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The Burden of the Lord on the Fertile Crescent

The Oracles of God in Zechariah 9-14 and the Beginning Days of Redemption

Translation of text by the New English Bible

Translation of text and Rabbinic Commentary by Maggid ben Yoseif

Biblical Commentary by Robert D. Mock MD (revised)

Read archived article - September 6, 2002

Rewritten and Graphics July 30, 2006 – Reedited June 2008

Zechariah 9:1

Part One




The Oracle of God as the War on Terror against the Lebanese and Syrian Terrorists

Damascus and Tehran: “Fronts” for the Red Internationale’s Two-horned Ram of Daniel 8

When the “Eyes of Israel” Turned to the Lord

Mystery of the Vanishing Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

The Guela (Redemption) by Bi’etah or Ahishena

The Rise of the Sea Beast of Revelation 13


The Clash of Prophetic Streams converging in the Israeli-Hezbollah War

The Prophecy about the “King of Gaza” in Zechariah 9

The War of Gog from the Land of Magog in Ezekiel 38 and 39

The Epic Battle between the Ram and the He-Goat of Daniel 8

The Prophecy about the Seven Year Charter of “Peace for Land”

The Rise of the Sea Beast of Revelation 13 

The Prophetic Time Line since the Rise of National Israel




Like the day of September 11, 2001, when the “eyes of the world” were transfixed upon America, the “eyes of the world” were once again transfixed upon the Middle East at the unfolding drama of conflict and terror.  The headlines of the international press were screaming, “World War III has begun.” There were visions of a new war with missiles and “smart bombs” flying overhead.  When it was over, the populations of Galilee and Beirut were scarred with devastation and destruction.  Many minds again turned to the “prophets of Israel” and began to notice that the streams of prophecy were beginning to merge into the cascading rapids of the final drama of this prophetic age.  The fact became stark: this war was started by client ally of Russia and Iran when a commando operation of Hezbollah breached the border “walls” of Northern Israel and captured two Israeli soldiers only added a prophetic layer that it occurred on the Jewish day of the 17th of Tammuz.  It was on this same day that the Babylonian forces of Nebuchadnezzar and later the Roman forces of Titus breached the northern walls of Jerusalem.  As the ancient Persian Iranian nation soon made the Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon their client state so also Christian Roman Vatican later made the former Imperial Rome their client state. Each new revelation gives a new color and hue to the whole prophetic tapestry unfolding in time and space before our eyes.


It was one of the Jewish popular mystical writers, the Maggid Dov Bear Bar Lieb who added to the understanding of this prophetic tapestry when he wrote on July 18, 2006 the article, Yerushalayim in the Hot Seat.” As he wrote:


Maggid Dov Bear Bar Lieb - “A more important question is when did the latest phase of the battle for Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) begin. The answer is December 21st, 2004 or the 9th or 10th of Tevet, 5765. On that day United Torah Judaism (UTJ) signed a letter of intent to join the Sharon government to keep it from collapsing when Tommy Lapid went into opposition. If UTJ had not joined, it is unknown whether or not the Gaza unilateral retreat would have occurred. This was a very controversial act of course disputed greatly by many Tzaddikim within UTJ itself


Nebuchadnezzer started his siege of Yerushalayim on the 10th of Tevet. He sacked the Holy Temple 2 1/2 years later on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of Av. When Mitzvah observing Jews decide to give up on what G-d has given us here in Eretz (Land) Yisrael especially when it is a piece of Eretz Yisrael, it is a very serious matter. It places even our Holy City where Heaven's throne touches earth into question. Abandoning part of Eretz Yisrael to unrepentent terrorists, placing thousands into harms way of missile bombardment, places our very existence in the Holy City into question. Heaven has the right to ask: Will we sell it for a price too? Are we willing to learn Torah in a spiritual desert here in the Land of Israel behind beautiful Jerusalem stone walls while Hell comes for a visit?


One of the fundamental thesis of the Jewish sages in understanding the Torah and the prophetic intension of the prophets of Israel for the time of the end is to first gain a comprehension of the literal (pshat) understanding of the text.  The Sefirot of God (World of the Divine) is anchored in the physical and literal our three dimensional world (Malkhut) so also the scriptural text must be anchored in the literal application of physical time and space.  The Jewish sages also proclaim that there are seven levels of prophetic understanding like a ladder ascending to the throne of God.  These are like a multi-layered cake, each layer with its own texture, aroma and succulent taste.  Even the literal pathway of Abraham moving into the Land of Canaan has layers and layers of literal, spiritual, allegorical and mystical interpretations.  Each one adds to the matrix and texture of the scriptural text.  Each layer brings a new synthesis and totality to the rich patterns of meaning and understandings.


As we open this next section of Zechariah, chapters 9-14, a whole new world of prophetic drama is revealed to our study about the prophetic future of Israel.  The writings are so unique that many scholars have ascribed these oracles and prophecies to the Prophet Jeremiah


Today we have a greater appreciation and understanding of the prophetic role of Zechariah with the exiles returning from the land of Babylon to Jerusalem.  Most students of the Bible are not aware that Zechariah was also an influential priest in the Temple of Solomon before the destruction of the temple by King Nebuchadnezzar of BabylonSeventy years had now passed and again we see Zechariah as a participant of the rededication of the Temple of Zerubbabel.  This was because seventy Sabbatical years they Jews had not allowed Eretz Yisrael to rest and lay fallow as the God of Israel commanded.  So today as the Jewish people long for the rebuilt temple of the Lord in Jerusalem, they remind themselves that they are the seventieth generation since the day when the Temple of Herod was destroyed almost two thousand years ago.


According to the ancient Jewish Mishnahs and marble engraved tablets, Zechariah was a personal acquaintance with Jeremiah the Prophet.  As a young priest, he was assigned a divine mission to be a part of a covert operation among the priests to hide the treasures of Solomon and David’s Temple to the Lord.  This mission is revealed in the article series called, Jeremiah and the five guardians of the Temple Treasures of Solomon.  


The first eight chapters of Zechariah can be described as a literal commentary on the developing infrastructure that is occurring in the Land of Israel today.  It gives us a visual outline about the Lord of hosts preparing a people and a “Land” to be the center of His future His kingdom.  This will be the day when the Sefirot of the World of the Divine will implant itself again on “tierra firma” or this planet earth.  At that time the Shechinah presence of the Lord of hosts will shine forth again on Mount Zion as the Glory of the Lord and radiate over this entire planet


In chapters nine through fourteen, the Lord of hosts become intensely involved in geo-politics of the Middle East.  Here we see the literal “Finger of the Lord” rearranging the affairs of the nations purposely to define His Divine Will.  And so the God of Israel has a “burden.”


It was September 2000, one year before 911 Catastrophe with the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City.   The BibleSearchers had just finishing studying eighteen months in the Book of Revelation, interpreting it as a literal time of the end prophecy. We opened the “twin” prophetic book in the TaNaKh; the Sefer of Zecharyah (Book of Zechariah).  The symbiotic relationship between Zechariah and Revelation with the joint symbolisms of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse in Revelation interwoven with the Four Horses and Chariots in the Book of Zechariah began to unfold with amazing clarity.


We all came to a unique impression; “This is to be a time” when the “eyes of man” like “all the (lost) tribes of Israel” will begin to look towards the Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  This will be a time when the non-Jewish Gentiles (the Goyim) will begin to look back towards the ancestors of their religious faith, people of Judah, towards the Torah, the “Land of Israel,” and to HaShem, the God of Israel.


What a startling opening!  Zechariah nine begins with HaShem (God) now speaking in an oracle.  He is speaking the direct “Word of the Lord.”  The Hebrew for this phrase occurs only two other times in the Old Testament. 


Zechariah 12:1-2 – “The Burden of the Word of the Lord against Israel. Thus says the Lord, who stretches out the heavens, lays the foundation of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him: ‘Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they lay siege against Judah and Jerusalem.”


Malachi 1:1 – “The Burden of the Word of the Lord against Israel by Malachi.I have loved you,’ says the Lord. Yet you say, ‘In what way have You loved us?’  Was not Esau Jacob’s brother?’ says the Lord.  ‘Yet Jacob I have loved; but Esau I have hated; and laid waste his mountains and his heritage for the jackals of the wilderness.” 


The powerful impact in this oracle in Zechariah is now focused at the time of the end. It is directed to the lands surrounding the Land of Israel to the north and west.  Over the course of thirty years, the borders of Israel along Lebanon and Gaza have been infiltrated by a people that hate the Jewish people like the ancient Philistines did to the children of Israel in the days of Kings Saul, David and Solomon


While the eyes of the world were on the Lord, we can safely assume that all the “eyes” of the descendants of the lost members of the ten tribes of the Nation of Israel, sent into exile by Assyria in the 8th century BCE and lost their identity, were also watching with fascination and interest.  They could not understand the significance of why they felt such a bond and attachment to the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.  A new reality and awakening was swelling within their hearts. 


In the next chapter, (Zechariah 10) we will be surprised to learn that this awakening will be for one purpose:


Zechariah 10:6 – “I will strengthen the house of Judah (Nation of Israel), and I will save the house of Joseph (lost tribes that have not returned). I will bring them back because I have mercy on them.  They shall be as though I had not cast them aside; for I am the Lord their God, and I will hear them.”


The Lord of hosts is bringing judgment unto the land that has harbored terrorist with “blood oaths within their mouths.” The Lord of hosts is bringing judgment to the people whose sole intent to destroy Israel.  Yet the Lord will also use this judgment as a literal and spiritual awakening to the nations on this planet earth.  This new reality is: “The Lord of hosts is Mighty in Battle…The Lord of hosts will protect His own.Yet what is lacking in this equation? 


Rabbi Lazer Brody (Rabbi Rambo)


As the War against the Hezbollah was raging on its 10th day and the Israel Defense Forces had just launched an invasion into the land of Lebanon, we received this notice from one of the prominent Chasidic rabbi, the former Israeli commando, Rabbi Lazer Brody. On July 23, 2006, he reported on Lazer Beams Blogsite that the Melitzer Rebbe had just announced that “The Guela (Days of Redemption) has Started.”  


