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“God’s Battle Axe” – The Mystery of the Pashtun Israelites of Afghanistan

The Divine Mission to Restore the Lost Sheep (Tribes) of the House of Israel

Part Eleven

Section Nine

By Robert Mock M.D.

February 2009



The Miraculous Return of the Lost Tribes of Israel

The Ancient Nation of United Israel and the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel

The Pashtun Tribes of Bani-Israel

The Mystery of the Ethnic Cleansing of the Afghani Lost Tribes Israel

The Pashtun Tribes of Beni-Israel in Afghanistan, God’s Battle-Axe against the Nations

Is God’s Battle Axe now the Genocide Target of the Globalist Forces in Afghanistan?


The Miraculous Return of the Lost Tribes of Israel


As BibleSearchers was beginning its research on the Lost Tribes of Israel, an amateur Orthodox Jewish researcher on the Lost Tribes of Israel, Howard Bahr wrote to BibleSearchers the following”


Howard BahrAs you know, the re-unification of the "10 hidden tribes" with normative Jews is in fact a Scriptural teaching. The prophets allude to this re-unification. Here is an observation. I believe this will happen before the Revelation of Messiah. According to Chazal (Sages of Judah), there is a well known teaching agreed upon by all Jewish Scholars and Expositors. There will be no converts to Judaism after the appearance of Messiah. Conversion will not be an option at that time. For that reason, it would appear that the "hidden tribes" will be re-united with normative Jews before the Redemption, i.e appearance of Messiah.


There would be a modified, abbreviated conversion process, perhaps similar to the process underwent by the black Jews, the Falashas. It would be somewhat different than the conversion process which gentiles undergo, i.e for an authentic orthodox conversion. I am absolutely certain, though, there will be some sort of conversion process. Obviously, if such people in the millions were declared Jews, it would provoke unimaginable controversyThe prophet Elijah is suppose to appear just before the Revelation of Moshiach, or to confirm his identity. Christianity utilizes this teaching by having John the Baptist, "baptising Jesus" and declaring him Messiah. Another function of Elijah will be to declare all authentic Jews from non-authentic people claiming to be Jewish. It would appear [utror+valley.jpg]that this weighty mission of Elijah would have a direct impact on the authenticity of the hidden Jews who would have already emerged.


Tree laden Valleys of Ushu and Utror in the ancient Homelands in the Swat Regions of the Pashtun Bani-Israelite Tribes other point which I alluded to. We may be getting bogged down in Afghanistan if reports are correct that President Obama intends on focusing on this Mission and doubling the number of troops, i.e very soon. It would appear he may be also intent on capturing bin Laden which would immensely solidify his popularity, credibility and prestige. Several years ago many researchers found a myriad of Bible Codes on the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. These Bible Codes were found independently by a number of researchers. One of the Codes regarding bin Laden seems to be saying that the US will never find him. That role is indicated to belong to Moshiach. The code referencing Bin Laden says, "Moshiach will Avenge!’”


The Nation of the Pushtans, called Beni-Israel; Afghanistan


As we have seen in this series, the ancient Lost Tribes of Israel were spread out over the ancient lands of the Medes and the Persians. They eventually, as our research continued will migrate in mass through the Caspian and Black Seal corridor traveling northwards from Uratu, the ancient homeland of Noah and Shem surrounding the mountains of Ararat.  They then traveled over the Caucasus Mountains towards the land of the Sarmatians along the Volga River. As a hiatus of merging and reemerging, out of this amalgamation of Lost Tribes there arose a new people identified “as” or “with” the ancient Scythians, the horsemen of the North. They later made a migration of a year and a half towards their new homeland, northwest of the Black Sea, called ArsarethIt is tempting to consider that the wife of the Viser of Egypt Joseph the son of Jacob, Asenath was the mother of Ephraim and Manasseh had a name so much like Arsareth.


It is well known and accepted that the Jews including all the Israelites called the Hebrews, as a people were as ancient as the people of China.  The question, we have to ask, why are the Jews not a billion strong as the Chinese?   As also well known, of all the nations of the world, it was the Israelites and then the Jews that were hunted and murdered by pogroms, holocausts, genocide and ethnic cleansing, plus assimilated by coercion, enticement or expulsed into exile.


It’s a marvel that the Jews even exist upon this planet earth.  Have not the ancient Israelites now become lost by assimilation over the last two and a half millenniums? Yet, we can only accept that it was a miracle of the greatest magnitude that the Jewish people have remained as an identifiable national presence, and have preserved, according to their covenant with God, the entire Torah and TaNaKh intact for over 3,314 years in a row, according to the Jewish calendar of the world.


The Ancient Nation of United Israel and the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel we investigate the Lost Tribes of Israel and their relationship with Afghanistan and the Islamic people in the Middle East today, it would be well to reexamine the ancient United Nation of Israel and how the Islamic people identify themselves with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob plus King Saul of the Tribe of Benjamin and Kings David and Solomon of the Tribe of Judah. 


In the Islamic traditions, the Patriarch or Prophet Jacob from whence all the tribes of Israel directly descended from was known as Hazrat Yaqoob [AS (Alaih Salam or peace be with him)] as spoken and written in the Urdu, or the Indo-Iranian branch of the Central Indo-Aryan languages. The Prophet Jacob was the son of the Prophet Isaac known as Hazrat Ishaq (AS) in Urdu and the grandson of the Prophet Abraham or Hazrat Ibrahim (AS).


The Patriarch Abraham, the forefather of the Three Great Religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam


Hazrat Ibrahim was the progenitor of the tribes of the Hebrews and the Ishmaelites from his two sons; Isaac and Ishmael. As the prophets foretold, the children of the twelve sons of Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, would be known by name of Bani-Israel (Tribes of Israel) and the Sacae or the Sachi (People of Isaac).  Of the twelve sons of Hazrat Yaqoob (Prophet Jacob), the Patriarch Joseph, known as Hazrat Yosef (AS) was the father of two sons, the Patriarchs of the Tribes of Ephraim and ManassehAs such, in the sacred writ, there are in reality thirteen tribes with eleven identified directly with the Patriarch Israel (Jacob) and two tribes identified with the Patriarch Joseph. These thirteen tribes included the tribes of; Reuben, Simeon, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Levi, Benjamin, Ephraim (son of Joseph), and the thirteenth tribe, Manasseh (son of Joseph).


