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Will 2008 be the Year of the Coming of the Messiah?

A Look at the Last “Sabbatical” Seven Years before the Messiah’s Final Arrival

The Sh’mittah or Seventh Year of 2007 – Beginning with the Sabbatical Week of Years – 2001-2008

By Robert Mock M.D.

August 2007

Part One




The Hebrew Number Seven

The Sh’mittah or Seventh Year, 2008, of the Sabbatical Week of Years 2001 – 2008

The Sabbatical Weeks of Years 1994-2001, a cycle of “Peace for Land”
The Prophetic War Cycles before the Coming of the Messiah

The Sabbatical Weeks of Years 2001-2007, a cycle of “Peace with Great Security from Terrorism”

The First Year 2002 as Spiritual “Rain” Disappears

The Second Year 2003 as Famine and Dissatisfaction Amount

The Third Year 2004 with Famine, Death, as the Torah is Forgotten

The Fourth Year 2005 with Political and Spiritual Ambivalence

The Fifth Year 2006 as Torah will Return with Joy and Happiness to the Land

The Sixth Year 2007 with Voices of the Messiah and War Call of the Shofar

The War Shofars Blasting in America as the Sovereignty of America comes to her End

The Seventh Year 2008 there will be War

Will the Eighth Year 2009 be the Year of the Messiah?




There is a consensus among the ancient Hebrew prophets that a messiah of the House of David will return for the redemption of His own people, the “chosen ones”.  This will occur after the seventh year of a seven year Sabbatical week of years at the time of the endIn the first year of the era of the next Sabbatical cycle, the eighth year of that current Sabbatical seven years, the Messiah son of David (Moschiach ben Dovid) will return to destroy those who seek to control and destroy this earth and will usher in a new messianic eraAs we study, we are impressed that looking beyond that day has not been a big part of the eschatological mindset of the sages of Judah.  The focus is redemption and restoration. This reality has such a persisting appeal that it appears to permeate the deepest level of Jewish consciousness


As we begin to look to our prophetic future, in the hopes for redemption and salvation for all who are willing to come before the throne of God, we are sometimes overwhelmed as we watch the clashing streams of prophecy that are cascading and surrounding our lives. The world appears to becoming one big prophetic river of geo-political and religious events. As we watch this roller coaster ride into the future apocalypse, we pause and pray;


“Lord, open our eyes that we might behold that our salvation is near! Open our minds, O Lord of the heavenly hosts, that we might believe that You will bring holiness out of the profane, bring Light to the darkness that is surrounding us, and bring peace and salvation from the terror of evil of those who seek only power, greed and control of this planet earth!  Open our hearts that we might affirm that You alone O Lord, is the Sovereign God of the Universes, guiding the affairs of the nations to their final culmination!  Please open Your arms, O Master of the Universe, we might have the privilege to “abide within the Shadow of the Almighty.” 


The Hebrew Number Seven


The Number Seven is a mystical and sacred number in all ancient traditions, but to the Hebrews, the number seven denoted completeness and a new beginningAll ancient traditions are anticipating an approaching seventh era with the completeness of the old era and the anticipation of a new.  It is not the Christian traditions that carry the respect of the greatest antiquity but the Hebrew-Judaic traditions upon which all that is Christian should appeal.  The foundation of their beliefs, creeds, traditions, came from its founder, Jesus the Nazarene that was supported by all sacred histories as an orthodox Jew, who lived His life above the letter of the Torah (Law). 


In the Hebrew traditions, we first find the seven days of Creation, the prototype of the seven days of the week, with the weekly Sabbatical rest of the seventh literal day of the week, called the seventh day Shabbat (Sabbath).  Yet, not only in the seven day cycle, we also find the seven year cycle, called the Sabbatical week of years and the forty-nine (seven times seven) year cycles, called the Jubilee cycle”. 


The seventh day of the weekly cycle was called the Shabbat or the Sabbath”.  The seventh year of the Sabbatical yearly cycle was called the Sh’mittah year”.  The forty ninth year of the “Jubilee cycle” was called the Year of Jubilee.


There were three great Jewish feasts that lasted for seven days. Between the first, Passover (Pesach) and the second Pentecost festival (Shavuot) were the seven weeks called the Days of Omer”.  These forty nine days of the Days of Omer were in remembrance of the seven weeks it took the Israelites to arrive at the mount called Sinai.


On each day, there was an object lesson they had to learn to raise their low spiritual condition from the 49th (seven times seven) level of Tuma (degradation) before they could stand before the holiness of the God of Israel and affirm a covenant relationship with Him.  And all the laws of the Levitical purification rites that were given to be a part of the six hundred thirteen commandments of God on Sinai, lasted for seven days.


In the histories of the Hebrews written the TaNaKh (Old Testament), we learn:

·         Jacob served Laban for seven plus seven years before he could call Rachel, the future mother of his two favorite sons, Joseph and Benjamin, his wife. 

·         There were seventy (ten times seven) members of the House of Jacob who went to Egypt

·         The salvation of the House of Jacob came because the God of Abraham gave the Egyptian Pharaoh in a dream about seven cows in which he saw seven years for each of his seven wives.

·         The exile of the Israelites lasted in Egypt four hundred ninety (seventy time seven) years until their redemption came by the great power of God from their land of oppression. 

· government of Israel was advised by the priest of Midia, called Jethro, who had seven daughters.  One of these daughters became the wife of Moses the Lawgiver.

·         Daniel the Prophet was given a vision about seventy weeks (of years) that were determined his own people the Jews. 

·         The Jews were exiled in the Land of Babylon for seventy years.


One of the Largest ancient Megalithic Hewn Stones in the World at 379 tons (41x12x11.5 feet) at the Base of the Foundation of Solomon’s Temple  


Later during the days of the Judges and the Prophets, we find:

·         The prophet Balaam who built seven altars, and upon them he sacrificed seven bullocks and seven rams where his curses upon the Israelites were turned to blessings;

·         Seventy seven priests with seven trumpets marched around Jericho once every day but seven times on the seventh day, before the walls of Jericho came tumbling down. 

·         The Hebrew Judge, Sampson’s wedding to the Philistine, Delilah, was held for seven days, where he told his newly bride the answer to the riddle of his secret power, when on the prenuptial night he was bound with seven withes and his head shorn of seven locks of hair.

·         Elijah the prophet sent his servant to scan the horizon looking for rain seven times after killing the four hundred fifty prophets of Baal and the four hundred prophets of Asherah. 

·         Elisha commanded Naaman to dip seven times in the waters of the Jordan for healing.

·         We later learn that the family of King David, from the House of Jesse, had seven sons. 

·         The Israelite dynasty of King David was overthrown by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, who ended up living like a beast in the field for seven years before gaining his sanity and his newly found faith in the God of Israel.


In the Brit Hadassah (New Testament) histories of the Nazarene, we find:

·         Jesus in Galilee using seven loafs of bread to feed a multitude of four hundred men plus women and children, leaving seven baskets of bread afterwards. 

·         We also find Yehoshua (Jesus) casting out seven devils

·         In the histories of the Nazarene Ecclesia (Jerusalem Church of Acts) we find seven deacons of good report, who ministered to the believers of “The Way” in the Hebrew Nazarene Ecclesia.  

·         In the Apocalypse of Revelation, we find seven candlesticks symbolizing the seven churches of Asia, seven stars, seven last seals, the seven thunders, and the seven archangels bringing the seven trumpet and seven vial plagues, the seven spirits before the throne of God, a red seven-headed dragon with seven horns and seven crowns, and the Lamb with seven horns, and seven eyes as the seven Spirits of God.


The Sh’mittah or Seventh Year began in the Fall 2007 of the

Sabbatical Week of Years 2002

(Rosh Hashanah 2001) – 2008 (Rosh Hashanah 2007)


The Master Course, Jerusalem, IsraelThe Jewish sages over the last two millenniums have analyzed the prophetic predictions concerning the time of the end.  In the Talmud, these Torah giants have recorded their collective observations, most of the time agreeing and sometimes disagreeingWhile many Christians claim that the Jews worship the writing of the sages in the Talmud above their sacred scriptures in the TaNaKh (Old Testament), this view has no historical supportWhat it does depict is how much they respect the wisdom of their sages, who spent most of their lives in deep literal, allegoric, prophetic, mystical, and Hebrew exegetical study of the Torah, the prophets, and the writings. 


