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The Jewish Holocaust Restoration of the Jewish Temple


The Third Reich’s Holocaust and the Seventy Years

to Build the Rothschild Temple

A Look at the Last “Sabbatical” Seven Years before the

Messiah’s Final Arrival

Beginning of the Sabbatical Week of Years – 2009-2015

Rosh Hashanah 2008 to Rosh Hashanah 2015

By Robert Mock M.D.

September 2007

Part Six





The Building of the Rothschild Temple in Jerusalem

The Holocaust and the Prophet Jeremiah’s Seventy Years

Year Four, the Countdown to the Final Apocalypse Accelerates

The Implications of the GoguMagog War on the Building of the Rothschild Temple

The Jewish Dedication of the Rothschild Temple




Himmler’s Orders to Begin the Final Solution - Completion of Rothschild’s Temple

9th of Av, Sunday, August 3, 1941 to the 9th of Av, Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Futuristic Prophetic Model that may occur between 2011- 2015


For the next two articles in this series, we will begin to take all the elements or prophetic streams identified so far and place them into a prophetic “model”.   We understand that this is only a potential pathway our international, political, environmental, and religious world will head over the next seven years until the arrival of the MessiahWe will track “times” and “dates”.  We will keep the Jewish people as the principle actors in the final “Drama of the Ages” because this is what the prophets say. We will bring in the supporting actors; the Christians and the MuslimsWith all the images of the “prophets of the TaNaKh (Old Testament), the Brit Hadassah (New Testament), and the wisdom of the sages of Judah, we will collect these and try to reconstruct the final four years before the final revelation of the Messiah son of David (Maschiach ben Dovid).


It is always uncomfortable when we begin to literalize prophetic passages and put them into real time and placeI have a bookcase of biblical prophesies unfulfilled and the authors discredited for the courage to put as many of the passages into real time and place over the last century and a half.  Many denominations refuse to even consider literal interpretation of prophesyThey speak of prophecy in great historical ages, but the impact refuses to have urgent appeal.   Some of our collective religious ancestry came from the “Great Awakening” when the first prophetic message that Jesus was coming literally on a certain day and hour was preached all over the eastern seaboard of the United States.  After a century and a half we wonder, “What are we watching for?” The God of Israel will bless those who take His prophetic word literally, practice and await His coming as though it were tomorrowAt the same time, we use His divine caution, “Watch, and be ready!”  Whatever the hazards, it beats the alternative; remain clueless until after the “bridegroom” has gone into his wedding feast.


In the 19th century, the prophetic message was real, but in our haste we forgot, God’s patience and God’s “time” took a slower route.  Our “watching” became slack, and our impatient “waiting” led us to wander away into more “caring” pursuits.  The prophetic message of 1844 was a powerful message that did not resonate just in the eastern coast, but was a message that affected the Jewish people the same time around the worldMany carried the “disappointment of 1844” literally yet refused to apply the principles of “watch and be ready” literally. Many today await “cues” that they hope will clue them just in time to prepare for the messiah. These clues may be a future “Sunday closing law”, the “Mark of the Beast”, or the “Closing Lunar Eclipseof the Time of Probation”.  Unfortunately, of the ten virgins that our Master told about in an insightful parable, only five had enough oil in their lamps as they awaited the delay of the bridegroom.  When they left to fill up their oil lamps again, the bridegroom came and they were left outside, not able to participate in the wedding party.


The “Blood Moon” Eclipse on August 28, 2007


Let us now take courage.  In the last century and a half, many prophecies have been fulfilled, “knowledge has been increased” in a world without divine Wisdom, while “men are running to and fro”.  The Hebrew, once a lost language, is now alive and well. The ancient rituals and festivals of the Hebrews are now being studied in thousands of Christian congregations around the world.  We are now seeing and beginning to perceive how the God of Israel speaks through His “festivals” and “commandment rituals” that He gave to His people.  In other words, we are relearning a lost art on how to listen to the God of Israel speak, in nature, in the written scriptures, in the lives of the patriarchs, in the writings of the prophets, in the great festivals of the Lord, and in the proper understanding and application of the Torah.


We have seen “moons turning to blood”.  For those really observant, would have understood that these “blood moons” are now coming in seven year cycles.  Is it not fascinating that as the world watched the full moon eclipse on August 28, 2007, how many considered that it was just two weeks before the new moon sighting at Rosh Hashana 5768It makes our hearts stop for a moment to consider that seven year there will be another “full blood moon”, this time on the 1st day of Succot on October 8, 2014. Could this possibly be just as the Messiah returns on His birthday, during the Festival of Succot (Dwelling) representing the day when God comes to “dwell” through His anointed Son, with His people.  


The question that has always puzzled students of prophecy was, why were the Jews never allowed to rebuild their temple after their exile from Jerusalem in 70 CE.  The “anointed” Simon Bar Kokhba felt it was his destiny to rebuild the temple and so revolted in 132 CEThis was prophetically an auspicious time, for if he had succeeded, and repeated the success of the Maccabees in 167 BCE, then he would still have had 1260 days to rebuild a new temple and fulfill the seventy year prophecy of Jeremiah in 140 CE. The esteemed Rabbi Akiva even believed that it could have happened. Yet, the God of Israel chose otherwise.


Let us understanding, the Prophet Jeremiah prophesied that the Jews would rebuild their temple. It would happen after they had been sent into an exile into all the countries of the world, not just Babylon or Persia.  The Prophet Daniel and Yehoshua HaMaschiach (Jesus the Messiah) both prophesied that there would be a day when a future temple would be desecrated but not destroyedObviously Daniel was looking into the future, but so was Yehoshua (Jesus).  The date of the desecration was even given to the Prophet Daniel.  It was the Jewish Prophet John, in the Book of the “Revelations of Yehoshua (Jesus)” that gave a description of how the temple would be desecrated.  It gave the clues on how this mute abomination was created using corrupted rituals of Jewish KabbalahIt was also revealed that in this secret ritual, the “Messiah the Prince” would blaspheme the Name of God and the Prince’s “False Prophet” would use also corrupted Islamic Quabbalah of “Majik” to make this mute abomination speakLet us read as these fascinating prophesies unfold before our eyes


The Building of the Rothschild Temple in Jerusalem


Prophetic scholars of many religions have predicted that a temple for the Jews will be built before the coming of the MessiahSo we ask, if there is to be a tribulation temple built in the Land of Israel, when will it be?  There are many prophetic texts that allude to such a temple.  What if there is an archeological discovery and the Ark of the Covenant along with the ancient Mishkan, the “Sanctuary or Tabernacle of the Congregation” that Moses had constructed at Sinai.  Jewish traditions state that King Solomon hid the “Sanctuary” in a special genizah (storeroom) in the caves below the Temple of Solomon.   Such a discovery would not only rivet the attention of the world, but it would permit the Jews to erect the ancient Tabernacle of the Lord and within days the “sacrifices and offerings” would immediately resume.