As the descendant tribes of Israel matured into a national consciousness, they wanted to form their own kingdom. The rational approach was to establish the framework of their kingdom after the model of the nations around them and elect their own king.  This they did, to their later chagrin and dismay, for the ways of man is not always the ways of the Almighty OneIt was the will of the Almighty that the kingship of the nation was not to be from the most electable candidate, the most prominent, the most powerful, or the most handsome, but the candidate and his descendants in which the God of Israel chooses.  It was the will of the Divine that King David, known as the Prophet David [Hazrat Dawood (AS)] of the Tribe of Judah


He would become the first imperial monarch and the father of the famous world leader, King Solomon [Hazrat Suleiman (AS)] and their descendants would be recognized as the Princes of David and God’s official royal dynastic family.  It were Kings David and Solomon who designed and built the First Temple of Solomon on the Mount called Moriah where the Temple Mount is located today. This was the most famous temple in the ancient world that was later destroyed by King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon in the year of 586 BCE and exported all the citizens of the Nation of Judah as slaves to Babylon. 


There in the city of Babylon most of the Jewish people lived, until Babylon was conquered by the Shah Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Media-Persian EmpireThe Persian Shah decreed that not only just the Jews but all the imported people from other lands, under his rule, could return to their homelands, if they chose to go. To the Jews, the Shah sent with them their temple treasures and imperial money to build a new temple in Jerusalem in the year of 516 BCE. The Second Temple of Zerubabbel lasted until about 40 BCE when King Herod the Great greatly enlarged the temple platform and the temple itself and there it remained until destroyed by the Romans in the year of 70 CE. It would not be for another 565 years until the Dome of the Rock, known to the Muslims as the Aqsa Mosque was built upon the temple mount in the year of 635 CE.  The scholarly debate on whether the Aqsa Mosque was built over, near or some distant from the site of King Solomon’s temple is still unresolved.  If the prophecy of Jesus the Messiah were literally fulfilled, the site may have been razed to bedrock and actually be on the presumed site of the Ophel right over the Gizon Spring today.


Before the Israelite nationals were sent into exile, in the year of 722 BCE, the King of Assyria, Shalmaneser V and later King Sargon II conquered and re-conquered the Northern Kingdom of Israel.  He ravaged its capital city, Samaria and deported it citizens into the region of Khurasan today.  Ten of the thirteen tribes disappeared into the mist of history leaving behind only the Tribes of Benjamin, Judah, Levi and remnants of the rest of the tribes.  Out of these vast deportations, the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel, and the Jewish people who refused to return to the land of their forefathers in Israel in the kingdom of Persia, we find the remnant or descendants of both the Houses of Israel and the House of Judah.  These descendants include, according to Bilal Khan and his defining position paper on the Pashtuns and the coming of the Islamic Mahdi, titled, “The Making of Bilad (Land of) -e-Khurasan?”  We search and analyze the following tribal peoples who claim to be descendants of the Patriarch Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob:


Descent from the House of Judah


Beta Israel in Ethiopia – are Jews.
Persian and Bukharan Jews in Isfahan, Iran – are Jews.
Igbo of Nigeria – are Jews.

Samaritans in Israel – are Jews
Lemba tribe in South Africareligious practice similar to Jews.

House of Israel in Ghana – are Jews

Jews of Kaifeng – are Jews


Descent from the House of Israel


Pashtuns or Pathans in Afghanistan/Pakistan who identify with the Muslims
Kashmiris in Indo-Pakistan who identify with the Muslims
Bene-Ephraim in Southern India who identify with the Jews.
Bnei-Menashe in Northeast India who identify with the Jews.

Of all these known ethnic groups, scholars have only identified two tribes that are Islamic in their religious orientation.  Out of that two, only one tribe is left in the regions of Pakistan, Iran, India and Kashmir.  Out of these, only one, the Pashtun Tribe of Afghanistan remains as the most powerful, warlike, and resilient tribe, that has remained untamed throughout all history.  The Pashtun Tribes of Afghanistan, throughout all the course of history, has been the only tribe that has defied all the major imperial forces on this earth.  These ancient Israelites have now become, as Bilal Khan wrote:

File:Median Empire.jpg

The Ancient Land of the of the Medes, Persians and Parthia


Bilal Khan – “The only group (Pashtun Tribes of Afghanistan) that is warlike, undefeated and untamed throughout the course of history, staunch in religious fervor, filled with honor and pride and is unforgiving of its enemy; one that will fight its enemy until one of them is dead.”


Here will be the focus of this study, “Who are the Pashtuns, and “what will be their relationship to the imperialistic forces of the world” who are trying to gain complete control of this planet earth? 


The Pashtun Tribes of Bani-Israel


The largest tribe of the Afghani people, called the Pathani tribesmen, does have genetic roots to the Lost Tribes of Israel. According to the testimony of Rabbi Avraham Hacohen, the President of the Jewish community in the Afghani city of Harath, he recounted hearing the Afghani king Habib Allah Han proclaim, I am from the Tribe of Benjamin.”  This was documented on the fascinating Jewish information site, called, Ask the Rabbi on Ohr Somayach International, that was based on an article by Rafael Berelson Tiferet Yisrael Reish Perek Chelek as we read: Somayach International“In similar testimony, an immigrant to Israel recalls his childhood memory of King Habib Allah's horseback tour of Harath: "The Jewish dignitaries of the city gathered, among them my father.… My father coerced me to join in greeting the king. The King asked the Jews, 'What tribe are you from?’”  We have no tradition regarding that, so we don't know, O King,' answered the head of the delegation.  'Well, we do know,' said the king. 'We, the Mahmad Zei family, are all descendants of the tribe of Benjamin from the seed of King Saul, from the sons of Yonatan Afghan and Pithon.'


