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Democratic Presidential Candidate John Forbes Kerry


The Sabbatean Jews and their Affect on Global Politics

Study into the Jewish Messianic Revival of Sabbatai Zevi

And its Adherents, the Sabbatean Jews

By Robert Mock MD

Democratic National Convention

July 29, 2004



Kerry’s Czechoslovakian Jewish Heritage

The English-French Aristocratic Heritage

Les Esserts at Saint-Briac-sur-Mer on the Brittany Coast of France

The CFR Jewish non-Jew and the Jewish false messiah, Shabbatai Zevi

The Shabbatai Zevi, the Messiah of the Jews

Nathan of Gaza, the Prophet of Holy Light

Jacob Frank and the Jewish Alliance with the Illuminati and the Rothschilds

The Christian Frankists and the Jewish non-Jew

The Geo-political and Religious influence of the Shabbateans and the Frankists

The 1840s and the Call of God’s Judgment

The Jewish Non-Jew and the Modern Donmeh Shabbateans

Is John Kerry a Sabbatian Jew?


John Forbes Kerry, Czechoslovakian Jew, accepted the nomination of the Democratic National Convention on August 29, 2004,

As the Democratic nominee for the President of the United States.


It was Tuesday, January 27, 2004 and the most unusual political fest in American presidential politics was in full forceThe New Hampshire Presidential primary was coming to a close.  In this small state, there is a population of only 1.2 million people, with the largest metropolitan city, Manchester at 107,000 and the capital of the state, Concord, with only 40,000 people.  The largest hotels in the state were the Holiday Inn at Manchester with 250 rooms and the Holiday Inn in Concord with 122 rooms.


Here in this tiny spot on the globe, the entire national media of America with all the major network anchormen and political pundits were crowded into the lobbies and bars of the half a dozen hotels large enough to host a private meeting. All the candidates were on the street available to the entire public for a handshake and a few words of political wisdom.  At this moment of time, the most usual upset in national politics was about to occur.


Coming into the 2004 New Hampshire primary, the Dean Team's grass roots organization outranked, outvoted and out lobbied the public support.  Howard Dean was the favorite to become the “son” of the New Hampshire voters. Yet, out of the pack came the awkward and lanky liberal Junior Senator of Massachusetts, John Kerry, to win in a triumphal finish.  Something else burst onto the political arena at New Hampshire at this time, the Kerry Equation. 


Kerry’s Czechoslovakian Jewish Heritage


Yet even before publicly announcing his candidacy for the democratic nomination for the presidency of the United States, John Forbes Kerry had an epiphany.  In late 2002, the veteran Washington correspondent Michael Koranic sat in the Washington office of Senator John Kerry and presented startling evidence to the Senator MAP - Click to centershipped to him from the famed genealogist Felix Gundacker of the Institute for Historical Family Research in Vienna, Austria. John Forbes Kerry had genealogically documented 50% Jewish blood through his grandfather, a Czech Austrian immigrant who concealed their Jewish heritage.


Horni Benesov and Brno, Czech Republic


 It all started in a small hamlet called Bennisch in the former Austrian Empire. This small village in northern Moravia is now known as Horni Benesov near the Polish border of the Czech Republic.  This village in the former Silesian province had only 4,300 villagers with a few dozen Jews. 


There, a Benekikt Kohn, a Jewish brewer, lived with his wife Mathilde.  From a Jewish family of beer brewers and shoemakers, they lived in a region dominated by German Catholics.  His wife, Mathilde Frankel was the daughter of Jacov Frankel, a Jewish royal dealer in Oberlogau who was licensed to trade in Prussia and throughout the Austrian Empire.  On May 11, 1873, a Benedikt Kohn and Mathilde Frankel gave birth to a son, named Fritz Kohn


Like many businessmen in Germany, Fritz followed his father’s profession as a brewer in the Catholic sector of the country, initially as a Jew and later as a Catholic Christian.  According to Prague genealogist Julius Miller, “Many Jews just stopped practicing Judaism during this period and had no belief at all.” 


In 1896, the twenty three year old Fritz Kohn was enticed to move to Modling, a suburb village of southern Vienna where Alfred Frankel, his uncle hired him to manage his show factory.  There he married Ida Lowe, an Austrian Jewess, and soon had a son named Erich.  There was one problem; anti-Semitism was rampant in Vienna under the city government of the Christian Social Party.  Though Jews were legal citizens, they had little chance to become involved in the political, business or military life of the city.  At almost thirty years of age, in 1900, Fritz Kohn, his wife Ida Lowe Kohn along with their son Erich, went to a government office in Vienna and changed their names to Frederick and Ida Kerry.


How was this name chosen?  According to family legends, an atlas was opened to a random page and a pencil was dropped.  There the pencil dropped on Kerry County in Ireland and the Kerry name became immortalized in U.S. political history.


MAP - Click to centerThe identity transfer was not complete though. On October 9, 1901, Fritz Kohn, now Frederick Kerry and Ida, his wife, took their son, Erich, to the St. Othmar Catholic parish in Modling and were baptized as Christian Catholics.   The Viennese Jewish marriage records, effective on December 17, 1901, the former Czech Jewish brewer became a Austrian Viennese Catholic shoe dealer. 


Modling, Vienna, Austria


In four years with a new identity firmly in place the recently christened Kerry family left their Jewish identity behind, their Yiddish language was now fully replaced with the German and the English language and their Hebrew heritage now entombed in the Roman Catholic Church.  They embarked on a journey to America which departed from the Italian port of Genoa on May 4, 1905 on the Konigen Luise.  This passenger ship was a two-masted, twin screw “Barbarosa” class ship with about 2000 passengers in the steerage, 150 in first class and 140 in the second class.  The Kerry family was listed on the ship manifesto as one of 29 first class passengers which included French, Swiss and American names such as Hale, Walker and Bridgeman.  They arrived at Ellis Island on May 18, 1905 as German immigrants from Vienna, Austria.


Frederick Kerry moved to Chicago.  Within two years he filed his initial citizenship papers at Illinois’ Cook County Circuit Court and in 1908 he had an office on Chicago’s famed Loop on Dearborn Street.  There he launched his business with an ad, “Fred Kerry & Staff” as a business consultant.  On 1910 he was listed in the Chicago Blue Book as one of the community leaders and notable city residents.  By 1911 he was involved in the reorganization of the future Chicago business giant, Sears and Roebuck.  During this era, their second child, Mildred, was born. 


By 1915, the Kerry family moved to Brookline, Massachusetts and there their third child, Richard Kerry, was born.  Richard would become the father of the future Senator of Massachusetts, John Forbes Kerry.  For six years they lived a fairly prosperous life.  They built a new home in the elite neighborhood of 10 Downing Street.  It was a home with high ceilings of carved wooden beams and elegant wood paneling.  There in a home with a long porch and a new Cadillac they were becoming established as part of the Boston elite. 


It was in 1921 that Ida, along with Richard and Mildred went back to their homeland in Europe.  Yet there was a strange coincidence. For some reason they moved from their prosperous neighborhood to a nearby apartment.  Three weeks after returning from Europe, on October 21, 1921, a new cascade of events would forever change the family. 


Frederick had filed a will in which all his possessions were left “to my beloved wife, Ida Kerry, to her own use and behoof forever.”  And a little over a week later, Fred made his usual journey, by trolley to his office downtown on Boylston Street. Near his office was the Copley Plaza Hotel, newly christened in 1912 and now a Boston landmark.  It was a distinctive designed landmark by Henry Janeway Hardenbergh with its bow shaped front.  In the center of the hotel was the beautiful Oval Room with a beautiful ceiling mural of an angel painted by John Singer Sargent.  Here was the place to be for the beautiful people of Boston. 


Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel – Boston


As the lunch time crowd was beginning to go to the hotel at lunch on November 23, 1921, Frederick Kerry, now respected Boston businessman, went to the men’s washroom, took out a handgun and shot himself in the head.  The Boston Globe the next morning headlined, “Shot Himself in Copley Plaza - F.A. Kerry, Merchant, Died very soon,” while the Boston Herald stated, “F.A. Kerry Ends Life in Hotel – Shoe Dealer Weakened and Depressed by Severe Illness – Reorganized Many Department Stores.”  It was his granddaughter, Nancy Stockslager who stated years later, “He had made three fortunes and when he had lost the third fortune, he couldn’t face it anymore.”  His entire estate he left to his wife and family, including the six year old Richard, was “a Cadillac, some clothes, two stock shares worth $200 from the Boston Chamber of Commerce, $25 in cash, and shares of stock in J.L. Walker Co. and Spencer Shoe Manufacturing Co, - worthless.” 


Oak Room at Fairmont Copley Hotel in Boston


It was the youngest family member, Richard Kerry, who kept the family secrets shrouded in a mystery till his death.  Richard became a graduate of Yale University and while a student at Harvard Law School, he was invited by a friend to visit France and the palatial Forbes’ estate at Les Esserts in the Brittany resort village of Saint Briac.  Les Esserts was purchased by James Grant Forbes and Margaret Winthrop in 1926.   There working as an apprentice on the Kerry estate, he met one of eleven children in the large Forbes family, Rosemary Forbes.  There along the French coast they fell in love.  High hopes and a marriage, Richard was soon looking for a future as a United States Marine Corp pilot and Rosemary as a nurse.  They moved to America from France where Richard became a member of the U.S. Diplomatic Corp serving in Oslo, Berlin and Paris. 


Near the beginning of World War II, in Denver on December 11, 1943, John Forbes Kerry was born.  The Kerry family moved for a short stint back to Groton and Millis, Massachusetts. Within seven years, John Forbes would become a resident of Washington D.C. 


His father now a career diplomat and mother a homemaker, they turned to Clara Winthrop, a childless great aunt who inherited their family wealth, to help support John Kerry’s world by paying for his education in elite Swiss and New Hampshire boarding schools.  Many of the John Forbes summers were spent living at the Brittany coast estate at Les Esserts. 


It was noted that John Forbes Kerry would become disconnected with his past.  His classmates opined that many times John appeared non-connected with his peers and had a restless longing about his future.  He attended Yale along with his classmate, President George W. Bush, known as the fraternity kid.  There was some personal interrelation between the two because the older John Kerry invited George Bush to join the secret society called the Skull & Bones.  This secret society according to various documented sources hosted rituals akin to the occultic secret societies of the 12th to 16th centuries.  Out of this secret society would come more career diplomats and CIA agents than any other society in America.


Bush would later become a Texas oilman, whose family home was in Maine.  His family name came from his father’s fame as C.I.A. Director, vice-President of the United States under President Ronald Reagan and later 45th President of the United States. 


On the other hand, John Kerry early became absorbed in student politics as the president of the Yale Political Union, a nonpartisan student Union debating wide areas of political topics. 


With his unknown Jewish heritage deeply rooted in his psychic, Kerry’s life centered around the life style of his famous grandparents on his mother Rosemary’s side, the Forbes and the Winthrops. 


The English-French Aristocratic Heritage


Rosemary was a descendant of the Reverend John Forbes, the 4th great grandfather of John Kerry.  He represented the British Empire in 1763 as minister at St. Augustine, a British diplomatic post in the Spanish colony of east Florida.  There he served on the Governor’s Council and as Chief Justice.  When the American Revolution broke out, a loyal Tory he was, John Forbes fled back to England in 1783, leaving his American Bostonian wife, Dorothy Murray at the family estate in Brush Hill in Hilton, Massachusetts. 


John Grant Forbes, Kerry’s 3rd great grandfather also returned to England but the other two brothers remained and soon became involved in opening the Boston-China international trade and mercantile route in the early 1800s.  Kerry’s great grandfather, Francis Forbes was a businessman and amateur botanist living in China while promoting the Shanghai Country Club.  It was his son, James Grant, educated in Harvard of the class of MAP - Click to center1901 that would bring the family fortune to their peak first with the Boston-China trade assisting in U.S. relief projects during World War I and later he assisted in the reconstruction of the post-World War II Europe.  Married to Margaret Winthrop of Boston, the Forbes and Winthrops formed the formidable family alliance in Boston that brought the aura of an aristocratic royal union. 


Saint Briac-sur-Mer in Brittany France


The Winthrops were known as Massachusett’s first family, when John Winthrop became the first governor of Massachusetts’s Bay Colony.  According to the Winthrop Society, “Governor John Winthrop and the Puritan colonists who came with him to plant the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630 were the most important and influential single group of Europeans ever to arrive in North America.”  The 1588 England born Anglican believed that the church should be ‘purified’ by removing Catholic rituals from their services.  In route to Massachusetts with about 1000 Puritan colonists he preached his New World idealism on ship to the future Massachusetts colonists, “We must consider that we shall be as a “City upon a Hill, the eyes of all people are upon us.” 


The first winter was deadly after their landing on June 6, 1630 and planting the colony at Salem, Massachusetts.  Many of the colonists died. In an effort to bring moral and hope to his fellow Puritans, Winthrop wrote in a treatise, A Model of Christian Charity, “We must be knit together in this work as one man.” Yet Governor Winthrop also had his oppressive and autocratic side.  Twelve times elected governor, he was successful in isolating any political opponents.  Dissenters such as Roger Williams had to flee the colony and ended up establishing the colony of Rhode Island, a colony open to Jews and the first to espouse separation of church and state and religious freedom. Even the religious reformer Anne Hutchison was banned from the colony as one who was subverting moral law and the ecclesiastical authority of the male clergy. 


In spite of the major role the Winthrops have played in state and U.S. politics, John Forbes Kerry was only the second Senator to come from this family dynastyRobert Charles Winthrop, Kerry’s 2nd great grandfather served initially as speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  He later served in the United States House of Representatives from 1847 to 1849 when he was appointed to serve as U.S. Senator in 1850 and 1851 to the vacated seat of his friend Daniel Webster who resigned to become Secretary of State.  He later lost his reelection bid and soon left politics to pursue historical writing.                             


From John Winthrop, the English governor of Massachusetts who settled Boston in 1630 and used the messianic vision of a “city set upon a hill” to the Brahmin Forbes family of Boston who had more French-English ties as American, the maternal side of John Kerry’s family gave him strength and security American politics. 


Les Esserts at Saint-Briac-sur-Mer on the Brittany Coast of France


On the Brittany coast overlooking the English Channel is the small seaside village of Saint-Briac-sur-Mer where the Forbes’ summer home, Les Esserts, sits on an ocean bluff. 


Les Esserts on a bluff overlooking the sea


Purchased in 1908 by James Grant Forbes and Margaret Winthrop, it became their French summer residence while James Grant was setting up coal and steel industries in Europe.  From there he traveled as he worked in other business projects from the Balkans to Iran.  During these years, he assisted Jean Monnet, who became the Secretary General of the League of Nations and tried to forge an alliance between England and France during World War I.  


Today Kerry’s cousin, Brice Lalonde is the mayor of that French Brittany village. This village mayor was one time a candidate for the president of France on the Ecology ticket and served as the environmental minister in the cabinet of Socialist President Francois Mitterrand.  Long known to be an environmentalist, Lalonde was still not radical enough and was kicked out of the Green Party. 


Kerry to most of his constituents has always thought that he was Irish Catholic.  What could be more Irish than being named after Kerry County in Ireland? John Kerry recently told the Globe that that in his mind it has been “clear as a bell” that he was not Irish.  The fact remains that his personal and political history has not recorded such an affirmation. Kerry did attempt to trace the family lineage of his Kerry name when visiting Vienna.  There on a trip, he attempted to call every Kerry in the phone book. 


In 2002, he made contact with the regional Czech archives but never received a reply.  It was not until 1990 that John’s father, Richard Kerry, finally told him in his final years while he was suffering from cancer that his grandfather, Fredrick, had shot himself to death in Boston.


There is political payoff to be of Irish descent in American politics.  As CBN News Political Editor John Waage said, “There are undecided, independent, blue-collar, ethnic Reagan Democrat voters to be had, in vote-rich electoral states.  Now, if your ancestry is French, where you gonna go?  Quebec doesn’t have electoral votes to offer.”  (Dale Hurd, John Kerry’s French Connection, CBN News)


Yet every since Joe Lieberman ran as the Democratic vice-president candidate in the 2000 presidential campaign made an impressive showing on the campaign trail, the Jewish-American geo-politics of the world began to shift to the Land of Israel.  Jewish Identity was no longer being shunned. 


