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“Creator’s Craving Buster Diet”

– Free and Simple!

The Beginning to a New Way of Living as we Return to the Diet of the Creator

By Robert Mock MD


Here begins your two week, “Creator’s Craving Buster Diet”.


Remember Six Things: SS – PP – RB!  Do not eat Sugar, Sweeteners, Potatoes, Pasta, Rice and Bread. Memorize them!


NO!     S - - Sugar!


You will need to examine everything you eat. Every box of prepared food you use. Every beverage you drink. Every mixed foods not made and eaten directly as given to you by the Creator.


It will be necessary to eliminate every type of sugar, honey, brown sugar, beet sugar, corn syrup, and every variety of natural sugars except fresh fruits. This will be your Motto: “If the Food is made by the Creator, Eat it like He made it”.  


NO!     S - - Artificial Sweeteners or Sugar Substitutes; 


All sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners will need to be eliminated from your diet! Forever!  The may be natural but provide no dietary nutritional value.  They may be toxic or harmful to your life, and only do one thing; cause food craving while denying you the true and wonderful flavors of natural foods how the Creator designed them. 


Your beverages of choice are: Water, Milk, and Unsweetened Tea. All others have either sugar or sugar substitutes. You may crush some fresh lemon, lime, blueberries, blackberries or strawberries to flavor the water naturally, but do not drink fruit juices for you are drinking concentrated sugars and the weight does up.


While I would love to extract all stimulants from your diet and reduce the cholesterol laden fats in your diet, this is not the purpose of this diet!  Continue eating meats and fats as you have to date, but do not add any more fats to your diet.


Coffee with milk and creamers can be used.  Yet, here is a good time to reduce or eliminate coffee and tea, and explore with the hundreds of varieties of non-caffeinated herbal teas including de-caffeinated coffee.   


No!     P - - Potatoes;


Thanks to the Irish, the potatoes are a mainstay of the American Diet and a valuable source of food energy.  But, Americans eats an overwhelming too many calories with potatoes. Go to your local food supermarket or grocery store. Head over to the Fruit and Vegetable section and there before your eyes are over 200 different varieties fruits and vegetables given to us by our Creator. You can eat for the next two week a choice of 198 different varieties of nature’s best. You will take, though, “two vegetables” off your platter – Potato and the Sweet Potato (Potato Plus Sweetness). Enjoy them in their native way.  No canned, frozen, dried, juices, or processed fruits and vegetables.


No!     P - - Pasta;


Pasta is made from denatured grain that is ground up into powder and then re- created in a thousand different varieties. In the native lands of Italy where pasta was created, it usually is not a main meal, but incorporated like beans in Central and South America as a natural carbohydrate staple for a balanced diet.


God does not make pasta!  There is no natural substitute for pasta, unless you like Spaghetti Squash.  It must then be eaten with no sugar – white or brown.  Pasta later may be incorporated back into your diet, but you must first reduce your dependency and craving for pasta for this simple carbohydrates returns quickly to its simple element – sugar.


No!     R - - Rice;  


Rice will again be used in your diet, but not for two weeks, to reduce your dependency and craving to this valuable carbohydrate. Rice as the Creator made it is wonderful. Rice denatured by taking the fiber wrapping from around it and become a major carbohydrate staple of our diet is destructive.


So for two weeks, do not use rice in any form; Sticky White, Himalayan Jasmine, Brown, or Wild Rice Pilaf.  We can incorporate it into our lives modestly at a later date.


No!     B - - Bread;


In almost all its forms, Bread is made from denatured grain that is ground up into powder (four) and then recreated into a thousand different forms.  Bread includes: Chips and Crackers, Muffins and Biscuits, Bagels, Kolaches, and Pretzels, Pizza, Tortillas, Pita, and Wraps and 99% of the breads that are found in the Bread isle and the Cereal isles of the grocery store with hundreds of different varieties of bread and cereals.


The dilemma with bread includes that it also is made from denatured whole grains that are ground up into powder (flour). These quickly dissolve in the mouth and stomach and converted to sugar – called simple carbohydrates. 


The simpler the carbohydrates, like white bread and Cheerios, Rice Krispies, and Corn Flakes, You will experience a “sugar rush” that will only last about two to three hours and then crash, while you are seeking a snack to hold you until the next meal.



There is one substitute during the two weeks (and then beyond) to use for bread and cereals.  – Whole Grain Sprouted Bread and Whole Grain Cereal and Sprouted Cereal.  In your local supermarket, you can today buy in the frozen bread section, “Seven Grain Sprouted Bread” and “Ezekiel Bread” (Five Grain Sprouted Bread) that take the 5 to 7 grains of the Bible, sprout the grain as they did in the days of antiquity and make the bread. There is no “flour” in the bread.


Cereals are a greater challenge.  Many cereals such as Cheerios tout as being whole grain or multi-grain but in reality they suffer from the same problem of all bread and cereals products. Almost all of them are whole or multi-grains that are ground up into powder (flour) and remade into little donuts (Cheerios) or flakes (Corn Flakes, Special K, and numerous others) that quickly are transformed to sugar in the saliva of your mouth or the hydrochloric acid of your stomach with the digestive enzymes and bacteria as they are quickly converted to sugar. 


If you don’t believe me, take the Saltine Soda Cracker Test”.  This is a simple flour cracker that comes with salt or salt free.  Take the salt off, brush it away or use a salt free Saltine Cracker. Place it on top of your tongue and put it into your mouth.  Do not chew on it.  Do not munch it, or suck on it. Let it sit and watch your watch.  You will notice a dull floury taste, but in about 45 seconds you will notice that it is turning sweet.  The flour is quickly converting to sugar by the saliva alone.


Of course, we do not chew our food for 45 seconds, so the sweetness conversion is not perceived by our taste buds. So also will be the rapid conversion of any flour based products; crackers, biscuits, pasta as they are transformed into simple sugar.


The best of the cereals on the American marketplace are Uncle Sam’s Cereal, with Whole Grain Wheat with Flax Seeds, Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Cereal, and Post’s Great Grains.   Please wait for two weeks after your Creator’s Craving Buster Diet is completed, because Great Grains does have brown sugar clusters. Add to these cereals, high fiber berries such as blueberries, blackberries, or strawberries and you have a tasty, nutritious whole grain cereal that will keep your stomach satisfied for five or more hours and the eliminate your desire to snack before your next meal. 


The Secret!  Look for the natural whole grains with the ribbing on the grain, whether oats or wheat. No processed grain flakes can duplicate this natural ribbing.


 Enjoy your experience into Returning to Eden’s Gourmet Dietary Lifestyle!


Message from BibleSearchers


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