“The Master Course” at the Western Wall Excavations at the Temple Mount - One of the Largest ancient Megalithic Hewn Stones in the World at 379 tons (41x12x11.5 feet)


We shall now begin to ponder the sage’s commentaries of what they predicted the last seven years before the coming of the Messiah would be like. Let us now look at these collection of passages in the Talmud in the Sanhedrin 97a, we read:


Sanhedrin 97a“Rebi Yochanan said: In the generation that Ben Dovid will come, talmidei chachamim, the “pupil of wisdom” known as the Torah sage or scholar, will decrease, and the eyes of the remainder will protrude from sighing and sorrow; many chastisements and many evil decrees will be renewed; one will not cease before another begins.


The rabbis taught: The Shmittah period in which Ben Dovid will come the following verse will be fulfilled:


1.    In the first year, "And I caused it to rain upon one city, and upon another city I caused it not to rain." (Amos 4:7).

2.    In the second year, slight famine will be sent.

3.    In the third year, a great famine from which men, women, and children, pious and deed-doing people will die, and Torah will be forgotten by those who learned her.

4.    In the fourth year, some will be satiated, and others will not be.

5.    In the fifth year, there will be great satiation, with eating, drinking, and joy, and Torah will return to those who learned it.

6.    In the sixth year, voices (speaking of the Moshiach's imminent arrival) will be heard, and

7.    In the seventh year, there will be war [Gog u'Magog].

8.    In the year after the seventh, Ben Dovid will come.


Rab Yosef said, "Many Shmittah cycles have come and he (the Messiah) did not arrive!"  Abaye answered, "Were there voices in the sixth year followed by war in the seventh year? Secondly, did they follow this order?" (Sanhedrin 97a)


Rebi Yehudah said: The generation in which Ben Dovid (Messiah son of David) will come ... The wisdom of the scribes will be corrupted; men fearing sin will be hated; the leaders of the generation will have the nature of dogs; and truth will be lacking ... He who turns away from evil will be regarded by the public as being foolish.


Rebi Nehorai taught: The generation in which Ben Dovid will come the young will embarrass the old, and the old will rise for the young; a daughter will rebel against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law, the leaders of the generation will have the nature of dogs, and a son will feel no shame when criticized by his father.


Reb Nechemiah taught: The generation in which Ben Dovid will come, insolence will increase, respect will be missing ... and all the governments will turn to false beliefs (minnus); criticism will be of no avail.


Ben Dovid will not come until informers increase ... And hope in the redemption is renounced.


Any one of these observations by the sages of Judah could be relevant today, especially in the Land of Israel.  The leading rabbis of Israel are corrupt, while the political leaders are pawns of the world globalist community.   We can truly suggest that the “truth” is gone from the land


As we have now seen, according to the rabbinic commentaries, the final seven years cycle before the coming of the messiah, certain specific events will happen before the year of the Maschiach of Yisra’el (Messiah of Israel) will begin.  Let us begin our journey and see where we have been in the cycle of God’s Plan of Redemption. Let us look where the pathway of our world is leading us today and possibly where these streams of prophetic pathways will be going in our future.


The Sabbatical Weeks of Years 1994-2001, a cycle of “Peace for Land”

The cycles of the anticipation of redemption appeared to come with increasing frequency, especially at the height of the Y2K and the global celebration of the third millennium at the turn of the year of 2000.  Yet, we saw the same trend in 1993 as the international world hoped that the signing of the Oslo Accord between Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat would bring international peace. Here they saw these two statesmen surrounded by the fatherly arms of President Bill Clinton, with a messianic pose also like a savior.  With historical hindsight, the visions of the prophetic future became clearer amazing event occurred in the year of 1993, when in a public ceremony at Washington D.C. on September 13, 1993, Shimon Peres signed a peace agreement called the “Oslo Accord” with Mahmoud Abbas representing the Palestinian Liberation Organization.  This event was witnessed by Israeli’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, both in the presence of President Bill Clinton, President of the United States, along with Warren Christopher representing the United States of America and Andrei Kozyrev representing the Russian Federation.


Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat signing the Oslo Peace Accord with American President Bill Clinton as the World’s savior



During the seven years of the Oslo Accord, between Rosh Hashanah 1993 (Jewish Year 1994) and Rosh Hashanah 2000 (Jewish Year 2001), the nations of the world cried out, “Peace!  Peace! Let Israel give more land for peace!”  It appeared that the time of the messiah was soon to come.


As that seven year Sabbatical cycle ended at Rosh Hashanah 2000, there was anticipation with “voices and hints” of the imminent arrival of the coming of the messiah.  This came in anticipation of world wide chaos with the anticipated collapse of the global marketplace with Y2K commuter failure.  Instead the global community arose in the wake of the fears of Y2K with all nations of the world now interlocked electronically, poised and prepared for a One World Order.


Even in the seventh year of the Oslo Accord (2000), the Arab world appeared to rise in anger as though it was a scripted rebellion according to the Talmud as the Second Palestinian Intifada began.  As Ariel Sharon descended from the temple mount, violence erupted as young Arabs threw rocks down upon the Jewish people praying at the Western Wall.  This swiftly led to the lynching of the Jewish solder at Ramallah.  The Oslo’s seven years of “peace for land” collapsed.  It was replaced with a new seven year cycle of “peace for more terrorism and war”. 


The Prophetic Warnings from the Master – the “War Cycle” of 2001-2008


In the eighth year (2002) of the 1993-2000 Oslo cycle (Jewish Years of 1994-2001), the anticipated Messiah was expected to arrive.  Instead America saw her global markets assaulted with the collapse of the “twin towers” on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center.  Seven days before Rosh Hashanah 2001 on September 18, 2001, the beginning of the Jewish year of 2001, the economic foundation of America appeared to “fall”.  The “Great Shofar” blast of war resounded around the world on that 911 day.


What we now know, 2001 was not the beginning of the year of the messiah but heralded a new Seven Year War Cycle, 2002-2009 (Rosh Hashanah 2001 to Rosh Hashanah 2008). 


Essenes of Mount CarmelThis war cycle began with the fall of Oslo and the rise of the Palestinian Intifada on Rosh Hashanah, 2000.  As the seventh year approached in 2007, there arose a call in Israel for “emuna” (faith in the Sovereignty of God) with the hopes that it would hasten the coming of the messiah in 2008-2009.


Jesus overlooking the Temple in Jerusalem


We still have a problem.  The Seven Years of Peace and War Cycles appeared not to be in synchronization with the Jewish Sabbatical Weeks of Years.  The Seven Year “Oslo Peace Accord” cycle between the years of 1994 (Rosh Hashanah 1993) to 2001 (Rosh Hashanah 2000) were one year earlier than the Jewish Sabbatical Seven Year Cycles of Rosh Hashanah 2001 to Rosh Hashanah 2008. 


Seven Year “Oslo Peace Cycle” Rosh Hashanah 1993Rosh Hashanah 2000

Seven Year “Sabbatical Cycle” - Rosh Hashanah 1994Rosh Hashanah 2001


Would this dis-synchronization of cycles be repeated again the next seven years?


Seven Year “GoguMagog War against Terror” CycleHoshana Rabba 2001 to Hoshana Rabba 2008

Seven Year “Sabbatical CycleRosh Hashanah 2001 to Rosh Hashanah 2008


Suddenly, as with the stroke of the Divine Hand, the eighth year of the Oslo Cycle did not bring a Messiah, but rather heralded the next seven years, a “War Cycle” now perfectly synchronized with the Jewish Sabbatical Week of Years?  Will the rabbinic commentary also convert forward to the new cycle as it converted from a “peace cycle” to a “war cycle”?


We remind ourselves of the prophetic caution given by our Master Yehoshua ha-Maschiach (Jesus the Messiah) when he told His disciples on the Mount of Olives:


Matthew 24:6-8 - “And you will hear of wars and rumors of warsSee that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.  For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.  And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginnings of sorrows.”


Jesus hints in no uncertain terms that global wars around the world are only a sign of the time of the end, but not the endUnfortunately, most of the Jewish people are clueless because they have not reclaimed the respect for the prophetic wisdom of the One who was recognized by a majority of the Jewish people in first century Judaism, to be their messiah.  When that day comes, when the Jewish people reclaim Yehoshua ben Yosef (Jesus son of Joseph) as their messiah, the whole spectrum of prophetic understanding will explode into a multitude of new revelations.