Forbes estate at Les Esserts in Brittany France.


This is America 2004 and of all the nations of the world, the United States has stood alone with Britain and Australia as being supporters of the Nation of Israel.  With the apparent pro-Israel stance by Republican president George W. Bush, the 2004 Presidential primaries got off to a roaring start with every Democratic candidate finding its long lost Jewish roots and touting its affirmation of Israel.  The wanna-be-Jewish presidential candidates became transparent early on in the primary when the Kerry Jewish roots were leaked out to the public in January, 2004. 


It was Ann Coulter in her column, "The Party of Ideas" wrote,


“the Democrats' offer big ideas -- too nuanced for a bumper sticker -- that many of them have Jewish ancestry. There's Joe Lieberman: Always Jewish. Wesley Clark: Found Out His Father Was Jewish in College. John Kerry: Jewish Since He Began Presidential Fund-Raising. Howard Dean: Married to a Jew. Al Sharpton: Circumcised."


She collected the ire of the liberal Jewish community by writing,


"The Democrats' urge to assert a Jewish heritage is designed to disguise the fact that the Democrats would allow the state of Israel to perish as Palestinian suicide bombers slaughter Jewish women and children." 


Ben Shapiro commenting on Ann Coulter, continued,


“Coulter is clearly correct to point out that Jews must be aware that just because someone has friends who are Jews does not assure pro-Jewish policies. Current Democratic front-runner Howard Dean, who claims Jewish sympathies because his wife is Jewish, refers to Hamas baby-murderers as “soldiers” in the Arab-Israeli war, says that America should not take sides in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and states that Israel must abandon Judea and Samaria to Arab terrorists.

Joe Lieberman, a semi-observant Jew, falsely averred on "Larry King Live" that Judaism has no core convictions about abortion; rather, he lied, abortion is "a matter of personal judgment. And like everything else in Judaism, ultimately, it's up to each of us to decide what we think is right." Hillary Clinton, who attempted to establish Jewish lineage, kissed Yasser Arafat's wife after Suha Arafat claimed that Palestinian-Arab children were being poisoned by Israeli troops.

Yet liberal Jews continue to kvell whenever any Democrat discovers Jewish identity. When Hillary decided that she was Jewish-by-long-lost-relation, New York political consultant Hank Sheinkopf explained that "Jews will now feel that she's almost one of their own. It will make it easier for Jews to connect with her." When Joe Lieberman, a semi-observant Jew, announced his 2004 campaign, Jewish groups immediately rushed to support him, despite his wavering support for Israel and outright misrepresentation of authentic Jewish values.

But for most liberal Jews, authentic Judaism is an afterthought. These Jews are born Jewish, but they don't think Jewish, and they certainly don't act Jewish. When American Jews are identified as a demographic group, observers should note that the vast majority of them do not practice authentic Judaism -- they practice secularism.


An interesting article was posted on My Way on March 5, 2004 when Jason Hopps suggested, Royal Genes may Win Kerry the White House. Just when we thought that President George Bush was beginning to look aristocratic, then along came Senator John Kerry.  British theorists have posted a surprisingly accurate prediction that the candidate with the most royal blood wins the presidency of the United States.  Who wins for 2004?  The race is close on royalty blood, but John Kerry holds the edge.


The Kerry Connection documents that besides tracing his heritage to the first governor of Massachusetts, John Winthrop, Kerry's genealogy can be traced to King James I.  This lineage comes through the Windsor and Hanover families.  This James I, the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, ruled from 1603 – 1625 and commissioned the translation of the King James Bible. 


On the other hand, George W. Bush claims his genealogical descent comes from Charles II, Henry III and Henry VIII's daughter, Mary Tudor, the wife of King Louis XI of France.  In the past, U.S. Presidents with strong royal backgrounds included: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. 

(Jason Hopps, Royal Genes May Win Kerry the White House)


The CFR Jewish non-Jew and the Jewish false messiah, Shabbatai Zevi


The enigma of John Kerry and his Jewish ancestry to Fritz Kohn (aka Frederick Kerry) is a phenomenon that was a part of many Jewish Democratic candidates in the 2004 primaries.  John Kerry, Howard Dean, Wesley Clark and Joe Lieberman are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  John Edwards, the new 2004 Democratic nominee for vice-president impressed John Kerry of his command of the grasp of international politics when he returned from the 2004 Bilderbergers meeting in Stresa, Italy.  This suggests that not only has he been confirmed as a CFR member but his appointment by the Kerry team as his vice-president running mate occurred many weeks before it was officially announced.  Considering that all the Democratic candidates are now members of the CFR, we might want to note that they will all march to the tune of the same drummer. 


The CFR agenda for Israel insists that Israel withdraw from the Gaza Strip, Judea, their ancestral homeland and Samaria (West Bank), the ancestral homeland of the Israelites. The Nation of Israel, cut in two by a Palestinian population, governed by terrorist leaders that have a unrelenting hatred of Israel and desire to drive the entire people into the sea, suggests that the CFR envisions making the Nation of Israel unviable as a governing state.


What is interesting is that with media revelation and political transparency, the secret facts being uncovered show that many members of the CFR are Jewish whose ancestral roots were hidden and forgotten.  Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (CFR) denied she knew that she was Jewish until 1997 yet was raised by Jewish relatives in London.  General Wesley Clark (CFR) denied knowing that he was Jewish until he was “burning Bosnia to ashes.”  Other Jewish or half-Jewish advisors in the Clinton White House were Defense Secretary William Cohen (CFR) and National Security Advisor Sandy Berger (CFR) who is currently under criminal investigation for removing highly classified terrorism documents and personal handwritten notes from a secure reading room in the National Archives prior to the September 11 commission investigation. 


Coupled with the fact that a large proportion of the Clinton and the Bush White House advisers are Jewish promoting the non-Torah concept of Israel giving “Land for Peace” gives a new perspective to role of the anti-Torah Jew in the foreign policy of the United States. 


So what is going on in this modern era of amnesia where Jewish families cannot remember their ancestral heritage?  Even in America where the most personal freedom had been given to the Jewish people to live in an ‘enlightened’ world, why could they not accept their own identity?  Where in the history of the Jews did the concept of hiding one’s Jewish identity, secularizing one’s religious and philosophical outlook of life and using this assumed identity to consistently exploit the Torah-observant and covenant preserving Jew begin?  For what reason are the ‘lost Jews’ now being found.


The Shabbatai Zevi, the Messiah of the Jews


Barry Chamish, a Jewish investigative reporter, wrote two insightful investigative reports centering on the writings of Rabbi Antelman, The Deutsch Devils and Kerry, Gaza and the New Sabbatean Holocaust. 


It all began in the 1600’s where a Turkish born Jewish mystic, Shabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) was born in ancient Smyrna, Turkey (modern-day Izmir) on the Shabbat (Jewish Seventh-day Sabbath) on the 9th of Av, 1626 and whence his name, Shabbatai.  This day, 9th of Av, on its own is a day of infamy and a date of triple tragedies.  The destruction of the temple of Solomon, temple of Herod and the Bar Kokhba’s Betar fortress all were destroyed on this day.  Yet in some Jewish traditions, the 9th of Av will be the day of the birth of the coming Maschiach (Messiah)


According to Paul Johnson, in A History of the Jews, the belief in the coming of the Messiah was now racing across Europe.   To him the belief in the Maschiach:


Paul Johnson – “was the summation and climax of all the ghetto’s trust in the supernatural because it had the highest sanction of orthodox Jewish religion.  The most learned and rational-minded rabbi and the worldliest merchant trust in the Messiah’s coming as fervently as the semi-literate wife of a humble milkman.  The Messiah was linked to the tales of the Lost Tribes since it was widely assumed that, in order to achieve the restoration of a godly kingdom on earth, the Messiah would summon the tribes from their remote exile and they would march, a mighty army, to place him on King David’s throne.”  (Paul Johnson, A History of the Jews, pg. 266)


A series of catastrophic events occurred to the Ashkenazi Jews in Eastern Europe when in 1648 up to 100,000 Polish-Ukrainian Jews were killed by a Ukrainian peasant uprising and the Chmielnicki massacre.  This was quickly followed by the Russian Cossack massacre of the Jews and climaxed in the Swedish Wars of the 1650s.  The Ashkenazi Jews in the mid 17th century, reevaluated their own rationalism and in turn began to read their most famous mystic, Isaac ben Solomon Luria (1534-1574) who was called ha-Ari (the Lion).  In the writing called the Zohar or the “The Book of Concealment”, the central European Jews were given a formula in which by intense concentration and prayer, they were able, by mystical assent, to rise above the horrors of their present life. 


