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Catastrophic Preparations of this Planet for the Coming of the Messiah

A Study of the Rapid Escalation of Catastrophic Chances occurring on this Planet since the Asian Tsunami, 2004

By Robert Mock MD

April, 2005

Seismic Global Monitor – April 8, 2005 – The Funeral of Pope John Paul II



Catastrophes in the Weather

Catastrophes in the Oceans

Collapse of the Rain Forests

Hurricanes, Typhoons and Tsunamis

Famine and Starvation

Scientific Solutions

Catastrophic Earth Changes Developing across the Earth

Evidence for progressive Earthquakes in North America

Trends towards a mega-quake at the New Madrid Region in mid-America

The Link between Fireballs, Meteors and the Military’s Secret Weapon Systems

The Collapse of the Magnetic Field that Shields and Protects our Planet Earth




It is hard today to stay focused on the Lord of hosts with all the catastrophic events that are surrounding us in the world.  The elements of this earth seem to be exploding. The natural world is in disarray.  When I walk down the street the impassionate look on most people’s faces declare the emotional numbness that our society is sinking.  When I sit in church we discuss the same ‘dots and tittles” that keep our minds activated over scriptural interpretations that divide us, failing to see the bigger picture, the prophetic pictures of the prophets of old are exploding all around us. 


It was on February 9, 2005 as reported in Apocalypse Now, the Prime Minister of Britain, Tony Blair, now as the president of the EU and the G8 group of economic powers, met with 200 of the leading scientists concerning the global climate changes that are occurring on our earth at the Met office’s futuristic glass headquarters in Exeter, England.  They were to give advice to him on how to “avoid dangerous climate change”.  He wanted to warn the nations of the world on how to prioritize their resources in order to hinder, halt or change what appears to be the inevitable.  Here is the beginning of globalist’s bid to save this earth from global changes that are blamed on the citizens of this planet.  Here will be the bid to introduce total global control of all earth sciences, global lifestyles and the technology that makes civilization on this planet today.


It was Geoffrey Lean who stated,”... Future historians, looking back from a much hotter and less hospitable world, are likely to play special attention to the first few weeks of 2005. As they puzzle over how a whole generation could have sleepwalked into disaster - destroying the climate that has allowed human civilization to flourish over the past 11,000 years - they may well identify the past weeks as the time when the last alarms sounded.” 


We do not need apocalyptic prophecy searchers to be sounding the alarms, the earth is filled with the clarion calls of catastrophe all around us and no one seems to understand. Why?  The prophets of old have so succinctly warned us.  Are we ready to listen? Will we continue to ignore them?


Listen we might, but we are paralyzed because we do not seem to know what to do.  We are warned to, “watch and be ready”, but our lives are so hectic that any moment of reflection and sober thoughtfulness reminds us that we are all only three months away from insolvency, unable to pay our multitude of mortgages and credit card debt. The present fear that arises in our hearts is not that the messiah is coming but that we cannot survive till he comes.  Survive?  Well, it means to survive in the manner that we are accustomed to surviving.  We look at the world around us and here is what we see.


Catastrophes in the Weather - Temperature Extremes and a Temperate Climate transforming to a Frozen Wasteland


The climate of Northern Europe and Britain along with the northwest coast of the United States from Oregon, Washington upwards into the lush island of Vancouver could be dramatically changed.  As the melting polar ice sheets send fresh water into the Atlantic Ocean, the salinity of the ocean is diluted.  The less salty water failed to create the underwater sea currents which is the basis of the Gulf Stream and the surrounding countries along the Northern Atlantic and the North Sea.  The Gulf Stream along the western coast of the United States in like manner will be dramatically affected.  What is the scientific expectation for this to occur: at least 50%. 


What about the ever present realities.  Since the December 2004 Asian Sumatra Quake the planetary weather has been chaos.  Global land temperature and snow extremes are daily being recorded: December weather headed for record: New Zealand; Australia: Highest January Temperatures on Record Recorded; Cold snap to hit France after freak storms; Sub-Zero Temperatures in Israel, Coldest in 50 years; First Snow in History for United Arab Emirates; Rare Winter 'heat wave' continues; Rare Desert Snowfall: Nevada; Record cold snap continues in Europe, several dead; Thousands of children die in record Afghanistan cold; Europe shivers in severe winter cold snap; Heavy snowfall in northern India's upper reaches, first snow in over a decade; Rare Winter 'heat wave' continues.


