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Exotic Weapons in Super-Power Battles for Global Control

Gogu-Magog War completes its Seventh Year (2007-8)

By Robert Mock M.D.

June 2008

Part Nine

Section Three




An Antiquark Spree causing a Volcanic Explosion in Chili, and a Catastrophic Earthquake in China

Seeking to “Become like God” and Control the Powers of Nature

CERN’s Tensor Transformer Experiment Destabilizes Earth’s Orbit

Devastating Earthquake in China – The “Horn” begins to Break

Was a HAARP Attack Timed to Coincide with the “Anti-Quark Spree Accident”?

Epicenter of China Earthquake  - a Nuclear Explosion in a Large Military Armory

CERN’s Experiment to Create a Black Hole

The Philadelphia and Nazi Bell Experiments Revisited

HAARP Bending Time and Space to Destroy Spy Satellite Lost in Covert War with Israel

Warnings of Military Use of Weapons for Secret Warfare and Weather Modification

Sanhedrin Famine Cycle

Israeli Confirmation of Impending Global Famine

China Retaliates against America

America’s Floods in the Mid-West ordered by Chinese 4 Billion Watt Radar

China Retaliates by Seeking to Shut Down the Waters to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers

Battles over Divine Vision – Bush vs Ahmadinejad

Drought in America

The Mongolia Connection in the Iran, Russia, and China Axis

The Prophetic Fall of the Oriental East


CERN’s Tensor Transformer Experiment Destabilizes Earth’s Orbit – April 19, 2008

Chili’s Chaiten Volcano Explosion and 8.0 Magnitude EarthquakeMay 2, 2008

Myanmar’s (Burma) Cyclone NargisMay 5, 2008

China’s 8.0 Magnitude EarthquakeMay 12, 2008

CERN creates a Black Hole August, 2008




As this planet earth witnesses the last battles for world domination between the global forces of the Occidental West and the Oriental East, the battles for global supremacy will become uncloaked as exotic weapon systems are revealed with their full destructive powers. Here we witness volcanic explosions and earthquakes in diverse places that may have been caused by quark sprees of subatomic particles emitted through the earth at speeds greater than light, “tensor transformation” experiments that destabilized our earth’s orbits, and made military ships not only disappear but were moved through time and space in a twinkling of an eye.

China and America embroiled in Global Conflict


With the great earthquake in China, we witness not just a human tragedy, but that it was a carefully placed military assault that destroyed some of China’s most secret weapon system labs, nuclear power plants and nuclear weapon armories. This international war upon a global opponent on the other side of the earth had a respondent counter-assault as the Mid-West regions of America were inundated with the most destructive floods in decades along the Mississippi River Valley by weather modification weapons of global destruction.  This left millions of acres of farmland under water during peak corn growing season that only fueled the progressive famine that was surrounding our globe.  We entered into the exotic world of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory and its practical applications as Time and Space” were bent in order to destroy a secret spy satellite in space, whose demise came by being shredded while in orbit by a counter Israeli killer-spy satellite”. 


The ultimate effect would be, not just the destruction of millions of human homes and their catastrophic effect upon their human family occupents, but a prophetic three and a half year famine cycle that will engulf this planet as America’s President Bush and Iran’s President Ahmadinejad battle over their divine visions”.  With the great global war for world domination coming to its conclusion, we now witness the global power of the Two Great Horns of Daniel 8’s “Great Ram of Persia-Iran before they will be absorbed into the economic world order of the west. Like the destructive power of the Greater Mongolian Empire that gave birth to this axis of oriental powers, Russia, China and Iran would once again contend for world domination at the time of the end.  The international fear of their imperial designs would also spread again, like they did earlier in the 13th century, around the world before they would be engulfed by the more superior economic world order of the west.  Competing with the best of the “spy novels”, this time these events will be real as the forces of world power and control will leave their destruction around the earth.


As we begin seriously looking at the catastrophic destruction that were being targeted at this planet earth during acts of war, we must also soberly remind our selves that within the final wars, of this world age, events will occur that move beyond our most feared expectations. As the nations of the world marshal their forces out against one another, we will enter a new paradigm of realization that these wars are a reflection of the cosmic wars that are raging in the heavens between the forces of light and the forces of darkness.


Daniel 12:1-2 – “At that time Michael the Prince shall stand up, the great prince who stands watch over the sons of your people (the Jews); and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation, even to that time. And at that time your people shall be delivered, every one who is found written in the book, and many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, some to shame and everlasting contempt.”


We express the purpose of BibleSearchers at the end of every article and repeat it here: from BibleSearchers“BibleSearchers scans the world for information that has relevance on the time of the end.  It is our prayer that this will allow the believers in the Almighty One of Israel to “watch and be ready”.  Our readiness has nothing to do trying to halt the progression of evil on our planet earth.  In our readiness, we seek to be prepared for the coming of the Messiah of Israel so that goodness and evil will be manifested in its fullest.  Our preparation is a pathway of spiritual readiness for a world of peace.  Our defender is the Lord of hosts. The time of the end suggests that the Eternal One of Israel’s intent is to close out this chapter of earth’s history so that the perpetrators of evil, those that seek power, greed and control, will be eliminated from this planet earth.  The wars of the heavens are being played out on this planet earth and humans will live through it to testify of the might, power, justice and the love of the God of Israel.  In a world of corruption and disinformation, we cannot always know what the historical truth is and who is promoting evil or mis-informationWe cannot guarantee our sources but we will always seek to portray trends that can be validated in the Torah and the testimony of the prophets of the Old and the New Testament.”


The South American explosion of Chili’s Chaiten Volcano on May 2, 2008


We add to that an addendum that in the real world of subterranean wars and weapons that we can only see in part, and with these parts, we try to connect the dots to visualize the final pathway of redemptionThis is to give us hope, with the knowledge that there is a “Light at the end of the tunnel of evil oppression.  This is also to declare our Emuna or Faith in the Sovereignty of the God of Israel that He will carry through and sustain those “chosen” to be His “remnant” at His appointed hour when He culminates this era of planetary evil. 


Every news article has its sources, these we cannot verify.  Every news article has its suppositions and these we do not always knowWithout full transparency of the international media, we can only weigh one source of information to another and apply the test of “searching the scriptures” to gain a glimpse of the divine outcome of God’s final Act of this era – to herald a new era of a thousand years, that will be only a day with our Lord, so that all mankind will have the privilege to witness the “true kingdom of God” that will be administered by the true “Torah in the Flesh the Messiah son of David (Maschiach ben David).


Yet the pathway of revelation and redemption is moving fast on its course of completion and with this in mind we open our eyes to a small vignette of how small news notes in the international press can possibly depict the final surge as the international globalist powers that are seeking full control of this planet earth. 


An Antiquark Spree causing a Volcanic Explosion in Chili, and a Catastrophic Earthquake in China


Secretary of State William Sebastian Cohen (1997-2001)

Cohen and President Clinton at The Pentagon, September 1997.

Secretary of State Cohen with President William Clinton at the Pentagon on September 1997 of State William C. Cohen - “There are some reports, for example, that some countries have been trying to construct something like an Ebola Virus, and that would be a very dangerous phenomenon, to say the least.  Alvin Toeffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain type of pathogens that would be ethnic-specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races;

and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops. 


The Fundamental Experimentations of Modern Science may lead to Catastrophic Results – Intentional or Unintentional


Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes, remotely through the use of electromagnetic wavesSo there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations.  It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that’s why this is so important.” (Secretary of State William Cohen the Conference calledTerrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S.  Strategyat the Sam Nunn Policy Forum on April 28, 1997 at the University of Georgia, at Athens, Georgia)


It was on May 2, 2008 the world witnessed a new explosion in the south continent of the Americas.   Most Americans noted only a passing news note on the international press. Yet, this explosion may have been a harbinger of an international catastrophe that may come to its ultimate conclusion as global starvation faces every citizen on this globe.  As reported by Sorcha Faal in the article, dated May 13, 2008, CERN ‘Nailed Heart of Earth’ with Chilean Volcano and China Quake” 

Sorcha Faal – “The team of Russian Physicists who assisted in the construction of the Large Hadron Collider for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), located along the Switzerland-French border, are reporting today that an experiment being conducted during the colliders ‘cool down’ phase has resulted in what they are calling an antiquark spree that has, literally, Nailed the heart of Earth”. Switzerland’s Hadron Collider called CERN


general view (Google Earth)Working in conjunction with Chile’s National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT), these reports continue, CERN scientists, while attempting to establish a quark based means of near speed-of-light communications with other Western scientific and military installations, lost controlof this experiment on the South American ‘anchor’ triggering an unexpected’ stream of antiquark’s which first ignited a massive volcanic eruption in Chile, and in a straight shot’ through the entire planet has further triggered a catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake in China.


Chaitén town is a mere 10 kilometres from the volcano, and the river valley running between the two offers an ideal path for lava flows or pyroclastic surges to follow. The yellow line on the left is the coastline. On the right (i.e. to the east) is the massive volcano Minchinmávida, which was the first suspect when the eruption was reported last week.


Chile’s Chaiten volcano began its massive eruption nearly a week and half ago...So disastrous has Chile’s Chaiten volcano become that scientists are warning that long-term environmental damage is being done to large portions of South America, and where the volcanic plume is covering large portions of the South American continent. In central China, of which is the antipode (exact opposite) to Chile’s Chaiten volcano, the effects of the massive 7.8 (now 8.0) magnitude earthquake in their country can only be described in the most catastrophic terms as the death toll is now over 8,500, with a further 900 students trapped in the rumble of their schools.


These reports further state that the past few days’ eruptions of Kamchatka's Karymsky volcano, and Italy’s Mount Etna volcano are further linked to these CERN experiments gone tragically wrong.  The direst warning of these reports, however, is the summation that states that these catastrophic events due to CERN’s experiments may not be finished as calculations of these antiquark’s paths through our Earth show an increased likelihood of catastrophic tectonic plate changes to both Central and North America.”   


Nestled in the foothills of the Swiss Alps, is a major scientific laboratory called CERN, named from the acronym for the European Council for Nuclear Research (Conseil Européen pour la Recherché Nucléaire).  This internationally acclaimed institute of nuclear research is of high interest to Russia for it was revealed in the year 2000 that over 600, including most of the top high-energy physicists in Russian were playing a key role in the construction of this Large Hadron Collider (LHC).  Its purpose of construction was to explore basic fundamentals of physics such as why super-particles have mass, explore for new exotic particles in nature and seek to “unify the four forces of nature”.   The latter is truly the “act of God” and He alone.

chaiten inundado3.JPGchaiten inundado4.JPG

The three upper views of the town, from the south, east, and north-east respectively, suggest that the recent estimates of 90-95% of Chaitén being flooded are probably accurate enough. The bottom picture shows the river mouth and harbour, choked by volcanic material and accumulated sediment (which can also be seen dispersing into the sea in the second and third pictures from the top).


While the southern anchor of the CERN experiments was located in the Land of Chile, according to the same report, the North American anchor to CERN’s quark based communication system was located at the very secretive and highly notorious base called Area 51 in the State of Nevada.  It was noted that during that time in the Reno, Nevada area that over 5,000 earthquakes occurred in that desert region.