Vida Samadzai (b. February 22, 1978) as a Bani-Israelite Tribal Pashtun, as Miss Afghanistan 2003 and Ms. America in 2005-06.;size:457,577.jpgMany Pathani village elders claim this as well. They are "the seed of Israel," descended, they say, from Pithon of the tribe of Benjamin. Pithon, a great-grandson of King Saul, is mentioned among a list of hundreds of names chronicling the descendants of the Twelve Tribes (Chronicles I 8:35). Nothing more is said of him.


The Fringes of the Qutwani Cloak of the Bani-Israel Pashtuns of Afghanistan


Other names of Afghani tribes resemble those of some of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel: Rebbani (Reuben); Levoni (Levi*); Ephriti (Ephraim); Yusuf Si means Sons of Yosef (Joseph). The Ghaghi tribesmen claim their name is from Gad. (*Levi, as a whole, is not a lost tribe. Many Levites still exist among Jews today. Yet it is assumed that many individual Levites were exiled along with the Lost Tribes.) Jewish names such as "Israel," not so typical in the radically fundamental Islamic state of Afghanistan, are found among many Pathani. Jewish names have been seen on tombstones in far-flung graveyards around the country.


As for Jewish customs, the Pathani are quite strict about not shaving their sidelocks (peot), which is in accordance with the Torah command, "Don't shave the sides of your head," (Leviticus 19). Their day of rest is Saturday, and Friday towards evening they light candles, which some then cover with a basket (originally to hide their Jewishness?). They wear a four-cornered garment, to which some attach fringes on the corners. Some pray facing Jerusalem and the Star of David symbol is prevalent in almost every Pathani home!


According to their local tribal traditions and religious customs, the Pashtoons circumcise their infant boys on the eighth day, as commanded by the God of Israel to the Hebrews at the Mount called Sinai.  They also wear fringes on their garments called the Qutwani Cloaks, keep  a sacred day of rest on the Seventh-day Sabbath (Shabbat), eat only clean meats like the Jewish kashrut meals, and recognize themselves as children of the ancient tribes of Israel; the ten of the twelve ancient Hebrew tribes who followed Joshua into Canaan after the death of Moses.  Some Pashtun tribesmen today wear amulets that contain the Shema Israel in Hebrew.


Within their religious customs, the Pashtuns have a ritual practice like Passover where they sacrifice an animal and then smear the doorway as a protective shield to avert death and sickness.  They will place their sins upon a heifer or a goat, which is then driven into the desert like the ancient rituals of the Hebrews at Yom Kippur. They stone to death blasphemers of God, redistribute the land of their dwelling by lots, and serve the rites of circumcision to young male babies and purification rituals for the females. art designs seen within local buses within Pashtun provinces are quite similar with great affinity to Jewish and Hebrew arts objectsThe artistic diagrams include such images as peacocks (the Torah was written with peacock feathers), art forms of the Ark of the Covenant, the Star of David”, the Kabbalist “Tree of Life”, the Fish of the Shabbat (Sabbath), the Shabbat heart shaped lamps and the numbering of the leaves of a petal like the kabbalist sages in Israel use. 


The K2 Mountain Peak is the second highest Peak in the World second to Mount Everest. It is called the “Savage Mountain” for its difficulty of Ascenton the Pakistani side of the Pashtun Homeland in Khurasan


Within their villages, the Pashtoons are known as the children of Yousef (Yousef Zai), Asher, Dan, Ephraim (Afridis and Afandi), Gad (Gadon-Amazai), Issachar, Levi (Levani), Manasseh (Manasey), Naftali or Abdali (Napthtali), Reuben (Rabbani of Afghanistan), Simeon (Shinwari or Koahat the grandson of Hazrat Yaqoob), and Zebulun (Zabulistan).   The Pashtoon City in Pakistan is in the region south of Kabul in Afghanistan. 


If we look at the popular sights and landmarks that make up the Land of the Pashtuns, we find also a large affinity of this land identified with the ancient Hebrews.  According to Bilal Khan, those sights associated with the Land of the Pashtuns include:


Natural Landmarks Solomon Mountains (Koh-e-Suleiman) form the natural barrier between the Iranian Plateau and the Asian subcontinent as it touches the Hindu Kush Mountain Range in the north. North of this range is Afghanistan that is blocked from the humid rains blowing in from the Indian Ocean.  The lush delta of the Sulaiman Delta is a heavily flooded but virtually uncultivated wilderness. The major peaks include Takht-e-Sulaiman or the Throne of Solomon that is 3,487 m or 11,085 feet in height and K2 a peak of the Kaisargarh Segment of the Himalayas at 28,251 feet that form the land of the Pashtun Tribes of Bani- Israel.


The Hindu-Kush Mountain Range of the Western Himalayas


The Hindu-Kush Mountain Range between the Afghanistan and Pakistani borders is named after one of numerous personalities in Books of the Chronicles of the Kings of Judah and Israel in the Hebrew Bible. This mountain system travels northeast to southwest and includes the infamous Tora Bora region where the Allied Forces sought to extract Osama bin Laden from its mountain passes.  With over two dozen summits more than 23,000 feet in height, it has formed a barrier for militaries seeking to cross from the Amu Darya River Valley to the Indus River Valley. was called the Jew Fort” in the days of the Prophet Muhammad.  The Khyber Pass was a strategic gateway into the plains of the Punjab that was used first by Alexander the Great in 327 BCE and later Mahmud of Ghazni (1001 CE), Timur Lane (1398 CE), Nadir Shah (1739 CE), as they crossed over into Hindustan via the Khyber Pass of Hindu Kush called Parapamisos or Paraopanisos by Alexander the Great.


The Khyber Pass, the Tough, Treacherous Mountainous Pass through the Taliban-Pashtun Tribal Regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan


Gozan is the historical name of the Amu River in Afghanistan, hence the Torah says: “The God of Israel stirred up the spirit of Pul King of Assyria, and the spirit of Tilgath Pilnesser King of Assyria, and he carried them away, even the Reubenites, and the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh, and brought to Halah, and Habor, and Hara and to the river of Gozan to this day.” (Kings II, 17 and 18; Chronicles 1:5)


Regions, Provinces and Towns


Afghanistan is today a modern nation named after Prince Afghana, the grandson of King Saul.