Natural weather disasters are epidemic on all continents: droughts, storms and floods.  Professor Mike Schlesinger, of the University of Illinois rendered a report that the ‘shutdown’ of the Gulf Stream that produces our weather currents was once seen by the scientific community as a “low probability event” was now elevated to a 45 percent probability in this century. If these predictions were to come sooner than later, the island of Britain and northern Europe whose land masses share the same latitude would become frozen like Labrador.


Catastrophes in the Oceans


Here is some of the evidence.  The Arctic Sea ice over recent decades has lost almost 50% of its thickness.  The West Antarctic ice sheet is melting at alarming levels with the threat of raising the sea levels up to 15 feet and threatening 90 percent of the world’s population who live along the coasts and shorelines of the continental shelves of the major oceans.  This raising of the sea level will in effect inundate all their property and livelihood and their civilizations will sink below the waters. They will follow the same destruction that major megalithic civilizations in the historical past have disappeared below the oceans. 


As the North Sea sand eels have left the warmer waters of the North Sea for reasons unknown and the bird populations also along the North Sea have collapsed, so we are beginning to see great shifts in marine and animal life that predict coming earth changes.   


The oceans of the world are slowing turning more acid and threatening the survival of all marine life.  As the oceans of the world become more acid, the fisheries of the world, coral reefs with all their marine life that sustain with shellfish and plankton the food source of all marine life may participate in a gradual or rapid extinction.   


If predictions are correct, low lying island nations as seen in the Maldives and Tuvalu who are elevated only a few feet above sea level will disappear from this earth as the Arctic ice and the Antarctic glaciers and ice sheets melt.  At the same time, the increasing solar flares, cosmic blasts and weather extremes depict the rising of the temperatures of the oceans which at the same time expand the ocean volume.  If so, the great cities of the earth; London, New York, Tokyo, Bombay would follow the same cycle of urban catastrophe as Amsterdam and Vienna where as the latter may be irreparably too far under water.  By estimate, the Greenland ice sheet would raise seal levels by more than 20 feet and the West Antarctic ice sheet by another 15 feet. 


How many feet of rising oceans would it take to engulf New York, Washington, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles or Seattle?   These are questions scientists are asking today.  Calculate the number of people, plus the value of real estate, along the coastlines of every country in the world with a rise of the oceans by twenty to thirty five feet.  Engulf those areas with sea water and see what a global disaster would be like.


Our global amnesia on the history of this earth has allowed us to forget and deny the in the days of the ancients rivers and lakes use to reside on the Antarctica rather than glacier hundreds and thousands of feet thick.  We ignore the evidence of the ancient mariner maps of the 15th century that were reprinted off of more ancient maps of antiquity that recorded such a day.  When confronted with that evidence, we still believe it not.


Collapse of the Rain Forests


In was in 1999 that the British Met Office predicted that within 50 years the famous and invincible appearing rain forests of the Amazon would dry out.  In the death of the vast lush forests, lightning and human fires would sent it ablaze raising the carbon dioxide levels to levels probably not seen since the antediluvian world in the days of Noah.  Are they serious?  Absolutely.  Already there have been massive forest fires in Borneo and Amazonia which have cast the pale of smoke pollution over vast sectors of their continents. 


What is the evidence concerning how long these rain forests have been living upon the face of this earth? The ancient legends tell not of vast forests but of a vast sea that existed in the central part of South America, the Amazonian Sea.  When one looks at the megalithic civilizations that lived along the Andean uplifts, one can see the immense catastrophic forces and massive uplifts that appeared to reshape these ancient civilizations lifting them up from sea level to thirteen thousand feet into the air.  Here was the world culture of Tianhuanaco next to the highest and one of the deepest lakes in the world, Lake Titicaca.  In this fresh-water lake is evidence of fresh water seahorses and  ancient marine beaches.  Nearby at Puma Punka are large 300 ton megalithic stones that also appear to be part of an ancient inter-coastal canal between the Pacific Ocean and this Amazonian Sea. Is it possible that this area will one day revert to its sea-level orientation like in antiquity?  The passages of Revelation seem to suggest that when the prophet stated,


Revelation 16:17 – “Then the seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air, and a loud voice came out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, ‘It is done!’  And there were noises and thunderings and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such a mighty and great earthquake as had not occurred since men were on the earth.  …Then every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.” 