There in the most volcanic active country of the world, Chili, it was reported on The Volcanism Blog the following:

Chaitén town flooded. May 2008. © Copyright El Mercurio.

Chaitén 14 June 2008 © El MercurioThe Flood of Pumice Ash covering the Homes at Chaitén


The Erupting Volcano Chaitén


The Volcanism Blog – “Chaitén volcano began an eruptive cycle in the early hours of 2 May characterized by the continual emission of ash. The first overflight this morning observed the presence of a dense eruptive column of a white to grey colour with a height estimated as more than 20 kilometres. This column consists of a plume of particulate matter with an axis of dispersion approximately SSE according to the prevailing winds. … There is no ice cover at the volcano so lahars (volcanic floods) are not in this case an imminent danger. However, the explosive nature of the eruptive cycle suggests scenarios of the fall of pyroclastic material possibly of considerable thickness in the surrounding area, and the occurrence of pyroclastic flows associated with the collapse of the dome cannot be ruled out.”


The 4000 residents of the nearby city of Chaitén had to be evacuated by sea.  They left a virtual ghost town behind like the ancient tales of Pompey of old. In fact, it was estimated by the volcanologists that the Chaitén volcano last erupted over 7000 years ago. Over the next two weeks, the city of Chaitén was drowned by ash that provoked torrential rainstorms and flooded the city up to three feet in depth of pumice ash by the Rio Blanco that carried with it a flood of water.


Seeking to “Become like God” and Control the Powers of Nature


Daniel 8:8–9 – “And out of one of them came a little horn which grew exceeding great toward the south, toward the east, and toward the Glorious Land.

And it grew up to the hose of heaven; and it cast down some of the hosts and some of the stars to the ground, and trampled them.” the very essence of the first moments of Creation, which some scientists call the “Big Bang”, are the physical particles that form the two basic constituents of matter; quarks and leptons. Quarks then combine to form protons and neutrons, each of which has three quarks to make their composite particle. As if the God of Creation was not such complex concept to behold, we only have to view half of His creative forces, the world of quarks, and realize that with six quark flavors, Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Top and Bottom, three of each to form either protons and neutrons and the basic building blocks of matter are seeded with the formation of all the fundamental forces in nature.


Earthquake Destruction in the Sichuan Province of China


The quarks now opposed by antiparticles called antiquarks, the phenomenal creative and destructive processes of God begins to unfold. Yet, it is not just the experiments seeking to understand, but the tampering with the experiments to control the forces of nature and in essence seeking to become “like God” that may be unraveling the very foundation of our planet. As Sorcha Faal exclaimed,


Sorcha Faal - “To whatever the outcome of these latest CERN experiments will lead our World, it remains to be seen if these scientists can really play God without having the full instruction manual available to them.


According to the reports, CERN scientists were seeking to establish a quark based near speed-of-light communication between several western globalist scientific and military installations when they “lost control” of the experiment at one of the anchor points in the Southern Continent of the Americas in Nation of Chili in early May, 2008.  Suddenly a “unexpected” stream of antiquark’s erupted a massive volcanic eruption in Chili.  Not only that, the stream of antiquarks then ricocheted off the mantle of the earth under Chile and pierced the core of this planet earth like a “straight shot through the entire planet” and erupted on the continent of China with a catastrophic 8.0 magnitude earthquake.

Smoke rises where the Soyuz capsule, carrying South Korea's first astronaut, Yi So-yeon, astronaut Peggy Whitson, cosmonaut Yury Malenchenko, landed off course but safely in northern Kazakhstan.


CERN’s Tensor Transformer Experiment Destabilizes Earth’s Orbit


According to an article, dated April 20, 2008, by the Irish based intelligence website called, What Does It Mean, titled, CERN Experiment Said to Have Destabilized Earth Orbit, we read the following:


What Does It Mean“A disturbing report rushed from the Kremlin to President Putin today states that an early morning experiment at Switzerland’s Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN), and which is the World’s largest physics laboratory, has caused what is described as a tensor transformation that has destabilized’ our planets orbit’


This experimentation, two weeks earlier than the Chilean volcano explosion, was conducted by the nuclear physicists at CERN that earlier triggered destabilizing forces upon the orbit of planet earth, called a tensor transformation”.  This fact erupted with Russia’s condemnation and blame to the scientists at CERN.  


At the moment of the experiment, the returning capsule from the International Space Station veered off course due to the earth’s orbit instability while American astronaut Peggy Whitson, Russian veteran astronaut Yury Malenchenko, and South Korea’s first astronaut, Yi-So-yeon were on board.  According to the reports, they “touched down 260 miles off target in Northern Kazakhstan on Saturday”, April 19, 2008, after hurtling through the atmosphere in a bone-jarring descent from the international space station.


Devastating Earthquake in China – The “Horn” begins to Break


Daniel 8:5-6 – “And as I was considering, suddenly a male goat (European Union (NATO) and the United States) came from the west,

Across (el al “flying over) the surface of the whole earth,

without touching the ground;

And the goat (“Rome with the face of Greece”) had a notable horn between his eyes (aerial power of the United States).

Then he (He-goat as NATO Europe and America) came to the ram (Persian Shi’ite Iran) that had two horns (Russia and China)

Which I had seen standing beside the river, and ran at him (ram as Persian Shi’ite Iran) with furious power.


A woman whose child was killed when the Xinjian primary school collapsed in the May 12 earthquake, is comforted by a relative as she is overcome by grief during a commemoration of Children's Day on the rubble-strewn school campus on June 1, 2008 in Dujiangyan, Sichuan province, China. (Andrew Wong/Getty Images)What was even more problematic to the various “accidental incidents” at CERN were the geopolitical implications they had stirred up around the world; events that can be verified in biblical prophecy.  As reported in the international intelligence weekly briefing called Debka-Net-Weekly, it reported on July 11, 2008 that the site of the great earthquake in China was also within the region of some of the densest military and civilian nuclear sites in all China.  Was this a coincidence? According to the prophet probably No!  The
Western Occidental and the Eastern Oriental powers were at war.


A woman whose child was killed when the Xinjian primary school collapsed in the May 12 earthquake, is comforted by a relative as she is overcome by grief during a commemoration of Children's Day on the rubble-strewn school campus on June 1, 2008 in Dujiangyan, Sichuan province, China. (Andrew Wong/Getty Images)


Debka-Net-Weekly“On May 23, eleven days after the 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck western China, Vice Environmental minister Wu Xiaoqing first disclosed that 50 hazardous radioactive sources had been located.  He said 35 were recovered and controlled, “three more buried in rubble and 12 unreachable in dangerous buildings.” after the quake struck, Chinese soldiers were sent to protect nuclear sites and preparation made for an environmental emergency, the minister reported. Their top priority was to ensure clean water and sanitation, Wu said, but admitted that “Environmental supervision capacity in the area is badly below what is needed.”


According to American and French sources, the town of Mianyang housed China’s secret nuclear weapons design facility, while a plutonium processing facility was located in Guangyuan.  Both towns are close to the quake’s epicenter and could not have escaped extreme damage. 


"I went to see the site of the explosion again. Villagers on the road told me, 'These concrete blocks and soil were from the explosion,'" said a medical team member. (Photo provided by mainland Chinese Internet Users)


According to DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s military sources, several nuclear reactors, at least one military, are also located in the quake-hit region.  Not information on how they were affected has been offered by the Chinese government, the extent of leaked radiation or how it was controlled.  American nuclear experts believe this silence conceals extreme devastation and radiation hazards.   According to the Beijing government’s official Web site, nuclear facilities and “radioactive sources” including power plants, reactors, scientific research labs and medical treatment facilities, a big concentration of which are located in worst hit areas.”  But there was no word on how they were secured against environmental disaster.”


The colossal scale of the disaster, the world was impressed by the swift response of the Chinese government that not only mobilized in 14 minutes 113,000 soldiers, 78,000 tons of relief supplies including 115 medical teams into the Western Chinese Sichuan Province. They pulled 21,566 survivors from the rubble of thousands of buildings, yet with the death toll now estimated to be over 90,000 dead, we have to ask, was this earthquake accidental? 


As the secondary aftershocks continued to affect the regions that included bursting dams, major landslides, clogged up lakes, and major flooding, for the first time in history the effectiveness of one of the most secretive armies in the world, the 2 million men, People’s Liberation Army of China garnered the praise of the world community. It also exposed the PLA’s logistical weaknesses. Even so, this strength was highlighted by DEBKE-Net-Weekly with the observation;


DEBKA-Net-Weekly - “Our military sources report, the Chinese high command alone of the world’s armed forces – except for the Israeli army – can concentrate more than 100,000 soldiers within hours in a given arenaAmerica can manage a few thousand men; Russia, less.”


Was a HAARP Attack Timed to Coincide with the “Anti-Quark Spree Accident”? Circumzenithal Halo Clouds Preceding Chinese Sichuan Earthquake – Red on Top with Blue at the Bottom


Chinese and Russian Military scientists, these reports say, are agreeing with Canadian researcher, and former Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine, Benjamin Fulford, who in a very disturbing video released from his Japanese offices to the American public, details how the United States attacked China by the firing of a Billion Million Volt Shockwave from the Americans High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facilities in Alaska.


So powerful was this Shockwave, Britain’s Times Online News Service reported that the entire atmosphere over the Chinese earthquake zone became mysteriously changed 30 minutes prior to the onset of the 8.0 Magnitude Trembler.


Times Online - “Can clouds predict earthquakes? YouTube has footage of strange multi-colored clouds seen just before the recent earthquake struck Sichuan province in China. The first impression is of a rainbow smeared on to small scraps of clouds, a phenomenon best known in a circumzenithal halo. This is created when sunlight shines through cirrus clouds full of tiny hexagonal ice crystals shaped like plates. The crystals behave like glass prisms, splitting the light into a bow with the colours of the spectrum, often brighter than a rainbow.


Normal Circumzenithal Arc or Halo


But one puzzle is that the colours in the Chinese clouds were upside down from a normal circumzenithal halored pointing towards the horizon and blue towards the Sun, instead of the other way round.”

Hybrid Research

Russian scientists were further speculating that the United State’s strike against China was ‘exactly timed’ to coincide with the dangerous experiments ongoing at Large Hadron Collider for the European Organization for Nuclear Research  (CERN) Russian Military Analysts note that though China’s Military has ordered its vast submarine fleet to ‘disperse throughout the Pacific Ocean, the Chinese ‘attack’ against the United States would, most likely, take a form of economic warfare instead of an actual clashing of forces. 


Strange Cloud Formations as HAARP breaks through the Clouds


The reputed collusion between the European military scientists at CERN and the American military scientists at HAARP to time an experiment from the world’s most powerful nuclear collider built for peaceful experimentations in the power of the elemental forces of the earth to coincide with an apparent military attack against Burma and China.  The facts suggest that these high energy weapons systems firing a billion volt shockwave, verified by their known purpose to be used in weather modification and earthquake formation is sobering.


Epicenter of China Earthquake a Nuclear Explosion in a Large Military Armory


Matthew 24:7 – “For Nation shall rise against Nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom.

And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.

All these are the beginning of sorrow.”


