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The BibleSearchers Reflections

Reflections on the Time of the End

By Robert Mock MD

July 2005 Issue


The United States Intelligence Organizations and the Israeli Mossad at War?



Israeli Attempted Bombing Run across America?

Russia and the United States in Military Exercise

The Nation of Israel Approaching Civil War

United States Cracks Down on Massive Israeli Spy Network

United States Seeking possible Nuclear Device Hid by Israel Mossad in America

Iraqi Insurgence using Israeli Laser Guided Bombs against American Troops in Iraq

CIA Agents Ordered Arrested by Italy

Chinese-Israeli Cyber-Attacks on American Industry?

London Bomb Attack at Site Where Israeli Finance Minister Netanyahu was to Speak

United States Congressman under Investigation for his Links with Israeli Intelligence Firm

Record Number of Jews Moving to America as Israel Recalls its “Special Assets”

Is the United States Prepared to Invade Israel?

Secret American Military Electronics Base and Missile Bunkers about Completed in Israel

Israel Emerging to a Different Image of Her Destiny


Israeli Attempted Bombing Run across America?


As America approaches her 229th birthday the intelligence organizations and news reports around the world are continuing to report on the possible covert war of the United States and Israel.  Are the two countries that have stood side by side with each other, America and Israel even to the point of allowing themselves to be painted with the slogan across the entire Islamic world as the “Great Satan” and the “Little Satan” now fulfilling the second Red Seal Apocalyptic prophecy. Has they allowed their peace to be taken away from them and are now trying to “kill” each other. 


Revelation 6:3 – “Another horse, fiery red went out.  And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.”  


Let us look at a few of these reports, as incredible as they may seem and see if they forge a synthesis with the picture of the prophets at the time of the end.  With the “alleged highest alert” on the northern border of the United States, not by the North American Aerospace Space Defense Command (NORAD) but by the local US Air Force base commanders, it was reported that four Israeli F-16s were identified as being on a “strategic bombing run” two to the western coast and two to the eastern coast of the United States.  If this is true, how did it happen and for what purpose?  Were they testing the defense capabilities of their American ally?   Is it true from other reports that the United States is angry at Israel for establishing defense ties with China and allowing laser weapon secrets given to China to be given to Iraqi insurgents (ala China) that are now killing our soldiers in Iraq?  Is there an alleged crackdown of the FBI on what is suspected to be a massive Israeli Mossad spy network in America?   Is this network suspected of implanting a nuclear device in the United States?  Let us ask the question again. Is the fulfillment of the second red Seal coming home to America by the nation many Christians call the “Nation of God?”  What is happening to our world? 


To many Israelis, the American Bush administration is creating a strangle hold on their national destiny by forcing Israel to evacuate their own people from what they believe is their own land given to them by the God of Israel and confirmed by the League of Nations in 1922. According to David Storobin in the “Nazi Influence on the Middle East during WWIIhe wrote that all the land given in mandate to the British Empire west of the Jordan River was to be for a “Jewish National Home.”  

David Storobin - “The British White Paper of 1922, divided Palestine with 77% to the east of the Jordan river given to Arabs, while the 23% to the west left for the Jewish people. Shortly thereafter, the League of Nations confirmed the division in its mandate system, urging Great Britain, as the Mandatory power, to “facilitate Jewish immigration,” as well as “close settlement of Jews on the land.” The League of Nations even mandated that no “territory shall be ceded or leased to, or in any way placed under the control of, the Government of any foreign Power,” thus rejecting any Arab claims to what has since become known as Israel, West Bank and Gaza. Indeed, the Arab people are never even mentioned in the Mandate. (United Nations Web Site. League of Nations Mandate for Palestine. Cited online on July 14, 2004 at:


 On June 19, 2005, Haaretz News of Israel in an article called, “Israel participating in aerial drill in Canada” that;

“For the first time, the Israel Air Force is participating in a six-week international combat exercise in Canada. Israeli F-16 planes, a Boeing 707 airborne tanker and 150 air and ground crew personnel are taking part in the annual Maple Flag exercise held at Canadian air force base 4, Wing Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, in Alberta. The CLAWR covers 11,600 square kilometers and is the only tactical bombing range in Canada. The maneuvers will be completed at the end of this week. Maple Flag is the Canadian version of the United States' Red Flag exercise. It provides Canadian and allied aircrews with realistic training in a modern simulated air combat environment.

Israeli F-16 over Masada

On June 19, 2005, Russian investigative reporter, Sorcha Faal sent in her report to her Russian Subscribers which was titled, United States Air Force Put on Highest Alert Level After Israeli F-16s Attempt To Invade US Airspace in ‘Bombing Run’ Towards West Coast and Mid-West Regions of America.She wrote:

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today of the intercept of a bizarre intercept showing that the United States put its Northern Region Combat Air Force Units on their highest alert level yesterday after an attempt by 4 Israeli F-16 Combat Aircraft to penetrate US Airspace…But to who exactly are the real enemies of the United States is the main question being asked in Russia today, especially after yesterdays incident where it was only the local US Air Force Base Commanders who prevented the penetration of their air space by the Israeli F-16 Combat Fighters, and not the US National Command authority, who are supposed to issue these types of alerts.

Russian Military Analysts who have viewed the satellite and radio data from this incident state that the flight paths of these Israeli Combat Aircraft were most similar to a strategic bombing run, with 2 of the Israeli Combat Fighters heading towards the West Coast Regions of the United States and the other two towards the American Middle Western Region.”


It was reported from this same Russian source that:

Prior to the arrival of these Israeli F-16 combat aircraft in Canada the United States had refused permission for their over flight of any United States areas with the speculation being that the reason behind this decision was due to Israel having converted their American built F-16’s to the carrying of Nuclear Weapons.”


This fact has been bolstered by the Center for Defense Information website titled “Current World Nuclear Arsenals” and which comments about the suspected fifth largest nuclear arsenal in the world;

"Despite refusals to comment on the issue by the Israeli government, the Israelis clearly have a sizeable nuclear arsenal. There are two interesting loopholes in Israel's oft-repeated pledge never to be the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the region: The U.S. "introduced" weapons in the region in the 1950's when nuclear bombs were stored at Dharan, Saudi Arabia and at sea in the Mediterranean Sixth Fleet. Also, it is believed that Israel might not keep her nuclear weapons fully assembled -- keeping them "a screw away" from completion. The highly capable and well-equipped Israeli air force would more than suffice in the nuclear weapons delivery role, particularly with U.S.-supplied aircraft such as the F-4E and F-16."


Russia and the United States in Military Exercise


On the other hand, while America and Canada were conducting war games, the American Special Forces and the Russians were also conducting similar joint training exercises in what was reported on June 6, 2005 in the Itar-Tass News in their article, "Russian-US military exercises in Bavaria successful"  which they state;

"The Torgau-2005 Russian-U.S. exercises were successful and showed that such exercises could be held in the future, both sides said at a press conference on Friday at the south German training ground of Grafenwohr in Bavaria, where the second stage of the training took place. The relationship and cooperation are wonderful, said General Burwell Bell, commander of the U.S. ground troops in Europe and the U.S. seventh army. The Russian and U.S. military associated with each other, deepened cooperation between the ground troops and found new friends, he said. The Russian ground forces' Deputy Commander in Chief Vladimir Bulgakov agreed with the view."


Couple these two exercises with the fact that the Nation of Israel is the most divided that she has ever been since the founding of her modern national identity as the Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon is bypassing all the democratic safeguards of Israel’s national rule of law including hosting a referendum of her own people in order to unilaterally mandate a decree to evacuate all the Israeli citizens from the Gaza strip in alliance with the wishes of the Bush administration, the Quartet and the European Union. 


The Nation of Israel Approaching Civil War


Only recently the Nation of Israel has been further divided when the charges of cronyism is being leveled towards the government of Ariel Sharon when the Australian in their article titled "Call to dissolve Israel parliament" charges the following;

"The Speaker of the Knesset has called for the Israeli parliament to be dissolved and for fresh elections to be held, after government defeats, public radio reported today…Reuven Rivlin launched his appeal after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered another embarrassing defeat at the hands of parliament yesterday when he was defeated in a special debate called by MPs over corruption. Just hours after deputies had approved three censure motions, they then voted against the Government at the end of the corruption debate despite an impassioned defence by the Prime Minister himself. The corruption debate was called in the wake of a damning report in May by Israel's state comptroller who warned that a culture of cronyism and corruption at the heart of government was threatening the very fabric of the state."


Even the Israelis are sensing that a mega-shift in international relations with their only ally left in the world is occurring.  Arutz Sheva, the Israel National News recently reported in an article called, “Iran Off the Hook; Israel On” the following;

“The Bush Administration recently seems to have gone through a serious strategic reevaluation. Not only does it no longer threaten Iran with military action against its nuclear facilities, it seems to have given up the hope that Security Council action would somehow induce Iran to abandon its nuclear program…The world energy situation has not, as initially expected, gone through dramatic improvement because of the war, but has, in fact, deteriorated. Two of the greatest benefactors of the boon of high oil prices are the two major terror-supporting states in the world, Iran and America's "own", Saudi Arabia…


In this situation, in which the US seems unable to act against its own real enemies, it finds itself being more and more 'testy' and demanding of Israel. Whatever one might think of the whole quarrel over Israeli arms sales to China (and here it must be admitted that the US has a serious concern), the US demand that Israel fire high officials in the Israeli Defense Department is without question arrogant and unreasonable behavior, the behavior of a suzerain to a vassal, and not of a senior ally to a junior one.


Moreover, the constant US ignoring of Palestinian violations of all agreements between the Palestinians and Israel means it has bought the Saudi Arabian line here also. The US has shown no force whatsoever in insisting that the Palestinians stop their incitement, and disarm Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Instead, there is the old, unending litany about Israel having to make more and more concessions, including those which would make for a 'contiguous Palestinian state'… More and more, it would seem, the US is unable to withstand the difficulty of its own international isolation, and is tilting in the direction of joining with the Europeans and finding primary fault with Israel.


This is a truly alarming situation, especially when we have an Israeli prime minister who seems convinced that everything is alright so long as the US does not declare out loud that it is no longer the friend of Israel… All this does not bode well for Israel, especially when one considers that the Iranian leadership continues to maintain that the very existence of Israel is a "crime" and "illegitimate". And it most especially does not bode well that Israel's one real ally and friend seems to be going farther and farther in appeasing those Saudis whose support of terror worldwide has, from the beginning, undermined the Bush Administration's campaign against terror. When one does not wish to face the real enemy, one often chooses a scapegoat for oneself. It is to be hoped that however great its dependence on Saudi oil and money, the US administration will not sink so low as to completely abandon its sole democratic friend in the Middle East, and its very own principles.”


The land of Israel is at a crisis point of its own spiritual, moral and physical existence.  To the Global Zionists, the existence of the Nation of Israel is for the furtherance of the plans of Global Israel for the control of a one world order.  Out of the loins of the messianic followers of Sabbatai Zevi and Yosef Frank, the Sabbatean Jews or the Frankists, we find the tapestry woven with the “Masters of the Illuminate of Bavaria” by the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt and fed by the global money of the Rothschilds. 