According to Jesus, the time of tribulation will be beyond the time of national or global wars.  There will be no more nationalism.  There will be no more regional or sectarian strife.  The freedom of all people, in all nations of the world, will be under the managed civilization of a unified world body of nations. As the sovereignty of the European nations are dissolving and merging into the European Union, so this will happen to North American continentThe whole world will follow after the globalist pattern of the ancient Roman Empire.


New York twin towers burning from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.It is hard to conceptualize, but the sovereignty of the United States is about over.  There will be increasing discussions about the emerging North American Union as the countries of Canada, the United States, and Mexico merge into one Super State.  The globalist’s plan is that all the nations of the world will be under the control of a one world order, ten global unions, regionally segmented for universal global management.


Will, the Nation of Israel be also a part of the Universal Federation of Nations?  May we suggest that Israel already is under a one world order?  Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert, Moshe Katsov, and Shimon Peres were all members of the western globalists of the Golden Internationale.  


The Attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001


When that day arrives, no one will be able to flee or move from one country to another.  There will be no global safe haven.  As we look at these global wars, we must remind ourselves that the Almighty One  of Israel is once again intersecting our three dimensional world.  The Lord of hosts is actively completing what He told His prophets millenniums ago what He would do. 


In the “eye” of the God of Israel there are no “conditional prophecies” when it comes to bringing salvation for all mankind.  If He proclaims that He will save “Israel”, even though they profane His Holy Name, then He will do what He says.  For those with the “eyes to see and the ears to hear”, they will understand.  They will know that the Sovereign Lord is managing the affairs of the nations so that the day of the messiah will come. Yet, the “time of the Messiah” appears to be still further in the future, immanent, but not quite yet.  What Yehoshua suggested to His Jewish disciples was even more sobering:


Matthew 24:9-14“Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake.  And then many will be offended, will betray one another; and will hate one another.  Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.  And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.  But he who endures to the end shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”


Remember, Yehoshua (Jesus) was speaking to His orthodox Jewish disciples while they were overlooking the Temple of the Lord from the vantage view of the Mount of Olives.  He was talking of a time when anti-Semitism or hatred to the Jewish people will not be isolated to Nazi Germany or Islamic believers.  In that day, it will be global, even in the United States. He also was speaking of specific local events in Israel, for where else would be the repetition of the “abomination of desolation” except in JerusalemLet us read:


Matthew 24:15-22“’There when you see the ‘abomination of desolation’, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place’ (whoever reads, let him understand), ‘then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. Let him who is on the housetop not go down to take anything out of his house. And let him who is in the field not go back to get his clothes. But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days! And pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath.  For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.’” concept of even a greater tribulation than the holocaust in Nazi Germany is hard to comprehend and fathom.  Yet, the prophets allude that for the messiah to come, evil will have to be revealed to its fullest.  The architect of demonic evil, HaSatan (“Satan the accuser of Israel”) and all the angelic dark powers will have to be exposed and understood in their starkest and basest of evil.


The Shores of Capernaum in the Days of Yehoshua (Jesus)


The Sabbatical Weeks of Years 2002-2009, a

“War Cycle of Peace with Great Security from Terrorism”


As our prophetic journey continues, let us first look seriously at the Talmudic passages in the “Sanhedrin” that contain the prophetic commentary of the sages of Judah.  The first thing that we will do is summarize these predictions that were anticipated to occur at the last Sabbatical Week of Years.  We hope to see if the recent historical records would testify to the validity of the sage’s proclamations as to what would happen on each individual year.  Let us now see if these prophecies match historical events that occurred on each year between the years of 2002 and 2008, beginning with the fall of 2001?   


 Let us continue with the Rabbinic prophetic commentary:


“In the first year (2002), the following prophecy in Amos 4:7 will be fulfilled “I caused it to rain on one city, but, on another city, I did not cause it to rain.”

In the second year (2003), there will be a “slight famine” in which according to Rashi, “no place will be completely satisfied”.

In the third year (2004), “famine will be great, and men, women, children, pious people, and men of good deeds will die; Torah will be forgotten by those who learned it.”

In the fourth year (2005), some will be satiated while others are not,

In the fifth year (2006), there will be plenty and people will eat, drink, and be joyous, and the Torah will return to those who learned it.

In the sixth year (2007), there will be voices which according to Rashi depict either the blowing of the shofars (war) or the hints and voices about the coming of the messiah.

In the seventh year (2008), there will be war.” 


We then will ask, will the arrival of the Maschiach ben David (Messiah son of David) come in the eighth year at Succot 2008 (Jewish Year 2009)?


The First Year 2002 as Spiritual “Rain” Disappears first year 2002 (fall of 2001 to the fall of 2002) it was written in the prophecy of Amos 4:7 that the following will be fulfilled - “I caused it to rain on one city, but, on another city, I did not cause it to rain.” 


Amos 4:7“I also withheld rain from you, when there were still three months to the harvestI made it rain on one city.  I withheld rain from another city. One part was rained upon, and where it did not rain, the part withered.


It was in the fall of 2000 (Jewish year 2001) that the rabbanim in Israel announced that the “time of tribulation” had arrived.  It appeared that the spiritual “rain” of God’s blessings and protective power was becoming more erratic and selective.  What the God of Israel beginning to remove His protective shield from Israel and from around His people?


Just prior to this time, on Rosh Hashanah 5760 (2000), the prime minister candidate, Ariel Sharon, ascended upon the Temple Mount and there read the prophecy of the Gog Magog War in the Book of Ezekiel. Within hours, suddenly the Second Intifada erupted by Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Authority.   The Oslo Accord’s seven years of “Peace for Land” (Rosh Hashanah 1993 to 2000) died quickly on the withering vine.  Suicide bombers became a way of life for the Israelis.  Fear was everywhere.   Though deaths were sporadic and spotty throughout the land, they were only a reminder that this emerging era was one of increasing demonic evil. land of Israel plus the entire Middle East region had been under a drought since the year of 1999.  Water wars were a major threat of the region.  There were regions that received rain, and regions that the drought was hitting more severely. On a spiritual plane, the showers of the latter rain were beginning to descend upon Israel.  Those areas that were Torah observant appeared to be sharing in the abundance of God’s spiritual and material blessings. 


Gaza was one of the vegetable produce and flower centers of Israel and a “bread basket” for Europe. Gaza was also one of the most Potent Torah Observing Cultural Centers in the Land of Israel of the regions that began to receive international attention was the once barren, non-productive, and fly- infested sand dunes in the Gaza Strip.  Here a large group of observant orthodox Jews settled with the permission and encouragement of the
government of Israel. Here also they began to develop a unique farming agrarian culture, akin to the days of their forefathersWithin years, they had perfected an agriculture technology that produced world-class fruit and vegetables untainted by bugs, parasites, or scale. Soon these choice vegetables and fruit became the “pick of the crop” for the European culinary markets, seeking superior produce noted for excellence and succulence.  The Israeli farmers also became the prime employers of Palestinian national workers and the envy of the political Palestinian Authority leadership who now wanting to possess and take this region for their own. 


Self-proclaimed Ambassador to Africa’s Starving Children – Angelina Jolie


In 2002, the world was focused on famine as the United Nations warned in June, 2002 that 13 millions Africans were in the brink of massive starvation in six countries of Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.  By November, 2002, the Red Cross was sending international alerts about the overwhelming famine with warnings of another 15 millions Africans that were on the brink of starvation in a country that was spending 10% of entire gross national income on debt to the World Bank.


The world, after the 911 catastrophe in New York, was filled with restlessness and apprehensionIt was not so threatening to watch suicide bombers in Israel on TV but to imagine such TV images here in America gradually began to sink into the American consciousness.  The denial of such a possibility came with the subliminal apprehension that something was not right.   Soon we watched as our global military war machine began in earnest to prepare for a major invasion into Saddam Hussein’s Iraq with the apocalyptic mission to fight the “axis of evil”.


The Second Year 2003 with Famine, Death, as the Torah is Forgotten the second year of 2003 (fall 2002 to the fall 2003) if the text in the Sanhedrin was referring to Israel that there will be a “slight famine in which according to Rashi, “no place will be completely satisfied”. 