The Tabernacle of the Lord and the Camp of the Israelites at the Mount called Sinai – Temple Institute


Will this be the time when the Jewish anti-Messiah and the Islamic “False Prophet” will enter Jerusalem in peace and take residence in the Holy Place of the Temple?  Will this be the time when the Image to the Beast, a living amoral being called a Golem, be created by practitioners of corrupted “Black Magic of the Islamic mystical Qabalist, or Sabbatean-Illuminati Cabalistic rituals and set up in the Holy Place of the temple?  What a spiritual catastrophe this will be to the Jewish people, their sages, and tzaddiks.


We have now learned that the Messiah the Prince is the final anti-Messiah or the anti-Christ.  We have also learned that the Sea Beast” of Revelation 13 arose from the midst of the sea of nations in Germany in the year of 1666 (1000+666) with the Jewish messiah, Shabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) and his prophet, Nathan of Gaza.  His messianic protégée was Yakov ben Judah Leib Frankovich (Jacob Frank) (1726-1791) who formed a coalition with the Meyer Amschel (Bauer) Rothschild (1744-1812), the father of the worldwide Rothschild banking dynasty, and the Jewish Adam Weishaupt, the Jesuit trained founder of the “Order of the Illuminati in Bavaria”.  If a temple of the Jews is built, it will be built by descendants of this cabal.


We anticipate that there could be only seven years left before the messiah arrives, then our primary text we appeal will be the Prophet Daniel.


Daniel 9:27“The Messiah the Prince” (Maschiach Nagib or the Negative or anti-Messiah) will “strengthen a covenant with the great ones (Gedolei Yisra’el) one week (seven years); and for half of the week (3½ years, 1260 days, or 42 months) he will abolish the sacrifice and offering, and upon soaring heights will the mute abominations (Image to the Beast) be, until extermination (seven last plagues) as decreed will pour down upon the abomination.” (Translation of Daniel 9:27 by Rabbi Hersh Goldwurm in “Daniel” published by Mesorah Publications)


Revelation 13:15 – “He (Islamic Earth Beast) was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast (Golem of the Sea Beast), that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed.  He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast.”


Yet, one question still begs to be answered.  The return of the Jews to their homeland from Babylon and Persia came with the passionate motivation and the insistence of their Persian overlords.  They were to build a temple for the worship of their God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and JacobWhy not this time?  Why has there been such reluctance on the part of the Jewish people to rebuild the temple of the Lord?  Is it because it is the will of God that there will not be a temple until just before the messiah returns?  As the temple of the Lord was built by the insistence of their Babylonian-Persian overlords, will this temple also be built by the insistence and financed by the modern Jew’s Babylonian-Persian overlords called in Revelation 13 as the “Sea Beast” and the “Earth Beast”?


Two-headed eagle emblem of the Byzantine Empire (Roman Empire) on a Red Shield - Today it is also the Russian coat of arms.Let us assume that there will be a temple built?  Will this temple be built to the service of the God of Israel?  Will the God of Israel approve of the building of this temple?  We do know that the sovereign will of God will allow the building of the temple if that is what it takes for the Jewish people to call upon their God to save them, instead of seeking redemption through political, economic, sociological, or religious institutions.  They were not to create a religious institution, they were to reflect the “image of God” on this planet earth, and be the instrument for His salvation and redemption.   


Two-headed eagle emblem of the Byzantine Empire (Roman Empire) on a Red Shield - Today it is also the Russian coat of arms.


The one family, the one institution, the one social ideological order, and the one economic force that has affected the Jewish people the most in the modern era has been the House of the Rothschild’s.  This dynasty was the prime force behind the rise of Jewish Zionism was Amschel Mayer Rothschild (1744-1812), who along with the Jewish Jesuit-trained Adam Weishaupt, and the Jewish-Islamic Dohmeh protégé of the last failed messiah, Shabbatai Zevi, Jacob Frank, who were the prime motivators of the cascading events called the “time of the end”. 


Amschel Mayer Rothschild (1744-1812)


Prince William of Hesse-KasselIt was in 1743, a goldsmith named Amschel Moses Bauer opened his coin shop on Judenstrasse (or Jew Street) in Frankfurt, GermanyThere on the door to his shop he hung his sign and insignia, the Roman eagle on a Red Shield.  Over the years, it became known as the “Red Shield” firm, which in German is called “Rothschild”.  In 1744, his son, Meyer Amschel Bauer, was born at Frankfurt-On-The-Main, and soon became known for his supreme intelligence.  His father spent all his energies teaching his son about the money lending businessYet, his dream was that his son be trained as a Jewish rabbi and early was trained at the local Jewish yeshiva.  At the age of eleven, before Meyer’s bar mitzvot, his father died.  Young Meyer interests left his father’s spiritual heritage and he soon became known for his expertise in money and financing


Prince William of Hesse-Kassel (Hanau)


When his father died in 1755, Mayer left home and went to work as a bank clerk for the Oppenheimer’s bank, where he rapidly was awarded the honor as being the junior partner.  There he was introduced to General con Estorff, who soon introduced and gave him entrance to the palace of Prince William of Hesse-Kassel. was early in life that Mayer learned that it was more profitable to loan money to kings, princes, and governments than private people, because of the security of the nation’s taxes. In 1772, Mayer Amschel returned from Hanover back to Frankfurt. He changed his name from Bauer to Rothschild (“Red Shield”) and there on his father red shield he added five golden arrows held by the talons of the eagle, for the five son that he sired by Gutele Schnaper by the year of 1778; Amschel, Salomon, Nathan, Kalmann (Karl) and Jacob (James).  With his five sons, each would eventually operate the five banking houses of the international banking dynasty of the House of Rothschild; Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna, and Naples. 