Melitzer Rebbe - The Gemorra in tractate Sota, 49b, lists a number or preconditions that indicate the imminent end of the diaspora and the coming of Maschiach. Until recently, all but two of these conditions have been fulfilled. The next to-the-last condition, namely, that residents of the borders shall roam from place to place, was fulfilled last year with the disengagement and the destruction of Gush Katif, and even more so today, as the south of Israel hosts thousands of displaced families from the Galilee.


The final condition, the destruction of the Galilee, is something none of us would have ever believed. Yet, it's happening before our startled eyes. Kiriat Shemona, Tzfat, and Nahariya are in shambles, and these very minutes, our beautiful Galilee continues to burn, as raging fires destroy thousands of acres of fields and forests. The earth of the Galilee cries out from the blood of her dedicated residents


With Gemorra in hand, I hastened to the Melitzer Rebbe shlit'a. I asked him point blank: "Rebbe, the list is complete; has the Geula (redemption of our people) started? The Melitzer looked me straight in the eye and said, "Yes!" There you have it, folks: The Geula has started.


The Melitzer quickly clarified, "No one knows when Moshiach will come. It could be a day, a month, a year, or even more. But, the meaning of Geula is that we all must do Tshuva very fast, for once the process accelerates, at a certain stage, one no longer will be able."


"Must everyone come to Israel now?" I asked. "No," answered the Rebbe, "but they must all make tshuva!" The Melitzer Rebbe was the first rabbinical figure in Israel to link lewdness and licentiousness with the breach of national security, and the first of the rebbes to warn about the dangers of defiling the Holy Land.


I told the Rebbe that many people are asking me for easy commitments. "Easy commitments are effective in easy times," the Rebbe said. "But in times of a threat to our existence, one must make a dedicated commitment to Hashem and to His commandments in order to survive." Need more proof? You don't yet take me seriously? Achmedinejad is setting the stage for what he hopes is the annihilation of Israel. The head of the Shin-Bet is warning that Gaza will soon be another Lebanon. The IDF is pounding the Hizbolla, but the missiles are still raining on the Galilee, with the future looking worse. Here O Israel, it's time to wake up. The world is becoming more spiritual every moment. Soon, the material amenities that people chase won't be worth a hoot. People get ready, 'cause the train's a'comin'! You can say that the Beams is bananas, but that doesn't alter the facts. Time's running out!”


The act of Tshuva is the act of acknowledging what you have done wrong, apologizing for your transgressions and doing your best to repair the damage you have doneIn other words, it is the act of getting right with God, yourself and your world around you.  You must not leave any stone unturnedSnuff out any discontent, hatred, addictive passion, worries plus self absorbing habits and actions. In other words, “get out of yourself” and turn your “eyes to the Lord!”  


The act of Tshuva is not just for the Jewish peopleTshuva must also be done by Christians, Islam and all mankind.  The material world is collapsing and a new spiritual reality is coming upon this earth.  Does this mean that the trees, pets and flowers are about to disappear?  No!  Tshuva means that new spiritual lens will be placed within your “spiritual eyes.”  BibleSearchers has been nurturing this biblical reality that we must develop “eyes that can see and ears that can hear.”  This is not a New Age movement raising us to a spiritual dimension as we merge with the Divine.  This is the process of redemption of having a “spiritual heart” implanted within us as we prepare to welcome a glorified new body as the Divine comes to dwell within our hearts.


The Oracle of God as the War on Terror

Against the Lebanese and Syrian Terrorists



Zechariah 9:1 - An Oracle:  The Word of the Lord (the Burden of the Word of HaShem)

He has come to the land of Hadrach (Modern Lebanon)

And established himself in Damascus: ( Syria)

For the capital city of Aram (Damascus) is the Lord’s as are all the tribes of Israel.


Zechariah 9:1 - “The burden of the word of Hashem

In the land of Hadrach (modern Lebanon), and Damascus the rest thereof; (Lebanon ‘rests’ within the political boundaries of Syria);

When the eyes of man, as of all the tribes of Israel,

Shall be towards the Lord.

Transliteration by Maggid ben Yoseif from Hebrew (2002)


It was the fall of 2001 that Maggid ben Yoseif, living in Israel, was invited to participate in this study and bring insight into the rabbinic understanding of biblical prophecy.  These Torah based commentaries were posted on September 2002.   On July 21, 2006, Maggid ben Yoseif issued his own newsletter updating the prophetic implications of Zechariah nine which will be included in part in this manuscript.


Zechariah 9:1 - The Lord is burdened by something going on in Hadrach,

An out-lying region of Damascus (its rest), Damascus itself,

Hamath, another region in Western Syria that bordered Lebanon,

Plus two Mediterranean coastal regions in Lebanon.

Tyre is below the Litani River and therefore part of biblical Israel.

It is on the same latitude as the northernmost Israeli settlement of Kiryiat Sh'mona. Sidon lies a few miles to the south of Beirut and on the same latitude as Damascus. Maggid ben Yoseif (2006)


What was this “Oracle” about?  It puzzled the BibleSearchers for months during the early months of 2001.  It appeared to be earth shattering in that all the inhabitants of the world would be drawn into or focused upon this event


Was it to be done by human agents acting under the direct Will of the Almighty? Would it be a direct Act of God, such as a major earthquake or tsunamis that would destroy and annihilate whole populations within these regions?  The import was staggering for it appeared to be the opening scene into the final Drama of the Ages before the coming of the Messiah.


Analyzing the entire Book of Zechariah, we found that chapter one through eight were stage setting chapters.  They could be interpreted as linear sequence events in time.  Like the Book of Revelation, this Map - Click to zoombook appeared to be setting the stage for the final drama that would unfold like a scroll in that final era in human history. 


Israel, Lebanon and Syria – Map by Encarta


But chapter nine through fourteen take on a new persona.  The styling is different.  The intent appears to be different. These chapters appear to have linear purposeful sequence.  Some biblical scholars suggest that Zechariah did not write these chapters but were written earlier by the prophet Jeremiah, whom Zechariah knew personally.   In any way, these chapters appear to give a sequence of events that will occur during this final Drama of the Ages. Are we reading God’s revealed prophetic outline portrayed our future in living and virtual reality? 


Let us move back to the days surrounding “911 and the geopolitical events after the year 2001.  On the eve of a potential strike against Saddam Hussein and Baghdad in the fall of 2002, Syria appeared to back down and issued direct orders for the radical Palestinian “fronts” based in Damascus to break off operational ties.

According to DEBKAfile’s sources, these include the Popular Front and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.  The Hamas and the Jihad Islami were at that time turning against Yasser Arafat over the Gaza First initiative as Arafat was seeking to maintain hegemony over Gaza and possibly Bethlehem and Hebron. Also in the meantime, the fifth group operating out of Damascus, Ahmed Fibril’s Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command had swung under the power and control of Iran and was put under Hezbollah’s operational command.


President Bashar Assad Speaking at the 4th General Conference of Arab Parties in Damascus, Saturday, March 4, 2006


Syria was continuously being charged with violating the UN embargo against Iraq by providing truck, rail and pipeline channels for weapons, military equipment and oil to be transferred from predominately Eastern European countries to Iraq.  These weapons included Russian made jet engines, refurbished tank engines and Czech anti-aircraft cannons.


Within a month after “911” in the year 2001, the United States sent a massive naval armada along the Lebanese border in the Mediterranean.  This included Marine invasion units on board an aircraft carrier.  They anticipated a hoped for an air force and naval fly- alliance with Israel and Turkey in route to Baghdad. From every appearance an invasion was being prepared to go directly across Lebanon through Syria into Iraq.  Was this to be the fulfillment of Zechariah 9?  We watched and we waited but it the Turkey alliance never happened. For the God of Israel, the time was not ripe.

Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, King of Saudi Arabia


Another political seismic rift was developing.  This time it was between the United States and Saudi Arabia, long time military peace partners.  Between the dates of September 19 to 22, 2001, the Saudi Royal family flew out of Saudi Arabia to their Geneva palace.  They were anticipating a bombing attempt by Osama bin Laden on the Saudi capital of Riyadh.  It was bin Laden’s stated goal to kill the 7000 members of the royal family.  King Fahd Fin Abdulaziz was flown on the royal mobile hospital aboard a Boeing 757 HZ-HMED on September 19.  The king’s family and entourage followed in suit in 10 royal aircraft and a group of princes were sent to a safe haven.


President George Bush and Prince Abdullah meet at the Texas White House at Crawford, Texas


With the Saudi family in flight, Prince Abdullah representing the controlling faction of the Saudi family refused to allow the U.S. combined air operations to use the kingdom’s new air operations command center at Prince Sultan Air Base near Riyadh.  It was to be used as the central command base for the Air Force by Lt. Gen Charles Wald as a staging ground for the upcoming War of Terror against Iraq. 


Sensing the turning of the wind with the cold shoulder by the Saudi royalty to the Washington coalition, the United States began a deliberate attempt to ring Iraq and eventually Saudi Arabia with military bases friendly to the United States. This was to be the seismic turning point in the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia.


Almost a year later, the transparency of the Saudi relationship with the terrorist’s organizations in the Middle East was only coming to light.  The pipeline of Saudi money was funneled directly out of the oil fields of Saudi, through the bank accounts of the royal family.  It bought the allegiance of each terrorist group


The Karine A ship loaded with armaments, purchased and signed by the written order of Yasser Arafat from Iranian military brokers was financed by Saudi money.  A majority of the men, who commandeered the air flights that destroyed the Pentagon and the Twin Towers, were Saudi


Saudi money was the ‘oil’ that fueled the engines of terror around the world.


When the “Eyes of Israel Turned to the Lord”


young osama bin ladin in the fieldIn the fall of 2000, we could only see through a dusky glass, as the Apostle Paul said, “a glass darkly”.  Then the mind-shattering events of September 11, 2001 occurred. The two icons of global America and the forces of the modern military and economic might of the Golden Internationale that appeared “oppressive” to many in the Middle East to damaged or destroyed.  The headquarters for the economic might of the western occidental world, the home of the internationalists and transnationalists that control this region of the globe, sustained catastrophic damage physically and psychologically.


Osama ben Laden as an Afghan – CIA trained “Freedom Fighter”


Two modern jet airplanes, serving as fuel laden human missiles collapsed the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and a third massive damage to the world headquarters of the United States military machine at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.  The fourth plane crashed, failing to reach its intended target.