The Nof Ginasaur Kibbutz housing the First Century Fishing Boat found in the drought receding Sea of Galilee


That same year, the drought conditions in the regions of Israel continued to rise as the water in the Sea of Galilee continued to drop.  It was not the Israelis that were dying but rather they were seeking to assimilate drought victims into Israel. That same year, the Rabbinic Council and the Israeli Knesset battled in the negotiations about the request for massive airlifts to bring to Israel 18,000 to 20,000 of the Ethiopian Falash Mura, who claimed Jewish ancestry and were forcibly converted to Christianity. 


Yet in April of 2003, it was reported in the Christian Science Monitor article, The Famine that wasn’t the following: Science Monitor - Despite predictions that 11 million to 14 million people were facing potential starvation, few of the traditional signs of hunger had materialized. There were no hordes of migrants leaving their homes in search of food, no hospitals filling with malnourished children, no graveyards filling with the dead…the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) asked for more than $500 million in aid. Donors opened their wallets, the WFP and their nongovernmental partners mobilized, and since June of last year, 650,000 metric tons of food was distributed to some 10 million people. It was the largest humanitarian response in the organization's history, though Iraq is expected to be bigger.”


The Roman First Century Boat found on the Waterless Shores of the Sea of Galilee


Yet the drought and fear of famine conditions in Israel began to be noticed. It was as early as the year 1999 when the State of Israel was reported to be in a progressive water shortage as the Sea of Galilee’s water level continued to shrink.  The main source of drinking water for Israel had dropped to it lowest level with a deficit of 60%, since the year of 1908


Between the years of 1999 and 2004, the water deficit continued for the next five years.


The Third Year 2004 with Severe Famine and the Loss of the Spiritual Giants of Israel


View from AlumotFinally after Succot, 5704, in the fall of 2003, the “latter rains” returned to the land of Israel in abundance.  The waters of the sea, where Jesus trod two centuries prior, rose from severe drought levels nearly to optimal levels in one growing season. By the end of January, 2004, the Deganiah Dam at the southern border of the Sea of Galilee was opened up for the first time since 1992 to prevent the Sea of Galilee from overflowing into the residential and commercial areas around the coastline of the Kinneret Sea.  Was this a fulfillment of prophecy or a shadow picture or a preview of what was yet to come?


The Jordan River meandering in the Jordan Valley (just above the green field). The walking trail takes us from the Degania Dam to the Alumot Dam.


Already it appeared that we were running a year ahead of ourselvesIt was as if we were still on the seven year “peace cycle” though in 2001 it converted into a “war cycle” with the American coalition invasion into Afghanistan and in 2003 with the invasion into Iraq.


In the third year 2004, (fall of 2003 to 2004) the commentary of the Jewish sages proclaimed that “famine will be great, and men, women, children, pious people, and men of good deeds will die; Torah will be forgotten by those who learned it.”


The famine cycle was over by January 2004 with the “latter rains” coming after Succot 2003.  Yet we are still on a disconnection with the Sabbatical week of year cycle. Though the God of Israel gave to His people an abundance of rain that would make this land a region flowing with “milk and honey”, the secular leftists and the globalists government rulers did not have the spiritual eyes to praise the God of their forefathers


The famine as predicted was now over as it related to Israel.  There were no children, women or Torah observers dying from the famine, and if anything, in 2004, a “revival” of Torah observance was beginning to erupt all over Israel. Rumors were circling throughout Israel that a massive disengagement was being planned to uproot almost 10,000 Israeli from their communities in the Gaza Strip.  There was a progressive call to rally, march, wave orange flags in support of the beleaguered Gaza residents that the Sharon was planning to uproot.


Envy erupted throughout the Middle East, especially with the Palestinians.  This land that was beginning to “flow with milk and honey” was there for their taking.  The “evil inclination” in the hearts of the globalist elite in Israel began to perceive that here was a bargaining chip for peace and safety.  They said, “Let us give our prime agriculture regions to the Palestinians in the hopes for a “peaceful element” (Hebrew aluf) that could live autonomously side by side with Israel.  Yet, the “Land” belongs to the Lord of hosts, and the Land of Israel was not for sale.


The Fourth Year 2005 with Political and Spiritual Ambivalence


In the fourth year of 2005 (fall of 2004 to 2005) it appeared that the prophetic commentary of the Sanhedrin commentary back on target, as it stated that some will be satiated while others are not”


Moving a television.Yasser Arafat was in his declining years and holed up in Palestinian Presidential Compound in Ramallah more like a caged man than an international diplomat he desired to be. His HIV ridden body, only recently confirmed in the public press in 2007, had taken its toll.  The consequences of “sin” had reached its literal, spiritual, and natural fulfillment.


The Palestinian Presidential Compound of Yasser Arafat surrounded by the Israeli Defense Force, like a “Bird in the Cage”


There was a lull or a stale-mate in the land of Israel, where there was neither satisfaction, happiness, nor discontent abounded. This spiritual discontent bred “evil thoughts” in the mind of the Prime Minister of Israel.  He now unilaterally began to push, negotiate, and force the agenda upon the Israelis and the global communities of the world for the Nation of Israel to unilaterally give the farms, homes, and communities of the orthodox communities of Israelis in Gaza to the Palestinians. Many perceived the delusional thoughts that this act would for the first time heap praise upon the Jewish people by the world community and the United Nations since the creation of the State of Israel in 1947-48.


With the death of Yasser Arafat on November 11, 2004, many of the Israelis were elated and breathed a sigh of relief. There was no longer a leader of the Palestinians for which the crying withnTorah.smallIsraelis could negotiate, and there was no pressure from America or the world community to negotiateYet for many in the land, there was no satisfaction, for the omens and instability gave portents that the worse was yet to come.


Grief as the Torah Scroll is removed from a Gaza Synagogue


As the year of 2005 began, the first democratic Palestinian election occurred on January 9, 2005Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) won the election for the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) with a winning vote of 62.32% of the Palestinian people.  Confidence returned to Israel, for it appeared that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon now had a moderate Palestinian partner in order to work for peace in the Middle East.  The Torah did return and was recognized internationally as the world’s attention was focused on a small strip of beach property as the prosperous Israeli garden district at Gush Katif was threatened and then forced upon with a unilateral disengagement, an evacuation, as the orthodox settlers quickly became refugees in God’s Holy Land. focus on the plight of the residents of Gush Katif, swung many on the Jewish social left and even many Jewish who considered themselves to be anti-Zionists to feel the pangs of yearning for the Torah of their forefathers. Tens of thousands Jewish protesters, incensed at the Israeli government’s unilateral disengagement, marched and petitioned the State of Israel. Even many young teenage girls spent months in jail as “enemies of the state” for protesting Sharon’s ill-fated disengagement on August 15, 2005


The Jewish Netzarim Synagogue in the Gaza Strip before the Expulsion of the Jews in 2005


For the Jerusalemites and the secular Jews in Tel Aviv, these were the days of “plenty”.  The economy was booming. The world response for the Jews to continue to give up land for the Palestinian demands of land equality in the Land of Israel brought a feeling that for once, the Jewish State was now becoming a real member of the globalist world community of nations.


Even with the feeling of global acceptance, the reality and fear of terrorism saw the land of Israel fragmented and sectionalized as it was being carved up by a wall between the Israelis and the Palestinians.   Most Israeli’s saw this barrier as a wall of security yet many in the larger world community saw it as an “apartheid wall” Torah orthodox faithful in Gaza, there was “famine in the land”.  They were abandoned by the Sharon government of IsraelIt was not a time to “eat, drink and be joyous”.  The terrorists against Israel were appeased, as millions of donated dollars by Microsoft’s billionaire owner Bill Gates bought the Jewish flower and produce farms to give to the Palestinians for an agrarian industry.  The Torah faithful were abandoned as refugees. 


Palestinians celebrate as they destroy the Netzarim Synagogue on September 12, 2005


The “plight” was not for the Palestinians but the Jewish refugees that were forcibly evicted from their homes and businesses in Gaza.  By the midst of the sixth year of 2007, 85% of the Jewish refugees that were forcibly driven from their communities and businesses in Gaza were still homeless and jobless in Israel. 