King George III of England who Rented Hessian Troops with Rothschild Financing to Control the American Colonists It was Prince William of Hesse that Mayer Bauer became the manager of probably the largest inherited fortune in EuropeArresting the prince’s interest in rare coins with legendary tales of lore, he used the influence of the prince to obtain for him the license to marry his fiancée, Gutele, for only twelve Jewish marriages were permitted in Germany a year. 


Washington’s Defeat of the dreaded Hessian mercenaries at the Battle of Trenton on December 26, 1776


As the agent for the court banker, the influence of the Mayer soon jumped national borders into Denmark and beyond. As the prime lending agent  for Prince William of Hanau, he became soon the lender in many countries that traded with the “Prince” by renting German mercenary troops. 


One of the “Prince’s” customers was King George of England who rented Hessian troops to keep order in the American colonies. Such a business as renting mercenary soldiers soon became the fortune of the Rothschild Dynasty.  When Prince William died, he left, according to the Rothschild biographer, Frederic Fawcett, the largest fortune in Europe, about $200 milllion dollars.  Prince William was also, according to Fawcett, “Europe’s most blue-cold blooded loan shark.”  (Frederic Morton, The Rothschilds, Fawcett Cress, 1961, p. 40)


BibleSearchers Reflections has documented the origins of the Rothschild cabal with Weishaupt, and Frank, and their influence in the French and the American Revolutions, a fact that has also been collaborated with Des Griffin and The Rothschilds where he wrote:


Lord Rothschild by KoppayDes Griffin – “According to the late Commander William Guy Carr, who was an Intelligence Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, and who had excellent contacts in intelligence circles around the world, the founder of the House of Rothschild drew up plans for the creation of the Illuminati and then entrusted Adam Weishaupt with its organization and development.


Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild (1863-1937) – Painting by Joszi Arpad Koppay


Sir Walter Scott, in the second volume of his Life of Napoleon, states that the French Revolution was planned by the Illuminati and was financed by the money changers of Europe. Interestingly enough, the above book is the only book written by Scott that is not listed under his name in any of the 'authoritative' reference works. It is now a 'non book'!”


In the 2005, Forbes magazine, Mayer Amschel Rothschild was listed on The Twenty Most Influential Businessmen of all Time and referred to as the founding father of international finance”. 


Out of this family, there arose the benefactor of the Jewish people and the eventual Zionist State of Israel.  It was Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild who was the author, through his banker employee, Alfred Milner, of the Balfour Declaration in 1917 that officially came from the pen of British Foreign Minister, Lord BalfourThey used the influence of the British government to support the creation of the Jewish homeland in Palestine. was the Round Table out of Great Britain, that was funded by Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild, who initiated the British and the French Mandate System for the Middle East by voting Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations at the Paris Peace Conference between the dates of January to June 1919.  This article was later incorporated into the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919 that was hosted by Baron Edmond de The Villa of Edmond de RothschildRothschild, the “Father of Israel” who had been settling Jewish people in the land of Israel as early as the 1880s. 


Villa of Baron Edmond de Rothschild

Baron Edmond de Rothschild


It was this same Baron Edmond de Rothschild, who was from the French banking House of the Rothschild, that became the leading international force for the establishment of the Zionist movement.  He worked closely with Theodore Herzl, the “Founder of Zionism” that was formed as a political movement that was to create a “Jewish homeland” in Israel.  It was also Baron Edmond de Rothschild, who was the power behind Chaim Weizmann, the President of the World Zionist Movement and the first President of the State of Israel.


Unfortunately, it appears that the Rothschild elite lost their morality and as some may say, their “soul”.  From the Illuminati which their forefather founded, the Rothschilds treated the Jewish people, their soul brethren, worse than the nations of the earth that oppressed the Jewish people.  It was the Rothschild banking dynasty that funded the Russian Jewish settlements in Palestine along with factories and farms, and as such they became fiefs of the plantations of the Jewish elite in Israel.  Before the mandate, Baron Edmond de Rothschild, it is reported, acquired 80% of the land of Israel.  And that condition is not  much different today. 


The modern Rothschilds and their relationship with the State of Israel is best characterized by Lord Jacob Rothschild, who is the current head of the British Rothschild dynastic family.  His father according to David Livingston in The Rothschilds and the Grail bloodline, was the 3rd Baron Rothchild, Victor Rothschild, whose life moved from being an eminent zoologist, to an M15 agent, and friends of KGB agents Andrew Blunt and Guy Burgess was Lord Jacob who resigned in 1980 from the head of the NM Rothschilds Bank and started the RIT Capital Partners.  It was he, who as chairman of the Yad Hanadiv Foundation that built and gave the Israeli government buildings, the Knesset plus the Supreme Court building to the State of Israel.  He also chairs the Jewish Policy Research that is involved in international events and issues that affect the Jewish peopleImportantly though, the signature of the Rothschilds and their power in the world Illuminati can be seen in the Masonic – Illumanist symbols in the Israeli government buildings; the Knesset and the Supreme Court in Jerusalem plus the American “all-seeing eye” of the IIluminati on the American dollar bill.


Rothschild’s British Waddesdon Manor


Warren Buffet, Arnold Schwarzenegger, with Lord Jacob Rothschild at the Waddesdon Manor Estates


It is reported that from the British Estate of Waddeston Manor, owned by the British Trust but whose estate is still owned by Lord Jacob Rothschild, is where the personal friendships and business associations have been made with well-known international movers and shakers of the world globalists such as: Henry Kissinger, Rupert Murdock, plus the 1990 summit with Prime Minister Thatcher and French President François Mitterrand, heads of state, Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, and the European Economic Round Table conference in 2002 that hosted such dignitaries as James Wolfensohn, former president of the World Bank, Nicky Oppenheimer where Meyer Amschel Bauer first gained entry into the banking business, billionaire Warren Buffet, and California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


If the temple of the Jews were to be built in Jerusalem, who would be the prime benefactor; the Rothschild Dynasty.  It would become the symbol of not only their economic power and control, but the symbol of the Jewish contribution to the ecumenical faith and brotherhood of religionOut of the loins of the Rothschild’s may come truly the “Messiah the Prince”.