Reports within China on June 2, 2008, suggested that a Nuclear Explosion occurred Near Epicenter of the Sichuan Earthquake”. 


Epoch News – “Boxun News, a Chinese-language Web site based outside China, reported that an unnamed expert has claimed that there was a nuclear explosion near the epicenter of the Sichuan earthquake, based on witness reports and the discovery of concrete rubble believed to have come from an underground military installation. The news of this nuclear explosion has raised questions about the cause of the earthquake.

Mr. He, a local resident, stated that when the earthquake occurred on May 12, people saw something erupt from the top of a mountain next to the valley, "It looked like toothpaste being squeezed out," said He. "No, it wasn't [magma]. It was these concrete pieces.


Chinese Military Freeing Victims from Collapsing Buildings


The eruption lasted about three minutes." According to a China News Services (CNS) report on May 31, 2008, paramedics from People's Liberation Army (PLA) hospitals and psychologists from Beijing onsite May 23 found concrete debris at the bottom of a valley near the epicenter. The half-mile-wide valley was covered with debris 10 - 20 inches thick, covering the valley floor for almost 1.5 miles.”


A week later, Chinese sources were claiming on July 9, 2008 that Earthquake destroyed China’s Largest Military Armory”. Times – “A high-level Chinese military source secretly disclosed last week that the recent earthquake in Sichuan Province caused a chain-reaction of explosions in the Sichuan mountain areas. The explosions destroyed Chinese army's largest armory, new weapon test bases and part of nuclear facilities including several nuclear warheads. This information is considered China's top military secret.


Picture showing how the mountain area in the earthquake region looks like after a big explosion. Local villagers said the explosion was so huge that the big mountain seemed to be cut in the middle.


After the earthquake, Chinese authorities had ignored the disaster victim's initial calls for help. Only after the first critical 72 hours had passed did the authorities allow international aid to be delivered to the disaster region. Military analysts believe that this delay occurred because Mianyang City of Sichuan Province is one of important areas for the Chinese military nuclear industries and also its largest armory… "I went to see the site of the explosion again. Villagers on the road told me, 'These concrete blocks and soil were from the explosion,'" said a medical team member.


According to sources, a nuclear accident did happen. On June 27, the Chinese military disclosed that 2,700 chemical cleanup workers had been sent to earthquake disaster areas for nuclear chemical emergency rescue. A villager said, "At that time, I heard a huge explosion and saw red substances tens of meters high rising off the mountain. This scared me to death." After carefully analyzing seismic data, military experts in Southeast Asia confirmed a non-geological shock had On May 23, 2008, a chemical defense troop of the Chinese army was deployed to Chenjiaba Township, Beichuan County. (The Epoch Times)occurred at the earthquake epicenter. The energy released was equivalent to that of an underground nuclear explosion.


On May 23, 2008, a chemical defense troop of the Chinese army was deployed to Chenjiaba Township, Beichuan County. (The Epoch Times)


China News Service (CNS) reported earlier that some Chinese experts had made a seismic analysis and suggested that a nuclear explosion might have occurred at the epicenter. At that time, it was said by official military sources that the readings were due to a huge explosion of a large-scale military armory in SichuanThe thickness of the concrete pieces seemed to match that used in China's underground military bases, according to Boxun's expert. He explained that while there are documented cases that earthquakes cause volcanic eruptions, there are no accounts of eruptions ejecting concrete.”


CERN’s Experiment to Create a Black Hole the quark-flurry was not disturbing, scientists in many quarters raised larger concerns.  CERN was planning experiments in the summer of 2008 which many believed could spell destruction for our planet.  The Australian “The Age News” Service gave this alert and warning in their article titled "It's a whiz-bang experiment, with a downside that could really sucks" which said: 


European Scientists at CERN seek to Create a Black Hole – What Does It Mean


Australia’s Age News - “Will the world end later this year? In mid-August, in a chamber deep underneath the Swiss-French border, physicists will switch on a machine that might produce the first man-made black holes. Normally only found in outer space, these high-gravity objects have a reputation for devouring all matter in their vicinity — and they only stop when the food runs out. Could the Earth's first black hole also end up being its last, after it sucks in the chamber, the physicists, and the entire planet?”


The Philadelphia and Nazi Bell Experiments Revisited


USS Eldridge (DE-173) ca. 1944These earlier experiments at CERN, that were described as tensor transformation experiments that ended up destabilizing the orbit of our planet earth, were accused of being a serious renewal of the former Western World War II experimentations in tensor transformation in America called the Philadelphia Experiment”.   This controversial experiment, that many claim was a hoax, sought to dematerialize a brand new military warship called the USS Eldridge (DE-173)and rendered this ship invisible in a flash of blue light during an experiment called Project Rainbow or Operation Ghost on October 28, 1943In what would later be called an accidental case of teleportation, the ship would be visualized by the U.S. naval base in Norfolk Virginia, disappear and then reappear 215 miles away in Philadelphia, the site of its original construction


USS Eldridge (DE-173) c. 1944


The CERN experiments were also accused of being a remodified experiment of an earlier Nazi German scientific tensor transformation experiment called the The Nazi Bell Experiment”.   It was here where Einstein’s Unified Field Theory was later tested in Germany at a remote mine called Wenceslas in the Rhine Valley, where the anti-gravity theory was tested in a Nazi Bell”.   Two counter-rotating cylindrical containers were cryogenically cooled with frozen mercury and served to produce an electro-magnetic gravitational field”.


Igor Witkowski shown standing next to the Nazi-Bell's test platform at the secret Wenceslas-Mine complex!The Philadelphia Experiment off Norfolk Virgina, the Nazi Bell Experiment at the Wenceslas Mine in the Rhine Valley, and the CERN experiments, along the French-Switzerland border were all based upon the Jewish-German scientist, Albert Einstein’s 1928 Unified Field Theory.   This theory proclaimed, according to the confirmation of the studies done by the Jewish scientist Gabriel Kron from the Carpathian mountains of Hungary, that like the “hum of earth”, that are sensed by many people and animals, are all  electric motors that in addition to “humming” have the ability to bend space and time  Not only are time and space bent, but according to Sorcha Faal, in the above article, are able to “bend the fabric of our existence”:


The Nazi Bell Test Platform at the Secret Wenceslas Mine Site


Sorcha Faal“And it is to this humming’ of electrical motors that led Gabriel Kron to confirm Einstein’s Unified Field Theory which in its most simplistic form simply states that ALL electrical motors have inherent in them the ability to ‘bend’ space and time, and as the size of the electrical motor increases, so does its ability to bend the very fabric of our existence.


As the use of electrical motors has increased by over a million-fold in the past 60 years, especially in the West, the effects of this bending’ of our space time has resulted in the actual speeding up of time which has had the unexpected’ effect of ‘disorienting the mass of the World’s population, many of whom believe they are mentally ill but in fact are suffering the mental effects, and disassociation, similarly reported by cosmonauts returning from their space missions.”


HAARP Bending Time and Space to Destroy Spy Satellite Lost in Covert War with Israel


This “bending of space” and its significance for military domination has been closely watched by the global partners of China and Russia, known to BibleSearchers as the Red Internationale.   They observed the global partners of the European Union and the United States, known as the Golden Internationale, setting their seal of authority for global world domination. The quantum weapons systems with all their complexities even today stagger the imagination of the world public that mostly deny that they even exist. this spring in February 20, 2008, the United States reported that one of its nuclear powered satellites had failed. There were military concerns that this nuclear satellite, disintegrating in orbit, would send its nuclear power station into a populated arena when it returned back to earth.  In a most transparent appearing manner, unusual for American military secrecy, the world stood transfixed as America meticulously disabled and dismantled her own satellite. Here now may be the rest of the story”. 


Orbiting American Military Spy Reconnaissance Satellite


In December, 2006, the American military launched one of its most sophisticated earth observation or spy satellite that was called the KH-13.  After achieving orbit, it was announced that the satellite had failed to reach its assigned orbit. Was this deliberate?  The Nation of Israel thought so as she became acutely aware that the orbit it did achieve brought the American KH-13 satellite directly over the very secretive Israeli Negeb Nuclear Research Center at Dimona.  One year later on January 22, 2008, the Israelis launched a new Israeli spy satellite that according to Russian Space Forces (VKS) was sent to the same orbit as the American KH-13 super spy satellite that was reputed to be the most sophisticated reconnaissance spy satellite in history.  At that orbit, the Israeli satelliteejected what was described as thousands of ball bearings into the atmosphere that virtually “shredded the highly secret American K-13 spy satellite. It was the Associated Press that confirmed this loss with the expectation that this satellite would fall into the earth’s atmosphere a month or two later. As reported:

Associated Press“The U.S. military is developing contingency plans to deal with the possibility that a large spy satellite expected to fall to Earth in late February or early March could hit North America. Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, who heads U.S. Northern Command, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the size of the satellite suggests that some number of pieces will not burn up as the orbiting vehicle re-enters the Earth's atmosphere and will hit the ground. "We're aware that this satellite is out there," Renuart said. "We're aware it is a fairly substantial size. And we know there is at least some percentage that it could land on ground as opposed to in the water."


This assault by Israel against the American military espionage satellite came within days after Russia completing its nuclear fuel transfers to Iran and the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on speaking near the site of Iran’s first planned nuclear power plant with Russian assistance predicted nuclear powered electricity in one year.  He also emphasized that the “days of Israel were numbered” with these words:


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad"The religious Palestinian people will bring down the last screen with its powerful hand on the Zionists' puppet theatre. It's time to end the puppet theatre of this fake regime." 


In reference to the United State’s support of Israel, he also spoke”: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad"those who remain silent in light of this regime's crimes and support it should know that they are taking part in the bloodshed of the Palestinian people and will be tried in the future.”


America’s HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) located in Alaska


The United States instead chose to bring down her own satellite using her secret weaponry. On February 20, 2008 it was reported by the Russian Academy of Science Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics in Siberia that there was reporting a flurry of earthquakes near the San Diego Naval Base in Southern California that was aligned and associated with a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia.  According to this Science Institute, whose scientists monitor 24-7 the activity of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) stationed in Alaska in what they feel is America’s global intent to conquer, with the quantum particle beam accelerator and its catastrophic forces, to rule the world.  In this instance called triangulation, the quantum particle beams emitted from HARRP in Alaska would be triangulated with their Naval Base in California and the secretive base in the Indian Ocean that resides upon an atoll called Diego Garcia these billion volts of energy beams wouldalter the space-time continuum of the electro plasma sheath surrounding the earth and lift the magnetosphere up to the orbit of the satellite” and destroy it. This was also done at the very time of the last Total Lunar Eclipse until the year of 2010 for it was the American scientist’s belief that the extra pull from the Moon upon the Earth would shield this planet from any potential disasters.


Bending Space as HAARP disables a Secret Nuclear Spy Satellite


Just in case, an all points bulletin was issued from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) warning about the affects of any Space Object Re-Entry and any Quantum Weapons Systems that there could be “earthquakes, volcanic activity and strange storms”. 


Within 24 hours of the spy satellite demotion, the worse earthquake in the history of Norway occurred in the Svalbard archipelago.  Was it a coincidence that here was also the location of the planned Doomsday seed vault that was supposed to protect mankind from a global cataclysm and global annihilation?