The Fifth Year 2006 as Torah will Return with Joy and

Happiness to the Land


The prophetic march still appeared to continue in the fifth year of 2005 (fall 2004 to fall 2005), when it stated that there will be plenty and people will eat, drink, and be joyous, and the Torah will return to those who learned it”.


The Aftermath of the Gaza Expulsion


It was in the fall of 2005 that the Vatican came knocking again to obtain the “holy sites” in Jerusalem, specifically the Church with the Upper Room.  The problem with the transaction, it was sitting over the Jewish holy site of the Tomb of David and the home of a thriving Jewish yeshiva (Torah seminary) that would have to be evacuated.


During that same year, the Jewish people began to mourn as many of the Torah giants living in Israel began to die.  This came almost two years later than prophesied.  The entire land of Israel also mourned when the revered Sephardic sage, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri died on January 28, 2006 when an estimated 300,000 Israelis poured into the streets of Jerusalem for his funeral.


Hamas Palestinian Leader, Ismail Haniyeh, now as the “King of Gaza”


This event was only highlighted by the comatose state of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon whose government position as Prime Minister was shortened by a sudden and surprising stroke while having a private luncheon alone with Foreign Minister Shimon Peres.  This surreal event came only one day after Sharon was implicated in a massive corruption scandal, while, according to some reports, Sharon was returning to the Torah, and was reported to have resisted and refused the Vatican’s offer to give up Israeli holy sites. 


It was thought provoking to consider that within days, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was struck a second time by the hand of the “avenging death angel”.  He was put into a state of living death, at the edge of the boundaries of Jerusalem.  Both of these moments of time, Sharon was in the presence of Shimon Peres, who many suspect to be the Vatican’s secret agent to Israel.  Though the Israelis in the first quarter of 2006 were confident in the future of their country, there were ominous omens that were hanging over the land


In the democratic elections that were forced upon the Palestinian community by the globalists of the Bush administration, the radical Hamas, the most virulent of the anti-Jewish Islamic fundamentalists of the Muslim Brotherhood, swept into political power by the Palestinian elections of March, 2006Within twelve months, they had forged a coalition government with Abbas’ “moderate” Palestinian FatahSoon after the Hamas took over the Gaza government in a military uprising that swept away Yasser Arafat’s protégés from power in the month of June 2007.  The resurrected Haman’s Amalekite Hamas, was now the defacto government of Gaza.  Ismail Haniyeh had now won the honor of being the “King of Gaza”. reminds us of the unique prophetic utterances of Zechariah:


Zechariah 9:1-7 (parts) – “The burden of the word of the Lord…against Tyre and Sidon…Behold, the Lord will cast her out;…she will be devoured by fire. Ashkelon shall see it and fear; Gaza also shall be very sorrowful; …The king shall perish from Gaza and Ashkelon shall not be inhabited.  A mixed race shall settle in Ashdod, and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines (Palestinians).  I will take away the blood from his mouth, and the abominations from between his teeth.  But he who remains, even he shall be for our God.” 


Lebanese based Hezbollah Commandos


Not only the now comatose Ariel Sharon who resisted the Vatican, but also now the President of Israel, Moshe Katsav, who also refused to relinquish the Israeli holy sites suddenly came under charges of raping and sexually molesting ten women employees in his presidential office. He was later indicted and forced to resign in disgrace from office. summer, 2006, as the “blowing of the (war) shofars” thundered their piercing tones across the land, the tides of personal fortunes and the moods of the people in Israel froze in time while the rest of the world watched nightly in amazement as hundreds and even thousands of missiles rained down over the regions of Galilee.  The Iranian proxies of the Shi’ite Hezbollah militia fighters headquartered in Damascus, Syria, were now coming to claim what they thought would be their ownThese missiles were not too sophisticated and most did not do significant damage, but the infrastructure of Lebanon in many parts surrounding Beirut were virtually destroyed as the Israeli air force pounded Hezbollah positions in retaliation.   


NATO’s United Nation’s Peace-keeping Forces from the Regions of Vatican’s Europe


The consequences of the Lebanese War between Hezbollah and Israel in the summer of 2006, led to one solution invoked by the Vatican mediated Rome Peace Summit, the proxy forces of Rome were now to be stationed at theNorthern Gates of Jerusalemas the United Nation’s NATO Peace –keeping forces, led by the Italian NATO contingent would now be the occupants just outside the “walls of Israel”. 


The Sixth Year 2007 with Voices of the Messiah and the

War Call of the Shofar


In the sixth year of the Sabbatical week of years, 2007 (fall 2006 to the fall 2007), the prophetic momentum appeared to return in stride.  According to the prophetic commentary by the Jewish sages, it stated: “there will be voices which according to Rashi depict either the blowing of the shofars (war) or the hints and voices about the coming of the messiah.” 


It is fascinating that again in the sixth year of a Sh’mittah cycle, such as also similar as in the year preceding Y2K, when the “voices” of the Messiah’s arrival were spreading around America, Israel, and even over the landscape of Ishmael’s children in the Middle EastYet, this time, the “voices” became more forceful


The Note Written by Senior Sephardic Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri just prior to his Death naming the Secret Name of the Jewish Messiah as Yehoshua.


The Iranian president, Ahmadinejad, was determined to hasten the coming of the Islamism’s first messiah, the Mahdi, by forcing chaos over this globe.  The blogs were alive in Israel, as their favorite sage, the Baghdad born Sephardic kabbalist rabbi, Yitzhak Kaduri, who at the age of 108-110 years of age, gained world renown for his apocalyptic omens; the prophetic announcement of the start of the seven year War of Gog Magog on the 7th day of Succot in 2001 when America sent the first wave of jets to attack al-Qaeda positions in Afghanistan; the catastrophic omens preceding the Indian Ocean Indonesian tsunami on December 26, 2004, and on November 2003 the shocking announcement that he had met the first of the two Jewish messiahs, the Maschiach ben Yosef (Messiah son of Joseph).


What was even more fascinating was the raging firestorm that erupted when Rabbi Kaduri wrote the name of the messiah on a sealed note that was not to be open until a year after his death on January 26, 2006.  In the spring of the seventh year, 2007, the sealed note of Rabbi Kaduri was opened. The controversy associated with the excitement raced around the international Jewish and Christian blogs again as the revealed name of the Jewish messiah son of Joseph was Yehoshua, the Hebrew name for Jesus. 


The revelation of the messiah’s name came from a specific kabalistic formula that used the first letter of each Hebrew word to spell the name of the messiah on the Hebrew sentence of six Hebrew words that stated; "Concerning the letter abbreviation of the Messiah's name, He will lift the people and prove that his word and law are valid. This I have signed in the month of mercy."


During the fall (2006) harvest festivals of the Jews in the sixth year of 2007, these threats of war became even more strident.  The nations of the Middle East stayed in a heightened state of alert, as one war game after another was played out over the Middle Eastern landscape.


This military buildup by the Islamic nations was only highlighted by the largest military armada of Vatican’s NATO ever to be stationed off the coast of Israel and Lebanon.  This naval armada only complements the Vatican sponsored NATO UNIFIL peace keepers also from the multinational NATO European forces that were now stationed not in opposition to, but imbedded with the regrouped and now more highly fortified Hezbollah forces that Israel was fighting against in 2006.


This military buildup by the United States was also highlighted by the largest American naval armada ever assembled in the fall of 2006 throughout the winter of 2007.  It now consisted of three aircraft carriers attack forces that were stationed in the Persian and the Indian Oceans off the coastline of Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. With America as the Grecian “face of Rome”, it appeared that the epic war of the east against the west in Daniel Eight’s War between the Persian Ram and the Greco-Roman He-Goat was being prepared to play out its final battle. 


A few may protest that this war was already fought, not just in the shadow-picture war of Alexander’s Greece and Darius II’s Persia, but when the Iron Curtain fell in 1991.  Yet we have to ask, was the ascendant power of Persia (Iran) a major participant in 1991?  Was Yang Shangkun, the President of the People’s Republic of China, involved and the Chinese “horn” broken also in 1991? 