When will the temple of the Jews be built?  Maybe God has given us clues after all.  Seventy years were determined by HaShem, the God of Israel, because the House of Judah failed to fulfill all the commandments of the Lord.  This was not just the ten (10) commandments, but all the 613 Torah commands given by the Lord of hosts to IsraelIn other words, they failed to remain followers of the Torah; the entire Torah.  So today, many of world’s Jewry also have not followed nor accepted the precepts of the entire TorahMany follow the anti-Torah precepts of their anti-Torah Messiah, Shabbatai Zevi, and today despise their Jewish heritage, their Torah roots, and the God of their ancestral forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


The Holocaust and the Prophet Jeremiah’s Seventy Years

Himmler Orders to Implement the Final SolutionSaturday Shabbat, August 2, 1941, 8th of Av 5701

Himmler’s Orders go into Effect to Implement the Final Solution – Sunday, August 3, 1941, 9th Av 5701

Himmler Orders to Complete of the Final SolutionSunday, July 19, 1942, 5th Av 5702

First Cattle cars with Warsaw Jews left for Treblinka – Thursday – July 23, 1942, 9th Av, Tisha B'Av 5702 Himmler was the Reichsfuhrer-SS, the head of the Gestapo, the Waffen-SS, and the Minister of the Interior from 1943 to 1945 for Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.   He was the official Nazi organizer of the mass murder of Jews in the Third Reich.  It was on July 19, 1942, that Himmler’s Order to complete the Final Solution”, as documented by the Jewish Virtual Library, was made.


The German Fuehrer Adolf Hitler with Heinrich Himmler, the head of the Feared German Gestapo


Heinrich Himmler“I herewith order that the resettlement of the entire Jewish population of the Government-General be carried out and completed by December 31, 1942.  From December 31, 1942, no persons of Jewish origin may remain within the Government-General, unless they are in collection camps in Warsaw, Cracow, Czestochowa, Radom, and Lublin. All other work on which Jewish labor is employed must be finished by that date, or, in the event that this is not possible, it must be transferred to one of the collection camps.


These measures are required with a view to the necessary ethnic division of races and peoples for the “New Order in Europe, and also in the interests of the security and cleanliness of the German Reich and its sphere of interest. Every breach of this regulation spells a danger to quiet and order in the entire German sphere of interest, a point of application for the resistance movement and a source of moral and physical pestilence.


For all these reasons a total cleansing is necessary and therefore to be carried out. Cases in which the date set can not be observed will be reported to me in time, so that I can see to corrective action at an early date. All requests by other offices for changes or permits for exceptions to be made must be presented to me personally.  Heil Hilter!  H. Himmler.”


Image:Heydrich-Endlosung.jpgAccording to the official records of the Jews, the official date for the beginning of the Jewish Holocaust was the 9th of Av, July 23, 1942.  On this day in Germany, the first trainload of sixty closed cars with Jewish “deportees” was loaded in the Warsaw Ghetto, left Malkinia, and arrived at the Treblinka Concentration Camp. The Jewish people were quickly ushered to their death into the gas chambers. 


In a February 26, 1942, letter to German diplomat Martin Luther, Reinhard Heydrich follows up on the Wannsee Conference by asking Luther for administrative assistance in the implementation of the "Endlösung der Judenfrage" (Final Solution of the Jewish Question).


See the Transcription and translation of this letter at the Memorial House of the Wannsee Conference.


Out of six death camps, Treblinka was unique as it was designed to be a “factory of death”.  Built by German industrialists, and financed by money funneled by American banking interests, it quickly became known for its efficiency in the mass murdering of Jews.   It took only about 20 SS German or Austrian police with about 80 Ukrainian guards to gas to death over 800,000 Jews in over 14 months, mainly Jews from Warsaw, Poland. 


Six months earlier, on January 20, 1942, the Wannsee Conference was convened in suburbia Berlin with the senior German officials who were to be responsible to coordinate the systematic extermination of the Jews.  At this time the “Final Solution to the Jewish Problem” was formally announced. 


Genocide has been a sad part of the history of mankind, yet the Holocaust was unique.  It was premeditated, coordinated, and intentionally implemented with the goal of one “final solution”; the systematic slaughter of every Jew in Europe, eleven million by Nazi estimates, that were to include even the Jews living in England and in Ireland.  This was also the first time a biological reason was given to destroy the Jews.


One year earlier, on July 31, 1941, the 8th of Av, Hermann Goring signed the document to implement the “final solution of the Jewish problem”.  This was not the first time that the German Nazis had killed Jews.  They were systematically sent before the Einsltzgruppen firing squads, which had executed over a million Jews before the “final solution” was implementedLet us imprint these three dates;

·         The Final Solution was decreed by Heinrich Himmler on the 8th of Av, one day before Tisha B'Av 1941. 

·         The Final Solution first day to implement as decreed by Heinrich Himmler on the 9th of Av, called Tisha B'Av 1941, the very day that the Temples of Solomon and Herod were destroyed.

·         The Orders were signed to Complete the Final Solution by Heinrich Himmler on the 5th of Av, four days before Tisha B'Av 1942. 

·         The cattle cars left from Warsaw, the largest ghetto with 400,000 Jews, on the 9th of Av, called Tisha B'Av 1942.

·   two thousand years earlier, seventy years after the destruction of Solomon’s temple on the 9th of Av, 586 BCE, the temple of Zerubabbel was completed by the 9th of Av, 516 BCE.  The temple celebrated its official dedication before the Passover on the 3rd of Adar in the year of 515 BCE


Hermann Göring, Second in Command of the Third Reich

Signer of the “Final Solution” of the Jews


According to the Jewish chroniclers, it took 1260 days or three and a half years to build the temple of Zerubabbel; from the laying of the foundation stone on the 24th day of the ninth month in the second year of King Darius of Persia until the day that sacrifices resumed.  The Temple of Zerubabbel was dedicated on the 3rd day of the month of Adar in the 6th year of King DariusIs it not amazing how the “time” of 1260 days, 42 months, or three and a half years weaves its way throughout biblical prophecy? 