Warnings of Military Use of Weapons for Secret Warfare and Weather Modification


It was one of these western globalists, the former United States Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski who wrote the following in his book, Between Two Ages”:


Zbigniew Brzezinski - "Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare,

Of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised...

Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm."

Northern Hemisphere Jet Streams; there are Southern Hemisphere counterparts.

The Mid-latitude and Subtropical Jet Streams across North America


Most insidious, however, has been the governments of the world promoting with their scientists, the creation of the twin Global Warming/Climate Change myth to cover over the many catastrophic affects of their experiments at CERN.  One of these effects that was about the shifting of our World’s jet streams as they plunged even closer to the poles of our planet. The effect of such a shift of the world’s jet streams shifting towards the Arctic and Antarctic poles was spelled out in an article in the Bloomberg News:


Bloomberg“Global warming may be pushing the jet streams toward the Earth's poles, widening the area where hurricanes may form, scientists at the Carnegie Institution's Department for Global Ecology found. A study of the high altitude, high-speed winds from 1979 to 2001 found that their positions are changing over time, with the potential to affect weather for half the globe, the Stanford, California-based department said in a statement. The study will be published tomorrow in Geophysical Research Letters, the journal of the Washington-based American Geophysical Union. Jet streams are migrating poleward at 19 kilometers (12 miles) a decade in the Northern Hemisphere, the researchers found. Because the winds inhibit storm formation, their movement away from the sub-tropical zones where hurricanes are typically born may result in more frequent and more powerful storm systems, according to the researchers.


Sanhedrin Famine Cycle


Revelation 6:5“When He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, ‘Come and see.’ So I looked, and behold, a black horse,

And he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand.

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying,

’A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius;

And do not harm the oil and the wind.” ever the fears, or even the realities, the future years of this coming Seven Year Sabbatical Cycle (2008-2015) will be heralded with a progressive global famine.  It was in September 2007 that BibleSearchers Reflections reported in a series of articles on the Jewish Talmudic Sanhedrin prophecies concerning the last seven years before the coming of the Messiah that a progressive world famine would grip this planet earth during days between the years of 2008-2012.  We also know that this era will be expected to come at the peak of the next Solar Sunspot and Solar Flare Cycle 24:   


Prediction (2004) of the next Solar Sunspot and Solar Flare Cycle 24


Sanhedrin 97a“Rebi Yochanan said: In the generation that Ben Dovid will come, talmidei chachamim, the “pupil of wisdom” known as the Torah sage or scholar, will decrease, and the eyes of the remainder will protrude from sighing and sorrow; many chastisements and many evil decrees will be renewed; one will not cease before another begins.


The rabbis taught: The Shmittah (Seven Year Sabbatical Cycle) period in which Ben Dovid (Messiah son of David) will come the following verse will be fulfilled:


1.    In the first year (2008-9), "And I caused it to rain upon one city, and upon another city I caused it not to rain." (Amos 4:7).

2.    In the second year (2009-10), slight famine will be sent.

3.    In the third year (2010-11), a great famine from which men, women, and children, pious and deed-doing people will die, and Torah will be forgotten by those who learned her.

4.    In the fourth year (2011-12, some will be satiated, and others will not be.

5.    In the fifth year (2012-13), there will be great satiation, with eating, drinking, and joy, and Torah will return to those who learned it.

6.    In the sixth year (2013-14), voices (speaking of the Moshiach's imminent arrival) will be heard, and

7.    In the seventh year (2014-15), there will be war.

8.    In the year after the seventh (2015-16), (Messiah) Ben Dovid will come.


Is it not amazing that the citizens of the nations of the world are already rioting in the streets because of a world shortage of foodThis fact has only existentially begun to affect the affluent nations of the world like American with inconveniences to their lives while the humans living in the Sub-Sahara Equatorial regions of Africa are slowly being destroyed.  In the series on the Sanhedrin Tractate, we analyzed the effects of the world famine that was looming its horrendous head over this planet in 2007 in the sub-article, The First Three Years (2009, 2010, and 2011), an Era of Famine”. 


It appears in the Talmudic Tractate of the “Sanhedrin” that the first three years of the Sabbatical cycle of years between the years of 2008 to 2010 will be associated with progressive famine around the world.  We have already,0.jpg&usg=AFQjCNHJd1iyFG4DQg6L_gxAp96ePSE6hganalyzed this tractate, in the BibleSearchers article, “Will 2008 be the Year of the Coming of the Messiahwith the consideration that it was prophetic to the Sabbatical year cycle of 2001-2008.  We found that it followed a remarkably sequential cycle but lacked the power, intensity, and impact that the prophets of old and the guiding sages of the dark brotherhood that created the Georgia Guidestone,” predicted. As we begin, we will look at the first three years of the years 2009 to 2011.


A Bangladeshi woman and child wade through floodwaters in Sirajgonj District, some 105 kms north-west of Dhaka. Photo: AFP


Many think that famine will be only the result of a massive drought and the loss of rain.  May we want to consider also the floods, monsoon, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, and violent weather shifts that will affect our food supply and disrupt the global transport of foods to our homes and other regions of the globe? 


These “acts of God” are now consuming the attentions of all the leaders of the world, from former presidential contender, Senator Al Gore’s global warming movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” to Leonardo DeCaprio’s documentary, “The 11th Hour”.  An era of catastrophic upheavals appears to be on the horizon. Those with “ears that can hear” and believe the literal message of the prophets of old will understand. The world stands in constant fear of the impending pandemic, the Pandemic of Avian Bird Flu (H5N1)”, the effects of the secret 2004 Pentagon report that succinctly states, “Climate Change will Destroy Us”, solar anomalies such as Gamma Ray Bursts, Quantum Anomalies, interstellar comets, and arctic melting with progressive threats of volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. It only reminds us that it was the catastrophic prophet of the TaNaKh (Old Testament), the Prophet Isaiah who predicted most of these current and future catastrophes, as he lived in a world that had passed through a catastrophic era from the time of Noah to the days of prophet Isaiah, King Hezekiah, and the armies of Sennacherib that threatened to destroy the city of Jerusalem. 


There were increasing and intensified global pressures upon the nations of the world as they envisioned a future world of limited food resources.  We had only to look at the catastrophic decline in the earth’s food supply where in June 2007 two of the world’s largest grain growing nations, Ukraine and Australia both drastically cut their anticipated harvest output due to the worst droughts in over 100 years. 


China was under famine and drought conditions. The United States, the world’s largest producer of food, was also experiencing erratic and divergent weather as a crippling drought and seasonal floods were consuming the grain and corn production in its corn belt and in many cattle raising regions. the Summer of 2007 experienced the worst monsoon season in 40 years, it left the rice crops on the Indian Continent virtually ruined as a layer of silt was left over the rice fields.  This devastated any hope of rice production until possibly the year of 2008. With rivers flooded as they traversed south off the Himalayas in Nepal, they busted their banks, and left more than 500 villages under water in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh alone. 


A Mouse perched on a Frog wading in the Monsoon waters in the northern Indian city of Lucknow. – Photo: National Geographic


Forty one of sixty four districts in Bangladesh were flooded, and the people left there starved, with July’s rain total twice the national average.  As many as 25 million people in a great swath of land in Eastern India, Bangladesh, and Nepal were marooned or displaced from their homes while 1400 were killed by the floods in the month of July by the monsoon deluges that lasted from June to September.   This was only a foretaste of what the Tractate called the Sanhedrin predicted would come in the years of 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.


May we suggest that a literal famine was also to be associated with a spiritual famine in the Land of Israel, as the Zionist State of Israel became more corrupt and the Land of Israel becomes more spiritually contaminated?  The protective force of the Divine One would appear to be withdrawing away from the land (Israel) and the city (Jerusalem) that the God of Israel called His own.  The progressive assaults upon the sanctity of the Holy City of Jerusalem continued to come with greater frequency.” 


Israeli Confirmation of Impending Global Famine


In the land of Israel the affect of the Sanhedrin Prophecy on the famine cycle in the first three and one half years of the seven year Sabbatical Week of Years cycle heralding the arrival of the Messiah has raised the specter of alarm all over Israel.  For over five consecutive years a progressive drought has occurred in Israel.


With the arrival of the next Sabbatical cycle to begin at Rosh Hashanah 2008 (Monday evening or the eve of Tuesday, September 30, 2008) the Sanhedrin prophecy gives it stark revelation.


Sanhedrin Prophecy – Year One - “In the first year (2008-9), "And I caused it to rain upon one city, and upon another city I caused it not to rain" (Amos 4:7). spectrum of famine in the Land of Israel came to a full revelation in Jerusalem when an official state inquiry was begun by the Supreme Court President Justice Dorit Beinisch on why Israel was not prepared for a water shortage in Israel.  Was it not proclaimed by the director of the Water Authority, Dr. Uri Shani, that this drought was the “the worst crisis in 80 years, since they started keeping records” and since the arrival of the State of Israel.


The Receding Shoreline on the Sea of Galilee


With the main sources of fresh water in Israel gone, Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), the coastal aquifer and the mountain (Yarkon-Taninim) aquifer, the depletion of all of these water resources was now producing a major crisis in Israel. They were now having to meet the population demand of water by the use of treated wastewater, brackish water, water harvesting and desalination, while the citizens of the land were having to be trained further in the use of water conservation.


By the seventh year of this Sabbatical Week of Years, 2008, the aquifers along the coast of Israel had fallen below what was called the “Black Line” where water shortage would cause irreversible damage to the coastal aquifer.  It was announced that the Sea of Galilee had dropped below the Red Line where it was recommended that no water could be taken from lake because was now 213 meters below sea level.  It was predicted by Director Uri Shani that the Kinneret would fall below the “Black Line” at 215 meters below sea level by December 2008At that time, the National Water Carrier pumps that could take water out would no longer operate.


During the winter of the 2007-8 season, at the Golan Heights, only 320 millimeters of rain, down from the seasonal average of 650 mms. The city of Safed had 460 mms of rain instead of 718 mms and city of Tiberias, with the seasonal average of 420 mms, saw only 203 mms of rain fall


Down along the Red Sea at the city of Eilat, all records were broken when is annual rainfall of 32 mms brought only 2 mms of rain.  Even the central regions of Israel the annual rainfall was 10-30% below the annual norm. It had already been predicted that with the 2008 rainy season deficit of 500 million cubic meters of water, it was not to be until 2014 that the level available for drinking water, above theRed Line”, would be available in the aquifer and in Lake Kinneret.


Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) on the other hand reported, on July 29, 2008, on the urgent crisis and how the social-economic ministerial cabinet that was headed by the Finance Minister Roni Bar-On, was spearheading a technological thrust over the years of 2009-2011 to bring the de-salination technology developed by Israel into an international market. 


A dedicated gas turbine power station was built adjacent to the desalination plant; an overhead line provides a second supply from the Israeli national grid.
The land of Israel already had two major de-salination plants, the largest at Ashkelon, that was desalinating 100 million cubic meters of water each year, and the second at Palmachim was desalinating 35 million cubic meters per year at their electro-dialysis plant.  The goal for Israel by the year 2013 was to produce 600 million annual cubic meters of desalinated water per year, 750 million by 2020.