The Hindu Kush Mountains


In the last fifty years, very few times have the “eyes of men” and “all the tribes of Israel,” been turned towards the Lord. Yet at this time, the “eyes of the entire world” were opened to the Lord of hostsChurches, synagogues and mosques were packed with worshippersPrayer services and vigils dotted the landscape as well as millions of home study groups began to sprout up across the neighborhoods of America. “All eyes” were focused and remain focused on the Middle East


Under the banner of “righteous indignation” and “moral revenge”, a coalition of unified global governments, under the leadership of the United States, sped to the Middle East to make war on terrorismEx-Saudi terror master, CIA trained Osama bin Laden was living in Afghanistan with the blessings of the Taliban regime.  Bin Laden as the prime terrorist suspect was holed up in the Uruzga Mountains, north of Kandahar and south of the impassable regions of the Hindu Kush, outside the reaches of western intelligence agencies


On the offense, bin Laden and his senior commando chiefs were preparing the next destruction against principal targets in Britain, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Emirates and Egypt.  Yet the chief nemesis would remain the United States as the “Big Satan” and Israel as the “Little Satan.” 


Osama bin Laden rose from the ashes of Russia’s invasion into Afghanistan almost eight hundred years after the crusades of the medieval European countries took Jerusalem away from the “infidel,” whom they called the Moslem Turks.  Here arose the famed Islamic warrior called Saladin, who eventually defeated and drove the Crusaders out of Palestine in the 11th centuryThis time the resurrection of Saladin was a Saudi Arab, not a Seljuk Turk that built an Islamic fundamental army around a small group of fanatical religious zealots that became his adherents. 


With an international pool of fundamental Islamic reservists and a dozen or more runners, Osama could activated an international war in several countries by sending local couriers running in summons from towns and villages


With the simplicity of using small knives as weapons, the modern Saladin, now called Osama bin Laden, was able to use Saudi commando sympathizers to take hostage of four Boeing jets loaded with fuel for trans-continental flights.  They utilized them as missiles aimed at the foremost icons of global economic and military powers; the World Trade Center and the Pentagon of the United States. 


The Attack on the Pentagon of the United States


As the eyes of Israel and the world was turning towards the Lord, the eyes of the globalists searching for that “liquid gold” to keep the engines of their money machines rolling were turning towards Iraq.  The story is well documented. It was the conversation of every dinner table and parlor talk during the aftermath of the War with Iraq and the toppling of the ruthless dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein.  The caveat to the entry into Iraq was the fear of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.  The American and world media kept this fear ever present before their listening audienceFear was to be the fuel for the continuation of the modus operantis of the global military machine that was enveloping our globe. 


And then the war was over.  The “Shock and Awe” appeared less than the traditional New Years fireworks display as the globalists were celebrating their quick victory.  But the questions continued to be asked, “Where were the Weapons of Mass Destruction” that the Bush administration used as the purpose of their “liberation” of the Iraqi people?  As the months rolled by and when no weapons of significance were found, the public opinion of the Bush administration continued to plummet. For those who knew, refused to discuss and for those who did not know refused to askYet the evidence continued to mount that these WMD continue to exist in not the most likely place, the central arena of the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War.  There in the Bekáa Valley and in three sites just outside the border of Lebanon in the country of Syria resides probably the cache of weapons Syria wants to hide, Israel wants to capture and America wants to possess


The Mystery of the Vanishing Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq


Map - Click to zoomReported on NewsMax on March 3, 2005 was the article titled, “Moscow Moved Weapons to Syria and Lebanon.”  According to author Charles  Smith:


Map of Al Biqā‘ (Bekáa Valley), Lebanon


Charles Smith with NewsMax - “According to a former top Bush administration official, Russian special forces teams moved weapons of mass destruction out of Iraq to Syria. "I am absolutely sure that Russian Spetsnatz units moved WMD out of Iraq before the war," stated John Shaw, the former deputy undersecretary for international technology security…According to Shaw, Russian units hid Saddam's arsenal inside Syria and in Lebanon's Bekáa valley… Moscow made a 2001 agreement with Saddam Hussein to clear up all Russian involvement in WMD systems in Iraq," stated Shaw.  Shaw's assertions match the information provided by U.S. military forces that satellite surveillance showed extensive large-vehicle traffic crossing the Syrian border prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom…


One U.N. bioterrorism expert announced that Russia has been Iraq's "main supplier of the materials and know-how to weaponize anthrax, botulism and smallpox." Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Robert Goldberg cited former U.N. weapons inspector Richard Spertzel, who stated that Moscow supplied Baghdad with fermentation equipment to produce biotoxins…Goldberg noted that no country has "done more to rebuild" Saddam's chemical and biological weapons programs or "been more aggressive in helping hide the truth" than Russia... Saddam was in debt to Moscow for over $8 billion for the arms he purchased from Russia when he was captured by U.S. forces. The primary Iraqi chemical weapons were VX nerve gas and mustard gas, a blistering agent, both obtained from Russia.  



The arming of Iraq with such weapons has a direct impact on events today in the Middle East. The presence of former Iraqi WMD systems in Lebanon raises serious questions surrounding the February 14 (2005) assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Many blame Syria for Hariri's murder. However, the possibility that Hariri discovered the location of the Iraqi WMD systems inside his country some credible backing to a Syrian assassination effort to silence him.


Sites for the Disposal of Saddam’s WMD in Syria


In addition, the sudden sale of advanced missile and other weapons to Damascus by Moscow also supports the allegation that Syria is hiding something for Russia. Russian weapons makers have previously insisted on hard, cold cash payments for their missiles, especially after the fall of Saddam and the collapse of credit deals done with Baghdad. More importantly, the Syrian economy is in bad shape, making it difficult for Damascus to come up with the required money for advanced Russian weapons. Instead, it now appears that Moscow has extended both very good terms and no down payment required to Syria for an extensive purchase of advanced missiles and weapons. This is in contrast to weapons sales to other "good" Russian customers such as China, which can afford to pay up front for weapon systems.


Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon


There is no question that the Russian effort to remove Iraqi WMD systems was the most successful intelligence operation of the 21st century. The Russians were able to move hundreds of tons of chemical, biological and nuclear materials without being discovered by CIA satellites or NSA radio listening posts. "There is a clear sense on how effective they were," noted Shaw. "The fact that the CIA did not know shows just how successful the Russian operation was," he concluded.


Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was up front with the American president and the intelligence organizations about a massive transfer of WMD from Iraq to Syria months before the invasion of the American coalition of forces on the road to Baghdad in May, 2004.  According to Insight Magazine, Sharon accused Hussein on Channel Two in Israel of seeking to hide his lethal armament of weapons.  This was reported on December 24, 2002 the article titled, “Israel Accused Hussein of moving WMD, with the following:


Insight Magazine - On December 24, 2002, nearly three months before fighting in Iraq began, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon accused Saddam Hussein’s regime of transferring key materials for his weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs to Syria in convoys of 18-wheel trucks to hide them from U.N. weapons inspectors. “There is information we are verifying, but we are certain that Iraq has recently moved chemical or biological weapons into Syria,” Sharon told Channel Two  television in Israel.


Before talking about this on Israeli television, Sharon gave detailed information to the Bush White House on what Israel knew and what it suspected. Insight has learned, however, that once the information was handed over to the U.S. intelligence community, officials at the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) swept it aside as lacking credibility.


In May 2003, just as major combat operations in Iraq were winding down, new reports surfaced in Israel, this time alleging that convoys of Iraqi water tankers carrying WMD components crossed the border into Syria repeatedly between Jan. 10 and March 10. The tankers reportedly were met by Syrian Special Forces and escorted to the heroin poppy fields of a Syrian-controlled area in Lebanon’s Bekáa Valley, where their contents were dumped into specially prepared pits and buried… Again, INR discounted the reports, U.S. officials tell Insight.


Reports of Iraqi WMD winding up in Syria was not just coming from the Israelis. In October 2003, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James Clapper, head of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, revealed that vehicle traffic photographed by U.S. spy satellites indicated that material and documents related to Saddam’s forbidden programs had been shipped to Syria before the war… “Those below the senior leadership saw what was coming, and I think they went to extraordinary lengths to dispose of the evidence,” he said. “We have had six or seven credible reports of Iraqi weapons being moved into Syria before the war,” a senior administration official tells Insight. “In every case, the U.S. intelligence communities sought to discount or discredit those reports.”


Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James R. Clapper, director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, said anything that can be geospatially referenced which has national security implications on the Earth is NGA's domain. Photo by Rudi Williams


In spite of all the virulent American public press opinion that there were no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) prior to the Gulf War, George Bush has willingly been taking the political brunt at the polls for this apparent intelligence snafu or presidential deceit.  Most of this was old news to BibleSearchers who have known of this Weapon and Riches transfer to Syria and Lebanon since reported in the BibleSearchers Reflections on January-February 2004.  As reported:


BibleSearchers Reflections - “The revelations of the senior Syrian journalist Nizar Najoef have reported the sites of where Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction were stored in Syria and Lebanon.  Additional revelations were given later that Saddam Hussein stored part of his fortunes in Syria’s Central Bank which held $1.3 billion in a “presidency” account and another $700 million was held in the Medina Bank of Lebanon.”


A letter document was sent to Nizar Najoef, an exiled Syrian human-rights and democracy activist and past winner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's World Press Freedom Prize who is living in Paris. In this letter it revealed that Emil Lahoud, son of the pro-Syrian president of Lebanon, Talal Arsilan, a member of the minority Druze ethnic group and Karim Bakr Adouni, head of the al Qata'ib Party served as go-betweens between Syria and Iraq.  Their Syrian security counterparts were three top Syrian security chiefs, Gen. Ghazi Kanaan, Syria's former chief of military intelligence in Lebanon, who has since been put in charge of Syria's political security departmentBrigadier Zulhimmah Shalish, who is believed to be the chief of President Bashar Assad's Special Guards, and Gen. Ristom Ghazali, the chief of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon.


It was this team who stashed away the fortune of Saddam Hussein in Syria and Lebanon.  Along with the $1 billion dollars hoisted from the Iraqi Central Bank and intercepted by the American in route to Syria, it now has placed the U.S. in the center of America’s telescope.  As one analyst said, "Assad may feel compelled to admit the Iraqi money is there, if only to reduce American pressure for changing his regime."


