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The Asian Tsunami Wave Approaching the Shores of Sumatra – December 26, 2004 – Voice of Zion


The Pathways of Catastrophes towards Redemption


A Study on the Jewish Expectations of the

Coming of the Messiah

By Robert D. Mock MD

January-February, 2006


Part Four



The Pathways to the Redemption of Israel

The Coming Disasters and Tragedies in the World

Catastrophic Earth Changes on this Planet Earth

The Seeping of the Gihon Springs anticipating the Return of the Gihon River

The Prophecy of the Tsunami on the Coast of Gaza

How are We to Approach the Days of the Revelation of the Messiah of Israel?


The Pathways to the Redemption of Israel


The Coming Disasters and Tragedies in the World


One of the highlights of the prophecies of Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri is his focus on the catastrophes and calamities that are surrounding this planet earth.  The pronouncements by the centurion Rav Kaduri shlit’a concerning the global climate changes and the tectonic and catastrophic weather changes that have and will come with it will open the Jewish mind that literal changes are coming on this planet earth.   Literal interpretations must be made to Jewish prophecies and plans must now be made.


The call to return to the land of Israel is now!  It is not because Abraham, Isaac or Jacob went to the land of Canaan but because the only place on this planet earth that the Lord of hosts has pronounced his blessings and protection is in the land of Israel.  He has not made any promises to protect New York City, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth or Miami but He has promised his protective powers over Jerusalem and the Land of Israel. 


While the Golden Internationale or the western globalists world powers are engulfed on the mission to neutralize the Mahdi inspired president of Iran and his bid to bring the nation of Iran as the potential contender to destroy the Nation of Israel by nuclear armaments, the finger of the Almighty One of Israel is preparing the minds of all mankind that He will dismantle this “old world” in the purpose of preparing this planet for the coming of the Messianic kingdom as prophesied by the Hebrew prophets of old.   


As reported by the September 15, 2005 article in Israel National News which was recording the earlier article reported on December 30, 2004 titled, “Disaster, Redemption and the Tsunami”, it reported that two weeks before the Asia-Indian Ocean Tsunami hit, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri made  this prediction while quoted in the Ydiot Acharonot News:


Hurricane Katrina Preparing Landfall at New Orleans – August 29, 2005


Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri – "We are now in the fourth year of what could be the seven-year Redemption period, according to the calculation of the Vilna Gaon. [However.] in the coming three years, uncertainty about the future will hang over our heads, unless we work and strive that the Mashiach be revealed.

Mashiach is already in Israel. Whatever people are sure will not happen, is liable to happen, and whatever we are certain will happen may disappoint us. But in the end, there will be peace throughout the world. The world is mitmatek mehadinim (or becoming sweet from strict justice).

Great tragedies in the world are foreseen, that's the thing of the Jews going to the East. But our enemies will not prevail over us in the Land of Israel, 'fear and trembling will fall upon them,' in the power of Torah."


According to Rabbi Kaduri, the taste of global catastrophes that the world has experienced this past year in the Asian Tsunami and the Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma is only a foretaste of the future global catastrophes that await us.  Many Christian Americans think that Hurricane Katrina was marginalized in the consciousness of the Jewish people but opposite has been true.  This de-novo hurricane that sprang up suddenly in the Caribbean waters just east of Cuba and Jamaica became a Class V Hurricane in less than 72 hours.  It bounced over Florida and made a daring dash direct to the coastline southeast of New Typhoon_khanun_1Orleans and created the more searing catastrophe in the consciousness of Americans since World War II. 


Typhoon Khanun stirs up huge waves yesterday afternoon at Cheguan Dock in the Shitang Township of Wenling City, East China's Zhejiang Province. The typhoon made landfall at Jinqing Township in Zhejiang's Taizhou City at 2:50 pm yesterday. [Xinhua]


On the greater continent of Eastern China, Typhoon Khanun battering East China the coastline and over 800,000 Chinese people were evacuated.  A week later, Typhoon Talim left 97 dead, 16.2 million Chinese affected and 1.7 million people homeless. In also a record breaking year, 15 typhoons (Chinese term for hurricanes) pounded the coastline of Chine, disrupted life in Shanghai with $0.8 and 1.5 billion in damages occurred between Khanun and Talim alone.  


Yet on the beautiful Danube in Eastern Europe, the mighty river became a “flooding destroyer.”  The marauding water damages centuries old monasteries, castles and flooding the historic city of Lucerne in Switzerland . 


The Benedictine abbey of Weltenburg, Bavaria's oldest monastery, about 50 miles north of Munich, is seen flooded by the Danube, on Friday.


Also in the same year, the country of Romania had two fatal floods (57 and 18 lives) that claimed 75 lives. The countries Romanian_floodsof Bosnia and Sarajevo are also trying to recover torrential rains that have flooded many districts. 


