturing bin Laden which would immensely solidify his popularity, credibility and prestige. Several years ago many researchers found a myriad of Bible Codes on the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. These Bible Codes were found independently by a number of researchers. One of the Codes regarding bin Laden seems to be saying that the US will never find him. That role is indicated to belong to Moshiach. The code referencing Bin Laden says, "Moshiach will Avenge!’”…(Click to Open the Article, “(God’s Battle Axe – The Mystery of the Pashtun Israelites of Afghanistan) of K2 Expedition, Members of an expedition open a box on K2. K2 stands at a height of 8611 meters, and is the second highest mountain in the world. It stands in the Kakorum Range of the Western Himalayas, on the border of China, Jammu and Kashmir., © Galen Rowell/CORBIS, RM, 2, Asia, Asia, Central Asia, China, Climber, Expedition, Exploration, K2, Karakoram Range, Kashmir, Landforms, Mountain, Mountaineer, Natural world, Northern Areas, Pakistan, PeopleThe K2 Mountain Peak in the Kakorum Range of the Western Himalayas that form the border of China of China and Pakistan-Kashmir Regions in the Land of the Pashtun Bani-Israel Lost Tribes of Israel – Photo by Galen Rowell  

Mount Falaksair reaching 20,528 feet into Heaven as seen from the Kalam Valley controlled by the Pashtun Bani-Israelites near Swat, Pakistan near to the Pashtun Fortress of Aornus that was Alexander the Great last Military Siege


 “The Durrani Pashtun Afghan Bani-Israel Empire and its Legacy – the Islamic Messiah, the Mahdi and the anti-Messiah, the Dajjal”

Part Eleven

Section Ten

March 2009



The Pashtun Tribes (Lost Israelites) of Afghanistan and the War on Terror

The Lost Tribes of Israel in the Scenic Northern Regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan

The Durrani Pashtun Afghan Empire

The Pashtun Tribal Legacy of the Legendary and Mystical Diamond the “Koh-i-Noor”

Three Messiahs, Three Religions from the Loins of the Patriarch Abraham the Prophet

The Mystery of the Arrival of the Islamic Messiah, the Mahdi

The Army of the Islamic Mahdi will Plant their Black Flags in Jerusalem

The Pashtun Israelite Army of the Al-Mahdi

The Islamic Mahdi will Fight the Dajjal (Anti-Messiah)

Uncloaking the Dajjal, the Islamic Anti-Messiah

The Islamic Earth Beast of the Earth

The One-Eyed “Order of the All Seeing Eye” of the Islamic Dajjal

Will God’s Battle Axe, the Pushtan Tribes of Beni-Israel Reunite with the Authentic Jews


Summary – Is it not surprising that the War of Terror began on the mountains of eastern Afghanistan?  Was this a brilliant or a fatal military strategy?  The regions of the tribes of the Pashtuns extend all the way up the eastern mountain ranges past the famed Khyber Pass northwards into the beautiful Northern Regions of northwestern PakistanHere along the foothills of the Himalayas the Lost Israelites dwelled.  Here today the Pakistani and American military are vying for supreme control over the Taliban, in the pristine mountain regions of the Swat Valley.  To understand, one must dig into the historical past of the glorious era of the Post-Persian Durrani Pashtun Afghan Empire and their relationship with the mystical Diamond called theKoh-i-Nor


Even more mysterious is the relationship of this region with the future messianic apocalypse as seen through the eyes of the three great religions and their messiah’s; Jewish, Christianity, and the Muslims. Though the current president of the Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad awaits the arrival of the Islamic Mahdi to Tehran, Iran, the Messiah Mahdi will not arise out of Iran but in Khurasan. He will be identified with the tasseled cloak reminiscent of the Jewish Tzit-tzits. The Mahdi’s followers will be the Pashtun Tribes of Afghanistan. With the “black flags” of a military war, they will fight the forces of the Anti-Messiah who they call the Dijjal, and recognized today by Islamic bloggers as the military troops of America and NATO.  They are recognized by Islamic fundamentalists as the powerful “One-eyed Order of the All-Seeing Eye seen on the back of the US dollar.  After they fight the Dijjal (Anti – Messiah) they will head to Jerusalem. The questions to ponder today, will they be armed by the nuclear power of Pakistan? When they arrive in Jerusalem, what will happen?  Will there suddenly come a epiphany with the realization that they are not the enemy but the cousins or the “brethren of the Jews”? As the Obama administration is mapping out a treaty with Iran to transport American troops and supplies through Iran to Afghanistan, we wonder!  Let us read and ponder the implications of these events upon our national expectations:


It was the year of 2001 and as the sun was rising over the mountains surrounding Jerusalem, on the 7th day of Sukkot, 2001, the American Air Force penetrated the sovereign airspace of Afghanistan.  The War against Terror had now begun.  We try to understand the events of this age, from the perspective of God. We try to comprehend the final prophetic wars of imperial powers on this planet seeking world domination.  Yet we have to ask, in what is one of the most forsaken pieces of land on this globe, why was Afghanistan picked by the American Bush administration to begin what they called the War against TerrorThe answer islust”.  We “must have it now!”  What is it that the imperial nations of the world are “lusting”?  Oil! Drugs! Little known and spoken about, but beneath the country of Afghanistan is reputed to be 200 years of untapped oil reservesThe Russians were lusting after this oil.  America and Europe are lusting for it. Soon to arise on the horizon will be noticed that China is also lusting also after this liquid gold.


Also little understood and spoken about are the vast poppy fields whose seeds are used to process heroin.   Many researchers state that the intelligence agencies in the world are trying to get the world’s drug trafficking market under their control.  The profits of this huge and lucrative market could be used to conduct future covert wars.  During the years when the Taliban was in control of over 90% of the country of Afghanistan, they prohibited the cultivation, production and manufacture, and trade of the opium poppy that was used in the illicit drug trade of opiates, especially heroin. Afghanistan alone produced up to 70% of the world’s opium, and 50% of the drug trafficking in the world ten years ago.


History would suggest that here was a land that imperial powers should avoid.  Before the American Coalition’s invasion of Iraq in the year of 2003, the American military became quickly immersed in punishing aerial strikes against the Al Qaeda warriors fighting and protecting Osama bin Laden.  Those without a sense of history did not remember that it was in the region of Afghanistan that the invincible Macedonian military of Alexander the Great was met one tribe of people who refused to ally themselves with him(Click to Open the Article, “(God’s Battle Axe – The Mystery of the Pashtun Israelites of Afghanistan) Homeland of the Israelite-Scythian Nation


The Israeli-Scythian Migration to Europe

Part Eleven

Section Eleven

March 2009



The Migration of the Scythians-Scuth-Israelites to Europe and Britain

The Influence of the Sacae-Suni, the Sons of Isaac, upon Buddha and Confucius

The Zoroastrian Connection with the Lost Israelites

Was Cyrus the Great an Israelite?

God’s Wondrous Design – The Lost Israelites and Jews

Were Yahshua’s Ancestral Babylonian and Persian Grandparents actually Lost Israelites?


Summary – Whereas the Pashtun Tribes of Afghanistan stayed behind in their new deported homeland, the western regions of the Lost Israelites moved upward between the Black and the Caspian Sea in the region of modern nation of Georgia. They then traversed the northern seacoast along the Black Sea emerging as the Scythians.  During this era, one of the Israelites, known as the Great Buddha” began the new religion of Buddhism. So also, scholars have suspected that Confucius in the Far East, Zoroaster in Iran, along with Cyrus the Great were also Israelites.  They were just as a part of God’s Great Design for restoration of the Lost Tribes of Israel and bring them back into a brotherhood with the Tribe of Judah.


Tracing the paths of the wanderings of the rest of the Lost Tribes of Israel would take the sleuthing skills of a Sherlock Holmes.  The first great power force, the savage hordes that traversed the plains of central Asia in the regions of the Caspian and Black Seas over to Europe was the wild riding fighter tribes of the Scythians that roamed the EuroAsian plains.  These were associated by the ancients with the Sacae-Suni and the Kyumri”.  All were attributed with the enlightened and informative name of barbarians which actually meant to the Romans; “foreigners or people that are not our own.


According to Ingersol, the meaning of the word, Scythian that was written as Scuth, actually came from the Hebrew word, Succoth, the booths that Jacob made for his animals to rest and the temporary dwelling places that the Hebrews at the mount called Sinai who were commanded to build a succot for the fall Feast of Ingathering or Dwelling (Leviticus 23:39-44).