The War Shofars Blasting in America as the Sovereignty of America come to her End


The United States throughout the year has been under a war mentality footing.  The military forces continued to be built up, with the largest American naval presence in the Indian and Persian Gulf ever, the largest European NATO naval presence in the Mediterranean Sea ever, while the American Executive Branch with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales began to lock down and limit dissent in America


In the first quarter of 2007 came the announcement by the Attorney General that federal judges were not qualified to make rulings affecting national security and terrorism. This came on the heels of criticism of the DOD Deputy Assistant Secretary for Detainee Affairs Charles “Cully” Stimson against law firms providing pro bono representation to detainees in American military prisons.  The trends continued to mount shifting the judiciary representation of American rights under “due process” and “fair trials” from civilian to military courts when for the first time in 200 years.   Then eleven top federal prosecutors resigned because of alleged political pressure ever since the USA Patriot Act, that was reauthorized in 2005, allowed the U.S. attorney general to appoint judiciary appointments without confirmation from the U.S. Senate.


Rapidly behind came the revelation that the fine lines of freedom between the use of military forces to engage in law enforcement upon American citizens had been breeched. It was the Insurrection Art of 1807, that was sealed in national law after the Civil war, that set up the major exemptions to the “posse comitatus” that limits the powers of the executive branch and the use of the American military in law enforcement to putting down rebellion, insurrection, and lawlessness, or where a state is depriving the citizens of this country their constitutional rights.  In October 2006, in the early hours before voting on an enormous defense budget bill, at the insistence of the executive branch, a provision was inserted to weaken this constitutional right so that the president of the United States could military forces, including nationalized state national guards to replace local or state police enforcement in the case of a natural disaster, the outbreak of a national epidemic of a disease, a terrorist attack or any “other condition” without any public hearings or debates, either without the consultation of the Congress of the United States of any governors of any of the states in the country. In other words, as the International Herald Tribune stated in a titled article, Making Martial Law Easier”, America is now one stroke of a pen from military or martial law. the Easter, Lent, and Passover season 2007 came, in Rome, the trusted adviser to Pope Benedict XVI, retired Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, former Archbishop of Bologna, was chosen to lead the Lenten Mass for the Cardinals and hierarchy in the Vatican.  He pronounced a remarkable and startling warning, that a Green Anti-Christ will emerge that is “a pacifist, ecologist, and ecumenist” and quoting Vladimir Solovyov (1853-1900), Russian mystic and philosopher, that this anti-Messiah “will convoke an ecumenical council and seek the consensus of all the Christian confessions”.   Using Solovyov’s “Three Dialogues on War, Progress, and the End of History”, he suggested that the anti-Christ was a real person that would oppose (orthodox) Christianity that stood for “absolute values, such as goodness, truth, beauty” and encourage “relative values” such as “solidarity, love of peace, and respect for nature”. 


Departure in Temperature of the Earth's surface temperature since the 1961-1190 average.  Image modified from IPCC materials.


With the rhetoric of the “Global Warming” advocates, who, along with former Democratic candidate, Al Gore, they were trying to rally the globalists around the world to radical reforms in all the nations of the world.  This came as though global warning was the fault completely of humans.  Yet, the God of Israel proclaims the He will induce radical climatic changes at the time of the end in a manner, not much different then He did to the Pharaoh of Egypt, to “harden their hearts”.  


Suddenly, in May 2007, the new American Immigration bill to be debated in Congress, would affect every job applicant in the United States.  As proposed, every job applicant will have their eligibility to work verified by the Department of Homeland Security.  This will include a government database unknown in human history on everyone in America and tied to their Social Security numberApart of this process would be a hardened Social Security card that will contain biometric information, like a National ID, along with a Real ID-compliant driver’s license in order to get any job. 


The “National IDcard brings its own Orwellian image as a Read ID system that has proposed branding citizens not possessing a Real ID card in a manner that lets all who see their official state-issued identification know that they're "different," and perhaps potentially dangerous, according to standards established by the federal government. They would become stigmatized, branded, marked, ostracized, segregated.”  As states, it would a “new form of social segregation – an attempt to separate “us” from “them” in the age of counterterrorism and the new normal, where one is presumed suspicious until proven more suspicious.” the same month, the Pentagon rejected any alternatives to the fact that the law recently signed by President Bush puts all U.S. National Guard Units under the power of the presidency, removing all federal constitutional guarantees of a state militia as a counter-balance to a federal military. 


Iranian President Ahmadinejad


That same month, the War between the Ram and the He-Goat came a “war” closer to being fulfilled when there was a report of a secret Cheney-Ahmadinejad meeting that was held in the United States Emirates in the Middle East, strangely a long time ally of Iran that is also home to the home of the U.S. military support services.  As reported:


Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz greeting Cheney as he arrives at King Faisal airbase in Tabuk yesterday


“FSB (Federal Security Services in Russia) reported  today are stating that the Iranian President Ahmadinejad and the United States Vice President Cheney have met in ‘secret’ today in the Middle Eastern country of United Arab Emirates. President Ahmadinejad left Iran on Sunday for the UAE as part of his previously announced tour of Gulf State Nations; Vice President Cheney was ‘spirited’ by his US Military protection detail from Saudi Arabia to the UAE to attend this “historic” meeting.”

Provoked and enraged as reports went over what may be a secret American-Iranian alliance, Russian President Vladimir Putin in presenting a speech commemorating the end of World War II, made the following remarks.


President Vladimir Putin


Russian President Vladimir Putin“We do not have the right to forget the causes of any war, which must be sought in the mistakes and errors of peacetime. Moreover, in our time, these threats are not diminishing. They are only transforming, changing their appearance. In these new threats, as during the time of the Third Reich, are the same contempt for human life and the same claims of exceptionality and diktat in the world.”


As the United States was placing a missile shield around Russia in Poland and the Czech Republic, once satellite states of Russia, the United States, through the proposal of the World Bank, whose president of the Bank is always a United State citizen and nominated by the President of the United States, was also agreeing to fund the proposed Iranian-Pakistan-Indian gas pipeline at the tune of 7 billion dollars. June of 2007, there was a notification that buried in the Comprehensive Immigration Reform act of 2006, that is reputed to be “longer than the Bible” are the orders to build 20 detention facilities in the United States” to hold “not less than 20,000 individuals”.  In total, 400,000 people can be held in detention facilities better known in history as concentration camps. [SEC. 233. INCREASE OF FEDERAL DETENTION SPACE AND THE UTILIZATION OF FACILITIES IDENTIFIED FOR CLOSURES AS A RESULT OF THE DEFENSE BASE CLOSURE REALIGNMENT ACT OF 1990. (a) Construction or Acquisition of Detention Facilities-] These “camps” will be different than the detention camps that are currently holding up to 11 million Mexicans within the borders of America, a fact that they may eventually be used on any American citizen, no matter what the charges. 


As 2007 unfolded, the hints of war and the agitation of the American society progressed.  The news media was surrounded by the media giants of Fox News, with news “fair and balanced” for our side, along with CNN, highlighted by the three part documentary on



1-35 Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis, Minnesota. war began to shift for the souls of men, wrapping up their own existential safety with the fears of progressive world chaos.  On August 2, 2007, it was reported from the Russian Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics in Irkutsk, who reported that their Siberian Solar Radio Telescope detected a “massive: ultra low frequency (ULF) ‘blast’” that came from 45° 00' North  Longitude:  93° 15' West.  This occurred at the “exact” moment of time when the massive and catastrophic collapse of the 1,907 foot bridge as I-35W traversed over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota during the height of rush hour traffic. It was reputed to be the only reason for such a collapse of a bridge, with no known structural defects or evidence of terrorism, to be caused by an “acoustic weapon”. 


1-35 Bridge Collapse over the Mississippi River


Just one mile away from the I-35 bridge was also one of America’s top research centers into acoustic weapons at Augsburg CollegeIt is also interesting that this is the primary freeway system that has been designated to be the North American Super-Corridor between Canada and Mexico to link the future North American Union.  If this report is true, it is also of concern in reference to the following that one of the largest Muslim populations in America is in Minneapolis with over 30,000 Somalia.  This does have national concerns as many were against the U.S.-Ethiopian invasion into Somalia in January 2007. 


As early as 1985, it was reported in an interview by CNN titled, Electromagnetic Weapons and Mind Control the following.


CNN – Electromagnetic WeaponsImagine the implications of a weapon with no visible trace -- a weapon that could knock out tanks, ships, and planes as fast as the speed of light. The same technology, with modifications, could disorient and even tranquilize military personnel, rendering them virtually helpless in the battle zone. These are the new weapons of war we will examine in this series.