While the grassroots Jews wanted to bring down the emerging Nazi state of Hitler with boycotts and almost succeeded, the globalist Jews entered into the “Transfer Agreement” with Hitler which demarcated the orthodox and religious Jews especially of Poland for extermination and filled the land of Israel with secular, socialist and communist oriented Jews.  It was at this same time that the surrounding lands of the Arabs with the descendants of the Muslim Brotherhood who were woven completely into the tapestry of the Nazi state of the Third Reich of Hitler.  The descendants of these two parties, both of which were in league with Hitler are a war to today with each other and the rest of the world over the control of the Middle East and the planet itself


Is it any wonder as to the confusion of trying to understand who is controlling whom?  In a world fraught with power players, all driven with the passion for power, greed and control, we are seeing not Darwin’s thesis of the ‘survival of the fittest’ but rather the ‘destruction of mutual extinction’.  As the God of Israel withdraws its protective hand from this planet earth and the seeds of demonic control reign over this land, must we shutter to realize that the time of trouble and the time of God’s wrath are upon us?  Many accused Israel of controlling America. Others accuse America of controlling Israel. Yet the dog-pile of international disorder gets even larger and larger.  The Golden Internationale who fed the international wars of World War I and II are now competing directly with the Red Internationale of the rising global power of Red China who is re-aligning herself with Red Russia, who are in alliance with Iran and North Korea and seek to extend their hegemony of power to all the Middle East and India.


The political and secular guardians of the Holy Land today are displaying a social lifestyle that garnered the wrath of the prophets of Israel and Judah and brought judgments to their nation by the Almighty One of Israel and destroyed both the Nations of Israel and Judah.  Israel was sent into exile for over twenty seven centuries and Judah first into exile for 70 years was again sent into exile for 1878 years (70 - 1948).  Is the Nation of Israel is again coming under judgment of the God of Israel? 


On April 13, 2005, Ben Shapiro, an orthodox Jew, a virtuosic violinist, hack golfer, graduate in Political Science from UCLA in 2004, a student at Harvard Law School and at the age of 17, the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the U.S, wrote in Town Hall the article,“Sharon leading Israel into Civil War”.  He wrote;

According to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Israel is on the brink of disaster. "The tension here, the atmosphere here looks like the eve of the civil war," Sharon told NBC. "All my life I was defending life of Jews. Now for the first time, steps I'm taking to protect me from Jews." (sic) The latest chaos in Israel stems from Sharon's bullheaded, dangerous decision to force 9,000 Jews from their homes in the Gaza Strip. Despite a May 2004 referendum by the governing Likud Party barring Sharon from pushing out the Jewish residents of Gaza, Sharon has forced his will on the Israeli Knesset. Just two weeks ago, Sharon won a major political victory when the Knesset voted to reject a national referendum on the Gaza "pullout."


Capitulation is apparently Sharon's strategy for a stronger Israel… Moshe Feiglin of Manhigut Yehudit, a bloc within Likud that provides Sharon's main political opposition, was audibly angered by both Sharon's "civil war" statement and his obvious power grab…”Sharon has brought Israel to the boiling point -- complaining about it now is no more than "George Orwell '1984' Newspeak … In Sharon's world, peace means war, and democracy means dictatorshipSharon, who is holding the power, who is dictating the state, who has all the responsibility for the direction it goes -- he is the man who is blaming the opposition for his acts, the simple civilians for the results. Another typical symptom of a dictator."

There's no mistaking Sharon's "disengagement plan" for anything other than simple surrender. Disengagement is a far nicer term than surrender, but both provide the same incentives for Israel's Arab enemies: incentives to violence, terror and murder. As Feiglin put it, this is "Oslo times 10. The Oslo direction brought a river of bloodshed on the country, forced the State of Israel on a death march, and increased terrorism in Israel, throughout the Middle East and throughout the world… The difference is that we know this time there won't be any peace. We can't fool ourselves this time. In Ashkelon and in Ashdod, cities that are north of Gaza in Israel, just 20 miles south of Tel Aviv, they're already preparing civil defense against the rain of Qassam missiles that will fall after the disengagement occurs. This is Oslo without the lie of hope. We all know that the king is naked. We're not trying to fool ourselves that he's dressed. But we're running away anyhow."  Is it any wonder that Israel is on the verge of civil war?... (full article)


Looking at the inflamed Middle East and Israel from the eyes of the Russians we read in the June 15, 2005 article, “Israel Allows Massive Display of Debauchery In Holy Land as Relations With United States Reach ‘Crisis’ Level and US and Russian Forces Prepare To Prevent All Out War and New American Terrorist Attack” 

“But to the protecting of the War Criminal Sharon should the world not be concerned about, but rather to protecting the world from him should be the world’s course of action.  For as a Leader treats his own people can one know how he will treat his enemies… One can only imagine the depths of sickness and depravity a human being must fall down into to be like the War Criminal Sharon, who on one day praises the virtues of God before his American Christian Acolytes who shower him with money and American political support because he is the leader of Gods Holy Land, and on the next day orders his government to support the most abdominal act in Israel by holding the largest ever celebration of wickedness and debauchery seen in this most Holy of Lands since the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans… To the strangeness of such an abomination taking place in the Holy Land is beyond our comprehension.  To envision God allowing such an example of debauchery to occur in His most Holy City of Jerusalem one can only remember His warnings that these abominations would be for a ‘Sign’. 

Romans 1:26-28 - "For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error. And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper."


The land of Israel has known her day of corruption. It is no wonder that the last mention of the city of Jerusalem before the coming of the Messiah is that the two witnesses will be killed by the coalition of the forces of the anti-Christ.  What is even more amazing is that the coming of the forces of the one world order is not to a city upholding the principles of freedom, integrity, human rights, honor and justice, worship of the Almighty One of Israel and a beacon of light to all the world of the God of love but rather a Jerusalem called:

Revelation 11:8 – “And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.”


For the misty eyed Christian who sees only the orthodox Jews chanting prayers at the Western Wall as Tzaddiks (Righteous Ones) interceding for the sins of the whole world are contrasted to the Jewish people written up on June 10, 2005 in the Israeli Haaretz News in their article titled "Thousands take to the streets for gay pride parade in Tel Aviv" and which says;

"Thousands took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Friday afternoon to participate in the city's annual gay pride parade. The parade set out from Rabin Square and onto Ibn Gvirol Street, and ended in Yarkon Park, where musicians performed.  MKs Yosef Lapid (Shinui), Eitan Cabel (Labor) and Zehava Gal-On (Yahad), as well as Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, spoke at the event. The chairman of the National Association of Gay Men, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgender in Israel, Mike Hamel, said Friday the parade was organized with the "close cooperation" of the Tel Aviv municipality.


He said nearly 100,000 members and supporters of the gay community would join the gay pride events to "support something that on one hand is really a carnival and a festival of color and music, and certainly also a festival of acceptance and support and love." Hamel said the international gay pride parade would take place in Jerusalem next year. The heads of Jerusalem's gay community decided earlier this year to postpone the parade, which was slated to take place this summer, citing difficulties with timing due to the August withdrawal from the Gaza Strip."


Yet when the mayor of the city of Jerusalem, Uri Lupolianski banned the gay’s right community in respect for the wishes of the leadership of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities in Jerusalem, chaos broke out.  On July 1, 2005, Haaretz also reported in the article, “J'lem gay pride parade halted after 3 participants stabbed by religious Jewish man”.  As reported:


One of three people stabbed by an ultra-Orthodox Jew on Thursday during Jerusalem's gay pride parade. (AP)


Jerusalem's fourth annual gay pride parade was temporarily halted Thursday evening after a religious Jewish man stabbed three participants. The assailant ran into the crowd, stabbed one man, moved on to a young woman stabbing her hand, and then lightly wounded a third man. Police arrested the assailant as well as 13 other religious protesters who were detained for disturbances of the peace. Some 200 religious protesters faced off against 2,000 participants, according to police estimates. The parade set off from the downtown headquarters of Open House, Jerusalem's gay and lesbian community center, which organized the event…


On Sunday, the courts ordered Jerusalem municipality to drop its ban on the parade, after following an appeal from Open House. Jerusalem District Court Judge Moussia Arad, who is vice president of the court for administrative affairs, also ordered the municipality and Mayor Uri Lupolianski to each pay court costs of NIS 30,000. The judge ruled that City Hall cannot discriminate against a particular sector of society because some people objected to its opinions or sexual orientation.

As if the rights of the Jewish, Islamic and Christian orthodox and religious leaders are pitted against the rights of the gay and lesbian community, it yields to a court decision against the mayor of Jerusalem and the rabbis, mullahs and ministers of the Jews, Muslims and Christians, so also in the land of Israel on June 13, 2005, the Israel Insider News affirmed in their article that the land of Israel is “The only place in the world where Jews have no rights" and which reports;

"The Voice of Israel reported that the High Court of Justice had declared that the government's Disengagement Plan, while violating human rights and civil liberties, was legal. Israeli human rights and civil liberties law simply do not apply to Israeli taxpayers and law-abiding citizens who live in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, the court said, since Israel has not yet annexed these areas…The High Court of Justice, therefore, declared that Israeli citizens who live in Judea and Samaria have no human rights and no civil liberties. Hence, the silence of organizations such as the Association for Civil Rights in Israel and the Anti-Defamation League. In other words, the only place in the world where Jews have no de jure human rights and civil liberties would be in Judea, Samaria and Gaza."


Israel Insider News continues in its analysis by looking at these rights from the perspective of the representatives of the American government. 

“On July 23rd, 1990, our news agency organized a dialogue between Israeli-American residents of Judea and the US Consul in Jerusalem, Mr. Phillip Wilcox. During that discussion, the guests from Judea noted the sensitivity of the US government to the human rights and civil liberties of Palestinian Arab residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. They asked the US consul about the human rights of Jews who live in the same areas - given the traditional sensitivity of the US government to human rights and civil liberties in this part of the world.

US Consul Wilcox responded quickly and straightforwardly, and with no emotion: "If you live where you live, you have no human rights and no civil liberties." The US consul invoked the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention, which forbids nations that conquer other lands in war to settle their citizens in those lands. Wilcox, consistent with this position, now heads the Washington-based Foundation for Middle East Peace, which has as its purpose the eradication of Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, the Golan and even in the new neighborhoods in Jerusalem that were established by Israel since 1967. Wilcox's statement ignored the fact that the San Remo Treaty had been adopted by both the League of Nations and by the United Nations. That treaty protected the right of Jews to purchase land and to settle in the Jewish National Homeland, defined as anywhere west of the Jordan River.