Yet this mystical assent was not a revision but rather an affirmation of the very ancient mental assent of the Chassids, or holy ones, to the throne of the Eternal One of Israel.  This assent was called the ‘Chariot’.  First written by the prophet Ezekiel, when he saw the great throne of the Eternal One riding on a Chariot, Jesus followed the ancient traditions of the prophets along with his cousin John the Baptizer, when as Bruce Childers wrote in his book, Rabbi Jesus wrote,


Bruce Childers – “He was part of the ancient rabbinic tradition that focused on the first chapter of Ezekiel.  This text describes the Chariot, the moving Throne of God.  The Chariot was the source of God’s energy and intelligence, the origin of His power to create and destroy.  By meditating on the Chariot, John and his disciples aspired to become one with God’s Throne…


Jesus’ repetitive, committed practice, his sometimes inadequate diet, and his exposure to the elements contributed to the intensity of his vision of God’s Chariot….He altered his consciousness and entered the world of the Chariot and the Spirit.  As he repeatedly immersed for purification, he came to have an increasingly vivid visions of the heavens splitting open and God’s Spirit descending upon him as a dove. And a voice:  “you are my son, the beloved; in you I take pleasure.”  (Bruce Childers, Rabbi Jesus, Random House, NY, pg 50, 55)


These Polish disasters pushed the Jews in Eastern Europe, Poland, Ukrainia, western Russia, and Austria towards a fervent desire for the return of the messiah.  This was at the culmination of the ‘30 years War’ in which central Germany was devastated and destroyed like central Germany was again after World War II.  Whereas the Jews of central Europe rose in a great messianic revival, this revival did not culminate in the ‘return of the Jews’ or the return of the lost tribes of Israel.  Yet at the end of World War II, there did arise a great revival for the return of the Jews but without the revival of the return of the Maschiach (Messiah) of David.


During this era in the 17th century, the great and mysterious tenants of 16th century Lurianic Jewish Kabbalah gave a clear and practical explanation of how a saint or tzaddik (righteous one) could gain salvation by helping to precipitate the arrival of Sabbatai Zevithe Messianic Age through prayer and piety.  Waves of excitement, fervor, extreme piety and devotion swept along on the wings of the doctrines of Issac ben Luria about the emanations of the Eternal One and how man fits into the cosmic order of creation. 


   Shabbatai Zevi, the false Messiah of Judaism


Suddenly on May 31, 1665, as if the Great Clock struck midnight and the messiah was proclaimed from Gaza in Palestine.  Shabbatai Zevi became the long sought messiah and avatar of Judaism.  He was called by the title of Amirah.  The 1648 Polish-Ukrainian massacres inspired Zevi to proclaim himself the messiah.


A student prodigy when he was still an adolescent, Zevi was called the “wise” or the “sage”.  He became a student of Kabbalah at the age of 24 under the teacher Gadol Reb. Isaac di Alba of the Bais Din in Smyrna.  At the age of thirty, he studied under the leading ‘halakhist’ of his era, Rabbi Joseph Eskapha. 


Yet by the age of twenty-two, Shabbatai Zevi began to experience and suffer mood changes of high periods of exaltation and ecstasy followed by deep and despondent periods of depression.  Modern scholars have questioned whether Zevi had what modern clinicians called bipolar or manic-depression.  


His bizarre behavior during fits of mania, Zevi was prone to violate the basic tenants of religious Torah law.  He took on the mantle of the anti-Christ by blaspheming the Name of the Eternal One by pronouncing the “Holy Name” in public. He truly did change “times and law” as they pertained to Torah observant Jews by changing the dates of the three main feasts of Judaism, Passover (Pesach), Pentecost (Shavuot) and the Feast of Tabernacles (Succot), and his followers celebrated them all the same week.  He underwent a mystical marriage with a Torah scroll under the wedding canopy called a chuppa.  In essence he proclaimed that he was now “one with the Torah.”  His messianic themes were that the time of the Maschiach (Messiah) had come and that obeying the commandments of the Torah were no longer mandatory.  He began the era of the anti-Torah and the anti-Talmudic Jew.


Shabbatai Zevi would then fall into fits of intense gloom and depression.  As Jewish historian Paul Johnson states,


Paul Johnson – “Periods of exaltation and hyperactivity were abruptly succeeded by spasms of intense gloom.  These are the common enough among mystics of all religions, and are seen as God’s work – God ‘illuminates’, then ‘hides His face’.  Thus the abrupt transformations do not necessarily detract from the subject’s reputation for sanctity…


Like many mystics, he wanted to do and legitimize forbidden things.  Thus he invoked a benediction to ‘Him who allows the forbidden.’  (Paul Johnson, A History of the Jews, pg. 269)


Nathan of Gaza, the Prophet of Holy Light


Shabbatai Zevi was expelled from Smyrna, Salonika and Constantinople between1651-1654.  He then began a pilgrimage wandering throughout the Greek isles, Thracia, Palestine and then to Egypt.  It was not until 1665, in a moment of deepest depression and doubting his own self-proclaimed mission, he met in Jerusalem, Abraham  Nathan ben Elisha Hayyim Ashkenazi (1643-1680), known as Nathan of Gaza, a Jerusalem born Nathan of GazaTalmudic scholar and Kabbalist, who became Zevi’s prophet and apologist. 


Nathan of Gaza used his visionary powers and intense persuasion upon Shabbatai Zevi. He convinced him that his messianic ideas were authentic and divinely appointed.  Soon Nathan the Prophet, the ‘holy lamp’, had Zevi riding around Gaza on horseback in regal attire appointing ambassadors to be sent out around the world to beckon the “Lost Tribes of Israel” back to the Land of Israel. 


Nathan of Gaza


A son of a respected rabbinical scholar and Kabbalist, Nathan quickly demonstrated his ability to quickly learn with the ability to invent and adapt brilliant modifications of theology to fit his own projections and conceptions of apocalyptic messianic imagery. 


As Paul Johnson further states:


Paul Johnson“Nathan was an outstanding example of a highly imaginative and dangerous Jewish archetype which was to become a world importance when the Jewish intellect became secularized.  He could construct a system of explanations and prediction of phenomena which was both highly plausible and at the same time sufficiently imprecise and flexible to accommodate new – and often highly inconvenient – events then they occurred.  And he had the gift of presenting his protean-type theory, with its built-in-capacity to absorb phenomena by a process of osmosis, with tremendous conviction and aplomb.  Marx and Freud were to exploit a similar capacity.” 

(Paul Johnson, A History of the Jews, pg. 269)


On the 15th day of Sivan, June 18, 1666 (6- 6x6 -1000 + 666), Shabbatai Zevi formally announced that the Moschiach of Israel would be revealed and named this year (1666) as the year of Redemption or the year of the promised Messiah.  His support in the Jewish population spread rapidly across Palestine and the Diaspora when almost the entire Jewry accepted him not as a prophet or teacher but the “promised one” or the “anointed one” and the living incarnation of God.  In the history of Judaism, it was the only messianic movement to sweep all Jews from the western isles of Britain to the ancient lands of Persia, from the heartland of Germany to the northern African nation of Morocco, and from the Nation of Poland to the Yemen coast. 


The date never came.  Shabbatai Zevi in the midst of all of his pronouncements also proclaimed the Turkish Sultan of Constantinople would be deposed and become his servant.  The mood was electric around the Mediterranean basin.  When Zevi’s ship was arriving towards the Turkish waters around Constantinople in February, 1666, he was intercepted and taken into protective yet ‘honorable’ custody.  The day of redemption came and went.  There was no deliverance to the Jews around the world and for their plight of their own lands. 


