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17 Tammuz to 9 Av, 5766

Phase One – War against Damascus (Hezbullah)

The Globalization of Israel and Vatican’s NATO imbedded at the Northern Gate of Israel

July –August, 2006

 Zechariah 9:1

Part Four – Global News


Psalms 44:7-8 - "For I do not trust in my bow,

Nor does my sword save me.

For You have saved us from our oppressors,

And You shamed those who hate us."


The 17th of Tammuz – July 13, 2006 – Israel defended the Breeched Walls (Border) of Jerusalem (Israel) by Persian (Iran) militia forces, Hezbollah.

 The 9th of Av – August 3, 2006 – The Day Jerusalem (Israel) was (not) Destroyed by the Forces of Persian Islam (Iran)

August 14, 2006 – The Israeli-Hezbollah War stopped by the Greco-Roman Vatican brokered Peace Accord

The Stage Set for Greece and Rome (NATO and the United States) to Return for the Final Battle of Daniel Eight against Persia-Iran in 2008/2009




The Backlash and the Outcome: Israel’s Enemies will Surround Jerusalem  

Tisha B’Av, the 9th AV – Without Tshuvah, this Day remains a Day of Mourning

Expansion-Contraction – the Wavering Globalist War

The Kana Massacre - Dejavu 1980

The Gaza Disengagement à Galilee Destruction

Celtic Psalm Book

The UNIFIL Bombing by Israel

The Vatican-Rome Ceasefire

The Architects of this War – America and Iran

The War Expansion

The War on Morality and the Impurade put on Hold

The Palestinian Rothschild – Is He the “King of Gaza”

How God treats Israel without Tshuva

Rabbinic Commentary on the 17th Tammuz to the 9th of Av War

The Prime Minister Olmert appears to be making Tshuva (Repentance)

The Euphoria in Anticipation of Redemption

The War of 17 Tammuz to the 9th Av with Hezbollah

The “Way it was” before the 17th Tammuz


The Backlash and the Outcome: Israel’s Enemies will Surround Jerusalem


Nasrallah: Hit Beirut? We'll Hit Tel Aviv – August 4, 2006

Lekarev News - Israel Air Force warplanes this morning struck three bridges linking Beirut to northern Lebanon, in the strongest attacks yet on the north of the country. The latest IAF bombardment came a day after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned that if the IDF attacks central Beirut, his followers would fire rockets on Tel Aviv. However, Nasrallah also said - for the first time since fighting began 22 days ago -that Hezbollah would stop firing rockets on northern Israel in return for an end to air strikes throughout Lebanon.


Hmmm - does that mean he's getting low on rockets? Launchers? Or the men to fire them? "If you bomb our capital Beirut, we will bomb the capital of your usurping entity. We will bomb Tel Aviv," Nasrallah said. Justice Minister Haim Ramon said Friday that Nasrallah wants Israel to stop attacking Hezbollah so he can retain the ability to threaten Israel whenever he wants. A senior defense source told Channel 1 television that Israel would utterly destroy Lebanon's infrastructure if Hezbollah fires rockets at Tel Aviv.


Muslim Group: 217 Sent to Bomb 'Israel's Interests' – August 4, 2006

Lekarev News - More than 200 Islamic terrorists from Southeast Asia havebeen sent on missions to bomb Israel's "vital interests" and countries that support the Jewish state, their leader said today. These terrorists have been trained to carry out suicide bombings to avenge Israel's military strikes on the Palestinian territories and Lebanon, said Suaib Didu, chairman of the Jakarta-based ASEAN Muslim Youth Movement.


"We will limit our targets to Israel's vital interests and those that support Israel's aggression in Palestine and Lebanon," Didu said. "We will not carry out attacks indiscriminately." Western countries such as the United States and Britain, as well as businesses, could be targeted unless they cease supporting Israel, he said. Didu said the group was watching Australia's position on the Middle East conflict. "If John Howard makes a statement in support of Israel, he will be a target," Didu said. More than 3,000 people have signed up for the mission, and 217 people from Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore have been dispatched abroad so far, he said.


Intel Report: Iran Gives Hizbollah Missiles That Can Strike Dimona – August 4, 2006

Lekarev News - In an exclusive report by DEBKAfile's Weekly Intelligence briefing, and confirmed by at least one other intelligence source, in the last two weeks, Iran has supplied the Lebanese Hizballah with a battery of upgraded Zelzal surface missiles whose range of 350- 400 km brings Israel’s nuclear reactor in Dimona within reach.


The battery consists of 16 missiles which, fired from northern or central Lebanon, can hit the Negev town of Beersheba which is some 34 km west of the nuclear center. Iran knows that a missile strike even if it is a direct hit will not do much harm because the nuclear installations are buried deep underground and guarded by anti-missile defenses. But both Tehran and Hizballah are after the psychological impact on Islamic and world opinion of aiming the first Muslim missile against Israel’s atomic center. Saddam tried in 1991 and missed. His Scud was meant to hit the reactor’s dome and crack it. It landed instead near the Dead Sea town of Arad.


According to DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military sources, the Iranian missile battery is still in Syria, stored at the Qusayr air base southwest of Homs, where it is thought to be safe from Israeli air attack. Qusayr is situated opposite the north Lebanese town of Hermel and Jebel Akroum, where Hizballah has stationed its long range missile Naziat Brigade, which is armed with less advanced Zelzal-2 missiles whose range is 250 km. Israeli sources do not rule out the possibility of Syria allowing the Naziat Brigade to shoot the new upgraded missiles from the Syrian-Lebanese border, so that the launcher can be pulled back into Syria the moment it is fired and kept out of reach of the Israeli air force.


Assad Presides over 'War Council' in Damascus – August 4, 2006

Lekarev News - A meeting that can only be described as a "War Council" was held on Thursday in Damascus and was chaired by Syrian president Bashar Assad, attended by Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah and senior Iranian official Ali Larijani. There too were Hamas leaders Khaled Meshaal and Mussa Abu Marzouk as well as the Palestinian Jihad Islami chief Abdallah Ramadan Shelah. The Palestinian terrorist leaders were invited in their capacity as commanders of the second front against Israel in Gaza.


This anti-Israel coalition will no doubt decide on the two fronts’ next steps in their war against the “Zionist enemy.” The fact that Assad was there and the consultation is taking place in his capital indicates that he and the other participants feel confident enough to decide on a further escalation of the violence. On Wednesday, according to intelligence reports, Nasrallah received Tehran’s OK to strike Tel Aviv.



Report: Bin Laden's Son Sent to Operate Against Israel – August 3, 2006

Lekarev News - According to a report in the reputable German nespaper, Die Welt, yesterday, Iran has freed a son of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden from house arrest on July 28 and sent him to the Syrian- Lebanese border to assist in the war against Israel.


"From the Lebanese border, Saad Bin Laden has the task of building Islamist terror cells and preparing them to fight together with Hizbullah," Die Welt said, quoting intelligence information. "Apparently Tehran is counting on recruiting Lebanese refugees in Syria for the fight against Israel, using bin Laden's help," it added in a preview of a report to appear in its Thursday edition.

Western intelligence sources have long suspected that Iran is holding a number of al-Qaeda figures, possibly including Saad Bin Laden and Saif al-Adel, the network's security chief.


Tisha B’Av, the 9th AV – Without Tshuvah, this Day remains a Day of Mourning


Tisha B'Av - Today in Jewish History – August 3, 2006

Lekarev News - Today, the 9th of Av, is the saddest day of the Jewish calendar. Beginning at sundown last night, Jews fast from food and drink until sundown tonight, mourning the destruction of both the First and Second Temples, and even more, grieving over our sins which caused the destructions.


In 423 BCE, the first Holy Temple was destroyed by fire, as Nebuchadnezzar's Babylonian troops conquered Jerusalem. Also on this day, the second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. Tisha B'Av has long been a day of calamity for the Jewish people: on this day, during the time of Moses, Jews in the desert accepted the slanderous report of the 12 Spies, resulting in the decree postponing enter to the Land of Israel. Other grave misfortunes throughout Jewish history occurred on the Ninth of Av: The Spanish Inquisition culminated with the expulsion of Jews from Spain on Tisha B'Av in 1492. World War I broke out on the eve of Tisha B'Av in 1914 when Germany declared war on Russia; German resentment from the war set the stage for the Holocaust. On the eve of Tisha B'Av 1942, the mass deportation began of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto, en route to Treblinka.


Today, Tisha B'Av is the Jewish national day of mourning, when we don't eat, drink or bathe. Lights in the synagogue are dimmed, and we read the Book of Lamentations, Jeremiah's poetic lament over the destruction of Jerusalem. This Tisha B'Av we also mourn the loss of those who have died in this current war. All Israelis mourn the deaths of our soldiers. They are our future - we think, for instance, of Adi Cohen, the 18 year old who fell in battle yesterday. If he had lived, he would have married, had children, hopefully lived to see his grandchildren. We mourn him, but we also mourn what his future could have been; we mourn the children he would have fathered - our next generation of Israeli Jews.


Judaism is not first about being happy; it is about being holy. Holiness is developed as a product of embracing all the life brings - the joyful and the painful - and choosing to grow spiritually through everything we experience in this life. It has been said that we don't really understand true joy unless we have suffered real pain. Tisha B'Av gives us the opportunity to embrace the pain of being Jewish that we may also celebrate its beauty, its holiness and its ultimate triumph. How can we be so sure that beauty, holiness and triumph will come? Because Hashem has made an eternal covenant with us and He cannot fail.


Soldiers Exempted from Tisha B'Av Fast – August 1, 2006

Lekarev News - Combat soldiers have been exempted from fasting on Tisha B'Av, which marks the destruction of the two Jerusalem Temples, Israel's Chief Rabbis Shlomo Amar and Yona Metzger announced, in cooperation with the IDF's chief rabbi, Brigadier General Yisrael Weiss. The three publicized a religious decree on the issue. The decree was presented by Rabbi Metzger, who is the President of the Chief Rabbinical Council, during a meeting of the Council in Sderot at the start of the week, held to identify with the citizens of the rocket- stricken city.


The decree ruled: "Due to the combat situation our fighters are under in the front, we rule that all soldiers involved in combat are exempt from suffering on the day of Tisha B'Av, since the suffering harms combat ability and can endanger their lives. They must therefore eat and drink as much as they need so that they be maximally fit to carry out the holy missions placed upon them, to fight and win." All other Israelis and Jews worldwide are being encouraged to fulfill the fast and add special prayers this year for our soldiers and for the nation of Israel. Tisha B'Av (the 9th of Av) is the saddest day in Jewish history, commemorating among other tragedies, the destruction of both the First Temple and the Second Temple.


Olmert to Push Withdrawal Plan – August 2, 2006

Emuna News - In a new show of unprecedented insanity, PM Olmert told The Associated Press today that he feels Israel's success in Lebanon will create "new momentum" for his plan to unilaterally withdraw from most of Judea and Samaria. The blood of Israel's beloved sons is being spilled in the north to create a buffer zone in Lebanon, and now Olmert wants to bring the Hamas and Hizbolla closer to the heartland of Israel. By doing so, he is destroying the beautiful national unity that has been achieved in this war. 


Likud MK Gideon Saar said, "Olmert's remarks show that he is totally detached from reality. After his policy of unilateral retreats brought rockets to Haifa and Ashkelon, he stubbornly insists on continuing this wanton policy that will certainly bring rockets on every location in Israel." This is bizarre - the two people in the world that are doing the most to uproot Jews from their homes are Nasrulla and Olmert. Achmadinejad controls Nasrulla, and Bush/Condi control Olmert. The amazing conclusion - Iran and the USA both want the same thing, a Judenrein Middle East. This is exactly the prophecy of Ezekiel coming true, so be happy - don't be sad. Tisha B'av is the outer klipa, or shell, that contains the sweet inner fruit of our redemption. Hashem is doing everything for the very best


Olmert Remarks Cause Uproar – August 3, 2006

Lekarev News - PM Ehud Olmert tried to cover up a political blunder by denying he told the foreign press that success in the current war "will ultimately lay the foundations for movement in the framework of the realignment." Unfortunately for Olmert, the comments were broadcast on army radio, stirring fierce opposition and causing soldiers to refuse to serve if it meant supporting a process that would lead to future retreats from Judea and Samaria.


Q: Looking ahead to your West Bank realignment plan. Israel pulled out of Gaza, Israel pulled out of Lebanon and yet Israel is back in Gaza and back in Lebanon. What does this bode for your West Bank realignment?

Olmert: "We are not really back in Gaza. We are acting in Gaza in order to defend ourselves in spite of the fact that we pulled out entirely and they were shooting at us as they did and the same in Lebanon. The answer for our security problems is not occupying territories. The answer is to create an environment that will be more encouraging for peace negotiations and that is what we were trying to do. Today, to speak about the realignment is not the right time because we are engaged in this effort to stop the terrorist actions from Gaza and the war against Israeli citizens from Lebanon. But I genuinely believe that the determination that Israel manifests and the power that we project and the outcome of these operations both in the south and in the north will ultimately lay the foundations for movement in the framework of the realignment."


Quick and furious indignation erupted from several sectors almost immediately after Olmert's remarks. "The backing Olmert received went to his head," Knesset Member Zvi Hendel (National Union) said in response to Olmert's comments, which stunned rightist Knesset members. "How many missiles and rockets need to fall on the North and South in order for Olmert to understand that state security cannot be achieved through bragginga nd splitting the nation?" National Religious Party Chairman Zevulun Orlev also rejected Olmert's comments. "Any intelligent person realizes that the war defeated realignment," Orlev said. "Olmert suffers from diplomatic blindness. It's a pity that at wartime the prime minister chooses to split the nation instead of uniting it." Right wing activist Baruch Marzel also blasted the PM, charging that "it's about time Olmert stop thinking that he rules the world. The man doesn't learn from mistakes -- realignment will lead to Qassam rockets on Kfar Saba and Netanya," Marzel said.


One Israeli Killed, 21 Wounded in Record 227 Rocket Barrage on No. Israel – August 3, 2006

Lekarev News - Hezbollah terrorists yesterday fired a barrage of more than 227 rockets at towns across northern Israel, killing an Israeli riding a bicycle and hitting further south than ever before. A stray rocket even struck the West Bank for the first time, falling in the city of Beit Shean.


As air raid sirens wailed, rockets shrieked across the border leaving trails in the air and smashing into cities and towns destroying buildings and setting fires. Elevn rockets hit Tiberias, including a direct hit on a home. Thankfully no one was there at the time. Multiple rockets struck Maalot, Kiryat Shmona, Carmiel, Rosh Pina and Safed, said police spokesman Avi Zelba.


By afternoon, more than 150 rockets had rained down on northern Israel, killing one man and wounding 21 others, police said. A 52-year-old Israeli man riding his bike near the Israeli border town of Nahariya was killed by a rocket, medics said. It brought the Israeli death toll in three weeks of fighting to 55. Nineteen of those killed have been civilians.



Lekarev News - In a dramatic raid into north Lebanon, Israel Defense Forces commandos infiltrated the Hezbollah stronghold of Baalbek in east Lebanon at daybreak Wednesday, in what Lebanese security sources described as a major operation against suspected Hezbollah positions. The IDF has confirmed the capture of five Hizbollah fighters and killed several others before completing the operation and safely returning to Israel. Lebanese radio is saying that SIX Hizbollah fighters were captured. The sources said that the raid aimed to capture senior Hezbollah man Mohammed Yazbek, who was reportedly being treated at the Dar al-Hikma hospital in the town. The IDF confirmed that its troops returned from the operation to their base in Israel unharmed and that several militants were captured by the raiding forces and taken back to Israel.


The Israeli force fought its way into the Dar al Hikmeh hospital which Hizballah’s Beqa'a commander Muhammad Yazbek had converted into his staff headquarters. Israel is now going out in full force to cripple Hizbollah decisively and to pave the way for the wide buffer zone in the south.


Lebanese security sources identified three of the men as Hussein Nasrallah, Hussein al-Burji and Ahmed al-Ghotah and described them as low ranking members of the group. The captured Hussein Nasrallah has the same name as a Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, but is not known to be related to him in any way. The commandos hoped to capture the Beqa'a commander, Yazbek, but it has not yet been whether he is the reported "Sixth" person. All the prisoners have been brought back to Israel. This is the first confirmation by the IDF of operations so deep inside the Bekaa Valley, a known Hizbullah stronghold. Hizbollah sources are saying that Yazbek was not at the hospital during the night but given their propensity for 'altering' reality, who knows? We are awaiting further news on this developing story.


Report: 300-400 Hizbollah Have Been Killed – August 2, 2006

Lekarev News - Government ministers revealed Tuesday that between 300-400 Hizbullah fighters have been killed since the start of the IDF counter-terrorism offensive in Lebanon. Justice Minister Haim Ramon, who said that 300 of the enemy's forces have been eliminated, revealed that IDF sources estimate the total number of Hizbullah fighters to be 2,000. "The objective is to hit the fighters and the weaponry of the Hizbullah," Ramon told a Channel 10 interviewer, "and so far, we have done a pretty good job." The minister went on to say that Israel would "not return to a situation in which the Hizbullah does what it wants - kidnapping, killing or firing Katyushas at northern communities - and we sit by fearfully. Thanks to the decision of the prime minister, the rules of the game have changed. What was is not what will be."


One of the government ministers said that fighting Hizbollah is like fighting "a branch of the Iranian army." Tourism Minister Yitzchak Herzog today mentioned a higher figure of Hizbullah fighters killed by IDF forces, about 400. He further elaborated that several Hizbullah headquarters and much of the organization's equipment have been destroyed in IDF operations. Yesterday, Iranian clerics called on all Arab nations to arm and support Hizbollah in its fight against Israel.


Under-Reported Fact – August 2, 2006

Lekarev News - Israel as a nation is absolutely united in this war effort. We all know that we are fighting for the right to exist as a nation; we are fighting for our homes. those of us who live in the north know it VERY well, as even this morning's barrage of rockets underscored once again.


Though there have been a couple of "anti- war demonstrations", the attendance has been minimal and not even worth reporting, though foreign media have done so. It's really nonsense. To further confirm what I'm writing, Israel Radio reported that the army is experiencing MORE THAN 100% response to the call-up of reserves. How can that be? Simple. EVERY reservist being called up is reporting for duty AND reservists not yet called up by the Army have also been showing up to report in and volunteer to serve.

We are justifiably PROUD of our IDF and this statistic tells you more than anything else how deeply we all understand the reason why we are at war and the reason why we MUST win.


Expansion-Contraction – the Wavering Globalist War


Assad Calls on Syrian Army to Increase Readiness – August 1, 2006 News -Syrian President Bashar Assad called on his army Monday to increase readiness to cope with "regional challenges." The president's comments came during an annual address to the military but also as the campaign in Lebanon entered their 20th day of fighting.

Travelers from Syria have reported that some reservists have been called up for military duty - a sign that Syria is concerned the fighting in Lebanon could spill over. The Syrian government has not made any announcement about calling up reserves.


In a warning to Israel four days after the fighting erupted, Syria's government promised a firm and immediate retaliation for any possible Israeli attack on its territory. Assad said Syria was more determined to support Lebanon and will not flinch under international pressure.

Olmert begins 48-hour halt of airstrikes – July 31, 2006

GroundedEmuna News - Olmert, in a naive and unprecedented capitulation to US State Department directives, has agreed to unilaterally halt air-strikes for 48 hours.


This will allow the bruised and bleeding Hizbolla to regroup and replenish their arms. May Hashem have mercy on us.Grounded. Olmert's orders. Where there's no fear of Hashem, there's fear of flesh-and-blood.


Just earlier today, Hizbolla was begging for a cease fire; Olmert, with another strange and inexplicable move, has granted them a respite from airstrikes


Olmert Agrees to Multinational Force on Lebanon/Israel Border – July 30, 2006

Lekarev Report - Lekarev Report - Following an almost two-hour meeting in his Jerusalem residence with US Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice on Saturday night, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has agreed to a US plan calling for the deployment of an international peacekeeping force along Israel’s border with Lebanon and with Syria. It was announced that France and Lebanon would take part in the force, but other details have yet to be decided upon.


According to reports following the high-level meeting, the size of the force and the timing for such a move has yet to be determined, but Olmert has given his approval to the idea of such a force being positioned between Israel and Hizbullah in southern Lebanon.

Israel radio also reported that the US has given Israel another 10 days or so to 'finish the job' against Hizbollah. Yet another massive call-up of reserves is underway and Israel is expected to pull out all the stops for the next several days to eradicte Hizbollah from our borders.


IDF Uncovers Weapons Cache in So. Lebanon; One Soldier Wounded – July 30, 2006 Report - An IDF soldier was moderately wounded during clashes in the village of Al-Adisa, which was used, the IDF said, as a launching site for rockets at Israeli communities in North.


At least three terrorists were killed, in addition to which IDF troops discovered large weapons caches, a Katyusha rocket launcher, 10 RPG missiles, an artillery cannon, and 18 shells. Fourteen other rockets, explosives, IDF uniforms, and an instruction manual for anti-tank missiles were also discovered.


Also overnight Saturday, IDF forces spotted a Hizbullah cell north of Dovev, that was attempting to infiltrate the northern border and cross into Israel. Troops fired on the cell, killing all the operatives.


US Congress to EU: Add Hizbollah to Terrorist List – July 30, 2006

Lekarev Report - Two hundred and ten members of the United States Congress signed a letter which was sent to the European Union's chief of foreign policy Javier Solana, urging the EU to add Hizbullah to the list of terror organizations. The letter followed Solana's statement two weeks ago in which he argued that there was not sufficient data tying Hizbullah to terrorist activities. (Does the word DUH come to mind?)


“We were dismayed to hear your July 19 assertion that the EU lacked 'sufficient data' to add Hizbullah to its terrorist list," the members of Congress wrote, urging Solana and the EU to take immediate action to include the Hizbullah on the list. The letter was sponsored by representatives Elton Gallegly (R-CA) and Robert Wexler (D-FL) and signed by both majority and minority leaders of the House. Members of Congress have already called on the EU, in a 2005 resolution, to add Hizbullah to its terror list, but the EU has not taken action on this issue yet.


Adding Hizbullah to the terror list would enable the EU to stop the transfer of funds from EU countries to the organization and seize assets Hizbullah has in Europe.


US Wants an Israeli Victory – July 30, 2006

Lekarev Report - Telephone lines between Jerusalem and Washington were more than highly active last week as Israel conveyed the message that Hezbollah is a stubborn organization that is not easily beaten and Washington responded that it is expecting Israel to "do the job"; in other words, win a decisive victory. Israeli diplomats explained the inherent injustice in the fact that "Israel needs 80 percent success to win and Hezbollah requires only 20 percent success. All the organization needs is to survive somehow with its head above water." The Americans know that and their response is simply that Israel knew that when we went to war and the expectation remains: Israel must win.


President George W. Bush's support for the Israeli move is not only based on good will towards the only true democracy in the Middle East and an American ally, but also an outright interest: He wants Israel to get the job done - that is, to win. Why? On the basis of that victory, and in the absence of the disruptive element - Hezbollah - Lebanon will be able to recover and become a political model worthy of the Bush vision. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair insisted at their press conference Friday on the need for "a Lebanon free of militias and foreign interference." Many in the U.S. believe Israel is the likeliest candidate to manage that clean-up operation, but the time frame at its disposal is not completely clear. While thousands of reservists are being called up, and your young soldiers engage the enemy, often in fierce battles, conversations behind closed doors are waging their own 'diplomatic battles'. How will it all turn out? Only Hashem knows - and in fact, only Hashem is TRULY in charge, no matter what anybody else thinks!


IAF Destroys Hizbollah Missile Command Center in Tyre – July 30, 2006 Report - The IAF scored a successful direct hit against Hizbollah's missile command center deployed in Tyre, which was responsible for firing rockets on the Haifa area. The unit in Tyre controlled a large number of 220mm rockets manufactured in Syria, which had caused most of the Israeli civilian fatalities.


Israeli jets fired missiles at a three-story building near the southern market town of Nabatiyeh at 8:30 A.M. Friday, the officials said. They said the building, which housed a construction company believed owned by a Hizbollah activist, was reduced to rubble.


Syria continues to try to expand its resupplying effort of Hizbollah. Four Syrian trucks crossing the border into Lebanon were attacked by air Wednesday night.

The Kana Massacre - Dejavu 1980


PM Olmert: Kana is a Katyusha-Firing Center  - July 30, 2006

Israel National News - The responsibility for today's IDF attack on Kana lies with Hizbullah & Lebanon, Israel says, as the citizens were repeatedly warned to leave. Hundreds of Katyushas were fired from Kana at Israel. The IDF Spokesman's office says that Hizbullah uses the civilians as "human shields," and many reports have been received attesting to the fact that Hizbullah does not allow the citizens to leave - despite many IDF warnings to do so. Israel also blames the Lebanese Government for not preventing the above situation.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says that Kafr Kana and environs are a "center for Katyusha firing on Kiryat Shmonah and Afula... Dozens of Katyushas have been fired from there, and the terrorists hide there after firing the rockets." Olmert emphasized that the residents had often been warned that they must leave the area. "Israel does not have a policy of killing innocent people," Olmert said, in an obvious contrast with Hizbullah and Hamas. A senior IDF officer told Voice of Israel Radio, "Hizbullah fires rockets at Kiryat Shmonah and Afula from within Kafr Kana and then runs to hide inside the buildings." Israeli spokesmen later took a more conciliatory tone, expressing "deep sorrow" for the "tragic mistake" and promising an investigation.Earlier, Olmert had said that Israel would not be rushing to a ceasefire before its main objectives are attained.

A minister in the Olmert cabinet, Education Minister Yuli Tamir of Labor, estimated that this morning's incident in Kafr Kana would not lead to a quick end to the warfare.
The three-story building in Kafr Kana was hit directly by an IAF bomb at 7:30 AM, collapsing atop the shelter in which many people were sleeping. Neighboring buildings were also heavily damaged. Foreign news crews are on hand, sending scenes of the destruction across the globe. Close to 1,800 Hizbullah rockets have been fired at Israel in the past 19 days, killing 19 Israeli citizens. The rockets have also sent tens of thousands into shelters for days at a time, as well as tens of thousands of others to find refuge with relatives, friends, hotels or dormitories in central and southern Israel.

A senior IDF officer said the IDF "has been bombing Kafr Kana for three days already... Most civilians have left already, and most of those who remain are Hizbullah rocket launching cells. We have bombed ten launchers in the city, and dozens more in the vicinity. Today, we attacked a building towards which the terrorists ran; we would not have done so had we seen civilians there." Another official said, "The IDF warned the civilians to leave, and it was serious about it. I don't like to see innocent people killed, but if there have to be innocent civilians killed, I would rather they be in southern Lebanon than in Haifa." The Lebanese Government has informed U.S. Secretary of State Condolleeza Rice that it is not interested in meeting with her for further diplomatic talks, and that it demands an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. Arab affairs expert Dr. Guy Bechor of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya told Israel Radio that Hizbullah leader Sheikh Nasrallah, despite the bravado he displays in his speeches, is not in good shape.