For the past 40 years, the world has been riveted by the threat of nuclear war, and more recently by the prospect of space defenses using lasers and other modern technologies. But while both sides of the Geneva Summit will be focusing on these matters, progress is being made in even newer weapons that could render any arms agreement relatively useless.


Lightning is the most dramatic form of energy to be found in nature. Scientists have succeeded in creating limited types of artificial lightning. And some think that these could be the forerunners of a new type of directed-energy weapon, part of a family of weapons that operate within the radio frequency segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, and are thus referred to as radio frequency weapons.

Dr. James Fraser has researched electromagnetic effects for the Air Force for over ten years and he, like a growing number of weapons experts, feels that radio frequency, or RF, weapons could be the wildcard in the ongoing arms race.


Such use of weaponry has its dangers, as reported by Rauni Leena Kilde, MD, former Chief Medical Officer for Lapland in Northern Finland:


Rauni Leena Kilde M.D. - Mind control technology in the USA is classified under "non-lethal" weaponry.  The name is totally misleading because the technology used IS lethal, but death comes slowly in the form of "normal" illnesses, like cancer, leukemia, heart attacks, Alzheimer's disease with loss of short term memory first.  No wonder these illnesses have increased all over the world.


When the use of electromagnetic fields, extra-low (ELF) and ultra-low (ULF) frequencies and microwaves aimed deliberately at certain individuals, groups, and even the general population to cause diseases, disorientation, chaos and physical and emotional pain breaks into the awareness of the general population, a public outcry is inevitable.


While the United States media was riveted by the human suffering and emotions due to  the Minneapolis bridge collapse, five days later, a new human catastrophe occurred. South of Salt Lake City, about 140 miles, in an isolated canyon called Crandall Canyon, a coal mine collapsed trapping six coal miners 1,500 feet below in the ground by a cave-in that was reported to be so powerful that it caused an earthquake.  The owner of the mine, Robert E. Murray, chairman of Murray Energy Corp, and owner of the Crandall Canyon mine, has passionately insisted that the cave-in was caused by an earthquake, not causing oneHis claims have been disputed by government seismologists who claim that the pattern of ground-shaking as recorded on their seismographs at the time of the accident Monday had the appearance of causing an earthquake by the mine cave-in.

Crandall Canyon Coal Mine in Utah we received a report on the Russian Cosmos-2422 HEO  (highly elliptical orbit) satellite, that at the Dugway Proving Ground Test Range in Utah, at 08:48:40 UTC on August 7, 2007, a Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) was detonated, estimated to be 1.4 million pounds. There, eighty five miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah, was a 798,855 acre proving grounds surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides that served as a testing ground for biological and chemical weapon defense systems over the level salt flats, scattered sand dunes, and nearby rugged mountains.


Mushroom cloud MOAB Explosion


At that same time a 3.9 Magnitude Earthquake was recorded at the same locationWas this far enough away from the public eye that the United States military could detonate a 10,000 foot fireball made from 700 tons of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil (AFNO) buried 36 feet in limestone over a tunnel to ignite a “fireball” in order to simulate a low-yield nuclear weapon aimed by a sophisticated guidance system


MOAB – “Massive Ordinance Air Blast – “Mother of all Bombs”

It was about a year ago that the United States planned to detonate, in 2006, at the Nevada Nuclear Test Range, a similar massive explosion, that was code named, “Divine Strake” that was to be a part of the planned invasion into Iran in 2006. It was cancelled due to public protest, and tribal concerns of the Shoshone Indian tribe. It was also speculated that it could ignite the Yellowstone Park geysers infernal that could set off a continental size volcanic explosion.  A similar weapon explosive design, of 21,000 pounds was tested over Florida on March 11, 2003 within weeks of the American invasion into Iraq. 


In America, the population was emotionally preparing for war, while in Europe, the mood was just the opposite.



Today with the resurgence of the ancient Mongolian Empire with the three legs of the empire, the Russian Kipchak Khanate, the Persian Il-Khanate, and the Chinese Kublai-Khanate, now asserting themselves on the geo-political bid for global domination, we suggest that the final war for world domination between the globalists of the west, the Golden Internationale, and the globalists of the east, the Red Internationale, by the year of 2008, was yet to come.


By the summer of 2007, the Damascus government of Syria began to rattle her swords of war while the Nation of Iran was “polishing” the finishing touches on the nuclear centrifuges in her quest to aim missiles to Israel and the allies of the “Great Satan” towards the west.  The Nation of Israel was conducting war games in the region of the The Pantsyr-S1 air defence system.disputed Golan Heights, in preparation for either an offensive or defensive war. Syria, at the same time, was opening up the Golan borders for an influx of Syrian settlers to antagonize or try to wrestle land away from the Israeli settlements.  The anticipation of war continued to mount, with all the nations of the world wondering, who will fire the first shot? 


The Russian Pantsyr -S1E Air Defense Missile Fire Control Systems with Advanced Radar


Yet, as the war rhetoric was escalating, on September 7, 2007, Israeli Air Force entered into Syrian airspace to test the new Russian Pantsyr-S1E Air Defense Missile fire control systems with advanced radar that had just been installed around Damascus.  The Israeli aircraft spent enough time in Syrian airspace, dropped ammunition, and made several passes at variable altitudes under fire in order to test the Pantsyr-S1E response.  The success of the Israeli flights demonstrated to Damascus that even with their new anti-aircraft system, the superior Israeli electronics for jamming Russian missile systems, left their country vulnerable.


As Rabbi Pinchas Winston muses on these prophetic insights used in part in this article in his essay titled, Sh’mittah 5768 in which he states:


Rabbi Pinchas Winston“One thing is for certain: the amount of things that a Jew can rely upon for security are being reduced in number, and I suspect will continue to do so until we get to one only: God. That is the prerequisite for any redemption, especially the final one: 100 percent reliance on the Almighty, which we can choose to do, or be forced to do through circumstances that render all other sources of safety meaningless.

Even America, even if she still cares enough about Israel to actually get involved in war to save the Jewish state, won’t be able to do a whole lot of good, As the Talmud says: God promised to never bring a flood of water to the world again, but 155_crewHe didn’t promise anything about a flood of fire, as it says, “For God will enter into judgment with fire and with His sword against all mankind; there will be many that will be slain by God” (Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 66:16). (Zevachim 116a)

This is what an Israeli artillery crew in Southern Lebanon did during a lull in the fighting with Hezbollah

The rest of the verse speaks about preparing and purifying oneself, to avoid being consumed by the fire of God. At the time that Yeshayahu (Isaiah) spoke this prophecy, the Jewish people probably could not imagine what kind of fire God would use to vent his wrath against the evil of history. Today, as nuclear technology makes its way into the hands of those whom would abuse it against mankind, it does not require much imagination. Upon whom will we be able to rely besides God Himself? If you have another answer to that question, go back and prepare yourself some more.”


As Maggid Dov Bar-Lieb wrote on June 14, 2007 in the blog titled, “And Ya’akov Went on to Sukkot (Genesis 33:17), we read:


Maggid Dov Bar-Lieb  - “The upcoming war that is the final battles of GoguMagog that will probably take place some time between tomorrow, the 29th of Sivan, and when Gog W. Bush leaves office in January 2009 (Winter 5769) will be no exception to this rule. It will be bloody, lo aleynu, maybe even the bloodiest war in all of history, may Heaven spare us. Yet, the Talmud in several places tells us that in the seventh year there will be war, and when we daven the shmonah esrei (18 blessing prayer), the seventh blessing is a blessing for redemption. Why is this the case? This is so because the war in the seventh year of Gog UMagog is really the beginning of the redemption process even though Mashiach does not show up until the eighth year.


The only question becomes how do we know which year of the eight year process we are in now in the year 5767. The Al Aksa Intifada began a day and a half before Rosh HaShana 5761, and Israel was condemned by the United Nations for defending itself by a vote of 92 to 6 on HaShana Rabba 5761. See my article on The South Asian Tsunami . It was the beginning of Israel's agony of the last generation, our Gog and Magog agony, before Gog W. is elected later that Fall. Counting seven years leads to the conclusion that our seven years are up this summer of 5767, a year which ends in a seven.