Hurricanes, Typhoons and Tsunamis


Epidemic catastrophes with four hurricanes have occurred in Florida and the southeastern part of the United States in 2004 with the first hurricane ever recorded in the south Atlantic that plowed into the Brazilian coast at 90 miles per hour.  Yet in the Pacific, the largest number of typhoons in decades is occurring at this time.  Of course we cannot forget the second largest earthquake in recorded history, the 9.3 magnitude Asian mega-quake and tsunami off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia                                     


Since the December 2004 quake we also notice the increase in massive rain and storm damages that have raced across the globe: Rare funnel cloud forms over Hawaii; Worst Flood In 100 Years Causes Chaos: UK; Record Rain, Death Toll 21: California; Frozen fog continues to blanket northern Nevada; Unprecedented Rains Hit Kenya; Catastrophic Storms Hit South Africa; Severe Storms Leave Most of Finland without Power; Record Rains Hit South Africa; Massive storm moves into Northern California; Thousands of Lightning Strikes Hit Australia; Storms, worst to hit Scandinavia in years, 121kph winds.


Famine and Starvation


Africa has been the model of famine in the world for centuries.  The Sudan genocide is only a reminder to the western powers what life will be like when famine and starvation will reign over the face of this planet earth.  Read closely the prophecies of the 4th Seals of Revelation. 


Revelation 6:7: “When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come and see.”  So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him.  And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.


United States Weekly Drought MonitorThese endemic populations appear not to have the cultural resources to sustain themselves such as been seen the in the Islamic and Jewish populations in the Middle East which also have inhospitable land and deserts.  As the rainfall declines in Africa
the droughts increase.  This fact is already so apparent in the latest famine news from the International Famine Centre


United States Drought Monitor


Do not consider that this will affect only the third world countries in Africa and the Far East and not affect America and Europe.  The United States is approaching the worse famine index that this country has seen since the Great Depression in the late 1920s.   As farmland turns to desert and massive population dislocations occur as people flee by the millions in search of food, the human misery index and deaths will be astronomical.  In southern Africa rainfall is expected to decrease by 60 percent in the winter and 30 percent in the summer in the 21st century.  Zambia with all its productive farmland will become a desert. Mongolian herdsmen bracing for massive livestock deaths ; Severe Asian Drought Leaves Millions Struggling;


Scientific Solutions


The great scientific minds were gazing at a looming global catastrophe that they had spent their lives trying to avoid. The co-chair to the Exeter conference at Exeter, Stephen Byers, summed up his professional opinion that we could reach the “point of no return” in less than a decade; while Lord Oxburgh, the UK head of Shell, warned that unless governments take immediate action there “will be a disaster”. 


They all looked to the Kyoto Protocol, the international treaty that was created to deal with global warming. It officially went into effect in mid February, 2005.  It was not signed by President Bush and the United States and part of the solution in their eyes will be to thrust this mantle upon the United States.  Why? Because to them the human consuming public is the culprit and it is they who are to blame.  The biggest “they” is the United States.


Are we so fixed in our own limited presuppositions that we fail to look up and realize that the Lord of the universe is mixing the pot watching to see if anyone is willing to declare, “Look up, your salvation is from on high.” 



Catastrophic Earth Changes Developing across the Earth


It was on March 6, 2005 that reports started coming about a series of earthquakes that ranged from the Franz Josef Land archipelago region of Russia in the Arctic Circle to the Quebec Region of Canada that were occurring with a common depth of 33 kilometers and in the 5.0 to 6.0 magnitude of strength.


The interest in this area near the Franz Josef Land archipelago is profound in that the Cascadia subduction zone in this area is very similar to the Asian –Sumatra fault that produced the magnitude 9.3 quake and tsunami on December 26, 2004.  This Figure 1. Floating shelf of ice . . .Arctic quake was preceded by a swarm of about 1500 small earthquakes on March 4 of the coast of Oregon on the Juan de Fuca Ridge northwest of Astoria in the range of 2.0 to 3.00 in magnitude. 