The Ashkelon Desalination Plant


Image:Sea of galilee dusk from tiberias israel.JPGAs the “sharabheat waves where the hot dry strong southern winds in the spring arrive to dry up any remains of moisture in the winter reservoirs, we learn that the spring of 2008, the Israeli temperatures in March broke previous records, some areas, the highest in 40 years.  The affects were most noted as the classical condition of “global warming” brought to Israel the extreme fluctuations of an extremely cold winter in January that only heralded the driest spring in decades. From all appearances, the God of Israel was shielding His face from His “holy land”. The dye was cast, and the “confirmation” that the final seven years before the coming of the Messiah was about to begin. Israel will begin this next cycle of famine with all their water reservoirs and aquifers in the “Black Line” of catastrophe.  Emuna (Faith in the Sovereignty of God) will be their only salvation.


The Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) from Tiberius, Israel


This fact was only highlighted by the foresight of Israel’s most insightful investigative reporter, Barry Chamish, who wrote on May 3, 2008 the following excerpts from the article titled, “No Water-Pipes Plan”.

Barry Chamish – “In late July, Israel will stop receiving water from Lake Kinneret (Sea Of Galilee) which supplies 70% of the national supply and the country will fall into deep thirst. The ignorant pundits think this is because of weather

The truth is that the Kinneret is drying up from the activities of the "peacemakers."  I should know. In 1994, I interviewed the chief Israeli negotiator of the Water Treaty between Jordan and Israel. Back then I was the Israeli correspondent for a London company called the Gemini News Service. Thanks to them, my work was published widely throughout Third World newspapers. I noticed a newspaper quote about the water negotiations from Yaacov Tsemach of the national water company, Tahal


We arranged to meet and got along like old times. He was assistant to the chief negotiator of the water sections of the then-building, Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty. I asked if I could interview the negotiator and he said he'd put in a good word for me. Well, a good word from Yaacov did the trick. If I agreed to keep the negotiator's name anonymous, he would meet with me within the week. We met at a Tel Aviv restaurant and he began, like all good bureaucrats, handing me graphs and surveys. In retrospect, I've wondered why I brought out so many sources, but the truth must be, the rest of the media were selling "peace" and I was looking where they chose not to enter. The bar graphs showed a lot of blue above the "red" line of the lake over 30 odd years before the Treaty, and then it sunk after the proposed "peace" agreement. I, naturally, asked what happened.


The negotiator ordered a drink, then shortly after, another. And he became teary.  "I sure hope our leaders know what they're doing," he said. "Because if they're wrong, the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) will disappear in a generation. Within twenty years, it will be nearly useless for our water needs."  I asked what he meant. He then gave me the title of my Gemini article, "Giving Away Dream Water." "The government is going to give away 50 million cubic meters of lake water a year and they ordered me to find it. I'm giving away dream water."


The negotiator told me where he went looking for the water. "There are brackish streams on the west of the lake. We'll give that away. We'll dam the Yarmuk (River) and give that water away. But it was supposed to flow into the system anyway. There is no water to give away. Not even 5 million cubic meters. The government is so anxious to sign the Treaty with Jordan that it's accepting all their arguments. The truth is the Kinneret is our lake. They have no claim on it." The seriousness of the man's dilemma became more obvious as I walked him to his car. "You think 50 million cubic meters is nothing.  And it is in one year, provided it's replenished the following year. But 50 million compounded year after year will suck the lake dry in one generation, after staying stable for millennia. Just don't write that I killed our lake." And still, the writers from Israel report on dry winters and hot springs as the cause of the upcoming disaster. One of the real killers of the lake is currently President of the State. Remember him with deep emotion when your tap runs dry.”

China Retaliates against America


The earthquake and the effects that it had upon the consciousness of the Chinese people and their government suggests that they do not feel that the Chinese Earthquake was an “Act of God” but an act of international and environmental warThis fact was highlighted in the sobering charges laid against the United States by the Chinese government in the article dated May 30, 2008 and titled, China orders Strike against US for Catastrophic Earthquake”. It also portrays the serious implications of the biblical prophetic conflicts for world domination that are occurring between the globalist forces of the East and the West.


What Does It Mean –  “Russian Foreign Ministry reports are stating today the Prime Minister Putin’s suddendiplomatic trip to France was made at the behest of China’s President Hu in order to warn the European Union not to become involved with the US following what is widely expected to be a retaliatory strike’ against the United States, and who the Chinese military has blamed for the catastrophic May 12th earthquake that has killed nearly 90,000 human beings.


HAARP – American’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program


America’s Floods in the Mid-West ordered by Chinese 4 Billion Watt Radar


According to Russian News sources, the Chinese did strike and struck hard in the same manner that America struck China. Not reported to the American public, China had built a 4 billion watt over-the-horizon radar weapon on a 300 acre weapon facility in the Lop Nor nuclear testing site.  This site first came to the western publics attention as it was where the first Chinese nuclear bomb test was conducted in the Sinkiang Province. around the dried up ancient lake bed in the Takla Maken Desert was one of the most uninhabitable regions of this planet.  It was reported by TIME on October 30, 1964 by then American President Lyndon B. Johnson that the Chinese government had conducted their first atomic test. All subsequent known nuclear tests have been tested at that site. Within thirty hours, the radiation count at Tokyo’s Institute of Meteorological Research rose from the normal 100 micromicrocuries per square meter to 120,000, the highest since the 1962 giant nuclear test in Russia.


As reported in the June 17, 2008 article by Sorcha Faal, titled, Weather Wars Pummel US-China Heartlands, India in Total Chaos, we read


The Mississippi 2008 Floods in Middle America


Sorcha Faal“Russian Military Analysts are reporting to the Kremlin today that China is continuing its bombardment of the ionosphere over North America from its Lop Nor nuclear test facility in Sinkiang with its massive 4 billion watt, 300 acre over-the-horizon radar weapon in retaliation for what the Chinese say was the United States ‘deliberate’ attack upon them causing the massive May 12th 8.0 magnitude earthquake that has killed over 80,000


The United States has, likewise, these reports say, continued its attacks upon China from its Alaskan based High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), and whose power is estimated to be at 1 billion watts, and which the consequences for both of these Nations have been the catastrophic destruction of vast areas of their heartland’ grain producing regions.”


In the Central States of the United States, it was reported in Reuter News on June 17, 2008, in the article, “Midwest Farm Flooding Boost Food Prices” that recorded:


Reuters News - “The worst flooding in the U.S. Midwest in 15 years sent fresh shocks to global markets and consumers as corn prices hit record highs on devastating crop losses in the heart of the world's top grain exporter…Corn and soybean prices closed near record highs after millions of acres of U.S. cropland were lost or damaged in the heart of the world's largest grain exporter. Cattle and hog futures prices also hit new highs, with soaring feed costs expected to prompt farmers to cull livestock numbers…The price of corn at the Chicago Board of Trade soared above $8 a bushel for the first time as relentless rains and overflowing rivers raised fears that Midwest farmers will not be able to grow much of anything on as many as 5 million acres

Flood Refugees in America’s Midwest


The Mississippi River is the main channel for grain flowing from farms in the Midwest to export terminals at the Gulf of Mexico. It carried 68 million tonnes of farm goods in 2006…The problems add up to more food inflation for not just U.S. consumers, but also dozens of countries that buy U.S. grain. The United States exports 54 percent of the world's corn, 36 percent of its soybeans and 23 percent of its wheat.”


As this global war between America and China continues, the catastrophic implications we still cannot calculate.  In the aftermath of the May 12, 2008 earthquake in the Sichuan Province, two weeks later on May 26, some of the worst floods on record have inundated China. For over twenty days, four rounds of torrential rains flooded fifteen provinces in South and Eastern China.  During the end of May and mid-June, China’s National Meteorological Center reported that rainfall in the provinces of Guizhou, Sichuan, and Yunnan were 30% to 70% greater than the year before. 


While in the United States, its citizens that lived along one mighty river, the Mississippi River, were mainly trying to assess their damages, in China over 40 rivers were recording record levels in provinces with dense populations. By mid-June, more than 200 Chinese were dead and over $2 billion in damages were estimated. As recorded on June 17, 2008, in the AFP article titled, China orders Emergency Work as Floods Ravage South, it records:  - “In the prosperous Pearl River Delta region, parts of central Guangzhou and Shenzhen were under water and some of the tributaries were seeing their worst floods on record. The China Daily quoted the civil affairs ministry as saying the storms and floods were the worst in decades.


Emergency Evacuation in the Quake-hit Beichuan County of the Sichuan Province as Thousands of Victims Flee from Earthquake and Flooding damages – Photo/Xinhua


Officials also warned that the north could fall victim to the freak weather patterns. More than 1.66 million people have been evacuated in the hardest-hit areas, with large swathes of farmland under water and economic losses totaling 14.5 billion yuan (2.1 billion dollars), the civil affairs ministry said…


According to the flood headquarters, waters exceeded warning levels by 6.8 metres (22 feet) on the Xijiang River in Guangxi's Wuzhou city, where three rivers meet before flowing down into the Pearl River delta. Rains were expected to continue in the region this week. Guangxi's world-famous tourist city of Guilin was also under threat, while waters in towns and villages in the vicinity had reached the rooftops and many roads were cut off by rising flood waters or rain-induced landslides…


In the north, the government urged the bolstering of dykes and reservoirs along the Yellow River, known as the "cradle of Chinese civilisation" and home to millions of urban dwellers and farmers. "National flood prevention and relief efforts are entering a crucial phase," the flood headquarters said in a statement. "According to the water and meteorological departments, we could be seeing torrential rains and flooding along the Yellow River." the Russian intelligence reports are truly connecting the dots between the global wars of earthquakes, tornadoes, and flooding, the resultant affect upon this planet could be pandemic. If HAARP is truly being used for this catastrophic use, then the affect upon ionosphere will be far reaching for damaging a part of our eco-system that may not repair itself and may lead to such magnetic interferences on our global magnetic shield that our planet could literally “turn over in its grave”.


Han Chinese praying for the cessation of rain


The weather systems around the globe will continue to be affected as noted that the Indian monsoon season arrived two weeks early this year.  The rising global food crisis, on the heels of the historic droughts, tornados, and floods in America, Australia, and Central Europe has confirmed by the sages and the prophets, for they will bring this entire globe the most massive famine that this earth has ever witnessed. Food riots and massive dislocations of millions of people may be only an “Act of a God” who is determined to close out the evil of these past generations. Yet, the Eternal One may have given into the hands of Satan, the powers of the forces of nature to reveal the full effect of true demonic evil.  If such massive weapons systems were developed upon Einstein’s 1928 Unified Field Theory, and are now being used in the hidden and covert wars of the nations, then the judgment of the God of Israel will be severe and of biblical proportions.


China Retaliates by Seeking to Shut Down the Waters to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers


Revelation 16:12 – “Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates,

And its water was dried up,

So that the way of the Kings from the East might be prepared.”


More disturbing, however, in these reports is China’s urging of both Syria and Turkey not  to allow more water into mighty rivers of the Euphrates and Tigris, which the Iraqis are warning are running dry due to the severe drought in that war-torn Nation.