Yet, 15 years later, Israeli Attorney General Menachem Mazuz adopted the precise formula that Wilcox had articulated in 1990: that
Israelis have no human rights or civil liberties if they live in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, even if they are law-abiding and tax-paying Israeli citizens. Even the mainstream Israeli left-wing had never held such a dogmatic approach. That had been the position of the Israeli Communist Party and an anti-Zionist organization in Israel known as Matzpen, which had always favored unilateral retreat from all areas acquired by Israel in the defensive war of 1967. Indeed, the man who had spearheaded the "territories for peace" ideology, the late former army intelligence chief Aharon Yariv, told me that the difference between his view, coined in 1974 as the Yariv-Shem Tov peace formula, and the attitude of the New Left today was that the Yariv-Shem Tov formula mandated "territories for peace" and not "territories before peace". And Yariv warned that ceding territory without a peace agreement would run the risk of an enemy using that territory as a forward position to attack.”


While we might personally rebel with such ideas, we must look with honest sincerity, the issues of rights and justice that are being dwelt with in the land of Israel are the same rights that will also be taken away from anyone who honors the God of IsraelThere will be a day in which all citizens of every country who honors the God of Israel will have no “de jure human rights and civil liberties” on any place on this planet earth.  On that day, the command of Joshua to the children of Israel, “Choose you this day whom you will serve…if the Lord be God follow Him.” 


As the collective Nation of Israel approaches this watershed moment, they will have to choose to legally evict their own citizens from the lands of Gaza while violating the human and civil rights of their own people.  They also will choose to push their land into chaos, civil disorder, with an onslaught of international terrorism against their land that they have not seen.


With the threat of the disintegration of their own government, the concern of America and Russia is not to the death and destruction of the Jewish people but to the preservation of the nuclear armaments of Israel.  Will these two nations seek to totally disarm this pea-size nation that sits on the globe of this world?  Are we seeing before our eyes progressive step to the fulfillment of Zechariah’s prophetic vision?


Zechariah 12:3 – “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces though all the people of the earth shall be gathered together against it.”


In order to prevent such an effect, the Israeli Mossad and their intelligence services appear to be doing what they have done best in the past to prevent the disarmament of their own country and the integrity of the borders, to actively seek to neutralize and compromise the security of their enemy.   


United States Cracks Down on Massive Israeli Spy Network


As reported in the Russian newsletter by Sorcha Faal, United States Begins Long Awaited Crackdown on American Jews as Massive Israeli Spy Network Suspected of Smuggling Nuclear Weapon into Western Part of America,” we read that it is feared by the intelligence services of the United States that Israel has compromised the Intelligence agencies in the United States and as a safeguard, have planted a nuclear device in America itself


Understand fully, the “Jewish settlers” believe that the land of Israel was given to them by the God of Israel and the secular Zionists believe that they were given a National Homeland by the League of Nations in 1917 and affirmed by the United Nations on 1948.  Like every other national group or entity in the world, they were given a homeland during the era of nationalism in the 1920s to the 1940s.  This National Homeland for the Jewish people in the land of Palestine mandated to the British to “include all the land west of the Jordan to the Mediterranean River.” 


The emboldened activity of both the United States and the Nation of Israel has been fueled in part by what is called the “largest spying operation in America.”  It was Haaretz News that reported in an article called, "Something is bothering the FBI" which states.

"It is a mistake to think the FBI has concluded its investigations after indictments were served against Pentagon employee Lawrence Franklin for leaking classified security material to people close to Israel. Franklin, an intelligence investigator and an expert on Iran, has been linked to Naor Gilon, a diplomat at the Israeli embassy, and to two senior officials in the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). Apparently the FBI investigations have widened, and are now focusing on another Pentagon official and his connections. It is clear that something is disturbing those in charge of the FBI investigation regarding Israel and those close to Israel in the United States. Many of those being interrogated are Jews.


One doesn't have to be an expert detective to understand that some of the material against Franklin was also based on wiretapping of the Israeli embassy in Washington. Why was it necessary to conduct a "sting operation" against the Jewish lobby that was designed to reveal not only how the information flows but that also included deliberate steps to trip up AIPAC? It is clear that the FBI is aiming to create conflict between Steve Rosen and the organization in which he has worked for some 23 years. Perhaps it hopes that Rosen, in his anger, will point to others, so that the FBI will be able to widen its investigations. The FBI has made an effort to talk with wealthy Jews as well, apparently in order to deter them from supporting Rosen financially."


According the New York Sun, it reports in an article, “Details of a Plot Unveiled in Case Against Franklin"

"An analyst for the Pentagon, Lawrence Franklin, conspired to funnel classified information to Israel during a series of meetings with two lobbyists for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and a top diplomat from the Israeli Embassy, according to a grand jury indictment that was unsealed yesterday.


The grand jury's indictment charges Mr. Franklin, who has served as a desk officer on Iran at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, with six counts, including mishandling classified information, communicating defense information to individuals not authorized to receive it, and, most serious, "a conspiracy to communicate classified information to agent and representative of a foreign government, without specific authorization."


The Bush Administration is angry and personal members of the intelligence agencies are furious at what is being revealed.  The homeland of the United States is feared to become the battleground between the military might of the most powerful nation on earth, the United States and the fifth most powerful (in nuclear armaments), the Nation of Israel.  Little of this secret war is being revealed to the citizens of the United States


Unknown yet to the Israeli or the American public is the June 5, 2005 report by Intelligence Whispers, a Wayne Madison Report which posted this brief report.

As the AIPAC/Pentagon Israeli espionage scandal grows, more news about the non-reported Israeli penetration of the NSA and U.S. Navy in the 1980s has been revealed by NSA insiders. Veterans of the RCA-NSA-Israeli joint SIGINT program code named DINDI report that Israeli engineer spies used the carve out contract with NSA, through RCA, to gain access to NSA and U.S. Navy secrets. In an RCA facility in Mount Laurel , NJ, the Israeli engineers had their own secured lab, and for three years that DINDI ran, they were walking out with their briefcases loaded with equipment, including scopes. When RCA engineers finally gained access to their lab, they found the prints laid out for the Trident missile system. RCA had an ongoing contract top develop the Trident communications suite at the time of the security leak. The Israeli engineers on DINDI claimed they were from the Israeli Air Force but months later, an RCA engineer was in New York and he ran into the same Israelis, but they were wearing Israeli Navy uniforms. One ex-RCA engineer commented about the DINDI Israeli spies: ‘They were all a nice bunch of guys, even when they had their hands in your pockets.’"


On May 2005, BibleSearchers Reflections revealed the revelations emerging of a covert war between Israel and the United States.  In the article, Is there a Covert War between Globalist America, Russia and the Globalist Jew?the pathway of the covert war between the national leaders of the Golden Internationale and the Red Internationale and the Globalist of Israel was analyzed.  With international drug trafficking and counterfeit money laundering greasing the wheels, the battle to control not only the nuclear arsenals of the nations but the international arms munitions industry, controlling the economies of both the United States and Russia and ultimately have complete control over the world, is the pathway of the globalist conflict, who will win the prize for ultimate power and control and the ultimate satisfaction of personal greed?  As stated in the forward,

We are going to look in part at Israel in the world view of a Russian investigative writer who claims to speak for the Russian intelligence services.  Part of this will give us an insight of how the news in the Middle East relating to Israel is being perceived from the eyes of the Russians. When we understand that 80% of the Israeli English media is owned by members of the Council on Foreign Relations (see the White Horse and rider of the First Seal of Revelation) and that 90% of the industrial services in Israel are owned by members of the Council on Foreign Relations we understand fully that the Land of Israel is already controlled by surrounded by forces that do not serve the God of Israel


The citizen of Israel today is receiving news that does not reflect the hearts and minds of the followers of the God of Israel who are living in their “Promised Land.”  For that fact 95% of the media in the United States is controlled by Globalist Jews, most of which are members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  When we are given the “News that you can choose” remember that there is “News behind the news”.


If such a thesis is true, the good cops and the bad cops are the same cops, then what is all the furor?   Why don’t they all stand up and say, “Ladies and gentlemen, it is to be revealed today that the whole world is under our control.”  Within a few months or years this may be what we will hear.  When that moment of time comes, the final battleground will not be between one nation and another, but between the one world government and the Maschiach of Israel (messiah of Israel).  What is the point? 


At that moment of time, the moment of decision to follow the God of Israel or the satanic leaders of the global government of power, greed and control will be over.  Your decision will have already been made and the irrevocable Seal of the Living God will or will not be placed upon your being.  The world surrounds you is in chaos, but are you aware that your decisions now are affecting your eternal destiny? 


On June 2005, BibleSearchers Reflections conducted an investigation in an article, The Georgia Guidestones and the Manifesto to Eliminate 6.0 Billion People from this Planet Earthof the intent by the globalists to create their own worldwide reality.  As stated, 

With a population of earth of almost 6.5 billion people, the founders of this monument seek to exterminate almost 6 billion humans to achieve their sobering goal of a human life on this planet that is “in perpetual balance with nature.” 


It is serious to comprehend that the final battles for the control of this planet earth are in motion at this very moment.  The time of negotiation is over.  With this in mind we turn to the Jerusalem Post which is owned by “interests” on the Council on Foreign Relations, reported in the article, "Missing Arizona Rabbi faces Child Abuse Charges" and which says;

"Rabbi David E. Lipman has disappeared without a trace from his home and Reform synagogue in Prescott, Arizona, missing since May 20 after two teenage girls from his congregation accused him of fondling them. Prescott police have no leads on the whereabouts of Lipman, who is reported to be proficient in several languages and who spent time in Israel during his studies at Hebrew Union College."


Israeli made Harpy drone - Debkafiles


It appears that the disappearance of the esteemed Rabbi is in some ways connected with the shift of the Israeli government to establish closer ties with the Nation of China even to the point of establishing defense ties with the largest member of the Red Internationale. On June 23, 2005, an article was written out of Russia  titled, "Mossad Attack upon the United States ‘Imminent’ As Massive Power Struggle Erupts In Washington over Israeli Lasers Provided To Iraqi Insurgents and Israel Draws Closer To China." In here it stated;

“As the United States also places further sanctions upon the Israeli Government for both their massive spying operations being uncovered at the highest levels of American Political, Economic and Media leaderships and the passing onto China of some of the most secret United States weapons technology, the Israeli Government has decided to abandon its support of American and switch its  allegiance towards the Chinese.


Confirmed also by the Jerusalem Post in the article, "China, Israel discuss expanding defense ties"  it makes this statement;

"Expansion of defense ties with Israel was on the agenda during talks with his Israeli counterparts this week, Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing said Tuesday. Li, who spoke at the start of a meeting with the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, did not go into detail about the current dispute between Israel and the US over the Israel upgrade of Chinese Harpy drones. He said that during his visit he had held talks on expanding ties in the fields of "trade, army, culture, education and tourism."


It will have to be admitted that the United States is enraged at what they feel is the deliberate sabotage by the Israeli government to sell covert weapons to the Chinese. It is this nation that the American Bush Administration feels that we may be in direct war again in only a few years.  The same covert Israeli weapons are now finding their way into the hands of the Iraqi militants.  In Newsday News an article was written to express this outrage by the American administration titled, "U.S. places sanctions on Israel" and which says;

"The United States has imposed sanctions on Israel in a dispute over Israel's sale of drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, to China, according to Israeli news reports. They said the United States suspended co-operation on several development projects and froze delivery of night-vision equipment, among other penalties, because of an Israeli deal to export its Harpy Killer unmanned drones to China.