Finally in the presence of the Sultan, Zevi was brought before the divan or Turkish council.  Listening hidden behind the lattices which so influences Moslem architecture, the Sultan listened as Shabbatai Zevi pronounced that he did not proclaim he was a messiah. When he was given the option to convert to Islam and renounce any messianic Judaism or die, Shabbatai accepted the largess of the Islamic Turkish Sultan, under the influence of the Sultan’s physician, an apostate Jew and converted to Islam.  He took the name of Aziz Mehmed Effendi (Keeper of the Palace Gate) with a pension of 150 piastras per day.


The ‘literal’ messianic movement by the Jews was stunned and crushed.  Their Messiah became an apostate to Islam.  His prophet, Nathan of Gaza gave a different interpretation.  Shabbatai Zevi did not apostatize but in order to claim the ‘lost sparks of Islam” Zevi had to enter the lost world of Islam in order to redeem and restore them to the Eternal One.  Sabbati died in Albania in 1676 in the town called Ulcinj in the region known today as Serbia and Montenegro. Four years later, Nathan died in Skoplje, Macedonia.  Shabbatai Zevi became the most famous false messiah of Judaism.  He was accepted by most Jews, many Christians and Muslims as the anointed one of Israel. 


Who was this man who claimed to be the incarnation of the Divine? One eyewitness was the Rabbi Leib ben Ozer, a chronicler of the Sabbatian Advent.


Rabbi Leib ben Ozer - "You must believe that this was how it was . . . I spoke with people who ate and drank and were near him . . . who were not proponents [of Shabbatai Zevi's] and they told me that there was none like him in stature and in the way his face looked, like that of one of God's angels . . . And they testified that when he sang Sabbath hymns to God, which he did several times a day . . . it was not possible to look into his face, for one who looked at it, it was as if he looked into fire...And this is one of the greatest occurrences, clearly supernatural, that came to pass in those days and a reason for the great belief in Shabbtai Zevi, for in the year five thousand four hundred and twenty-six of creation [1665], in the month of Tevet, it happened in many places, in Izmir and in Constantinople and in Adrianople and in Salonika, that prophets arose in hundreds and thousands, women and men, boys and girls and even little children; all of them prophesied in the holy tongue (Hebrew) and in the language of the Zohar as well, and none of them knew a letter of Hebrew and all the less so the [idiosyncratic] language of the Zohar." – (Rabbi Leib ben Ozer - 17th Century Chronicler of the Sabbatian Advent)


Jacob Frank and the Jewish Alliance with the Illuminati and the Rothschilds


The time of the end did not come and the millennial kingdom did not arrive.  The works and studies of Shabbatai Zevi went underground.  Fifty years later, Yakov ben Judah Leib Frankovich (1726-1791) was born to a Jewish rabbi in Podolia in old Poland in the region of modern Ukraine.  From Poland he traveled to the Middle East as a cloth merchant.  There in Turkey he was initiated into the secret Shabbatean rites of Donmeh Shabbataism.  When he returned to the Ashkenazi Polish Jews they thought he was a Turkish Sephardi Jew and called him frenk, which in Yiddish means a Sephardi Jew.  He soon assumed a new family name, ‘Frank’.   At the age of twenty nine (1755), when Jacob Frank returned to Poland, he had been fully indoctrinated to the mystical anti-Torah, anti-Talmudic teachings of mystical Shabbataism and transmitted his teaching to central Europe.  He posed as an orthodox Sephardi Jew from whence came his name, Frank, which in Jewish Ashkenazi Yiddish means a Sephardi. There he founded the heretical Jewish sect called Frankists. 


Jacob Frank soon began to have direct revelations from heaven and admonished his followers to convert to Christianity.  They began to practice an underground religion that was anti-Torah and like Shabbati Zevi and Nathan of Gaza engaged in sexual activities forbidden by Torah.  The halachah of Torah was abandoned for a higher wisdom or knowledge.  From the midst of Luria’s Kabbalah which was based on the Mosaic Torah, the Frankists claimed a new wisdom, the ‘Torah of emanations’ or the Christian Cabalah which was anti-Torah. 


As such the Shabbateans and the Frankists corrupted the Jewish prophetic idea of the emanations of God in the TaNaKh (Old Testament) and instead of subjecting themselves to the emanations of the Almighty by their covenantal relationship with God and obeying His commandments; they reproduced a new ‘Torah of emanations’ which they could control.  They took the spirit of the “little horn” of Daniel the prophet and in essence proclaimed that they ‘were like God’.


This Christian conversion was to be an intermediate growth stage to the future and final messianic religion.   In 1759, the MAP - Click to centerinfluence of Frankists caught the eye of the Polish nobility when a large number of Jews converted to Frankism and performed a spectacular ceremony with the sacred rites of mass baptism at Lvov, Poland (L’viv, Ukraine). The Catholic Church filed charges against Jacob Frank and he was imprisoned for the next thirteen years (1760-1773). 


Brno, Czech Republic


Upon release from prison, Jacob Frank emigrated to Bruno, Austria (now Brno, Czech Republic) where Maria Theresa, the archduchess of Austria hired him to be a spokesperson for Christians to the Jews


Under the blessing and protection of the archduchess, Jacob Frank began to plant the seed of international intrigue and destruction.  He sent secret emissaries to the archbishop of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Tsar of Russia to assist in the overthrow of Poland and the Polish Catholic Church. By this time he had also taken the role of a messiah, like Shabbatai Zevi.  Yet this time, this Jewish Messiah now turned Roman Catholic specifically selected twelve female disciples who were his concubines and twelve male disciples who were to be his emissaries. 


Because the court of the archduchess in Vienna began to suspect that Jacob Frank was not truly Christian but went underground and was Jewish in Christian clothing.  Excommunicated earlier by the Jewish rabbis, he finally was expelled from Poland and Vienna.  At the age of sixty (1786), Jacob Frank moved to a small German village, Offenbach, where in luxury as the “Baron of Offenbach” he spent MAP - Click to centerthe last five years of his life. There he took his court of about 600 attendees to the small village of Offenbach near Frankfurt, Germany.  The money crisis of loosing the largess of the Maria Teresa was mysteriously resolved as new benefactors came to his aid. 


Offenbach, Hesse, Germany


According to secular Israeli investigative reporter, Barry Chamish;


Barry Chamish – “Frankfurt at the time was the headquarters of the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, as well as Rothschild Brothers’ financial empire.  This is worth repeating; Frankfurt was the birthplace of both the Illuminati and the Rothschild Empire. When Jacob Frank entered the city, the alliance between the two had already begun. Weishaupt provided the conspiratorial resources of the Jesuit Order, while the Rothschilds contributed the money.  What was missing was a means to spread the agenda of the Illuminati and the Frankists added with their network of agents throughout the Christian and Islamic worlds(Barry Chamish, Kerry, Gaza and the New Sabbatean Holocaust, pg 2) 


By the time of the entry of Jacob Frank to Frankfurt, Germany, the Illuminati under the leadership of Adam Weishaupt had been exposed for its sinister and politically destructive roots in European geopolitics.  The Illuminati immediately went underground.


Weishaupt strategically went global and infiltrated with the Frankists agents into the British and Scottish Masonic Rite Lodges. The initiatory rites all the way to the top, the thirty-third decree, were changed.  The messianic message of anti-Torah Judaism was now instilled throughout the world-wide empire of the British through their Masonic lodges.


In 1791, the mantle of authority in the Frankists movement was to pass on to his daughter, Eve Frank, who was the “holy mistress”.  She became the leader of the sect.  In time the sect began to diminish until on the verge of bankruptcy, she died in 1816. 