The importance of this latest move by China is the newly signed Defense Pact signed between Iran and Syria which would allow Chinese Military Forces permission to use Iranian territory to come to the aid of Syria. It should be further noted that the Christian Bible’s New Testament Book of Revelations (Chapter 16, Verse 12) prophesied that the Euphrates will dry up in preparation for the Battle of Armageddon and would be crossed by an Eastern Army of 200 million soldiers, of which in our World today only China is able to field and have the ability to reach by land alone. As the United States and China battle for their very survival in a World becoming increasing volatile due to the rapidly growing shortages of both food and fuel, one does indeed wonder if the End Times are now upon us all.” 


                                                                                                               Drought in America


Matthew 24:7 – “And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.

All these are the beginning of sorrow.”


Even by the early part of the year 2007, the economic and food commodity indicators were beginning to look grim.  In was in March of 2007 that the Nation of France with directions coming from the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE-General Directorate of External Security) recommending that a ban against all grain crop sales to the United States be instituted by the French GovernmentThis was not retaliatory but protective because America, as one of the bread baskets of the world was continuing in a massive drought in her heartlands.  Even the security agreements between the two mega-countries of America and Australia that guaranteed to each country a continuous source of grain were both hit with the massive droughts that by the Summer 2007 saw Australia’s grain crops drop 62% from 2006 with another 60% drop estimated in the Winter 2007.  In the heartland of Australia where her main agriculture regions of southern Queensland, northern New South Wales and the Riverina saw a production drop of 1.9 mln metric tons, the worst summer crop in over 20 years.


America’s Dust Bowl in the 30s


By the summer of 2008, the droughts in America had been going on for almost three years.  It was in August 28, 2006 that the New York Times reported Northern Great Plains falls into Dust Bowl Condition (1930s)”. As reported:


New York Times"The New York Times is set to report on Tuesday that severe drought is sending much of the northern Great Plains into conditions that farmers and ranchers say are comparable to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. Ranchers are turning to desperate expedients. Withered sunflower plants, normally raised for seeds and oil, are being fed to livestock. Cattle are being hauled hundreds of miles to healthier feedlots, despite soaring fuel costs. Water is being poured in to refill natural watering holes that have gone dry. The governor of South Dakota even issued a proclamation declaring a week to pray for rain. Despite these efforts, many ranchers are being forced to sell their herds and get out of the business. At one livestock market, 37,000 cattle were sold this summer, compared with 7000 last year. The hardest-hit states, Nebraska and the Dakotas, have been hit by several dry years, a winter with little snow, and now record heat. Recent rains in some areas have been described as merely "a drip in a bucket." Even the Corn Palace of Mitchell, South Dakota, a tourist attraction normally wrapped in hundreds of thousands of ears of corn, had to announce that it would not redecorate this year due to a lack of corn.”


Battles over Divine Vision – Bush vs Ahmadinejad


Matthew 24:23-24 – “For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the very elect

See, I have told you beforehand.”

American President George W. Bush suggesting that Iranian Nukes could bring on World War III the international fight to control the oil of the Middle East and the continuous threat of the Bush White House to order massive air strikes against a wide variety of Iranian targets, the Washington Times article called the Gathering Nuclear Storm”, suggested that the President Bush carried with him two fundamental beliefs; Iran posed a serious and existential threat to America’s ally Israel and an “intolerable threat” to the US national interests and Bush’s dreams of a western oriented and democratic Middle East.


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressing thousands at Rally in Illam, Iran, boasting that the US intelligence report on Iran’s Nuclear Program was a “Great Victory” - AFP PHOTO/ISNA/STR


It also quoted one former intelligent “topsider” that Bush “is firm in his faith that God agrees with him on that point, and certain that history will eventually recognize and properly appreciate his courageous and visionary leadership”. 


Yet the vision of the American President who presides as the undisputed leader to the nations of the world that the Jewish orthodox rabbis call Rome and Edom, was also confronted with an equally visionary leader and devoted Shi’ite Muslim, a devotee of the Islamic Mahdi, the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


Ahmadinejad continued to reject any restrictions in the right of Iran to become a full member of the exclusive nuclear club. Braced by the military might and global superpowers of Russia and China, both of whom sit on the Security Council of the United Nations with full veto powers keeps the tension between the oriental east and the occidental west at maximum intensity.


The Mongolia Connection in the Iran, Russia, and China Axis

The Greater Mongolian Empire under Kublai Khan (1260-1368)


Daniel 8:6-7 – “Then he (NATO Europe and America) came to the ram (Persian Shi’ite Iran) that had two horns (Russia and China)

Which I had seen standing beside the river, and ran at him (ram as Persian Shi’ite Iran) with furious power.

And I saw him confronting the ram (Persian Shi’ite Iran); He (he-goat as NATO Europe and America) was moved with rage against him,

Attacked the ram (Persian Shi’ite Iran), and broke his two horns (Russia and China).”


Both Jewish and Christian prophetic interpretations of Daniel 8 in the war between the Ram and the He-Goat for hundreds of years have been synchronized that this prophecy was fulfilled on the date of November 333 BCE when Alexander the Great of Macedonia Greece defeated the mighty Persian Empire’s military under Shah Darius III at the Battle of Issus.


According to the Jewish rabbinic chronology of the world, the Persian Shah Cyrus the Great began the Persian Empire in the year of 368 BCE and fifty one years later Alexander the Great toppled the Persian Empire under the rule of the Persian Shah Daryavesh (Darius) II. 


Let us now read what the Archangel to the Nations of the World, Gabriel said to the Prophet Daniel.


Daniel 8:17, 18, 26”Understand, son of man, that the vision refers to the time of the end…Look, I am making known to you what shall happen in the latter time of the indignation (holocaust); for at the appointed time the end shall be…Therefore seal up the vision, for it refers to many days in the future.” 


Cleopatra's Needle, Central Park, New YorkThe Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., USAIt does not take much prophetic insight to suggest that the Persian Ram at the time of the end is today the ever present threat to all western civilization; the oriental Shi’ite Nation of Persia-Iran. 


At the same time, it does not take much prophetic inspiration to suggest that the driving force in global international relations to bring Grecian democracy to the nations of the world is the United States.  Yet the culture of Greece was borrowed from the Egyptians.


The Washington Monument at the Mall in Washington D.C


Cleopatra’s Needle at Central Park in New York City


What nation of the world not only has an Egyptian obelisk in its largest city but also the largest non-Egyptian obelisk in the world?  There in the mall of the United States’ capital at Washington D.C., stands the Washington Monument at 169.29 m as the largest true obelisk in the world.  Just to the north, at the world economic capital, New York City, stands the famous Cleopatra Needle at Central Park. WashingtonDC.jpgLook across the Mall at Washington DC and look at the Lincoln Memorial at witness the aura of the ancient Grecian world?  Yet in the eyes of rabbinic Judaism, the “Greece is the Face of Rome”.  Which group of globalists of the world hosts the greatest number of Egyptian obelisks; Rome with the total of eight obelisks?  The most famous is called the Vatican Piazza San Pietro Obelisk attributed to the 13th century Pharaoh Amenemhat II built at Heliopolis.


The Parthenon at Athens Greece


The Lincoln Memorial at Washington D.C


Image:Vatican Piazza San Pietro Obelisk.jpgBibleSearchers Reflections recognized this relationship and posted a four article series of Persia called the Great Ram of Daniel 8, whose  power was given to her by her two Great Horns, the oriental globalist powers of Russia and China.  The War against Terror is seen today by the occidental globalist powers with the military might of the United States with NATO, the military arm of the European Union and Vatican RomeIn fact, in the eyes of fundamental Islam, the War against Terror is but a reincarnation of the Roman Christian Crusades in the 11-14th century CE against the Islamic infidels for control of Jerusalem and the “Holy Land” recognized as Roman Palestine.


The Vatican Piazza San Pietro Obelisk


Yet where in history did the intermeshing relationships between Shi’ite Persian Iran and the countries of Russia and China begin?  How did it occur, that above all other nations in EuroAsia and the Middle Eastern nations did Persia-Iran establish such a lasting relationship of religion, culture, and economics?  The research of BibleSearchers documents of this most fascinating mystery we found the answer in the history of The Greater Mongolian Empire.


 “The Globalist Red Internationale Axis – Greater Mongolian Empire of Russia, China and Persia


Part One

Mongolian Il-Khanate Persian Ram and the Horns of the Kipchak Khanate of Russia and the Kublai Khanate of China

 Part Two

Saladin and the Christian Crusades, a Prelude to the Mongolian Invasion of Persia

 Part Three

The Persian Il-Khanate Dynasty, the Ismaili Assassins and the Jews

 Part Four

The Final Kingdoms of the Mongolian Empire and the Rise of the Modern Communist States of Russia and China


For the western globalists of the Golden Internationale, that include the western economic trans-nationalists, and internationalists in the European Union and the United States, to effectively disable and neutralize the raging threats of Nuclear Iran against the western economic powers and especially the United States and Israel, the foundation of Iran’s power must be broken.  That power foundation of the Shi’ite Islamic Nation of Iran are thetwo horns” of the apocalyptic Ram of Daniel 8; Russian and China.


The Prophetic Fall of the Oriental East


The history of the fall of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics (USSR) known best as the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1991 is well known as the western globalists pulled the economic rug out from under the USSR.  Devastated and bankrupt, and beholden to the World Bank, it left modern day Russia, in spite of her recent resurgence of wealth in oil, as a diminutive international superpower. 


Yet, as Russia declined, it was China that continued in her ascent to world power.  The size of her global market and her cheap working labor force made her a world power that the western economies must reckon withWith the rise of the private wealth of the billion plus Chinese people and the economic resources that they were seeking to possess with their new middle class status, the fight between the “haves” and the “have not” began in earnest. When the military might of the American naval presence in the Indian Ocean and the Perisan Gulf continued, the continued economic global tension that was between the Nation of China and the United States erupted into a new type of a “Cold War”.  This time, China was using her huge economic power base to challenge America and the European Union.  Yet there was one weakness, China held vast holding of American dollars in her foreign reserves; over $1 trillion dollars in 2006.  This became recognized as the “most dangerous imbalance in today’s global economy” according to Newsweek article, China’s Wealth Woes”. 


From the perspective of the western economic globalists, the crash of the American Dollar may only be a part of the international wars for global domination.  When the value of the American dollar plunges so also does the national value of the foreign reserves in China but also the $800 billion foreign reserves in Russia that may leave both of these global contenders for world domination devastated.  If the United States was truly seeking to destroy the American dollar with the plan to convert America’s monetary system to the new Amero dollar for the proposed North American Union; this may be the “last straw”.   


It was the foresight of the world renowned Papal Father, Pope John Paul II, that as far back as his ascension to the seat of St. Peterin the year of 1978, looked into the geo-political future and saw a world that would be controlled by three contenders for world political and religious dominationBibleSearchers Reflections, in the year of 2005, wrote about these three contenders, as seen through the eyes of Pope John Paul II.  He was formerly a disciple of Cardinal Wyszynski, who was known as the “Primate of the Millennium” for he was the Archbishop of Warsaw and the Primate of Poland in the most pivotal era of the Catholic’s relationship with the Soviet Union.  It was this era when the Nation of Poland removed itself from the sphere of Russian Communist influence and became a member of the western bloc of powerful world leaders.