As if the weather from the skies have not played havoc enough, the threat of earthquakes and volcanic activity has reached epic proportions. Recent scientific logs have documented that in the last 30 years the number and intensity of hurricanes and typhoons has increased 50-60%.


Yet we all get lost in the numbers of what we can see and perceive.  The real threat to the continents lies not in what is destroyed on the surface of the planet but what is being altered and destroyed under the great oceans and the tectonic plates.  The newest scientific awareness are the aseismic earthquake, where a huge “bang” is heard and perceived but with no seismograph record.  This is now recognized to be not a slippage of one fault against another, but that the tectonic plates are cracking under our feat. 


Yet volcanic activity is continuously being reported with greater intensity under the oceans. Is this only due to greater surveillance technology?  Possibly yes, but the scientific opinion is virtually universal, the tectonic activity and seismic volcanic activity has been increasing in spite of our greater technical observational skills.  


What also is reported in increasing frequency are the sun spots, the increasing intensity of the solar activity even while the sun is in its 11 year trough of historical solar output and sunspot activity.  Couple this with the progressive year after year solar blasts that have been hitting our planet earth and the increasing bolide or meteoric activity around the globe, the spectrum of major earth changes is just over the horizon. 


Catastrophic Earth Changes on this Planet Earth


·         The largest, costliest and most deadly hurricane season ever on record.

·         The hottest summer on multiple continents that may break all records in over a thousand years.

·         Tornados outbreaks killing hundreds in “diverse” places never seen before like: Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Canada.

·         Killer Floods and Mud Slides with millions in damages.

·         Killer Cold Waves, Blizzards across America and Russia

·         Snow falling in tropical zone never before recorded.

·         Global catastrophic earthquakes.

·         Epidemics of fires with aberrant “fire tornadoes” and racing “fire storms” jumping freeways.

·         Predictions of the North American Plate Cracking with Earthquake warnings for a mega-quake in the New Madrid Fault and “diverse” places along the Eastern Seaboard.

·         Increasing Earth’s tectonic plate pressures at reported “catastrophic proportions.”

·         Predictions for Catastrophic quakes along the San Andreas Fault in California plus quakes and volcanoes in Washington and Oregon.

·         Killer Tsunamis like the 2004 Sumatra, Indonesia quake and tsunami.

·         Eruptions of long dormant volcanoes occurring around the world.

·         Predictions for a mega-eruption for a Super-Volcano at Yellowstone National Park.

·         The Atlantic Gulf Stream and Ocean Conveyor Belts changing as the cold water engine failing by 75%, discovered recently by submarine exploration.

·         The astounding melting of the North Pole and the glaciered areas of Alaska, Canada and Siberia.

·         Antarctica glaciers melting in alarming pace, in unequal distribution and causing an unbalanced glacier cap on a fluid continental break with threats of a catastrophic collapse.

·         The North and South Magnetic Poles are now moving.  Scientific speculation for a rare magnetic pole shift. The North Pole has moved beyond the northern reaches of Canada and heading towards Siberia.

·         Erratic Solar flares of mega-intensity during a time when the solar flares should be at a minimum.

·         Solar instability with strange proton storms of mega-proportions.

·         A repeated and recurrent mysterious and mammoth cosmic shockwave pounding our geomagnetic shield from an unknown source at the core of the universe.

·         The cosmic shockwaves are affecting all the planets in the solar system.

·         A “Quantum Anomaly” stalling over the Antarctica with marked decrease in seismic activity.

·         The Earth’s wobble has mysteriously ceased.


Pentagon Report on the Future Climatic Changes


While the Western Nations are wrapped up in the global forces that surround oil and terrorism, the Pentagon of the United States Military are looking into the future and the very survival of this planet earth.  Not discussed in the international news or in our materialistic and sensory driven world are “massive assaults” upon the global weather systems.  On February 22, 2006, the British Guardian News posted an article titled, "Key findings of the Pentagon."
















According to the Jewish Midrash, the days of redemption (geula) before the coming of the messiah will be days in which the sun will become progressively hotter.  This intense heat according the Rabbi Brody:


Rabbi Lazer Brody - “shall be a cure for Israel, but a nemesis for Esau.  It’s all coming downCure for Israel, nemesis for Esau.  There’s only one way to survive – faith and tshuva (repentance); now’s the time to make a real commitment to Hashem (God of Israel).”


Yet according to Rav Kaduri shlit'a, all the above is child's play compared to the global changes that are awaiting the inhabitants on this planet earth.  The earth changes will be so great that living in these areas will be so hazardous that all Jews are asked to return to the land of Israel which will be recognized as the safest place to Sunlive on this earth.


It must be recognized that the world view of Rav Kaduri does not have universal acceptance, even in Judaism.  There are many different opinions on the return of the messiah, but what we are highlighting is that there is a universal thought rising in rabbinic Judaism, the day of the Messiah is here and very soon.