Zabul is a province in modern Afghanistan named after Zebulun was one of the sons of the Patriarch Jacob.  In the days of Mahmood Ghaznavid the whole region of Khurasan (Afghanistan) was also called Zabulistan.


Lugar is a province in Afghanistan that is also a Jewish family name, such as a famous wrestler called Lex Lugar. is called The pearl of Khurasan”, is a city in Afghanistan.  This city was named after “Hara” that that bible depicted as one of the places where the Nation of Israel was deported along with the rivers of Habor (Peshawar River) and the Gozan (Amu River).


The Friday (Jumah) Mosque in “The Pearl of Khurasan at Heart


Kohat is a town in northwestern Pakistan that means “assembly” in HebrewIt is also the name of the second son of Levi and father of Amram.


Peshawar is the capital of the NWFP province of Pakistan.  The name “Pesh means Pass and the word Hawar means City”, therefore The City after the Passthat is only a short drive east of the Khyber Pass. Peshawar is associated with the region of Habor that is one of the regions in which the Lost Tribes of Israel were exiled felt to be associated with the Khyber Pass.


Kerak is the name of a city in the NWFP province of Pakistan and also a city in the Nation of Jordan. is the combination of the Hebrew words, “Cab meaning “Dirty” and Bul meaning City” hence the meaning of “Dirty City”.  This was one of the most important ancient market places in the Khurasan Region.


Dasht-e-Kash is a town north of Helmund, that is denoted as the City of Kash named on a map of Afghanistan (1912 in the Library of Congress, USA) that is named after a biblical personality that includes also Kash Rod in the Nimroz Province of Afghanistan.


Ghilzai nomads of Afghanistan at The fortress of Kalat-i-Ghilzai (1854) – Painting by James Rattray (1815-1854) at the British Library


Killa Yahoodi (“Jewish Town”) is a town along the Afghanistan border of Pakistan.


The appearances of the Bani Israel people are very similar to local Jewish citizens. Their language, Pashtu, has a lot of words linguistically very similar to ancient Hebrew.  The Pashtu or Pakhto language was borrowed from many of the indigenous languages of their surrounding Arab and Persian neighbors. Yet, as a language, the Pashtu language remained like Hebrew, a purely spoken dialect with no written records until about the 16th century. For over two millenniums they kept their tribal records, traditions, legends, religious believe, tribal customs, Pashtun genealogies and laws only by the oral transmission from father to son.  It was actually in the year of 1613 that the first Afghani book on their tribal genealogy was put into a written form.  It was called the, Makhzan-al-AfghaniWithin this book was the documentation of the first tribal descent from Abraham to the Pashtun tribes through the Tribe of Benjamin. Initially the British antiquarians would not accept the book, but has gradually gained a wider acceptance as the most accurate accounting of the historical ancestral history of the people. to Rabbi Marvin Tokayer, in the article titled, Mystery of the Ten Lost Tribes – Afghanistan on, he talks about the region in Northwest Persia called Kurdistan, where today we know was the area where many of the Israelites were sent into exile.  We quote:


Beautiful Waterfall in the Pashtun Bani-Israel Regions of the Swat Valley of Northern Pakistan Marvin Tokayer“When one considers the possibility of the people of this exile wandering north and east, then this would apply to the Tribes of Israel living in the Caucasian Mountains between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. This includes the areas of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaidzhan, and Daghistan (areas of Khazar in old days). An eastern expansion beyond the Caspian Sea includes the areas Uzbekistan, Bukhara, and Turkemistan. From these areas it is very easy to move south to Afghanistan, India, Pakistan as well as to get to China.

The Children of the Pashtun Bani-Israelite Tribes in Afghanistan near Kandahar

If one travels from the area of Medes or Hamadan to farther east, crossing the Khayber Mountains or the Khayber Pass, he comes into the frontier of Afghanistan today. There I personally found an amazing sight. There are so many of a tribe with names that had Yusuf in the name as Yusufzai, Yusufuzi, Yusufzad, etc., who claimed origin from the Lost Tribes and I personally believe it.

Yusuf means Joseph and Yusufzai means children of Joseph. The tribes of Joseph are the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh who are a part of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. They also call themselves Bani-Israel meaning the children of Israel. Their tradition is that they were carried away from their ancient homeland. Formerly they were shepherds in search of pasture but they gave up their nomadic life and settled into village communities.”

When we return to the testimony of Afghani king Habib Allah Han, Rabbi Marvin Tokayer sent more enlightenment to the historical background and traditions of the Afghan Royal family.

Rabbi Marvin Tokayer - “Not only the Pathans, but also the Afghan Royal Family has a very well known tradition placing its origin in ancient Israel, they came from the Tribe of Benjamin. This tradition was first published in 1635 in a book called Mahsan-I-Afghani and has often been mentioned in the research literature. According to this tradition, King Saul had a son called Jeremiah who had a son called Afghana. Jeremiah died at about the time of King Saul's death and Afghana was raised by King David and remained in the royal court during King Solomon's reign. According to Islamic traditions, Afghana was a general of the army of “King David (Prophet David called Hazrat Dawood alaih salam (peace be with him)”. 

About 400 years later in the time of disorder of Israel, the Afghana family fled to a land called Gur which is in central Afghanistan. They settled and traded with the people of the area and in the year 662 (CE), with the arrival of Islam, the sons of Israel in Gur converted to the prophet with 7 representatives of the Afghans. The leader of the sons of Israel was Kish like the name of Saul's father. According to this tradition Muhammed rewarded them and Kish's Hebrew name was changed to Arab-A-Rashid by Muhammad and was given the task of spreading Islam among his people.”