The Frankists had been agents of Napoleon’s French Revolution.  It was Moses Dobruschka, also known as Franz Thomas von Schoenfeld), who moved to Vienna in 1782.  There he came under the influence of Jacob Frank and became a founder of the Asiatic Brotherhood, whose members were predominately Jewish. (Encyclopaedia Judaica, Vol. 6, cols. 143-4)


Under the assumed name of Junius Frey, Moses Dobruschka (aka. Franz Thomas von Schoenfeld) became a member of the Jacobines, and took the mystical teaching of Shabbatai Zevi to the top of the British and Scottish Freemasonry lodges.  The Scottish rite, known as the Continental Masonry, origins were in European Masonry practiced in the mid 17th century.  The constitutions of the Scottish Rite were formulated in 1761, 1762 and 1786.  The influence of these rites went global along the trails of British Imperialism and practiced today in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  (Scottish Rite Masons)


The Christian Frankists and the Jewish non-Jew


Most of the Frankists first posed as Catholic Christians yet like their Jewish ancestors, they kept to themselves and married amongst themselves.  By the mid-1800’s, they would be absorbed totally into the Catholic Church and all traces of their Jewish roots disappeared.  


The impact of Shabbataism in the form of the Frankists was profound.  According to Professor Harris Lenowitz in The Sayings of Yacov Frank,


Harris Lenowitz – “Frank kept Shabbataism alive and ended its tribalism, opening its adherents to the world outside Judaism.  Shabbataism become Frankism was one of the most important of the 18th century movements which freed man.  The great revolution in consideration, the Turkish movements, and the French and American revolutions sprang from his loins.”  (Prof. Harris Lenowitx, The Sayings of Yacov Frank, Tree/Tzaddikim, 1978)


Carrying on the same theme, according to Yakov Leib HaKohain of the modern Dolmeh-West Shabbatean Movement;


Yacov Leib HaKohain – “Shabbatai, through Frank, is credited by some serious scholars with not only setting in motion the events leading to the emergence of the Conservative and Reform branches of Judaism, but also with fomenting the Turkish, French and even American revolutions. (See, for example, Prof. Harris Lenowitz's introduction to The Sayings of Yakov Frank, Tree/Tzaddikim, 1978; also my own publications on the subject in The Critic; A Journal Of Contemporary Catholic Culture; The Priest, a journal of Catholic theology; The Library Journal Of The C.G. Jung Institute Of San Francisco; and, to some extent, Dor L'dor: Journal of  the World Jewish Bible Society of Jerusalem.)  (Yakov Leib HaKohain, The Sabbatean Movement)


In 1994, Chief Justice of the Supreme Rabbinic Court, Rabbi Marvin Antelman wrote two seminal books on the Jewish leaders who were seeking to destroy the heart and soul of Judaism, To Eliminate the Opiate, Vol. 1 and 2.  This was the same Marvin Antelman who as Chief Justice of the Supreme Rabbinic Court of America who presided over the formal excommunication of Henry Kissinger from Judaism on June 20, 1976.


Rabbi Antelman is not just a ‘pie in the sky’ rabbi scholar but a physical chemist who is the founder of Marantech and chief advisor for the Department of Nuclear Physics at the Weizmann Institute.  His inventions and scientific discoveries include: Thin Layer Chromatography used worldwide by scientists; Micro battery technology used to power credit cards and other applications; and a method to eliminate deep sea corrosion of zirconium in nuclear submarine reactors.


According to Rabbi Antelman, Shabbatai Zevi:


Rabbi Antelman – “changed the holiday celebrations and violated the dietary prohibitions. All of this followed from his declaration that the usual rules were inapplicable to messianic times.(Rabbi Marvin Antelman – To Eliminate the Opiate, page 91)


Former Chief Justice of the Rabbinic Court, Rabbi Marvin Antelman


Rabbi Antelman – “He declared that the coming of the messianic era meant that the biblical commandments were no longer binding. He proclaimed that God now permitted everything.”  (Rabbi Marvin Antelman – To Eliminate the Opiate, page 95)


In essence as a true anti-Christ, Zevi changed times and laws according to the Torah prescriptions as given by Moses.  As Chamish states concerning the writing of Antelman,


Barry Chamish – “Rabbi Antelman’s central assertion, that Shabbataism was the polar opposite of Judaism.  That Shabbatai Zvi’s program was to destroy all the tenets of the Torah and replace them with their opposites.  Incredibly, more than half the Jews of the world at that time, believed he would be revealed as their promised messiah.”  (Barry Chamish, The Deutsch Devils)


Even the date Shabbatai Zevi announced to be the day of Redemption on the 15th day of Sivan, June 18, 1666 was significant.


Barry Chamish – “There are many who will recognize the significance of the date.  June is the sixth month, 18 divided by three is 6+6+6 and 1666 is clear enough.  Either he knew what he was doing or the prophesies of the emergence of an evil false messiah or anti-Christ are right, and Shabbatai  Z'vi was him.” (Barry Chamish, The Deutsch Devils)


The theology of the Sabbataeans made radical changes to Torah observant Jews.  Antelman continues:


Rabbi Antelman – “Through all of this, Shabbatai continued to issue proclamations of the theological changes wrought by the coming of the messianic age. Shabbatai's new prayer was, "Praised be He who permits the forbidden." Since all things would be permitted in the age of the messiah, Shabbatai declared many of the old restrictions of the Torah no longer applicable. He abolished the laws concerning sexual relationships. He eventually declared that all of the thirty six major biblical sins were now permitted and instructed some of his followers that it was their duty to perform such sins in order to hasten the Redemption.” (Rabbi Marvin Antelman – To Eliminate the Opiate, page 101)


The Geo-political and Religious influence of the Shabbateans and the Frankists


It was Rabbi Antelman in his seminal study showed that from the loins of the Illuminati Shabbataists, the Reign of Terror and the French Rebellion and the American Masonic Rebellion against Britain sprouted.  Yes, all the founders of the young republic of American were members of the Scottish Masonic lodges. 


From the loins of the Illuminati and the Shabbateans, the Jews, Karl Marx and Frederick Engel established the roots of communism.  From the loins of the Rothschild Frankists Sabbataeans, John Jowe Astor and Jacob Schiff went to America, enlisted the support of the robber barons of America, Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, and established the roots of globalism in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  The goal of the CFR according to Chamish is “to overthrow the American Constitution and switch the nation’s diplomacy to Illuminates.” 


The thread of political and moral corruption continued this time in the heart of German Jews in the 1830s.  The Jewish Enlightenment was initiated by German Jewish author Moses Mendelssohn, ancestor of the German composer, Felix Mendelssohn. The movements of the Reform and Conservative Judaism were to bring ecumenical anti-Torah ideas of Christian Frankists into orthodox Judaism.  The goal was to dilute the morality of Torah-observant Jews.  The Jews who did not comply were quietly removed and disappeared. 


Yet also from the loins of the messianic movement in Judaism in the 1640-1690s became the root of similar movements in the Christian world.  The father of Pietism, Philipp Jakob Spener, no doubt of Jewish blood was called to be the senior minister at Frankfurt am Main in 1666, the same year that Shabbatai Zevi announced to be the year of the Moschiach.  Spener’s calls for reform and a return to spiritual piety soon earned him the title of ‘spiritual counselor of all Germany’.  In 1667 he instituted the Collegia pietatis, called the “pious assembly” to study the application of spiritual truths to everyday life.  Here in the same city that the Illuminati, the Frankists and the Rothschilds were formulating their ideals of global dominance, the pietist (holiness) movement also began as a movement of spiritual pietism in the midst of Christian institutionalism.  (Pietism)


The year that Philipp Jakob Spener left Frankfurt for Dresden in 1686, Jacob Frank moved to the Frankfurt suburb of Offenbach.  There in Dresden, Spener met with his successor in the Pietist movement, August Hermann Francke.  Together they founded University of Halle where Pietism was put into action as Protestantism’s most active evangelistic center in Europe. 


The influences of the pietists were early felt in the Moravian community of German Lutheranism.  Spener’s son, Count Nikolas von Zinzendorf became the head of the renewed Moravian Church and the revival of the Bohemian Unity of the Brethren.  It was on a trip from Georgia with a company of Bohemian Moravians on a voyage in which his ship was nearing capsizing at sea, John Wesley (1703 – 1791), the 15th child of a non-conformist minister observed the faith and piety of the Moravians and with his conversion to the spiritual application of the kingdom of God on this earth, he opened the greatest era of revivalism in England, the Wesleyan Movement that became the future Methodist Church. 