The Melitzer Rebbe shlit'a disagrees on one point with Rav Kaduri in that he does not stress that all Jews should move or make aliyah to the Land of Israel.  What he emphasizes is that only those who are willing to commit to all the Torah's commandments given to the Jews by God to Moses on Mount Sinai should not return to the Land.  The two biggest areas of concern are: Seventh-day Sabbath observance and Torah education for the children. 


Jewish people who are anti-Jews, anti-God of Israel and against the basic premises of Torah life will make the Land of Israel the “most dangerous place on earth.”  These Jews are what Rabbi Antelman in his book, “To Eliminate the Opiate” call the Sabbatian Jews, whose messianic called led almost two thirds of Judaism astray in the era of 1666.  To the Melitzer, for the observant Jew, the hand of the Almighty has promised to protect Israel and it will become the “best and safest place on earth.”


Of course there is a blend between the two.  As with Christians and Moslems, and so with the Jewish people, it is time to wake up accept that coming of the Messiah is soon.  To the Jew, the time to make Tshuva (repentance) is now and not tomorrow.  It is time to recognize that the God of Israel is boldly and forcibly sending out a message to all to hear: release your claim to yourself, get rid of your appetite for materialism and open your hearts and obey the commands of the Torah and all the commandments given by the Almighty One of Israel.  For those, it is time to make definite plans to return to their home: the Land of Israel. 


To the Christian believer awaiting the coming of the Jesus the Messiah, it is time to wake up to the reality that the fate of the Jews and Christians will be the same. We as gentile Christians would do well to thank the Lord our God that there was a Judaism that gave us the reality that God is the Creator of the Universe.  We should thank the Almighty One of Israel that He gave His son as a conduit or an agent that all men, of all races could become attached to the Vine of Israel and become sons and daughters of the God of Israel, the Father of Jesus.   


Yahshua ben Yosef (Jesus son of Joseph) was a Jewish messiah.  This is a fact of history. He is the most read and studied rabbi of first century Judaism by the Jewish rabbabim today. Irregardless of the polemics or differences between the Jews and the Christians, there is one irrevocable historical truth; there would be no Christianity today if Jesus was not a Jewish messiah.  The Jesus that the Jews see today is a messiah that Christians corrupted.  This is our problem for it was the gentile Roman Church who separated the Early Christians from their Mother Synagogue in Jerusalem called the Hebrew Nazarene Ecclesia in Jerusalem. It was the apostate Roman Christian Church who took the Jewish messiah out of the Jewish culture and recreated him in a Roman Hellenistic culture.


When the reality hits the Jewish people that Yahshua (Jesus) belongs to them, that He was a part of the plan of salvation created by Hashem their God so that the “Lost Tribes of the House of Israel” might be redeemed, they will claim Yahshua as their own.  The fraud of two millenniums will be revealed.  The tikkun (“repairing the breaches”) between the House of Judah and the House of Israel will be complete. The “scattering of the House of Israel” will begin its own redemption and restoration. 


The Seeping of the Gihon Springs anticipating the Return of the Gihon River


It was on February, 2000 that BibleSearchers began its year long study on the Twelve Mishnahs in the Emeq HaMelekh in a series called, “The Emeq HaMelekh (Valley of the Kings), the Hebrew Account of Hiding the Ark, the Sanctuary and the Treasures of Solomon’s Temple.”  This little known Jewish Mishnah that was written by Shimon HaLevi, who was identified as the priest who sacrificed the third and the fourth Red Heifer after Ezra the Cohen sacrificed the second at the purification of the second temple. In the chronologies of the Jewish rabbis, this places Shimon HaLevi as a participant in the restoration of the exiles from Babylon in 441 BCE according to the Jewish calendar.    



Shimon Ha Levi was the author of twelve Mishnahs called the Emeq HaMelekh.  In this Tosefta, it describes the hiding of the temple treasures from the Temple of Solomon before and during the exile of the Jewish people to Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar.  Found in the 8th century Genizah of the revered Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo, Egypt, this reputed 8th century manuscript matches identically with the engraved account of the same twelve Mishnahs on two large white marble tablets at Mount Carmel.  These were dated to the Jewish year 3331 from the year of Adam.  As though the God of Israel ordained that there must be two witnesses, these Mishnahs also correlate with the Ibex Leather Scroll which was also penned by the same Shimon HaLevi’s.


Here is the account of that fascinating twelfth Mishnah of the Emeq HaMelekh written by Shimon HaLevi which states: 


Hiluk, son of Shimur HaLevi, was given twelve more precious stones in order to hide them so that they could (eventually) be restored to the Tribes (of Israel).  The names of the Tribes were engraved on them and they shone on the Tribe’s heads, excellent and precious, one more than the other.  No king, prophet, or anyone else knew where they were hidden, excepting Hiluk, son of Shimur Ha Levi. The remainder of the wealth and glory that was in Jerusalem was taken by angel Shimshiel. Shimur, Hiluk, and their companions, the Levites, later went and showed it to Michael and Gavriel. All Israel concealed the Vessels until a righteous king arises over Israel. 