Floating shelf of ice (above) surrounds the frigid coast of Antarctica. Should global warming destroy such buffers, the massive marine ice sheet of western Antarctica would be exposed directly to the sea, speeding its melting and flooding the world’s coastlines. The analogy is apt because the wide continental shelf of the Barents Sea (light blue, right) resembles the configuration western Antarctica would assume if the ice there melted (far right). (Reconstruction of ice-free Antarctic seas is from Mercer 1970.) P and J Clement/Photo Researchers, Inc., top; Annette deFerrari


Within the next six days, over 5000 earthquakes were recorded in the ocean bed off of Vancouver Island.  Members of the world’s only rapid-response under-water diving team raced to the region from Hawaii, Oregon, Canada and Massachusetts to try to capture the birth of a volcano from the ocean floor. 


These quakes have sent Russian and American scientist feverishly looking for clues.  We do know that shallow focused quakes in the depths of less than 75 kilometers under the sea have the greatest potential for catastrophic earth changes and may be harbingers of greater quakes in the near future. The relationship of these two quakes suggests that an era of crustal or tectonic instability is beginning to occur along the entire eastern border of Canada, the United States and the Caribbean Ocean


It was the studies of glaciologist John Mercer of Ohio State University who first noted that the geography of the western coast of the Antarctica is very similar to the Eurasian Arctic region. 

Plate Tectonics and the earthquake, volcanic zones around the world


According to the Canadian government’s Natural Resources Ministry, the area of “Canada east of the Cordillera, extending north from the United States border to the Arctic Ocean comprises about two-thirds of the stable craton of the North American plate.”  This region has long been considered stable with a low potential for having any earthquake activity.  Is this beginning to change?  Are we seeing the evidence that the crustal foundation along the eastern seaboard of the United States with our mega-cities, New York, Boston, Philadelphia down to Miami and into the Caribbean is being broken up?  Will this become a new region of catastrophic earthquakes?  Researchers cannot even begin to analyze the data as the United States Geological Service’s Quaternary Fault Map outlining fault lines underneath this region have not been done and are virtually non-existent.


What we have learned is that the recent 9.3 magnitude Asian earthquake and tsunami was heralded by a smaller 8.2 magnitude Antarctica earthquake.  This fact has eluded many people but the scientists are beginning to notice.  After about 9000 aftershock quakes and 559 significant quakes since the December 26 mega disaster, on March 28, 2005 another major quake, this time 8.7 magnitude occurred off the northwest Indonesian Sumatra area as the population of the region made a mass flight again from the coast to the highlands of Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Thailand and Mauritius.  The Nias island nearest to the quake site suffered when 70% of their buildings in the town of Gunungsitoli collapsed with about 1200 deaths.  This site was a little over 250 kilometers south-southeast of Banda Aceh the hardest hit province of the December 26 mega-quake and tsunami and 10 kilometers down in the ocean depths.


Evidence for progressive Instability in the East Part of North America


It was the Russian author, Sorcha Faal on March 6, 2005 who developed a thesis in her article, Arctic Circle Earthquakes begins North American Continent Instability, Greater Earthquakes sure to Follow.  According to Faal, the mega-quakes in the Arctic and the Antarctica regions very well may precede larger mega-quakes in the regions of the poles.  If you follow the Eurasian Plate in the Mediterranean Sea across Turkey to  northern India, it traverses down along the western coast of Sumatra between the Indo-Australian Plate and the Pacifica Plate all the way to the Antarctica Plate.  It was in this region of the Antarctica plate that preceded the mega-quake at the boundary zone at the Sumatra-Indonesian fault line. 


What happens if the Northern Hemispheric quakes are a mirror image to the Southern Hemispheric quakes in the Indian Ocean and a prelude to a mega-quake on the east coast of the United States?  Does not the evidence suggest that in the arctic poles, either in the north or south, an earthquake actually heralds or precedes an even larger mega-quake along a boundary zone? 