"Nasrallah has agreed to the deployment of Lebanese forces in southern Lebanon and to a ceasefire as well," Bechor said, "and what is more, he has betrayed the Palestinians - because he no longer mentions his demand that Israel release thousands of Palestinian prisoners, but talks only of having the two or three Lebanese prisoners freed. He knows that time is now working against him." By Hillel Fendel


Check These Out! Who Is This Man Really – August 1, 2006

Lekarev News - A few things journalists might want to check out, re:Qana. (Thanks to Israeli author, Naomi Ragen for this piece)


1. The man parading around with dead children dressed as "rescue workers" are the same man, photographed again and again. He's the main actor. ( is-this-man.html )

2. The same man was caught in similar photos in 1996 parading around with a dead child, which means that he is a professional dead-child parader, a very prestigious job that has been created by terrorists concerned about CNN's ratings.

3. A Lebanese blog says that Hezbollah filled the house in Qana with crippled children who couldn't run away. It then placed a rocket launcher above them, and waited. Here's the sentence in French if you can read it, taken from the website document: Le Liban s’est réveillé sur un nouveau massacre d’innocents, les victimes sont des enfants handicapés qui étaient réfugiés dans un immeuble qui a été attaqué par l’aviation israélienne

4. Another possibility - the bodies may be the same ones paraded around in Tyre a few days before for the benefit of CNN

5. If these things don't sound possible to you, that no one could be that callous or horrible, then let me remind you of Beslan, where hundreds of children were held hostage on the first day of school, the little girls raped, and then the building exploded. Might I remind you of the terrorist massacre of Israeli children in Maalot. Might I remind you of the flying of several passenger planes filled with women and children into skyscrapers. Terrorists are not nice people.


Other questions: How did that building alone have so many people when other buildings had none? And why so many children? And why not a single man? And why, dafka, the building in which they stored the rocket launchers? Why would people have chosen to huddle there against the bombs instead of somewhere else unless they were forced to? And what about the gap of eight hours between the bombing and the explosion?

Inquiring minds want to know. Isn't that what journalists used to do, dig beneath the obvious to get the truth instead of guzzling down and regurgitating staged propaganda like so much draft beer in a cheap bar? And another question, if the death of children is being staged for the benefit of CNN, then isn't CNN responsible for their deaths? (Posted by Naomi Ragen, August 1, 2006)

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Excuse Me - We Have Some Questions – July 31, 2006

Lekarev News - Deja Vue? Do you remember the international outcry a few years ago about the so-called "Jenin Massacre"? From one end of the globe to the other, Israel was bashed as criminal, arrogant, murdererous - you name it, they said it. Some months later a United Nations investigation reluctantly acknowledged that there was NO IDF massacre in Jenin; that the body count had been falsified, etc. ,etc. Of course, by then the damage against Israel had been done by the international media who did not rush to widely publicize the UN report.


What do we know for sure about what happened in the southern Lebanese village of Kana yesterday? We know that an explosion killed more than 50 civilians. Israel has been blasted for it around the world. But hold on a minute - we have some questions that are yet to be answered.


FACT: The IDF dropped leaflets in Arabic into the village five days earlier, warning the residents of the impending attack and advising them to leave the war zone. Why didn't they? Was it because Hezbollah didn't allow them to? Keep in mind that these are the kind of groups that "celebrate" the deaths of children for 'Jihad' - you only have to remember what Nasrallah said after the two little boys were killed in Nazareth a little over a week ago! Now Israel has halted air strikes to "give the civilians time to leave southern Lebanon". What if they still don't leave? Then what? Are we supposed to just let Hizbollah continue to fire rockets into Israel and do nothing? A high-ranking officer said, "We warned the residents that we would be attacking. (After warnings are given) we work under the assumption that the villages are empty and that whoever is there is affiliated with Hizbullah." Hizbullah terrorists consistently store weapons caches in residential buildings and set up their rocket launchers between the buildings in areas with a concentrated civilian population. And why do you suppose they do that? Why don't they protect their own civilians??? INCLUDING children???


Hezbollah, the Shia Islamic Resistant Movement against Israel


FACT: IDF video demonstrates a significant contradiction between the time of the bombing and the explosion that brought the building down. There is a very plausible possibility that explosives previously stored in the building were blown up purposely or accidentally by Hizbollah themselves. Video information shows that the Israeli Air Force planes bombed the building between midnight and 1:00 a.m.; reports of the explosion that caused the civilian deaths came at 8:00 a.m. Question: So what happened between 1:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.??? A building hit by a bomb strong enough to level it doesn't stand there for seven hours before it falls! And if the building was indeed hit by such a bomb, why did all those people stay inside for seven hours before the building collapsed???? It just doesn't make any sense.


FACT: IDF intelligence equipment can detect missile launchers but not civilians. IDF Chief of Staff Halutz said, "Had we known there were that many civilians inside, especially women and children, we certainly would not have attacked it," a senior air force commander told Reuters News Agency.


FACT: Hizbollah has fired more than 150 rockets from the village of Qana into Israel. Why is it that Israel is pressed to agree to a 48 hour cessation of air strikes? Has anybody pressured Hizbollah into a 48 hour cessation of rocket fire into Israel?


UPDATE: CNN has just announced that the Kana building was NOT hit by an Israeli strike. CNN's Ben Wedeman, who was at the site, reported that no ordinance actually hit the building, but hit the ground nearby, creating a large crater. He speculates that the impact weakened the building causing it to collapse several hours later.


Photos Smuggled Out From the Lebanese Side – July 31, 2006

Lekarev News - These images, obtained exclusively by the Sunday Herald Sun in Australia, show Hezbollah using high-density residential areas as launch pads for rockets and heavy-calibre weapons. Dressed in civilian clothing so they can quickly disappear, the terrorists carry automatic assault rifles and ride in on trucks mounted with cannon.


The photographs, from the area of Wadi Chahrour in the east of Beirut, were taken by a visiting journalist and smuggled out by a friend.


The photos emerged as: US President George Bush called for an international force to be sent to Lebanon and as ISRAEL called up another 30,000 reserve troops. The images include one of a group of men and youths preparing to fire an anti-aircraft gun metres from an apartment block with sheets hanging out on a balcony to dry. Others show a terrorist with AK47 rifle guarding no- go zones after Israeli blitzes. Another depicts the remnants of a Hezbollah Katyusha rocket in the middle of a residential block blown up in an Israeli air attack. The Melbourne man who smuggled the shots out of Beirut and did not wish to be named said he was less than 400m from the block when it was obliterated. "Hezbollah came in to launch their rockets, then within minutes the area was blasted by Israeli jets," he said. "Until the Hezbollah fighters arrived, it had not been touched by the Israelis. Then it was totally devastated." He blasted Hezbollah as "cowards" for operating among civilians.


Evidence Keeps Mounting that "Qana Massacre" Was a Fake  - August 4, 2006

Lekarev News - The world awoke last Sunday to news that an Israeli airstrike killed 57 Lebanese civilians, leading Israel to stop airstrikes for 2 days - but mounting evidence indicates that the supposed "massacre" may indeed have been a fraud. The supposed massacre caused a major turnabout in world diplomacy. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice suddenly canceled her plans to fly to Beirut, saying "my work towards a ceasefire is really here [in Jerusalem] today." The implication was clearly that the onus was now upon Israel. French President Jacques Chirac condemned Israel's "unjustified action which demonstrates more than ever the need for an immediate ceasefire," Jordan's King Abdullah called it an "ugly crime," and other world leaders echoed the same sentiments.


However, the incident may have been all one big fraud, staged for the world media in order to lead precisely to the situation described above. The central piece of evidence leading to this conclusion is the fact, mentioned by IDF officials from the very beginning, that the building collapsed a full seven hours after the Israel Air Force bombing. Why, then, would the residents inside not have been evacuated in the meantime? As Brig.-Gen. Amir Eshel of the Israeli Air Force told reporters Sunday night, “It is difficult for me to believe that they waited eight hours to evacuate it.” Without additional evidence, Eshel merely left open the possibility that Hizbullah terrorists, or explosives they left behind, caused the explosion.


Robert Spencer writes in Front Page Magazine, "Indeed, it strains credulity that not only did these Lebanese civilians remain in a house that had been bombed for eight hours, but peacefully went to sleep in it after the bombing – (since we were told the victims were all apparently sleeping), despite continuing Israeli air bombardment in the area, when the building collapsed." You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out, do you?


Terror to Jews around the World


Islamic Terrorist Attacks Jewish Federation in Seattle  - July 28, 2006 National News - Pam Waechter, 58, was shot dead, and five people are in serious condition after a Muslim man opened fire inside a Jewish Federation building in Seattle, Washington Friday. The Arab murderer entered the building Friday afternoon at 4 PM, following behind a woman who had just punched in her security code. He shot a receptionist and demanded that she call 911 and tell them he was holding everyone hostage. “He told the police that it was a hostage situation and he wanted us to get our weapons out of Israel," an employee told the Seattle Times.

According to Jewish Federation official Amy Wasser-Simpson, the man had told staff members, "I'm a Muslim American; I'm angry at Israel," and then began shooting. Some reports said he held a gun to the head of a 13-year-old girl for a while while threatening the others in the room.Most of the employees were able to escape through a back door, and once police teams arrived, 31-year-old Naveed Afzal Haq soon surrendered. He was charged with one count of murder and five of attempted murder. He is reportedly a US citizen, from outside the Seattle region. All five of the wounded are women as well. None of the names of the victims have been released, but three of them with abdominal injuries underwent emergency surgery Friday. One victim is pregnant and was wounded only in her arm.

Police SWAT teams and bomb squads combed the area for hours looking for additional threats. Robert Jacobs, the director of the local chapter of the Anti-Defamation League in Seattle, issued a recommendation to all Jewish institutions, including synagogues, to cancel services and evacuate the buildings until it is determined if the shooting is a lone incident. Despite this, he told the Times, "We're trying to keep the community as calm as possible." Most of the city's synagogues ignored the directive, saying it would be a surrender to terrorism. The Jewish Federation organized a large rally last week in support for Israel's Re-Engagement War. Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske told an evening news conference that in addition to providing an extra layer of protection to the city's synagogues, police would be guarding mosques as well, fearing retaliation for the shooting. By Ezra HaLevi

'From Spain to Iraq' - Al Qaeda Calls For All Out War – July 28, 2006

Lekarev Report - Al-Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri issued a call for Jihadists around the globe to attack Israel and to make the entire region, “from Spain to Iraq” into an Islamic kingdom. The speech by the terrorist network’s co-founder was broadcast on the al-Jazeera Arabic satellite channel. Al-Zawahiri declared a Jihad (holy war) against Israel on behalf of the global Jihadist movement. “All the world is a battlefield open in front of us," he said, rejecting the concept of an eventual cease-fire. “Oh Muslims everywhere, I call on you to fight and become martyrs in the war against the Zionists and the Crusaders. War with Israel does not depend on ceasefires. It is Jihad for sake of God and will last until our religion prevails from Spain to Iraq.” Islamists believe that since Spain was once controlled by Muslims, it must be wrested from the hands of “the infidels” in the same manner as Israel.


"The shells and rockets ripping apart Muslim bodies in Gaza and Lebanon are not only Israeli, but are supplied by all the countries of the crusader coalition. Therefore, every participant in the crime will pay the price," al-Zawahiri said.

The Egyptian doctor was filmed in front of a photo of the World Trade Center and two top Al-Qaeda terrorists killed in recent years. This is Al-Zawahiri’s tenth message released to the public this year.




A Must Win, part 2 – July 27, 2006.

Emuna News - The IDF asked Olmert and his cabinet for permission to fight like an army. Olmert said no. Rather, Olmert has ordered increased air strikes in Beirut and the north. He's succeeding in wrecking Lebanon, but he's not uprooting the Hizbolla from the bunkers of South Lebanon. Even worse, his lack of understanding is a double touchback in Israel's own end zone: First, for years, the Palestinians (Sunnis) in Lebanon and the Lebanese Shiites that form the core of the Hizbolla hated each other with a passion. Now, Olmert is forging them together. Second, Olmert's strategy is forcing the Lebanese man on the street - who up until now hated the Hizbolla - into a flag-waving Hizbolla supporter. Olmert's decisions and actions show a gross lack of siyata deshmaya, or Divine assistance. He's not fighting for a Jewish homeland, but for a falafel-eating Monte Carlo that's a tourist attraction of debauchery. That's not what Hashem wants.


The Hizbolla is still firmly entrenched with thousands of missiles in South Lebanon. The north of Israel was again severely battered by over a hundred of them today as of this writing at 9PM Israel time. Military experts in Israel have reiterated that they won't be uprooted without a serious, gloves-off ground assault.The stakes are high. If the Hizbolla makes it to the bell still standing on its feet, then terror wins a tremendous moral victory. This is a must win. INN quotes the New York Post as saying, "All Hezbollah has to do to achieve victory is not to lose completely. But for Israel to emerge the acknowledged winner, it has to shatter Hezbollah... Israel has to pull itself together now, to send in ground troops in sufficient numbers, with fierce resolve to do what must be done: Root out Hezbollah fighters and kill them... The situation is grave. A perceived Hezbollah win will be a massive victory for terror, as well as a triumph for Iran and Syria... Israel can't afford a Hezbollah win. America can't afford it. Civilization can't afford it." Someone ought to buy Olmert a subscription to the New York Post


Today's NY Post writes, "You can't make cease-fires with terrorists. You can't leave them wounded, or even minimally able to re-group and re-attack - because they will; they're terrorists. They must be squarely neutralized. Israel must be allowed to remove the threat entirely from south Lebanon." Sounds like the editor of the NYPost knows what we've been saying all along - Someone isn't allowing Olmert to run Israel like an independant Jewish nation. Jewish moral subservience to the nations of the world is a worse calamity than Hizbolla. Bombs kill bodies, but moral subservience to anti-Torah ideals kills souls.


'Lack of Defense Leadership' – July 27, 2006

Lekarev Report - The security cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, began meeting this morning to discuss the possibility of expanding the Israel Defense Forces operation in southern Lebanon, a day after nine IDF troops were killed in fierce battles with Hezbollah in the area. Morale is reported to be very high among troops, even more eager to destroy Hizbollah strongholds in light of the painful loss of their comrades yesterday. The troops shown here returning from the battlefield today are holding their "trophy" - a Hizbollah flag they captured in battle.


A number of ministers are expected to express bitter criticism of the handling of the war in the north, including its aims and the nature of the ground operations - particularly following the heavy casualties in Wednesday's operations. A senior minister who participated in the meeting of the "group of seven" (forum of deputies to the prime minister), said during a discussion Wednesday night: "What we are lacking is a defense leadership who will make decisions about the continuation of activities in Lebanon. Enough with the chatter. Somebody needs to make decisions. That apparently is us, so please make appropriate decisions." The allotment of the Defense Ministry to Amir Peretz has been criticized even before this war broke out because in the view of many, he did not have sufficient military experience to equip him for such an important job.


Ground Offensive Will Not be Expanded  - July 27, 2006 National News - Prime Minister Olmert and the security cabinet, following several hours of discussion, decided to turn down the army's recommendation for a larger-scale ground offensive. As predicted, the ministers voted to continue with only limited ground offensives and wide-ranging aerial attacks. This, despite the recommendations by army officers that a larger ground offensive is necessary. The seven ministers who made the decision with Olmert in Tel Aviv today are Foreign Minister Tzippy Livny, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, former Defense Ministers Sha'ul Mofaz and Shimon Peres, Public Security Minister Avi Dichter, Justice Minister Chaim Ramon and Shas Party leader Trade Minister Eli Yishai

The mini-Cabinet reconfirmed the goals of the current warfare, namely, to destroy Hizbullah infrastructures, headquarters and capabilities according to the current framework of operations. In addition, limited numbers of reserve soldiers will be called up for the purpose of preparedness for "possible developments" and to refresh the forces as needed. Several ministers emphasized afterwards the importance and validity of destroying terrorist strongholds from the air, after warning the civilians to leave. Many observers do not agree with the decision. By Hillel Fendel


Taking You to the Front Lines – July 27, 2006

Lekarev Report - Shortly before midnight, the soldiers of the Golani Brigade's 13th Battalion, Company A gathered a few meters from the Lebanese border. In a few minutes, they were due to cross the border and join the battle, like their comrades in 51st Battalion, who fought in Bint Jbail on Wednesday (yesterday) and sustained fatalities.

"It's our turn now," said Captain Ori Lavie. "It's our turn to protect the border. And we'll carry out any mission we need to, against any force, in the best way possible. If we don't, we have no right to exist." Excited and armed from head to toe, the young soldiers listened, hanging onto every word he uttered. "We will not lose this war," said Lavie. "We did not start it, but it's our duty to protect the Jewish nation and see to it that the residents of Metula and Haifa can live in peace. If we don't do it, no one will. We waited 2,000 years for our own state, and we won't fold because a group of terrorists think that they can scare us." "Someone who cannot protect his freedom does not deserve it," he continued. "When missiles and rockets land on all the northern cities and reach Haifa, and when two of our soldiers have been kidnapped and ten have been killed and dozens have been wounded - this is no time to talk, it's time to fight. From the moment we cross the border, you must be super alert, super sharp. We are threatened from every side. Each of you is responsible for his comrades."


The soldiers had spent most of the day attending briefings on tactics and the rules of engagement, cleaning weapons, tightening bulletproof vests, adjusting straps, checking radios and bandages. Finally, they smeared camouflage paint on each other's faces. These activities helped blunt their emotions. But a moment before entering Lebanon, they must boost their fighting spirit. Before the commander's briefing, military rabbis distributed volumes of Psalms and offered a prayer before battle.

"Everyone here must be alert and do everything possible to spot the terrorist first," Lavie told them. "We must be the ones to open fire first, we must surprise them, not the other way around. Everyone is responsible for his own life, the life of his comrade and all our lives. We're all in the same boat." The soldiers joined the army only eight months ago. Most of them are 19 years old, and under the war paint, they still look like boys. Their combat experience consists of brief activity in the Gaza Strip at the beginning of the month. O Hashem, strive with my adversaries, give battle to my foes, take up shield and buckler, and come to my defense; ready the spear and javelin against my pursuers; tell me, "I am your deliverance." Let those who seek my life be frustrated and put to shame; let those who plan to harm me fall back in disgrace. Psalm 35: 1-4


The Gaza Disengagement à Galilee Destruction


Parallels Between Last Summer and This  - July 27, 2006

Israel National News - A Beit Shemesh rabbi "connects the dots" between this year's displacement of thousands of people and last year's. Rabbi Chaim Malinowitz, at the Beit Tefilla synagogue at which he presides in Ramat Beit Shemesh on the eve of the new month of Av (Tuesday, July 25), drew a parallel between the events of last summer and this. A complete summary appears at

One of the concepts that Rav Malinowitz discussed is the concept of communal suffering vs. individual suffering. Briefly, when an individual suffers, the individual should examine his life and try to understand where he should improve. On the other hand, when there is suffering on a communal level, while individuals may choose to examine and improve themselves, the suffering is not necessarily caused by the actions of the individual people suffering, but by the actions of the larger community.

Another concept that Rav Malinowitz discussed was Midah Kenegged Midah [measure-for-measure punishment]. This principle is very solidly founded in Torah literature... The explanation is very simple: Since G-d does not speak directly to us, He makes sure we get the message in other ways. Midah Kenegged Midah speaks for itself. When you do something wrong, the Midah Kenegged Midah itself makes it clear that it is a punishment for the thing you did wrong.

Last year, Jews put Jews out of their homes. Last year Jews destroyed Jewish homes. Last year, at the hands of fellow Jews, thousands of Jews lost their source of income, lost their possessions, lost their communities. Some lost their lives to the suffering, and many, as a result of the suffering, especially youth, lost their sense of self-worth and their sense of grounding... To this very day, many of those same Jews are still wandering, awaiting a permanent home, a permanent community, an end to their limbo...

This year, once again, Jews are being put out of their homes, Jewish homes are being destroyed, possession are being lost, businesses are crumbling, communities are being broken apart, Jews are wandering and displaced.

Last year, we had a long time to prepare for the possibility that Jews would be out on the street, and yet when the time came, there weren’t enough places for everyone to go. Ten day stays in temporary settings turned into ten months... This time, there was no time to plan. Once again, the same temporary settings look like they will last a lot longer than initially expected. We can’t ignore the obvious. To refuse to connect the dots from last year’s Three Weeks to this year’s Three Weeks is to refuse to recognize one of G-d's methods of communicating with us. The communal “we” are getting what we deserve. If we don’t sit down and work out what it is that we are doing wrong, we are likely to have to keep learning the hard way. By Hillel Fendel


National Soul-searching – July 26, 2006

Half of Northern Israel has fled: This is definitely the most significant item in today's news. Exile_gush_katifThe destruction of the Galilee and the uprooting of the border populace are two preconditions of the Geula as mentioned in the Gemorra, tractate Sota 49b. This national tragedy is occurring exactly a year after the disengagement from Gaza, when thousands of families were uprooted from their homes. It's hard to believe that anyone who has now tasted the bitterness of exile and evacuation can now ever condone any other Jew's ever loss of his or her home in Israel.


Exile and destruction of Gush Katif, a year ago    

As a nation, we must do some serious soul-searching about our insensitivity to our brothers and sisters from Gush Katif, northern Samaria, and Judea. We must make a national commitment never to let another Jew lose his or her home again. The principles of Tshuva are confession, remorse, leaving our erring ways, and doing better in the future. We must therefore ask Hashem's forgiveness and the forgiveness of our uprooted brothers and sisters from Gush Katif, be ashamed of our insensitivity to the plight of our fellow Jew, help our homeless brethren resettle, and never agree to the destruction or abandonment of Jewish homes ever again anywhere on the holy soil of Israel. Certainly such national soul-searching and Tshuva will invoke tremendous Divine compassion.


Only Hashem (God) wins wars

Hashem is sick of Jewish bravado. Whenever the army or the government opens up a fat mouth of "the might of my arm" (see Deut.8:17), we pay a price of blood.Defense Minister Peretz said this morning, "The military process will create the broadest political space so that the upcoming agreements will give us peace for years to come and then they will not be agreed out of weakness but out of recognition by the world that Israel is strong and knows how to defend itself."


What a garbage pail - the military will lead to agreements, which will lead to peace, which proves that Israel is strong and knows how to defend itself? Israelis don't like to hear this, but comparing the size and scope of the IDF to the size and scope of the terrorists, and considering that the north of Israel has been ravaged with thousands unable to return home, is that testimony that we know how to defend ourselves? Only Hashem can defend us! Sure, we have to man the tanks and the choppers, but without Divine Providence and siyata d'shmaya, forget it...Peretz proves only one thing - that without Torah and without emuna, a person lacks sense.What happens when the Defense Minister ignores Hashem, and says that Israel knows how to defend itself (sic)?


Two pilots get killed in a freak chopper accident.5 soldiers get wounded by friendly fire. And these are the mishaps that made the press. How many more are there behind the scenes? Plenty.Peretz's wagging tongue forces Hashem to teach us a painful lesson: Only Hashem wins wars.When will Israel realize that "the might of my arm" doctrine is far more dangerous than the Hizbolla? Soon, I hope and pray.


Rabbis: Disengagement Caused Missiles To Fall On Israel – July 19, 2006

Failed Messiah - The Jerusalem Post reports rabbis associated with the settler movement are blaming the new Lebanon war on Disengagement from Gaza:


Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu called the Hizbullah offensive a direct result of disengagement. "The logical outcome of our desertion first from Lebanon then from Gaza and Northern Samaria is what is going on right now," said Eliyahu. Kiryat Shmona Rabbi Tzfania Drori echoed his colleagues' sentiments, saying the present situation is punishment for the "disengagement folly."


As "punishment" for Disengagement? God is causing missiles to rain down on Israel to show his wrath? If so, this little factoid should point out where God's wrath is really directed:


[Ashkenazi chief rabbi Yona] Metzger said he was devastated by the extent of damage caused to Safed by the bombing. "One of the missiles made a direct hit on the city's rabbinic court," said Metzger. "It landed in the middle of the court room, completely destroying the place. We prayed to God thanking Him for not letting it happen on a weekday when there are people inside."


Maybe the rabbis looking for signs from above should look more closely at this incident – perhaps God has sent them a message.


Celtic Psalm Book


Ancient Book of Psalms Found in Ireland; Open to Psalm 83 – July 27, 2006

Lekarev Report - At the beginning of this war, many Rabbis called upon the people of Israel and the Jewish people around the world to pray Psalm 83 each day until the war was finished.

Is it just a "coincidence" that an ancient copy of the book of Psalms was just found in Ireland, open to the page on which is found Psalm 83!?!?


The approximately 20-page book has been dated to the years 800-1000. Trinity College manuscripts expert Bernard Meehan said it was the first discovery of an Irish early medieval document in two centuries. "This is really a miracle find," said Pat Wallace, director of the National Museum of Ireland, which has the book stored in refrigeration. Researchers will conduct years of painstaking analysis before putting the book on public display. "There's two sets of odds that make this discovery really way out," Wallace said. "First of all, it's unlikely that something this fragile could survive buried in a bog at all, and then for it to be unearthed and spotted before it was destroyed is incalculably more amazing." The book was found open to a page describing, in Latin script, Psalm 83, in which Israel cries out to Hashem concerning the attempts of other nations to "wipe them off the face of the map". He Who sits in the heavens laughs - you can almost hear Him, can't you!


Ancient Latin Translation of Psalms (84) Found in Irish Bog  - July 28, 2006 National News - Archaeologists in Ireland found an ancient Latin translation of King David's Psalms last week. Exactly which Psalm the book was open to when preserved in the Irish bog is a subject of confusion. The ancient book was discovered in a bog by a construction worker who spotted it while driving the shovel of his backhoe into an area nearby. The approximately 20-page book has been dated to the years 800-1000.  It was initially reported that the Latin Vulgate version of the book was opened to Psalm 83, which in the Hebrew Bible exhorts G-d to “not hold Yourself silent” as the nations plot against Israel – explicitly mentioning Edom, Ishmael and the residents of Philistia and Tyre.

It turns out, however, that the Vulgate uses a different numbering of the chapters than the Hebrew Bible, and the chapter that was actually facing outwards was not Psalm 83. It was then reported that the visible text on the bog book is from the seventh verse of Psalm 82, which reads: "But you will die like mere men; you will fall like every other ruler." Finally, the the Director of Ireland's museum Patrick F. Wallace said in a statement Friday that it was actually Psalm 84 that was exposed. He said that the original announcement had “led to misconceptions about the revealed wording. It is hoped that this clarification will serve comfort to anyone worried by earlier reports of the content of the text.”