What’s more, they all swore a solemn vow never to reveal the whereabouts of these vessels until David, son of David, arises.  All silver, gold, and Margaliot (precious stones) which was ever hidden away will be handed over to him when the exiles of Israel will be gathered from the four ends of the earth and they ascend with greatness and exaltation to the land of Israel


At that time, a great river will issue forth from the Holy of Holies of the Temple. It’s name is Gihon, and it will flow to the great and dreadful desert, and become mixed with the Euphrates River.  Immediately, all the Vessels will float up and be revealed.”


On December 14, 2005, the following letter was posted on Lazer Beams, a “spiritual journey with Rabbi Lazer Brody: This world is a dark and narrow bridge, but with the light of faith, we’ll reach the other side.”  This letter stated:


Rabbi Brody – “Dear Rabbi Brody, I had the privilege of touring the Temple Mount tunnels on November 24, 2005 (Thanksgiving in the States). Some of the walls in the tunnels were rather moist to the touch. I took the attached photo in the tunnels, and thought it was too dark to see anything. Well I just lightened the picture a bit, and to my surprise, it shows obvious signs of water. Thought you might like a copy. Keep up the good work. Best wishes, Lance Feldman”


In July, 2005, this Chabad Rabbi investigated the phenomenon of the Mayim_besassonwater seepage himself with this posing on July 4, 2005 titled, The Wailing Wall: The waters of salvation - see for yourself!:


Rabbi Lazer – “I just returned home from Jerusalem, where I davened for all of you at the Kotel… I've been receiving a lot of mail from skeptics. If anyone doesn't want to believe in Moshiach and Geula (the time of redemption), that's their free choice. But for the benefit of my readers all over the world, I took the following pictures, so you can judge for yourself:


The seepage, the mud stains, and the moss (Taken by Lazer, Western Wall in Jerusalem, July 3, 2005)


The "Kotel" faces the sun-baked west. You can easily fry an egg on Jerusalem stones with a Western exposure, especially in July. Here, there's zero rainfall from the beginning of March until the beginning of October. Yet, despite Cool_and_moistthe hot sun, the drought, and the arid Judean desert climate, look at the mud and moisture marks on both sides of the cracks, and the moss (who ever heard of moss growing on a western exposure?) growing from the bottom. This particular crack is about 15 feet high, and on the men's side about 20 feet left of the mechitza (partition that separates the women's side).


The protruding stone, more mud stains, and the moisture on the stone face

(Taken by Lazer, Western Wall in Jerusalem, July 3, 2005)


Notice the mud stains on the bottom of the protruding stone at the top left side of the photo. Also, notice the moisture on the face of the stone beneath the protrusion. I'm sure that Hashem sent this friendly little pigeon to show me where the water seepage is - the pigeon enjoys a cool, moist resting place, and that's exactly what he's found. So does the lush green caper bush that's growing out of the wall. Clearly, the capers have a good source of moisture to sustain them.


As mentioned in the previous post on this subject, by Islamic tradition, if the Gihon spring begins to rise on the Temple Mount, it signifies the beginning of Jewish redemption; if Yisrael must rise, then Yishmael must fall. By our own tradition, the moisture at the Western Wall of the Holy Temple indicates the impending redemption of the people and land of Israel, the rebuilding of the Temple and the coming of Moshiach ben David, speedily and in our time, amen.


By no matter of coincidence, I heard this morning about a 32 year-old Arab from the Abu Dis area east of Jerusalem who was found mysteriously murdered near the village of Silwan, not more than a twelve minute walk from the Temple Mount. My source told me that the victim was a plumber working for the Wakf; apparently, the dead man had told people in his village about the plumbing problems in Al Aksa. In Al Kuds of Falastin, that's enough for a person to get himself executed. The Mufti and the head Qadis knows that the rising Gihon must be kept secret, because it signifies that the Jewish redemption - and their own downfall - is imminent.”


Rabbi Brody earlier on June 27, 2005, posted an article titled, “Mufti's panic: The Gihon resurfaced under the Temple Mount” and the water seeping on the Temple Mount which stated:


Lazer Beams - “The Gihon River mentioned in Genesis 2:13 flows under Jerusalem, directly under the Holy Temple Mount, under what today is known as the Dome of the Rock in the Al Aksa mosque. There, it's known as Siloam Spring (see Rashi on Kings I, 1:33), and flows out in the direction of Silwan (Arabic for Siloam), the Arab town directly to the South of the Temple Mount.


The 1st Century CE steps leading down to the Siloam Pool and the underground Gihon spring, Silwan, South Jerusalem


King Hezekiah sealed off the waters of the Gihon when he was threatened by Sanherib and the Assyrians (see Chronicles II, 32:30 and Talmud tractate Brachos 10b). According to Islamic tradition, when the waters of the Gihon begin surfacing under the Dome of the Rock, then the Jewish Messiah is fast on the way, and their downfall is imminent. Soon, very soon, there won't be any more mosques on the Temple Mount.