Israel's Haaretz newspaper said the United States considered the deal to have been made "behind its back and against its express wishes." An official at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv would not comment on the reports and said the information on sanctions had come from Israeli, not U.S., officials. The sanctions have been in place for at least three months, the reports said, and were approved by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld."


Not lost to some Americans is the role of many advisors to the President of the United States who are hawkish on the war in the Middle East. They are called neo-cons (neo-conservatives), the most prominent in the political forum of William KristolAmerican politics according to the Christian Science Monitor are: Irving Kristol, Norman Podheretz, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, Robert Kagan, Michael Ledeen, William Kristol, Frank Gaffney Jr. It is the Mathaba News in an article titled, “Bill Kristol and Israel Want to Draft Your Kids" and which says:

Neo-con William Kristol


"Bill Kristol and the neocons have Saudi Arabia in their gun sights—and have for some time now. According to veteran investigative reporter Bob Dreyfuss, the neocons are using al-Qaeda (or what passes for al-Qaeda) as a blunderbuss to buckshot through their anti-Islam, pro-Israel agenda. “Before the war in Iraq, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, James Akins, told me that by invading Iraq the Bush administration would accelerate the spread of Al Qaeda-style movements in Saudi Arabia, and its happening.


The country is said to be in a state of incipient civil war, and the royal family is apparently unable to stem the spread of the bin Ladenite poison. Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States has called on the kingdom to conduct an all-out war against the terrorists, but it could be too little, too late. Make no mistake, however: if Saudi Arabia falls to radicals, U.S. forces will occupy that country's oil fields faster than you can say ‘imperialism.’ And if that happens, it will be Phase 2 of the neocons' expanded plans for the Middle East: first topple Saddam and ‘flatten Iraq,’ as another former ambassador to Saudi Arabia described the essence of the neocon Iraq strategy, and then move on to Saudi Arabia.”


In the era of progressive anti-Semitism in the Middle East Islamic rhetoric, the only path to peace is war, a war that gets larger and larger with the United States involved in the entire pathway.  Whereas most see this as an Israeli plot, the other side of the rhetoric is, destroy Israel and everyone will be happy.  There is one problem: the God of Israel.  Islam, Russia and even the United States much less the globalists who want control of the world for themselves, they want to ignore the prophets of Israel.  The apocalyptic path of the prophets to the final drama of this age is the buildup of war, famine, pestilence and the extermination of a large portion of this earth’s population will occur before the Messiah of Israel returns


United States Seeking possible Nuclear Device Hid by Israel Mossad in America


In recent weeks there has been an undercover alert that a nuclear device has been implanted in the United States and according to some sources was planted by the Israeli Mossad.  Of greatest suspicion in this assault is the tie between Rabbi David E. Lipman and the Pakistani arms dealer Arif Durrani recently captured by United States Intelligence teams in Rosarito Beach in Baja California, Mexico.  As reported in the Mexidata News in the article,

“Convicted Pakistani arms dealer Arif Durrani was captured in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico, by a special team of agents sent from Mexico City, on June 12…Durrani, who following his arrest was taken to Mexico City, was put on a June 15 flight that made a stop in Los Angeles, California.  Upon landing in the U.S., Durrani was taken into custody by federal officials for illegally exporting military aircraft parts, according to a 1999 indictment unsealed the following day. Yet there are other possible scenarios that could clarify the arrest: Durrani was still trafficking in illicit arms; he was organizing a Mexico-based terrorist plot against the U.S.; or he was about to go public with allegations regarding the Iran-Contra affair…Professor Alan Block at Pennsylvania State University states, “there was a deal made with the U.S. immigration authorities that permitted him to live in Baja California.  I am absolutely certain that they knew he was there.” As well, Durrani was once seen in Rosarito Beach driving a Mercedes with U.S. government license plates…


Another possibility is that U.S. officials did not consider him a threat because Durrani had worked for them. Durrani has long maintained that he worked for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, and that he sold arms to Iran per instructions that came from Oliver North when the latter was with the National Security Council.  Durrani’s legal defense is that he was North’s “fall guy” in the Iran-Contra affair. Professor Block has reported that Durrani met with Oliver North in London in 1986, when North urged him to hurriedly close the arms deal… 


An interview with Durrani, that took place last December in Baja California, suggests the possibility that Iran-Contra could be the real motivation behind his sudden capture.  Durrani told the Gringo Gazette North that he was negotiating with a major U.S. news organization to conduct an interview that would expose previously unknown information about Oliver North, Ronald Reagan and the Iran-Contra affair. He said that an Israeli courier had traveled to Mexico to personally deliver a briefcase full of documents, information that Durrani intended to show to the U.S. media.  He also said that he was loyal to President Reagan, and that the briefcase contained information that he would not release while Reagan was alive.  Since Reagan had passed away, Durrani said it was now appropriate to expose the information. However he declined to elaborate on what the documents said.


If any of the previous claims Durrani made in his legal cases are true, then the mysterious “briefcase from Israel” could contain information that might implicate Ronald Reagan in the Iran-Contra affair.  If Durrani was about to go public with that information, one might speculate that he was arrested to suppress it. So now, if the briefcase and its documents really exist where are they at present?


According to the Fresno Bee additional information on the Oliver North and the Iran – Contra scandal was added in reference to the capture and charges in an article, “Pakistani national expelled from Mexico charged with illegally exporting jet parts

Durrani previously served five years in prison after being convicted in the United States in 1987 of selling missile parts to Iran. He claimed to have acted as part of the Iran-Contra scandal in which the U.S. exchange arms for American hostages held in Lebanon. After his release in 1992, U.S. immigration authorities sought to deport him based on his conviction. Six years later, he voluntarily left the country for Mexico, where authorities believe he has lived since then. In 2003, he petitioned a U.S. court to have his conviction overturned. He also asked to review more government documents in an attempt to prove he sold the parts at the behest of U.S. officials including former Lt. Col. Oliver North, who allegedly told Durrani to ship the missile components without worrying about getting an export license.”


The Free Republic reported on June 22, 2005 an article titled, “UK terror suspect in Mexico is simply a tourist (Amer Haykel released) reported:

“A man arrested in Mexico and named as a key terrorism suspect with possible links to the Sept. 11 attackers, is in fact a tourist who poses no security risk, red-faced Mexican authorities said on Wednesday. The attorney general's office set bells ringing on Tuesday when it announced it had detained Lebanese-born British citizen Amer Haykel at a fire station in the state of Baja California Sur in cooperation with U.S. authorities. It said Haykel was wanted in the United States and was "linked to extremist groups presumably involved in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks." But Mexican law enforcement backed down on Wednesday, saying U.S. authorities had recently cleared Haykel from suspicion but forgotten to take his name off a terrorism suspect blacklist.


So the disappearance of the Rabbi Lippman is tied to the capture of the Pakistani arm dealer Arif Durrani who was implicated by a tip from Amer Haykel, reputed to be “one of the world’s most wanted terrorists” who has reputed links to the Israeli Mossad.  Such is the shadowy world of espionage where power players move with only innuendos and silent wings.


Iraqi Insurgence using Israeli Laser Guided Bombs against American Troops in Iraq


Not true according to Sorcha Faal in her report again to her Russian subscribers in an article on called, “Mossad Attack upon the United States ‘Imminent’ As Massive Power Struggle Erupts In Washington over Israeli Lasers Provided To Iraqi Insurgents and Israel Draws Closer To China.There is more to the story that is not being told by the Western Press. 

“The uncovering of this latest Mossad plot against the United States was due to the CIA’s granting immunity to one of the world’s most wanted terrorists named Amer Haykel, and who has long been suspected by American Intelligence Agencies of being linked to both the Israeli Mossad and numerous Muslim terrorists organizations, but who once again is now a free person. 


According to Faal, “Of the greatest concern to the Americans however is what the Mossad had recently transported to the United States from Mexico under the direction of one of Israel’s most known and trusted arms dealers who has been arrested in Mexico”, the Pakistani arms dealer, Arif Durrant.  The plot according to the Russian intelligence is that the sophisticated technology of Lasers that is only known to exist in the Israeli technology of weaponry has been suspected to have been sold to the Chinese and then transported to the Iraqi insurgence. 


In the News article by the New York Times, they posted an article, "Redesigned bombs pushing U.S. toll higher" which says:

"American casualties from bomb attacks in Iraq have reached new heights in the last two months as insurgents have begun to deploy devices that leave armored vehicles increasingly vulnerable, according to military records. The surge in attacks, officials say, has coincided with the appearance of significant advancements in bomb design, including the use of "shaped" charges that concentrate the blast and give it a better chance of penetrating armored vehicles, causing higher casualties. Another change, a senior military officer said, has been the detonation of explosives by infrared lasers, an innovation aimed at bypassing electronic jammers used to block bombs from detonating."


The device using infrared lasers to bypass electronic jamming devices is especially critical in the special operations units of our military and every contracted intelligence operator that risks his life working behind the scenes in the world of drug lords and terrorists.  Such a device probably was used in the death of the Lebanese presidential candidate, Refiq Hariri, when the jamming devices on his car did not protect him from a massive bomb explosion.  These special Laser devices have been identified as being a modified version of one designed by the huge Israeli international arms company called the Israel Aircraft Industries.  It was used in their ‘Smart Bomb’s as noted on their official website. 

"MBT produces conversion kits for "smart bombs": the 5m-CEP Griffin LGB (Laser Guided Bomb) and the NGLGB (Next Generation Laser Guided Bomb). These weapons provide Air Forces with high precision, 12km standoff strike capability against ground targets such as bunkers, entrenched tanks, armored vehicles and other hardened targets. This capability enables to attack highly defended targets while eliminating aircraft and aircrew losses, and ensures cost effective operations, killing more targets with less ammunition. The conversion kits are compatible with the Mk-82/83/84 GP and other bombs. The kit comprises a front guidance section and a rear fins section, which are attached to a standard bomb, converting it to a "smart" bomb. MBT's smart bombs are combat proven. They can be carried by many types of fighter aircraft, and used with all available designators."


It was the laser that was the foundation for the high tech weaponry that has been used by the Israeli when they targeted high profile Palestinians for arial assassinations.  According to the Russian intelligence, the Iran Contra Affair was a mutual operation between the Israeli Mossad and sympathizers in the United States CIA who wanted to blackmail the then President of the United States Ronald Reagan because of his threat to cut off American support to Israel. 