The words of Psalm 84 are as follows:
1. For the conductor, on the gittith, of the sons of Korah, a song.
2. How beloved are Your dwelling places, O L-rd of Hosts!
3. My soul yearns, yea, it pines for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh pray fervently to the living G-d.
4. Even a bird found a house and a swallow her nest, where she placed her chicks upon Your altars, O Lord of Hosts, my King and my G-d.
5. Fortunate are those who stay in Your house; they will continually praise You forever.
6. Fortunate is the man who has strength in You, in whose heart are the highways.
7. Transgressors in the valley of Baka (weeping) make it into a fountain; also with blessings they enwrap [their] Teacher.
8. They go from host to host; he will appear to G-d in Zion.
9. O L-rd, G-d of Hosts, hearken to my prayer; bend Your ear, O G-d of Jacob, forever.
10. See our shield, O G-d, and look at the face of Your anointed.
11. For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand; I chose to sit on the threshold of the house of My G-d rather than dwell in tents of wickedness.
12. For a sun and a shield is the L-rd G-d; the L-rd will give grace and glory; He will not withhold good from those who go with sincerity.
13. O L-rd of Hosts, fortunate is the man who trusts in You.

The Psalm is recited by many Jews at the beginning of the afternoon prayers on a daily basis. The Valley of Weeping can be read as the Bekaa Valley, a Hizbullah stronghold in eastern Lebanon thought to also host a Syrian military intelligence presence. By Ezra HaLevi

The UNIFIL Bombing by Israel


AMBUSH IN LEBANON; 13 CASUALTIES – July 26, 2006 Report - The IDF announced yesterday that it had control of the village of Bint Jabil, which served as the capital of Hizbullah in southern Lebanon. Despite the announcement, it was known that dozens of Hizbullah terrorists remained in the area. About 5:00 this morning they surprised the Israeli forces in an ambush in which thirteen casualties have thus far been reported and the number could rise.


The battle is raging fiercely and rescue forces are unable to begin evacuating the wounded because of the heavy Hizbullah fire. The terrorists are firing RPG (rocket propelled grenade) missiles from within built- up urban areas.

The IDF continues to hold a numerical and qualitative advantage. Givati and Golani Brigade forces are participating in the fighting, as well as Egoz unit soldiers. Replacements have been brought in to spell the soldiers who have been fighting for several days with very little rest.


Four UN Observers Killed; Annan Accuses Israel of "Deliberate" Hit – July 26, 2006

Lekarev Report - United Nations Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan declared today that Israel "deliberately" attacked a UNIFIL post, killing four. Israel's ambassador, and the Israeli government, was shocked at Annan's accusations. Israel has said that it regrets the "tragic" deaths of the observers but has also said that it is irresponsible of Kofi Anna to make such accusations without evidence, particularly because Mr. Annan told reporters that he is "trying to get more information about the incident". By his own remark, it is obvious that he doesn't have sufficient information to warrant such an accusation against Israel. Dan Ayalon, Israel's Ambassador to Washington, demanded that Annan apologize for the remarks, which he called "baseless."

U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan's said, in Rome, that the attack was an "apparently deliberate targeting" of the UNIFIL post. "I call on the government of Israel to conduct a full investigation into this very disturbing incident and demand that any further attack on U.N. positions and personnel must stop." A conference is being held in Rome on the crisis in Lebanon.

The victims included observers from Austria, Canada, China and Finland, UN and Lebanese military officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information to the media.


Annan Accuses Israel of "Apparently Deliberate" Killing  - July 26, 2006

GroundedA crisis in the U.N. is brewing following charges by UN Chief Kofi Annan that Israel "apparently deliberately" attacked a UNIFIL post, killing four. Israel is "shocked" at the accusations. U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, speaking in Rome on Tuesday, said that the attack was an "apparently deliberate targeting" of the UNIFIL post. The victims included observers from Austria, Canada, China and Finland."I call on the government of Israel to conduct a full investigation into this very disturbing incident," Annan said, "and demand that any further attack on U.N. positions and personnel must stop." He said that this "coordinated artillery and aerial attack" occurred "despite personal assurances given to me by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that U.N. positions would be spared Israeli fire."

Foreign Minister Tzippy Livni called Annan's statement "more than disappointing." Dan Gillerman, Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations, was more outspoken, demanding an apology. He said he was "shocked" by Annan's "premature and erroneous" accusations. Livni has expressed her condolences to her counterparts in Canada and Austria, and hopes to do the same with Finland and China. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert expressed his deep apologies for the deaths of the UN personnel in a phone call to Annan on Wednesday morning.

General Alain Pelligrini, the UNIFIL commander in southern Lebanon, said he had been in repeated contact with Israeli officers throughout the day, stressing the need to protect the post. There were 14 incidents of firing close to the outpost before it was hit, UN officials said. The outpost is located adjacent to a Hizbullah position. The IDF explained that the post is next to a Hizbullah base, was attacked by mistake, and that the incident - which occurred near the eastern end of the Lebanese-Israeli border - is being investigated. UNIFIL positions have been hit frequently, and Hizbullah terrorists killed a civilian UNIFIL employee and his wife last week. Four members of the mission’s Ghanaian battalion were lightly injured Tuesday night when an IDF shell hit their position. Hizbullah terrorists fired at a U.N. convoy Wednesday morning, causing some damage but no casualties. United States Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton confirmed the U.N. deaths. "We're obviously very sorry about that," he said, while the U.S. State Department commented, "We have heard from the Israelis that it was an accident."


The bombing occurred in the midst of continued fighting between Hizbullah terrorists and the IDF at the nearby village of Bint Jbeil, considered the southern Lebanon capital of the terrorist organization. It is located slightly more than two miles north of the Israeli border. The incident is likely to give ammunition to proponents of an immediate cease fire, who were to promote their proposal at an international conference in Rome on Wednesday aimed at stopping the war. Lebanon and its Arab allies will push for an immediate ceasefire. Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said Tuesday, "We will go to Rome to explain Lebanon's position . . . before the representatives of the world in the face of the barbaric attacks against the Lebanese people . . . and to expose the Israeli war crimes." U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has rejected the proposal as not providing "a durable solution" to the presence of Hizbullah terrorists. Saudi Arabia, which pleaded to the Bush administration for an immediate cease fire on the eve of Secretary Rice's departure for the Middle East and Rome, warned that the war will widen if Israel's retaliation is not halted. Saudi Arabia, Jordan's King Abdullah, and others have denounced Hizbullah for initiating the crisis. By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu and Hillel Fendel

No tears for UN International Force – July 26, 2006

NIFIL Outpost in El Hyam: Yesterday, IAF bombed the UNIFIL (UN International Force in Lebanon) outpost in El Hyam. Olmert calls it an accident and Kofi Annan calls it premeditated. Halonen, the President of Finland, is now demanding an investigation, and says that there was no justification for an attack on the UN Post. The facts prove otherwise, Mr. Halonen.Unifil_finn

UNIFIL lookout bunker at the top of the base in El Hyam: Bird's-eye view of the North of Israel


For almost 30 years, since the inception of UNIFIL in South Lebanon, the UN soldiers have had Jewish blood on their hands; no, they haven't pulled triggers, but they've certainly gone out of their way to aid and abet Israel's enemies. Try this:



UNIFIL observers - observing for whom? From a spiritual standpoint, Kofi Annan is right; Hashem does things deliberately, not by accident. Maybe the world wasn't aware of the Jewish blood on antisemitic UNIFIL hands, but Hashem knew. The UNIFIL boys atop El Hyam know full well what favors they've done for the Hizbolla; they also know why they got hit. Just as UNIFIL shed no tears for the maimed and homeless of Kiriat Shemona and Tzfat, we shed no tears for UNIFIL.


Hizbollah Used Human Shields and Mosques in Attack on IDF – July 27, 2006

Lekarev Report - Hizbullah refused to allow civilians to leave their village and used mosques in their ambush on IDF soldiers at Bint Jbeil Wednesday, soldiers on the ground reported. Morale of the Golani soldiers was extremely high after the bitter battle, the fiercest in many years. One of the soldiers injured in Bint Jbeil said from his hospital bed Wednesday night, "I want to go back and fight with my comrades. Morale is totally high. [The battle] was complex, and there is fear, but we have to take the fear and turn it around." IDF officers are trying to cool down the soldiers' enthusiasm to take over Bint Jbeil. The troops marked the Hizbullah terrorists with an "x." "Tomorrow will see their death," they said. "Tomorrow they will pay the price."

Hizbullah stored ammunition and weapons in mosques, knowing that the IDF does not attack religious sites. Civilians were not allowed to leave so that Hizbullah could use them as cover. IDF officers said they ordered pilots not to strafe Bint Jbeil in order to spare civilian casualties.

And look at this!!!! A United Nations peace keeping officer from Canada told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. that Hizbullah used the same tactic to draw fire on the UNIFIL post which resulted in the death of four U.N. observers. "This is their favorite trick," he said. "They use the U.N. as shields."


UN Observers: Hizbollah using US as Shields – July 30, 2006

Lekarev Report - Six days before he was killed in an Israel Air Force bombing of a United Nations post in southern Lebanon, Canadian observer Major Paeta Hess-von Kruendener sent an email to his former commander in the Canadian army, in which he said that Hizbullah fighters were "running around" near the UN post struck by the Israel Defense Forces and that they were using the post as a sort of "shield" against Israel's strikes.

The former commander, Major-General Lewis MacKenzie, who served as a UN commander in Bosnia, spoke about the email in a Canadian radio show. He said that Hess-von Kruendener wrote that the IDF strikes near the post had "not been deliberate targeting, but rather due to tactical necessity." "That would mean Hizbullah was purposely setting up near the UN post," he added. "It's a tactic."

Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, who accused Israel of deliberately targeting the UN post, has since expressed regret at making the accusation.


What are the Chinese Doing in Lebanon??? – July 27, 2006 Report - While the Golani Brigade was fighting in Bint Jabil, other IDF forces had moved eastward and in the process, inadvertently struck a UN Observers' Post, killing four, among them a Chinese "observer". The holier-than-thou tone of outrage taken by Kofi Annan after the attack, is surprising as well as annoying, when it is generally known that many UN missions are exploited as the cover for foreign agents, often hostile, to carry out spying operations in war zones. The inadvertent Israeli air strike revealed the fact that the UN force in Lebanon includes Chinese observers. One was killed along with an Austrian, a Canadian and a Finn. The presence of Chinese observers keeping an eye on the combat in South Lebanon has never before been reported.


Our intelligence experts compare the incident to the inadvertent US bombardment which destroyed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in 1998, killing a number of Chinese “diplomats.” It was discovered that from that building the Chinese had operated sophisticated surveillance to track the performance of American warplanes, missiles and smart bombs.

On the night of July 26, Day 15 of the Lebanon War, an Israeli force pushed towards Khiam on its way to the approaches of the large Druze village of Hatzbaya. This route has taken Israeli troops north and east for the objective of controlling a stretch of south Lebanon known as Fatahland (before the 1982 war cleansed it of Yasser Arafat’s terrorists.) This would bring them close up to Syrian positions on Mt. Hermon and for the first time in 35 years afford the Israeli outposts at the disputed Shebaa Farms strategic depth.


Perhaps the most important gain from the crisis is Israel’s recovery of control over its main sources of water, the Wazani springs in the divided Ghajar village. This was achieved in the early hours of the IDF push in the east. Israel will not cede this asset in a hurry.


The Vatican-Rome Ceasefire


Israel Rules Out UN Involvement in Peace Keeping Force – July 28, 2006 Report - Israel's ambassador to the United Nations ruled out Thursday any major UN involvement in any potential international force in Lebanon, saying more professional and better-trained troops were needed for such a volatile situation.


Dan Gillerman also said Israel would not allow the United Nations to join in an investigation of an Israeli air strike that demolished a post belonging to the current UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon. Four UN observers were killed in the Tuesday strike. "Israel has never agreed to a joint investigation, and I don't think that if anything happened in this country, or in Britain or in Italy or in France, the government of that country would agree to a joint investigation," Gillerman said.


Winner or loser? – July 28, 2006

Emuna News - Back in March and ever since, we've been warning about the dangers of government complacency, and that you can't fight a spiritual war with conventional weapons. Now hear this - Tshuva is the only chance of winning this war. Here's the profile of Prime Minister that thinks he run a country and fight a war without Hashem's help:


Looking for a Solution in Rome - July 27, 2006 National News - Fifteen nations sent representatives to an emergency meeting in Rome on Wednesday to discuss ways to end the war between Israel and Hizbullah in south Lebanon. The effort was fruitless. Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora begged participants at the conference to find some way to stop the fighting. “In the past 15 days we are being bombarded daily,” he said. “Dozens of civilians are being hurt. Lebanon is being torn to shreds,” he appealed.

Siniora, who was once ambivalent about Hizbullah - a government within a government in Lebanon - now defends the terrorist organization as an integral part of his country. The Lebanese leader made no mention of the missile threat upon Israel from within his borders, nor did he indicate any willingness to try to rein it in. Instead, Siniora demanded that Israel pay compensation for its "barbaric" attacks. "We shall commence legal proceedings," he said, "and spare no avenue to make Israel compensate the Lebanese people for the barbaric destruction it has inflicted and continues to inflict upon us."

Sidestepping responsibility for Hizbullah's abduction of two IDF soldiers on July 12 which, together with massive Katyusha attacks, sparked the fighting, Siniora said his government did not know in advance of the planned kidnapping. Hizbullah is a member party of the Lebanese government coalition.Though many participants called for a cease-fire, no mention at all was made of Hizbullah's Katyusha rocket fire on Israel or the consequential suffering of a third of Israel's civilian population.

The U.S. influence was strongly felt, leading to a silencing of the call for an immediate ceasefire. Proposals for the deployment of a multi-national peacekeeping force were also tabled for the time being. Both Israel and the U.S. are anxious to see Hizbullah totally decimated before the fighting stops. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice presented the American position, having come fresh from the front, talking with Lebanese and Israeli leaders just prior to her arrival in Italy. Rice reiterated the American position that any ceasefire would have to be “sustainable,” and must include measures to prevent a return to conditions that existed before the war began. “We have learned that peace must be based on long-term and stable principles, an end to the violence and a resolution of the humanitarian problems,” Rice said, adding that UN Resolution 1559 had already spelled out the solution.

The resolution, passed in 2004, calls for the disbanding and disarming of all domestic and foreign militias, and for the government of Lebanon to exercise control over all Lebanese territory. U.S. President George W. Bush has said he will not support any deal that leaves Hizbullah terrorists on Israel’s border.Iran warned early Wednesday that the conference would fail. A Foreign Ministry spokesman told reporters that “if they quest after peace, they must invite all the countries in the region, including Syria and Iran.” Israel's Foreign Ministry released a statement saying, "Israel expects that, pursuant to the Rome statement and the responsibility placed on the Government of Lebanon, the international community will act immediately to strengthen the Lebanese Army and turn it into a force capable of implementing these obligations [of Resolution 1559]." By Hillel Fendel and Hana Levi Julian

International Leaders Meet in Rome to Discuss Mideast Crisis – July 26, 2006

Lekarev Report - The 'Rome Conference' opens today to discuss a possible cease-fire in southern Lebanon, the deployment of a multinational force in the area and the humanitarian situation in Lebanon. The conference will be attended by the foreign ministers of the U.S., Italy, France, Britain, Finland, Russia, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Germany, Spain and Canada.

It will be no easy task to come to any consensus, given the divergent positions of the leaders involved. Italy's prime minister, Romano Prodi, announced yesterday that the ultimate goal of the conference would be to "bring about a cease-fire."

Another central topic will be the formation of an international force to be stationed in South Lebanon. Possibilities mentioned so far include a special multinational force set up by the United Nations or deploying NATO troops under French command and incorporating Turkish soldiers. NATO spokesmen have denied any such initiative. Nor is it clear yet whether one of the objectives of the force, should it be formed, would be to disarm Hezbollah - as Security Council Resolution 1559 requires


The Architects of this War – America and Iran


God's army has plans to run the whole Middle East – July 23, 2006

TimesOnLine - Since 1984 Iran has created branches of Hezbollah in more than 20 countries. None has equalled the success of the Lebanese branch, which until recently enjoyed something akin to cult status among Arabs, including non-Muslims, because of the way it stood up to Israel. It has not even cost Iran very much. Hezbollah was launched with just £13m. After that, according to best estimates, Iran spent £32m to £54m a year on its Lebanese assets. Even if we add the cost of training Hezbollah fighters and equipping them with hardware, Hezbollah (the strongest fighting force in the Middle East after Iran and Israel) has not cost Iran more than £1.3 billion over two decades.

According to Naim Kassem, Hezbollah’s number two, the party has an annual budget of £279m, much of which comes from businesses set up by the movement. These include a bank, a mortgage co-operative, an insurance company, a travel agency specialising in pilgrimages to Muslim holy places, several hotels, a chain of supermarkets and a number of urban bus and taxi companies. In its power base in southern Lebanon, particularly south Beirut and the Bekaa valley, it is possible for a visitor to spend a whole week without stepping outside a Hezbollah business unit: the hotel he checks into, the restaurant he eats in, the taxi that takes him around, the guide who shows him the sights and the shop where he buys souvenirs all belong to the party. Hezbollah is a state within the Lebanese state. It controls some 25% of the national territory. Almost 400,000 of Lebanon’s estimated 4m inhabitants live under its control. It collects its own taxes with a 20% levy, known as “khoms”, on all incomes. It runs its own schools, where a syllabus produced in Iran is taught at all levels. It also runs clinics, hospitals, social welfare networks and centres for orphans and widows.  The party controls the elected municipal councils and appoints local officials, who in theory should be selected by the central government in Beirut. To complete its status as a virtual state, the party maintains a number of unofficial “embassies”: the one in Tehran is bigger and has a larger number of staff than that of Lebanon itself. Hezbollah also has its own media including a satellite television channel, Al-Manar (the lighthouse), which is watched all over the Arab world, four radio stations, newspapers and magazines plus a book publishing venture. The party has its own system of justice based on sharia and operates its own police force, courts and prisons. Hezbollah runs youth clubs, several football teams and a number of matrimonial agencies.

One reason why Hezbollah has found such little support among Arabs in Egypt and Saudi Arabia this time is the perception that it is fighting Israel on behalf of Iran, a Persian Shi’ite power that has been regarded by the majority of Arab Sunnis as an ancestral enemy. In Lebanon, for the first time in two generations, a consensus is emerging among the country’s different ethnic and religious communities that the only way they can live together in peace is by developing a sense of Lebaneseness.

This means that Arab Sunnis must abandon their pan-Arab aspirations while Christians must stop looking to France as their “original motherland”. In that context Hezbollah’s Iranian ideology cannot but antagonise the Sunnis, the Druze and the Christians, many of whom are angry at the destruction of their country that Hezbollah has brought about by once again antagonising Israel. The mini war that is taking place between Israel and Hezbollah is, in fact, a proxy war in which Iran’s vision for the Middle East clashes with the administration in Washington. What is at stake is not the exchange of kidnapped Israeli soldiers with Arab prisoners in Israel. Such exchanges have happened routinely over five decades. The real issue is who will set the agenda for the Middle East: Iran or America?


The War Expansion


Rice: Ceasefire Important, Humanitarian Issues Crucial  - July 25, 2006

Israel National News -U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza called for a ceasefire during her meeting with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Tuesday morning, but not at any price. Rice emphasized that the pre-July 12 status quo which was in place before the war was not an option. “We need to ensure that we will not return to the previous situation,” she said. She connected the issue of safety, however, to the importance of achieving a ceasefire between Israel and Hizbullah. Olmert told Rice that Israel would not consider a ceasefire until the terror organization is dismantled and the two IDF soldiers it captured two weeks ago are returned. “Israel is determined to continue on in the fight against Hizbullah,” he said. “We will not hesitate to take severe measures against those who are aiming thousands of rockets and missiles against innocent civilians for the one purpose of killing them,” he warned.

Olmert said Tuesday morning before meeting with Rice that Israel would try to work with the U.S. to relieve “humanitarian difficulties”, but reiterated that Israel will carry out “the most severe measures” against Hizbullah terrorists firing rockets at Israel.
Foreign Minister Tzippy Livni met with Rice upon her arrival in Israel Monday evening for talks focusing primarily on civilian conditions in Lebanon. Rice underscored the U.S. interest in protecting civilians who are caught in the crossfire as Israel bombs terrorist targets north of Israel’s border. She also talked about the need for Israel to assist the U.S. to rescue its citizens in Lebanon. “We are concerned about the humanitarian situation,” she said, “and nobody wants to see innocent civilians harmed.” Israel opened a humanitarian corridor in its seaside blockade two days ago in order to allow foreign nationals to leave Lebanon and international aid into the country. Most countries evacuated thousands of their citizens from Lebanon last week.

Livni told Rice, as did Olmert on Tuesday, that a ceasefire would only be considered after the return of the two IDF soldiers it kidnapped on July 12, dismantling the Hizbullah terror organization and deployment of the Lebanese army in the south of the country. Hizbullah has controlled the region since Israel pulled out six years ago, in direct violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559. The resolution, passed in 2004, calls for the disbanding and disarming of all domestic and foreign militias, and for the government of Lebanon to exercise control over all Lebanese territory. “We have learned that peace must be based on long-term and stable principles, an end to the violence and a resolution of the humanitarian problems,” Rice responded, adding that Resolution 1559 had already spelled out the solution. U.S. President George W. Bush has said he will not support any deal that leaves Hizbullah terrorists on Israel’s border. By Hana Levi Julian

UN Official: Hezbollah Are Cowardly – July 25, 2006 Report - A U.N. official charged Hizbullah terrorists of acting "cowardly" by exploiting civilians. Jan Egeland, head of the United Nationals humanitarian efforts, accused Hizbullah of "cowardly blending" among women and children." He referred to a news report that said that the terrorists expressed satisfaction that civilians suffered more than their own terrorists. "I don't think anyone should be proud of having many more children and women dead than armed men," he added. The charge by the United Nations official that Hizbullah is violating the civil rights of Lebanese is an important turn in the war of public opinion and comes only one day after the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) told listeners that he saw Hizbullah terrorists exploiting civilians.


Banks Handling Hezbollah Money Bombed by IDF – July 26, 2006 Report - NBC television reported today that the IDF has bombed several Lebanese banks holding Hizbullah money to destroy the terror group’s financial infrastructure. Israeli intelligence sources told NBC that at least 12 financial institutions that supported Hizbullah were attacked, adding that the organization, which secretly managed its funds, is now short on cash due to the bombings.

Some of the banks that held Hizbullah accounts were completely destroyed, while others were purposely damaged but not completely demolished. It was also reported that the Israeli Air Force bombed the home of a bank manager as a warning to other Lebanese bankers not to deal with Hizbullah. The Israeli Air Force targeted, among others, eight offices named Bet El Mal used by Hizbullah to store the organization's money. Two other banks in Lebanon were hit – Al Baraka and Fransa Bank, used by Hizbullah to transfer money around the world.


The Evening News Here in Israel – July 25, 2006 Report - Watching the evening news here in Israel is a bit different than what you see in the US, Canada, Europe and elsewhere. Our evening news shows us healthy, young Israeli men, our reserve units, massing at the front, waiting to go into battle tomorrow morning. One comments, "I was sitting at my kitchen table Saturday morning when I got the call-up. I was on my way an hour later." Another soldier says: "I wasn't called up. But my commanding officer asked me to come. We are all here - our whole unit. We've been doing this for twenty years. I thought we'd finished with them. But I guess not."


On a small hill, another reserve soldier, who is getting married in two months, speaks on a cell phone to his fiancée. His face is troubled as he tries to comfort her: "Nothing will happen to me. I'll be back soon. You'll see. It will be all right." He prays his words are true - so does she. In Netanya, a soldier's rest and recreation hotel has been hosting families from the North. They crowd into the small rooms, sleep and sit on the bunkbeds. They dry the families laundry on chairs. On the top bunk, a young woman from Shlomi, pregnant with her first baby, wipes tears from her eyes. Unlike the others, she is here alone. "My husband is back in Shlomi. I don't know when I'll give birth, or where. I don't know anything." In Tiberias, new immigrants huddle, frightened, in a converted storage room that has become a shelter for 270 people crammed together. One group in the shelter only arrived in Israel on July 6, barely a week before the war erupted on their new doorstep. Ethiopian Jew, Theresa ,and her two daughters spent seven years in the transit camp in Addis Ababa. "It was harder there," she says. "There was no war, but we wanted to come here so much. Here they are taking care of us. Hashem is taking care of us." Even as she speaks, a rocket explodes in Haifa, but no one is hurt. Hashem is taking care of us, she said.


Confirmed: IDF Kills IRANIAN SOLDIERS Fighting with Hezbollah – July 24, 2006 Report - The bodies of Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers who were killed by the Israeli army in Lebanon have been transported to Syria and flown to Tehran, senior Lebanese political sources have confirmed. The information was confirmed by Israeli and Egyptian security officials. It follows scores of reports the past few days Iranian soldiers have been aiding Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon in their attacks against Israel, including help with the firing of rockets into Israeli population centers. The Lebanese sources said between six and nine deceased Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers were brought in trucks last week into Syria for flight back to Iran. They said the bodies were transported along with the tens of thousands of Lebanese civilians fleeing the country into Syria. Since Israel began its military campaign in Lebanon two weeks ago following a Hizbullah attack on the Jewish state in which two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped, Syrian authorities have reported more than 140,000 Lebanese have entered their country, mostly through open areas in the Syria-Lebanon border.


Earlier this month Israeli security officials said they had "concrete information" that hundreds of Iranian soldiers were stationed at Hizbullah positions in Lebanon to aid Hezbollah's efforts to fire missiles into the Jewish state. It was Iranian soldiers who directed the firing two weeks ago of a radar-guided C–802 missile that hit an Israeli navy vessel off the coast of Lebanon, killing four soldiers. Israel says Iran acquired the missile from China. Jordanian officials say that they are "100 percent sure" Iranian Revolutionary Guard unit soldiers have fired rockets into Israel. They also said the Syrian army has provided Hizbullah with intelligence information on the locations of strategic Israeli targets to aid in Hizbullah rocket fire.


Iran caught red-handed – July 24, 2006

Emuna News - Made_in_iranAbove image, courtesy IDF via the Jerusalem Post, shows a weapon seized during fighting with Hizbullah operatives in south Lebanon: an RPG marked with the logo of the Iranian military industry. Emuna News sources have reported since the beginning of the war that Iranian artillery officers from the Revolutionary Guard have been directing rocket and missile fire for the Hizbolla as well as operating the Fajr and Raad batteries. Now the cat is officially out of the bag.Make no mistakes - Hizbolla is Iran's proxy and Hizbolla controls Lebanon. Therefore, Achmedinejad controls Lebanon. Achmedinejad has officially declared that the process of Israel's annihilation has begun. So far, he's outsmarting everyone.From the bear's point of view, Iran is a winner either way.