What if with the falling popularity of President George Bush as he approaches the November, 2004 presidential elections he finds that the citizens of the US are becoming more skeptical that he never did find the WMD?  What if in the face of a more skeptical congress the War in Iraq is not apportioned more money?  Could we see the United States being propelled to open another phase of the War on Terror to recover the WMD reputed to be hidden in Syria and Lebanon, topple the regime of President Assad of Syria, destroy the bastion of the Hizballah and the Hamas and recover the $2 billion stashed in the banks of Syria and Lebanon?  Once again we appeal to a literal time of the end interpretations of the Oracles of Zechariah and restoration of Israel in chapters nine and ten.


That “other phase” of the War on Terror has not been initiated, yet.  When we put “other phase” in the perspective of the 2006 Israel – Hezbollah War, the call of the United Nations for an immediate cease fire and the willingness of the United Nations and Great Britain to send troops into Lebanon, we may be standing on the brink of the prophetic fulfillment of the prophecy of the oracles of Zechariah 9. 


Let us look at this report that came out in DEBKAfile on January 8, 2004 titled “A senior Syrian journalist reports Iraq’s WMD located in three Syrian sites.” It states:


DEBKAfiles - Nizar Najoef, a Syrian journalist who recently defected from Syria to Western Europe and is known for bravely challenging the Syrian regime, said in a letter Monday, January 5, to Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf,” that he knows the three sites where Iraq’s WMD are kept. The storage places are:


1.      Tunnels dug under the town of al-Baida near the city of Hama in northern Syria. These tunnels are an integral part of an underground factory, built by the North Koreans, for producing Syrian Scud missiles. Iraqi chemical weapons and long-range missiles are stored in these tunnels.

2.      The village of Tal Snan, north of the town of Salamija, where there is a big Syrian air force camp. Vital parts of Iraq’s WMD are stored there.

3.      The city of Sjinsjar on the Syrian border with the Lebanon, south of the city Iraq's WMD locations in SyriaHoms.


Weapon Burial Sites of Saddam's WMD in Syria


Najoef writes that the transfer of Iraqi WMD to Syria was organized by the commanders of Saddam Hussein’s Special Republican Guard, including General Shalish, with the help of Assif Shoakat , Bashar Assad’s cousin. Shoakat is the CEO of Bhaha, an import/export company owned by the Assad family.”


In February 2003, a month before America’s invasion in Iraq, DEBKAfiles and DEBKA-Net-Weekly were the only media to report the movement of Iraqi WMD, the efforts to bring them from Iraq to Syria, and the personal involvement of Bashar Assad and his family in Syriainlebanonmap_4the operation. Najoef, who has won prizes for journalistic integrity, says he wrote his letter because he has terminal cancer and no longer fears the potential wrath of this revelation.  Soon other media began to report the story but the western media kept strangely silent.


Location of Syrian Troops in Lebanon in 2004


BibleSearchers Reflections in the May-June Global News, 2004 reported on a Global Strategies-Direct dated May 22, 2004 in the following article, “Where are Iraq's WMD? New intelligence points west via Syria.” As reported:


World Tribune – ”The U.S. intelligence community has new information that could shed light on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction arsenal…Over the last few months, the intelligence community has received new evidence that a sizable amount of Iraqi WMD systems, components and platforms were transferred to Syria in the weeks leading up to the U.S.-led war in Iraq in March 2003. The convoys were spotted by U.S. satellites in early 2003, but the contents of the WMD convoys from Iraq to Syria were not confirmed. Confirmation later came from Iraqi scientists and technicians questioned by a U.S. team that was searching for Saddam's conventional weapons. But all they knew was that the convoys were heading west to Syria.


But over the last few months, U.S. intelligence managed to track the Iraqi WMD convoy to Lebanon's Bekáa Valley. Through the use of satellites, electronic monitoring and human intelligence, the intelligence community has determined that much, if not all, of Iraq's biological and chemical weapons assets are being protected by Syria, with Iranian help, in the Bekáa ValleyThe Syrians received word from Saddam Hussein in late 2002 that the Iraqi WMD would be arriving and Syrian army engineering units began digging huge trenches in the Bekáa Valley. Saddam paid more than $30 million in cash for Syria to build the pits, acquire the Iraqi WMD and conceal them. At first, U.S. intelligence thought Iraqi WMD was stored in northern Syria. But in February 2003 a Syrian defector told U.S. intelligence that the WMD was buried in or around three Syrian Air Force installations. But intelligence sources said the Syrians kept dual-use nuclear components for themselves while transferring the more incriminating material to Lebanon.”


Lebanon's Bekáa Valley


This was picked up by the intelligence side of World Net Daily in June 2004 with greater international reaction.  Read this commentary with the consideration of how much two years has advanced the prophetic timetable of Zechariah 9.


Lebanon's Bekáa Valley


Saddam's WMDs are in SyriaJune 29, 2004
WorldNetDaily – “There is mounting evidence that at least some of Saddam Hussein's missing weapons of mass destruction are in Syria, smuggled there by the Iraqi dictator for safekeeping before the beginning of the war. Part of the stockpile the coalition forces have so far failed to find in Iraq was probably destroyed; part is likely still hidden. But a massively lethal amount of Iraq's chemical and biological weapons is stored alongside Syria's own stockpiles of WMDs. Perhaps more worrisome, there are indications these weapons are not under the control of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Rather, in a potentially catastrophic palace intrigue, his sister, Bushra, and her husband, Gen. Assaf Shawkat, the No. 2 in Syria's military intelligence organization, the Mukhabarat, are said to have made the storage arrangements with Saddam as part of a bid for power


 Speaking to the British television station ITN on January 9 (2004), Najoef quoted a Syrian military intelligence official as confirming the three sites. Anyone’s claims had in fact been substantiated by the U.S. intelligence community two months before. In a briefing to defense reporters on Oct. 30, 2003, officials of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency in Washington released an assessment that Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were transferred to Syria in the weeks before the war began. The officials said the assessment was based on satellite images of convoys of Iraqi trucks that poured into Syria in February and March 2003. According to Middle East Newsline, quoted by, most of the intelligence community concluded that at least some of Iraq's WMDs, along with Iraqi scientists and technicians, was smuggled to Syria.


NIMA chief James Clapper, a retired Air Force general and a leading member of the U.S. intelligence community, told reporters he linked the disappearance of Iraqi WMDs with the large number of Iraqi trucks that crossed into Syria before and during the U.S. invasion. The assessment was that these trucks contained missiles and WMD components banned by the United Nations Security Council. "I think personally that the [Iraqi] senior leadership saw what was coming and I think they went to some extraordinary lengths to dispose of the evidence," Clapper said. He said he is certain that components connected to Iraq's biological, chemical, and nuclear programs were sent to Syria in the weeks prior to and during the war.


David Kay, the recently resigned head of an American WMD search team in Iraq, confirmed that part of Saddam's weapons was hidden in Syria, Britain's Sunday Telegraph reported on Jan. 25, 2004. Kay said he had uncovered conclusive evidence shortly before last year's U.S. invasion


Map - Click to zoomJudith Yaphe, a former senior CIA Middle East analyst, agreed, suggesting the WMD smuggling operation is "palace intrigue." She said in the same UPI report that Bashar Assad's sister, Bushra, "is the brains. She's much smarter and more effective than Bashar, and she was disappointed at being passed over and not seeing her husband elevated."


Map of the Northern Border of Lebanon and Syria


Dr. Dany Shoham of Bar-Ilan University's Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies is a former lieutenant colonel in the IDF Intelligence Corps who specializes in weapons of mass destruction, particularly bio-chemical warfare. He says it is "likely" at least some of Saddam's WMDs were hidden in Syria before the war…"What is strange," said Shoham, "is that, since Saddam was captured – and even before – the Americans did not relate to the Syrian option. It is as if the U.S. doesn't want to reveal the fact that Iraqi WMDs are hidden there. It could be that the U.S. cannot yet confirm this – but another possibility is that the Bush administration knows the answer and has decided it is not yet time to reveal it. For whatever reason, it may still be too classified. If there is some political bias involved, the U.S. presidential election campaign might account for it." If Syria is indeed safeguarding at least some of Saddam's WMDs, now that Saddam is history and Iraq has started along the road to democracy, what is likely to happen to these weapons? "It is not likely that Syria will share them with Hezbollah in Lebanon," said Shoham. "It is in Syria's interest to maintain the current relative quiet" along Lebanon's border with Israel, he said…


In December 2002, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced on television that Saddam had hidden chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction in Syria…A senior Israeli intelligence official said afterward the Iraqi WMDs included mobile biological facilities mounted in trailer trucks, as well as chemical munitions. He said the U.S. had examined evidence provided by Israel. "We have solid evidence," the official said. "This is not a hunch or speculation…"


According to the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Syria has the largest and most advanced chemical warfare capability in the Middle East, including chemical warheads for Scud ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, chemical gravity bombs for delivery by aircraft, and chemical warheads for artillery shells. It has an estimated CW stockpile in the hundreds of tons, including Sarin, VX and mustard gas. It appears Syria is not about to transfer WMDs to Hezbollah in Lebanon, since it is not in its interest to invite massive Israeli retaliation for a WMD attack…”


The 2004 Presidential Election was over and Syria was no longer concerned with provoking “massive Israeli retaliation” because Syria did provoke the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War through her client Hezbollah.  This war and the resultant Israeli “retaliation” has now begun.  The question of who incited Hezbollah to provoke this confrontation needs to be asked? On the other hand, who provoked Israel and the military naïve administration barely weeks old to launch one of the most devastating invasions Israel has ever committed her national interest upon?  The nations in the center of this war may be pushed to the limit in a scenario that most governments fear and do not care to discuss.  Yet the “word of the Lord” has already expressed this ‘burden” to the Prophet Zechariah almost two and a half millenniums ago. 