Pope John Paul II (1978-2005)


It was on January, 2005 that BibleSearchers Reflections posted the following observation and quoted from the powerful insider look at John Paul II’s Vatican by Malachi Martin in his book, “The Keys of this Blood in the article titled, Pope John Paul II and the Three Internationales in the subsection titled, Cardinal Wyszynski and the Three Internationales”.


Immagine di Stefan WyszyńskiBibleSearchers Reflections – “Behind all his musings of the historical trends and political events unfolding around him, the words of Karol Wojtyla’s mentor, Cardinal Wyszynski of Warsaw whom he worked for thirty years were fresh in his mind.  Cardinal Wyszynski has been dubbed the Fox of Europe because he carried out the “first and only geopolitical strategy ever carried out against an Eastern satellite nation against the Soviet Union.” (Malachi Martin, The Keys of This Blood, Simon and Schuster, NY, 1990 p. 20-21)   


Here together, the mentor and the student and future Pope, they saw a world of the immerging “Three Internationales, the three geopolitical contenders for the future world power.


Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, the Prelate of Poland (1953-1981)


“There exist on this earth, Wyszynski used to say, only three Internationales. The Golden Internationale was his shorthand term for the financial power of the world – the Transnationalist and Internationalist globalist leaders of the West.


The ‘Red Internationale was, of course, the Leninist-Marxist Party State of the Soviet Union, with which he and Wojtyla and their compatriots had such long and painfully intimate experience.”


The third geopolitical contender – The Roman Catholic Church; the ‘Black Internationale’ – was destined in Wysynskyi’s eyes to be the ultimate victor in any contention with those rivals.” (Malachi Martin, The Keys of This Blood, Simon and Schuster, NY, 1990 p. 20-21) 


For prophecy watchers, the Black Internationale must be watched in this era as we move into the era of the Black Seal of Revelation. 


Is it not amazing that the power of the Persian influenced Iran will be stripped from her bid to establish an Islamic Caliphate when her atheistic mentors, Russia and China’s bid for world domination is stripped from them.  The power of the Red Internationale, the international global contenders of the atheistic Red Communist Marxist-Leninist countries of Russia and China will be broken. Iran will be defenseless.


Daniel 8:7“And I saw him (the He-Goat of the Golden Internationale; the European Union and the United States) confronting the ram (Persia-Iran); he was moved with rage against him, attacked the ram, and broke his two horns (Russia and China). There was no power in the ram (Persia-Iran) to withstand him but he cast him down to the ground and trampled him; and there was no one that could deliver the ram from his hand (Economic Power of the Western Occidental Globalists).”


Does this mean that Russia, China and Iran will be destroyed in the classical sense of global international conflicts and wars? The evidence is no!  As with all conflicts of world domination, the vanquished will be absorbed into the power base of the victors, and the victors will assume many of the imperial oriental traits of power, greed and control of the vanquished.  No longer would there be a global contest of world domination between the imperial powers of the oriental East against the occidental West. Yet there will spring forth a new world government, the World Federation of Nations that will rule like the oriental potentates, where the state has total control over the citizens of the worldThey will control this planet like the occidental rulers, where the international state will have economic control over every aspect of human existence.


Let us move to the next article and witness the exotic covert wars of the global powers and see potentially how this War of the Worlds was unfolding in the year of 2008.  As predicted in the prophetic writings of the prophets of Israel and the sages of Judah, our world is entering the next phase of biblical prophecy, the Great Famine of the Third Seal with the rise of the Black Internationale and the rise of the Fourth Seal of Revelation that will herald the collapse of all civilized democratic social order



Gogu-Magog War completes its Seventh Year (2007-8)


Introduction –

The Identification from the Jewish Sages of ‘Gog from the Land of Magog’


The War of Gog and Magog

Gog of the Land of Magog

Who is Rosh, Meshekh and Tubal?

Where is Magog?

The Mongols and the Golden Horde

The Mystery of Magog, one of Japheth’s fourteen descendants

The New World Order Conquers the Land of Magog

The Identification of Mogog by the Great Jewish Mystic Sages

Mogog according to the Esteemed Mystic, Rabbi Issac Luria of Safed, Israel

“Place from the Far North”

“Go Up” to the Land of Israel

The “Apple of God’s Eye”

Israel as the Navel of the Earth

Jerusalem as the Geo-political Vortex for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The “North” from the Perspective of the Torah

The Biblical North as the “Place of all Evil”

The Religious “North” and the “South”

America, the Land of Magog, now the Occupier of the Land of Babylon
The Identification of Gog by Mystical Judaism

Who is the Gog of America, the Land of Magog

Is George Bush for or against the Land of Israel?

A Message by the God of Israel to President George Bush

The Chassidim – The Gog-Magog War was the Holocaust

Postlude – Bush as GogUMogog meets the President of Mongolia

The Rabbinic Translations of the Prophets of Israel on the Battles against Israel at the Time of the End

The Prophet Ezekiel

The Prophet Joel

The Prophet Obadiah

The Prophet Zechariah

The Psalmists

The Prophet Daniel


Go to Part One –

Onward Christian Soldiers - The Rise of Global Catholicism and Christian Dominionism


“There are Powers at Work – Power so Organized,..Watchful,..Complete!”

2008-2015 – Sabbatical Week of Years to Inter-connect all Nations into a One World Order

World Leaders line up for Conversions to Catholicism and Solidarity to the Vatican

The Division of England by the European Union

The American Presidency, the Religious Right and the National Prayer Breakfast

The Roots of “The Fellowship”

Dominion Theology and the Prayer Breakfast Movement – The Blueprint for Literal Christian World Domination

The Council on National Policy and the Religious Right Military

“Onward Christian Soldiers” – Global Dominionism with the “Christian Army of God”

Forced “Christianization” of American Military Troops


Go to Part Two –

Footprints Leading to a Global War


Targeted Pulsed EMP Attack against England’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Plane

French President Nicholas Sarkozy targeted by Assassins in Israel

Putin warned at NATO Summit Meeting – “Join Us as we go to War”

American B-1B Lancer Bomber taken down on Reputed Iran Attack

Nuclear Explosion as escaping American B-25 Bomber Downed

President Bush declares his Allegiance to the Pope

“War” in the White House and the Death of a Jesuit National Media Giant

Israel Prepares to Go Alone against Iran


Go to Part Three –

Exotic Weapons in Super-Power Battles for Global Control



An Antiquark Spree causing a Volcanic Explosion in Chili, and a Catastrophic Earthquake in China

Seeking to “Become like God” and Control the Powers of Nature

CERN’s Tensor Transformer Experiment Destabilizes Earth’s Orbit

Devastating Earthquake in China – The “Horn” begins to Break

Was a HAARP Attack Timed to Coincide with the “Anti-Quark Spree Accident”?

Epicenter of China Earthquake  - a Nuclear Explosion in a Large Military Armory

CERN’s Experiment to Create a Black Hole

The Philadelphia and Nazi Bell Experiments Revisited

HAARP Bending Time and Space to Destroy Spy Satellite Lost in Covert War with Israel

Warnings of Military Use of Weapons for Secret Warfare and Weather Modification

Sanhedrin Famine Cycle

Israeli Confirmation of Impending Global Famine

China Retaliates against America

America’s Floods in the Mid-West ordered by Chinese 4 Billion Watt Radar

China Retaliates by Seeking to Shut Down the Waters to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers

Battles over Divine Vision – Bush vs Ahmadinejad

Drought in America

The Mongolia Connection in the Iran, Russia, and China Axis

The Prophetic Fall of the Oriental East


Go to Part Four –

Super-Secret Weapons Creating Collapsing Environment and a Global Famine


Global Environmental Collapse

The Disappearing Honey Bee

The “Flight” of the Honey Bee – Sonically Induced

Mysterious Bat Syndrome

Moose Populations near Extinction in Genetically Modified Growing Region

In a World of Famine, Genetically Modified Food introduced into World Markets

World Leaders warn of Starvation, Rioting, and Geopolitical Catastrophes

The Rapid Rise of Food Commodities

The Role of Exotic Weapons in the Covert Wars of World Domination

Using HAARP in the Cyclone Nargis and the Devastation of Myanmar (Burma)

The Path of HAARP and CERN leads to China’s Earthquake

The World is Asleep as the Days of Noah Return

The Rise of the Dark Forces of the World Planetary Order

The Rise of Greater Israel and the Restored Houses of Judah and Israel


Go to Part Five –

President George W. Bush seeks to Fulfill His Destiny and Legacy


The Power Brokers of the Quartet of Globalist Nations

The Bush White House taken Over by the Council of Foreign Relations

The Nations Rage and Plot against the Lord and His Anointed People

The Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group Destructive Council against Israel

The “Seek and Destroy” Surge begins with High Level Military Reassignment

The Battle for Baghdad No. 2 Begins as the Mahdi Army goes Underground

The Palestinians Unwanted and Pawns of the Iranian Shi’ite Muslims

American Raiders at Irbil – Number 3 Commander of the Revolutionary Guard Captured

The Bush Pentagon Shake-Up – Robert Gates assumes power as Secretary of Defense

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Bush White House Plots a Divided Course of War and Diplomacy

A Defensive Putin restarts the Cold War Spy Plane Confrontations

President Putin orders Invasion of Georgia along the Caspian Sea

The United States Navy surrounds China and Iran

American Shadow Government goes Underground

Bush’s Knesset Speech Lauding Israel’s 60th Birthday

Bilderbergers Warn as America and Russia Prepare for Global War

Bush and the European Heads of State Flock to Israel

Bush, the Bilderbergs, and the CFR move to Confront Iran

Iran has Nuclear Weapons, Cruise Missiles and Russia did Not give it to Them – Directly

The State of Emergency in America at the Beginning of the next Sabbatical Week of Years (2008-2015)

One Super Intelligence Agency now Over Global America

Bush in Secret Diplomacy with Iran


Go to Part Six –

The Notable Horn of America and the Great Horn of Russia

Meet at the Caspian Sea in Georgia


Bush and Putin’s Final Hour

The Caspian Oil Connection

America Abandons Israel

United States Prepares for Nuclear War as American Armada Heads to Iran

Preparation for the Final Global Battle between the Persian Ram and the Grecian He-Goat

Georgia Invades the Breakaway Provinces of South Ossetia, Russia Invades Georgia

Putin Orders Destruction of American Armada in the Persian Gulf

Russia invades Georgia – Is this the Final Battle between Ram and the He-Goat?