Meanwhile, international heat has been taken off of Iran's back; the hostilities in southern Lebanon are Tehran's classic diversion tactic that any semi-intelligent ten-year-old should be able to recognize. Iran forges ahead with its nuclear ambitions, which are so much closer to realization than most people know or care to admit.Either we deal with an insolent and crass bear cub named Achmedinejad today, or else deal with a lethal Grizzly with nuclear fangs named Achmedinejad tomorrow.


At this point, a Bush-Rice-Peres-CFR engineered ceasefire is a dire threat to our existence. Not only that - Israel's assent to a multinational force in South Lebanon is a tacit agreement to the recuperation of the Hizbolla; it won't take six years to wake up and find nukes just north of the Litani River in the Buffor and Nabatiyeh.I don't know if Condi is sinister or naive - maybe both. One thing is sure - she and her boss don't have our people's best interests at heart, to say the least. Spiritually, Achmadinejad is Haman, committed to our destruction, G-d forbid. We must fight him straight on in every possible level - spiritual and military. A ceasefire at this time, with allowing international forces to enter the area, could be the beginning of scenario #2 that I wrote about ten days ago. We have to strive for scenario #3, where all of Israel returns to Hashem. Today, we know that this is the war for redemption. I think that's what history will call this war. May Hashem help us prepare.



Lekarev Report - Hizbullah "sleeper" terror cells set up outside Lebanon with Iranian assistance have been activated and put on standby, The Jerusalem Post learned on Sunday, to carry out attacks against Jewish and Israeli targets throughout the world. The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) confirmed to the Post Sunday night that it had instructed embassies, consulates and Jewish institutions it was responsible for abroad to raise their level of awareness in light of the conflict in the North. The assumption within Military Intelligence is that Hizbullah would only attack targets abroad if it felt pushed into a corner. According to this thinking, the Islamist group hesitates to carry out such attacks because it does not want to be associated with Global Jihad and al-Qaida.


Hizbullah has attacked Jewish and Israeli targets abroad in the past. The organization is believed to have been behind the attack on the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 during which a suicide bomber drove a pick-up truck filled with explosives into the building,(see photo) killing 29 people and wounding 242, following Israel's assassination of the group's leader at the time, Sheikh Abbas Musawi. Hizbullah is also thought to have been responsible for the attack on the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association building in Buenos Aires in 1994, when an explosives-laden van rammed into the structure and killed 85 people. Another attack attributed to the group was the 1985 hijacking of TWA flight 847. One passenger was murdered; the remainder of the hostages were released over a two-week period.



What You Won't See or Hear on the International News – July 24, 2006 Report - One of my particular joys in writing this report every day is when I can find unique events or people to share with you that give you a taste of what I call the "real Israel". Here are a few today:

At the entrance to Jerusalem, right near the bus stop were soldiers going to the battlefront get their rides, someone has taken a large sheet and hand painted a sign which says: "Dear Soldier: "Thank you for helping to keep us safe. God bless you and keep you!" As we pass it in our cars, it brings tears to our eyes - as do the photos we get almost daily of our boys donning their prayer shawls in the early morning hours on the battle field, wrapping their Tefillin and turning in faith to worship Hashem before picking up arms to fight Hashem's and Israel's enemies.


Israeli families all over the country have taken in total strangers, many of them parents with 6 or more children, and are hosting them in their homes for an undetermined amount of time - with pleasure, with the joy of following the example of our father, Avraham.

Our local news informs us that the IDF has found and seized large stockpiles of weapons, and ammunition in mosques and in private homes. We are also learning here that Hezbollah is keeping villagers from leaving their homes at gunpoint, forcing them to act as human sheilds to guard their weapons. Why isn't CNN telling you that????


Hezbollah's mode of operation is to target civilians. He murdered two little Arab boys in Nazareth the other day and then had the gall to describe them as "shahids" or martyrs. Ask the boys' parents about that!

The 'real' Israel - a wonderful place! Hashem's chosen Land by eternal covenant.


Bomb Shelter Bride – July 23, 2006 Report - The guest list was slashed and the venue hastily changed, but Shlomi Boskila and Maya Lugasi got married anyway, defying the threat of rocket attacks Thursday with a wedding in an underground bomb shelter. Nine days of attacks by Hezbollah guerrillas have forced many in northern Israel to spend their days in reinforced bunkers. "This shows Hezbollah and (its leader Hassan) Nasrallah that not even 20,000 missiles can destroy the happiness of the bride and groom," said Boskila, the 29-year-old new husband.


Almost 75 people, at least half of them reporters, packed the 15-square-yard shelter. Most of the guests stood up because of the lack of space for seats. "For 25 years I have married people, but this is the first time in a shelter," said Rabbi Nissim Malka. When Boskila broke a glass, part of a Jewish tradition that signals the ceremony is over, the crowd broke into dance.

Israelis are amazing people. Our answer to Hezbollah - and every other enemy - is to sing, to dance and to celebrate the faithfulness of Hashem to give us life - new life - the very thing a wedding means.

Nasrallah Apologizes For 'Martyring' Arab Children in Nazareth  - July 23, 2006

Israel National News - Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah has issued an apology to the Nazareth Arab family whose two children, Rabiya and Mahmou Talouzi, were killed by a Katyusha missile. "I ask this family for forgiveness, he told Al-Jazeera. "I know apologies are insufficient and I take full responsibility. It was not intentional and the dead in Nazareth are considered martyrs like those in Lebanon, Palestine and the resistance." The Associated Press reported that the Talouzi family does not blame Nasrallah and that the boys' funeral was peppered with speeches and slogans declaring the children martys in the war against Israel.

Meanwhile, in PA-controlled Shechem, thousands of Arabs marched in support of Hizbullah, calling upon Nasrallah to strike Tel Aviv. "Nasrallah, our dearest - strike, strike Tel Aviv," marchers chanted. The IDF carried out an operation in the city on Friday, raiding a compound where PA terrorists working with Hizbullah to carry our attacked were holed up. Earlier in the week 30 Arabs were arrested in the city's Mukata compound. In Gaza, the Air Force dropped leaflets informing residents that homes in which weapons and Kassam rockets are being stored would be targetted from now on, regardless of whether the civilian residents are home or not. The leaflets urged residents to take the threat seriously. By Ezra HaLevi


The War on Morality and the Impurade put on Hold


Gay Pride March Postponed - But Other Events to Proceed  - July 24, 2006

Israel National News - Organizers of the Gay Pride events in Jerusalem have pre-empted what was likely to be a police cancellation of their parade, calling it off. But "no room for," say anti-march activists. The organizers of next month's Gay Pride events in Jerusalem say they will re-schedule the march after a cease-fire is achieved or announced between Israel and Moslem terrorists. The week-long WorldPride event, however, including the conferences, film festival, exhibitions, and "Youth Day" outside the Knesset, are still scheduled to take place during the week of August 6-12 in Jerusalem. For this reason, some leading opponents of the events are saying there is no room for complacency. "This is not a significant victory for those who want Jerusalem to be a moral haven," says Rabbi Yehuda Levin, of the Jews for Morality organization. Having come to Israel for weeks at a time on several different trips specifically to fight the Gay Pride events, Rabbi Levin calls upon Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupoliansky not to allow the organizers to use city facilities such as Binyanei HaUmah (the Jerusalem Convention Center) or the Cinematek for what he calls their "moral terrorism." Levin told Arutz-7 he has been working with a group of doctors who sent the Health Ministry statistical proof that previous gatherings of homosexuals around the world have led to an increase in AIDS in those locations (see below).

Pre-empting the Police
The police had been under great pressure from political, religious and grassroots leaders to refuse to approve the march. Many assume that this is the explanation for the announcement issued yesterday (Sunday) by the Jerusalem Open House:
"As a result of the current hostilities in the region, the Jerusalem WorldPride march will be postponed. [It] requires extensive security, including police reinforcements from other parts of the country, which the police are unable to provide for at these volatile times. Therefore, Jerusalem Open House will hold the march at a later date, as soon as the circumstances in the region allow for the march to take place."

Statistics Show
Dr. Daisy Stern of Kiryat Arba, the initiator of the medical statistical study presented to the Health Ministry, quotes European researcher Francois Hamers. Hamers is an advocate of surveillance of sexually transmitted infections at a continental level, because of their sharp increase in many European countries. The 22% increase of HIV diagnoses in 2002, for instance, was "largely driven by the UK," Hamers writes, but "increasing trends were also noted recently in most other countries…Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and especially Ireland, where the rise has been even more striking than in the UK.” Except for Belgium, these countries were the sites of large international gay pride events. Similarly, Stern writes, a study in Rome found that new HIV infections increased between 2000-2003 - right after "half a million gays and lesbians reveled there in a week-long homo-lesbian extravaganza." Furthermore: In German, new HIV diagnoses among men who engaged in homosexual activity almost doubled from 2001 TO 2004 - more than twice the increase of previous years."If one correlates the figures of new incidence of HIV in the various years and localities where EuroPride, WorldPride, and such events occurred," Dr. Stern writes in her six-page study, "there is no doubt that the correlation with new cases of positive HIV... is striking. Add to that the dramatic rise in associated sexually transmitted diseases, the increase in high risk behavior, the use of recreational drugs, the mobility from country to country, and the fact that Israel, of all 'European' countries, has the largest relative rise in new HIV cases, and the recipe for an absolute disaster [is clear]." By Hillel Fendel

Jerusalem Post says “No” to Protest Ad – July 16, 2006

Mrs. Shifra Hoffman wanted to do her part for the war effort. She collected money, and ordered a full-page fully paid ad in the Jerusalem Post, as follows:




According to Mrs. Hoffman, The Jerusalem Post refused to print the ad. When we wrote to the JPost management asking for an explanation, they refused to comment. Who would have the audacity to think of a Gayday Parade when the nation of Israel is under missile attack and burying its martyrs? Even worse, who would have the audacity to flaunt Torah transgressions in public within Israel's holy borders? Do you think that the entire war is simply Hashem's way of stopping the Gayday Parade from taking place? Rabbi BT certainly does


The Palestinian Rothschild – Is He the “King of Gaza”


The Palestinian Rothschild – July 27, 2006 Ynet News - He’s the richest man in the Palestinian Authority. He built a magnificent castle on the summit of Mt. Gerizim, and now he’s a candidate for the position of Prime Minister of the Palestinian unity government. How Munib al-Masri, a geologist from Nablus, became a well-known philanthropist, and what he is doing with a 70-acre yard
Ronny Shaked


Al-Masri's house (Photo: Atta Awisat)


Everyone in the West Bank has heard of 72-year old Munib al-Masri, a philanthropist and the richest man in the Palestinian Authority. Al-Masri is being mentioned as a candidate for Prime Minister of the unity government that is supposed to replace the Palestinian Authority’s Hamas-led government. The idea was first raised by Egypt, and has received the blessing of Jordan, the Europeans, and the United States. Al-Masri has had his photograph published on the front page of Palestinian newspapers. Articles written about him claim that his appointment as prime minister could change the economic situation in the territories, that he is the one man capable of saving the Palestinians from economic collapse. While he is participating in negotiations between Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas, in interviews he is careful not to make political statements, and he refuses to discuss the possibility that he will become prime minister.

This isn’t the first time that his name has been mentioned in this context. In 1994, after the signing of the Oslo Accords and the establishment of the Palestinian Authority, Yasser Arafat asked al-Masri to become prime minister, but he refused. At that time Arafat was the omnipotent ruler, and al-Masri assumed that he would stay in Arafat’s shadow. When Arafat asked him a second time nine years later, al-Masri once again refused, fearing that his chances of success were minimal. This time the assessment within the Palestinian leadership is that al-Masri will have no choice but to accept.


Plans for peace center

 While Al-Masri is not prepared to reveal whether he will accept the position, he has other goals he is happy to discuss. “Here, on my own territory, I’m planning to establish a peace center,” he says. “I want to bring in experts from all over the world to help out in all realms of life to expedite the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. I will build guest rooms here for the guests to stay in, and also a library, offices, appropriate communications arrangements, computers. From here, from this house, the message of development, progress, freedom, and democracy for the Palestinian people will go forth. “If God gives me the strength I will work to develop the Palestinian economy in order to find a solution to the problem of widespread unemployment. I want the day to come when almost every Palestinian will have work, when the level of unemployment here will be the same as in a normal country. Every time I succeed in finding work for a Palestinian, I am filled with satisfaction and happiness.”


It should be said to al-Masri’s credit that he doesn’t just talk, he acts. He is the largest employer in the territories after the government. For example, Padico, the Palestinian Development and Investment Company, which al-Masri helped found, today employs some 35,000 people. Another al-Masri company, Paltel (the Palestine Telecommunications Corporation), employs 12,000 people. In the mid-1990s he also established a Palestinian stock market in Nablus that was intended to bring in money from private investors for Palestinian companies and to increase employment.


Dreaming of Palestinian state

 Until his dreams are fulfilled, al-Masri spreads his money around generously for social welfare and education. He contributes to Palestinians in Jordan and Lebanon, and he has also bought houses near Herod’s Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City in order to prevent them from being bought by Jewish settlers. “In my life I’ve achieved everything I wanted,” he says. “Now the only thing left to do is fulfill my dream of seeing an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, a state that will be established on only 22 percent of the area of Palestine. For peace I would agree to these borders. We are neighbors who need each other and we can live alongside each other.”


Al-Masri received his undergraduate degree in geology with honors from the University of Texas at Austin, and then did an MA. During his studies he met his wife Angela, who was born in New Mexico. In 1956 he returned to Jordan as a geologist and began working for the American oil company Phillips Petroleum. During those years he established an engineering and geological services company in Jordan that later became EDGO, which today has offices in 29 Middle Eastern and African countries, and handles hundreds of millions of dollars a year. In 1963 al-Masri was appointed president of Phillips in Algeria, and two years later became the company’s chief of operations for the Middle East.


Political career

 During those years he belonged to a small group of Palestinian revolutionaries, led by Yasser Arafat, which included Abu Jihad, Abu Iyad, and Abu Mazen. Al-Masri stayed with Arafat in his last days at the Mukata when the building was under siege, and when Arafat got into the helicopter that took him to Jordan, al-Masri very pained. He was also with Arafat on the French plane that flew him to the hospital in Paris, and stayed at the leader’s side during the last days of his life. Al-Masri was a member of a select group of Arafat associates who received permission to enter the patient’s hospital room together with Suha Arafat, Abu Mazen, and Abu Ala, but he chose not to exploit this permission. “I went into the hospital,” he recalls, “I got close to Arafat’s room, but I didn’t have the courage to see him on his death bed.”


Al-Masri's house from the inside (Photo: Atta Awisat)


For a short time al-Masri also had a political career. In 1970, at King Hussein’s request, he joined the Jordanian government as Minister of Public Works. For a year and a half he was involved in fixing infrastructure that had been destroyed in the war between Jordan and the Palestinians, and in building road and water infrastructures throughout Jordan. Later he left politics, devoted himself to business, and made millions. It is believed that he will soon return to politics, since this time he is unable to refuse the proposal that he become prime minister. Not only are his fellow Palestinians asking him to accept the position, but the U.S. and European countries also want him to accept, and under the circumstances it will be very hard to turn them down.


Hercules, Picasso, Napoleon

 Al-Masri’s palace on Mt. Gerizim is a copy of a 16th-century house, located some 20 miles from Venice, that was designed by the Italian architect Andrea Paldio. Two architects oversaw the construction of al-Masri’s house, and the interior design was done by his son Rabih, who studied architecture at Berkeley. The construction work was done by 260 Palestinians, most from the Nablus area, who worked for four years and were supervised by 14 architects. Almost all of the building materials, including the gravel and sand, were imported from France. Even during the intifada, while battles were taking place in the casbah in Nablus and bombs going off in nearby Ras al-Ein, the construction work continued.


A 16th-century sculpture of Hercules is placed in the middle of the entrance hall. “This is the Palestinian Hercules who will defeat Israel when the time comes,” says al-Masri. The southeast room is called the “Jerusalem room.” In the middle of the northwest room is an 18th-century chair used by Egyptian ruler Ismail, and the walls are decorated with original drawings by Modigliano and Picasso. In the southwest corner is an office. In the courtyard is a swimming pool whose walls are inlaid with ancient stones imported from France, and alongside the pool is an enormous Jacuzzi and sauna. Inside the house are another pool and sauna. A dovecote imported from France is located next to the outdoor pool. From there if you go up the steps and climb onto a natural rock, you reach an ancient French structure with heavy glass doors and stone benches inside. According to al-Masri, “This is a house of prayer in which anyone can pray to his God.”


'Settlers are colonialists'

 In the garden is a glass house built by Napoleon for his love Josephine that al-Masri bought in an auction in France. How much did he pay? This is a question you must not ask him. In general, al-Masri doesn’t like to talk about money. “I don’t have money in my pocket. The entire house cost me a bit over USD 1,000,” he says, and gives a big laugh. In the garden are the most ancient olive trees that al-Masri could find in the territories. “The roots of this tree are from the Roman period,” he says. He has planted 4,000 olive trees, 2,000 grapevines, and hundreds of plum, peach, and fig trees, and placed beehives among them. And what happens when he wants to watch a play? He uses his 120-seat Roman-style amphitheater with seats of stone.


When asked why he built his house here, on Mt. Gerizim, al-Masri bursts out laughing. “If I hadn’t bought these 70 acres, the colonialists—the people you Israelis call ‘settlers’—would have built another settlement here. They’re looking for beautiful locations like this.” What does al-Masri aspire to now that he has fulfilled all the goals he set for himself? “I aspire to peace. For me, peace is an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel that would maintain good neighborly relations with Israel. Peace also means to die without suffering.”


How God treats Israel without Tshuva (Repentance)


The Pros and Cons of an International Force in Lebanon – July 25, 2006

Jerusalem Post - By LT.-GEN. (RET.) YA'ALON AND MAJ.-GEN. (RES.) AMIDROR - Discussions about security arrangements in Lebanon at the end of the war have included the proposal to station an international force in that country. Yet the UN has a very bad name in terms of confronting strong forces in areas where it is stationed.

The only logical basis for an international presence is the creation of a force whose primary mission will be assisting the Lebanese army in disarming Hizbullah (as stated in UN Security Council Resolution 1559). Such a force should be deployed close to Beirut, at Lebanese-Syrian border crossing, and deep in the Bekaa Valley.  An international force has no role in southern Lebanon along the Israeli-Lebanese border. Israel is deployed along its northern border to defend itself and prevent the strengthening of Hizbullah, should it try to move southward. To complement this deployment, there should be an agreement prohibiting the building of fortifications in southern Lebanon - as in the agreement between Israel and Egypt. In addition, the UN should establish a supervisory force like UNSCOM to deal with locating and clearing out Hizbullah's arms caches and preventing the building of new ones.


Types of international forces - In the interest of a serious national discourse about security arrangements in Lebanon at the end of the war, it is worthwhile to more thoroughly discuss the proposed stationing of an international force in Lebanon, an idea that Israel has opposed in the distant and recent past.

There are four known kinds of international forces:

1.       A force whose purpose is to supervise signed agreements between two states - such as the multinational force (MFO) that supervises the Israeli-Egyptian agreement in the Sinai.

2.       A force whose role is to report on events in the field where it is deployed, without the ability or role of enforcing a certain policy - such as the international force that is deployed by the UN in southern Lebanon (UNIFIL).

3.       A force whose mission is to maintain quiet in a region where there is a potential for clashes - that being the role of the NATO forces in Kosovo.

4.       A force whose task is to fight in the name of a certain policy - such as the UN force in the Korean War in the 1950s and the NATO force in Afghanistan today.


Although it is not clear what is being considered or planned regarding an international force in Lebanon, the accumulated experience on this issue should not be ignored.

The US Marines, who came to Lebanon at the end of 1982, withdrew in fear a few months later after Hizbullah used intensive terrorism against them. UNIFIL has been in the field since 1978 and has done more harm than good - it did not prevent Palestinian terror (prior to Israel's entry into southern Lebanon in 1982) or Hizbullah attacks, while hampering the IDF's freedom of action. Among all the international forces in our area, the only one that successfully carries out its role is the multinational force in Sinai, which is built on a broad American basis. Its success is due mainly to the fact that the two countries involved, Egypt and Israel, are determined to uphold the security arrangements. Also in Kosovo, where a large international force is stationed, there has been relative success - because the force, just by being there, promotes the interests of the local actors who want independence or annexation to Albania, and no one has an interest in harming the functioning of the force. In Afghanistan, however, the multinational force under NATO command is waging a real war, and quite successfully, yet has no connection to the UN or its institutions.


A Must Win, Part 2 – July 27, 2006

Enuna News - The IDF asked Olmert and his cabinet for permission to fight like an army. Olmert said no. Rather, Olmert has ordered increased air strikes in Beirut and the north. He's succeeding in wrecking Lebanon, but he's not uprooting the Hizbolla from the bunkers of South Lebanon. Even worse, his lack of understanding is a double touchback in Israel's own end zone:


That's not what Hashem wants. The Hizbolla is still firmly entrenched with thousands of missiles in South Lebanon. The north of Israel was again severely battered by over a hundred of them today as of this writing at 9PM Israel time. Military experts in Israel have reiterated that they won't be uprooted without a serious, gloves-off ground assault. The stakes are high. If the Hizbolla makes it to the bell still standing on its feet, then terror wins a tremendous moral victory. This is a must win


INN quotes the New York Post as saying, "All Hezbollah has to do to achieve victory is not to lose completely. But for Israel to emerge the acknowledged winner, it has to shatter Hezbollah... Israel has to pull itself together now, to send in ground troops in sufficient numbers, with fierce resolve to do what must be done: Root out Hezbollah fighters and kill them... The situation is grave. A perceived Hezbollah win will be a massive victory for terror, as well as a triumph for Iran and Syria... Israel can't afford a Hezbollah win. America can't afford it. Civilization can't afford it." Someone ought to buy Olmert a subscription to the New York Post. 

Today's NY Post writes, "You can't make cease-fires with terrorists. You can't leave them wounded, or even minimally able to re-group and re-attack - because they will; they're terrorists. They must be squarely neutralized. Israel must be allowed to remove the threat entirely from south Lebanon." Sounds like the editor of the NYPost knows what we've been saying all along - Someone isn't allowing Olmert to run Israel like an independant Jewish nation. Jewish moral subservience to the nations of the world is a worse calamity than Hizbolla. Bombs kill bodies, but moral subservience to anti-Torah ideals kills souls


Rosh Chodesh  - July 26, 2006 (Av Rosh Chodesh Av, 5766 – July 26, 2006

Emuna News - To paraphrase the Mishna (tractate Taanis 4:6), when Av arrives, happiness subsides. This Mishna is certainly indicative of today's events; the first day of Av marks the beginning of "the nine days" mourning period that culminates in Tisha B'Av, a day of calamity in Jewish history, when among other things, both temples were destroyed


Syrian Says Israel Drives U.S. Policy – July 25, 2006

Washington Post - The Bush administration, driven by ideologues and lobbyists, is in lockstep with Israel in its 2-week-old battle against Hezbollah while promoting diplomacy unlikely to succeed, Syria's ambassador to the United States said Tuesday. In an Associated Press interview, Imad Moustapha said all Syrian intelligence agents had left Lebanon along with the country's troops and that Syria was not providing Hezbollah militia with missiles.


The troops were withdrawn last year under U.N. Security Council pressure, but doubts have persisted that Syria ended its intelligence presence as a means of maintaining influence in Lebanon. Moustapha said flatly: "We do not have a single soldier or agent in Lebanon." Hezbollah has its own sources of arms, Moustapha said, while contending that ideologues in the Bush administration and pro-Israeli lobbyists are driving U.S. support for Israel to unprecedented levels. "What Israel says is immediately adopted" by the administration, he said. "Whatever Israel wants becomes immediate U.S. policy in the Middle East."


Israel holds 9,000 Arab prisoners in its jails and yet is projected as "an angel of peace," Moustapha said. While Syria supports Hezbollah and also the Palestinian group Hamas, Hezbollah is "an autonomous movement" and "we are not engaged, we are not involved in logistics," he said. "We do not believe in Syria that Hezbollah needs any military support from Syria," Moustapha added. And, he said, "Hezbollah has not asked us for any military help," while the United States supplies Israel with weapons that are destroying Lebanon and killing women and children.


The United States has long alleged that Iran is Hezbollah's principal source of weapons, with shipments made through Damascus airport. Moustapha said the United States has not talked at all to the Syrian government about the current crisis and he suggested that U.S. diplomatic efforts would not succeed. For one thing, he said, Lebanon would immediately "disintegrate" if required to move troops into the south and disarm Hezbollah.


Who Can Stop Israel? – July 25, 2006

Israel’s Zionist Lebensraum project, pursued by means of murderous raids into Palestinian territories from which it had supposedly withdrawn definitively, an overt policy of assassination of Palestinian resistance leaders, kidnapping elected leaders, the slaughter of defenceless people, including women and children, the systematic destruction of state and civil infrastructure, the denial of the basic necessities for the nation they hold under siege, has now, all the way to its newest “success”, the destruction of Lebanon, reached a point beyond outrage. It stuns as much as the world’s indifference to the ruthlessness Israel displays day after day.


In Gaza, Israel has destroyed vital bridges, water and electricity stations, as a result of which more than two-thirds of the people have been left in the dark and without water. In Israel “proper” it is blocking travelling Palestinians who hold dual citizenship from returning to their homes. In Lebanon, at the time of writing, the Israeli army has bombed more than 1,600 “targets,” killed more than 390 Lebanese, the vast majority of them unarmed civilians and one third of them children. It has wounded more than 1,500 people, destroyed the whole country’s infrastructure including Beirut International Airport, bridges, electricity stations, factories and even a lighthouse. Like the Palestinian people, the Lebanese are under siege, and their country’s air, water and land supply routes have been paralysed by a blockade guaranteed to further exacerbate the humanitarian crisis that already includes the displacement of more than 750,000 Lebanese made homeless by the Israeli bombardment of their homes, villages and towns.


Despite the enormous disparity of force between the aggressor, acknowledged as the fourth strongest military power in the world, and the local resistance, armed with vintage rocket launchers dating back to the 1950s, side arms or in Palestine, children with slingshots, the brave Israeli Defence Forces’ warriors feel the need to add to their long list of war crimes the use of chemical weapons. At a press conference, a Belgian professor of Lebanese descent who heads a hospital in Lebanon, revealed that examination of the victims indicated use of chemical weapons in the bombing of Lebanon, a practice Israel has engaged in when bombing Gaza as well. Complaints sent to the UN and the EU asking for an investigation into the use of chemical weapons by Israel in Lebanon have elicited no reaction.