Today, the Pashtuns or the Pathon tribes represent the largest patriarchal ethnic group of people in the world.  The largest tribe within the Pashtuns is the Yousuf Zai Tribe that is translated the Children of Joseph”.   In specific, the Yousuf Zai was once the largest indigenous tribe of the Durranni Afghan Empire in the 19th century, who were a people who had earlier lived in Peshawar and moved east to live in the Kashmir region.  With over 600,000 families, they were later forcibly driven out and exiled for over four decades by the Sikhs.  According to an 1891 printing of the Travels in the Moghul Empire by Francois Bernier, researcher Bilal Khan writes:


Dourraunnee Chieftains in Full Armour with Helmets of the Duranni Afghan Beni-Israel Empire decorated with Peacock Feathers (1847) – Lithograph by Lieutenant James Rattray


Bilal Khan on Dr. Bernier – “A French traveler in the frontier villages of Kashmir around the 1880’s remarked on the striking physical similarity of the locals with Jews. He noted that their expressions and manners were distinguishable from the other people in this land. He finally adds that “You are not to ascribe what I say to mere fancy, the Jewish appearance of these villagers having been remarked by our Father, the Jesuit, and some other Europeans long before I visited Kashmir”.


The Jesuit Dr. Bernier points to is Dr. Joseph Wolff who says “I was wonderfully struck with the resemblance of the Youssoufszye (sons of Joseph) and the Khyberi, two of their tribes, to the Jews”.  Moorcroft also says of Khyberis “They are tall, and of singularly Jewish cast of features… they have been named by themselves Beni Israel, children of Israel from time immemorial.”


Bernier was also referring to George Forster who wrote in 1808 “On first seeing the Kashmirians in their own country I imagined from their garb, the cast of their countenance which was long and of a grave aspect, and the forms of their beard, that I had come among a nation of Jews”. (cited by Bilal Khan, “The Making –e-Kharasan?”)


Altogether, the Pashtuns are represented by over 40 million in population that are distributed in the modern nations such a Pakistan, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Iran, the United Kingdom, the United States and India.  Actually the largest group representing the Pashtun Bani-Israel people are actually in the land of Pakistan whose numbers are estimated to be about 28 million people.  Overall they are represented by 60 major Pashtun tribes and 400 subclans.


The Mystery of the Ethnic Cleansing of the Afghani Lost Tribes Israel an inhabitant in the western civilized world, it may be hard to comprehend how the eastern and more mystical minds of the East actually perceive reality.  Such is the difficulty of the Western Occidental Christian’s understanding of the Eastern Oriental Muslims


The Major Ethnic Tribes of Afghanistan


Strange as it may seem, the Islamic literature is also framed in apocalyptic and messianic language.  The current president of the Nation of Iran, President Ahmadinejad has based the reputation of his rule in Iran upon the premise that his divine mandate is to bring chaos upon this earth so that the Messiah of Islam, the 12th Imam called the Mahdi, will come to his prophetic reality.


At the time of the end, the spiritual reality will be turned up-side-down. This twist in reality will affect everyone whether Christian, Jew, Islam, Hindu, followers of Confuciust or Buddhist. This is noted by the following Islamic Hadiths that allude to prophetic events at the time of the endAccording to the scholars of Islam and Judaism, the exiles of the Northern Kingdom of Israel were sent to the four regions of Halah, Habor or Lahlah, Hara, and the River Gozan.  All of these regions could be found in the ancient land of Afghanistan, the place in the land of the Ancient Medes.


As noted in the above personal testimonies of Afghani chiefs, these were the Afghani tribes called the Pashtuns, Pashtoons, the Pakhtoons, or the Pathans. The population density of the Pathans is numbered about 15 million.   This tribal group is the only one in Afghanistan that recognizes itself as part of the Lost Tribes of the House of IsraelThey called today; the Bani Israel (Sons of Israel), the Bani Ishaq (Sons of Isaac), and the Nation of Liberated Slaves.  They live in the southeastern regions along the Afghanistan and Pakistan borders, with scattering pockets in the west spreading into Persia (Iran) and a few isolated regions in India and countries nearby. is little known, but spoken in the Hadiths (Writings) attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, was that Pashtuns, the Islamic name for Hebrews was a descendant of the Patriarch Abraham (Hazrat Ibrahim).   The claim of the Afghani Pashtuns as being of Bani Israel (Children of Israel) is not only found in their oral tribal traditions, but supported by ancient monuments, Islamic manuscripts, historical works, and inscriptions. 


Tower or Minaret of Jam (1148-1214), the Second Tallest freestanding Brick and Stone Minaret with Hebrew Cemetery Nearby


One of the most recent and spectacular finds was the 12th century CE Hebrew cemetery that was a mile away from the Tower or Minaret of Jam that was discovered in a most isolated and desolate region of Western Afghanistan. 213 feet in the air, it is the second tallest minaret of antiquity, and whose height can be reached only by a double spiral stairway. Today it stands alone in a remote and desolate valley surrounded by barren mountains with the Hari Rud River flowing beside the base of the tower. It is believed to be the summer capital of the Jam Empire of the Ghurid Dynasty (1148-1214 CE) in ancient Firuzkuh. Its height and fame as the second tallest brick tower in the world is only exceeded by the Qutub Minaret in New Delhi, India.


The Qutub Minar (1193, completed 1393 CE), the tallest freestanding brick and stone Minaret in the World, at New Delhi, India


Only about a mile away, there was found a 12th century Hebrew cemetery, according to the New York Times Magazine (42, August 25, 2002).  Cast over upon the nearby mountainside, Hebrew memorial stones from a Jewish cemetery, with Hebrew inscriptionsWhat archeologists have failed to connect is the fact that the Hebrew cemetery near the Minaret of Jam may have been a Pashtun Bani-Israel cemetery, a people imbedded in Afghanistan history 1200 years before the Islamic era. Yet today, they are still living with customs of their forefathers and waiting for the moment of their redemption. In that day of redemption, the trade routes between Syria and Egypt will flow again with produce like the Silk Road to China in antiquity.  With the Nation of Israel again in the midst, as in the days of Kings David and Solomon, it will become the center of the commerce of the world.