In February-March 2005, BibleSearcher Reflections reported on “Rogue Waves” that were being reported in increasing frequency on the high seas.  On April 18, 2005, MSNBC reported that "a huge wave damaged a cruise ship returning from the Bahamas over the weekend, smashing windows, flooding more than 60 cabins and injuring four passengers. The Norwegian Dawn was diverted from its route when the ship ran into rough weather on the way back to New York."  This “freak wave” caused the cruise ship coming from the Bahamas to divert to Charleston, S.C.. 


There is progressive concern that the North American Atlantic Ocean Ridge is becoming de-stabilized and becoming susceptible to a sub induction type earthquakes which is one of the reputed caused of these large rogue ocean waves


This freak wave came at a time when according to space weather maps there were no weather systems in the Atlantic Ocean of a magnitude that would cause such a wave.  According to the New York Daily News they state, "Rogue waves like the one that slammed into the Norwegian Dawn yesterday are more common and more dangerous than scientists first thought. The waves, which can reach 15 to 80 feet high, have been responsible for the loss of more than 200 ships - including giant tankers and container vessels - in the past 20 years.  This same report that what was reputed to be a rare meteorological event the moved mountains of water, the in the summer of 2004, radar imaging reported ten mega-waves in a three week period.  As the tectonic plates continue to come under stress, the potential for harm along the eastern seaboard of the United States downwards to the Caribbean Ocean continues to rise.


Trends towards a mega-quake at the New Madrid Region in mid-America


This fact is becoming a source of concern for some earth science seismologists and vulcanologists as they begin to alert the public to the potential of a mega quake in the New Madrid region. Truly we are beginning to resurrect 200 year old data on an earthquake region that has been long dormant. The New Madrid region was one of the most active earthquake zones in the 1810-1812 era when an estimated 8.0 plus quake occurred on December 16, 1811 at the New Madrid Fault near New Madrid, Missouri. This was not the biggest quake.  On February 7, 1812, an estimated surface magnitude 8.8 quake occurred making this the strongest quake in the recorded history of the continental United StatesSixty miles of the New Madrid Fault ruptured according to Researcher Otto Nuttli, including waterfalls on the Mississippi River when the river ran backwards for several hours in this region.  For five months, two thousand quakes in an era in which there were no seismographs, were reported in this seismic zone which includes: the central Mississippi Valley, from northeast Arkansas, through southeast Missouri, western Tennessee, western Kentucky to southern Illinois.  At least three and probably over five quakes greater than an 8 plus magnitude, fifteen quakes in the 6.5-7.8 magnitude and thirty five in the 5.9 range were recorded.   If these large quakes were to occur today, the cities of Memphis, Tennessee and St. Louis, Missouri would be devastated


The same Russian researcher, Sorcha Faal posted four days before the mega-quake and tsunami at Sumatra on December 26, 2004 the following article, “Unknown Energy surges continue to hit Planet causing Massive Earthquakes in the Southern Hemispheric Regions.”  She noted that according to Chinese researcher, Z. D. Yu with the Hubei Research Institute of Environmental Protection in Wuhan, China, he recorded in 1985 that “world seismicity evidently increased after the occurring of novae with apparent magnitude brighter than 2.2.”  This suggests that cosmic blast from outer space resulted in an increase of earthquakes.  He also stated, a “great many earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 and over occurred in the 13th month after two of the largest ground level solar cosmic ray events (GLEs). 


Link between the mega-Solar Flares, Galactic Storms with Planetary Earthquakes and Ozone Holes


Is it not fascinating that in the January, 2004 issue of BibleSearchers Reflections we recorded that in October-November, 2003 three of the top 10 recorded solar flares occurred in about three weeks:  October 28 an X17.2 flare, October 29 an X10 flare and on November 4, 2003 an X28-40+++ flare was recorded ejecting from the sun away from this earth.  It was thirteen months later on December 26, 2004, the second largest recorded earthquake on this planet occurred. Is this just a mere coincidence? 


The most extreme solar flare ever recorded erupted on Nov. 4, 2003.