The American opposition to a ceasefire in Lebanon is justified in terms no sane person can accept: it is too early! When is it ever too early to stop the devastation of a country and the slaughter of innocents bombed like fish in a barrel? Yet, the American position is clearly explicable in the light of what Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated on 21 July: “What we're seeing here, in a sense, is the growing, the birth pangs of a new Middle East and whatever we do we have to be certain that we’re pushing forward to the new Middle East, not going back to the old one.” In other words, the massive destruction of Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq is the essential prerequisite to restructuring the region along American and Israeli designs.


The servile cooperation of Arab regimes like those of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, joining the chorus of American and Israeli voices who vehemently insist that the destruction of Hezbollah is the most important requirement for peace between Israel and Lebanon is beyond abjection. No amount of “analysis” of the Saudis’ fears of the Shias and of Iran, or of the Egyptian regime’s fear of the Muslim Brotherhood will ever obliterate the memory of the fact that when an Arab country was attacked and savaged by Israel, they sided with Israel. And if their fears are real, this betrayal should magnify them, not assuage them.


The UN is behaving as it always does: some whining, some pretence at “concern” for the civilian fatalities, all “balanced” by urging Hezbollah to return the two captured Israeli soldiers, which implicitly legitimises the Israeli claim that the two soldiers constitute the cause of the attack, not its pretext. The UN did not urge Israel to return even a few hundred of the thousands of Arab prisoners kidnapped by Israel and held in Israeli jails for decades.


The Western world, with its Arab quislings in tow, seems united now in its determination to see UN Security Council Resolution 1559 – which demands the disarming and dismantling Hezbollah – implemented. It exhibits none of the same determination, not even as a consideration worthy of discussion, to see Israel abide by its agreement to turn over to the Lebanese government the map of the more than 140,000 landmines the IDF left buried in Lebanon the last time they gave a demonstration of Zionist aggression to the Lebanese people. The plight of the Israeli children psychologically affected by the sound of Hezbollah’s Katyushas preoccupies the Western world far more than the suffering of the maimed Lebanese children who have been stepping on those mines for years now, of the Lebanese children killed by the current Israeli bombardments, or the Palestinian children shot by the IDF.


So who can stop Israel?

Clearly the US is unwilling, as seem to be the European powers – among whom the UK should not be included, as they increasingly appear to act as an offshore state that has gained access to semi-membership to the US through numerous acts of sycophancy. The Arab leaders are either busy shining American shoes or are hamstrung by urgent problems of their own, as is the case with Syria. An old adage says you can’t have war without Egypt or peace without Syria. What the Western colonialists know is that they themselves can have and do anything they want as long as the Arab nation is divided by its own leaders.

The only entity that has ever stopped Israeli aggression on Arab land and even forced it to withdraw is Hezbollah. If one goes by the Zionist-American propaganda, Hezbollah are some sort of an alien group of fanatic guerrillas “hiding among civilians” who have taken over Lebanon, or will if allowed to, and Lebanon’s only hope is Israel’s total destruction of Lebanon in order to save it from Hezbollah.


But Hezbollah is an integral part of Lebanon. They are a strong political party with members democratically elected in Lebanon’s assembly, their strong supporters are more than 40 percent of the Lebanese population and, furthermore, they are seen by the rest of the Lebanese people – even by those who do not support them – as the only true defenders of Lebanon from Zionist aggression, with a track record to prove it. Hezbollah are not the rich elite of Lebanon, but rather they arise from the poorest of the poor. They are the people; they are part of the Arab nation. They are the people exactly as those Egyptians prevented from demonstrating in Egypt against the Zionist aggression on yet another Arab country are the people, just as Hamas are not “terrorists hiding among civilians” but the Palestinian people, part of the Arab nation.

The only force that can stop Israel and force it to end the carnage against Lebanon, end the Nazi-like camp running of Gaza, to withdraw from all stolen Arab lands that rightfully belong to one group or another of the Arab nation are the people, the Arab nation. The same force, and only that force can help liberate Iraq.


Millions of people rising in a human tsunami of revolt cannot be stopped even by the best armed oppressors from regaining their freedom dignity, sovereignty, human rights, and internationally recognised rights like the right of return. All it takes is one leader brave enough, with a large enough heart and a loud enough voice, to be heard by all Arabs, irrespective of their religion or place of residence, who can say, “Now!”


Truly if not now, after Iraq has been devastated, occupied and submerged in chaos, when Lebanon is about to be turned into a huge “buffer zone” for Israel and a launching pad for its next campaign against Syria, after Palestine has been turned into a maze of starving, dying bantustans, then when? Stop Israel now! * Mulham Assir is a Lebanese writer based in Beirut and Madrid.


Jew, It's All Your Fault! – July 20, 2006

Mystical Paths - Jeffrey Smith commented: It apparently has not occurred to you that it is the Jews of Gush Katif who should be apologizing. For what, for willingly acting as a buffer against this type of attack for 15 years? Don't try to argue that the Jews of Gush Katif caused the 'anger and hatred' or some such pile of feces. Because Israel and/or the Jewish towns have been attacked and had terror attacks since the 1890's! Residents slaughterd. Schools taken over and children killed. Bus patrons murdered. Travelers killed. Residents mutilated.


It wasn't the creation of the Gush Katif towns that caused the 'anger'. It wasn't the Yom Kippur war, or the 6 Day War. It wasn't the creation of the state of Israel that caused the 'anger'. It's the existance of Jews anywhere in Israel. And, of course, it was the simple existance of Jews in Europe that aroused the Germans to the Holocaust. So your only possible point is, Jews shouldn't exist because just by trying to live they 'anger' people. By Akiva


Burj el Barajne, Beirut – July 20, 2006

Burj_el_barajneEmuna News - Beirut has two completely different faces - downtown and northern Beirut are/were like Monte Carlo, and south Beirut makes the toughest part of Harlem look like Disneyworld. Burj el Barajne is amazingly close to Beirut International Airport. But, when you go from the airport to Burj, it's like going through a time machine.


A chopper's view of Burj el Barajne from the dunes at the north end of Beirut Airport, looking east


 Before 1948, Burj was a plain old slum. After 1948, it became known as a Palestinian refugee camp. For over fifty years, this teeming labyrinth is one of the world's prime terrorist greenhouses - here, they're grown and raised. They all had their HQ here - the PLO, the PFLP, El Saika, and others. As such, this was natural fertile ground for the Hizbolla too, who gradually became the strong men on campus.


Some say that Nasrulla fled to the mountains of northeast Lebanon a few days ago. Others say that he was holed up in a bunker here in Burj. Hizbolla loves Burj because of the unfortunate human shield all around them. Yet, the above-ground slums that meet the eye are a mere Middle-East style iceberg that conceals an extensive city of heavily-fortified underground bunkers. Late Wednesday, the Israeli Air Force dropped 23 tons of explosives on Nasrulla's bunker in Burj. In a day or so, we can expect the Hizbolla to release another DVD of Nasrulla happily eating humus and pickled eggplant while threatening the Jews again. Sooner or later, Nasrulla's time will be up. Am Yisroel is making tshuva, and sooner or later, the yetzer's time will be up too. When we kill evil upstairs, it crumbles downstairs. Your tons of spiritual explosives during the last several hours have surely helped the IAF's bombs find their targets


A glimpse at Tehran, or, "Them and Us” – July 19, 2006

Tehran_1806Lazer Beams - Many analysts are now saying that Achmedinejad activated the Hizbolla and triggered the current hostilities to get international heat off his back, and to divert world attention from Iran's sinister nuke plan to destroy Israel. Just to show you that the Iranians mean business, I'm going to take you to Falastin Square in downtown Tehran to show you what the man on the street had to say about Jews yesterday. Fasten your seat belt, for our next stop is Tehran; look quickly and get back in the car, because we certainly don't want to spend too much time here:








The pictures need no captions. Images  courtesy of Mehr News Agency, Tehran

(double-click on the images to see them come alive full size)




























Now that you know what the Iranians look like, here's what a typical Israeli soldier looks like

















Or how about this blood-thirsty Jewish reservist:



 Like they say down home, "The lens don't lie!”


Rabbinic Commentary on the 17th Tammuz to the 9th of Av War


It's all Comin' Down, Fast -   July 28, 2006

Lazer Brody TypePad - I'm gratified to know that Israel's leading rabbis and Kabbalists are coming out with statements that you've heard from me already in the name of the Melitzer Rebbe shlit'a, in other words, that the days of redemption are here. Let me preface by saying that Achmaedinejad is rapidly building the gallows that he hopes to hang Israel on. But like his alte zaidie (great grandfather) Haman, he's going to hang there himself. The Jewish web's two most popular webmasters and my esteemed and very dear friends, and, have teamed together, may Hashem bless them, to send me synopses in English of Kabbalist Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Daniel Zer shlita's latest shiur, and the latest shiur of Torah-giant Rabbi Ben Tzion Mutzafi shlit'a. These are real eye-openers:


Harav Daniel Zer, shlit"a: "Am Yisrael is in danger" is the way the Rosh Yeshiva of "Ohr David" framed the present situation. Also, in the Rav's most recent shiur, he referred a number of times to the situation, but this time he made reference to things of a tangible danger. He instructed the people in attendance to stay to recite slichos and not to go home: "The soldiers are in danger, Am Yisrael is in danger, and you go home to sleep?!  How can anyone think to sleep at all?" The Rav said that in this period we must strive to constantly be speaking words of kedusha, to say Tehillim or any word of kedusha that we know to say from memory, and to repeat it over and over as a protection for Am Yisrael. We must do tshuva now, to accept on ourselves as many mitzvot as possible", said the Rav.


"Everyone, you must understand. It is impossible to run from the Creator of the world. We are His children, He will not abandon us. If we will not do tshuva, He will compell us to do tshuva. He will close us in from all sides. But when He does the closing--woe unto us! So why return to Him amidst pressure? Why not return to Him from His goodness?"  These words reflect the situation of Acharit Hayamim (end of days - LB) as described by the sages, what will happen if Israel doesn't do tshuva before Moshiach comes.


It is not a question if we will all do tshuva (each one according to his level, even tzaddikim), because this is already established from the beginning, according to the words of the sages and all the Torah leaders of the generations; the question is only how we will do tshuva. And if it isn't sufficient, there are plenty of warnings of what frightening things could transpire in Israel and in the world (since Jews are dispersed throughout the world).


Rav Zer mentioned the solar eclipse that occured on erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan, and the holy sefer "Yalkut Moshe" about this solar eclipse: "there will be damage to the kings of the East, animals will die, rulers will fall, mighty ones will fall, a mighty storm wind". The Rav's words hint to me [author of Hashem1] that America will make war against Iran and explode their nuclear reactor: The Rav brought other statements from the sefer regarding the month of Av--that the three days from Rosh Chodesh Av are days which require a lot of tefilla for Am Yisrael, since the sefer describes them as "very difficult days". Thus the Rav beseeched people to "shake worlds" with slichot and tshuva. (You will recall that Rav Dahan also spoke of a difficult 72 hours--three days.) The Rav hinted that the war is a difficult spiritual war, and said that due to the difficult situation he is unable to concentrate on other things, even his weekly shiur. Maybe they (the Americans) will seize the moment in order to bring it to them (the Iranians), because they are the source of all the evil. This will be our "korban Pesach".


You know the meaning of "Pesach"? Paras Syria Hezbollah. See a video of Rav Zer here: Rav Mutzafi, shlit"a: In his recent shiur, Rav Mutzafi strengthened the view that this is a spiritual war. He declared that what happens to the "sar" (ruling spiritual source) of the nation in the spiritual war determines what happens in this world. He brought an example from his father, Rav Salman Motzafi, zy"a, that according to the words of the leaders of the non-Jewish nations down here he could know what they were saying in the supernal worlds. From here it is clear that victory will come only through spiritual means. Meaning tshuva, good deeds, fulfilling Torah and Mitzvot, learning Torah, and not via the Army. Similarly, the Rav revealed that in shamayim the "sar" (heavenly ministerial angel in charge of that nation - LB) that is fighting for Hezbollah is the sar of Iran, namely Persia. Later on he said that this is also the sar of Lebanon and Syria. Therefore, it means that in spiritually Israel is already at war with Persia (Iran), as is stated in sources. The train of Tshuva is pulling out of the station. Get on board! Ask Nava if you don't believe all the tzaddikim…


The Galilee Lies in Ruins – July 24, 2006

Maggid Bear Dov Bar-Lieb - The Galilee lies in ruins, and the border cities are in a wasteland. These cities are ghost towns. Naharia and Kiryat Shmona are not habitable right now. Tsfat is not either, but Breslovers and one Chabad Yeshivah are hanging in there. They believe that Mashiach will show up there first, for the word Tsfat means, "We expected Mashiach and watched out for his coming more than any other place in Eretz Yisrael." Therefore it is worth the risks to life and limb to be there at this time near the end of 5766.

The last mishna in Sotah lists a series of conditions for the coming of Mashiach. All the conditions have now been met including the two that HaGalil Chareiv (The Galilee will be in ruins), and the Gavlan will be a wasteland (Either the border cities or the Golan Heights: It is looking more and more that this condition refers to the border cities and not to the Golan.). Will the anointed king of Israel make an appearance in the Galilee in the 66th year as was mentioned in
The Secret of the Vav in HaShem's Name? We will soon see, and much depends upon all of us crying out to G-d and doing teshuvah. G-d in His infinite Chesed has delayed the Abomination Parade in Yerushalayim. This test has probably been delayed for several months, if not a full year. Will that be all that we need to begin the Redemption in 5766, since G-d will keep his promise with us if we repent of at least one sin. Please write me about all new commitments you are making to change your lives forever. It is so important to insure this Redemption and your part in it.


Tactical Tshuva needed to counter Iranian missiles – July 28, 200370lazerbrodyamnonyitzchak6

Lazer with Rav Amnon Yitzchak shlit'a in Bnai Brak Rav Amnon Yitzchak shlit'a yesterday gave the most powerful and on-target spiritual analysis of the current war. For those of you who understand Hebrew, you can hear the most cogent 3 minutes of his talk here. He doesn't sugar-coat things, as follows:"What, we don't understand what the holiness of Jerusalem has to be? Do you think that Hashem sends missiles for no reason?Hashem sent fire and brimstone from the sky on Sodom. Now fire and brimstone from the sky is being rained all over Israel. Jerusalem is not Sodom!"People don't want to understand. They bury their heads in the ground, and don't believe that the lack of modesty and outright debauchery are the angels of death that manifest themselves in Hizbolla and Katyusha rockets, like the Melitzer Rebbe warned before the war. Rabbi Amnon also said, "Terrorist attacks won't cease, they'll just get worse. A few years ago, the Arabs threw rocks at us. Hashem wanted us to make tshuva, but we didn't. Instead of rocks, we got homemade incendiary bombs. Hashem wanted us to make tshuva, but we didn't. Instead of the incendiary bombs, we got shot at with rifles. Hashem wanted us to make tshuva, but we didn't. After the rifles, the terrorists acquired machine guns. Hashem wanted us to make tshuva, but we didn't. After the machine guns, the terrorist developed Qassam rockets and began firing them at us. Hashem wanted us to make tshuva, but we didn't. Since we still didn't heed Hashem's voice, the Qassam rockets became Katyushas, and now the Katyushas are becoming Raad and Fajr missiles. What, are we now waiting for the 125-kilometer range missiles to hit Natanya and Tel Aviv?!? And then Gog and Magog? That's what will happen if there's no tshuva!”


Urgent Update, 5 PM, Israel: To show you just how right Rabbi Amnon is, 5 Fajr missiles have just now fallen near Afula, with longer ranges and more explosives on deadly 220 mm warheads. Iran (and our lack of tshuva) are behind the escalation. Haifa, Nahariya, Akko, Tzfat, Kiryat Shmona, and the central Galilee are under bombardment at this time.Instead of getting used to missiles, let's get used to Torah and mitzvot. Now's the time for Tactical Tshuva, Israel's secret ultraconventional weapon.


It's all comin' down, fast

I'm gratified to know that Israel's leading rabbis and Kabbalists are coming out with statements that you've heard from me already in the name of the Melitzer Rebbe shlit'a, in other words, that the days of redemption are here.Let me preface by saying that Achmaedinejad is rapidly building the gallows that he hopes to hang Israel on. But like his alte zaidie (great grandfather) Haman, he's going to hang there himself.The Jewish web's two most popular webmasters and my esteemed and very dear friends, and, have teamed together, may Hashem bless them, to send me synopses in English of Kabbalist Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Daniel Zer shlita's latest shiur, and the latest shiur of Torah-giant Rabbi Ben Tzion Mutzafi shlit'a. These are real eye-openers.


Harav Daniel Zer, shlit"a: "Am Yisrael is in danger" is the way the Rosh Yeshiva of "Ohr David" framed the present situation. Also, in the Rav's most recent shiur, he referred a number of times to the situation, but this time he made reference to things of a tangible danger. He instructed the people in attendence to stay to recite slichos and not to go home: "The soldiers are in danger, Am Yisrael is in danger, and you go home to sleep?! How can anyone think to sleep at all?" The Rav said that in this period we must strive to constantly be speaking words of kedusha, to say Tehillim or any word of kedusha that we know to say from memory, and to repeat it over and over as a protection for Am Yisrael. We must do tshuva now, to accept on ourselves as many mitzvot as possible", said the Rav. "Everyone, you must understand. It is impossible to run from the Creator of the world. We are His children, He will not abandon us. If we will not do tshuva, He will compell us to do tshuva. He will close us in from all sides. But when He does the closing--woe unto us! So why return to Him amidst pressure? Why not return to Him from His goodness?" These words reflect the situation of Acharit Hayamim (end of days - LB) as described by the sages, what will happen if Israel doesn't do tshuva before Moshiach comes. It is not a question if we will all do tshuva (each one according to his level, even tzaddikim), because this is already established from the beginning, according to the words of the sages and all the Torah leaders of the generations; the question is only how we will do tshuva. And if it isn't sufficient, there are plenty of warnings of what frightening things could transpire in Israel and in the world (since Jews are dispersed throughout the world). Rav Zer mentioned the solar eclipse that occured on erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan, and the holy sefer "Yalkut Moshe" about this solar eclipse: "there will be damage to the kings of the East, animals will die, rulers will fall, mighty ones will fall, a mighty storm wind". The Rav's words hint to me [author of Hashem1] that America will make war against Iran and explode their nuclear reactor: The Rav brought other statements from the sefer regarding the month of Av--that the three days from Rosh Chodesh Av are days which require a lot of tefilla for Am Yisrael, since the sefer describes them as "very difficult days". Thus the Rav beseeched people to "shake worlds" with slichot and tshuva. (You will recall that Rav Dahan also spoke of a difficult 72 hours--three days.) The Rav hinted that the war is a difficult spiritual war, and said that due to the difficult situation he is unable to concentrate on other things, even his weekly shiurMaybe they (the Americans) will seize the moment in order to bring it to them (the Iranians), because they are the source of all the evil. This will be our "korban Pesach" (Passover Lamb). You know the meaning of "Pesach"? Paras Syria Hezbollah. See a video of Rav Zer here:


Rav Mutzafi, shlit"a: In his recent shiur, Rav Mutzafi strengthened the view that this is a spiritual war. He declared that what happens to the "sar" (ruling spiritual source) of the nation in the spiritual war determines what happens in this world. He brought an example from his father, Rav Salman Motzafi, zy"a, that according to the words of the leaders of the non-Jewish nations down here he could know what they were saying in the supernal worlds. From here it is clear that victory will come only through spiritual means. Meaning tshuva, good deeds, fulfilling Torah and Mitzvot, learning Torah, and not via the Army. Similarly, the Rav revealed that in shamayim the "sar" (heavenly ministerial angel in charge of that nation - LB) that is fighting for Hezbollah is the sar of Iran, namely Persia. Later on he said that this is also the sar of Lebanon and Syria. Therefore, it means that in spiritually Israel is already at war with Persia (Iran), as is stated in sources. The train of Tshuva is pulling out of the station. Get on board! Ask Nava if you don't believe all the tzaddikim…


A Ceasefire with Hashem – July 21, 2006

Rabbi Lazer Brody - South Lebanon for the most part is rough territory. Much of the terrain is rocky and mountainous. It's amazing to think how the Hizbolla managed to design and erect their bunkers and fortifications along along the border, and how they succeeded in shlepping hundreds of tons of steel and concrete over mountain paths with no one noticing. How did they do it? Hashem let them do it.Many people don't want to hear the truth. But, a lot of the meaningless analyses you see and read are people that are either ignorant of Lebanon, or ignorant of Hashem.


For anyone who cares to listen, this time, there won't be a stunning six-day victory. F16s and super Iraq-tested bunker-buster smart bombs won't win this war. Despite the fact that our generals are giving us the standard military bravado of how many missile batteries they've destroyed, the Galilee is continuing to be pounded this very minute (midnight, Israel) and sirens are again shrieking in Haifa. At this moment, 750,000 Israelis are in bomb shelters. Why? Hizbolla is nothing more than a stick in Hashem's hands. Hashem is swinging that stick - no one else. Hashem wants us to wake up.


"Hizbullah seems to be holding strong and its morale seems intact," said Shaul Mishal, a Tel Aviv University specialist in Islamic groups. "It's an illusion to think that with force alone we can destroy the weapons of a movement like Hizbullah, which has widespread support from Shiites in Lebanon." Nasrulla has just surfaced again to prove that tons of bombs won't win the war. Like we said yesterday, you can't chase away darkness with sticks.The beginning of the limited land campaign is proving costly. Yesterday's fighting in Maroun-al-ras across from Avivim shows just how tough it is duking away with the Hizbolla, as nine soldiers were injured, several of them seriously. The Hizbolla are no pushovers; not only are they well-trained and fierce, but they're indoctrinated to fanatic and total dedication. They have what's known in Kabbala as dark-side daring. The only thing that can defeat dark-side daring is holy-side kedusha - dedicated, fierce kedusha (holiness). If the Hizbolla is succeeding, it's only because Hashem is allowing them to succeed. We don't need a ceasefire with the Hizbolla; we need a ceasefire with Hashem.


Hashem is a loving Father, but even a loving father sometimes has to wield the rod in order to set his children on the straight path. Rav Moshe Shternbuch shlit'a, the Head of the Jerusalem Eda Haredis rabbinical court, said today that the current war and its accompanying tragedies are because we have not done enough to protest Amnon_yitzchak_lazer_brodythe sanctity of our country. The Melitzer Rebbe warned about this before the war even started. Magpies from all over the world jumped on my cage when I printed the Melitzer's message. The Government didn't listen to the Melitzer's demand to cancel the planned breach of Jerusalem's sanctity, so the Qassams escalated into abductions and abductions into all-out war and the all out war into the evacuation of Tzfat, Nahariya, Kiriat Shemona and a large section of the Galilee.


The IDF is showing first signs of getting bogged down in a difficult land campaign, and the Government has still not cancelled the Impurade 2006 fiasco. This is no way to win a war in the Holy Land. People forget that this is the period of the "Three Weeks", the worst time of the year for the Jewish people. A tremendous section of the Galilee has been destroyed. Even if a war were to take place in Adar or Nissan, we would need to invoke a limitless measure of divine compassion. Winning a war in Tammuz-Av is impossible without tshuva and holiness. I get no satisfaction out of saying I told you so. Anyone with minimal emuna and awareness of what Hashem expects from a Jew - especially a Jew in Israel - knows that a breach in the sanctity of Israel, especially during wartime, is suicidal.


A week ago, I called for tefillin and brass knuckles. Now we clearly see that the brass knuckles are worthless without the tefillin. First, I urge the government to cancel the GayParade immediately - let folks do what they want behind closed doors and at their own risk. The pink invasion of our country is what's causing the red blood to be spilled. This must be stopped - now. The Hizbolla is a national movement of Shiites, committed to the sword. The IDF won't crush them; at best, a buffer zone and a cease fire will give a few months illusion of peace until Achmedinejad's nukes are ready. Tshuva is our only key to survival. Many of you won't listen to me; you'll turn up your nose, go to the fridge and get another coke and chocolate cookie, and turn on the baseball game. Don't forget though, we're all in one boat, whether in Kiriat Shmona or in LA. Hashem wants tshuva and kedusha, now. Time's running out


Mitzad Ha'anava: Only light can defeat the darkness – July 20, 2006

An old Chassidic expression says that you can't chase away the darkness with a stick. Only light can defeat the darkness. An iron principle of Jewish spiritual thought is that everything that happens in the material world has a root source and cause in the spiritual world. For example, every Hizbolla terrorist and missile was in essence created by our transgressions. Therefore, until we make tshuva collectively as a nation and each person on his/her own, such troubles as Hamas and Hizbolla will continue to sprout ugly shoots.


Many of us believe that the current hostilities are in no small part the result of the Government's consent to allow a public desecration of Hashem's name, as Alex Traiman so capably wrote in yesterday's World Net Daily. An objective onlooker must ask him/herself a question: The army claims to have knocked out more than half the Hizbolla missile batteries, yet, our soldiers are stilled being killed and Hizbolla missiles are still falling on Israel to this moment. What's going on?  You can't chase away the darkness with a stick. Only light can defeat the darkness. One of the brightest lights I ever met - my cherished friend, a beacon of holiness, Torah scholarship, brotherly love, and an inspiration to us all, Rav Amnon Yitzchak shlit'a - has a plan for chasing away the darkness.


Rav Amnon spearheads Jewish Outreach in the world, and only Hashem know how many tens (hundreds?) of thousands of people he has brought home to their Jewish roots. Rav Amnon shies away from confronting the purveyors of licentiousness. "Why give them the publicity?", he told me, when we met the other day in B'nai Brak. Lazer with Rav Amnon Yitzchak last week in Bnai Brak. Rav Amnon plans to gather a minimum of 22,000 people in the Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem for the "Mitz'ad Ha'anava", the "Parade of Humility." He has a special surprise program in store, but nothing can be as exceptional as Rav Amnon himself. In Israel, we say that wherever he speaks, he even inspires the floorboards.


Together, more than 22,000 people will reaffirm their unshaking commitment to Hashem and to the sanctity of Eretz Yisroel. This event is also the 20th anniversary celebration of Shofar Organization, Rav Amnon's Outreach Organization. HaRav HaGaon Rav Yehuda Shapira shlit'a, head of Kollel Chazon Ish in Bnei Brak, as well as other key rabbinical figures pour their wholehearted support behind Rav Amnon and the "Mitz'ad Ha'anava". Rav Amnon says, "I want to personally invite each and all of the Lazer Beam readers to our "Mitz'ad Ha'anava". With Hashem's help, we hope to have simultaneous translation of the entire proceedings in English. You are most welcome to share in the sanctification of Hashem's name and the moral and spiritual reinforcement of our people…." Enjoy and G-d bless.