Isaiah 19:23-25“In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria, and the Egyptians will serve with the Assyrians.  In that day Israel will be one of three with Egypt and Assyria – a blessing in the midst of the land, whom the Lord of hosts shall bless, saying, ‘Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.” Pashtun peoples living within these regions and their plight in modern life were highlighted by the photograph that became one of the most famous faces in modern history, called the Afghani Girl”.   It was taken by the National Geographic photographer, Steve McCurry when he made photographic history by publishing the haunting look of the huge and gorgeous green eyes of an young Afghani girl, Sharbat Gula in the National Geographic magazine in 1985. She was first photographed in the Pashtun refugee camp at Peshawar, Pakistan in 1984.


The Kandahar Lady of Rank (1848) – Lithograph by Lieutenant James Rattray


This Afghani town was identified, in the prior article of this series, The Exile of the 10 Tribes of Israel as one of the four areas that the Assyrian kings deported the Israelis of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.  As written: – “The area of Habor’s location is found in the mountainous pass between Afghanistan and Pakistan that is called “Pesh-Habor for Pesh means pass so it is the city of the mountainous pass of HaborThat city today is known as Peshawar.


The Battle of Tora Bora by the United States Military in 2001


The story does not end here. Photographer Steve McCurry returned to the same refugee camp in the year of 2002.  He knew that this refugee camp was inhabited by the Pashtun tribal people who had escaped from the punishing raids and bombings by the American military forces searching for Osama bin Laden at Tora Bora.  This massive bombing had left thousands of the homeless fleeing across the Pakistani border along the Khyber Pass route from Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Along with them were the sympathetic tribesmen of the Pashtuns who drove out the global imperialist invaders of countries like Alexander the Great’s Greece (332 BCE), Britain in the 1880s CE, Russia in 1985, and now the United States in 2001 with NATO in 2007 and together in 2009.


The Pashtun Tribes of Beni-Israel in Afghanistan, God’s Battle-Axe against the Nations


Little did the United States know, nor Britain, Russia, and now NATO, nor the National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry, that the Bani-Israel Pashtun tribes of Afghanistan and the young haunting eyes of these Pashtun maidens are Lost Israelites.  They were sent into exile in the 8th century BCE and now 2800 years later, are facing down the Large Horn of the He-Goat of Daniel 8 that represents the United States as the most advanced military power in the world.  It is the United States that today, fronts for the Western Economic Global Forces of the European trans-nationalists and internationalists called the Bilderbergers and their American counterpart called the Council on Foreign Relations.


This global group of nations seeking world domination was called the Golden Internationale by the late Pope John Paul II. Little does this global power for world domination realize but the Israeli Pashtun tribes of Afghanistan are recognized as God’s weapon of war, YHVH’s “Battle Axe”.


Jeremiah 51:20-21“You (Israel) are My battle-ax and weapons of war: for with you I will break the nation in pieces; with you I will destroy kingdoms; with you I will break in pieces the horse and its rider; with you also I will break in pieces the chariot and its rider…”



Photo: Tora Bora girlThis next 2004 picture, of a tribal Pashtun “Tora Bora Girlfrom the region of the Tora Bora Mountain Range in Afghanistan taken by the National Geographic photographer, Reza, and the prior picture on the front heading of this article of the 2001 picture, of the Afghani Pashtun girl, Sharbat Gula depicts how the God of Israel has planted His people, the Lost Tribes of Israel and imbedded them within the nations of this earth. 


The “Lost Israelite” “Tora Bora Girl” in 2004 from the Pashtun Mountain regions in Afghanistan the time of the end, as they have done through the ages, they will be part of those that will take down and destroy the global forces of the final one world federation of nations.  They will be God’s messengers in the fateful warning to that global federation, called Babylon, at the time of the end.


Steve McCurry and his famous photo


Revelation 14:8 – “And another angel followed, saying, ‘Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.”


The Pashtuns have never recognized the artificial borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan called the Durand Line” drawn by the 1893 British diplomat Sir Henry Mortimer Durand separating British India and Afghanistan.  It is now recognized as the border between modern Afghanistan and Pakistan, the latter formerly British India.

Photographer Steve McCurry went back to the same refugee camp in the year of 2004 and spent days hunting for his world famous client.  Talking from one village elder after another, McCurry contacted their friends and associates until they were beginning to get “frustrated and disheartened”. one Afghani man claimed that she had lived next door to him a decade before and brought to McCurry, her brother.  As McCurry said concerning her brother, “His eyes were the same color as hers and as soon as we saw his eyes”, we thought, “This is amazing. This is closer than we’ve ever been.”


Sharbat Gula as seen in 1984 (L) and 2002 (R). The original photo appeared on the June 1985 cover of National Geographic


After negotiating with the husband of his now 30 year old wife, when she arrived, Steve instantly knew he had found the same person. McCurry - “There was no question in my mind that this was the girl. The eyes were the same, she had the same distinctive scar on her nose.  All the facial features matched up. I instantly knew that this was the girl.” These features were later confirmed by high-tech iris and facial recognition tests as well as an FBI forensic examiner.


Bani-Israel Pashtun Maiden in Rural Afghanistan


As Steve continued, "Her look kind of summed up the horror, because her village had been bombed and her relatives had been killed, and she'd had to make this two-week trek through the mountains to the refugee camp."  


Today Sharbat Gula is the married mother of three young girls.  She is back living in the remote ethic Pashtun regions of Afghanistan with her family. Now a mature woman, this Lost Israelite retained in her eyes the fire and intensity and in spite of her age, “she’s still quite beautiful despite all the hardship that people have to endure there.”


Is God’s Battle Axe now the Genocide Target of the Globalist Forces in Afghanistan?