According to Herodotus, he was told by the Scythians that their nation’s origin began about one thousand years before the invasion of Darius the Great near the year of 515 BCE. This would have put the beginning of the Scythian race about the era of the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt about the year of 1485 BCE. This was the era of the Royal Scythians who lived near the stream called Gerrhus, a water tributary of the D(a)niester RiverWithin this land, the Getae tribes lived along the shores of the Danube River that was called Arsareth in the prophetic Book of Esdras


When we consider that the word, “Getae actually meant “wanderers which the word, “Saki” also meant, we begin to see that the ancient tribes that were migrating to the west firmly believed that they were accursed by their God again to roam in the wilderness like their ancestors, the children of Israel when they rebelled against going into Canaan, the Promised Land promised to them by the God of their forefathers; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Even so, according to Herodotus, they preserved many of the elevated concepts of the Immortal One, including the belief of a future immortality, and going after their death to “Zalmoxis”, or the God of Moses”.  They even called their country of domicile, “Moesia for it was there that the people of Moses lived there. (Frederick Haberman, “Tracing our Ancestors”, pg 129)(Click to Open the Article, “(The Israeli-Scythian Migration to Europe) Royal Scythian-Israelite Warriors


Finding a New Home for the Lost Tribes of Israel

Part Eleven

Section Twelve

April 2009



The Apostasy of the Northern Israelites

The Response of the Caring All-Mighty One of Israel

The Prophesy of the Wandering of the Israelite Scythians to Arsareth (Sarmatia)

The Israelite-Scythian- Amazonian Sarmatians Sojourning in the Land of Sarmatia

The Tombstone and Tumuli Imprint of the Israelite-Scythians

The Sakki-Cimmerian Israelite Migrations

The Israelite-Cimmerian Scythians and Imperial Rome

The Hallstatt and La Tene Israelite Cultures

The German Scythian Roots of the Anglo-Saxons

Blessings of Jacob upon Ephraim (Great Britain) and Manasseh (United States)

The Anglo-Saxon (Ephraim son of Isaac) Tribe as One of God’s Battle Axes arrives to its Final Homeland until Redemption

The Anglo-Saxons blending with Tribal Cimmerian Cousins in other Homelands

The Final Resting Place an Interlude before Restoration and Redemption

The Final Redemption and Restoration of the House of Israel and Judah


Summary – The apostasy of the Northern Israelites and the response by the Loving Almighty One of Israel gives us a cosmic vignette of this era as the Israelites wandered, remained hidden as Scythians as they moved from Sarmatia and beyond into Europe. They were recognized as the great Sakki-Israelite and Cimmerian Scythian migrations into Europe.  Occasionally they confronted the legions of Rome, and with the exception of one battle, true to their nature trounced the Roman legions and sent their generals back home in defeat to Rome. We note the Israelite signature in the legends of the Amazonian female warriors. We find this same Israelite signature written in the tombstones and tumuli inscriptions in Sarmatia plus the Hallstatt and La Tene Cultures in central and northern Europe. There in the virtually vacant and vast forests of central and northern Europe we now find their final resting places and homelands emerging as modern Europe nations today. Read with excitement of the Israelites historic journey.


Wherever the Lost Tribes roamed, the God of Israel appeared to bless them in spite of their rejection of His Holy Temple and the recognition of His divine authority, the legal jurist of Israel; the House of Judah. Though they appeared “lost” as they were identified as unknown peoples and tribes, they also continued to be blessed and remained in a state separateness that was different than all of the other 70 nations of the world.  Were not the words of the Lord to the prophet Amos that the literal Lost Tribes of Israel would always be known and recognized by HaShem their God?


Amos 9:9-10“Lo, I will command, and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not a grain fall upon the earth.”


Even the concern of assimilation among the nations, their numbers of descendants who could trace their roots to their ancestral forefathers continued to grow. The cloud of non- recognition did not cover the “pupils” of HaShem’s (God’s) eyes, but rather man’s.  The scholars, then as today, proclaimed their great understanding of the mysteries of the nations, but lacked wisdom in how to interpret them.  With Israel being lost, and not visible to the international comprehension, many began to consider that they were “Spiritual Israelites”.   They proclaimed that their religious roots, whether Roman Catholics, Mormons, Adventists, Evangelical Christians and even Islam sought to replace the ancient Hebrew-Judaic faith.