Now that Syria may be feeling the threat of being on the receiving end such as Saddam Hussein felt three years ago, let us now read how Syria has been in the export business of trying to move part of Iraq’s WMD away from Syria in order to conceal them from western intelligence eyes since January 2004. Final in 2006, we read about the mobility of Saddam’s WMD and a new home for them in an article in Mathaba News dated April 13, 2006 titled, “Syria Shipping WMD Components to Sudan


Mathaba News - Syria, long suspected for hiding some of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD), is reportedly smuggling missiles and WMD components to Sudan in an effort to conceal them from western intelligence sources. According to Middle East Newsline, "western intelligence sources said the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad has been flying shipments of Scud C and Scud D extended-range missiles as well as WMD components to warehouses in Khartoum since at least January 2004. The sources said the Syrian shipments to Khartoum were placed on civilian airliners but authorized and directed by the Defense Ministry…"


The “Mystery” of the WMD for Saddam Hussein has never been a mystery.  The evidence has always been there, yet it has never been respected as a true intelligence “asset” for the American or European public to know.  Why?  It does not fit the present conceptions of what they want us to know.  Has George Bush known about this since 2003?  The evidence is strong to the positive.  To say otherwise suggests that Bush is not getting all the intelligence information.  Has he chosen not to reveal what he knows so that he can use this information at a later time?  The evidence suggests positive.  The motivation of Israel to make a concerted drive into Lebanon to eradicate Hezbollah has been stimulated more by the United States State Department than the preservation of the status quo in the relationship between of Israel and Hezbollah.


Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is not a military genius and military confrontation is not his claim to fame.  He is an isolationist and wants to disengage all Israelis from all non-Israelis.  As a modern Shabbatean Jew, Prime Minister Olmert is using the same philosophical foundations that the rejected Shammaite Pharisees did in the 1st century temple culture separated the Jewish population away from the non-Jewish Gentiles two thousand years ago in the days of Jesus the Nazarene.  


The Guela (Redemption) by Bi’etah or Ahishena


Does that mean that there are no prophetic implications in this war?  The prophecies of Daniel and Revelation are an apocalyptic image of a history affecting the Jews that will be reenacted in their prophetic history Unless we want to judge the Lord of hosts with the charges that He will be responsible for killing billions of human lives before the time of the end is over, we need to rethink our prophetic philosophical foundations.  As the Lord of hosts removes the angels holding back the “four winds of strife” (violence consuming the whole world or the “four cardinal points” of this planet), we see the God of Israel removing his “protective and shielding hands” from the earth.  This suggests that God is allowing the fullest extent of evil that man can generate to consume this whole globe


This prophetic scenario is not what medieval Roman Christianity wanted as the “Rome the City of God” replaced Jerusalem and the millennium of peace had already arrived.  This prophetic scenario is not what modern Roman Christianity wants for the Vatican must take possession of all the holy sites in Jerusalem so that the Pope can reign and rule from God’s Holy City


This prophetic scenario is not what Protestant Evangelical Christians want as “their” secret rapture has not occurred so they can move to heavenly dimensions while the Jews are killed in the coming holocaust.  This prophetic scenario is not what Seventh-day Adventists want as they are “spiritual Israel,” the “remnant” who “keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus” and the Jews are irrelevant to the prophecies at the time of the end. This prophetic scenario is not what Mormons want as they hold the “prophetic golden tablets” that show that they are the “Lost Tribes of Israel” who will be redeemed back to the Land of Israel. 


This prophetic scenario is not what Islam wants because they are waiting for the coming of Messiah Jesu ben Miriam (Jesus son of Mary) who will bring a world of peace to the followers of “the Prophet” while the Christians and the Jews are destroyed.  This prophetic scenario is not what fundamental radical Islam wants because they have not had the privilege to bring the world under the harsh global domination of Sharia Law, the evil personification of the Jewish Messianic Millennium of peace


This is also not what the orthodox Judaism truly wishes as the pathway for their redemption. According to Chassidic Rabbi CAE, the “b’ito” redemption began on Rosh Hashanah in the fall of 2005 (Jewish year 5766). The Jews have spent three and a half millenniums reconsidering the harshness; of the bondage of Egypt, destruction of the temple and exile of Babylon, the potential Haman-Amelak annihilation in Persia, the “Abomination of Desolation” of the temple by the Greek Hellenistic Syrian king Antiochus IV Epiphanes,  the harsh domination, exile and persecution by Rome, the isolation and inquisition by Roman Christianity, the desire for complete “extermination” by Nazi Holocaust and the Arab “blood oaths of extermination.”


The Jewish resident does not have the desire to consider a “harsh b’ito redemption reality” for the final conclusion of this age before the nations and religious institutions seeking global domination are eliminated.  Have they not been affected enough by pogroms, holocausts, persecutions, inquisitions and exterminations?  No they must face the final anti-Messiah (antichrist). 


In the Israeli blogsite called Mystical Paths, Rabbi Akiva from Yeranen Yaakov personal blogsite we read about Redemption by “Bi’etah” or by “Ahishena:” 


Yeranen Yaakov – “There are 2 types of redemption that could exist according to our sources:

·         a redemption that is "Bi’etah" - i.e. one that is set at a predetermined time (Rabbi Ovadia Yosef holds that this is the Redemption with which we will be redeemed, even though he holds, on the other hand, that the generation is "זכאי" ["meritorious"])

·         and a redemption that is "Ahishena" - i.e. one that will come earlier than its set time.


The main differences between the 2 types of Redemption, besides the time that it will take place, is the amount of suffering the Jewish people and the whole world in general will endure until the Redemption takes place and the manner in which the Redemption occurs:


·         Ahishena" Redemption is a Redemption that comes suddenly, in a miraculous way. Mashiah comes, and the world reaches its correct fulfillment and purpose, together with all the beneficial designations that were promised by Hakadosh Baruch Hu (The “Holy One, bless is He”) by way of His prophets, as is described in TaNaKh (Old Testament).

·         A "Bi’etah" Redemption is a Redemption that a long and hard process precedes it, full of suffering and tests for the Jewish people and for the world in general, which concludes with the terrible death of about two-thirds of the world, in addition to those among the Jewish people who, according to Hakadosh Baruch Hu's calculation, are not fit to be redeemed.”


According to some of the sources along with Kabbalists from our time, the percentage of Jews that are said to be killed during this situation, could reach Has Veshalom (destroy the Jews and wipe Israel off the map) about 80%, corresponding to the percentage of the Jewish people who were killed in Egypt during the plague of darkness, as is described in the words of Haza"l (Chochmenu Zichrona Levaracha (Our Sages of Blessed Memory). The type of Redemption that we will receive is dependant on us and on our deeds.


Ahishena" Redemption is dependant on repentance that the Jewish nation will do. The righteous among our generation say that it's not referring to [a repentance] of all of Israel - just the majority of it - everyone according to his ability. In this scenario - that repentance will work for Israel - then, the "Bi’etah" process, which we are currently in the middle of, will stop suddenly, and the Redemption will come immediately.”


The Clash of Prophetic Streams converging in the Israeli-Hezbollah War

The Prophecy about the “King of Gaza” 

The “King” of Terrorism – Yasser Arafat (1929-2004)


In that day, 2002, one of the stark realities in the Oracles and out of the prophetic ferment of Zechariah there arose one prophetic landmark.  In the prophecy, the “king of Gaza” would perish; perishing in battle, by assassination or by natural means.  We also knew that since the days of Zechariah there has never been a political or national government in Gaza, so our focus was upon Yasser Arafat.  We wondered, was Arafat to become the“King of Gaza?”  He did not, because he never went back to Gaza. So we “watched” and “waited.” 


As we observed in 2006, we do have a democratically nominated President of the Palestinians and a Prime Minister in the region of Gaza and her sister cities.  Actually in two democratically nominations, we have now been given two candidates that are vying for political supremacy; Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Fatah) and Prime Minister Ismail Hanyeh (Hamas).  We continue to search in earnest to see how the “finger” of the Lord of hosts will mix the “chalice” of His judgments.


The “Candidates” for the “King” of Gaza, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Fatah) and Prime Minister Ismail Hanyeh (Hamas)


Our whole commentary on Zechariah nine was centered upon the model that Arafat could possibly qualify soon to be the “king of Gaza.” There was one problem, once Arafat arrived in Gaza, as the hero and savior of the Palestinian people, he immediately went to the West Bank and set up the government of the Palestinian Authority in the city of Ramallah. Arafat never returned to Gaza for fear that he would never be allowed to return back to the West BankArafat never became the “King of Gaza.”  So Arafat perished and this arch-terrorist, so loved by the European Union, left Ramallah only hours before he would reach his final rest.  Someday he will meet his final judgment at the hands of the God of the people he hated with all his heart. 


When the Lord of hosts brings judgment, this “judgment” is usually delivered by human hands.  The only exception, in times of the threat of complete annihilation, God will direct the forces of nature to envelope His consuming wrath around the enemies of His people. He will protect and shield his own remnant. 


This present chapter in Zechariah nine appears to be spelling out divine judgment or the wrath of God that will be rained down upon the nations surrounding or to the north and west of Jerusalem.  This includes Lebanon, Tyre and Sidon plus Greater Syria and the Palestinian controlled areas of Gaza and the Gaza Strip


In the Biblical times, these same peoples were opponents of Israel and JudahDavid and Solomon’s military strength had to subdue these regions before peace could reign in the Land of Israel. Lebanon and Syria came under the long arm of the military might of David and Solomon, yet Gaza and the surrounding, though never subdued, eventually became peaceful elements to the United Monarchy of Israel.  In the days of Zechariah, they were not a threatening force, only the antagonists within Samaria or the present day Shomron, known as the West Bank were violently opposed to Zerubbabel rebuilding the Temple of the Lord in Jerusalem .  These were the days of Zechariah, a priest in the temple


In chapter twelve, the Lord of hosts identifies Himself with unrivaled credential as the all-knowing Creator God and the Maker of the Spirit of man.  The prophecies stated that Jerusalem will become a “cup of trembling unto all the people round about” (Zechariah 12:2).  When these nations do finally surround Jerusalem in that epic battle at the end of the age, true “Acts of God” in cosmic or inter-dimensional phenomenon will occur.  All the nations participating at that time will have to drink of the chalice of the Almighty, which will cause them to stagger like a drunken man. 