Some biblical scholars claim that these are all symbolic days of past historical events, and that it truly is.  What they fail to understand is that the Lord of hosts weaves multiple layers of prophetic interpretation in order to draw all men to Himself.  Even the plain truth of the Torah is multi-dimensional.  The sages of Judaism use what is called the PaRDeS system of biblical interpretation – P’shat (Pa) is the literal interpretation and meaning.  It is the simplest understanding so that even the uneducated can understandRemez (R) is the symbolic exegesis and teachingDerush (De) is the homiletic teaching with parables and allegories. Finally the Sod (S) is the mystical secrets and understandings found today in authentic Jewish mysticism and Jewish KabballahWith each prophecy, there is a literal (pshat interpretation), the symbolic, the allegoric, and the mystical


As we look for biblical parallels in our understanding of the any future temple of the Lord that will be built in Jerusalem, let us first review the historical documentation about the building of the second temple Zerubabbel as the Jews returned from their exile in Babylon and Persia.


Haggai 2:1-18 (parts 10, 15, 18)“On the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month, in the second year of Darius…and now, carefully consider from this day forward: from before stone was laid upon stone in the temple of the LordConsider now from this day forward, from the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month, from the day that the foundation of the Lord’s temple was laid, consider it…”


Ezra 6:15-16 – “Now the temple was finished on the third day of the month of Adar, which was in the sixth year of the reign of King Darius. Then the children of Israel, the priests and the Levites and the rest of the descendants of the captivity, celebrated the dedication of this house of God with joy. ” 


Year Four, the Countdown to the Final Apocalypse Accelerates

Rosh Hashanah 5772 to Rosh Hashanah 5773

Thursday, September 29, 2011 to Monday, September 17, 2012


As we peer further into the prophetic future, we understand fully the hazards that what we perceive can only be understood like looking through telescope with crystal lenses darkened by the unknown forces of the present and lack of insight that only the Lord of hosts understandsWe will try to paint the prophetic portrait with broad stokes knowing full well that the details by the divine artist will be filled in many months down the road


Famine will have spread around the world in the first 1260 days in this cycle.  All countries of the world will be affected, except for one major geo-political fact; there will no longer be any national states.  There will now only be regional states, formerly nations or parts of nations that will now form continental unions.  The world will now be under the control of a unified world federation of statesDead and Hades will be appropriate synonyms for the end of this era.  The intelligence organizations around the world will now be under the control of the Black InternationaleThey will have total control of the world and the world’s populations who have given their lives to the ten “horned” unions with seven crowned rulers as part of a world federation of statesThese will not be the national states that now map out our globe, but regional blocks within ten unions that represent continents or regions around the world.  Yet in Israel, the sages of the Tractate of the Sanhedrin proclaimed that certain events will happen:


Year Four of the Sabbatical Year –

“In the fourth year

 “Some will be satiated while others are not.”


Of the more than one hundred national countries around the world, in only 1260 days, there will now only be well defensible regional unions in which the sectarian or nationalistic blocks will have regional leadership under the umbrella of a universal government


 By now, the Messiah the Prince will have become a recognized and respected world leader of renowned skills of diplomacy, intuition, with the secret and uncanny ability to know, and understand international trends even before they are recognized by the vast intelligence organizations under his control.  He will be perceived as a master of the Enlightened and the Illuminated.  He will have the ability of extra-sensory and telepathic perception that will make the world wonder as to the mystery of his unfathomable perception and power. If there was a time for the revelation of the anti-Messiah who prophetically will set his sights to be established as the legitimate priest-king in the temple at Jerusalem, this time was almost ripe.  


With the control of the Land of Israel now divided between the Sabbatean anti-Torah Jews in control of National Israel and the “resistance movement” of the orthodox Jewish “chosen ones”, the choices will be clear.  There will be only two choicesDepending on your world view, in which some proclaim to be guided by the “forces of light” and the “forces of darkness”, the Land of Israel first and then the rest of the world will be given stark and terrifyingly only two real choices; the world of “peace with great security” that will be tangibly real and understood with all the sensory systems of our bodies or the “prophetic dreams” of prophets from an ancient world now demoted to the mythical era of tradition, legends, and fables of old the peace with great security lovers”, the God of Israel will be a vengeful and unforgiving God. To the “chosen ones” and the “saints”, the Lord of hosts living in a spiritual sphere in which we cannot perceive nor comprehend will soon return in a rescue mission of redemption and restoration. From all appearances, some will be satiated while others are not depending on which world order they believe and which “force”, light or darkness, they will give their allegiance and assent.  Maybe this will be what the prophet suggested also.


Gedolei Yisra’el, the “Great Ones”


Daniel 9:27 (NKJV) – “Then he (Messiah the Prince or the anti-Messiah) shall confirm a covenant with many for one week; but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.  And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate, even until the consummation, which is determined, is poured out on the desolate.”


Let us look at this text from a literal translation by Rabbi Hersh Goldwurm, in Daniel – a New Translation with a Commentary Anthologized from Talmudic, Midrashic, and Rabbinic Sources, when we read, he, Messiah the Prince”, the Maschiach Nagib (Negative or anti-Messiah):


Daniel 9:27“…will “strengthen a covenant with the great ones (Gedolei Yisra’el) one week; and for half of the week (1260 days, 42 months, or 3½ years) he will abolish the sacrifice and offering, and upon soaring heights will the mute abominations (Image to the Beast as the Abomination of Desolations) be, until extermination (Last Plagues of Revelation) as decreed will pour down upon the abomination.” (translation of Daniel 9:27 by Rabbi Hersh Goldwurm in “Daniel” published by Mesorah Publications)


It seems incomprehensible that the great ones” (Gedolei Yisra’el) or the esteemed rabbanim of Israel will give their assent to an anti-Messiah who will offer them global peaceWill the anti-Messiah offer to them a temple, plus the complete religious freedom of worship to develop their own the halakhah (how to live the Torah) without interference with any local or international body? 