Midah Ce'Negged Midah – “Measure for Measure” – July 19, 2006

Mystical Paths - Last year they made 10,000 refugees, and they wanted to make more. This year the Blessed Holy One made tens of thousands of refugees. And those that are not in exile from their homes are under house arrest! What is amazing is that this time many, many Israelis feel the pain and suffering of the other people. Perhaps because the forced exile and house arrest effects so many more people, perhaps because it is not a threat to "mere" mitnachalim who are hardly considered human and have no human rights. (Even yesterday, special police beat R' David Dudokovitch in Yitzhar, the man who was trying to protect the rights of mitnachalim was placed in administrative detention, and three 14 year old girls have been in prison for over a month.) Perhaps because finally so many perceive that the threat that hangs over the north can reach them as well, even in Tel Aviv.


When Shaul [Saul] is crowned king, no one takes him too seriously because he is such a simple, farmer-type person. However, when he goes through the night from the Yerushalayim area to the land of Menashe to save the people of Gil'ad Yavaish, then all the tribes become united under his rule, and that is the beginning of kingship in Israel. Thus, in whatever way the practical causes might be construed, the Blessed Holy One is teaching us a lesson and giving us an antitdote to the indifference and sinat chinom (senseless hatred) that governed Israel last year. It should be noted that this lesson would not be possible if the Israeli government had reacted to the kidnappings as everyone expected them to do -- to make a little noise with the army, kill a few people, and succumb to the urgent bidding of concerned humanity to surrender further to blackmail and come out again with that stuff that G. Bush talks about -- with it all over our face.


It is amazing that suddenly the same G. Bush perceived his own interests in such a way that he gave the green light to Israel, and even the hypocritical, anti-semetic Europeans cannot tire of permitting israel to defend itself. Jumping on the chance, another unexpected development, Hizbullah is reeling in shock by the tremendous display of power. Unfortunately, many will be getting very nervous soon because Israel cannot win this war without becoming a little bit more Jewish, without making a little bit of a return to its jewish identity and roots. (Even now, for example, almost no one gives a "stuff that G. Bush talks about" about poor "innocent" arabs, and media attempts to play this card have not been successful. Too many people are personally threatened.) Nevertheless, yesterday morning the media here began pushing peace negotiations to save the Hizbullah, but it seems that Bush is not ready for them yet.You should know that "Erev Rav" is a very deep concept. We are all Erev Rav! But the head of the Erev Rav, whose name I will not mention here, will try to save Hizbullah,. But, this time it is not entirely up to him, but to Condoleeza, and that is amazing. As long as she and Bush see it as their own interest to let the Israeli army go, then the war will go on even if it involves Syria, and that may very well be their hope.


However, there is absolutely no talk about last year's deportation, as if it never happened. Until someone stands up for this whole nation and apologizes for what was done to those Jews in Gush Katif, then the moral blemish on the whole generation will still burn. It is hard to imagine that we will be allowed to make a victory celebration (se'udat levy-ten) with that burden hanging over us. To close let me remind those readers-who-pray of a famous Ba'al Shem Tov story. He saw a bad tzairuf (combination of letters) coming from the mouth of the Blessed Holy One. He prayed to rearragne the order, to change nega'-plague into o'neg-bliss, etc. Thus, it seems that Katyusha is changing into Katisha -- the Hebrew and Aramaic word for "pounding". And may it be that this Change of Direction goes all the way to turn Katyusha into Kedushah (holiness). It takes a bit longer than Katisha, but it is a permanent change of the highest order. - by rabbi shabtait


Yerushalayim in the Hot Seat – July 18, 2006

Maggid Dov Bear Bar Lieb - Has Olmert done teshuvah? He is now calling for G-d's children to return to the borders of the Holy Land. The news around here keeps changing by the minute. The obvious effect since the missiles have started falling on the 17th of Tamuz is that teshuvah for last year's atrocity pulled off by the IDF and the police is becoming the choice of so many with no other choice. The pleasures of living in the coastal plain are quickly being replaced with thoughts about whether they are next on Hezballah's hit list. Reflection for last year's horrific crime, expelling decent citizens from their homes, and this year's horrific election is becoming easier and easier with each passing day. Why the righteous and the decent need to suffer with the wicked is something G-d himself will tell Eliyahu HaNavi when he sends his prophet with an eternal covenant before that blessed moment of Rachamim (compassion) comes to the Holy People in the Holy Land.

Since G-d struck the foolish or evil "Shepherd" (Zech 11 and 13) a.k.a Ariel Sharon with a heavenly sword above his right eye, the Holy Land has been in spiritual chaos. Angels of Destruction ascended on the 20th of Shevat with the installation of the Hamas government. Armilus has actually won an election with the albeit weakest plurality in modern Israel's history. He has appointed a labor leader as his defense minister so that the Labor Party leader does not destroy Israel's economy. The laugh is on us. And worst of all, the Abomination Parade is set to take place even when the Gallilee is being blown apart by hundreds of missiles. One might think this chaos started on the 5th of Tevet this year when G-d struck the Evil Shepherd with his sword, or when 10,000 Jews were forcibly removed from their homes last August. A more important question is when did the latest phase of the battle for Yerushalayim begin. The answer is December 21st, 2004 or the 9th or 10th of Tevet, 5765. On that day United Torah Judaism signed a letter of intent to join the Sharon government to keep it from collapsing when Tommy Lapid went into opposition. If UTJ had not joined, it is unknown whether or not the Gaza unilateral retreat would have occurred. This was a very controversial act of course disputed greatly by many Tzaddikim within UTJ itself. I have written about this before, and there is no need to write about this again except to bring up the following crucial point. Nebuchadnezzer started his siege of Yerushalayim on the 10th of Tevet. He sacked the Holy Temple 2 1/2 years later on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of Av. When Mitzvah observing Jews decide to give up on what G-d has given us here in Eretz Yisrael especially when it is a piece of Eretz Yisrael, it is a very serious matter. It places even our Holy City where Heaven's throne touches earth into question. Abandoning part of Eretz Yisrael to unrepentent terrorists, placing thousands into harms way of missile bombardment, places our very existence in the Holy City into question. Heaven has the right to ask: Will we sell it for a price too? Are we willing to learn Torah in a spiritual desert here in the Land of Israel behind beautiful Jerusalem stone walls while Hell comes for a visit? Learning Torah may be the best of ways to fight the forces of Hell, but not when money for doing so comes from those who empower Hell itself. Olmert and his wife until now have badly wanted this parade. A coalition with this man, until he stops this parade, is unacceptable. If he has done teshuvah, really, he will stop the parade today. If he has not, get out of this government. It is best not to be in a coalition with Bilaam or one of Bilaam's two sons.

We are now 1 1/2 years into the process since that letter of intent was signed. Next summer Yerushalayim will be divided, G-d forbid, if we do not take action now. Zecharia 12 offers one miraculous scenario for the attempt by the nations to wrest Yerushalayim from our hands, and Zecharia 14 offers another very unpleasant but ultimately miraculous scenario. When Operation Summer Rains started immediately after Gilad Shalit was captured on the 29th of Sivan, a good friend of mine, YS, reminded me that on the 29th of Sivan in the second year after leaving Mitzraim (Egypt), the spies left with Moshe Rabbeinu's permission to spy out the Land. On Tisha B'Av (9th of Av) they returned 40 days later with a report that would make any scholar shudder. Let us continue to learn Torah here in the desert under the "Clouds of Glory". Why take on such a harsh and powerful enemy under harsh conditions? The nation agreed except for Calev and Yehoshua and Moshe himself. For the next 37 years on Tisha B'Av those who were 20 and above when we left Egypt died in the desert.

Here is the good news for this year 5766. In the 40th year after leaving Egypt, no one died in the desert on the 9th of Av. It was the first positive sign in the desert of our impending entry into the Land of Israel. We are now in the 40th year since the Six Day War. The Erev Rav generation is quickly coming to a close. Perhaps this Tisha B'Av will see the birth of a new era. I will say nothing more about this, for I am not into the prediction making business, and G-d forbid if I disappoint. Yet, with G-d's help we will short circuit the Abomination Makes Desolate Parade scheduled for right after Tisha B'Av so that Tu B'Av (15th of Av) will be a day of G-d's Infinite grace for His people and not a day of twisted perversion on Jaffa Road. By being a cog in the wheel which stops this mess and stops our 2 1/2 year march to putting the Holy City in our enemies' hands, we can bring Divine Compassion down to earth without another year of Hell on earth. I choose Zecharia 12 over Zecharia 14 any day of the year. Let us pledge ourselves to keeping one more mitzvah, any mitzvah, big or small. Let us bring the forces for Good in the world into line with G-d's desire for us. Let us have the full redemption this year. Let us not wait until the lead up to geulah becomes most unpleasant by waiting until next Tisha B'Av or G-d forbid Rosh HaShana 5768. Please write me and let me know what mitzvah you have decided to take on. I will try to publish it by only mentioning your initials. Also do not forget to fax to the
following numbers. Olmert is vulnerable to pressure now to stop this evil parade. Rav Lazer Brody has done a lot of work trying to stop this madness. Send as many faxes and e-mails as you can to Eli Yishai and the Gerer Rebbe. Eli Yishai can threaten to bolt the coalition, and the Gerrer Rebbe could be convinced to keep UTJ away from Armilus like the plague. If Armilus has done teshuvah, he will stop this madness now, but if this gilgul of Bilaam or one of his two sons is just spouting words, well, study the torah portion of Balak to see what Bilaam did to destroy the sanctity of the Holy People with the daughters of Midian. While his curses were turned into blessings, public fornication succeeded. How much worse is public abomination. On this note study the Torah portions of Chukat, Balak and the first part of Pinchas in the Book of BaMidbar (Numbers chaps. 19- 27) to get an idea of what the 40th year in the desert was like. Check out our successes and our failures, and compare them to this 40th year since the Six Day War. Study them with Rashi, Or HaChaim, and the Ramban.


The Redeemer of Israel Is Here, But the Battle for Yerushalayim Has Just Begun – July 15, 2006

Maggid Dov Bear Bar Lieb - Back on the 20th of Shevat this year, 5766, I was praying for it to happen. We needed a tremendous salvation. It was Shabbat (Feb 18, 2006), and I did not know how it would happen. Yet, the Medrash Eliyahu is clear:

There is a very large nation (extending) from the great plain unto Yafo and Ashkelon. On the 20th day of Shevat Mashiach will come. Angels of destruction will descend and destroy the whole of that multitude, and these angels will not leave alive a single soul. It is regarding this time that G-d spoke about to Avraham: 'Your progeny are destined to sink to the lowest level, as scripture states: "And you shall be low, and you will speak from the ground" (Isa. 29:4), but afterwards they will be exalted higher than all the nations, as scripture affirms: "And HaShem your G-d will set you high above all the nations of the earth" (Deut. 28:1).' After this all the Gentile nations will come and prostrate themselves before every Israelite and lick off the dust from their feet, as scripture says: 'Kings will serve as your tutors, [while their princesses will be your nursemaids; they will prostrate themselves facedown on the ground to you and lick off the dust from your feet]' (Isa. 49:23).

It is obvious that the "very large nation (extending) from the great plain unto Yafo and Ashkelon" is the modern Erev Rav controlled State of Israel. The geographic parameters describe either a coastal plain country or a lowland country starting around Beer Sheva extending south all the way to Ashkelon, but including a large population center in the vicinity of Yafo at the End of Days. That population center is of course the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area. It did not exist in ancient times, but Eliyahu HaNavi (the prophet) from Michael, one of the four principle angels in heaven, is hinting that such a great population center will exist at the End of Days. Also the Prophet's reference to Ashkelon is that it will be the southernmost city along the coast at the End of Days. This is also a telling reference to the accuracy of this prophesy. The one thing that I firmly believed would not occur was that the complete destruction of the Erev Rav Republic at that time. I firmly believed that the Holocaust was the atonement standing before the Heavenly Throne, and that the lives of two to three million Jews on the Left Coast would not be wiped out here in the Land of Israel even if so many of them are spiritual descendents of the Erev Rav. This is the way in prophesy. Extenuating circumstances can fully ameliorate its negative aspects.

What was supposed to happen on that faithful Shabbat 5766 was something that has to be described as awesome. Hamas was supposed to install their government on that very day. As it turned out G-d was true to His word. Mashiach could not and would not come on the Shabbat. He would be delayed one day. As it turned out Hamas installed their government of the destruction the following day on Sunday, the 21st of Shevat. Yet G-d would show that those who would vote for Kadima or Meretz even after Hamas was elected would live despite their despicable sin. They would live, I believe, because we are all spiritual descendents of the Holocaust. About one month after Hamas installed its government, 1.2 million chickens that were culled and killed because of the Avian Flu became the Kapparos (symbolic substitute) for 1.2 million souls who deserved to die for attaching themselves to Armilus and his evil scheme. Then came the election of Armilus (Olmert) on the 28th of Adar by 30% of the Jewish voters. The sefer Kol HaTor tells us that Armilus comes to power as head of the Erev Rav in order to delay the redemption. The next day, the 29th of Adar, was the occurrance of the 80% solar eclipse for the New Moon of Nissan. The next day Rosh Chodesh Nissan (1st of Nissan) 5766 was a propitious time for Mashiach to come, but Armilus had arrived two days earlier to delay the final redemption. The 40th year since the Six Day War began with Armilus going to Washington on the 25th of Iyar (May 23rd) in order to push his evil plan for the destruction of Jewish communities in large tracts of Yehudah and the Shomron for nothing in return from our intractable foes.

The Full Dose – July 18, 2006 News - Israel's flyers are continuing with round-the-clock search-and-destroy sorties in Lebanon, hunting missile batteries. We all owe these dedicated young men our sincerest thanks and blessings. Round-the-clock Torah is the spiritual fuel that will help our pilots continue to perform their missions successfully and return home safely. Our learning and praying must therefore be at least as dedicated as their flying. A Gemorra is every bit of a spiritual jet fighter, and personal prayer is a ballistic missile with a warhead capable of destroying the Yetzer and his armies of darkness. Don't let up on the mitzva commitments! The enemy is on the run, as follows:


Left, one of Israel's F16 pilots that participated in the destruction of Hizbolla HQ on Sunday.


 Familiar Tune: The current campaign to eradicate the Hizbolla from our midst is ever so remindful of all of Israel's wars - Independence in 1948, Sinai in 1956, The Six-Day War in 1967, The Yom Kippur War in 1973, and now in 2006. The Arabs threaten to throw us into the sea and yell itbakh el Yahud (slaughter the Jews!); the war starts, Israel takes same painful blows on the nose to atone for their sins, and then Hashem begins plastering the Ishmaelites. Now, the muharbin and fedayeen start crying for a cease fire like little babies with stomach aches. Not only that, but they involve their nursemaids in the UN and the EU. Any doctor will tell you not to discontinue an antibiotic before you finish the full dose; Israel should not agree to a ceasefire until the deadly bacteria known as Hizbolla is eradicated. Achmedinejad, you've been yelling that you'll wipe Israel off the map and now you want a ceasefire? The answer is no.

Bear speaks with forked tongue: The Gemorra alludes to Iran as the bear. My Cherokee friends call liars those who speak with forked tongues. While Achmedinejad claims that Iran is not involved in Lebanon and is begging for a ceasefire (he probably dreamed that angels with white beards and payis were destroying his nuclear reactor outside of Tehran), his Parliament Speaker continues to threaten Israel. The bear speaks with a forked tongue.


Grandmother White Eagle to meet with US Senators tomorrow: Apropos my Cherokee friends, Tsa la Gi Ulisi (Cherokee elder and wise-woman) Grandmother White Eagle flies to Washington, DC today in preparation for her scheduled meeting tomorrow with both Texas senators, Republicans John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison. She will also be carrying a message from me to both distinguished senators, which we hope gets passed on to President Bush as well. When Grandmother White Eagle speaks, others listen, for she's the voice of about 11,000 people of the Texas Cherokee nation. Have a safe trip Ulisi, and may you be successful in your very wonderful mission.


Update, 2:55 PM, Israel - More missiles are falling in Haifa and Tzfat; in Haifa, fire fighters have been hospitalized from dangerous chemical smoke inhalation. Hizbolla rockets also made a direct hit on Tzfat's hospital, injuring 5 people. More people in the Galilee have just been hospitalized from shock. Katyusha missile are causing extensive damage in forest fires, scarring the Northern Galilee.

3:10 PM - Emuna News has learned that nearly half of the current Hizbolla fighting capacity has been destroyed; IDF sources estimate that another 7 days are needed to neutralize the Hizbolla. It's much to early for euphoria, since a wounded bear is a very dangerous bear. Also, the Syrians and Iranians continue to pour arms into Lebanon as follows:

Syria and Iran pouring fuel on the fire: My esteemed friends at Debka report that Arab arms smugglers recently relocated their main operation from the Syrian-Iraqi border to the Syrian-Lebanese border in preparation for the new warfront against Israel. In the last 48 hours, Iran has used this illicit route to beat the Israeli air, sea and land blockade and pump quantities of rockets, anti-air and anti-tank missiles and other advanced weapons systems to Hizballah for a fresh escalation. Syria's role in this smuggling operation is critical. All the Iranian passenger flights landing in Damascus from Thursday, July 13, have been crammed with weapons for Hizballah. Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers, anti-tank and anti-air missile experts, arrived in the Syrian capital, and were subsequently led by the smugglers across mountain routes into Lebanon.

More mitzva commitments needed: This is no time to become lax. Please urge your family and friends to answer the Melitzer Rebbe's call to strengthen one mitzva; tshuva doesn't mean revolutionizing our lives - it means becoming a little bit better and getting a little closer to Hashem than we were yesterday. Am Yisroel needs your help! עם ישראל חי


The Prime Minister Olmert appears to be making Tshuva (Repentance)


Prime Minister Olmert's Speech in Knesset – July 18, 2006

Olmert_changing_directionEmuna News - Courageous, dedicated, sensitive, committed, and a sanctification of Hashem's name - such is the character of Prime Minister Olmert's speech to the Knesset Monday evening. Among other things, he said: "May the Almighty cause the enemies who rise up against us to be struck down before them. May the Holy One, blessed be He, preserve and rescue our fighters from every trouble and distress and from every plague and illness, and may He send blessing and success in their every endeavor. May He lead our enemies under our soldiers' sway and may He grant them salvation and crown them with victory".


The PM concluded by saying, "I have no courage other than that which G-d, my faith in the justice of our cause and my sense of supreme responsibility, have instilled in me and have prepared me for these fateful moments... I wish to conclude by reading an extract from Prophet Jeremiah: 'Thus said Hashem: a voice is heard on high, wailing, bitter weeping, Rachel weeps for her children; she refuses to be consoled for her children, for they are gone.


Thus said Hashem: restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears; for there is reward for your accomplishment - the word of Hashem - and they will return from the enemy's land. There is hope for your future - the word of Hashem; And your children will return to their land". May Hashem bless you and keep you, Mr. Prime Minister, and may you continue in the fearless path of emuna. The people of Israel proudly rally behind you. Read the whole speech here.

A blessing and note of gratitude to my dear friend Robert Miller in the USA for his help in preparing this special Emuna News report.


Chacham Z - "Hashem has given PM Olmert a brave new soul!” – July 17, 2006

Emuna News will continue to be the focus of Lazer Beams as long as the current situation remains in national emergency status. An Israeli national emergency is a crisis for the Jewish people worldwide - don't ever forget that. As I was coming home from hitbodedut this evening, one of Israel's secret war machines stopped to pick me up - it was Chacham Z in his battered white 1981 Fiat; he had just come back from distributing Psalms and sweets to soldiers at the local bus station. He told me to get in the car, and while he drove me home, revealed some amazing things, as follows:


PM Olmert's Speech and his brave new soul: All of Israel is still open-mouthed by the emuna, confidence, inner strength, and sanctification of Hashem's name as expressed in Prime Minister Olmert's speech late Monday. He put a kippa on his head, made a blessing for soldiers, quoted Jeremiah the prophet, and sanctified Hashem's name in a manner that commands our complete respect. I asked Chacham Z what happened to the Prime Minister; Chacham Z answered, "His name is Ehud; because of his choice to sanctify Hashem's name, he has received the soul of Ehud ben Gera (see Judges 3:16) who led Israel to a shining victory over her enemies. If PM Olmert continues in this manner, he'll rise to greatness; if he reverts to his old ways, the soul of Ehud ben Gera will leave him!"

Emuna News hopes that Operation "Change of Direction" signifies a change of direction in the Prime Minister, as demonstrated by his strong, sincere, and eloquent speech yesterday evening. Such a PM has our wholehearted support.


Israel's Iron Fist: Chacham Z also noted Bibi Natanyahu's full support of the Prime Minister; "With Divine assistance, the PM rallies even his arch rivals around him. Such unity is an iron fist that guarantees Israel's triumph!"

Tzfat: I asked Chacham Z about the fact that the holy city of Tzfat is being so badly pounded at this very moment. he said, "Wait and see what shall happen in 2 weeks on the 5th of Av, the Ari's yahrtzeit; we'll be seeing big miracles in Tzfat." Meanwhile, may Hashem protect the residents of the north - their inner fortitude is remarkable.Iran: Chacham Z claims that Iran will be hit by a major natural calamity by the 15th of Av, in three weeks. Time will tell if he's right. Chacham Z also claims that the destruction of Iran is the key to the full redemption of our people. Deep down inside, Achmedinejad knows that his end is near; like Haman before him, he's trying to enlist the forces of evil to destroy the forces of holiness, but he won't succeed. Hashem has promised to redeem His beloved children of Israel




Achmedinejad's sticky fingers and threats – July 17, 2006

Emuna News - Achmedinejad fueling terror: Achmedinejad is doing his utmost to open up a third front in the war and further complicate matters for Israel. According to Emuna News sources, the Shin-Bet (Israel's FBI) and Mossad (Israel's CIA) have solid proof that Achmedinejad is paying hard cash to militants in Judea and Sammaria for stirring up trouble, including triple bonuses of $4-figures for Israeli casualties G-d forbid, which served as an incentive to what happened last night, as follows:

WhiteHouse, but not betrayal: The Jewish blogosphere is on fire with reliable info about how the 155_crewUSA is selling Israel down the river. They call this betrayal; Emuna News calls this old business. The White House has not betrayed Israel, for they were never interested in Jewish blood in the first place. Ask FDR and Harry Bingham.

Achmedinejad's threats: Now, all of Achmedinejad's threat make sense. He more than anyone else knows the size and scope of the arsenal and stronghold he built in Lebanon. Emuna News warned of this back in December of 2005, but no one took us seriously. Achmedinejad via the Hizbolla is gradually pulling heavier death toys out of his sack, and waiting to see how the world responds. As nobody cares - including the White House and State Dept. - that Jews are maimed and killed in Haifa, Achmedinejad extends his missile range a little further. He plans to destroy Israel as one slices a salami - piece by piece. His predecessor Haman also had such plans; Achmedinejad's end will be the same as Haman's - despite Gog Bush and his puppets. Hashem runs the show, so keep on smiling. We're going to win and here's why.


This is what an Israeli artillery crew in Southern Lebanon does during a lull in the fighting- אלה ברכב ואלה בסוסים, אבל אנחנו בשם ה' נזכיר


Jezreel valley under missile attack – July 17, 2006

NorthernisraelThe above map shows the North of Israel. The Jezreel Valley is the yellow-green section between Afula and Nazareth.


Jezreel Valley under attack: An hour ago, long-range Iranian missiles penetrated deepest ever into Israel, as far south as the Jezreel Valley, including Nazereth Illit, Migdal Ha'emeq, and Afula. This is a dangerous first, with deadly warheads reaching as far as 50 km within Israeli territory.

Hizbolla is now boasting that they can hit any target in Israel. It's time to take them seriously, for they are the voice of Iran. The question of the day is, how much more must Israel be hit for the Prime Minister to continue complying to American directives of restraint?

YitzirachamimRenewed Warplane activity in the Southern skies: At the time of this writing (1:15 AM Israel), jet engines are roaring over Ashdod in the bombing descent to Gaza (about 80 seconds away). Word has it that Hamas offices are being neutralized.

A salute to Israel's courageous and tireless pilots, who've already completed over 1,000 jet sorties and over 350 chopper gunship sorties in Lebanon. May Hashem bless and protect Israel's fighting troops.

Israel's secret weapon: Emuna News is now exposing Israel's newest secret weapons, hidden in Northeast USA: Meet the Jewish people's newest Baalei Tshuva, Yitzi and Rachamim C., ages 7 and 9, who are making tshuva so that Hashem will save their people. How can Hashem refuse these two? They've completely conquered my heart. They've convinced mama Leah to kosher her kitchen and to observe the Sabbath. They have committed to saying Shma at night, washing their hands in the morning, saying their blessings, wearing kippot, eating Kosher, keeping Shabbat, and learning Torah. In their merit, G-d willing, we're going to beat the daylights out of Iran and Hizbolla. Our victory is assured now.


The Euphoria in Anticipation of Redemption


Operation "Change of Direction” – July 15, 2006

Hizbolla_hqEmuna News - 3:15 PM, Israel - How amazing that the name of the current Israeli campaign in Lebanon has been named, "Operation Change of Direction"; this indicates two things - first, Israel is making tshuva; second, big miracles are on the way, G-d willing. Please keep up the mitzva commitments, and spread the word to everyone you know. In case you're new to the Beams, the Melitzer Rebbe shlit'a has called upon every Jew in the world to improve on the observance of one mitzva; this is the greatest contribution you can make to Israel's security.

1:17 PM, Israel - It's now clear that Haifa is being hit with Iranian Fajr missiles, with a range of up to 150 kilometers. Iranian missiles also hit the Israeli missile ship yesterday, and that Lebanese government radar assisted in directing the missile fire.

IAF warplanes are now attacking strategic Hizbolla targets in Beirut.


Hizbolla HQ, Beirut, this morning; Emuna News exclusive sources say that Nasrulla, head villain of the Iran owned and operated terrorists, is trying to crawl out of this rubble. Image courtesy of your mitzvas, the IAF, and AP


Nasrulla injured? Israeli News reports that Nasrulla is injured, the Lebanese say its a lie. Emuna News sources say that he's trapped under rubble right now; the rat's time is running short.

Iran and Syria are now threatening Israel with "unbelievable losses". That's a sign that they've been hit where it hurts. Bon apetit - they haven't tasted anything yet. Two things are clear: First, Iranian experts are directing the Hizbolla inside of Lebanon; in other words, Iran is calling the shots. Second, the Lebanese government is cooperating completely with Iran and the Hizbolla.

Latest Civil Defense instructions can be seen here. Tel Aviv is now on rocket alert.Hashem is doing everything for the very best; the current scare is to expedite our tshuva. Let's show Hashem that we understand His message by strengthening our observance of His laws. All of us - nonreligious, reform, conservative, orthodox, in Israel and outside - should immediately commit to performing one mitzva better. This is a time for unity and commitment.The greatest sign of courage is a smile under fire. When you remember that Hashem is running the show, you can always smile. The good aspect of the our stiff-necked people is that you can't extinguish their emuna and you can't wipe the smile off their faces. Hashem will be showing us big miracles, soon; the faster we make tshuva, the quicker we'll see the downfall of our enemies, amen.