This latter fact was reported in the American Conservative Monitor in an article, "Reagan, Begin, and Israel", which says:

"In December of 1981, the Israeli Knesset led by Prime Minister Menachem Begin, passed the "Golan Heights Law" officially annexing the territory captured by Israel from Syria in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Syria had previously used the territory to repeatedly shell Israeli civilian areas down below the Heights, and with massive public support, the Israeli government decided to solidify - in law - its determination never to return to such a situation. Till this day, there is a consensus in Israel, not to return the Golan Height to Syrian control. Reagan, angry, withdrew the "strategic relationship" offer. As a response to Reagan's previous statement about foreign countries making American policy, and his withdrawal of the "offer," Begin gave a rousing speech, reminding all who would listen that Israel is not a "Banana Republic". Israel would also not let foreign powers interfere with its pursuit of its vital security needs, such as securing the Golan Heights."


According to Faal, “As many American Presidents have learned, and as the present one is learning now, it is a frightful process for any country to contemplate, let alone actually begin a course of confrontation with Israel.  However, with that being the old way of dealing with story.italy.jpgIsrael the present American President, according to Kremlin insiders, has previously stated to President Putin that, ‘This problem is going to  be solved once and for all.” 


Osama Nasr Mostafa Hassan


CIA Agents Ordered Arrested by Italy


The international intelligence community raised up in alarm when the Nation of Italy issued arrest warrants for U.S. CIA agents who are alleged to have kidnapped a Osama Nasr Mostafa Hassan and extradited him back to Egypt.  What was not reported was the Israeli diplomatic pressure upon the government of Italy according to Russian sources and have international warrants issued for 13 CIA agents.  The Chicago Tribune reported on the rouge in an article titled, Italy charges CIA agents" and which says;

"In rare act by ally, officials seek arrests of U.S. agents in kidnapping of imam who allegedly was tortured in Egypt. The move was no less extraordinary for coming from a country whose prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is one of the few European leaders who support the U.S.-led intervention in Iraq and which has contributed 3,000 troops to that effort.


Current and retired CIA officers, none of whom agreed to be quoted by name, said they could not remember one of their own having been charged abroad with a crime other than espionage, and certainly not in a country friendly to the U.S. Although the CIA refuses to talk about the Milan abduction or even acknowledge that it occurred, documents obtained by the Tribune clearly link the intelligence agency with the identities, addresses and cell phones used by several of the American operatives…The existence of the CIA's supersecret abduction squads has come to light since the events of Sept. 11, 2001, although the agency's practice of snatching suspected criminals abroad goes back at least to the Reagan administration."


Chinese-Israeli Cyber-Attacks on American Industry?


For several years it has been well known to international terrorist agents that the governmental and corporate secure computer systems have been under severe attack.  It has been assumed that the nation most implicated in these attacks was the Nation of China.  In another Townhall article on July 9, 2003, Michelle Malkin wrote the article with the title, “American Spyware Scandal”, clues us in to an erupting scandal that may have severely damaged the entire integrity of American Intelligence Services.


Did Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden have access to a U.S. computer tracking program that enabled them to monitor our intelligence-gathering efforts and financial transactions? If so, who is responsible for allowing the program to fall into their hands? And who else among America's enemies might have access to the tracking system? It's an explosive spy software scandal that no one in official Washington wants to investigate.


This complex, tangled story began two decades ago, when a tiny private company called Inslaw Inc. developed a software package to help U.S. attorneys' offices in large urban districts keep tabs on their criminal prosecutors' caseloads. The program, dubbed the Prosecutor's Management Information System (PROMIS), was effective and popular. It allowed a prosecutor to locate defendants and witnesses, track motions and monitor ongoing investigations. In 1982, Inslaw won a large Justice Department contract to implement the system nationwide. In the meantime, Inslaw also developed privately owned enhancements to PROMIS. Despite contractual guarantees of Inslaw's proprietary rights to the enhanced version of PROMIS, the Justice Department essentially commandeered the improved program for its own uses without paying for it. Inslaw was forced into bankruptcy and began an endless fight with the Justice Department to recoup its losses.


In the course of their court battles, Inslaw founder Bill Hamilton and his wife innocently stumbled upon shocking national security revelations. Former Attorney General Ed Meese, the Hamiltons concluded, had conspired to force Inslaw into bankruptcy so that an old Meese crony, California businessman Earl Brian, could take over the company's assets. The Hamiltons obtained information through sworn affidavits of several individuals that suggested Meese, Brian, high-ranking Justice Department official Peter Videnieks and others wanted to modify and distribute the enhanced PROMIS software with "back-door" capabilities for covert intelligence operations.

Sound preposterous? In 1987, a federal judge blasted the Justice Department for stealing PROMIS. The government, Judge George Bason said, stole Inslaw's software through "trickery, fraud, and deceit" with "contempt for both the law and any principle of fair dealing." The House Judiciary Committee also found in 1992 that there was "strong evidence" the Justice Department had conspired to steal the PROMIS program. An internal Justice Department memo made public by the committee revealed that the Justice Department had secretly turned over a copy of PROMIS to the Israeli government.


An extensive four-part series by Insight magazine reporter Kelly Patricia O'Meara retraced a lengthy investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police two years ago, which "uncovered a network involving friend and foe alike that may be using PROMIS and systems like it for a variety of illegal activities worldwide." In June 2001, Jerry Seper of The Washington Times reported that former FBI agent and convicted spy Robert Hanssen sold an enhanced version of PROMIS for $2 million to Russian crime figures, who in turn are suspected of selling a black-market version of it to Osama bin Laden.  More recently, the International Currency Review, a London-based financial newsletter, reportedly obtained Iraqi intelligence documents alleging that PROMIS came into Saddam Hussein's possession under the Bush I administration. The publication's editor says the documents were owned by Hussein's half-brother, Barzan al Takriti.


And last week, British news outlets suggested that the resignation of top Bush terrorism intelligence official Paul Redmond was tied to his investigation of Hanssen and the PROMIS theft. The Department of Homeland Security claims that Redmond, a legendary spy catcher who came out of retirement to take the Bush administration position and had served only three months, left for "health reasons."

The odor of a cover-up is unmistakable. To this day, the Justice Department, FBI and other government agencies continue to insist that they have never possessed or used any pirated version of PROMIS. Career Justice officials who oversaw the theft of the Hamiltons' software program in the 1980s remain in place today. And according to my sources, the 9-11 Commission created by President Bush has declined to investigate this spy software fiasco and its possible role in facilitating the terrorist attacks on America. Inslaw deserves to be compensated. More importantly, the American people deserve to know the truth: Did government greed and bureaucratic hubris lead to a wholesale sellout of our national security? The Bush White House's credibility is on the line.”


On May 2005, BibleSearchers Reflections reported on the covert war between globalist America, Russia and Israel in the sub-title article, “Drugs and Counterfeit Money, the war for the Soul of America”.  In this article it was claimed to be supported by intelligence that the Israeli Mossad had The Chinese in global war of drugs and arms dealing against the interest of the United States. As stated, In early April 2005; 

“The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) arrested two British nationals with $3 trillion dollars in US federal bank notes following a tip from international cargo forwarder DHL Philippines on a cargo in route from the Philippines through Britain in route to Zurich, Switzerland.  $3 trillion counterfeit dollars thrown on the international market can virtually shake the international market and destroy the American dollar.  What was not reported in the media is what country has the money, technology to print counterfeit dollars and the ability to distribute this money around the world.  An aide to President Putin was reported to have called this the “last straw to the Americans” when it was discovered that it was the Israeli Intelligence who was involved in transporting this money from the Philippines to China in route to disappear in the secret banks of Switzerland and then resurface anywhere around the globe.


It is interesting that Sorcha Faal in her article, “Unprecedented Raids by United States Intelligence Forces Shake Global Mossad Spying Network” on July 1, 2005, while making the claim to speak with inside knowledge of the Russian intelligence services, failed to mention the stealing of an enhanced version of PROMIS by the Russian syndicate and then possibly selling it to Osama bin Laden.  At the same time she is quick to report that the Bush I Justice Department secretly turned a copy to the Israeli government with whom they were sharing high level intelligence.  She then makes the connection that PROMIS when;

“in the hands of the Israeli Mossad this PROMIS software enabled the Israelis to create the worlds most secure computer spying network using as their partners the Middle Eastern Country of Dubai, and through which to control both their International spying needs and those of the false Arab Terrorist Organizations the Mossad has created, including Al Qaeda. 


Click for larger pictureThe country of Dubai has now created an entire city called , and to which Dubai created an entire city to manage this massive global spying called Dubai Internet City.  According to the website,  

"Dubai Internet City is a strategic base for companies targeting emerging markets in a vast region extending from the Middle East to the Indian subcontinent, and Africa to the CIS countries, covering 2 billion people with GDP $ 6.7 trillion."


In a land where Israelis and Arabs have lived side by side for thousands of years, Sorcha Faal makes this observation.

“Perhaps the strangest action on the part of this most Arab of countries is their allowing their Israeli partners to actually live and work there.


Yet Science Daily (UPI) reported on May 15, 2005 in their article, "Israel to open office in Dubai" with these words,

"Israel is planning to open a commercial office in Dubai, in the Arabian Peninsula, the Yediot Aharonot newspaper reported Sunday. The Foreign Ministry's spokesman, Marc Regev, told United Press International he couldn't confirm the report. Asked whether he denies it, he reiterated: I cannot confirm the report. According to Yediot Aharonot the mission would be low profile: It would not fly the Israeli flag and the diplomats serving there would carry foreign, not Israeli, passports. The newspaper said secret contacts with Dubai have been going on for more than a year and three emissaries will go there shortly."


The age old question, can the Jewish business intelligence be the only intent for them being in an Arab land?  The  Russians and Middle East countries suspect that most every Israeli is also a Mossad operator and that is will be assumed by this article that the Jewish business interests are now controlling a “massive global spying” in Dubai.  Not only that but the reported Russian intelligence also implicate the Israelis in controlling the “false Arab terrorists organizations” such as the al Qaeda which the Mossad is also claimed to have created.  Not only to the control of global spying but also to the controlling of the world gold market the consortium of Dubai and Israel claim their goals, as recorded in the Khaleej Times on April 25, 2002 with the article, "DMCC targets half of world gold flows" in which according also to her Russian sources, Dubai had made no secret of their intentions to control over half of the gold production and marketing in the future;

"GENERAL Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and the UAE Defence Minister, yesterday announced the establishment of the Dubai Metals and Commodities Centre (DMCC) at an elite gathering of businessmen, government officials and media.” We want to make Dubai the leading gold market and refinery centre to maintain the example we have set for the future of this country," Gen. Shaikh Mohammed said.” To support the new project we have decided to set up three refineries within the complex. We shall try hard and do our best to ensure that half of the world gold production flows through Dubai in the coming few years. We have the will, determination and the skill to pursue the goal," Gen. Shaikh Mohammed declared… The DMCC will have an Advisory Board whose responsibilities will be to draw up the strategic priorities for the centre and who will also be tasked with evolving plans for its development. Besides Hamed Kazim, the members of the board are Terry Smeeton, who has been involved with the bullion operation of the Bank of England, Farouq Rattonsey (diamond), Tim Walker (commodities), and Sultan bin Sulayem. "


The former Pope John Paul II saw the three global forces seeking to control the world as being the Golden Internationale (western globalist internationalist and trans-nationalist), the Red Internationale (the Marxist-Leninist states like Russia and China) but also the Black Internationale (the Roman Catholic Church with their chief intelligence network of the Jesuit Order.  The historical facts suggest that the Israeli will work with whomever is willing to work with her and could very well is a fourth partner in the global rush of power, greed and control to establish a one world government. 