Some scholars suggest that this chapter is a reference to the invasion and siege by the Romans in 68-70 CE, prophetically envisioned by Zechariah five centuries prior.  Yet the Romans were Instead of that Roman invasion in 70 CE, as well as future wars that will surround Jerusalem, the Battle of Gog from the Land of Magog, the invasion of the King of the North and the final Battle of Armageddon, these catastrophic events appear to be localized to Lebanon, the coastal cities of the Gaza region plus Tyre and Sidon and the region of Damascus and Syria


The War of Gog from the Land of Magog

The revered sage of Judah, Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon called the “Vilna Gaon (1720-1797) wrote a series of mystical and cryptic notes on the Final Redemption of Israel.  The prophetic insights gained from Vilna Gaon’s writings by the Jewish centurion rabbinic sage, Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri was announced by Arutz Shiva’s show host Yehoshua Meiri, a close confidant in the Kaduri court on September 24, 2001.


According to the writings of the Vilna Gaon, a “Sign of the Gog and Magog War would signal the beginning of this war when a major war would break out on the Jewish holiday called Hoshana Rabba (7th day of the holiday of just after the conclusion of the 7th or shamita agricultural sabbatical year.


According to Rabbi Kaduri, the 7th Sabbatical year was completed in the fall of 2000 according to the commandments of the Lord:


The Beginning of the War of Terror on October 7, 2001


Leviticus 25“Six years you shall sow your field, and six years you shall prune your vineyard, and gather in its fruit. But in the seventh year shall be a sabbath of solemn rest for the land, a sabbath for G-d...And if you shall say: "What shall we eat in the seventh year? Behold, we shall not sow, nor gather in our produce!" But I will command my blessing upon you... (translated by the Chabad org.)


It was the failure to keep this command of the Lord of hosts at Sinai and let the land of Israel lie fallow or without any tilling or harvesting for 490 years (seventy seven year cycles) that led to the seventy years of exile into Babylon.  The God of Israel gave the land of Israel seventy years of rest all at the same time.


The year of the Jubilee cycle began in the land of Israel in the year that Israel had a national presence in the land with their own government for forty nine years.  The year of independence on May 15, 1948 was a partial year and so the first year in complete independence for the Jewish people was the Jewish year of 5711 from the fall of 1950-51.  It so happened that this year was a sabbatical year. 

The Seventh Year, the story of the Miracle of the first harvest after the Shemittah year in 1950 in Israel


A fascinating story in history is told by a Dov Weiss who farmlived in one of the first agricultural settlements in Israel, the Moshav of Komeniyut in southern Israel.  This kibbutz was founded by the famed Torah scholar and rabbinic authority Rabbi Benyamin Mendelson, the rabbi of Kfar Ata.  As told in the Parsha article titled, The Seventh Year and preserved by the Chabad Organization, we read about the "miracle at Komeniyut." 


The Young Dov Weiss known today as Reb Chaim


When this seventh year began this kibbutz was one of the only ones that decided to keep the commands of the Lord and allowed the land to rest for an entire year.  The problem came when they sought seed to plant that next  year, they had to use seed from the 6th or prior season.  All they could find was “moldy” seed that was discarded in a storage bin at Kibbutz Gat.  That year, their fields grew the most beautiful and most bountiful harvest in the entire region.


The first Jubilee Year after the miraculous rise of the National Homeland for the Jews in Israel on May 15, 1948, was the Jewish year of 5760 that began on Rosh Hashanah 1999.  This was forty nine years after the fall of 1951, the end of the seventh shemmitah “Sabbatical” and the first “Sabbatical” year that the Jewish people observed after the return to their homeland. This was the Nation of Israel’s first Jubilee Year.


The Jubilee Year was an integral part of Jewish culture and Torah life.  Even so, whether the jubilee years were included or excluded from the forty-nine years of the seven Sabbatical cycles of Years has been debated for millenniums according to the Talmud.  Today a majority of the rabbis accept that during the days of David and Solomon, the jubilee is an intercalation or added to the seventh Sabbatical year.  As such, the agricultural land must lay fallow or not tilled, planted or harvested for two entire years.


According to Rabbi Yehudah haNassi, the Prince of Israel, who was the leader of the Jewish people in Judea at the end of the second century after the fall of Jerusalem to Rome, he claims, according to the Talmud tractate Rosh Hashanah 9a, that the “jubilee year was identical with the seventh Sabbatical year” or the forty ninth year. 


Most Jewish sages today contend that during the First temple period the Jubilee year came in the fiftieth year but during the Second temple period the jubilee was observed only “nominally” and according to the opinion of Judah haNassi, came on the same year as the seventh Sabbatical year. 


As we return to the national announcement by Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri on September 24, 2001, on the day called Hoshana Rabba (7th day of the holiday of Succot) just after the conclusion of the 7th or shamita agricultural sabbatical year, a major war would break out that would be called the War of Gog from the Land of MagogAs stated:


Yehoshua Meiri on Rabbi Kaduri - "On Hashanah Rabba, the actual war of Gog and Magog will commence and will last for some seven years."

Above Show of Force.jpg 

Military Flotilla courtesy of the US Air Force


This announcement was made on September 24 or thirteen days after the 911 catastrophe and the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York and the attack on the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.  Thirteen days after September 24 announcement to the very minute, as the sun was setting over the horizon in Jerusalem, the US and British forces began an aerial bombing campaign against the Talibani regime and the Al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan.  The American War against Terror dominated by the Bush White House began. 


One of the largest military buildups in military history was being prepared and heading towards the Middle EastLarge armadas of naval flotillas were heading into the Mediterranean Sea and later towards the Persian Gulf.  The date was Hashanah Rabba, the 7th day of Succot in 2001, October 7, 2001, which according to the sages of Judah, the War of Gog from the Land of Magog began as prophesied by Ezekiel from the land of Babylon in the Sefer Yehchezkel (Book of Ezekiel). 


The Epic Battle between the Ram and the He-Goat of Daniel 8


Yet the prophetic merging of the interests of Syria and Iran with Russia and China will heighten the expectation that Daniel eight’s vision of the war between the mighty Ram with two great horns and the he-Goat with a single great horn of Daniel is progressing towards that the futurist epic war also to be replayed at the time of the end.  It was the archangel Gabriel that said to Daniel:


Daniel 8:16“Understand, son of man, that the vision refers to the time of the end.”


Here in the Occidental West, the globalist governments of America and the European Union were called by Pope John Paul II back in 1978 as one of the final contenders for world domination.  They were called by him the Golden Internationale with the economic Internationalists and the Transnationalists.  Yet there was another globalist competitor for world domination in the Oriental East that John Paul called the Red InternationaleThese included the Communist Leninist-Marxist nations


When we re-read the prophecy of Daniel, with modern time of the end apocalyptic identities, it states,


Daniel 8:  - “The he-Goat, the globalist governments of the Occidental West “ran at him with furious power” and “confronting the ram; the western globalist were moved with rage against the Occidental Eastern governments of Russia and China, attacked the ram, and broke his two horns” and “cast him down to the ground and trampled him, “into the ground.” 


With Syria, Iran and North Korea acting as proxies of Russia and China, we can now understand how important it is to the strategic interests of Russia and China that the Syrian missile sale is completed.   The SA-18 batteries and Kornet AT-14 anti-tank missiles were to protect the secret military assistance of the communists so that the Shi’ite government in Tehran Iran’s nuclear power plant at Bushehr near the Persian Gulf will not share the fate of Saddam Hussein’s French constructed nuclear center at Tamuz.  This sale also protects Iran’s bid to gain access to the nuclear brotherhood on behalf of her ancient Mongol benefactors; the Kipchak Khanate of Russia’s Golden Horde and the Kublai Khanate of China.  These two ancient kingdoms of the Mongolian Empire are now being resurrected in their modern prophetic guise as the Red Communist-Leninist governments of Russia and China.


The “cat and mouse” psychological battles increased between the East and the West.  Within a month, intelligence agents revealed that improved air defense radar systems had been installed not only at the Bushehr nuclear reactor near the Persian Gulf but also at the uranium military enrichment plants at Isfahan in central Iran.  Both of these air defense units were an improved model of the 36D6 mobile units called by the western intelligence agencies, “Tin Shield.” They were installed by the Russian engineering company called Raduga OKB from the city of Dubna in the region of Moscow. 


Prophetically, the Red Internationale has stealthfully been preparing for a diplomatic and psychologically geo-political battle between the great super-powers as Daniel foretold two and one-half millenniums ago.  Iran and North Korea, irregardless of the political maneuvers of Russia and China who appear to assist the American and the United Nation’s, have craftily been undermining the American and United Nations initiative to halt the nuclear programs of both Iran and North Korea


The two super-powers of Russia and China have taken military warfare against the United States to the geo-political stage of the World political body of the United Nations.  The goal is global domination.  The stakes are immense.  Who will be the final winner in this global warfare?  This may not be played out on the traditional military battlefield as much as it is played out in the psychological and covert battlegrounds.


The covert actions of protecting the assets of two nations of Iran and North Korea by Russia and China bodes ill for the geo-political posturing of Muslim Pakistan against Hindu India along with Red Internationale sponsored states of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah against the Golden Internationale sponsored states of Iraq and Israel in the Middle East.  This same global battle is being waged also in the Far East between the Red Internationale sponsored state of North Korea against the Golden Internationale sponsored client and allied states of Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.  No matter what Syria does, the western globalist governments continue to eye the intractable Nation of Syria with deep suspicion.   


The 911 Attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City


According to the Book of Zechariah, Syria, the modern day namesake of Assyria, will be repaid “middah k'neged middah” (measure for measure) for her actions against the Nation of Israel twenty seven hundred years ago.  With the redemption of the “Lost Tribes of Israel” eminent, the people of Syria will “reap what they have sown,” for in the poetic justice of Hebrew, reciprocity suggests that “what ever goes around comes around.”  Since the Assyrians and now the Syrians never became repentant as seen in the spirit of Hezbollah today, the long hand of the Lord will repay the ancient Assyrians with His judgments in His own time.


To suggest that these passages were fulfilled in the time of Rome misses the fact that Rome was not a nation that was about or surrounding Jerusalem.  Also Rome did not stagger like a drunken man.  Rome literally vanquished the city of Jerusalem, tore the temple down to bedrock and left the only symbol of ancient Jerusalem intact, the former Roman fortress of Antonia on what is now the Temple Mount.  We have to conclude that there is no historical event that matches the events described in Zechariah ten. This is not final drama but appears to be a prelude that will open up all the land for the inheritance of all the tribes of the Children of Israel that were initially given by God under the direction of Moses and Joshua.


The Collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001


And then, “911” occurredAmerica went into a paradigm shift as our safe and secure world under the nuclear umbrella of the formidable military might of the U.S. Armed Forces suddenly met an enemy as slippery and slimy as a salamander and as deadly as a viper.  What was more profound, when the “enemy” raised his ugly head, it was filled with venom and hatred against every institution that America and the western world hold dear and sacred.  Our culture was their enemy.  Our religious institutions were their enemies.   Our democracy was their enemy, and every economic institution in America was their enemyTo fundamental Islam, Satan was not an other-dimensional force of evil, Satan was America.  Terror took on a new meaning. It was now personal and real. What was more ominous, Americans did not know where it lived or was it harbored in the homes of our next door neighbors. 


Theologians preaching on prophecy for decades have expounded on potential scenarios wrapping up the time of the end.  None to my knowledge imagined a War against Terror, proclaimed by America to be a righteous act, to actually be the cutting wedge that was to bring our world to a One World Order.  Isn’t it amazing how Tribulation may be brought into the time of the end on the coattails of a Christian moral crusade against “Evil?” The “White Horse of the First Seal” may be riding by, inciting the beginning of Tribulation by an assault against the dominions of terror.  That “white horse and rider” may truly come from the Christian West but be under the control of the Council of Foreign Relations.


The Prophecy about the Seven Year Charter of “Peace for Land”


Violence erupted all over the Nation of Israel on September 28, 2000 when the Second Intifada was triggered by the ascent of Prime Minister candidate Ariel Sharon to the Temple Mount.  That day ended a prophetic cycle and it also began a cascading sequence of prophetic events significance for Israel and all who seek the return of the Maschiach Yisra’el (Messiah of Israel).  For seven years the Nation of Israel had been in dialogue with the Palestinians, the Vatican and the United States over the terms for a “Covenant of Peace.”  We read of one such covenant in the prophecies of Daniel.


Daniel 9:27 – “Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week.”


On that day, on the “real” day for Rosh Hashanah that was calculated by the Torah biblical new moons and barley ripening came, the Seven Year Oslo Accord agreement suddenly ceased. 


As reported by BibleSearchers on February 2006 in the Vatican research article, “The Vatican Seeks to Reclaim its own – The Pathway and Players in the Bid to Control Jerusalem.”  


BibleSearchers – “On the 10th of September, just three days before the signing of the Oslo Accords in Washington, the Italian newspaper La Stampa reported that then Foreign Minister Shimon Peres concluded a secret deal with the Vatican to hand over sovereignty of Jerusalem’s Old City to the Vatican. The agreement and it was included in the secret clauses of the Declaration of Principles signed on September 13th, 1993 in Washington, DC.”


It happens that September 13, 1993 was Rosh Hashanah 1993 when the “Declaration of Principles” of Peace for Oslo Accord was signed by Arafat and Rabin in Washington D.C.  It was Rosh Hashanah 2000 when the Oslo Accord was abandoned with the onset of the Palestinian Intifada.  Seven years of peace was attempted to the very day.  The implications of these seven years have yet to be fully understood.”


The Rise of the Sea Beast of Revelation 13


The timetable is about to turn towards Syria.  What is the purpose and interest in Syria when Iran is looming much larger on the geo-political intervention agenda by the western globalist?  Part of the military options of a contender for global domination is to play the political landscape while you circle and encapsulate your opponent with military bases for strategic containment and eventually dominate and move their allegiance into your sphere of influence. The Lord of hosts has spoken eloquently on this topic when in Revelation 13 we see the last great dominating world force arise; the Apocalyptic Sea Beast with the world expression of awe and terror.


Revelation 13:1, 3-4 (parts) – “Then I stood on the sand of the sea.  And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea…and all the world marveled and followed the beast…and they worshiped the beast, saying ‘Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with Him?” And he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and he was given authority to continue for forty-two months (three and one-half years). Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name, His tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven. It was granted to him to make war with the saints and overcome them. And authority was given to him over every tribe, tongue and nationIf anyone has an ear, let him hear.”


This beast eludes all single prophetic identities. It is a global force that is seeking not just planetary but inter-planetary domination, even to the God of the heavens and “those who dwell in heaven.”  We must seriously explore the fact that the Islamic clerics believing that Islam is the “Earth Beast” of Revelation, we begin to see the final merging of the Jesuit Vatican controlled “King of the North,” the Golden Internationale of the Western globalist nations in alliance with the United Nation moving to bring the “King of the South,” Islamic nations of the Middle East under the control of a Unified Global Government.  Who will become the last resister of global domination?  Israel!  This may be a surprise when we see the Israeli globalist governments of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as their leaders walking lock-set with the American State Department.


The rabbanim were beginning to become vocal in the observation that their government leaders did not ask the blessing of the God of Israel upon their land.  Neither did they seek Tshuva.  Instead, they became dependent on the globalist leaders of the nations of this earth for their safety and security. This has been tried before and the social culture of “Babel” was turned to “babbling” and a land of confusion.   


To understand the “Sea Beast” one runs the risk of misunderstanding the underground covert signals that surround this Sea Beast.  As we have stated before, the world approaching the final catastrophic pathways is one of deception, covert wars, psychological warfare and any subvert means to gain physical and emotional control of the nations of this earth.  This is the pathway of the “dark forces” and the powers of satanic control.  To weave through the conflicting maze of motives, national interests and the ultimate goals of all the global contenders for world domination leads us to suggest only one “given;” they do not represent the pathway of righteousness, loving kindness and caring for all people of all nations. 


We hear words such as “liberty” and “democracy” that are only covert words for the final reality that my “liberty” and “autonomy” is your “oppression” that is earned by the expression of the “rights” of democracy.  Hence the election of Hamas in the regions controlled by the Palestinian Authority, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the “democratic right of free expression” and anarchy in Iraq, the election of President Ahmadinejad in Iran and the election of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as he carries Israel down the path of destruction.  


One of the strongest signals that are emitted in the global geo-political stage is the silence on the part of the Vatican. Yet their finger prints give a hint to their overall hidden strategy.  There was a firm understanding in the mind of Pope John Paul II in 1978 as he looked over the geo-political landscape and saw two global powers vying for political domination of this world; the Golden Internationale and the Red InternationaleWhat must be understood is that John Paul II also believed that there was a third global force, the Black Internationale now under his successor Pope Benedict XVI.   This global power would be the ultimate victor in world domination; the Roman Catholic Church.  The power behind the “Church” is the “Force” of the Jesuits that gives the Church their international power and unsurpassed intelligence capabilities.  Why would the “Church” be successful?  Their success is dependant in the fact that they are a “spiritual” and also a “political” global power.


Let us remind ourselves that the Islamic clerics believe that Islam is the “Earth Lamb-like Beast” that appears like a peaceful lamb (“Islam is a religion of Peace”).  This Earth Beast will speak like a Dragon (“Dragon Nation” as the last and greater horn of the Red Internationale and the Two-horned Ram of Daniel 8.” 


Revelation 13:11-12 – “Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns (Shi’ites and the Sunnis) like a lamb and spoke like a dragon (power will be given to them by China). And he exercises all the authority of the first beast (Black Internationale) in his (Pope’s) presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast (Black Internationale), whose deadly wound was healed.” 


With this imagery involved, is it any wonder that the nations of the world were meeting in Rome to discuss how to implement a “Cease Fire” and a “Peace Accord” between Israel and Hezbollah (aka Syria and Iran)?  Let us now listen to the August 3, 2006 news fast paced brief, The Vatican Victory in Lebanon sent by the Jewish international investigator following the pathway of the Sabbatean-Neo-com Jews and the Vatican inspired New World Order, Barry Chamish:


Barry Chamish – “My heart breaks as Israel loses the war. But her crooked leaders are doing wonders for the New World Order. Now the Vatican gets in its dibs and a new trade bloc is in formation. While the rockets fly, the US and Kuwait sign a free trade agreement. So also Dubai, Bahrain and Jordan. And did anyone notice that America no longer patrols Afghanistan? NATO has taken the reins. Not ten years ago, PM Shimon Peres was tired of the “Grapes Of Wrath” mini-war and put an end to it with an attack on Kana which killed 100 and brought international troops to Lebanon.


The week before, the leaders of the NWO met in Rome under the kind but stern guidance of Condeleeza Rice. They decided to put in Lebanon International Troops...someday. A second Kana bombing, no matter who was responsible, gave Peres another chance to bring back his buddies, the French. Yes, it was decided that French troops would form the majority of the contingent. And are they balanced…:


French leaders praised Iran and disparaged Israel – Two Separate News Conferences held in Beirut and Paris – July 31, 2006

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin told reporters at the news conference in France that Israel’s willingness to suspend its air strikes on Hizbullah terror targets was “only a first step, but still not enough.” De Villepin maintained that the “cessation of the aerial attacks is insufficient in light of the situation in Lebanon.” At the news conference held in Beirut, French Foreign Minister Phillippe Douste-Blazy praised Iran as a “stabilizing force in the Middle East.” Douste-Blazy told reporters that Iran "is an outstanding country with great people and an honorable civilization. It has a crucial role in the region.”

Iran is the primary patron of the Hizbullah terror organization, which has fired close to
1,800 Katyusha missiles at northern Israeli communities in the past 20 days…has armed Hizbullah with long-range rockets equipped with warheads containing more than 100 kg. of explosive material and little metal balls…Hizbullah started the current war with Israel with a major attack on July 12th in which terrorists kidnapped two IDF soldiers… Iran also continues to refuse to end its uranium enrichment program, in direct violation of international law…


This whole awful war was designed to get those Vatican soldiers into Israel and given another few weeks of rocket attacks, barring a nuke on Teheran, Israelis will lift their arms and beg for any troops, anywhere, just to get a night's peace. Even in Jerusalem.”