These pictures highlight an untold story of the hidden genocide as described by Islamic sources of the ethnic cleansing conducted upon the Nation of Liberated Slaves as the ancient Israelite Lost Tribe of the Pashtuns is known in Afghanistan. These sources make the case that the Pashtun Tribe was the largest tribe in Afghanistan, as documented by the WAK Foundation for Afghanistan.  This population survey stated that the Pashtuns tribal members were 60% of the national population, the Tajik tribe was 12.5%, the Hazarah tribe at 9%, the Uzbek tribe with 6%, and the Turkmen tribe at 3%

ISAF controls smaller and smaller areas

According to later US military and intelligence sources, the Pashtun tribes represented in Afghanistan were down to 35%.  As written by sympathetic voices on an Islamic blog site Musiq Pakistan we read:


The Tribal Regions in Light Red controlled by the Bani-Israel Pashtuns, recognized as the Talibani Strongholds in Afghanistan


Islamic Blogger Pine-Apple – “The US military and intelligence for their purpose of aiding and abating the Northern Alliance has with out any proof all of a sudden reduced the number of Pashtun to 35 per cent and knowing that this is not true had adopted the term "the Pashtuns are the country's largest ethnic group", without specifying its percentage.

The atrocities that are committed by Tajik, Uzbek and Hazarah Shi'iah groups in Northern Afghanistan are daily witnessed by the foreign NGOs and also French and American troops who are stationed in Mazar and other parts of the north. Yet these have done nothing either to stop it or report it and it took Human Right Watch and other journalists to publicize the news.”


The Pashtun houses have been burned or looted, most of their men killed or forced at gunpoint to leave. Some 20,000 such families had already tried crossing into Pakistan but were stopped by 105,000 Pakistan troops stationed there in the name of protection against Karzai's troops .


"Her look kind of summed up the horror, because her village had been bombed and her relatives had been killed, and she'd had to make this two-week trek through the mountains (Khyber Pass) to the refugee camp." McCurry said he tried to find the girl years later, but the refugee camp had been disbanded.


Islamic Blogger Pine-Apple - To give colour to this drama, India-Afghan relations have also been highlighted to prepare a "holy ground" for this deployment. It is interesting to note that any leakage of news of information regarding the military campaign in Afghanistan is given the image of operations against the so calledAl-Qaeda”. One seems to think in Afghanistan the majority of the people are the Arabs of Al-Qaeda and they are the only being persecuted not realizing that 9 million Pashtuns living in Afghanistan are being ethnically cleansed by the Turkish races of Afghanistan with the help of the Christian forces.  All this is being done just to reduce the 62% figure to 35%. (Source:DAWAT Afghan Newspaper (Norway)

horizontalnew.jpgThe sadness of these charges is their literal impact upon the moral consciousness of any of God’s chosen ones, when we are faced with the reality alone of the use of depleted uranium ammunition and its effect upon the tribal people of the Pashtun Lost Tribes of Israel in Afghanistan.


“Afghanistan after Democracy” a pictorial journey of the Effect of the War in Afghanistan upon the Pashtun Lost Tribes of Israel


The magnitude of these man made isotopes established by the Uranium Medical Research Center upon the collection of urine and soil samples, showed a 2000 times increase in uranium with a half life of 4.5 billion years upon Pashtun families and children within these regions.  The effect of the uranium isotopes from these armaments showed remarkably large increased in newborn infants with congenital deformities as reported in the maternity ward of the Pashtun Afghani Children’s Hospital in Kabul.  Little do we know of the future effect it will have upon American and NATO military personnel. 


File:Wax Saadi.jpgOver the centuries the imperial invading armies have left their signature upon this rugged and desolate country.  They include the Aryans, the Persians, the Greeks, the Kushans, all of which mixed with the native tribes. The local tribes banded together in the 1700’s and since then have been governed by a succession of monarchs and strongmen. 


Thirteen hundred years ago, the invading armies of Muhammad the Prophet took over this land and with it brought a new idealism. This Islamic tradition made a remarkable shift a little over a decade ago when students of the Taliban fundamentalist movement promised to bring change to their social order from the chaos left behind by the retreating armies of the Soviet Union.  It was the Taliban’s fervent belief that their divine mission was to restore Islamic law and order according their strictest interpretation of the blueprint left by The Prophet”.  So in 1996, they crossed over the border of Pakistan and took possession of Kabul.


Wax Statute of Firdousi, the Afghani Islamic poet, Sheikh Saadi


In ancient history, there has never been an Afghanistan. This is a name of recent history.  According to the 13th century CE Islamic poet, Sheikh Saadi, this region was called Khurasan in his literary works, but never Afghanistan. This historical region of Khurasan and Zabulistan extended from the Oxus River, identified as Amu Darya, westward to the Caspian Sea, then to the south along the fringes of the central Iranian deserts and then back eastward to the mountains of central Afghanistan. It was the last province in the ancient Persian Empire farther east of the capital of Persepolis, in the region called the Land of the Sunrise”. 


It is of interest and must be remembered by researchers of the Lost Tribes, that Zabulistan, the ancient name of Afghanistan, spoken of in the Hadiths of the Prophet, was named from Zabul, the son or grandson of Hazrat Yaqub (Patriarch Jacob or Israel) alaih salam (peace upon him).  It was an identity to the preponderance of the genetic descendants of the family of the Patriarch Israel. These names were used in antiquity as cited by the famous Iranian poet, Firdousi, when he called the 10th century CE monarch of Afghanistan, Mahmud of Ghaznavi; the Shah-e-Zabulistan (Shah of Zabulistan) or the Shah-e-Khurasan (Shah of Khurasan). 


In a most fascinating position paper written by Bilal Khan on March 30, 2008 in the Political Review titled, The Making of Bilal (Land of) –e-Khurasan? we gain insight to the Islamic mindset on their role in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic prophecies at the time of the end.  According to Bilal Khan, it was the Emperor Babur of India, who left the testimony in his memoirs that the Indians in the past years called the non-Indians in their country as Khurasanis”.  As he also wrote:


Members of the Afghan delegation attend the Tribal Elders Jirga meeting in Islamabad October 27, 2008. Political and ethnic Pashtun tribal leaders from Afghanistan and Pakistan began a two-day meeting on Monday to find ways to end surging militant violence including the possibility of opening talks with the Taliban. From Reuters Pictures by REUTERS.Emperor Babur – “On the road between Hindustan and Khurasan, there are two great marts:  the one Kabul, the other Kandahar.” (cited by Bilal Khan, “The Making of Bilal (Land of) –e-Khurasan?”)