In recent months, several witnesses have told about water seeping out of the floor near the base of the Dome of the Rock. The Jerusalem Wakf, the Moslem religious authority, has hurried to fabricate the lie of faulty drainage causing the water seepage. All you have to do is to pick up an East Jerusalem phone book, and call any plumber at random; you'll have a 50-50 chance that he's one of the many that the panicking Wakf has summoned to stop the trickling, but to no avail. The Mufti himself knows…that all the plumbers in the world won't stop the waters of salvation from gushing out soon; the Siloam Pool will be the mikve where Moshiach Tzidkenu will immerse himself every morning before praying and learning.

On September, 2000, BibleSearchers was near completion of the prophetic series on the Book of Zechariah as a literal time of the end prophecy.  The commentary series on the thirteenth chapter of Zechariah titled, “The Gihon River (Fountain) flowing from the Temple of the Lord and the Purification of the Land of Israel and its People”,  reported the following.


Pictures posted in 1999 depicting water hose draining water from the

interior of the Dome of the Rock


There was an article and pictures posted on which stated at that time that “the Muslims were pouring cement down trying to stop the flow of water. Well the water has got to go someplace. So it is going down underneath the ground, underneath the slabs of rock, pouring out the ceiling of the Kotel, and also flows over to Hezekiah's cave, and we have seen the pictures of the flow of 10 to 15 gallons per minute from the hose on the Temple Mount.” 


The fact that it was posted on a site by the self proclaimed “Elijah the Tishite” aka Ernie from the United States, an itinerant “prophet” who routinely comes into the Land of Israel and is then kicked out of the country does not negate the story.  The record and evidence of the water seeping up to the Dome of the Rock was documented in 1999.  


That same summer, Rabbi Chaim Richmon of the Temple Mount Faithful made this statement on July, 1999 titled, “The Temple Institute responds to widespread reports of water flowing underneath the Temple Mount.”  


Rabbi Chaim Richmon – “Our most thorough and comprehensive contacts with those who are in the best position to verify the integrity of these reports have yielded no information. In short, despite the intensity of the rumors and the enthusiasm they have generated, there is no tangible proof or evidence at all that water is flowing under the Foundation Stone, or anywhere under the Temple Mount, at this moment.


On that same year, they reversed their report and Gershom Salomon posted the following article, Water Flowing from the Rock: a Sign of Redemptionon the Temple Mount Faithful site. 


Rabbi Gershom Salomon - “One of the most exciting events over the last few days has been the news of the water flowing from the holy rock of Abraham and Isaac on the Temple Mount, which was in the midst of the First and Second Temples. ’According to what we now know, the water is definitely flowing from under the rock. The Arabs on the Temple Mount deny this and have tried to stop the flow by many means but have not succeeded. What we now know is that they are trying to bring in special pumps to stop the flow. In any case, the water continues to flow. Nothing can stop it.

’This special news has caused much excitement in Israel. Since the destruction of the Second Temple the Jewish People have anticipated this event with great desire and prayers because we always knew that this would be one of the signs of the last days and the redemption of Israel and that the Third Temple is soon to be built and Mashiach ben David is soon to come. Now, at the climax of the major redemptional process of Israel when everyone in Israel can see and hear for themselves how close we are to the accomplishment of this great prophetic godly event, this major godly event has occurred before our very eyes. It cannot be stopped even though the enemy on the Temple Mount is trying to do so.

’This event will show everyone in the world who is trying to stop G-d's determination to redeem the people of Israel, to cancel the last signs of pagan, foreign presence on the Temple Mount, the holy hill of G-d, and any foreign occupation in the land, which G-d promised to Israel alone in an eternal covenant.”


On June, 2004, a great article on the “Running Water at the Temple of Zion”  by George Wesley Buchanan of the Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington D.C. In this article we quote:


George Wesley Buchanan –Two centuries before the time of Herod, Aristeas saw the spring water flowing through the temple, flushing out the blood from sacrifices. When Yadin was editing the Qumran Temple Scroll, he quoted the text that gives directions for establishing a place where priests could change their garments, bathe and change into priestly garments before participating in the temple services….


Faust argued that this huge shaft, sometimes called Warren’s shaft, was used to dip water in buckets for the city.  After they had been pulled up to the tunnel level, they would still have to be carried through the tunnel to become accessible to the city. The city needed more water than could be provided in small buckets, dipped and pulled up long distances with ropes. Think of the number of ropes this would wear out as they rubbed along those rocky walls!