Albeit their own spiritual corruption, what these religious groups did not realize was that many of these individuals were Israelites, literally of the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel, but their spirituality had been compromised, their religion had been corrupted, and their concepts of the Divine had been tainted. Even today, the ancient Israelite is on a “homing mission” as we witness the vast spectrum of sincere spiritually focused Christians who are seeking to convert the Jews to Christianity and only find that they are being drawn closer and closer to their real identity; their Hebrew-Israelite-Judaic rootsThe “Messiah that Christians profess to worship and follow, many forget was an orthodox Jew, whose purpose of coming to this planet earth was, by His own admission, “to find the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.”…(Click to Open the Article, “(Finding a New Home for the Lost Tribes of Israel) House of the Rothschilds                              Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire – London Home of the Rothschild Dynasty


Rothschild Sabbatean Zionist State of Israel preparing the Future Home for the Returning Ten Tribes of the House of Israel

Part Eleven

Section Thirteen

April 2009



The Jewish Connection - The Sabbateans Goal: ‘To Eliminate the Opiate of the Jews”

Jacob Frank, the Islamic Dolmeh Emissary to Europe

The Frankists, Jesuits, and Rothschild Revolution in Europe

The Rothschild – Rockefeller Connection

The Labor Zionist Movement of 1880 to 1917  

Summary – With the Kingdom of Israel gone, the Kingdom of Judah became defiant of God, as they chose not to yield to the counsel and admonition of the prophets, desecrated God’s 613 commands as spelled out in the Torah, and refused to also worship as a family in celebration of their Creator during the festivals of the Lord.  They failed to recognize the sacredness of their “Land” by allowing it also a period of “rest” every Sabbatical Week of Years (7 years).  For this they were sent into exile for 70 years for refusing to allow the sacred “Land” to remain fallow and rest for seventy week of year cycles over 490 years.


In a great and mysterious act, they Jews were redeemed and restored to return back to the land of Israel by the Shah of Persia. Would it be stranger to life that the general who captured the most impregnable city in the world, Babylon, and his commander in chief, the Shah of Persia, were both Israeli cousins to the Jews?  Yet, again at the appointed time, the Jews again would rebel, by not honoring their divinely chosen king to be from the House of David instead of the Maccabees, a secondary priestly lineage and though minutely accepting the observance of the festivals literally refused to accept their spiritual fulfillment. When God’s Messiah came in the full manifestation in human form of the Divine to His chosen ones to demonstrate the complete fulfillment of their spring festivals and point them to the future complete fulfillment of their fall festivals, the Jewish temple Sadducee leaders, who were called “The Jews”, rejected YHVH’s Messiah.  Forty years later the Jewish social structure decayed into anarchy and rebellion until, as a people, they were completely destroyed or exiled from Israel for the second time, this time by the Romans.


Over the centuries the Sages of Judah taught their people the Jews what it was like to live in covenant with the God of Israel.  In exile, the Jews were never fully hidden like the Lost Israelites but remained a visible presence in every country of this earth. After this exile, they remained true to God’s Torah, the worship of His Shabbat (Seventh-day Sabbath) but again at God’s appointed time, in the year of 1666, a large part of Judaism rebelled and began to see themselves as “god” for they took the mysteries of the Torah, desecrated its meaning and transformed goodness to evil and evil to goodness.  Considering that they were living in the days of the Messiah”, everything the Torah required of the Jews had now become null and void. Out of this era of aberration and desecration of the Torah, the Labor Zionist Movement of Judaism arose. As the House of Israel was emerging, in the 16th century from the Dark Ages, called by some the “Age of Faith”, and emerging into the Age of Enlightenment, where religion was the antithesis of reason in the 17th centuryThe Jews, during this era also became enlightened by abandoning the Torah. As the Lost Tribes of Israel were “coming out” and protesting the apostasy of Roman Christianity during the Protestant Revolt, the apostatizing Jews were revolting against their covenanted Sages of Judah and against their God, the Almighty One of Israel.  Let us look at this strange and destruction journey that many of the Jewish people took in the 17th to the 20th centuries. Let us visit this one moment of time and its implication upon our modern world.