Chacham Z's message, and final pre-Shabbat update – July 14, 2006

“This is a time for Tefillin and brass knuckles..." Lazer Brody, Israel Channel 10 radio, July 13, 2006


Pre-Shabbos final Update: More Katyusha barrages in Tzfat, Peki'in, and Hatzor HaGlilit with injuries sustained. Chassidim live in all three communities; Hashem is saying to us, just because we have beards doesn't mean that we don't have to make Tshuva like everybody else. This is the same message that I heard from Ben Golden in FC recently. He said that we all must put aside the golden calf of materialism and return to Hashem.


Message from Persian Kabbalist Chacham Z: Chacham Z comes from Mashad, Iran. He is an anonymous tzaddik reminiscent of the Chalban, one that looks like a fishmonger or a milkman on the outside. Don't let that fool you. If you want to feel true humility, then discuss Torah - Talmud or esoteric - with Chacham Z. His blessings are like money in the bank. Today, Chacham Z came to Ashdod. I couldn't believe what I saw - he was distributing free books of Psalms to passersby, ice cream for children (to relieve their worry), vegetables for the poor, and pastries to soldiers. He had an entire welcome wagon in his battered Fiat 127, model 1981. He called me over and blessed me, and said "Hashem will do tremendous miracles. Iran is in big trouble. If Israel does a warning strike on a secondary Iranian town, such as Isfahan or Mashad, they will succeed! Achmadinejad will see the strong arm of Hashem if he doesn't back off of Israel. The Torah says we shall dwell alone - we don't need America or anybody else's help! If the Iranians persist in attacking Israel, then Tehran will be hit with a nuclear weapon.Hashem wants us to do Tshuva, so He chastises us. But, He will protect us against Iran. Let the IDF fight fearlessly and with no restraint from the nations of the world. We must support our dear soldiers with tshuva and Torah!" He wished me "Shabbat Shalom" and drove away. If you're questioning Chacham Z's authenticity, an hour after I spoke to him, Achmedinejad came out with this statement. Iran is scared, but like other tyrants, he'll run to his own destruction. Wait and see, it's all comin' down.



HAIFA HIT WITH TWO ROCKETS; IDF BOMBS SO. BEIRUT – July 14, 2006 Report - Hezbollah terrorists fired two missiles at Haifa for the first time yesterday, and IDF officials estimate that the Katyusha is Iranian-made. The Israeli government had said that if Haifa was hit, Israel would bomb southern Beirut where Hezbollah has its headquarters and where Hezbollah chief Nasrallah and other leaders live.


True to its promise, very soon after Haifa was hit, the Air Force fighter planes were in the air and bombed the petroleum tanks at Beirut Airport, the highways leading out of the airport, the Beirut- Damascus highway and the so. Beirut neighborhood. Civilians had been warned to leave the area hours before and hundreds did. Eyewitnesses said hundreds of residents were seen leaving the capital.


IAF aircrafts also attacked a base of Ahmed Jibril's organization, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, at the Bekaa Valley, only 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) away from the Syrian border.


Palestinian-Hezbollah-Iran Connection Clearly Exposed – July 14, 2006 Report - Palestinian Authority sources have revealed that both Fatah and Hamas factions are allied with Hizbullah terrorists. IDF sources announced, after examining the exploded rockets, that Iran manufactured and supplied Hizbullah with the rockets that hit Haifa and other areas. "The Lebanese resistance movement, Hizbullah, and now its General Secretary Hassan Nasrallah, have affirmed commitment to aiding the Palestinians against Israeli attacks," the Palestine News Network (PNN) reported Thursday. A spokesman for the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a military wing of the Fatah movement headed by PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, said the Hizbullah attacks were a "message and a mortal blow to Israel." A statement released by the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades thanked Hizbullah and noted that Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorists are working together. students held demonstrations in support of the

Palestinian people in Tehran on Tuesday.


President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also promised Syrian President Bashar Assad that an Israeli strike on Syria would be considered an attack on the Moslem world and would bring a "fierce response." Israel and the United States openly have blamed Iran and Syria for the Hizbullah terrorist war on northern Israel.


Israel at War - The Spiritual Side – July 14, 2006

Mystical Paths - First a thought on Haifa, "Haifa is a dangerous escalation; no Katyusha missile can reach Haifa from even the closest point in Lebanon. This is a clear sign that the Hizbollah possesses the Iranian version of the Russian Scuds, Haifawhich puts an additional chunk of the Holy Land within terrorist artillery range." I'd add further, since Hizbollah claims they didn't shoot it, then Iranian Guards in Lebanon did.


Now on to the spiritual side...Reb Dov Bar Leib writes, "I just returned from the States and the War of Gog U'Magog has been thrust upon us. The first sign on the last Mishnah in Tractate Sotah is that the Gallilee will become Chareiv (destroyed). The first is always the most important. It is therefore the sign that immediately triggers the onset of the Redemption. No wonder that the Zohar tells us that Mashiach will first appear in the Galilee in the 66th year after crossing the threshold of the 6th millennium. We will soon see if that is this year."

Aug-18 007

Two other interesting items to note.

On the day after Tisha B'Av (the 9th of Av fast day on the Jewish calendar), Israel started the retreat from Gush Katif.


A day before the 17th of Tammuz (the fast day that starts the 3-week mouring period) in under a year, war starts. As Rabby Brody wrote, "the current breach of Israel's borders , including the unprecedented attacks on Haifa and Tzfat, has been the 17th of Tammuz, the exact same day when the city of Jerusalem was breached before the destruction of the Second Temple."Hashgacha Pratit, Divine Providence, there are no coincidences. We await the signs and events to know if this really is that time. Regardless, it's a good time for Teshuvah, reconnecting with G-d, Tefillah, prayer, and Tzedakah, charity and helping others.  By Rabbi Akiva


The War for Redemption – July 14, 2006

 Emuna News - What does the future hold in store?


Scenario #1 - the USA wants to draw Iran and Syria into the war with Israel to give the USA an excuse to level Iran. They'd advertise that their motive is to help Israel, but they really want to control Mideast Oil. In such a case, Israel would become puppet of the USA even more than today.


Scenario #2 - the EU wants to use NATO and the war as a pretext to invading Israel, according to Professor Emanuel Winston and in line with everything that's been said in recent weeks on Emuna News. The State Department never wanted a Jewish state, and would be tacitly tickled to support such a move. That's what's behind Bush's warning to Israel to "protect the Lebanese $Account.OrganizationNamegovernment". He, Rice, and the State Department are as loyal to Israel as a trio of rattlers. The EU are even worse. (A tip of the hat to my friend Attorney Paul Weiss in Texas).


The Beginning of the Hezbollah-Israel Conflict


Scenario #3 - The people of Israel make tshuva, and see tremendous miracles.Many sceptics no longer feel that the above 3 are so far-fetched.No matter what the scenario, this war looks to me like the War for Redemption and the beginning of the Geula. All the nations of the world want to descend on us; don't worry, this is all part of Hashem's scenario, and all for the best. Emuna is the only way to make it safely to the other side.


The main principle of emuna teaches that everything Hashem does is for the very best, despite the fact that we don't always understand why. Look how loudly Hashem is talking to us - the current breach of Israel's borders, including the unprecedented attacks on Haifa and Tzfat, has been the 17th of Tammuz, the exact same day when the city of Jerusalem was breached before the destruction of the Second Temple. Let's all make tshuva so that Hashem doesn't have to speak any louder.


The Enemy is on the Run – July 14, 2006

Emuna News - Damascus - Beirut road destroyed: In the wee hours of Friday morning, The Israeli Air Force with Hashem's help effectively completed the blockade on Lebanon by knocking out more bridges and the main road that connects Beirut to Damascus. All of Lebanon's airports are now non-functional. The Hizbolla will have a tough time rearming, but their current stockpiles are tremendous, following a six-year buildup with unlimited funds and arms from Iran.

Hizbolla HQ attacked: It's still unclear how much damage was done, but the IAF bombed Hizbolla HQ in the Dahiya neighborhood of South Beirut early this morning.

Underground arsenals: According to Emuna News sources, the Iran-owned-and controlled Shiite terrorists still have thousands of mortars and missiles in hundreds of well-concealed underground bunkers. The Hizbolla is as problematic for Israel as the Taliban in Afghanistan is for the USA, with one difference - Condi Rice drinks her coffee and eats her Cornflakes with nobody dropping Katyusha rockets on her head. I don't think that Ms. Rice and Mr. Bush would be calling for restraint if the Taliban were firing missiles on San Francisco, Boston, and Detroit.

The Southern Front: The IDF has pulled out of Northern and Central Gaza and is now concentrating its activities in South Gaza where Gilead Shalit is being held captive. Four hours ago, five Qassam missiles fell on Sderot.

Nasralla3_2Guide to the perplexed: In case you're new to the Middle East, look at these two mug shots while you still can:

Nasrulla, head of the Hizbolla - owned and operated by Iran and guru of the militant Shiites, Nasrulla pulls the real weight in Lebanon. He lives in Dahiya, South Beirut but takes his orders from Achmadinejad and the head Ayatolla in Tehran. Not Mashal_1only does he like to talk with his hands, but his sticky fingers leave ugly smudges all over the place.

Mashal, exiled head of the Hamas - owned and operated by Syria, Mashal pulls the strings in Gaza. He's living temporarily in Damascus, but has been changing addresses rather frequently lately. He also talks a lot with his hands, and like Nasralla, leaves ugly smudges all over the place. Take a close look at these two mugshots, because with Hashem's help, you won't see the above two for long.

Statistics Update: For us, each mortar and missile is a threat; more and more people over here are learning to thank Hashem for every heartbeat. For those who like statistics, up until 8AM this morning over 500 mortar shells and 130 Katyusha rockets have fallen on Israel, leaving "at least" (not my wording but government terminology) 2 dead and over 130 wounded. for those who asked, Haifa is 18 miles (30 km) from the Lebanese border, and was apparently hit by an Iranian-made Scud missile.

Mobilization of Reserve Forces: The army is calling up its reserves, and we at the Beams are calling up ours. The following is a partial and continued list of our wonderful friends and readers who are courageously answering the call of the Melitzer Rebbe and reporting to duty by committing to strengthen one mitzva for the merit of all of Israel.


Historical Survey of Israeli Leaders: Will Rockets Fall? – July 14, 2006 National News - Israeli leaders were split over whether there would ever really be rockets falling on Israeli territory from Gaza. IsraelNationalTV's Yechezkel Lang compiled their sentiments and predictions. If we cut and run, Gaza will be taken over by terror organizations... Gaza's squares shall be transformed into launching platforms of Katyushas toward Ashkelon ... The only way to defeat terrorism is by controlling its bases.
Likud MK Ariel Sharon
Maariv, June 12, 1992

Qassam Rockets are Deadly Instruments of Terror

"Every time there is a wave of terrorism, all sorts of 'experts' say that we should unilaterally get out of Gaza. If we do so, the Gaza Strip will become a cancerous thorn of terrorism, 1,000 times more dangerous than it is now. What will we do when katyushas are fired from Biet Yachie on Ashkelon and from Biet Hanoun on Sderot?"
Tourism Minister and Moledet Leader MK Rehavam Ze'evi
Knesset Minutes, March 1993

You have to tell the citizens of Israel how you plan to prevent terrorist attacks from the Gaza Strip. How will you prevent Katyusha attacks on Ashkelon?"
Likud MK Moshe Katsav
Jerusalem Post, May 24, 1994

All you do all day is threaten that there will be Katyusha rockets landing in Ashkelon. Would you mind telling me why there are no rockets fired from Aqaba to Eilat?"
Foreign Minister Labor MK Shimon Peres
Knesset minutes
September 9, 1993

We're familiar with the Likud's horror stories. They promised us Katyushas from Gaza, but Gaza has been under the primary control of the Palestinian Authority for more than a year now, and there hasn't been a single Katyusha.
Prime Minister, Labor MK Yitzchak Rabin
Jerusalem Post
Jun 20, 1995

A particularly favored line is that the Likud's dire predictions of Gaza turning into another Lebanon, with Katyusha rockets hitting Ashkelon, have proved unrealistic and plain silly.
Jerusalem Post Editorial
Aug 11, 1995

Katyusha Rocket in Southern Lebanon


The purpose of the Disengagement Plan is to reduce terror as much as possible, and grant Israeli citizens the maximum level of security...These steps will increase security for the residents of Israel and relieve the pressure on the IDF and security forces in fulfilling the difficult tasks they are faced with. The Disengagement Plan is meant to grant maximum security and minimize friction between Israelis and Palestinians.
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
Herzliya Conference
December 18, 2003

We must take into account that after withdrawal, Ashkelon, a major Israeli city, will be within the effective range of Kassam rockets. In the future, when sea and airports are built in Gaza and we will have no control, they will have Katyushas with a longer range that can also reach Kiryat Gat or southern Ashdod.
Major General (Res.) Yakov Amidror
Maariv, Feb. 5, 2004

Before the withdrawal from Lebanon, the Intelligence Directorate also threatened us with Katyushas reaching Hadera and we see what actually happened. I estimate, and my estimate is just as valid as those that threaten us with horrors, that after we leave the Gaza Strip, terrorism will decrease, not increase.
Former Mossad Head, Labor MK Dani Yatom
Maariv, Feb. 5, 2004

If the Disengagement plan is carried out, Kassam rocket attacks will be the lot of cities from Ashkelon to Ofakim [also inside Israel], and will become a daily occurrence.
Yisrael Beiteinu Head, MK Avigdor Lieberman
July 5, 2004
After the withdrawal, Kassam rockets will rain on Ashkelon.
NRP Head, MK Effie Eitam
Kol Israel, Israel Radio
Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I anticipate that the level of terrorism will drop after the disengagement and after pragmatic Arab forces take control.
Defense Minister, Kadima MK Shaul Mofaz
Arutz Sheva
Jul 02, 2004

We will find a full answer to the Kassams without crossing lines.
IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz
Speech at Bar Ilan University
Mar 24, 2006

By Ezra HaLevi


Why Washington Is Supporting Israel's War with Hezbollah – July 14, 2006

Lekarev Report - It's actually pretty simple - the Bush Administration wants to see Hezbollah Chief, Hassam Nasrallah, strongly slammed. President George W. Bush and his top team, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and national security adviser Stephen Hadley are granting Israel space for a military coup de grace against Hassan Nasrallah as leader of the Hizballah terrorist group.


That space however is limited and Israel is in a race against time to achieve four goals:

1.              To destroy Hizballah’s 10,000 rocket and missile

2.              To wipe out the hard core of Hizballah’s armed

3.              To make sure its air, land and sea blockade of Lebanon is secure.

4.              To apply political pressure in conjunction with the Bush Administration and the West Olmert government therefore proposed – and the Bush administration agreed – that Israel would mobilize its entire air force, deploying every fighter, bomber and assault helicopter for a massive pounding of Nasrallah’s power structures. Thursday alone, Israeli aircraft carried out 600 bombing sorties.


Bush approved this tactic - partly for the sake of the two kidnapped Israeli soldiers, Lebanon’s future and even Israel’s national security, but also because of Iraq. Sources tell me that the White House knows all about the close relationship between Nasrallah in Beirut and the radical Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr in Baghdad’s Sadr City. The Hizballah leader was a pupil of Moqtada’s father, the widely revered Ayatollah Muhammed Sadr and they have much in common, especially their radicalism and militancy.


The defeat of Nasrallah, or even his death, would seriously hurt Sadr’s prestige in Iraq, a setback that would really irk Tehran, which funds both the Hizballah in Lebanon and Sadr’s Mehdi Army militia in Iraq. By early this morning, July 14, the IDF operation is advancing rapidly according to plan. Israeli towns and villages were heavily rocketed by Hizballah, the price for the IDF’s haste to achieve its four goals. The generals are not wasting a minute. Our earnest prayer is that they WILL in fact achieve the goals and that by doing so, a major blow will be leveled against international terrorists of the highest order with a significant beneficial effect to allied troops fighting in Iraq, as well as for the wellbeing and peace of Israel.

Klezmer Festival Fills Kabbalistic City With Song – July 14, 2006

Israel National News - The narrow alleys and ancient courtyards of the holy city of Tzfat were transformed into stages and venues as klezmer musicians and residents filled the streets with song during this week's three-day annual Klezmer Festival.


The line between spectator and performer is a thin one at the Klezmer Festival - where Ashkenazi soul music with hassidic roots is right at home in the city of the kabbalah. The narrow alleys and ancient courtyards of the holy city of Tzfat were transformed into stages and venues as klezmer musicians and residents filled the streets with song during this week's three-day annual Klezmer Festival.


The parks and nooks performers played in were filled with people and the crowd overflowed into the narrow and alleyways

Performers included Israeli clarinet virtuoso Moussa Berlin, the Mula Vilna Klezmer group, Simply Tzfat and mandolin master Avi Avital. Music not quite fitting the klezmer genre was also present. Shlomo Gronich, Aaron Razel, Sinai Tor and redemption rocker Adi Ran performed and the Beirav Carlebach Synagogue held all-night jam sessions of some of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach's thousands of compositions.

Tour groups roam around Tzfat, listening to stories of its mystics and rich history

Vendors sell freshly cooked delicacies and carnival food tour groups and visitors from all over Israel and the world mill about, stepping into Tzfat's many art galleries, judaica shops and traditional candle and cheese-making producers.


Musicians and Breslev hassidim jam at the Azamra Mysticism Center in the heart of Tzfat's Old City.

Ita and Dov Zilberman have the reputation of being "the true Klezmer musicians representing the Galilee." Ita is Dov's mother and plays the accordian while Dov works magic with the clarinet. The Zilbermans come from a rabbinic family that has called Tzfat home for over 200 years.
Across the Old City, in the central square plays Makseem Klezmer, a Klezmer band consisting of two spiky-haired Israeli youths - residents of towns in the Galilee. Solnikar Makseem plays the clarinet - wowing the audience by bending notes to almost inaudible pitches and holding them there indefinitely. Daniel Krayzer plays the guitar and looks like he is having the time of his life, performing for his third year straight at the festival.


Avi Avital (mandolin), Yonatan Keren (violin) and Oren Ezer (keyboard) play a second set in Tzfat's Gan HaKasum (Magic Garden).

"Twice a year, Tzfat is filled with joy and song," a dancing resident yells into the microphone he grabbed from the performer, "once on Lag B'Omer and then during the Klezmer festival! Thank you!" By Ezra


The War of 17 Tammuz to the 9th Av with Hezbollah


What is So Special about the 17th of Tammuz – July 13, 2006

Lekarev Report - The 17th of Tammuz is a fast day commemorating the fall of Jerusalem, about three weeks prior to the destruction of the Holy Temple. This also marks the beginning of a 3-week national period of mourning, leading up to Tisha B'Av. The 17th of Tammuz is the first of four fast days mentioned in the prophets. The purpose of a fast day is to awaken our sense of loss over the destroyed Temple - and the subsequent Jewish journey into exile.


Reflecting and mourning over these events is meant to help us conquer those spiritual deficiencies which brought about these tragic events in the first place. Through the process of "Teshuva" - employing the unique human gift of free will to repent and commit ourselves to improve - Hashem has given us the tools to positively effect change in our lives and in our society. In fact, the Talmud says that after the future redemption of Israel and the rebuilding of the Temple, these fast days will be re-dedicated as days of rejoicing and festivity. For as the prophet Zechariah says: the 17th of Tammuz will become a day of "joy to the House of Judah, and gladness and cheerful feasts."


What do we remember as we fast tomorrow? Five great catastrophes occurred in Jewish history on the 17th of Tammuz:

1.                        Moses broke the tablets at Mount Sinai - in response to the sin of the Golden Calf.

2.                        The daily offerings in the First Temple were suspended during the siege of Jerusalem, after the Kohanim could no longer animals.

3.                        Jerusalem's walls were breached, prior to the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE.

4.                        Prior to the Great Revolt, the Roman general Apostamos burned a Torah scroll - setting a precedent for the horrifying burning of Jewish books throughout the centuries.

5.                        An idolatrous image was placed in the sanctuary of the Holy Temple, a brazen act of blasphemy and desecration


We will fast from dawn to dusk tomorrow, setting aside what time we can in our schedules to reflect on the tragedies that occurred on this day and the sins that brought about those tragedies about. We will search our own hearts regarding those particular sins, repent as needed and choose to follow Hashem's ways rather than our own. Disobedience and 'loshon hora' (speaking evil of others) are two major sins which brought tragedy and hardship to the people of Israel. Let us examine our hearts particularly in these two areas and humble ourselves before our Father.


War in Israel – July 13, 2006 – 10:26 AM

In a few hours, G-d willing, we hope to post a strategic and spiritual analysis of the war, but meanwhile, here are urgent updates:


Improved, longer-range Katyushas pound North of Israel: The Hizbolla has had six years to strengthen their foothold in South Lebanon, and with the help of Syria and Iran, have upgraded the arms tremendously. During recent hours, Katyushas have fallen all over the north, and in places much deeper in Israeli territory than ever before.


Tzfat, Rosh Pina, Meron, and Nahariya hit - One Israeli civilain killed, 11 wounded: Shortly after 7 AM this morning (Thursday, 17 Tammuz), a barrage of Katyusha rockets began, hitting an IDF position in Mount Meron, not far Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai's gravesite. No one was hurt, but soon afterwards, four more rockets hit the other side of the Galilee - the coastal city of Nahariya. One Katyusha hit the porch of a home where a woman was eating breakfast; she was killed on the spot. Eleven other people were wounded and are being treated in the Nahariya hospital. An hour ago (9 AM Israel), Nahariya was rocketed again. Katyushas also fell on Rosh Pina, Tzfat, Margaliot, Machanayim, Machanayim Airport, Beit Hillel, Kfar HaNasi, and Mishmar HaYarden.


 IDF Northern Command Headquarters hit: This is a dangerous first; not even during The Yom Kippur War in 1973 or in the Lebanon War of 1982 did this ever happen. Ten Katyushas hit Tel Chai between 8 and 9 AM.


Home Front Commands: If you're here in Israel, and you live north of the Akko-Carmiel road, please stick close to home and pay attention to media announcements.


10:18 AM updates: Israeli civilian casualties are up to 29, with more injured in latest barrages.


Beirut Int'l Airport knocked out: Beirut Airport is no longer functional, after being bombed by IDF jets. G-d willing, may we hear good news. May Hashem protect the soldiers and citizens of Israel, amen.  Thursday, 13 July 2006, 10:26 AM.


Massive Hezbollah Attack; Seven IDF Soldiers Killed, Two Captured – July 12, 2006 – 6:00 p.m. 

Official Statement from PM Ehud Olmert at 8 p.m. – the eve of the 17th Tammuz, July 13, 2006

Lekarev Report - Following a massive attack on Israel's northern border beginning about 9 am Israel time today, thousands of reserve soldiers were called into active duty. By noon, several hundred were already on their way to report for duty and by 4 pm this afternoon, hundreds more reserves were being picked up by Army busses around the country. We are anticipating a televised statement from Prime Minister Ehud Olmert at 8 pm - about an hour from now.


IDF tanks and ground troops entered Lebanon in response to the kidnapping of two soldiers and killing of 7 others. Air Force planes bombed bridges leading northward from Lebanon’s southern border with Israel, in order to prevent the movement of the kidnappers. Meanwhile, IAF helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) were combing the air above Lebanon searching for the captured soldiers as well. All we've been told about the kidnapped soldiers is that "at least one of them is still alive."


By mid-day, Israeli bombers were flying over the Lebanese capital of Beirut. Massive shelling by IDF artillery on both land and sea struck at least 17 targets across southern Lebanon. Prime Minister Olmert had called an emergency cabinet meeting for this evening at which time further decisions will be made regarding military action. Defense officials reportedly are seeking approval for a much wider offensive. Sources in the IDF Chief of Staff's office quoted COS Dan Halutz calling for Lebanon's infrastructure to be reverted back fifty years.


This is the first time the IDF has launched a large- scale re-entry into Lebanon since then-Prime Minister Ehu Barak initiated a unilateral IDF retreat from the region in May, 2000. Since then, Hizbullah has kidnapped three soldiers, launched several cross- border attacks and fired missiles at northern Israeli towns. The group has thousands of missile batteries deployed all along the border facing Israel. Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah said in a televised statement this afternoon that "Israel knows what we can do" and hinted at increasing aggression.


IDF: 'If Haifa is Hit, We'll Level Beirut buildings' – July 13, 2006 Report - Responding to the question, "And what about the threat of long-range rockets, which are threatening population centers inside Israel?", an IDF spokesman said, "Even if they have thousands, we have at least 10 times more," the officer clarified. "If they attack Haifa and Hadera, it will constitute a reason to severely damage Lebanese infrastructures, including Hizbullah's 20-story buildings inside Beirut."


A special center of the operation is expected to be in the al-Dahiya neighborhood in Beirut, where Nasrallah has established "a state inside a state," and where he also lives with his family.


IDF officials refused to say whether Nasrallah himself is being targeted, and settled for a general statement about "an operation against all terrorists wherever they are." Leaflets distributed in the neighborhood called on the residents to leave the area ahead of a possible strike.

Israel Shuts Down Lebanon in Response to Hizbullah Barrage  - July 13, 2006
Heading SouthIsrael National News - Dozens of Hizbullah-fired Katyusha rockets struck all over the north Thursday morning, killing two. Northern Israel had six years of quiet, and Hizbullah had six years to build up its rocket forces. Israel has essentially imposed a total blockade on Lebanon, having taken out the runways of the Beirut International Airport and imposing a naval blockade of Lebanese seaports.Israel also continues to attack dozens of targets throughout Lebanon, destroying bridges, roads, military positions, arms storehouses and missile battery locations. The city of Baalbek - the main Hizbullah stronghold in Lebanon, some 100 kilometers north of Israel - was also bombed. Close to 50 Lebanese have been reported killed in the Israeli attacks. The Israel Air Force also hit the Al-Manar terrorist television studios. The station, however, apparently anticipated the attack, and moved its broadcasts to an unknown location ahead of time.