Israeli Investigative Reporter Barry Chamish continues with a summary of the investigation by an Israeli researcher Kati Cohen on the fast paced pathway for the final control of world domination. Read on…


Barry Chamish – “A few nights ago, I was almost back in Israel. A brilliant researcher, who, yes indeed, demands recognition, Kati Cohen, called me and let me have a 90 blast of her research. She began easy; "You were right about Daniel Abraham and this dreadful man Joel running Yeshiva U. They brought in half the Vatican to YU to supposedly discuss anti-semitism with their rabbis. That wasn't the discussion. They wanted "their" land and that meant Jerusalem." It was 102 degrees in America, the fields were dessicated by the minute and I was back in corrupt Israel. I was home. Abraham almost cost Olmert his "honesty," he writes with a broad smirk, by passing him a couple of spare million dollars, by buying his home for 2.5 times its value in the midst of the election campaign. And that, lesser crime, tied Shimon Peres with Olmert more than politically. Abraham is a valued member of the milestone to the money laundering, the Shimon Peres Peace Center.


And Peres, the Vatican's chief spy along with Yossi Beilin, is now number two in Israel, an apt number if there was one. And all those crooks and murderers who caused the war, Peres, Barak, Beilin, are they strung from the highest oak tree in the land? Of course not! They go to cabinet meetings and decide how to kill the most Israelis in one day.  Kati goes on, and I'm now taking notes. It's just like being in Modiin.


Investigator Kati Cohen - "Peres promised the pope East Jerusalem in May of 1992 and the Vatican wants to cash in now. But Sharon wasn't playing ball. In July of last year he actually banned diplomacy with the Vatican. So the Vatican tried working around him. In September they invited both Israeli chief rabbis to Rome to threaten the Jews if the holy sites of Jerusalem weren't handed over to them. In November, they hatched the Mount Zion plot, trading a Spanish church for the Last Supper room. President Katsav flew to the Vatican but Sharon still said no. "Finally they knew Sharon had to go.


Enter the Apostolic Nuncio Pietro Sambi. He plotted with Peres to finish Sharon and possibly supplied the poison Sharon drank in his final meeting with Peres on December 18 (2005). On thing is certain, 18 hours before, after 8½ years in Jerusalem, Sambi flew out for a new assignment in Washington. "Once Olmert and Peres won the election, Peres flew to the Vatican taking with him a letter from (Prime Minister Uhed) Olmert to the Pope (Benedict XVI). No one will say what was in the letter, but you can be sure he promised the pope 'his land' and the war drastic enough to give it to him."


With the vast experience of Israeli politics, the Apostolic Nuncio Pietro Sambi is now in the capital of Israel’s leading supporter and potentially leading enemy.  He is there with one mission; to sway the goals of the the Vatican upon the United States and hence upon Israel.  Such is the nature of human politics. To look at the role of Vatican as an insider we glean a summary how the Vatican views itself in the Rome International summit for Peace in the Middle East from the Catholic News Service dated July 25, 2006 titled, On Eve of Peace Summit, Benedict says Prayers for Mideast might be Working,” we read:


Catholic News Service – “On the eve of the Rome international summit for peace in the Middle East, Pope Benedict XVI said it appeared that perhaps prayers for peace were starting to work. “It seems to me that today something is beginning to move, which shows that prayers are not useless," the pope told reporters in northern Italy July 25 as he returned to the chalet in Les Combes where he has been vacationing…."I hope they find stable and lasting solutions" to the violence that has ignited in Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories.


While sending official observers to the Rome summit for peace in the Middle East, the Vatican also planned to continue working behind the scenes in pushing for a peaceful solution to ongoing violence in the region, said Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican secretary of state. The Vatican announced late July 25 that it had been invited to participate in the July 26 summit as an official observer. Archbishop Giovanni Lajolo, the Vatican's foreign minister, and two officials from his staff were to represent the Vatican at the meeting…


"The Holy See tries to be 'super partes' (above all parties); it has a universal mission to unite all of humanity," the cardinal (Sodano) said…His remarks echoed Pope Benedict's July 21 comments that the Vatican tends to leave diplomatic bargaining to other nations "because we do not get involved in politics even if we do everything for peace."  However, the Vatican supports everything that can facilitate and lead to peace, the pope had said. Because modern civilization calls for dialogue, not war, to resolve disputes, every day the Vatican has been contacting foreign diplomats in an effort to foster a peaceful resolution, Cardinal Sodano said.”


Several observations are important.  While the Vatican was officially at the Rome Summit as an observer, it is important to see that their behind the scenes diplomacy makes them more of the “glue” of the summit rather than an observer.  The most sobering statement was "The Holy See tries to be 'super parties' (above all parties); it has a universal mission to unite all of humanity." Here we see the Vatican’s real intentThey are the Super-power.  The Vatican truly does see itself as the Rise of the Black Internationaleand the ultimate victor of world domination.  The obvious observation is that their vision for peace comes with the proviso that they, not the God of Israel, are in control. 


As BibleSearchers, we “watch” and “wait.”  The Finger of the Lord of hosts continues to mix the “Chalice of His indignation.”  Let us now begin to look at the “2006 War between Israel and Hezbollah” and the how this war is part of the Oracles of Zechariah. 


The Prophetic Time Line since the Rise of National Israel


1948 - The Restoration of National Israel occurred when the Land of Israel became the Official Jewish Homeland – May 15, 1948.


1949-1950 - First year in complete independence for the Jewish people was the first agricultural harvest season by the young Jewish nation.  This was the Jewish year of 5710 from the fall of 1949-50. 


1950-1951 - Second year in complete independence was the Shemittah or the Seventh Sabbatical Year.  The Shemittah started on Rosh Hashanah 5711 from the fall of 1950-1951. It was the Jewish year of 5711 from the fall of 1950-51.


1993 - The Seven Year Oslo Accord began when Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat signed the “Declaration of Principles” in Washington DC on Rosh Hashanah 5753 (using true Biblical festival calculations) - September 13th, 1993.


1999-2000 - The Forty-ninth “Seventh Sabbatical Year” started on Rosh Hashanah 5760 from the fall of 1999-2000.


2000 - The Seven Year Oslo Accord ceased to exist with the start of the Second Palestinian Intifada at the beginning of the Fiftieth “Jubilee” Year since the Restoration of National Israel started.  On this day Israeli Prime Minister candidate Ariel Sharon ascended on the Temple Mount and read Ezekiel 38 on Rosh Hashanah 5760 (using true Biblical festival calculations) in the fall of 2000.


2000 - The Fiftieth “Jubilee” Year since the Restoration of National Israel started on Rosh Hashanah 5760 from the fall of 2000-2001.


2001 - The War of Gog from the Land of Magog, according to Rabbi Yitchak Kaduri, would begin on “Hoshana Rabba,” the 7th day of the holiday of Succot  on the year of the ending of the 7th or shamita agricultural sabbatical year – October 7, 2001.


2001 - The War on Terror was started by George Bush and the Western Allied Coalition upon the setting of the sun in Jerusalem on the eve of October 7, 2001.  This date was Hashana Rabba, the 7th day of Succot in 2001.  This War on Terror, to the Jewish sages, is the War of Gog from the Land of Magog.


2005 – The Expulsion of the Torah Observing Jews by Prime Minister Sharon of the Erev Rav (Mixed Multitude from Egypt) from Gush Katif in Gaza started on the eve of the 9th Av 5765. This is the day of infamy in which the two temples were destroyed, the Jewish Holocaust began and other national catastrophes – eve 9th AV, 5765 on August 2005.


2006 – The Expulsion of the Jews from Galilee began on the 17th of Tammuz 5766, the day commemorating when the outer walls of Jerusalem were breached by Nebuchadnezzar and later Titus, now seen as the day the outer borders of Israel were breeched by Hezbollah-Syrian-Iranian rockets – 17 Tammuz, July 13, 2006.


2006 – The Days of Guela (Redemption of the Jewish People) has started.  This was the message of the Jewish sage, Melitzer Rebbe shlit'a to Rabbi Lazer Brody on August 23, 2006Date of the Beginning of Redemption17 Tammuz 5766, July 13, 2006.


2005 - The Redemption of Israel (bi’eto achishena – “In its time, I will hasten it!”) with conflict, destruction and harsh reality began, according the Chassidic Rabbi CAE on - Rosh Hashanah 5766 in the fall of 2005. 


Index for the Commentary on the Prophecies of Zechariah


The Redemption and Restoration of Jerusalem and Israel

Zechariah 1 - God remembers and God blesses at the Appointed Time

Zechariah 2 – God sets His sights to Rebuild Jerusalem

Zechariah 3 – The Priesthood is Re-consecrated for the Temple

Zechariah 4 – God sends Israel His Anointed Ones and His faithful Eyes

Zechariah 5 – The Flying of the Megillah and the Cleansing of the Land

Zechariah 6 – The Four Chariots, Temple is Built and Israel is a Theocracy

Zechariah 7 – Replace Feasts of Fasting with Obedience, Justice and Mercy

Zechariah 8 – Let us Feast with Joy – God returns to Dwell with His People


The Oracles and Judgments of the God of Israel

 Zechariah 9 - Part One – The Burden of the Lord on the Fertile Crescent

Zechariah 9 - Part Two – The God of Israel wants Damascus to be One of His Zions

 Zechariah 9 - Part Three – The Prelude to the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War – Global News

Zechariah 9 - Part Four – The Israeli-Hezbollah War in the Summer 2006

17 Tammuz to the 9th Av 5766 – Global News

 Zechariah 9 - Part Five – The Oracles of HaShem against the Palestinians

Zechariah 10 – Latter Rain - Restoration of the Houses of Judah & Joseph

Zechariah 11 – Part One – The Good Shepherd and the Oracles against Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and the Palestinians

Zechariah 11 – Part Two – The Good Shepherd and the Unification of the Houses of Judah and Israel

Zechariah 12:1 – The Creator and the Throne of the God of Israel

Zechariah 12:1 – The Creator, the Worlds of Creation, the Spirit of God, and the Souls of Man

Zechariah 12:1-2 –    Jerusalem, a Cup of Trembling

Zechariah 12:3-14 – Jerusalem, a Burdensome Stone

Zechariah 13 – The Gihon Fountain flows from the Temple of the Lord

Zechariah 14 - I will gather all Nations to battle at Jerusalem
The Lord’s feet will stand on the Mount of Olives


Message from BibleSearchers


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