Almost sixteen hundred years after Joseph of Arimathea and the twelve Jewish Culdees (Refugees) were exiled from Judea and landed on the coastline of Marseilles France, a new messianic phenomenon erupted upon this globe in central Europe.  The Culdee Nazarene mission was to bring the Jewish messianic message of salvation and redemption for all mankind; Jews and Gentiles alike.  The new apostate Jewish Messianism was to bring an era of destruction, insurrection, imperialism, oppression, world wars, holocausts and massive economic chaos. The fullest revelation of this false messianic idealism is only being revealed today as the entire economic world order, built on premises of fraud and deceit appears to be collapsing before our own eyes. 


The year was 1666, and the Turkish Kabbalist (not Kabalist, Cabbalist or Qabbalist) Jew, Shabbatai Tzevi announced to his Jewish followers that the day of the messiah had come.  Actually that “day” was calculated in advance to be on a specific date, June 18, 1666.  With a little insight we begin to see the strange relationships of this specific date to the arrival of the future anti-Messiah in the years just preceding the coming of the true Jewish Messiah. On this date, the pristine mystical truths of the World of the Divine as given and preserved by the Jewish sages began to be corrupted by the demonic forms of evil in Christian Kabalism or Cabalism and Islamic Qabbalism.


This date would be denoted by the triple numerical insignia, 666 for the date of Shabbatai Tzevi’s messiahship was to be on June (6th month), 18 (6+6t+6) in the year of 1000 + 666.  The Jews sold all of their homes and businesses, and were waiting in expectation on the hillsides for the entrance into a new messianic age. 


This event was not unlike the Great Awakening in New England seaboard states of the United States when on October 22, 1844, the Karaite Jewish appointed day of Yom Kippur, the early Adventists (Christians awaiting a literal Advent of the Messiah) quit their jobs, sold their businesses and homes for pennies to the dollar to await the literal coming of the Messiah on hilltops and farms in the New England States of the United States.   


What was also little perceived the God of Israel was preparing to launch in the year of 1666 the prophetic players that would bring this world of corruption and greed to its knees and begin the days of redemption and restoration.  The Almighty One would prepare this globe for the fires of His judgment at the time of the event.  He was also preparing the primary actors, the Jews and the Lost Tribes of Israel for the Final Act of the Drama of the Ages(Click to Open the Article, “(Rothschild Sabbatean Zionist State of Israel preparing the Future Home for the Returning Ten Tribes of the House of Israel)

The Union of the Menorah (Judah) and the Fish (Ichthus) forming the Earliest Archeological Evidence of the Star of David


The Final Days of the Labor Zionist State of Israel as the

Messiah calls the Lost Tribes of Israel to come Home

Part Eleven

Section Fourteen

April 2009



The “Turks” and the Sabbatian Dolmeh Movement

The Jewish Sabbatians and the German Holocaust

The American Sabbatians and the German Holocaust

The Ringworm and Nuclear Experimentations on Sephardi and Yemenite Children

The Final Days of the Sabbatian-Jesuit-Illuminati-Freemason Zionists Israel

It will Take a Messiah to Restore, Redeem, and the Save


Summary – As the Lost Tribes were becoming more transparent in their understanding of their identity, the apostate Sabbatean Jews were becoming more hiddenHundreds of thousands of Jews went underground over the centuries, assumed different names and identities and became and looked like gentiles, while hundreds of thousands of Lost Israelites were “coming out of apostate Christianity” and moving back to their Hebrew-Judaic roots. During this same time a sizable remnant of the Jews always remained in covenant with the God of Israel while at the same time a sizable remnant of the Lost Israelites that were touched by the 1st century Jewish Messiah who lived His life above and beyond the “letter of the Law” were transformed into becoming more halakhically Jewish in their spirituality than most Jews.


In this last manuscript, the implications of the Jewish apostasy is uncloaked as the Jewish Muslims called the Young Turks were seeking to topple the Ottoman Empire and in the process inflamed the whole world into World War IAs the call grew stronger by Jewish orthodoxy and non-orthodoxy to return to the land of the promise, the Jewish and the American Sabbatian Jews bought and sold their own people for political and economic gain. Six million Jews died in the holocaust, yet the guela (process of redemption) continued non-interrupted. The globalist desires of the British and French, in their Mandates were sidetracked, the obstruction of the Arabs was neutralized, and the Jewish State came into existence and flourished.  “Born into sin”, the Zionist State of Israel looked like a gnarled walnut where the ugly exterior of a Zionist State of Israel collaborating with the globalist enemy was the exterior coating to protect the spiritual fleshly walnut of “Spiritual Israel” was protected inside.