Faust recognized some problems with his conjecture. He knew that pulling water up by the bucketfuls was not easy, and he suggested that it would have been used only in emergencies. He also noted that in order for water to be reached by buckets on ropes, the water would have to have been dammed up at the bottom of the shaft, so that water could have been forced several metres up the shaft to bring the water level closer to the reach of the platform on which the people stood when they drew the water. He neglected only to consider the possibility that the dam could have worked to allow the water to be forced all the way up the shaft, through the tunnel, and out on to the top of the ridge in the temple area.”


On October 21, 2003, Randall Gray wrote the article titled, Vast Reservoirs under Temple Mount could be source of Wall Collapse” which he claims that 19th Century Studies Revealed Surging Waters Underneath in Jerusalem.  He states:


Randall Gray – “The findings from two 19th-century geological expeditions in Jerusalem may explain the “mysterious” presence of water which has formed bulges in two walls at the Temple Mount and last month caused an interior portion of the southern wall at the ancient holy site to collapse, a Tennessee writer says. Randall Gray, who is writing a book on the Holy Land’s topography, says American and British explorers in 1838 and 1867 discovered as many as 34 reservoirs beneath the mount, some holding millions of gallons of water, as well as aqueducts fed by an historic spring near the mount. Gray says the historic Gihon Spring, also known as the Virgin’s Fount and the biblical Serpent’s Well, “pulses like blood within a living organism.” He believes that the spring’s symbolic and literal biblical significance makes the spring and all the subterranean conditions at the Temple Mount “profoundly worth watching.”


A report released last October (2002) by intervening Jordanian engineers revealed that collecting water had caused the 2,000-year-old stones and the mortar holding them together to disintegrate. Recent authorized inspectors reported in September that the collapse of the interior portion of the southern wall at the Temple Mount may only be the beginning of “a terrific series of collapses.” The damaged area threatens the nearby Islamic Museum. The Dome of the Rock shrine and the Al-Aqsa mosque atop the mount are unaffected. A bulge blamed on moisture formed at the Western Wall (or Wailing Wall), Judaism’s holiest religious site, in the fall of 2002, a year after the bulge was detected at the mount’s southern wall. The two walls are separated by several hundred yards. Dripping water first appeared at the Western Wall, midway up the stone wall, in early July of 2002. Faulty plumbing at the Dome of the Rock above and not far from the Western Wall was then cited as the explanation for the presence of dripping water. But Gray reports authorized visitors to the Muslim shrine in recent years have suggested a different explanation: “The holy rock which the shrine houses itself has been reported damp, and mopping is a frequent sight,” Gray says… “Places on the Temple Mount which shouldn’t be saturated with water, are saturated. And the seeping water is apparently not due to faulty plumbing, as some people have suggested


Gray, a former intelligence specialist assigned to the Middle East, says the 1838 expedition, conducted by American archaeologists and Bible scholars Edward Robinson and Eli Smith, located Hezekiah’s Tunnel, a 1,750-foot aqueduct cut through solid rock in 701 B.C. which connected the Pool of Siloam to the Gihon Spring. The spring, just south of the Temple Mount, served as Jerusalem’s primary water supply in ancient times. Gray says the two men noted with fascination the spring’s periodic surging behavior, which occurred in intervals of between four and ten hours. The flow of gushes together produced between 7,000 and 40,000 cubic feet of water every day. Gray says such “an aggressive flow” of water “could easily wear away the limestone” which forms the bedrock of the Temple Mount.


In 1867, Gray reports, English engineer Charles Warren drilled seven deep shafts on rented land adjacent to the holy plateau and found a vast network of reservoirs and a vertical shaft connected to the Gihon Spring beneath the mount. The 75-foot shaft, known as Warren’s Shaft, is believed to be the naturally formed conduit through which King David and his men slipped to lay siege to Jerusalem, making it Israel’s new capital….


The presence of so much water beneath an otherwise arid Jerusalem creates a very significant, poignant image,” Gray observes. “For centuries, water, which possesses deep symbolic meaning for Jews, Christians and Muslims, has apparently been working its way through the rock. At a very significant time in Israel’s history, the water of Israel’s foretold purification and restoration may finally be bubbling to the surface.”


The Prophecy of the Tsunami on the Coast of Gaza


A recent blog was posted on August 5, 2005 on both the Years of Awe and the “Moshiach and Geula, End of Days Prophecies, Geula, Moshiach, Gog and Magog,” orthodox and mystical Jewish blogsite that made the following claim.  The claimant for this post referenced the Hebrew site,, stated:


Years of Awe and Moshiach and Geula - HaRav Baruch Shapira, ztvk"l, said ten years ago: "I am a big prophet and head of the 36 hidden tzaddikim, and my prophecy is that in the future they will drive out complete settlements from the Gaza Strip, and immediately afterwards there will be a very strong earthquake in the area of Gaza and a huge wave will come and wash away the whole area into the sea, along with all the Palestinians."