Lebanese civil defense workers stand in front of fuel storage tanks set ablaze after Israeli helicopter gunships unleashed missiles at Rafiq Hariri Beirut International Airport, late Thursday.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz says that Israel has warned residents of a southern Beirut suburb - home to Hizbullah chief Sheikh Nasrallah and many other leading Hizbullah terrorists - to evacuate the area. "It is unreasonable to assume that they will be allowed to live there in serenity for much longer," Halutz said. Hizbullah threatens to bomb Haifa if southern Beirut is bombed.  The Beirut-Damascus highway is also a target that "will be taken care of," IDF sources said.

katyushaInterior Minister Roni Bar-On (Kadima), a staunch supporter of the Disengagement plan, said today, "There is only one possible outcome: the victory of [our] army, leadership and nation." Israeli officials said the purpose of Israel's offensive is to eradicate Hizbullah, and pressure Lebanon to withdraw its tacit support for the terrorist organization in its midst. The names of the two soldiers who were abducted by Hizbullah yesterday were released this afternoon. They are Ehud Goldwasser, 31, of Nahariya, and Eldad Regev, 26, from Kiryat Motzkin.

Early Afternoon Attacks
After Hizbullah's initial Katyusha attack this morning, it continued firing afterwards at northern Israel, firing a total of more than 50 Katyushas. Rockets hit Beit Hillel again and caused a fire - one of several that were caused by the rockets - and struck other areas as well. Katyushas fell in Kfar Nasi in the Galilee and in Kibbutz Mahanayim, deeper into Israel than ever before. The hospital in Nahariya, operating on an emergency basis, has moved all of its hundreds of patients to underground floors, for fear of a Katyusha attack. After a lull of 3-4 hours, another four Katyushas hit the city of Tzfat. Two people were hurt, with critical and moderate wounds, respectively, and several
 others were treated for shock. Rockets were also fired at Shlomi, in the northwestern Galilee, this afternoon. Government and military officials say that the offensive in Lebanon will take weeks, and will be qualitatively different than any Israeli offensive since the 1982 Peace for Galilee War.

Hizbullah launches a Katyusha Rocket into Northern Galilee

Israel's Retaliation Followed by Morning Katyusha Barrage
Israel attacked Hizbullah throughout yesterday (Wednesday) and over the night, following Hizbullah's killing of eight soldiers and its abduction of two others Wednesday morning. Israel's retaliation included more than 100 aerial attacks in southern Lebanon Wednesday night and early Thursday. Hizbullah's response to the retaliation, as expected and long-planned, was quick to come: Shortly after 7 AM this morning (Thursday), a barrage of Katyusha rockets began, hitting an IDF position in Mount Meron, not far from Tzfat. No one was hurt, but soon afterwards, four more rockets hit the other side of the Galilee - the coastal city of Nahariya. One Katyusha hit the porch of a home where a woman was eating breakfast; she was killed on the spot. Within minutes it became clear that Nahariya and Mt. Meron were not isolated attacks. Nahariya was rocketed again, as were many other locations throughout the north, including Rosh Pina, Tzfat, Margaliot, Machanayim, Machanayim Airport, Beit Hillel, Kfar HaNasi, and Mishmar HaYarden. The IDF Northern Command Headquarters was also hit. Ten Katyushas hit Tel Chai between 8 and 9 AM.

The Total Number of Injured is Close to 70.
The IDF has instructed residents throughout the north - hundreds of thousands of people - to enter their shelters and reinforced rooms. The orders have been largely ignored, however, and army officials have stepped up their tone, practically imploring residents to protect themselves. If until now Nahariya and Kiryat Shmonah were always in range of Hizbullah's Katyusha rockets, communities further to the south are now in range as well - but the IDF estimates that Hizbullah has not even fired its longest-range Katyushas as of yet. The army is considering ordering the residents of towns and cities further to the into their shelters. Israel Police was placed on a level-3 alert, just one level below a state of emergency, anticipating a possible attempt by Palestinian terrorists to attack in the homefront.

IDF Bombing Hezbollah targets that were sending Katyusha Rockets on homes in Northern Lebanon


The Israeli Offensive
Among the Lebanese targets attacked by Israel's air force over the night were a dozen bridges and much of southern Lebanon's highway infrastructure. One strike hit a vehicle in which two Hizbullah terrorists were traveling. Israel has announced that it views the Lebanese government as responsible for the attacks from within its borders, including the rockets and abduction of the two IDF soldiers. The IDF announced the formation of a one-kilometer buffer zone, and any Lebanese seen in the area will be shot on sight. Until now, Hizbullah has stationed many outposts all along the border with Israel, practically adjacent to Israeli positions. Defense Minister Amir Peretz said that Israel would not allow Hizbullah to return to its former positions. "The only body that can operate there is the Lebanese Army," Peretz said. Last night, Gen. Udi Adam, the Commander of the Northern Command, said he was unsure whether Hizbullah would be permitted to rebuild its positions. Just a few weeks ago, the IAF destroyed many Hizbullah positions, but allowed the terrorists to begin rebuilding immediately afterwards.


Haifa has been Hit – 17th Tammuz – 18 Tammuz 5766 – July 13, 2006

Map_englishEmuna News - 12:15 AM, Israel: There's a hush in the country; I've been receiving near-panic phone calls from Ashdodians with parents and relatives up north, telling me that the cell phone's are out and the phone system is down. Officially, we know of 2 dead, may their souls lie in eternal rests as martyrs of the Jewish people, and over 90 injured.


Haifa is a dangerous escalation; no Katyusha missile can reach Haifa from even the closest point in Lebanon. This is a clear sign that the Hizbollah possesses the Iranian version of the Russian Scuds, which puts an additional chunk of the Holy Land within terrorist artillery range.


Why haven't Olmert and Peretz declared war yet? Behind the scenes, Bush won't let them... G-d willing, I'll be back with that before I call it a day.Melitzer Rebbe's advice: Please excuse me for not answering letters, or by answering with one-liners. The gratifying part of today's tons of mail are the wonderful people who are answering the Melitzer Rebbe's call to improve one mitzva. I can now guarantee that we'll win this war, with Hashem's help.


Zero Hour – July 13, 2006

Lazer Beams - The casualty lists are on the rise - as of this writing (6:30 PM, Israel), there are civilian casualties of 2 dead and 90 wounded. The center of Zfat has been hit. Over 85 deadly Katyushas have rained on the North of Hashem's Holy Land. What's going on?  Government highbrows are calling for more committees of investigation about the IDF's repeated setbacks. Barely days after the Hamas penetrated our southern border capturing Gilad Shalit, the Hizbolla yesterday breached the northern border and captured Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, May Hashem protect them.


Everything went wrong - the border fence electronic surveillance failed, and the IDF fell into a carefully planned Hizbolla ambush. Who's behind this?  Hashem is; we don't need the silly commissions of inquiry. Hashem wants tshuva - now.


King David said that if Hashem doesn't guard a city, then the guards are wasting their time. In recent weeks, I've been yelling at the top of my throat about Tshuva and Kedusha, spending days and nights fighting against Impurade. Few want to listen. Ben Goldin warned me that few would listen. Others made a mockery of the Melitzer Rebbe's warnings - when there's a breach of holiness in the camp, the Schina (Divine presence) leaves. When the Schina leaves, the borders are vulnerable to Hamas and Hizbolla.


This is Zero Hour - Iran is behind both Hamas and Hizbolla. This is not a border skirmish, but the opening of a campaign to destroy Israel; this is war aginst Iran.Israel's biggest threat though, is from the inside. When a government sanctions public debauchery, soldiers and civilians pay the price. The Melitzer said that each of us now must try to be a little bit better in our service of Hashem in order to invoke Divine compassion.


I call for the Government to make a public commitment to Hashem, and to ban the GayParade from anywhere within Israel's borders. Olmert and Peretz, both inexperienced and unknowledgable, especially need Hashem's help at this trying time. I also call for the government to place all trust in Hashem, and remove all trust from others, such as Rice and Bush. Let us pray to Hashem for guidance, and let the government take Israel's sword out of its sheath


Hizbullah Attacks in the North; Two Soldiers Missing  - July 12, 2006 National News - IDF sources state that five soldiers have been killed and two kidnapped along the Lebanese border in a multi-pronged attack by Hizbullah terrorists on IDF positions Wednesday morning. Lebanon's Al-Manar television station claimed that the two soldiers were taken captive by the Hizbullah attackers. Al-Manar is the on-air mouthpiece for the Lebanese terrorist group. Qatar-based Al-Jazeera also reported that Hizbullah attackers struck Israeli military outposts, taking captive two IDF soldiers at around 8:30 Wednesday morning. An IDF spokesperson later confirmed the reports of the missing personnel. With information of the kidnapped soldiers, air force planes took to the air, striking bridges and escape routes in southern Lebanon in an effort to prevent the Hizbullah from taking their Israeli captives deeper into enemy territory.

Around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, explosives and mortar shell attacks by Hizbullah on IDF positions, patrols and civilian targets along the Lebanon-Israel border injured at least eleven people and facilitated the kidnapping of two soldiers. An IDF spokesperson said that one of the injured was in serious condition as a result of attacks on two military vehicles. Those injured were ferried by helicopter to the Rambam Hospital in Haifa and to the hospital in Nahariya. Residents of the northern town of Shlomi were ordered into bomb shelters shortly after the first explosions were reported. Unconfirmed, but reliable, sources say that seven Israelis were killed in the Hizbullah attack. Details of the incident indicate that an army tank hit a land mine or a roadside bomb, trapping soldiers inside, in addition to a Hizbullah mortar shell that struck two Hammer jeeps. Rescue efforts were delayed because of fears that the area was mined with more explosives planted by the terrorists.

IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz stated that "the period of quiet" has ended for Hizbullah in Lebanon. Military sources said that the Israeli retaliation to the Hizbullah attack and apparent kidnapping of IDF soldiers will be extremely strong. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said, "These are difficult days for Israel and its citizens," adding that there are forces trying to test Israel's resolve. "They will fail and will pay a heavy price for their deeds," said the prime minister. He spoke to reporters Wednesday morning, as he hosted Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, who is visiting the region. In reaction to events along the Lebanese border and to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad (National Union) called on the government Wednesday morning to carry out a "war in Lebanon and Gaza to destroy terrorist organizations." MK Eldad said that the abduction of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and the Hizbullah attacks this morning "again prove that it is impossible to run away from terror." By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz, Ezra HaLevi and Baruch Gordon

IDF Re-Engages Lebanon, Reserves Called Up – July 12, 2006 National News - IDF tanks and ground troops entered Lebanon in response to the kidnapping of two soldiers and killing of 7 others. The army is calling up reserves to report to Israel's northern border. Air Force planes bombed bridges leading northward from Lebanon’s southern border with Israel, in order to prevent the movement of the kidnappers. Meanwhile, IAF helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) were combing the air above Lebanon searching for the captured soldiers as well. By mid-day Wednesday, Israeli bombers were spotted flying over the Lebanese capital of Beirut. Massive shelling by IDF artillery on both land and sea was reported – striking at least 17 targets across southern Lebanon. Defense officials reportedly are seeking approval for a much wider offensive, which may be granted following Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's emergency Cabinet session scheduled for Wednesday evening. Sources in the IDF Chief of Staff's office quoted COS Dan Halutz calling for Lebanon's infrastructure to be reverted back fifty years.

This is the first time the IDF has launched a large-scale re-entry into Lebanon since then-Prime Minister Ehu Barak initiated a unilateral IDF retreat from the region in May, 2000. Since then, Hizbullah has kidnapped three soldiers, launched several cross-border attacks and fired missiles at northern Israeli towns. The group has thousands of missile batteries deployed all along the border facing Israel. As of noon, a full IDF division had already received their "Order 8s" - immediate emergency call-up orders for reservists. The IDF Spokesman's office refused to confirm the report, but did confirm that individual units were being called up.

The Hizbullah terror group launched a series of attacks on Israeli military positions and northern towns Wednesday morning. During the course of the attacks, two soldiers were captured, with Hizbullah telling Arabic news agencies that “at least one” of the soldiers is still alive.

Click here to read Arutz-7's ongoing coverage of the morning's attacks. Channel 10 reports Hizbullah is demanding the release of thousands of imprisoned terrorists, forming a united front with the kidnappers of Cpl. Gilad Shalit in their demands. The government has stated that it will hold the Lebanese government accountable for the attacks and welfare of the soldiers. By Ezra HaLevi


Tefillim and Brass Knuckles – July 13, 2006

Crew_3Emuna News -   Israeli 155mm mobile Howitzer fires returns fire from Lebanese border near Moshav Zar'it. Photo courtesy of AP


1PM, Israel: Katyusha rockets are continuing to fall all over the North of Israel, and are dangerously honing in on a number of strategic targets. A few minutes ago, two people were injured in Kiryat Shmona, and residents there are still required to remain in their bomb shelters. Forest fires are raging all across the Northern border, most ferociously in Shtula and Meron, because of the number and intensity of the Katyusha Beirut_airportbarrages and the current hot and dry weather. Not only is this scarring to our beautiful North, but a serious breathing hazard to the area residents.


When Israel's Channel 10 radio called me for a brief interview a few minutes ago and asked: "Lazer Brody, as a long-time veteran of military operations in Lebanon, what would you suggest to Olmert and Peretz?"I answered: This is a time for Tefillin and brass knuckles - Olmert and Peretz wear neither.


Above Photo: This is how an Israeli bomber pilot sees Beirut International Airport as he descends on a bomb run, looking from south to north.


 In the background on the right is Mount Lebanon. Downtown West Beirut is on the upper left. The airport, now closed, has been "a central hub for the transfer of weapons and supplies to the Hezbollah terrorist organization."Stay tuned, G-d willing, for Lazer's upcoming spiritual and strategic analysis of the situation, which is becoming more acute by the minute.

17th of Tammus and the Sign of the Times – Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mystical Paths - So I awoke to barking dogs and sonic booms, jets flying over head, as if to say get up and say tikkun chatzot: “Our G-d and G-d of our fathers:


The First Lament, By Rabbi Moshe Alshikh.

Gather and listen, all you children of Yaakov. Tear your hearts and not you clothes! Because of your/our sins your/our mother (the Holy Shekhinah) has been cast out. Give honor to HaShem you Elohim. Who is the man who wants life? Who wants to enjoy the taste of his food? How can anyone think about enjoying his home (or his comfort or entertainment) while G-d Himself allows strangers to dwell in His Holy Sanctuary, aliens whom He did not struggle to raise? “Where has your beloved gone? Can you fly with him to the heavens?” “I have sinned, and He is bound in chains. And for this, grieve and wail; go lie in sackcloth in the streets and marketplaces.”


What does the Shekhinah say? “Ay my head! The greatness, might and glory have departed from My head. Gone are the triumph and the splendor. No-one is concerned with my soul. My soul is despised and finds no peace. “For this I mourn and wail. I am feverish with dread. I scream like a woman in labor from the agonizing pain in my belly. Because of you I was banished to bavel, and am deep in exile. (concealment)s “Your sins and wrongdoing caused all of this. Together we were exiled that I may torment you. G-d was enraged with me because of you, and sent me ahead of you. “I have seen something shameful in the house of Israel: nobody takes to heart that I am forced to wander. (the place of the hollow sling) I am like a tottering wall, a fence about to collapse. Was I a desert or a dark waste land to Israel?” O G-d, we/I acknowledge our/my wickedness and the sin of our fathers. We/I hereby repent HaShem, our Elohim.


Return for the sake of your servants and forgive our transgressions. Return! Have pity on us and pay no attention to our sins. G-d says: “I love you. My sole intent, My only desire is to return from My anger and have compassion on you.


  1. Return to Me (we have to initiate)
  2. And I will return to you. I, only I, am your consoler.” Tell the daughter of Tzion, thus says your master: “Instead of being abandoned like a widow any more, your sons will now return to you. And as a groom delights in his bride, so will your G-d delight in you. And you will be a crown of glory in the hand of G-d and a royal diadem in the psalm of G-d.” Chapter 121


Kitzur Shulchan Oruch - Communal Fast Days

It is a positive commandment ordained by our sages to fast on the days when calamities occurred to our ancestors. The purpose of these fasts is to arouse one’s heart and motivate us [to pursue] the paths of repentance. In this manner, we recall our wicked conduct and that of our ancestors which resembles our own and which caused them and us these difficulties. The recollection of these matters should inspire us to repent and improve our conduct, as (Leviticus 26:40) states: “they shall confess their sins and the sins of their fathers.”


Therefore, on these days, a person is obligated to examine his behavior and repent for any undesirable activities. This, and not the fasting per se, is the fundamental intent. Thus in regard to the people of Nineveh, (Yona 3:10) “And G-d saw their deeds….” (Tannis 16a) The prophet does not say, G-d saw their sackcloth and fasting, but rather, “And G-d saw their deeds, that they had turned from the wickedness. Fasting is only preparatory step for repentance. Therefore, those people who fast, but go on pleasure stroll and spend their entire day involved in wasteful activity, have only accepted the secondary purpose of the day, while ignoring its primary intent.


The 17th of Tammuz; five catastrophes happened on this date:

  1. The tablets of the Law were broken by Moshe. (Exodus 32:19)
  2. The sacrifice of the daily offering was interrupted.
  3. The walls of city of Yerusalem were beached before the second destruction of the temple.
  4. [This day] is commemorated because we consider the destruction of the second temple to be more severe. Furthermore, the Talmud yerushalmi states that, before the destruction of the first temple as well that the walls of the city were destroyed on this date.
  5. Apostumus, the wicked, burned a Torah scroll; e. wicked Jewish people set up an idol in the temple sanctuary. This led to the temple’s destruction and our present exile. By our unwillingness to return to the land of Israel we prolong our torment. TESHUVAH!!!! For unwillingness to return to the land is the same as idol worship, for it is the ultimate statement of disbelief, and obvious desecration of G-d's name! by Reb Nati.


The “Way it was” before the 17th Tammuz


Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar's Message for the 17th of Tammuz  – July 12, 2006

Mystical Paths - Rabbi Shlomo Amar is the Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel. Here is his message from the day before the 17th of Tammuz (Wednesday)...

“Due to events happening now in Eretz Israel, Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, shlita, announced that this is a time of trouble for Yaakov (Israel) and it each one's responsibility to daven and beg HaShem to have mercy on Am Yisrael, on the soldiers and our holy land. It is time to look at our doings and to return to HaShem with all our hearts, to have Achdut (unity) and remove materialist needs. This is the time to beg for our lives and the hostages and Israel army that are in the air, water and land. Tomorrow is the fast of 17 Tammuz, the Jews will gather in shuls to read Tehillim and Slichot as ONE - one person one heart. And HaShem will accept our tfillot with mercy and will see our suffering and distress and will send the Geula Achishena (the redemption in the quick way) with mercy. Amen Ve'Amen”


No Contradition – July 12, 2006

Sgem02Lazer Beams - The Evil Inclination (Yetzer Hora) is a having a field day with the GayParade business. The media is now reporting that signs were posted in Jerusalem's religious neighborhoods offering a reward to anyone that kills a gay person, heaven forbid. I strongly condemn these ugly posters and the dark-side people that are behind them. No G-d fearing person wrote such placards. I believe that it's a provocation of those who want to discredit the religious public and arouse sympathy for their waning cause. Yet, if the police do nail whoever's behind those terrible placards, I hope they lock them up behind bars.


Rav Moshe Sternbuch shlit'a, head of the Edah Haredit rabbinical court and a leading opponent of the planned Gay March in Jerusalem, said Tuesday that he was opposed to violence against homosexuals. "We must protest the desecration of the Holy Land," said Rav Sternbuch in a phone interview. "But we must do it nonviolently." It's time to make something crystal clear: Every Jew is my brother or sister. A person doesn't lift a finger against a brother or sister; on the contrary, the Torah commands us to come to the aid of a fellow Jew. Do you know what that means? If thugs would attack a gay Jew, religious law requires me to do everything in my power to come to that Jew's assistance. An erring brother is still a brother. But, if that gay brother wants to flaunt evil in public and make a mockery of Jerusalem's holiness, then I must try my best to stop him. There's no contradiction between loving a fellow Jew and fighting against his or her anti-Torah ideology, such as the way we fight against assimilation, abortion, and the like. King David said (Psalms 97:10), "Those who love Hashem despise evil." A Jew may have an evil ideology, but he or she is still a son or daughter of the King. Don't forget that in the heat of an argument


Give Me a Break – July 12, 2006

Lazer Beams - AJ teaches English in Atlanta. She's the wife of a well-known journalist, but in my opinion, she's just as swift with words as her husband. Here's what I mean:

Give me a Break, by AJ

If a Hassid says that walking around scantily clad reduces a man or woman to a piece of meat in the minds of onlookers, the Hassid is called sexist.


If a liberal objects to pornography or excessive nudity on the same grounds, she is called a feminist.


If you see God in nature, you are a crazy Breslover. If others see God in nature they are environmentalists.


If you choose prayer over guns, you are a religious nut. If others choose prayer over guns, they are peace activists.


Give me a break, or at least a fair shake!”  


A big Beam to you and the family, AJ - what a bullseye.


Al-Hayat: This is How Cpl. Shalit is Being Held  - July 12, 2006

Israel National News - An Arabic newspaper published in London claims to reveal details of the conditions under which kidnapped IDF soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit is being held by Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza. According to a report published in the Wednesday edition of the Saudi-backed, London-based Al-Hayat newspaper, the Israeli soldier is being held in isolation, somewhere underground, in the Gaza region. Even those gunmen assigned to guard Shalit have no contact with the outside, except in emergency situations, the newspaper said, adding that even that contact is carried out without the use of telephones or electronic communication.

The Al-Hayat report described the location of the kidnapped soldier as completely isolated. His captors are without cellular phones and their movements are well concealed from outside eyes. Among those who have contact with Cpl. Shalit, according to the London newspaper, is a medical professional, who is treating the soldier for injuries suffered at the time of his capture. Cpl. Shalit was taken captive on June 25th, when Hamas and Popular Resistance Committees attackers tunneled under a Gaza perimeter fence and struck an IDF military base in Kerem Shalom. Two soldiers were killed in the attack. Sometime within eight days after his capture, a member of an Egyptian security delegation to the Palestinian Authority visited Cpl. Shalit. A PA doctor was also reported to have treated him. Other reports of observers having seen the abducted soldier turned out to be false.

According to unnamed sources quoted by Al-Hayat, the visit by the Egyptian official was an Israeli condition for opening negotiations with Hamas over Shalit's release. However, the Israeli government has repeatedly stated publicly that it would not negotiate with terrorists, saying that such a course would invite more kidnappings in the future. In his first public appearance since the Israeli soldier was taken captive in Gaza, Damascus-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal said, "Our goals and our morals command us to keep the soldier alive." He called Shalit "a prisoner of war" and said that "international conventions and laws should be applied to his case." Mashaal praised the attack that led to the capture of the IDF soldier as "a heroic operation," which united Palestinian Authority Arabs "in a way that they had not been in the past." Mashaal also declared, "Our people are united on the insistence to swap the captured soldier with prisoners in the jails of the Zionist enemy. It's impossible to release the soldier without getting something in return. This would be humiliating for the Palestinians." By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz


Chief Rabbi Establishes Disciplinary Court – July 12, 2006

Israel National News - Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger has established a new disciplinary court for state-employed rabbis who officiate at Jewish weddings in Israel. In a letter sent this week to all the chief rabbis of cities and towns, as well as to those officials responsible for marriages in the country's municipalities, the director of Rabbi Metzger's office wrote, "Our office has received complaints about rabbis officiating at weddings who are not behaving in a way befitting a rabbi in Israel."  Therefore, he announced, the Chief Rabbinate has established a special disciplinary court specifically to handle such issues. The nation's municipal or neighborhood chief rabbis were asked in the letter to pass along to the Chief Rabbinate details of officiating rabbis about whom complaints have been made, so that they may be charged before the new tribunal.

Among the complaints received by the chief rabbi are instances of weddings arranged for days that are traditionally prohibited or that contradict instructions issued by the Chief Rabbinate, in addition to unacceptable behavior at the wedding ceremony itself. In the letter, the chief rabbi makes it clear that complaints about officiating rabbis submitted to his office must be accompanied by some sort of documentation or other evidence. In order to avoid reckless defamation of rabbis, no complaint unaccompanied by such documentation will be adjudicated, the rabbi explained. "I hope that in this, we will succeed in honoring the Torah and rabbinate in Israel," Rabbi Metzger concluded. By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz


Index for the Commentary on the Prophecies of Zechariah


The Redemption and Restoration of Jerusalem and Israel

Zechariah 1 - God remembers and God blesses at the Appointed Time

Zechariah 2 – God sets His sights to Rebuild Jerusalem

Zechariah 3 – The Priesthood is Re-consecrated for the Temple

Zechariah 4 – God sends Israel His Anointed Ones and His faithful Eyes

Zechariah 5 – The Flying of the Megillah and the Cleansing of the Land

Zechariah 6 – The Four Chariots, Temple is Built and Israel is a Theocracy

Zechariah 7 – Replace Feasts of Fasting with Obedience, Justice and Mercy

Zechariah 8 – Let us Feast with Joy – God returns to Dwell with His People


The Oracles and Judgments of the God of Israel

 Zechariah 9 - Part One – The Burden of the Lord on the Fertile Crescent

Zechariah 9 - Part Two – The God of Israel wants Damascus to be One of His Zions

 Zechariah 9 - Part Three – The Prelude to the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War – Global News

Zechariah 9 - Part Four – The Israeli-Hezbollah War in the Summer 2006

17 Tammuz to the 9th Av 5766 – Global News

 Zechariah 9 - Part Five – The Oracles of HaShem against the Palestinians

Zechariah 10 – Latter Rain - Restoration of the Houses of Judah & Joseph

Zechariah 11 – The Shepherds and the Staff in the Land of Israel

Zechariah 12:1 – The Creator and the Throne of the God of Israel

Zechariah 12:1 – The Creator, the Worlds of Creation, the Spirit of God, and the Souls of Man

Zechariah 12:1-2 –    Jerusalem, a Cup of Trembling

Zechariah 12:3-14 – Jerusalem, a Burdensome Stone

Zechariah 13 – The Gihon Fountain flows from the Temple of the Lord

Zechariah 14 - I will gather all Nations to battle at Jerusalem
The Lord’s feet will stand on the Mount of Olives


Message from BibleSearchers


BibleSearchers scans the world for information that has relevance on the time of the end.  It is our prayer that this will allow the believers in the Almighty One of Israel to “watch and be ready”.  Our readiness has nothing to do trying to halt the progression of evil on our planet earth.  In our readiness, we seek to be prepared for the coming of the Messiah of Israel so that goodness and evil will be manifested in its fullest.  Our preparation is a pathway of spiritual readiness for a world of peace.  Our defender is the Lord of hosts. The time of the end suggests that the Eternal One of Israel’s intent is to close out this chapter of earth’s history so that the perpetrators of evil, those that seek power, greed and control, will be eliminated from this planet earth.  The wars of the heavens are being played out on this planet earth and humans will live through it to testify of the might, power, justice and the love of the God of Israel.  In a world of corruption and disinformation, we cannot always know what the historical truth is and who is promoting evil or mis-information.  We cannot guarantee our sources but we will always seek to portray trends that can be validated in the Torah and the testimony of the prophets of the Old and the New Testament.



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