The great prophet of Daniel states that it will be this Messiah the Prince who will later produce the abomination of desolation in the midst of the Sabbatical Week of Years.  He will also be the “prince who will proclaim a treaty with the Israelis that their Great Ones” (Gedolei Yisra’el) will agree and give spiritual assent and blessing


 In spite of international freedom of religion for the Jewish people in Israel, these three years will have been a time of calamity and chaos for the “chosen ones” and the “saints” in all the other parts of the world.  The rapid change of events will have caused a destruction of most of the institutions around the world in which people have placed their trust.


 Protestant institutionalism will have collapsed because there will be no more religious protesting. There may be different names, but there will be in essence one creed, or one religion with different flavors. Such was the pointed question in 2007, “Are you Christian?  No one counters with the question, what do you mean by Christian?  Or the question, do you believe in God?  No one counters with the question, which God are you talking about?


 Ecumenical world order within the religious institutions will have followed the trend of the global restructuring of the entire world.   The world economic order will have completely realigned itself to a global world order.  The monetary and banking system, that began its first global realignment at Y2K, will now be completeIf you want to purchase a house, buy a car, or even buy groceries at a store, it will be purchased with a cashless and completely transparent monetary system.  All transactions in the public domain will be open for public inspection.


Our public roads will be monitored with tele-camsTransponders will be in almost all motor vehicles so that all travel by the occupants could be monitoredAll public buildings, shopping centers, and possibly even churches will have monitoring cameras for global security of all public places in order to protect the public. Complete transparency of the masses will become the standard surveillance for the world now accustomed to having to live with “peace with great security” in a world gone awry.  A revival within institutional religion will spread around the world as global order will spread its tentacles into all “religious” churches, synagogues, mosques, temples.  The collective “spiritual” life of the “chosen ones” and the “saints” will be broken and they will have to go underground.


The Implications of the GoguMagog War on the

Building of the Rothschild Temple

8th day of Succot 2001 to the 8th day of Succot 2008


This leads us to one of the most potent passages of all scripture related to the final redemption of the Jewish people.  It comes from the quill of the prophet Ezekiel.  As translated by the Jewish Publication Society TaNaKh, we read:


Ezekiel 36:16-38The word of the Lord came to me: O mortal, when the House of Israel dwelt on their own soil, they defiled it with their ways and their deeds; their ways were in My sight like the uncleanness of a menstruous woman. So I poured out My wrath on them for the blood which they shed upon their land, and for the fetishes with which they defiled it. I scattered them among the nations, and they were dispersed through the countries: I punished them in accordance with their ways and their deeds. But when they came to those nations, they caused My holy name to be profaned, in that it was said of them, "These are the people of the Lord, yet they had to leave His land." Therefore I am concerned for My holy name, which the House of Israel have caused to be profaned among the nations to which they have come.


Say to the House of Israel: Thus said the Lord God: Not for your sake will I act, O House of Israel, but for My holy name, which you have caused to be profaned among the nations to which you have come.  I will sanctify My great name which has been profaned among the nations — among whom you have caused it to be profaned. And the nations shall know that I am the Lorddeclares the Lord God — when I manifest My holiness before their eyes through you. I will take you from among the nations and gather you from all the countries, and I will bring you back to your own land. I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and you shall be clean: I will cleanse you from all your uncleanness and from all your fetishes. 26 And I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit into you: I will remove the heart of stone from your body and give you a heart of flesh; and I will put My spirit into you. Thus I will cause you to follow My laws and faithfully to observe My rules. Then you shall dwell in the land which I gave to your fathers, and you shall be My people and I will be your God.”


As the Haftarah read on this Shabbat (Sabbath) after Purim called Parashat Parah states:


Haltarah of Parashat Parah with Ezekiel 36:25"And I shall sprinkle pure water upon you, that you be cleansed. From all your contamination and from all your filth I will cleanse you"


Here is the command of the God of Israel at Sinai. 


Numbers 19:2"This is the decree of the Torah, which Hashem has commanded, saying: Speak to the Children of Israel, and they shall take to you a completely red cow, which is without blemish, and upon which a yoke has not come."


In a Torah Law, the mystery of the Ashes of the Red Heifer is considered to be completely beyond human comprehension.  Even the wisdom of Solomon would not penetrate the depth of its meaning.  The paradox of the ashes of the red heifer is that those that are involved in the preparation of the ashes are contaminated yet when mixed with water, the sprinkling of the water with only minute traces of the ashes could be used to remove any contamination


Here is a Torah law that has no comprehension and requires the complete faith of the observant to believe that purification by the ashes of the Red Heifer is possible, because the God of Israel said so.  


Consider the facts, that in the fall of 2008, before the 7th day of Succot is over, the Gog Magog War, or as the rabbis call it, the War of Al Mogog or Gogumagog, will be over.  This will not be a war of victory, but a war of redemption with the wholesale slaughter of the invaders into the land of IsraelConsider also that the leader of the coalition of invaders is recognized by Israeli mystical rabbis to be the President of the United States.  He will create a military alliance with Russia and Persia, and together, they will invade the Land of Israel, the “land of unwalled villages”.  In a war of formidable odds, an “Act of God”, a massive global and “great earthquake”, flooding rain, great hailstones, fire, and brimstone” along with pestilence will destroy the entire military coalition force.


Ezekiel 38:18-23“And it will come to pass at the same time, when Gog comes against the land of Israel,’ says the Lord God, ‘that my fury will show in My face.  For in My jealousy and in the fire of My wrath I have spoken: ‘Surely in that day there shall be a great earthquake in the land of Israel, so that the fish of the sea, the birds of the heavens, the beasts of the field, all creeping things that creep on the earth, and all men who are on the face of the earth shall shake at My presence. The mountains shall be thrown down, the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground


I will call for a sword against Gog throughout all My mountains,’ says the Lord God. ‘Every man’s sword will be against his brother. And I will bring him to judgment with pestilence and bloodshed; I will rain down on him, on his troops, and on the many peoples who are with him, flooding rain, great hailstones, fire, and brimstone.  Thus I will magnify Myself and sanctify Myself, and I will be known in the eyes of many nation.”