In the 1600s, the New England Puritan Cotton Mather (1663-1728), a correspondent of August Franke, sought to bring spiritual piety to the worship of New Englanders before the Revolution.  After Mather’s death, the first of two American Great Awakenings began in the 1730’s to the 1740’s.  The ministry of Baal Shem Tov (1700-1760) brought Hasidic revivalism into Judaism and moved outside of orthodox ritual to a pietistic communion with God.  On the heels of the French and the American Revolution, the piety movements began to lay their historical roots in literal scriptural interpretation.  Out of the first American Great Awakening, Methodist revivalism, the Piety and Moravian Movement of the 18th century, the foundation was laid for the beginning of the era of anticipation of the literal and physical return of the Maschiach (Messiah).  The Jews were looking for the return of the Maschiach ben David and the return to the Land as foretold by their ancient prophets.  The Protestants in the Great Awakening were looking for the return of the Jewish messiah, Yahshua ben Yosef ben David (Jesus son of Joseph son of David) who claimed the He was the son of His Father, the Eternal One of Israel. 


The 1840s and the Call of God’s Judgment


In the 1840’s, the time of Judgment had come.  The call went throughout all Europe for the Jewish people to return to their homeland.  The European Jews, like their Babylonian Jewish cousins centuries prior in the Persian Empire, refused to leave their adopted homeland and return to Israel their native homeland.  It would take another century and eventually a great holocaust in which most of the orthodox rabbinic leaders of European Judaism were killed before the Jewish people began to believe that the return to their homeland was a part of their messianic fulfillment of prophecy. 


Yet even in this era, thriving communities of Jews were already living in the land of the 16th to the 19th century Palestine.  The words of their ancient prophets were being realized in real life.  Whenever the finger of the Jew touched their native soul, the land of Israel mysteriously thrived.  For seventeen hundred years, since the Jews were finally driven from the land of Judea by the revolt of the false messiah, Bar Kokhba, the land laid dormant.  It would not thrive for the native Arab Bedouins, the followers of Mohammed and the Eastern Caliphates (639-968 CE), the Fatamite Caliphs (968-1170), the Christian Crusaders (1095-1291), the Kurdish Saladin when he drove the Crusaders from the land (1171-1252), the Mameluke Dynasties (1260 – 1517), and the Ottoman Empire of Turkey (1299 –1918).  Through all these eras, the land of Israel remained a barren wasteland and refused to flourish except by the touch of the fingers of the Jews. 


Yet another mystery is presently unfolding, the return of the Lost Jews of Judaism.  All over the planet they are being revealed.  Will they continue to affirm their religious rationalism that they can put their God under and microscope and find a way to extract themselves  from what they see as the curse of being the ‘Chosen Ones’?  Twenty five hundred years ago, the prophet Ezekiel prophesied about the rationalism of the Jewish non-Jew who wants so much to forsake their God. 


Ezekiel 20: 3, 5, 9, 18-19, 23, 31-35, 37-28 - “Thus says the Lord God:  ‘Have you come to investigate Me?  As I live,’ says the Lord God, ‘I will not be investigated’ ….”On the day when I chose Israel and raised My hand in an oath to the descendants of the house of Jacob and made Myself known to them in the land of Egypt, I raised My hand in an oath to them, saying, ‘I am the Lord your God.’…I acted for My name’s sake that it should not be profaned before the Gentiles among whom they were, in whose sight I have made Myself known to them, to bringing them out of the land of Egypt….’But I said to their children…”do not walk in the statutes of your fathers, nor observe their judgments nor defile yourselves with their idols.  I am the Lord your God:  Walk in My statutes, keep My judgments, and do them; hallow My Sabbaths, and they will be a sign between Me and that you may know that I am the Lord your God.’…Also I raised My hand in an oath…that I would scatter them among the Gentiles and disperse them throughout the countries


”As I live,’ says the Lord God, ‘I will not be investigated by you.  What you have in your mind shall never be, when you say, ‘We shall be like the Gentiles, like the families in other countries, serving wood and stone. As I live,’ says the Lord God, ‘surely with a mighty hand, with and outstretched arm and with fury poured out, I will rule over youI will bring you out from the peoples and gather you out of the countries…I will bring you into the wilderness of the peoples, and there I will plead My case with you face to face.  …I will make you pass under the rod. And I will bring you into the bond of the covenant; I will purge the rebels from among you, and those who transgress against Me; I will bring them out of the country where they dwell, but they shall not enter the land of Israel.  Then you will know that I am the Lord.”


The God of the Jews has warned them, ‘Don’t try to investigate Me!  Don’t put me under the microscope and try to figure out how you can get out from under the covenant that I have made with you!  My oath to you has nothing to do with your wickedness. My oath to you is central to the honor of My Holy Name. The commandments of the Torah are true, they will not be abandoned and because you refuse to walk in My statutes and judgments, and keep my Sabbath sacred, I will scatter you among the Gentiles throughout the world.  When you want to be like the Gentiles, I will refuse to let you remain as one of them.  With the power of fury and my outstretch arm and mighty hand, I will gather you out of all countries, plead my case face to face with you, bring you back into the bondservant relationship of My covenant.  The rebels among you will be driven from their land of their dwelling but they will not be welcome into the land of their fathers.” 


How can the Lord of hosts be clearer?


The Jewish Non-Jew and the Modern Donmeh Shabbateans


Even today the evil ministry of the false messiah, Shabbatai Zevi, according to Antelman is still alive and well in the Turkish sect called the Donmeh.  For example the dates of the festivals of the Lord as the Donmeh Shabbatean Jews worship them today have been changed.  The Festival of Purim, the date commemorating when the Jews were saved from a holocaust by Haman the prime minister of Persia by the life and actions of a young Jewess who was Queen of Persia, Hadassah or Esther have now been turned into a festival of orgies.  According to Antelman,


Rabbi Antelman – “The Donmeh now converted the Shabbatain Purim into an annual orgy, when members exchanged spouses for a ceremony called "extinguishing the lights." The Donmeh justified their Purim orgies, and their regular practice of sharing wives and engaging in other sexual activities, by citing biblical precedents.” (Rabbi Marvin Antelman – To Eliminate the Opiate, page 101)


What the Shabbatean connection does reveal is the suppression of authentic Judaism and the conversion to secularism and Catholicism is an identity process that is unnatural to the Jewish psycheA Jewish non-Jew begins to hate himself to the point that he hates everything that is authentically Jewish.  He wants so desperately to rebel against the God who has taken his people into a covenant relationship and calls them, “His chosen ones.”


The Sabbatian Jew wants so desperately to be like every other person, but he cannot. To the core, he will always be Jewish whether he accepts it or likes it or not. The subterranean history of the Sabbatian Jew is blended with the false messianism of Shabbatai Zevi, the religious institutional control of Jesuit Catholicism, and the global financial control of the Jewish Rothschilds. Here is the fate of the liberal Jew, the secular Jew, and the anti-Torah Jew. 


The Eternal One, the Lord their God will not let them off the hook.  The dilemma of the modern Christian who seeks to return to his spiritual roots and the kingdom of God was presented to the Jewish people by Yahshua (Jesus) over nineteen hundred years ago.  Their quest is our quest, where are my spiritual roots?  Who are my spiritual forefathers?   We have secular Jewish leaders running the government of Israel who are beholden to the British-American arm of the globalists of the Council on Foreign Relations.  We have the European arm of the globalists who with the United Nations are adamant that their vision of power and control will be placed over ‘the Land’ that the Lord of hosts calls His own. 


We have the Vatican globalists who seek hegemony over the city of Jerusalem to make it into an ecumenical religious city for all people. We have the Hashemite Jordanian rulers who want hegemony over the eastern city of Jerusalem and the sites claimed holy by the Moslems even though they are also holy sites to Christians and Jews.  We have the Ayatollahs of Iran along with the Russians claiming their Persian hegemony over the land of Israel.  We have the Syrians claiming their Assyrian hegemony over the land of Israel.  We had the Iraqi claiming their Babylonian hegemony over this same land under the claimed reincarnation of the ancient king Nebuchadnezzar by former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.  Will he be politically resurrected and return to the power of the throne of Babylon? 