The effect was catastrophic to many Jewish people, for to gain nuclear hegemony in the Middle East, the Jewish leadership sold their children for nuclear and radiation experimentation to the Americans.  As the final days of the “labor pains” of the guela are now in effect, we find today an Israeli government that is recognized by the world as totally corrupt, for it has been bought and sold to the American Council on Foreign Relations, the European Bilderbergers, and the Vatican Freemasons of Rome. Yet, at the same time the sentiments of the Jewish population is becoming more and more orthodox as the secular Israelites see the globalist and Islamic elements surrounding to destroy their entire lives. With so many strains of prophetic streams cascading around the world, the day will come, when every human being on this planet will have only the choice between the forces of the anti-Messiah and the Messiah.  It will take a spiritual heart to comprehend and to take that existential step of faith that truly there is a better “world to come”.


As we continue with trepidation, we begin to realize that there was a larger goal for the destiny of the world that was unfolding and in opposition to the revelations of the prophets of Judah and Israel. The control of the Land of Israel, whom the Lord of hosts claimed as His own, was under assault by the dark forces of Satan. This other-dimensional epic struggle for control of Jerusalem gained new insight in the prior chapter on this BibleSearcher series titled, The Rothschild Sabbatean Zionist State of Israel preparing the Future Home for the Returning Ten Tribes of the House of Israel”.  As we did before, we give credit to the brave and intrepid Barry Chamish for his speech titled, “Shabtai Tzevi, Labor Zionism and the Holocaust that is now in book form by the same name.  


The ultimate fate of the Empire of Ottoman Turkey lay with the decision made by the Sultan of Turkey when Abdül Hamid II refused to legally sell the crown land of Palestine to the Jewish Zionist Movement in exchange for a charter allowing the Zionists to return to Palestine for a Jewish. Barry Chamish opines, “Poor Turkey! If they had just acquiesced! If they had just acquiesced!  But, they didn't.”  As Sultan Abdül Hamid II remarked with his refusal:


Sultan Abdül Hamid II – To have the scalpel cut my body is less painful than to witness Palestine being detached from the Khilafah state and this is not going to happen…let the Jews keep their millions and once the Khilafah is torn apart one day, then they can take Palestine without a price.”   


It was the Islamic Donmeh Movement that finished the fate of Turkey.  These Sabbatean Donmeh of Turkey were the descendants of the Jewish followers of Shabbatai Tzevi that followed him into his conversion into Islam.  They created the Islamic Qabbala, a distortion and corruption of the Jewish Kabbalah, and out of this messianic ideology, however corrupt, formed a movement called The Young Turks”. 


The history of the Donmeh goes back as early as 1716, when they organizationally formed in Salonika. They were headed by Shabbatai Tzevi’s Islamic successor, Baruchya Russo. These Donmeh Jews were known as the Crypto Jews” because they appeared to be Islamic people but in reality they were Jewish.  It was to the Turkish Donmeh that Jacob Frank went to visit and study. While there he secretly converted to Islam, yet he returned to Europe as a Jewish rabbi.  He took the conversion and distortion of the Torah to a greater absurdity when he taught his followers that they were to convert to Christianity.  That would become the pathway needed for the redemption of the world to occur…(Click to Open the Article, “(The Final Days of the Labor Zionist State of Israel as the Messiah calls the Lost Tribes of Israel to com Home)


Message from BibleSearchers


BibleSearchers scans the world for information that has relevance on the time of the end.  It is our prayer that this will allow the believers in the Almighty One of Israel to “watch and be ready”.  Our readiness has nothing to do trying to halt the progression of evil on our planet earth.  In our readiness, we seek to be prepared for the coming of the Messiah of Israel so that goodness and evil will be manifested in its fullest.  Our preparation is a pathway of spiritual readiness for a world of peace.  Our defender is the Lord of hosts. The time of the end suggests that the Eternal One of Israel’s intent is to close out this chapter of earth’s history so that the perpetrators of evil, those that seek power, greed and control, will be eliminated from this planet earth.  The wars of the heavens are being played out on this planet earth and humans will live through it to testify of the might, power, justice and the love of the God of Israel.  In a world of corruption and disinformation, we cannot always know what the historical truth is and who is promoting evil or mis-information.  We cannot guarantee our sources but we will always seek to portray trends that can be validated in the Torah and the testimony of the prophets of the Old and the New Testament.



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