The more classic interpretation, though, of the word "shvi'is" describing the seventh year is the Shmittah (sabbatical) year which is next year 5768. Rav Kaduri ztl. is quoted as saying that the Gaon of Vilna's interpretation of the word shvi'is is just that, the sabbatical year. The Gaon according to the Saintly Rav Kaduri even said that the seven years of Gog U Magog would begin on Hoshana Rabbah (the seventh day of the Feast of Booths) in the first year of a Shmittah cycle and would conclude in the eighth year, which is the first year of the next Shmittah cycle. The seventh year would be the year of the war. The eighth year would be the year of Mashiach's timely arrival. Therefore it is no accident that while 9/11 was a week before Rosh Hashana 5762 and while 9/11 itself was therefore on the 23rd of Elul 5761, Gog launched his air war against the Taliban in Afghanistan on Hoshana Rabba 5762, the first year of a Shmittah cycle.



All through the year there were “voices which according to Rashi depict either the blowing of the shofars (war) or the hints and voices about the coming of the messiah.”  These hints were raging within Orthodox Judaism in Israel, the Shi’ite Muslims in Iran and the Middle East, and the apocalyptic minded Christian westerners in America and EuropeIs it not amazing that as the seventh Sh’mittah year of the Sabbatical cycle arrived on Rosh Hashanah on September 13, 2007, we were finally able to literally see the manifestation of biblical prophetic truth unfolding into living reality as we complete one synchronization with seven year rabbinic commentary cycles.


The Seventh Year 2008 will “there will be War”? 


In the seventh year 2008 (fall of 2007 to the fall of 2008), the last and seventh “Sh’mittah year” of the Sabbatical week of years, the rabbinic commentaries proclaimed that “there will be war”.


The world wide hints of war have been sweeping the world since the humiliation of the Jewish military prowess in failing to stop the thousands of rockets that landed on the northern regions of Israel. The entire world was under the threat of war first from North Korea, then Iran, and now the stakes are rising against Russia and China. 


Yet, in the center of it all is Iran.  This land that represents the ancient Persian Empire will probably be the key to what will happen in the next twelve months. While the rhetoric escalates on both sides, and the secret diplomacy continues, we read from a World Net Daily report, titled, Pentagon Plan: Annihilate Tehran’s Military in 3 Days – No “Pinprick Strikes” – 1,200 Targets ID’s for Massive Attack on Nuke Sites”, as stated:


WNDThe Pentagon has formulated a "three-day blitz" plan to annihilate Iran's military that targets 1,200 sites, including Tehran's nuclear facilities, in order to render its military incapable of conducting offensive, defensive or retaliatory missions. According to the London Sunday Times, citing Alexis Debat, director of terrorism and national security at the Nixon Center, the Pentagon has rejected a strategy of "pinprick strikes" against Iran's nuclear facilities. "They're about taking out the entire Iranian military," Debat said.”


Yet, we cannot forget that what is most important in modern warfare is what is conducted on the psychological battlefieldIn time, one of the opponents will blink. Whoever blinks first, looses. Yet, if the prophetic path is in full swing, the odds are that there will be war, but not a military engagement against IranBibleSearchers has committed itself to following a prophetic pathwayRussia, Iran, and the United States will negotiate. Europe will follow along for the plunder.  As the Prophet Ezekiel wrote twenty five hundred years ago, with the modern rabbinic interpretation:


Ezekiel 38:3-13 (parts)“Thus says the Lord God: ‘Behold, I am against you, O BushGogI will turn you around, put hooks into your jaws, and lead you out, with all your army, horses and horsemenPersia/Iran, Ethiopia/Egypt, and Libya are with them, all of them with shield and helmet’In the latter years you will come into the land of those brought back from the sword and gathered from many people on the mountain of Israel, which had long been desolate; they were brought out of the nations, and now all of them dwell safelyOn that day it shall come to pass that thoughts will arise in your mind, and you will make an evil plan: You will say, ‘I will go up against a land of unwalled villages; I will go to a peaceful people, who dwell safely having neither bars nor gates to take plunder and to take booty….a people gathered from the nations, who have acquired livestock and good, who dwell in the midst of the land.”


Will the Eighth Year 2009 be the Year of the Messiah?


As we look over the historical record and see large similarities between the prophetic commentary in the Talmudic passage called the Sanhedrin, we also must confess that the evidence is not overwhelming that the last Sabbatical cycle of 2001 to 2008 will herald the coming of the Maschiach ben David (Messiah son of David).  As we add the prophetic testimony of John the Beloved in the Jewish Nazarene testimony in the apocalyptic Book of Revelation, we must remind ourselves that there are numerous and serious prophetic events that must come and be revealed as they are fulfilled before the coming of the Messiah.  Here are a few:


1.    The War between the Ram (Iran, Russia, and China) against the He-Goat (European Union with the Horn of the United States) will have to meet its final conclusion by the beginning of the ninth year (fall 2008)As the geo-political trends continue, this prophetic war will likely be fulfilled. Will it be by direct military confrontation or by covert and psyche wars that will finally bring the eastern global contenders of the Red Internationale under the global banner of the Golden Internationale headed predominately by the European Union and the United States? With the offer by the United States of a September Peace Accord with North Korea to dismantle her nuclear program heralds that the final culmination of this prophetic war is about overWill Putin, after his recent rendezvous and fishing expedition with the Bush clan at Kennebunkport Maine suggest that a new global treaty between the United States and Russia is in the works?  What about the psyche wars of the United States against China with the dog food, and tooth paste contamination, plus lead paint on Mattel’s children toys, all made in China?  Will the economic power of the western global bloc finally bring China to her knees in the realization that she cannot live alone in this world without the voracious appetite of western consumption?


2.    We will watch carefully the plans to ignite the War of GoguMagog and see if it reaches its final conclusion by the fall of 2008!  For this war to end according to the rabbinic interpretation, the western globalists and the eastern globalists will have to merge before an invasion into Israel will occur. Even so, the prophets speak that after the culmination of this war, for seven years the people in the land of Israel will be purifying the land and living off the war munitions that were left behind with this military catastrophe by the nations of the world in the land of Israel.


3.    The prophecies of Zechariah Nine with the final destructive end upon Damascus, Tyre, Sidon, Lebanon, and Gaza might have their culmination with the final passages of the GoguMagog War.  Who will be the anointed one to fulfill the Omens upon Damascus and the Islamic powers directly to the west, north and east of Israel?  If so, this will lead to the expansion of a Greater Israel into Gaza, Lebanon, Basham (Syria), and Gilead (Jordan).  For what reason?  According to Zechariah Ten, for the massive arrival of the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel, the House of Joseph or Ephraim.  Will this begin in 2008 with the Arrival of the Final Years of Redemption?


4.    What about the revelation of Daniel’s Messiah the Prince”, plus his abomination of desolation” in the city of Jerusalem?  Either the Tabernacle of the Congregation will have to be found with the Ark of the Covenant or a new temple will be built on the Temple Mount.  What will appear to be “abomination” may be an indication that the birth of a new temple was already a process of spiritual contamination when the revelation of the “mute” abomination is erected in the Holy Place that can speakOnly after this event will the “Messiah the Prince” be given full power over the entire earth for 1260 days.


5.    What about the final revelation of the Sea Beast” of Revelation 13 with seven heads and ten horns?  Will the Jewish Nazarene prophecy of John the Revelator merge with the prophecy of Daniel’s “Messiah the Prince”?  Will this “beast” be revealed to be the anticipated One World United Federation of Nations with ten international “Unions” under seven global rulers?


6.    What about the final revelation of the Earth Beast” of Revelation 13 that will be given the power to give “speech” to the “mute” abomination in the temple?  Will this give indication, that radical Islam with Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and the Wahhabi Muslims be revealed to be an extension of the intelligence organizations under the broad mantle of the Black Internationale, the satanic pact of the Shabbatean Jews with the military order of the Catholic Jesuits, the British and Scottish Masonry, the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati, and the apocalyptic Islamic mystical Sufi sect of Ismailism? 


This lays significant doubt whether all these streams of prophecy can be fulfilled by the fall of 2008.  What it does suggest is that this war cycle of the Gog-Magog War by the nations will be over by Succot 2008Imbedded within that prophecy in Ezekiel 38 is another seven year cycleIt appears that a new cycle of the Sabbatical week of years may begin but, this time it will be more intense, more severe, as the God of Israel begins to purify His people as the fires of destruction sweep over the rest of the world.


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