Tribal Leaders of the Bani-Israel Pashtuns Meeting Tribal Elders Jirga Meeting in Islamabad seeking to End Violence in the Region


This ancient land of Khurasan or Zabulistan was divided into the five modern Asian countries of; Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and UzbekistanUsing cities rather than natural landmarks, seas, and rivers, Bilal Khan identified the region of ancient Khurasan or Zabulistan by the major cities of these regions that were; Nishapur and Tus in Iran, Herat, Balkh, Ghazni, and Kabul in Afghanistan, Khujand and Panjakent in Tajikistan, Merv and Sanjan in Turkmenistan, and Samarqand and Bukhara in Uzbekistan.  The borders, using these cities were then geographically placed, according to Ghulam Mohammad Ghubar, an ethnic Tajik scholar and historian from Afghanistan as being Proper Khurasan and Improper KhurasanAs recorded by Bilal Khan:


Bilal Khan – “Proper Khurasan contained regions lying between Balkh (in the East), Merv (in the North), Sijistan (in the South), Nishapur (in the West) and Herat, known as The Pearl of Khurasan, in the centerImproper Khurasan’s boundaries extended to Kabul and Ghazni in the East, Balochistan and Zabulistan in the South, Transoxiana and Khwarezm in the North and Damaghan and Gurgan in the West.”


Whereas there is a lot of speculation about the origins of the Pashtuns as being the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel, this fact has been known to Islamic researchers for centuries.  A Narrative or Hadith was told of the Prophet Muhammad about Hazrat (Prophet) Khalid bin Waleed, the famed military warrior of the Prophet. He was called the Saifullah or the Sword of Allah”.   After the death of the Prophet Muhammad, Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed was appointed as the supreme commander of the Islamic army by the Caliph Abu BakerHe fought in over twenty battles for the Islamic people and never lost a battle. In one of these narratives, Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed’s daughter married a person from the Tribe of Qais who was from the region of Khurassan.   He converted to Islam and as a forefather of the Pashtoons carried the Islamic faith back to his own people


In a most fascinating scholarly study on the ancestry of the Pashtuns of Afghanistan on the Indian site called the Majestic Malihabad was the article written by Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi at Lucknow, Utar Pradesh, India, who is a Researcher specialist on the Pathans/Pakhtuns/Pashtuns in Indo-Judaic Studies and Medieval & Modern Indian History and a Member of the Advisory Team for Expeditions of Discovery on The Ten Lost Tribes ChallengeThe article he authored on August 28, 2008 was titled, Medieval Persian References to the Putative Israelite Origin of Afridi (Ephraim) Pashtuns/Pathans”. this document, it outlined that one of the oldest manuscripts in the world, written in the year of AH 717/1298 CE, was called the The Garden of the Learned in the History of Great Men and Genealogies” (“Albenaketi’s Rauzat uo Albab fi Tawarikh-ul-Akabir wal Ansab”).  Here the ancestral origins of the Afghans were traced back to the Northern Tribes of Israel.  It was later, in the year of 1551-1602 CE, that Abul Fazl documented the main Israeli tribal traditions of the Pashtuns/Pathans/Afghans in the Akbarnama”. 


The Children of the Lost Bani-Israel Pashtun Tribes in Afghanistan


It was actually Khwaja Neamatullah who was the first to trace the Israelite genealogical roots of the Pashtuns/Pathans/Afghans.  This study was commissioned by the courtier of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, Malik Ahmad that entitled Khan Jahan Lodi to commission his secretary Khwaja Neamatullah Harawi to compile a comprehensive history of the Pashtun Tribes in Afghanistan.  Five historians, Qutb Khan, Sarmast Khan Abdali, Hamza Khan, Umar Khan Kakarr, and Zarif Khan, were sent to the Pashtun provinces in the year of AH 1030/1621 CE to investigate and document all the genealogies, histories, legends, and traditions.  This comprehensive document, called the Mirat-al-Afghani came to one conclusion, the Pashtuns or Pathans of Afghanistan are Israelites. As documented by the Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi;


Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi“According to Mirat-al-Afghani, after their expulsion from their native land of Israel by Bakhtnasr (Nebuchadnezzar), they took refuge in Kohistan-e-Ghor and Koh-e-Firozah, and were later converted to Islam by Khalid-ibn-al-Waleed, who was of the same racial stock as the Afghans. He is said to have invited his fellow Afghans/Pashtuns/Pathans to Arabia to embrace Islam. Led by Qais/Kais, the Afghans reached Arabia and after prolonged deliberations ultimately accepted Islam. Kais/Qais married Khalid’s daughter Sara, and fathered three sons from her – Sarban, Ghorghusht and Baitan. Numerous forwarded by Afghan historians tend to favour this theory. Hafiz Rahmat Khan has presented genealogies showing descent from Talut – a prominent figure in the annals of Bani Israel (Children of Israel) in his Khulasat ul-Ansab.”


A Pashtun Bani-Israel Tribal Window colorful and flamboyant, similar to their textiles and clothing


Numerous other studies and documentaries over the centuries have been made, but all, according to Dr. Aafreedi come to one conclusion, the Pashtun Tribes of Afghanistan are the most documented people in the entire world whose tribal ancestry can be traced to the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel. The prophetic picture of the Israelite tribes as the battle-axe of the God of Israel suggests that the new President of the United States’ first foreign policy decision to shift his entire Middle East focus away from Iraq and to Afghanistan and the capture of Osama bin Laden may also become a prophetic event in itself.  


The United States of America may be assigned by the Almighty One to confront the battle axe of God as America may to be literally broken in pieces.  Her sovereign might may also be destroyed as she becomes a member of the North American Union, along with Canada and Mexico, and a part of ten global unions in the prophetic fulfillment of a Unified Federation of Nations.  They will be under the rule of the Anti-Messiah to the Jews, the anti-Christ to the Christians, and the Dajjal to the Muslims. 


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