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Living and Dining with the Creator


In the Coming New Era, when the Messiah returns, Longevity will return to the “Sons of God”.  As we approach that New Messianic Age, maybe it is time to start exploring how we will live and adapt to a Torah Life of Health as the Messiah rules in an “Age of Peace and Harmony”.




Crashing your Craving of Food in Two Weeks

The Beginning to a New Way of Living as we Return to the Diet of the Creator


Creator’s Craving Buster Diet

– Free and Simple!

A Plain Print Copy of “The Creator’s Craving Buster Diet described in “Crashing your Craving of Food in Two Weeks


The Secrets of a High Fiber Diet

Foods that will Calm your Soul and Get off the Roller-Coaster of Life

Coming Soon!


High Fiber Diet Chart

The Exploration into Fiber as Nature’s Regularity Controller

Coming Soon!