The entire land of Israel will become contaminated with human blood. All the inhabitants of Israel will be contaminated with human blood.  As the Rothschild Temple is in the preparation stage to be built, the War of GoguMagog will come to its final end.  Read what happens afterwards.


The Valley of Hamon-gog


Ezekiel 39:9, 11-15,  – “Then those who dwell in the cities of Israel will go out and set on fire and burn the weapons, both the shields and bucklers, the bows and arrows, the javelins and spears; and they will make fires with them for seven years…It will come to pass in that day that I will give Gog a burial place there in Israel, the valley of those who pass by east of the (Dead) Sea; and it will obstruct travelers, because there they will bury Gog and all his multitude.  Therefore they will call it the Valley of Hamon Gog.  For seven months the house of Israel will be burying them, in order to cleanse the land.  Indeed all the people of the land will be burying, and they will gain renown for it on the day that I am glorified; says the Lord God. …They will set apart men regularly employed, with the help of a search party, to pass through the land and bury those bodies remaining on the ground, in order to cleanse it. ..the search party will pass through the land; and when anyone sees a man’s bone, he shall set up a mark by it, till the buriers have buried it in the Valley of Hamon Gog. The name of the city will also be Hamonah. Thus they shall cleanse the land.”


 Can we understand the implication of this war upon the world opinion about the Land of  Israel?  The fear of Israel and the God of Israel will be phenomenal.  The two mightiest nations of the world, and the one world leader who is considered by the intelligence forces to be the most brilliant strategist, Ahmadinejad of Iran, will be destroyed.


Out of the pyres of this conflagration will arise the “Messiah the Prince” who will have the faith of the Jewish people and the allegiance of the “great ones of Israel”.  More than that, the Valley of Hamon Gog is where the resting place for the Sanctuary of the Dwelling along with the Ark of the CovenantWith all the anti-biblical Jews in control of the archeology of Israel disgraced, it would not be unconceivable that a national effort will be made to recover these ancient holy relics and be prepared for the worship in the temple that is being builtThere is one “if”. The Ashes of the Red Heifer must be found so that the city of Jerusalem, the temple precincts, the people, and the entire Land of Israel can be “purified” according to the command of the God of Israel at Sinai.


Let us now return to Daniel 9:27:


Daniel 9:27 – “And he (“Messiah the Prince”) shall confirm a covenant with many (great ones) for one week; but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.  And on the wing of abomination shall be one who makes desolate, even until the consummation, which is determined, is poured out on the desolate.” 


Seven years in a covenant with the Messiah the Prince in the midst of a geo-political catastrophe of the GoguMagog annihilation in the mountains of Israel will be paralleled with the “seven years” needed to destroy the military fuel depots, armaments, and military hardware.  It will take seven months for Israel to cleanse the landHow will the land be cleansed and purified? It will be purified with the ashes of the red heifer.


Consider seriously, if the Messiah is returning in the next seven to eight years, it will be imperative for the Jewish people to discover the ashes of the red heifer.  It will also be imperative that a pure red heifer will have grown to beyond two years and designated as “ritually pure”, that is without more than two white hairs on the body.   Only then can the new ashes of the red heifer be mixed with the mixed ashes of the prior nine red heifers that were collected and preserved since the days of Moses on the mount called Sinai


The Jewish Dedication of the Rothschild Temple

24th Kislev 5772 (The Rothschild Temple Completed and Sacrificial Services Prepared for Dedication in 1260 Days)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

25th Kislev 5772 (The Rothschild Temple Dedicated by the Jews and Sacrifices Begin on the 1st Day of Hanukkah)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Let us, for a moment of time, a breather from the theoretical or mystical sublime, and put ourselves literally in time and place at the midst of the week.   This will be in the midst of the Sabbatical Week of Years (2009-2015) at the Passover season in the spring of the year 2012.  It will literally be 1260 days after Rosh Hashanah 2007There will have been three devastating wars; World War I, World War II, and World War III as GoguMagog in 2008. 


There will have been three devastating years of world wide famine and world weather catastrophes during the years of 2009 to 2011Suddenly the rain clouds will form over Israel, only Israel.  The rest of the world will be experiencing famine and global catastrophes.  The structural damages in Israel of the great earthquake in 2008 when Beishamikdashhashlishi_1the GoguMagog Invasion was overwhelming Israel, had been repaired.   Life giving “early rain began to fall in the Land of Israel, beginning after Succot in the fall of 2011.  This rain filled the reservoirs of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).  The Jordan River was tumbling with rapids of water as it hastened towards the almost dried up Dead Sea


The Restoration of the Jewish Temple


Just in time prior for the spring harvest of barley, the latter rains” were coming down in abundance for the Passover 2012 festival.  It appeared that the God of Israel was once again smiling down upon His chosen The Rothschild temple was prepared for dedication 1260 days after the foundation stones were first placedAmazingly this date was also a glorious day of celebration as a former temple was rededicated from a prior “desecration” by the Syrian prince, Antiochus Epiphanes IV in 167 BCE


Total Lunar Eclipse on December 10, 2011


The Rothschild Temple was to be dedicated on the 25th day of Kislev, the first day of Hanukkah, on the famed “Festival of Lights”. As the throngs of Jewish pilgrims were heading to Jerusalem, the nighttime sky in the early morning hours of December 10, 2011, will bring a wonderful display of a full moon eclipse over the Middle East. Their hearts will quicken with anticipation as though this solar event was bringing celestial news of an auspicious moment in prophetic historyAnd that it was.


Delegations from around the world were also invited to this august eventNotable leaders, in specific the Prince”, who was the leading “peace keeper” came to participate in this special celebration of the first temple of the Jews in 1942 years.  What a remarkable scenario, seventy years after this literal date when the Holocaust began, 1942, the Rothschild Temple will have been rebuilt and dedicated for the Jewish people.