The great Drama of the Ages is progressing to its final and dramatic conclusion.  Thousands of little mini-dramas will be included into this final production before the coming of the Messiah.


Is John Kerry a Sabbatian Jew?


To consider the fact that the Sabbatian movement is dead is mute to the fact that at the time of the end every conceivable evil, devious and corrupt idea will be alive and well. There in the final days, the culture of the anti-Christ that assembles in the plains of Megiddo will meet and battle the return of the Maschiach. 


The sociological and political landscape of America is still affected by the life and times of pre-World War I America.   The political landscape of Bosnia in 1914 and 2004 are not too much different.  Could possibly the Frankists movement which officially ended in 1816 still be alive and well in the culture of the Austrian-Polish culture seventy years later when Fritz Kohn was born to a Jewish brewer in the small hamlet of Bennisch in 1873?  Of course!  Here we have a Jewish brewer who became a Viennese shoe salesman turned Chicago business consultant and then Bostonian merchant before he met his death by suicide by depression in the face of cancer and bankruptcy. 


To state that the greatest messianic revivalism that swept the Jews in the 17th century affected the French and the American revolution yet did not affect a Jewish family living in the midst of this Jewish revival in the 1840s,  would have to select this one Jewish family, the Kohn’s and put them in a time bubble.  It was the 1840s that began the second Great Awakening in America.  It was the 1840s that began the second wave of messianism in Judaism with its call to return to Israel as part of the great return of the Jews.


Many enigmatic features are part of this Czech Jewish brewer now turned Viennese Catholic shoe merchant.  One hundred years prior, Vienna was immersed in the influence of Jacob Frank who in the midst of a messianic revival took hundreds of Jewish people and convinced them that the pathway to salvation was through Catholic Christianity.  During this time they were being programmed to be anti-Jewish, anti-Torah, anti-rabbinic (Talmudic) and anti-Israel.  These were the ancestors of the Jews in the 1830s who were now “investigating their God” and did not want to be apart of His covenant.  So what did they do?  They changed their names, moved to a new home, opened up a new profession and most of them became Catholics.  These were also the ancestors of the Jews in the 1930s who proclaimed when asked to return to the land of their forefathers, “Germany is my homeland, Berlin is my Jerusalem”. 


Though they were true to their rationalism, the Jews also had the choice to stay true to their own integrity, core convictions and self identity or face extermination in the gas chambers of Auswitch and other concentration camps in central Europe.   It was rational to say that in an adopted country where you lay down your differences and become one like every other citizen in that land that you would be accepted.  But the God of the Jews said that their adopted country would turn against them not because they were different, but because they were like them.  The God is Israel said not only would their adopted homelands reject them, but I, your God will bring you out of that land.  How true that happened in 1948 and how true that will happen again. 


The political upheavals going into the November election, 2004, whether stated or not, will center on the geo-politics of the Land of IsraelThere is not a human catastrophe anywhere in the Middle East that does not have its roots in fact that Jewish people are living in the land of Israel.  That the Islamic people have sensed that something is wrong in Middle East politics by the insurgence of secular Jewish Zionism is correct.  That many Evangelical Christians believe that the present State of Israel as a secular nation has the divine approval of the Eternal One of Israel is wrong. 


John Forbes Kerry is at the greatest milestone of his life. Will he affirm fully his ancestral roots and return to the faith of his forefathers?  Will his Mozambique Portuguese Jewish wife, Theresa Heinz Kerry, aka Maria Theresa Theirstein Simoes-Ferreira accept her Jewish heritage and return to the spiritual roots of her fathers?  Does he accept that his people have truly sought to put their God under a microscope in the effort to extract a God that they can control?  Is he willing to accept that his God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and he has a covenant relationship with his God? 


The Holocaust has also taken its emotional toll on the family of John Forbes Kerry.  The brother and sister of his paternal grandmother, Ida Loewe, Jenny and Otto Loewe according to Austrian genealogist, Felix Gundacker, were killed in the Holocaust.  Otto died in the Theresienstadt ghetto and Jenny disappeared in the Treblinka death camp.


According to the researchers at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, Jenny and Otto Loewe’s names were found in the three million names database of Holocaust victims.  Jenny Loewe was born in 1872 and Otto in 1874. They were taken captive from their home in Vienna and sent to the Theresienstadt ghetto in Czechoslovakia on August 14, 1942.  There in the ghetto camp, Otto died.  Jenny was then transported on September 26, 1942 to the Treblinka death camp, an extermination facility where over 800,000 Jews were sent to be killed in the gas chambers filled with exhaust from diesel engines. She was never found alive again. 


Most citizens of the United States will go to the polls and vote with their pocketbooks and according to their fears of security in this world.  Personal security and financial security are the key themes in this election.  This country is more polarized today than we were in the year 2000 when for the first time the winner of the national election for the office of the presidency of the United States, George W. Bush, was decided by the Supreme Court.  Only then could he claim winner by the vote of the Electoral College while the loser of the presidential election, Al Gore, was the winner of the popular vote. 


If we look at the geo-political events from the perspective of the Land of Israel, we could suggest that Bill Clinton, president of the U.S. (1992-2000) effectively moved us through the failed Oslo Peace Accord in which the nations of the world, so eager to move their foreign policy agendas to other crucial issues were left in a stalemate. 


Effective November, 2000, a new era in Israeli internationalism had already begunAriel Sharon, the champion of the settler’s movement, went to the temple mount and read Ezekiel 26 on Rosh Hashanah according to the lunar calendar of the Lord.  Sharon went on to win the Israeli election and for the first time in Jewish history, the Prime Minister of Israel took his oath of office by placing his hands on the TaNaKh, the Jewish Bible


Effective also that date, Arafat declared the Intifada against the State of Israel, declared war against the Jewish people and the Oslo Accord was dead in its tracks.  Within one year, the war on terror against Israel went global with the collapse of the Twin Tower on September 11, 2001.


Did the Lord of hosts select George W. Bush because he knew that Bush would be the best candidate to bring our nations into the middle of the New World Order?   Was not George W. Bush, with his father as former CIA, ex-president of the United States and a known globalist who promoted the 1993 Gulf War as a war of the New World Order, the best candidate to make the “lamb like beast begin to speak like a dragon?  I believe that he was. 


It was March 2, 2004, one week after the New Hampshire Primary that the lanky and awkward Junior Senator of Massachusetts had made a surprise upset and won that coveted state primary.   The Democratic Party’s coffers were empty and with his Republican opponent’s coffers in excess of 150 million dollars, the future looked dismal.  That week I approached the BibleSearchers and asked them to ponder the following. 


Has George Bush effectively completed his commission by the Lord of hosts?  By early summer, the nation of Iraq was transferred back to national Iraqi autonomy.  The war on terror will continue until ‘peace with security” is secured by a global government under the anti-Christ.  Are the days of George Bush as president of the United States numbered and about over? 


But why was Kerry chosen?  The American political campaign initially looked as if we were hosting only as a candidate of the political left versus a candidate of the political right.  Both are members of the Council on Foreign Relations and known globalists.  Both are members of Yale’s Skull and Bones secret society.  Both are committed to power and authority to achieve their agenda in world governance.  Bush’s greed is oil.  Kerry’s greed is still unknown.  On the face of it, the politics of the world will remain unchanged.  The CFR globalist agenda will continue.  All of these conditions were known until the Kerry Equation came to light. 


It is a belief of BibleSearchers that at the time of the end, Jewish leaders will be involved in every level in the anti-Christ race for universal global domination.  At the same time, Jewish leaders will be involved in every level of the spiritual battle to preserve the homeland for God’s chosen people and the spiritual war between the forces of evil and ‘holy ones’ that will return with the Maschiach of Israel. 


Where will John Kerry be in this political and spiritual war?  Will Kerry continue with his fathers to be a part of those that want to ‘investigate’ the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and seek how they, the Jewish people, can abrogate their covenant relationship with their God?  Will John Kerry remain a Jewish Non-Jew?  Or will John Forbes Kerry become a true political and spiritual leader for his Jewish people?  Will he become a defender of the God of Israel for the preservation of the Land of Israel that his God calls His own?   The final truth of the Kerry Equation is still unknown.   



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