Ethnic Cleansing or Genocide, Georgia Files Lawsuit against Russia

America Asserts her Global Authority

A “Cold War” of Words and Threats between Bush, Russia, and NATO

Russia and the Caucasus – a Political World in Turmoil


Go to Part Seven –

The Last Days of the Globalist Zionist State of Israel



Prime Minister Ehud Olmert – The Fate of Israel in the Hands of Israel’s most Corrupt Politician

The Corruption Scandals of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Israel is Owned by the Council of Foreign Relations

Israel is Ruled by Freemasons

Peace, Peace – Its time to give away the Golan Heights, Shebaa Farms, Half of Jerusalem, the Water in Galilee and Israel

Syria – Hezbollah again in Control of Lebanon
Hezbollah now Officially a Nation

Assad’s Second in Command Assassinated while Syria returns to the International Scene as Broker of Peace

Bush’s Patience Wearing Thin on Iran – Military Blockade and Sanctions Begins

Iran and Syria Celebrate the Collapse of the Fourth Round of Western Sanctions


Go to Part Eight –

Preparing for GoguMogog War - Israel’s Final Hour


9th of Av, 2008 – The Israeli Equation in Russia’s Invasion of Georgia

The Russian Aftermath of the Russian-Georgian War

The Western World’s Response to Russia

Russia Breaks all Ties with the West

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel’s Strange Silence

The Black Sea confrontation between the East and the West

Russia now in Possession of US Intelligence Equipment 

9th of Av 2008 brings a Flurry of Peace Proposals

Hezbollah is Ready for Revenge

Hamas ready to take back Jerusalem with Jihad

Iran Woos Bush – Bush Ponders his Destiny

Israel Isolated by the United States

Israel Braces for a War of Annihilation

Will Israel Attack Iran?

The Rise of a New Israel


The Globalist Red Internationale Axis –

Greater Mongolian Dynasty of Russia, China and Persia of Daniel’s “Ram with Two Great Horns”


Go to Part One –

The Mongolian Il-Khanate ‘Persian Ram’ and the ‘Horns’ of the Kipchak Khanate of Russia and the Kublai Khanate of China


Saladin and the Christian Crusades, a Prelude to the Mongolian Invasion of Persia

The Shi’ite Muslim incitement of the First Crusade

The First Christian Crusade

The Crusader Siege of Damascus

Edessa and the Manylion, the Image of Jesus

The Saladin of History

The Military Genius of Saladin

Saladin and the Legends of Baalbeck

The Jewish Messiahs in the Age of Saladin and the Crusaders

Saladin and the Sunni Ayyubid Dynasty of Egypt

The Final Years of Saladin’s Ayyubid Egyptian Dynasty

The Crusader Christian Kings of Jerusalem

Saladin’s Ayyubid Sultanate of Egypt


Go to Part Two –

Saladin and the Christian Crusades, a Prelude to the Mongolian Invasion of Persia



The Vision of Daniel at Shushan

The First Horn of the Ram – The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic

The Second Horn of the Ram – The People’s Republic of China

Xinhai Revolution – the End of the Manchurian Mongol Dynasty of China

The Great Wall of China

The Mongolian Empire of Genghis Khan and the Chinese Invasion

The Death of Genghis Khan and the Division of the Mongolian Empire

The Four Kingdoms of the Greater Mongolia Empire

Ögedei Khan, the second Great Khan of the Greater Mongolian Empire

The Death of Ögedei Khan the Second Great Khan of the Mongols

Güyük Khan the Third Great Khan of the Mongols and its Affects on the European Invasion

Möngke Khan (1251-1259) the Fourth Great Khan of Mongolia

Sartaq Khan of the Golden Horde and Alexander Nevsky the Grand Prince of Novgorod


Go to Part Three –

The Persian Il-Khanate Dynasty, the Ismaili Assassins and the Jews



The Mongolian Il-Khanate in Persia

The Rise of the Hulegu Khan and the Il-Khanate of Persia

The Ismaili Hashshashin, the Islamic Assassins

The March to Baghdad by the Mongolian – Christian Crusader Alliance

The Battle of Baghdad by Hülegü Khan

The Affect of the Mongolian Invasion upon the Jews


Go to Part Four –

The Final Kingdoms of the Mongolian Empire and the Rise of the Modern Communist States of Russia and China



The Four Rival Kingdoms of Alexander’s Grecian Empire

The Four Rival Kingdoms of Genghis Khan’s Mongolian Empire

The Four Khanates of the Greater Mongolian Empire

The Yuan Mongolian Dynasty of Kublai Khan in China

Tamerlane and the Mongol Invasion into Palestine and the Middle East

The International Effect of the Mongolian Invasions

The Nephrite Jade Khasbuu Dynastic Seal and the Manchurian Dynasty

The Final Days of the Russian Khanate and the Rise of the Mucovite and the Russian Empire

The Mongolian Legacy and the Battle for Jerusalem




The Return of the Biblical House of Judah and the Prophetic Cycles of War


Daniel 8 “Ram” and the “He-Goat” War Cycle

The Epic War of Civilizations between the Western Golden Internationale and the Eastern Red International


Go to Part One –

Daniel, the Palace at Shushan and the Tomb of Daniel


Go to Part Two –

The Two-horned Ram, the Shaggy Unicorn he-Goat and the Rise of the Little Horn


Go to Part Three –

The Rabbinic Interpretation of the 2300 Day Prophecy


“The Rise of Israel and the Ancient Empires of the Bible”

Labor Zionist Israel, Imperial Islam, and Imperial Babylon and Persia


Go to Part Four –

Go to Section One –

The Shabbatean Jews and their Influence on Global Politics


Go to Section Two –

The Rise of Israel and the Ancient Babylonian Empire


Go to Section Three –

 “The Rise of the Ancient Kingdoms of Assyria and Babylon


Go to Section Four –

 “The Fall of Babylon and the Rise of the Apocalyptic Sea Beast and the Islamic Earth Beast of Revelation


Go to Section Five

 “The Rise of Ancient Persia with the Pahlavi Shah of Iran


 “The Globalist Mongolian Red Internationale Axis”

Greater Mongolian Dynasty Axis of Russia, China, and Persia-Iran


Go to Part Five –

Go to Section One –

 “The Mongolian Il-Khanate Persian Ram and the Horns of the Kipchak Khanate of Russia and the Kublai Khanate of China


Go to Section Two

 “Saladin and the Christian Crusades, a Prelude to the Mongolian Invasion of Persia


Section Three

 “The Persian Il-Khanate Dynasty, the Ismaili Assassins and the Jews


Section Four

 “The Final Kingdoms of the Mongolian Empire and the Rise of the Modern Communist States of Russia and China


 “The Age of Imperial Persia and the Islamic Caliphates”

The Influence of the Persian Empire upon Islamic Caliphates and Shi’ite Iran


Go to Part Six –

 Go to Section One –

The Fall of the Persian Sassanid Empire and the Rise of the Islamic Caliphates


Go to Section Two

 “The Golden Age of Islam and its Influence upon the Jewish People


Section Three

 “The Influence the Mongolian Invasion, Mystical Sufism and the Shi’a Islamic Safavid Dynasty upon the Shah’s Peacock Throne


 “The Sanhedrin Commentary”

The Last Seven Years before the Coming of the Messiah


Go to Part Seven –

Go to Section One –

Will 2008 be the Year of the Coming of the Messiah?


Go to Section Two –

The Effect of the Jews, Christians, and Muslim’s Views upon the Final Apocalypse


Go to Section Three –

The Rise of the Sea Beast and the “Messiah the Prince”


Go to Section Four –

The Convergence of Prophetic Streams before the Messiah Returns


Go to Section Five –

The Fourth Reich and the Seventy Year Prophecy of Jeremiah


Go to Section Six –

The Third Reich’s Holocaust and the Seventy Years to Build the Rothschild Temple


Go to Section Seven –

The Abomination of Desolation, the Two Witnesses and the Final Days


Go to Section Eight –

Effect of Jewish Mysticism on the Earth’s Final Days


“The Globalist Economic Golden Internationale”

 Golden Internationale’s Bid for World Domination


Go to Part Eight –

 Go to Section One –

Is the “War of Civilization” about to Erupt in the Persian Gulf” - Part One


 Go to Section Two –

Wake Up World – The “War of Civilization” is all about Israel” - Part Two


 Go to Section Three –

The Pathway to a ‘New Middle East’


The Ezekiel 38-39 GoguMogog War Cycle”

GoguMogog War completes its Seventh Year (2007-2008)


Go to Part Nine –

Introduction –

The Identification from the Jewish Sages of ‘Gog from the Land of Magog’


Go to Section One –

 “Onward Christian Soldiers - The Rise of Global Catholicism and Christian Dominionism


Go to Section Two –

 “Footprints Leading to a Global War


Go to Section Three –

 “Exotic Weapons in Super-Power Battles for Global Control


Go to Section Four –

 “Super-Secret Weapons Creating Collapsing Environment and a Global Famine


Go to Section Five –

 “President George W. Bush seeks to Fulfill His Destiny and Legacy


Go to Section Six –

 “The Notable Horn of America and the Great Horn of Russia

Meet at the Caspian Sea in Georgia


Go to Section Seven –

 “The Last Days of the Globalist Zionist State of Israel


Go to Section Eight –

 “Preparing for GoguMogog War - Israel’s Final Hour


The Globalist Black Internationale”

The Vatican and the Black Pope


Go to Part Ten –

Go to Section One –

The Vatican Seeks to Reclaim its Own – The Church with the Upper Room


Go to Section Two –

The Vatican Seeks to Reclaim its Own – The Pathway and Players in the Bid to Control Jerusalem


Go to Section Three –

The Vatican Seeks to Reclaim its Own – The Vatican Wants Jerusalem


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The Papal Prophecies - Fate of the Vatican upon the Death of John Paul II


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Cardinal Ratzinger and the Rise of the Black Internationale


The Coming of the Messiah son of Joseph and the Messiah son of David”

 “The Jewish Expectations for the Coming of the Messiah


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The Messiah will be Revealed Soon


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The Conflicts between the Messiah Son of Joseph and the Erev Rav (“Mixed Multitude’)


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The End of Days – Armilus HaRasha, the Expulsion of the Jews and the Threat of Annihilation by Iran


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The Pathways of Catastrophes towards Redemption


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Secret Note from Torah Giant in Israel Gives Name of the Jewish Messiah, ‘Yehoshua


The Coming of the Islamic Mahdi (Messiah)”

 “The Islamic Expectations for the Coming of the Mahdi (Messiah)


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The Mufti of Jerusalem” and “The Muslim Brotherhood” – The Fight to Own Jerusalem and the Land of Israel


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Yasser Arafat – the Architect of Terrorism and Jihad


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Ramadan and the Islamic Expectations of the Coming Mahdi (Messiah)




Message from BibleSearchers


BibleSearchers scans the world for information that has relevance on the time of the end.  It is our prayer that this will allow the believers in the Almighty One of Israel to “watch and be ready”.  Our readiness has nothing to do trying to halt the progression of evil on our planet earth.  In our readiness, we seek to be prepared for the coming of the Messiah of Israel so that goodness and evil will be manifested in its fullest.  Our preparation is a pathway of spiritual readiness for a world of peace.  Our defender is the Lord of hosts. The time of the end suggests that the Eternal One of Israel’s intent is to close out this chapter of earth’s history so that the perpetrators of evil, those that seek power, greed and control, will be eliminated from this planet earth.  The wars of the heavens are being played out on this planet earth and humans will live through it to testify of the might, power, justice and the love of the God of Israel.  In a world of corruption and disinformation, we cannot always know what the historical truth is and who is promoting evil or mis-information.  We cannot guarantee our sources but we will always seek to portray trends that can be validated in the Torah and the testimony of the prophets of the Old and the New Testament.



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