It was reported that HaRav Baruch Shapira, ztvk”l lived in an old house in Maale Edomim.  The timing of the incident ten years prior was when a group of Jews from Hebron went to visit this 90 year old rabbi, later known to be Mekubal Rabbi, one of the chief and learned of the rabbabim.  He was buried on the Mount of Olives and during his funeral the present HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu spoke at his funeral.  On that occasion, he made the claim that Rabbi Shapiro was the “Head” of the 36 hidden Tzaddikim (Righteous One)” in the world, and the greatest of them.


Another person posting from the claimed that this was not an internet rumor but part of question and answer session with Rabbi Ezra Sheinberg at the Machon Moriya Yeshiva.  This yeshiva was founded by Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu. Concerning the verification of the prophecy, he verified that Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu spoke at the funeral and in conclusion, "on the words of the Rav, zt”l, there is nothing to add...only to publicize." This was felt to be a “pretty strong haskama” or letter of approbation. 

According to the Kabbalistic Jews, there are 36 hidden and righteous men called “Tzaddikim”, who are so pure that only they know the holy and unspeakable “Name” of the Almighty One of Israel.  They are called the Lamed Vav Tzaddikim, known as the Tzaddikim Histarim or the “Hidden Righteous.” According to the Talmudic book, the Sanhedrin and the Sukkah, it states:


Sanhedrin 97b and Sukkah 45b - As a mystical concept, the number 36 is even more intriguing. It is said that at all times there are 36 special people in the world, and that were it not for them, all of them, if even one of them was missing, the world would come to an end. The two Hebrew letters for 36 are the lamed, which is 30, and the vav, which is six. Therefore, these 36 are referred to as the Lamed-Vav Tzadikim. This widely-held belief, this most unusual Jewish concept is based on a Talmudic statement to the effect that in every generation 36 righteous "greet the Shechinah," the Divine Presence.


According to Hasidic Judaism these 36 righteous men’s role is to justify the purpose of mankind in the eyes of the Almighty God of Israel.  Their identity is secret and unknown even to each other.  If any one of them were to come to a full realization of the purpose of their existence, they would die immediately and their role would be filled by another Tzaddik.  This was explained by a Rabbi Zwerin in the following homily: 


Rabbi Zwerin from Temple Sinai in Denver - The Lamed-Vav Tzaddikim are also called the Nistarim (concealed ones). In our folk tales, they emerge from their self-imposed concealment and, by the mystic powers, which they possess, they succeed in averting the threatened disasters of a people persecuted by the enemies that surround them. They return to their anonymity as soon as their task is accomplished, 'concealing' themselves once again in a Jewish community wherein they are relatively unknown. The lamed-vavniks, scattered as they are throughout the Diaspora, have no acquaintance with one another. On very rare occasions, one of them is 'discovered' by accident, in which case the secret of their identity must not be disclosed. The lamed-vavniks do not themselves know that they are one of the 36. In fact, tradition has it that should a person claim to be one of the 36 that is proof positive that he is certainly not one. Since the 36 are each exemplars of anavah, humility, having such a virtue would preclude against one’s self-proclamation of being among the special righteous. The 36 are simply too humble to believe that they are one of the 36."


Called the “Lamedvavnik/s”, this Yiddish term hearkens back to the Torah story of Abraham who asked the God of Israel to spare the city of Sodom if ten hidden righteous men could be found within that city.  With their righteousness even the most barbaric city would be saved.  The fact that they are hidden suggests that every Jew should seek to be a “lamedvavnik” or a hidden righteous person.  They are to lead a holy and humble life, pray as an emissary to God for the sake of their fellow humans and for the healing of the entire planet.  Each one would possibly be a candidate to be the Messiah. 


The concept of righteousness and the worth that even one righteous person could have in the redemption of this planet earth is astounding.  The “poor in the spirit” and the “humble in the heart” brings these people in every walk of life, unknown to any around and themselves included. 


It was on November 1, 2000 that Archeologist Earnest Martin with ASK – Associates for Scriptural Knowledge wrote about a mega-tsunami that would destroy the entire coastal areas along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea at the time of the end. The prophecies concerning this tsunami were foretold in the Oracles of Zechariah 9 through 14.  In an article called, The Damascus Phase of End-Time Prophecy,” he wrote:


Archeologist Earnest Martin –The prophecy begins with a great destruction of the whole seacoast of the Levant (the area from Hamath on the Euphrates in the far north) and then reaching southward to include all the Philistine (Palestinian) cities up to and including Gaza (Zechariah 9:2-8). It is God (not man or the armies of man) who does this prophesied destruction. It is no doubt an earthquake in the Mediterranean and its consequent tsunami (a large destructive ocean wave often called, wrongly, a "tidal wave") that the prophecy is describing. It could also be the results of an asteroid with its consequent ocean waves of destruction. Note that only the coastal cities of the eastern Mediterranean are judged. Though such things have happened in history, this tsunami will be gigantic and almost beyond compare.