It is also interesting to note that Osama bin Laden is credited as being an agent of the American CIA in the supporting role of the United States in assisting the Afghanistan Taliban to drive out the Russians out of their country of which Osama ben Laden became a leading figure and warrior.  On the other hand, now Osama and the al Qaeda are credited as being the agents of the Israeli Mossad.  History does document by facts and not by implication that Osama ben Laden was the student and disciple of Sayyid Qutb’s brother Muhammad Qutb and Abdullah al-Azzam, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood professors in exile at the King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi. It was here that they politicized the radical Wahhabist Islamic organizations with Nazi ideology and anti-Semitism in Saudi Arabia. It was Osama bin Laden who became the heir to Qutb and al-Assam’s called the Maktab that formed the core organization of the future al-Qaeda network


Here Osama began the devoted task of establishing the restoration of the Revered Caliphates of Islam.  According to Debkafiles, a leading Middle East intel newsletter in their article, “Who’s Next after Madrid?”, who outlined the four Muslim Caliphates that Osama and the Al-Qaeda are seeking to establish in the modern world today.


According to data gathered by our experts, from December 2002, three months before the US invasion of Iraq, al Qaeda began issuing a stream of fatwas designating its main operating theatres in Europe. Spain was on the list, but not the first.

1.      Turkey was first. Islamic fundamentalists were constrained to recover the honor and glory of the Ottoman caliphates which were trampled by Christian forces in 1917 in the last days of World War I.

2.      Spain followed. There, al Qaeda set Muslims the goal of recovering their lost kingdom in Andalusia.

3.      Italy and its capital were third. Muslim fundamentalists view Rome as a world center of heresy because of the Vatican and the Pope.

4.      Vienna came next because the advancing Muslim armies were defeated there in 1683 before they could engulf the heart of Europe.


It is to the Chinese and their notorious hacking into the American corporate and intelligence computer sites that Israel is also being accused by implication without direct information and revelation.  As reported in British All-Headline News on June 17, 2005, “British Authorities Warn Of Sweeping Trojan Horse Attack" it stated;

“A British government agency warns Thursday that hackers are targeting computers within the central government, corporations, and individuals, with Trojan horses designed to gather and distribute commercially valuable information….The hackers load the email with publicly available information, of interest to the targeted organization, and coax the receiver into opening the message. Once opened, the virus steals pertinent information contained within the computer and makes it public.


The M15, the United Kingdom Security Service


Is this another Israeli assault on the intelligence and corporate world?  Once again, the Russians are implicating the Israeli Intelligence Organizations such as the Mossad with the massive assaults targeting the British Intelligence organizations in which the Mossad is giving false information that the M15 was attacking the Israeli Intelligence Services.  According to British Security Focus on June 29, 2005 in their article titled, "Spyware blizzard shows no sign of let up"

“Hackers are continuing to target British workers with a series of specially crafted Trojan horse attacks two weeks after a UK government agency issued an unprecedented security warning. The latest batch of malware again targets a small network of specifically targeted domains in assaults designed to slip under the corporate radar and allow hackers to steal privileged information or launch further attacks from compromised systems. In the latest attack, email security firm MessageLabs intercepted a small number of emails containing malicious software sent to would-be victims at just four domains. The majority of these 17 emails were bound for addresses at an unnamed international security organisation that was also targeted in a similar attack earlier this month, MessageLabs reports.

Using body text potentially relevant to the target audience, the email encouraged intended recipients to open an attached Word document. The attack exploits a well-known Word macro vulnerability (MS03-050) to inject hostile code, in this case an embedded Trojan, onto vulnerable systems…Mark Sunner, Chief Technology Officer at MessageLabs, said: "The motivation behind today's new email-borne threats is far more sinister than traditional methods of large-scale attacks. New criminal methods show a preference for selecting a particular target, whether an individual or an organisation, to attack for perhaps financial or competitive gain. The architects behind the bespoke Trojan attacks we are witnessing aim to steal confidential corporate information and intellectual property. Infected emails typically contain the subject line "FW : 0627" and body text (as follows) purporting to be from the Times of India:

THE TIMES OF INDIA - Monday, June 27, 2005
China's new JL-2 missile prevents US from the Taiwan affairs
China has successfully flight-tested a submarine-launched missile that U.S. officials say marks a major advance in Beijing's long-range nuclear program. The Bush administration has expressed new worries about China's military buildup. The JL-2 missile was launched from the new submarine, known as the Type 094, said a U.S. official familiar with it.
(Details in the attachment)”


It is of interest in that the Times of India has been a global source of inside covert information news such as weather controlled by scalar weaponry.  The question of many researchers, does the Times of India represent one of the various globalist forces that are competing for world domination? 


What is heating up in the intelligence community and the relationship between the United States and Israel is the role that Israel is and has been playing with the Nation of China.  In the era of President Clinton, when the Chinese government was more cozy with the American administration even to the point of special access to the White House and the giving of campaign contributions to the Clinton presidential campaign even to the point of violating American law.  The anger between the Chinese and the American Bush administration has escalated to the boiling point.  Not just to the relationship of the United States with the Taiwanese government but also the resentment for the United States sanctions that have been placed against Israel as noted by India’s PTI News in their article called, "China demands end to US interference in its defence deals".  In the article it says;

"China, angered by US blockage of Sino-Israeli and Sino-EU defence cooperation, today attacked Washington for its 'cold war mentality' and demanded an end to its meddling in Beijing's military ties with other nations. "China's cooperation with other countries in various spheres is not targeted at any third party including the United States," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Liu Jianchao told reporters when asked to comment on recent US moves to block arms sales to China.


US Republican congressman Henry Hyde yesterday introduced legislation to discourage the European Union from lifting its arms embargo on China. Meanwhile, the US government has repeatedly exert pressures on the Israeli government on its arms deal with China, the official Xinhua news agency reported. Liu said China hopes that the United States would not interfere into its cooperation with other countries and ceased to make irresponsible remarks.


"Such actions are unreasonable and we are in firm opposition to them," he stressed. Liu also appealed to the concerned governments to defy foreign interference and make their own decisions independently. The Chinese reaction comes amid reports that Israel has cancelled a major arms deal with China after US allegations that it misled Washington on the export of shared technology. The US imposed a series of tough trade sanctions on Israel in protest at its deal to upgrade Chinese unmanned aerial vehicles, which are used for intelligence gathering from space."


London Bomb Attack at Site Where Israeli Finance Minister Netanyahu was to Speak


On July 8, 2005, a series of terrorist bombing in the Tube underground commuters and one double-decker bus hit the international city of London, England and killed over 54 British citizens.  As the leaders of the G8 were beginning their summit, according to the Times of London in an article Photocalled “Rush hour blasts bring terror to heart of London" it reports,

"More than 33 people were killed today when London was hit by an al-Qaeda-style series of bomb blasts targeting rush-hour commuters in Tube trains and on a double-decker bus. The death toll was given this afternoon by Britain Paddick, Assistant Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, who said: "This clearly was a callous attack on purely innocent members of the public deliberately designed to kill and injure innocent members of the public." Mr Paddick said four blasts hit London shortly before 9 am."


Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


As if the series of subway and bus bombings on July 8, 2005 in London, the national capital of Britain, were not serious enough in terms of the loss of human life and the suffering and agony that it is causing the population in that international city, there is now an international counter-terrorist scandal erupting as to the role that Israel played in this bombing.  According to the article, “British Commando Units Seal off Israeli Embassy in London in Wake of Attacks as US Congressman Suspected of being Israeli Spy Is Detained While Attempting to Flee to Israel”, the Israeli Security Attachment assigned to protect the former prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is being charged with advance warning to the Israeli politician who was in London for economic meeting.  In an Associated Press Report titled, "Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Warning" states;

"British police told the Israeli Embassy in London minutes before Thursday's explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city, a senior Israeli official said. Israeli Finance Minister     Benjamin Netanyahu had planned to attend an economic conference in a hotel over the subway stop where one of the blasts occurred, and the warning prompted him to stay in his hotel room instead, government officials said."


According to MSNBC, the Israeli Government denied that they did not receive any advance warning as reported in the article, “Israel denies 'early information' about attacks" but gave this account;

"A Foreign Ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity, had said earlier that British police warned the Israeli Embassy in London of possible terror attacks minutes before the first explosion. “There was no early information about terrorist attacks,” Shalom told Israel Army Radio later. “After the first explosion an order was given that no one move until things become clear."


United States Congressman under Investigation for his Links with Israeli Intelligence Firm


As if Israel will always be embroiled in any terrorist attack, it reminds us of the 911 attack on the Twin Towers at New York on September 11, 2001 and the claims that the Israeli Mossad was implicated in the attack and that Israeli citizens in New York received prior warning to stay away during the hours of the attack.  Most of these were refuted in the report by in the article “9/11 Conspiracy claims regarding the Jews or Israel.” 


Randy “Duke” Cunningham, Congressman San Diego, California


It also appears that just prior to the blast a United States Congressman, Randy “Duke” Cunningham was reported to be trying to flee to Israel. According to the Copley News an American Counter-terrorist force invaded the congressman’s home and the offices of a close friend and business associate.  In the article titled, “Agents raid Cunningham home, MZM office, yacht" it says;

"In a dramatic sign of a fast-moving, bicoastal investigation, federal agents searched the Rancho Santa Fe home of Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham yesterday, along with the Washington office of a defense contractor linked to the Republican congressman and the yacht where Cunningham had lived."


"The federal task force that conducted the coordinated, surprise raids on opposite coasts included agents from the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Diego, the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, said Debbie Weierman, an FBI spokeswoman in Washington. "The operation is part of an ongoing investigation," she said. It has been known for at least two weeks that the FBI and a federal grand jury in San Diego are investigating Cunningham's ties to Mitchell Wade, founder of MZM Inc."


MZM, which was founded in 1993, had no federal contracts until 2002. Since then, it has received $163 million in government contracts. Cunningham, a member of the influential House defense appropriations subcommittee and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, has said he supported Wade's efforts to win contracts.


Law enforcement agents searched the Washington headquarters of defense contractor MZM Inc. yesterday.


The story is even more complicated. MZM Inc is an Israeli company owned by an Israeli called  Mitchell Wade.  If we ask the Russian sources, the speculation is that “their vast world-wide resources and location in the United States has provided much secret information to the Israeli government, and as some have speculated is in fact the ‘Central Hub’ for Israeli spying in the United States.”  The company website MZM Inc. states;

Since its founding in 1993, MZM, Inc. has been solving enigmatic problems for an ever wider range of government and private sector entities. Today, its special capabilities in providing creative and innovative solutions in a rapidly changing environment have been recognized as "state of the art" by clients both domestically and abroad. Our traditional strengths in the areas of intelligence collection and analysis, where application of the most recently developed technologies are brought to bear, are enhanced by expanding capabilities in the national security and policy planning fields and enabled by a highly motivated and experienced staff.”