Yet it was the detection on December 27, 2004 right after the Asian quake that posted this report, Brightest Galactic Flash ever detected hits Earth.  In it they said, “A huge explosion halfway across the galaxy packed so much power it briefly altered Earth's upper atmosphere in December”, astronomers said Friday. No known eruption beyond our solar system has ever appeared as bright upon arrival.  What they saw was a neutron star, a compact, fast spinning, stellar corpse of a collapsing star called a magnetar that was creating an intense magnetic field that could trigger explosions 100 times more powerful than any other galactic eruptions visualized”. It was Rob Fender of Southhampton University in the UK who said, “We have observed an object of only 20 kilometers across (12 miles), on the other side of our galaxy, releasing more energy in a tenth of a second than the Sun emits in 100,000 years.”


In a February 18, 2005 article, Distant explosion breaks Brightness Records, it was reported that John Nousek, mission director for NASA’s Swift spacecraft that was launched especially to detect gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) who stated, “It was reported that this 0.25 second flash was so bright it overwhelmed the detectors on many satellites – making measurement impossible…it was so bright, it came right through the body of the Swift satellite, even though Swift wasn’t pointed at that object.” 


Yet the puzzle gets even more complex.  What was thought to be a one in a million year occurrence, a new phenomenon was noted as reported in the March 2, 2005 article, Powerful Radio Pulses puzzle Astronomers. “A mystery object near the centre of our galaxy is sending out powerful pulses of radio waves.  It is unlike any known source.”  This magnetar, a neutron star with an ultra-strong magnetic field, was found by using the Very Large Array radio telescope in New Mexico.  It was noted that “the pulses are coming from a spot just to one side of the galactic centre.  Each pulse lasts about 10 minutes, and they repeat regularly every 77 minutes. 


According to Bryan Gaensler of Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), “had this happened within 10 light-years (the sun is 8 light-minutes from earth) from us, it would have severely damaged our atmosphere and possibly have triggered a mass extinction.”  Many wondered if this magnetar blast was the cause of the December tsunami.  If the research of Chinese researcher Z.D. Yu in 1985 has any relevance to this stellar event, then we must “watch and be ready”.  Thirteen months after the magnetar galactic explosion hit our ionosphere on December 2004 we will approach the Purim-Passover season of 2006.  What catastrophic changes are in store for us then?


Was this a ‘once in a lifetime event’ or an ongoing series of stellar blasts that are reaching this planet earth?  Is this the finger of the Almighty One of Israel who in the eons even before the creation of this planet set into motion future planetary catastrophes that all the earth would someday watch in horror and wonder?  In an article reported to the Russian Academy of Sciences, “Unknown Energy surges continue to hit Planet, Global weather systems in chaos”, top world scientists are baffled to explain the cause of the series of “blasts”, or energy surges, which have been pounding the ionosphere surrounding this planet from an unknown stellar source.


First noted five years ago, they have been coming with increasing intensity.  The darkness of the Northern skies of the high Canadian arctic this past winter was met with a twilight glow through the evenings.  The Inuit hunters reported of a “new light in the sky” in Resolute Bay, the second most northerly village in Canada about 1000 miles from the North Pole. According to Canadian government official, “The entire horizon is raise like magic, like the hand of God is bringing it up.”  


"A recent article entitled, NASA Satellite observes Mysterious Earth Energy, reports on these bursts of energy which they call terrestrial gamma ray flashes (TGFs).  According to David Smith, assistant professor of physics at University of California at Santa Cruz states that “This is a very interesting process involving extreme physics right here on Earth…The energies we see are as high as those of gamma rays emitted from black holes and neutron stars…Regardless of the exact mechanism, there is some enormous particle accelerator in the upper atmosphere that is accelerating electrons to these very high energies, so they emit gamma rays when they hit the sparse atoms of the upper atmosphere.” 


We must not forget that only in the recent past the scientists linked the depletion of the ozone layer in the ionosphere to cosmic rays (gamma rays).  Only in the recent years has a new scientific methodology sought to link the ever enlarging ozone holes on CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons).  This mantra is spread along with the international Kyoto Accord which seeks to place all the blame of ozone holes and global warming upon the consumption of the citizens of this planet.  This Accord recently went into affect placing global regulations and international rules that will demand a global community of the future one-world government to govern and control.