So, the first event ushering in the "Time of the End" will be a massive tsunami with a wave of ocean water hitting the eastern Mediterranean seacoast with probably a height of 100 to 200 feet (maybe even higher). Massive destruction on the seacoast will result. Since no elevated inland areas are mentioned in the judgment (such as Jerusalem at 2600 feet above sea level), a tsunami is most likely the means that will introduce the End-Time prophecy of Zechariah 9 to 14. This seems to be what God is talking about. The truth depends on the proper interpretation of Zechariah 9:2-8. I do not claim to be a modern day prophet, but I am an interpreter of the Scriptures who understands (and believes) many of the traumatic historical events of the past that are found in the documents (including those of the Bible). So, in my view the judgment appears to me to be a tsunami.


This tsunami will be of great magnitude. It will hit the eastern Mediterranean coastline (giving widespread devastation for 10 to 20 miles inland depending where the "level land" is exposed to the coast). Tel Aviv (Israel’s largest city) will certainly have widespread ruins along with all regions from the Turkish border in the north down to Gaza in the south. Though the judgment is for the "Land of Hadrach" (the Promised Land), such a tsunami would also include Egypt and its near sea level land mass from its Delta to Upper Egypt. Ezekiel 29:1-12 may be referring to this "destruction."


Concerning the prophecy of the “Tsunami at Gaza” should lead us all to “watch and be ready.”  We are to understand that there are events on this planet earth that the finger of the Lord is directly involved in bringing the time of His Judgment to fulfillment.  The Jewish prophecy was made in the mid 1990s and the article written by Earnest Martin was written in the year 2000.  Yet only with the recent emotional upheaval over the Gaza disengagement has the memory of the Mediterranean tsunami that will sweep over Gaza now being publicized to the entire world.  As with the thousands of hints, clues and variables in the modeling of the final days before the messiah comes, we must add one more event to watch with anticipation. 


According to the Mekubal rabbi’s prophecy, there was to be a day when the Jewish settlements of Gaza will be evacuated and this part of the prophecy was fulfilled in Augusts, 2005 with the Sharon and Bush driven unilateral engagement of Jewish people from the Gaza Strip.  After the Jews leave, the time which is unspecified, Hakadosh-Baruch-Hu, the Unknowable God of Israel will cause a tumult in the Mediterranean Sea by an earthquake off the Gaza Coast.  A mighty tsunami wave will sweep across this land and many areas will become like little islands.  After it is done, the Jewish people will return unopposed to Gaza and the understanding of a great miracle will be known to all.  Will this prophecy actually occur?  While the future is yet to unfold, the one true fact, the Sovereign will of the God of Israel will be revealed in His good time


How are We to Approach the Days of the Revelation of the Messiah of Israel?


The study of the coming Messiah will never be over.  Only seven years ago, a Maggid told me that in Jewish studies, there is little prophetic study that the current Jewish rabbis are doing.  Maybe in their wisdom, they knew that when the time of the end comes, the revelations from Hashem their God will show them the meaning of the hidden passages of the ancient prophets.  The concept of “Watch and be ready” comes from the very core of Judaism. 


Understand this study has been limited to the study of the Maschiach ben Yosef (Messiah son of Joseph).  The identity of the Maschiach ben David (Messiah son of David) will bring our focus not to the Geula (days of redemption) but the glorious entry into personal presence of that spiritual world that we have been deprived.


The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the God of both Christianity and the Jews. The pristine truths given from eternity are being rediscovered by the Jewish rabbabim while the Jewish-Hebrew roots are being rediscovered by the Christians.  Over the centuries they both have viewed each other in exclusionary terminology and with jealousy and envy.  Yet when we elevate our sights beyond our sectarian myopic visions and seek to align our sights with the visual field of the Almighty One of Israel, we both may receive a dose of divine ecstasy. Out of the struggle of the Jews to accept their own divine destiny, the Christians, seeking their own “roots”, may also discover that they are the reservoir for the greater part of the “Lost Tribes of Israel.” Lost brethren separated by thousands of years of “identity theft”, may have needed a “bridge” from de-vine (the vine) that may awaken their own lost dormant soulsBoth may someday come to recognize that the beginning of the redemption of the House of Israel (Joseph-Ephraim) began two thousand years ago when a young rabbi filled with the “soul of the messiah” given to Him by His Father in heaven said,


Matthew 15:24 –I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”


Remembering the words of Simeon the Tzaddik as told to him by his mother Miriam:


Luke 2:29-32 – “Lord, now You are letting Your servant depart in peace, according to Your word; for my eyes have seen Your salvation which You have prepared before the face of all the peoples, a light to bring revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of Your people Israel.”


Lest we forget, the God of Israel will bring the final closure to this era according to His Sovereign will.  At this moment of time, the final revelation of the plan of salvation will be revealed for all to see.  Would it not be a pleasant surprise if the pathway of the “Nazarene” and the pathway of the “chosen ones of Israel” merge into a homecoming for all in the house of the Lord?


The End


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