NGIC.jpg (2321 bytes)

NGIC Charlottesville HQ. Cooked intelligence on Iraq and cozy with MZM, the contractor that is under Federal Grand Jury and FBI investigations.


This site also boast that MZM is ranked #100 on Washington Technology's 2005 Top 100 Federal Prime Contractor's list. Yet according to Intelligence Whispers, a Wade Madison Report,


More corruption and intelligence fabrication has been revealed in the U.S. intelligence community. In the case of the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) in Charlottesville, Virginia, the focus is on how imagery intelligence prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom was fabricated as a justification for the attack and occupation of Iraq. In addition, in a violation of White House, intelligence, and U.S. Army directives, intelligence databases were altered to justify expensive weapons programs like the canceled Comanche helicopter and the Crusader mobile artillery system….


NGIC is also embroiled in a fraud scandal involving outside contractors (similar to the problems at NSA involving TRAILBLAZER and GROUNDBREAKER  contacts). NGIC insiders report that current and former senior officials of the agency have major conflicts of interest with NGIC's prime contractor, MZM, Inc., which has recently been on the sales block after it was discovered that the founder of the defense and intelligence contractor, Mitchell Wade, purchased and then sold California Republican Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham's Del-Mar home at a $700,000 loss to Wade. "MZM" stand for the names of Wade's three children -- Matthew, Zachary and Morgan.


It was later discovered that Wade allowed Cunningham to live aboard his yacht, named the "Duke-Stir," berthed at Washington, DC's Capitol Yacht Club. Cunningham also serves on the powerful House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. Amid the Cunningham scandal, Wade resigned as President and CEO of MZM and replaced himself with retired three-star Army General James King, a close friend and associate. Wade's move came after his previously-selected replacement, chief operating officer Frank Bragg, suddenly resigned after being named President and CEO. Former Bush Director of the Office of Personnel Management Kay Cole James, a recently-named Vice President of MZM, also resigned suddenly. A Federal Grand Jury has subpoenaed documents from Cunningham and there is an on-going FBI investigation


The NGIC is a major U.S. intelligence community's reservoir of technical knowledge on foreign weapons systems, including tanks, helicopters, artillery, anti-aircraft defenses, NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) weapons, military engineering equipment and vehicles, armored fighting vehicles, mines, radars, and camouflage and deception tactics. The Imagery Assessments Directorate plays a key part in analyzing satellite photographs to develop intelligence reports on foreign battlefield systems and orders of battle.


There is suspicion in the intelligence services that Congressman Cunningham’s reason to attempt to flee to Israel is that he is connected with the high level alert report in the first part of this report in which stated, “With the alleged highest alert that the United States underwent not by the North American Aerospace Space Defense Command (NORAD) but by the local US Air Force base commanders when four Israeli F-16 were identified as being on a “strategic bombing run” to the west and the east coast of the United States.” 


Record Number of Jews Moving to America as Israel Recalls its “Special Assets”


Yet it is not one Israeli but a mass exodus of Jews that are heading for Israel as a July 8, 2005 report.  For what reason?  According to Israeli National News called Arutz Sheva in their article it states, “Record Number of US & Canadian Jews Moving to Israel on Single Day"; 

"More than 1,800 North American Jews will move to Israel this summer through Nefesh B’Nefesh in close cooperation with the Jewish Agency for Israel. On July 13th, 2005 two separate chartered El Al flights with some 500 olim (immigrants) from the U.S. & Canada will arrive simultaneously, marking the largest arrival of North American Jews in Israel’s history. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Vice Premier Shimon Peres, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Jewish Agency Chairman Ze’ev Bielski and other officials will greet the first of this summer’s arrivals."


Is the United States Prepared to Invade Israel?


Is this providential or a co-incidence.  Once again the national media is silent except what is received from Russian intelligence sources.  “Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that the Israeli Government has ordered an expedited removal from both the United States and Canada of all its ‘Special Assets’ and for their immediate return to Israel… Speculations among Russian Security Analysts are that these sudden moves by Israeli Intelligence Organizations are but pre-cursers to a series of catastrophic terrorists events scheduled for the Americas this summer, and what one Analyst states will be the United States ‘Summer of Blood…To better protect itself from these attacks the United States has approved the oversight of the Iraqi Armed Forces by the Iranians so as to be bettered prepared for an invasion of Israel itself.”


According to the official media report in the Los Angeles Times an article titled "Iran, Iraq to OK Military Pact, Including Troop Training Help" was posted.

"Former foes Iran and Iraq said Thursday that they would sign a military cooperation agreement that would include Iranian help in training Iraq's armed forces, despite likely U.S. opposition. The agreement marks a breakthrough in relations between the two countries, which fought a bitter 1980-88 war. And it comes in spite of repeated U.S. accusations that Shiite Muslim Iran has undermined security in Iraq since Saddam Hussein's fall in 2003. "It's a new chapter in our relations with Iraq. We will start wide defense cooperation," Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani said at a news conference with his visiting Iraqi counterpart, Saadoun Dulaimi."


In an era in which the America media is in suspect, telling part of the news, but not the real truth, we as BibleSearchers have to wonder.  Are we connecting the dots or are we being deceived?  Are the American intelligence sources any more truthful than the Russian intelligence sources? 


U.S. Military Installation being built about ten miles from the Ben Gurion Airport – Jerry Golden


Secret American Military Electronics Base and Missile Bunker about Completed in Israel


The first shock is the idea of an American invasion of Israel.  Yet, maybe the United States has already taken over the Nation of Israel.  Let us look at some recent disturbing information. Two Israeli investigative reporters have posted pictures and documentation that the United States has already established its military present in the Land of Israel.  Barry Chamish in his recent article “Photos of the American Base in Israel” and Jerry Golden of “The Golden Report” in his recent article, “American Base in Israel” made an investigative journey together to the Negev to view these military installations. 

Major Road blasted through Rock – Barry Chamish


Pictures of this base can also been seen on a July 5, 2005 pictorial documentation on on a site called, “Chamish – Exclusive Photos of Huge New US Base in Israel.” This is sobering indication that the collusion of Ariel Sharon and American Bush administration is establishing an American base for the George Bush Sr’s “New World Order.” 

THE AMERICAN army base - As reported in my last memo, a huge American army base is nearing completion in Israel. Reportedly, it has holding facilities for as many as 18,000 protesters. After visiting it yesterday, I'd say way more. This base is massive. I counted ten enormous US Army issue prefab warehouses and more were going up. At the base guard post, the American flag is waving in the wind. A sign proclaims that the project manager is one Jerry Ray…We continue down the road and photograph the massive buildings and underground digging. Then we reach the checkpoint at the border of the Green Line. The base stops precisely there, the border the Americans have planned for us. We turn into the dirt road to the left and start following the circumference of the base.


The base is enormous, far huger than any other base in the country. We estimate that several tens of billions of dollars are going into the base itself but the new road surrounding the complex currently being blasted out of the rock has to add another billion dollars to the price tag. As for the value of 50 square miles of prime Israeli real estate: more billions…


Underground bunkers with Blast Protection? – Jerry Golden


We now knew the US was building this complex with an Arab chief contractor. It will not likely or primarily be for IDF use. One guess was that it will replace all the vital IDF bases in Yesha after a pullout but that wasn't satisfying. Nothing could replace men overlooking the enemy. I received the reporter's permission to distribute the photos, six hours before I was to do a 2 hour interview of the Jeff Rense radio program. I sent him the photos and then chose a select few experts to tell me what they were of. My first two replies were:  “Barry, I have seen these kind of installations when I was in the military for years I was stationed at a base where a major part of it was like this. These are not barracks of any kind. The metal facilities built up on the rocks are huge electronic facilities probably filled with CIA and extensive phone and other electronic monitoring stuff. The bunker is one just like the ones I was around at the base I was at here in California. It is a missile launch bunker. Somewhere within a mile to 5 miles are silos with the missiles in them, This kind of a facility has minimal personal but filled with covered electronics that can even be monitored from the US itself. Not one of those large buildings is for people to live in or even really work in.

This is exactly what I was told in 2001, and I quote:

"It is the intention of the U.S. administration, to ultimately turn over to the United Nations, the military base that is being considered for construction in the heart of Israel. It is the leaders of the NWO/Illuminati who will decide the appropriate time when all that will occur. The U.S. is to build the military base within Israel under the guise that it is for the use of the U.S. military. It is not. It is to be turned over to the United Nations at the appropriate time. The sole purpose of this base is for the United Nations use, not the U.S., and not Israel. This base will be a disaster to the best interests of Israel. It will be used against Israelis."

In a separate report by Jerry Golden in “The Golden Report” we read of the observations of the Israeli reporter Jerry Golden and he traveled with Barry Chamish to this site.


American and Israeli Flags fly over Entrance to Military Installation – Jerry Golden


“Many have written asking me about the Barry Chamish Report of the American Base here in Israel.  Barry and I went there today and I can tell you that it is there.  In fact, it isn’t even being hidden, but how would they hide such a thing anyway.  What they are doing is saying it is a storage facility and the US is building it for Israel.  But let me tell you that makes absolutely no sense.  I don’t know how many buildings are already constructed or what they are for but we can make some good guesses…You will notice that there are 4 rows of buildings, the first row are buildings with only small doors, there are no large doors we can see for trucks so I don’t believe they are warehouses, those doors are for people to walk through.  You will noticed the next two rows are the same and then the forth row are buildings for offices or storage they have larger doors. 


Now look at another section of buildings being built. These buildings are warehouses, the reasons I am showing you both is so you can see that this American base being built in Israel is going to be used for both housing and mass storage of military hardware. 


Forty Nine Day for Completion – Construction on Fast Track – Jerry Golden


Below is another shot at some more buildings, many look like they are for people and others for storage.  I want to show you a shot that Barry showed everyone the other day because I want to point out something else in that picture, not just the US flag but there is a date mentioned as well...It says this base will be completed on August  31st 2005, meaning to me that they are in a really big hurry.  And we saw heavy equipment working over a very large area.  And by the way we guessed this base will cover at least 25 square miles, I think possibly a lot more.  It is also prime real estate about ten minutes from the International airport.  And right along side the new interstate highway 6 Israel’s new toll road running from Ashdod to Haifa.  As most of you may know Israel just built a new International Airport Terminal. Leaving a very large and very good Airport intact.  They tried to tell the public it would be used for domestic use, which makes no sense at all, for the few flights from Tel-Aviv to Eilat and to Haifa.  But it would make a really great military base for really large military planes and it is only a few minutes away from this new base. 