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The Dedication of the Rothschild Temple

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1335 Days after the Foundation of the Temple is Laid

Year Four of the Sabbatical Year

The Coming of the Early and the Latter Rain

The Latter Rain (Baptism of the Ruach HaKodesh) during Pentecost

Year Five of the Sabbatical Year

Postlude – The Final Thirty Six Months



A Look at the Last “Sabbatical” Seven Years before the Messiah’s Final Arrival


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Will 2008 be the Year of the Coming of the Messiah?


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The Affect of the Jews, Christians, and Muslim’s Views upon the Final Apocalypse


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The Fourth Reich and the Seventy Year Prophecy of Jeremiah


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Third Reich’s Holocaust and Jeremiah’s Seventy Years before Building the Rothschild Temple


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Gleanings: Affect of Jewish Mysticism on Earth’s Final Days





“Sanhedrin” Commentary – the last Seven Years before the Messiah


 “In the First Year” of the Sabbatical Cycle (2009) -

“The following prophecy in Amos 4:7 will be fulfilled

“I caused it to rain on one city, but, on another city, I did not cause it to rain.”

Rosh Hashanah 5769 to Rosh Hashanah 5770

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 to Saturday, September 19, 2009


“In the Second Year” of the Sabbatical Cycle (2010) -

 “There will be a “slight famine” in which according to Rashi, “no place will be completely satisfied”.

Rosh Hashanah 5770 to Rosh Hashanah 5771

Saturday, September 19, 2009 to Thursday, September 9, 2010


“In the Third Year” of the Sabbatical Cycle (2011) -

 “The famine will be great, and men, women, children, pious people,

And men of good deeds will die; Torah will be forgotten by those who learned it.”

Rosh Hashanah 5771 to Rosh Hashanah 5772

Thursday, September 9, 2010 to Thursday, September 29, 2011


“In the Fourth Year” of the Sabbatical Cycle (2012) -

 “Some will be satiated while others are not.”

Rosh Hashanah 5772 to Rosh Hashanah 5773

Monday, Thursday, September 29, 2011 to Monday, September 17, 2012


“In the Fifth Year” of the Sabbatical Cycle (2013) -

 “There will be plenty and people will eat, drink, and be joyous,

And the Torah will return to those who learned it.”

Rosh Hashanah 5773 to Rosh Hashanah 5774

Monday, September 17, 2112 to Thursday, September 5, 2113


“In the Sixth Year” of the Sabbatical Cycle (2014) -

 “There will be voices which according to Rashi depict either the blowing of the shofars

Or the hints and voices about the coming of the messiah.”

Rosh Hashanah 5774 to Rosh Hashanah 5775

Thursday, September 5, 2013 to Monday, September 14, 2014


“In the Seventh Year” of the Sabbatical Cycle (2015) -

 “There will be war.”

Rosh Hashanah 5775 to Rosh Hashanah 5776

September, 2014 to September, 2015


“In the Eighth Year” the “Year of the Messiah (2016) -

 “The Messiah will Come to Redeem and Restore His Own

Rosh Hashanah 5776 to Rosh Hashanah 5777


Anticipated Date for the Coming of the Messiah

“You Know not the Day nor the Hour when the Son of Man Cometh”

Between the Day of Judgment - Yom Kippur 5776 to the 8st Day of Succot or Simchat Torah 5776

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 to Monday, October 5 or Tuesday, October 6, 2015




Biblical Typology and Models on the Rothschild Temple


Seventy Years from the Destruction of Solomon’s Temple to the

Restoration of the Second Temple of Zerubbabel

The Haman-Amalekite Holocaust was Prevented until a Future Era




Zerubbabel Temple Construction Shadow Picture

9th of Av 586 BCE (Destruction of the Temple of Solomon)

24th day of Sivan (9th month), 519 BCE (The Foundation stone for the Temple was Laid)

9th of Av 516 BCE (Completion of the Temple of Zerubabbel)

24th Kislev 515 BCE (Tradition that in 1260 days the Temple of Zerubabbel was Built and Ready for Sacrifices)

3rd of Adar 515 BCE (Temple of Zerubabbel Dedicated)

14th Nisan 515 BCE (First Passover Celebrated in Temple of Zerubabbel)




Seventy Years from the Nazi Holocaust (Destruction-Jewish Spiritual Temple) to the

Restoration of the Third Rothschild Temple

The Restoration of a New Jewish Temple was Prevented until a Future Era




Prophecy of the Building of the Rothschild Temple

9th of Av 70 CE (Destruction of Herod’s Temple)

9th Av, 135 CE (Simon Bar Kokhba Revolt was Crushed in 132 CE by the Romans Preventing the Rebuilding of the Temple by 140 CE)


-1942 Years ‘til the Third Temple is Dedicated - 1942 when the Holocaust Began-


8th Av 5701 (Himmler Orders Implementation of the Final Solution)

Shabbat, August 2, 1941

9th Av 5701 (First Day for the Implementation of the Final Solution)

Sunday, August 3, 1941

9th Av, 5702 (“Final Solution” began – Destruction - Spiritual Temples of the Jews)

Thursday, July 23, 1942


-Seventy Years Later-


24th Sivan in the 9th month, 5768 (Foundation laid for the New Rothschild Temple)

Friday, June 27, 2008

9th Av, 5771 (Time to Celebrate and no Mourning on Tish’a B’Av-Temple Completed)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

24th Kislev 5772 – Eve of 1st Hanukkah (Jewish Temple Prepared for Sacrifices)

1260 days after the Foundation is Laid

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

25th Kislev 5772 (Rothschild Temple Dedicated by the Jews – Sacrifices Begin)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

24th Tivet 5772 (TheAbomination of Desolation– Sacrifices Halted)

1290 days after the Foundation is Laid

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3rd Adar 5772 (Dedication of the Rothschild Temple by the anti-Messiah)

Saturday Shabbat, February 25, 2012

5th Adar 5772 (1335 days – “Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days”)

Monday, February 27, 2012

14th Nisan 5772 (Sacrifices and Offerings Ceased – First Passover in the anti-Messiah’s Reign)

Saturday Shabbat, April 7, 2012 CE


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