Helicopter Pad with Underground Bunkers – Jerry Golden


We could guess for ever what all these buildings could be used for, but I think it is obvious, some are barracks and others are warehouses, but let’s move on to some other things to see.  Below is a round Helicopter Pad with two underground bunkers near by.


These underground bunkers are complete with blast protection built near by.  VIP’s (or top brass) will be able to come in by choppers and quickly be put underground.  But they tell us this is just a storage facility. You will notice what looks like a water tower in the background, well I don’t think so, to begin with there is plenty of water supply as the city of Petah Tikvah is within sight of this base so they have plenty of water, and there is no water lines leading to or from this large tank, Lets take a closer look at it as well.


With the high voltage-wiring going into this unit it is obviously a high power communications and radar system.  Please keep in mind none of this is Israeli, it is all being built by the US Government and the labors other than Americans are Arabic. 


High Power Communication and Radar Installation – Jerry Golden


This next picture when first looked at makes you think it is just a water way but look closer and you will discover it is the entrance to underground tunnels.  If we can discover so many of these tunnels in just a few minutes just imagine how many there are in this whole base. 


We traveled around the back side of the base and it was a long hot ride on some very rough roads to get these pictures.  The back of the base runs right along with the original “Green line” being built by the US Government you wouldn’t expect anything less…


Somewhere in the near future the US will have to go after Syria, and when they do Iran may react with nukes and Egypt could and most likely will join in the attempt to destroy Israel, again.  The US is in a hurry to build this base in order to fill it with their military supplies and to have a base of operations to settle this Islamic problem once and for all. 


Underground Tunnels – Jerry Golden


But it doesn’t end there, the New World Order under the name of the EU and the UN will move into the picture soon after this thing kicks off.  So even though this base is being built by the United States it is in fact a New World Order Base being put into place.  Of course it is stripping Israel of its sovereignty with the help of Ariel Sharon, who I am sure by now has convinced himself that he is doing the best thing for the Jews of Israel.  It’s also interesting that 99% of the population of Israel knows nothing about this base being built, not one story has been reported in any Israeli newspaper.  No mention of it on the TV it is just being done very quickly and very quietly.  What is so amazing is how quickly they can accomplish such a task these days.  


There is one other possibility, and that is to house the tens of thousands of protesters who will fight the Sharon Disengagements, but I don’t think so, such a large base would not be needed, and certainly not all the warehouses. It should also be noted that there are no US troops on this base at this time, but it is obvious that many soon will be.  And for those in the US they haven’t heard any of this from the US Government either.


Electronic Towers near the Entrance to a Tunnel – Barry Chamish



The evidence since 911 is the increasing realization that whenever America pushes Israel to give up her land, a natural disaster does affect our land.  Somehow we feel that these disasters are to blamed on man only because we are unwilling to admit that the God of the Universes is directly involved in the affairs of the nations.  We fail to realize that the Lord of hosts has a stake in this piece of property called IsraelWhen the “appointed” time does arrive, the Lord of hosts and His chosen people will gain full possession to the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Are we in the “appointed time?”  By every prophetic yardstick, we are at the end of a one way street to a destiny of the arrival of the Maschiach of Israel, the restoration of the Land of Israel and the destruction of the satanic inspired political, economic and religious terrorism on this planet.


Daniel 11:9-10 – “Go your way, Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.”


Is the American administration listening?  We do not know.  Political rhetoric is a two edged sword.  What they do know is that things are not going according to their well calculated plans.  No matter what the administration of the United States does, the world continues to become more dangerous and the nations of the world move closer to all out war.  The facts of history will record that the United States has staked its reputation on radically changing the entire Middle East.  It must be accepted that to them change will come even if it means the destruction of the Nation of Israel.  Yet according to the Australian ABC News in its article titled, "Condoleezza Rice concedes Mid-East policy failure" it states;

"Now to that very candid statement by America's most senior diplomat. The US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has described America's foreign policy in the Middle East over the past six decades as a failure. She made the statements in a speech calling for democratic reform in the Arab world, at the American University in Cairo overnight. It's the first time a US official has delivered such a tough public message in the heart of the Middle East. Critics of the Bush administration are describing it as hollow but risky rhetoric, while supporters say it was a bold and necessary speech at a critical time in history for the region."


Israel Emerging to a Different Image of Her Destiny


The conflict between the United States, which many believe is part of the tribe of Manasseh of the House of Joseph and the Nation of Israel which is actually the House of Judah, is reality awareness.  The destinies of these two people and two nations will either separate or merge. On the side of the Israelis is the growing awareness that if they want security, they will soon have to go it alone.  To them rightfully, it is a cause of alarm.  They have lived most of their lives in a land in which all their neighbors around them have the reported intent to “drive them out to the sea.”  We wonder what the mentality of America would be like if Canada and Mexico, had the same intent to destroy America.  How shrill would be our voices then.  The growing sentiment in Israel may be best expressed by an article in the Israeli National News in their article titled "Is the USA Really Israel's Ally?" this says;

"With friends like them, we don't need enemies. Sorry, but facts prove the myth a lie. The United States of America is not a friend of Israel. The United States didn't aid Israel in its war for independence; arms had to be smuggled out of America by pro-Israelis. Individual Jews and non-Jewish supporters donated money to Israel. Any American "aid" was for American benefit; and the eventual military aid only succeeded in damaging Israel's own military and aircraft industry. The United States demands full control over any arms Israel develops with parts bought from the states. We would do much better without American "help".


Today, Israeli society is experiencing an internal struggle. Some of us want to be truly independent of foreign rule and others are afraid. Are we a "Western democracy" or a "Jewish State"? Do we need a foreign "patron"? And most importantly, do we owe our existence to another country? We are at a crossroads. If we don't rid ourselves of foreign control, then we will cease to exist. Israel won't be viable without Judea, Samaria and Gaza. G-d forbid the government succeeds in its plans to amputate our Land; we will find ourselves defenseless, locked in fragile ghettos.  There is no foreign country we can depend on. We must look to G-d and to our own strength. And for our survival, we must send the American busybodies back to Washington. If they're such experts at making "peace", then they should invite Cuba's Castro to the White House for a festive banquet."


Also the United States is at the crossroads of her national identity. We have known ourselves as a “Nation under God” that is turning rapidly godless.  What has puzzled many is how a nation such as the Christian nation of Germany could rapidly swing into the Nazi state of Hitler’s Third Reich.  As we watch the trends of America we wonder if we are part of ‘those not learning the lesson from history will be doomed to repeat them.’  Will this be a part of our tragic end as a great nation?  The following article is one for sobering thought.  Written by Chuck Baldwin, the co-founder of the Crossroads Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, a church recognized by President Ronald Reagan for it unusual growth and influence, wrote in an editorial on June 16, 2005, "Remembering the lessons of Germany's past" which says;

"For years, I struggled to comprehend how the good people of Germany could allow someone such as Adolph Hitler to lead them into what became World War II. After all, before Hitler's rise to power, Germany had a rich Christian heritage. The Reformation out of the Dark Ages had its roots deeply imbedded in Germany and surrounding countries.


Furthermore, Germany has long produced some of the most intelligent and creative people on the planet! Many of the world's greatest engineers and scientists have come from Germany and Austria. When it comes to knowledge and education, the Germanic people take a back seat to no one. How, then, could the good, intelligent people of Germany follow and support someone such as Hitler? For years I struggled to find the answer to that puzzle. Now, I believe I understand.


The German people were convinced that their country was under attack and that Hitler was the leader who could protect them. Consider the statement of one of Hitler's most trusted cabinet members, Hermann Goering, "The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger."


Compare Goering's statement to former Attorney General John Ashcroft who, in defending the USA Patriot Act (which does much the same thing as Hitler's "Enabling Act") said, "To those who scare peace-loving people with phantoms of lost liberty, my message is this: Your tactics only aid terrorists, for they erode our national unity and diminish our resolve."


Is it only a coincidence (or a repeat of history) that Republicans have introduced a bill in Congress to nullify the 22nd Amendment thereby opening the door for President George W. Bush to become permanent president? (Source: U.S. House of Representatives, H.J. Res. 24 "Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the 22nd amendment to the Constitution" introduced February 17, 2005.) Add to H.J. Res. 24 the World Net Daily report that "A former Bush team member during his first administration is now voicing serious doubts about the collapse of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.


"Morgan Reynolds, former chief economist for the Department of Labor during President George W. Bush's first term, says the official story about the collapse of the Twin Towers is 'bogus' and that it is more likely that a controlled demolition destroyed them and adjacent Building No. 7." WND quotes Reynolds as stating further, "Only professional demolition appears to account for the full range of facts associated with the collapse of the three buildings." Whether the Twin Towers and Building 7 were brought down via "an inside job" or not, one thing is certain: the attacks of September 11, 2001 became the catalyst that propelled Congressmen to quickly pass the USA Patriot Act even though none of them had read it.


Once again, please remember that the German people believed Hitler to be a patriotic, Christian man. As a result, Hitler had the unflinching support of Germany's conservative Christian ministers. How else would they be persuaded to follow Hitler into the nightmare of the Nazi regime? Remember, also, that to most German ministers, the Nazi Party was "God's Party." They really believed they were being faithful to God by being faithful to Hitler. Therefore, should we not be concerned today when we hear of Christian ministers excommunicating church members who do not support President Bush or the Republican Party? Should not "red flags" go up in our minds when we hear Christian ministers excuse Bush's unconstitutional conduct by proclaiming, "Bush is God's man for America, therefore, we cannot criticize him!"?


Yes, my friends, it is now obvious to me how Adolph Hitler seized power in Germany, because the same principles that Hitler used in the 1930's are being used by America's leaders today. Am I saying that I believe President Bush is another Hitler? Of course not. I am saying, however, that the same tactics and strategies being used by President Bush are eerily similar to those of the former German leader's. Certainly, we all pray for a fate far better than that of Hitler's Germany. But to obtain a better future for America, it is obligatory that we remember the lessons of Germany's past."


Is the destiny of America tied with helping Israel fulfill her national destiny or to seek to destroy her?  By seeking to destroy Israel will America light the match towards the rise of the “Greater Israel and the destruction of America or the redemption of the House of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) who will come our of Britain and America?


Ezekiel 37:15-22, 24-28 (parts) – “Thus says the Lord God: ‘Surely I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel, his companions; and I will join them with it, with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they will be one in My hand.’ …’Surely I will take the children of Israel from among the nations, wherever they have gone, and will gather them from every side and bring them into their own land; and I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel;  and one king shall be king over them all; they shall no longer be two nations, nor shall they ever be divided into two kingdoms again…


David, My servant shall be king over them, and they shall all have one shepherd; they shall walk in My judgments and observe My statutes, and do them. Then they shall dwell in the land that I have given to Jacob My servant, where your fathers dwelt…Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them, and it shall be an everlasting covenant with them; I will establish them and multiply them, and I will set My sanctuary in their midst forever more.  My tabernacle also shall be with them; indeed I will be their God, and they shall be My people. The nations also will know that I the Lord, sanctify Israel, when My sanctuary is in their midst forevermore.’”



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