Then along comes the finger of the Lord of hosts again who once again says, don’t be so hasty, “I’m still in control!”  The evidence is beginning to be undisputable when LiveScience on March 1, 2005 reported, “Sun’s Temper Blamed for Arctic Ozone Loss.”  On this web article they stated,


"A dramatic thinning of Earth's protective ozone layer above the Arctic last year was the result of intense upper-level winds and an extra dose of space weather, scientists said Tuesday. Ozone, which screens out some of the Sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation, declined by up to 60 percent in the stratosphere over high northern latitudes in the spring of 2004. Officials issued a health warning earlier this year for residents of the far North. In a new study, scientists conclude that an intense round of solar storms around Halloween in 2003 was at the root of the problem. Charged particles from the storms triggered chemical reactions that increased the formation of extra nitrogen in the upper stratosphere, some 20 miles up. Nitrogen levels climbed to their highest in at least two decades." 


In the ionosphere, ozone, a form of oxygen, makes life on earth possible by protecting this planet from the UV rays cosmic stream.  As the ozone hole in the northern arctic region grows a twin hole in the southern Antarctica can also develop.  Nitrogen gas is known to destroy ozone and science no longer can deny that other factors besides human created chlorofluorocarbons may be involved.


The temper of the sun


On BibleSearchers Reflections, March, 2005, it was reported that the U.S. Department of Defense “used lasers and chemicals to destroy ozone layers over enemy territory.   It also reported that HAARP which was modeled after the research models of Bernard J. Eastlund and the futuristic work of Nikola Tesla was developed in part in order to manipulate “the elements of concern in global warming by changing the ozone layers in the ionosphere higher and lower.” 


In the hands of men whose evil intent is to control this planet earth, they now have the capacity to increase or deplete ozone holes in the heavens.  Are we witnessing the “war in heaven” between Christ and Satan as reported by John in Revelation where the Lord of the hosts of the universes is battling with the Satanic forces of evil who are in alliance with evil men on this earth?  Is it not their goal to destroy mankind and this planet earth that was created by the voice of the God of Israel?


The Link between Fireballs, Meteors and the Military’s Secret Weapon Systems


Along with these unknown cosmic blasts, many scientists are beginning to acknowledge publicly the possible interrelationship between these cosmic ray blasts and the increasing number of atmospheric explosions that are reported to be inbound meteors.  Seven days before the Asian Earthquake and the tsunami on December 19, 2004, Indonesian reported “an object with a tail of fire hurtling toward earth near their capital early Sunday before hearing a loud explosion.”  Muji Raharto, a astronomy professor with the Bandung Institute of Technology in West Java province speculated that it might have been a large meteor that exploded as it was entering this earth’s atmosphere. Six days earlier on December 13, 2004, Chinese authorities reported an unusual sighting of two bright trails of light that shot across the sky at the large northwestern Chinese city of Lanzhou, which a cab driver reported was a “fireball with a tail of about three meters daring across the sky” and made the evening sky “as bright as day.” One day even earlier, on December 12, 2004 in the Washington D.C. area, residents watching the Geminid Meteor shower reported, a “fiery ball coming out of the sky,” bright lights shooting through the sky,” and as one observer said, “it looked like a ball of fire falling out of the sky.” 


This phenomenon has energized the world’s top scientists who with Dr. Eun-Suk’s Cosmic Physic team at the University of Maryland along with NASA sent up on December 20, 2004, a stratospheric balloon from the Antarctica’s McMundo base in this reported statement, “The balloon, following circulation of winds high, will sail around the ice continent for about three weeks.  During this time, data of great scientific interest will be gathered.  This data concerns flows of charged particles of highest energy (cosmic rays) coming from Space.” 


As one Russian scientist retorted to Sorcha Faal and investigators associated with her, “Why this game?  We all know what’s happening.”  The “we” has been assumed to be the world governments of America and Russia and the scientific community who are in the “know” of events that are known by the general public.  Yet the plot and the evidence continue to mount.


When the 9.3 magnitude Mega-quake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean occurred in December 2004, it was reported across many scientific spheres that the “Evidence for Sumatra 9.0 Quake leans towards Meteorite Strike.”   BibleSearcher gives a big assent that such a potential does exist.  Do not first three trumpet plagues of Revelation appear to be also a part of asteroid or meteorite fragmenting and striking this earth? In the sixth seal of Revelation it reports of a mega-quake of a size not seen or felt on this planet earth in the memory of mankind.  This earthquake causes all the mountains and the islands of the oceans to be moved out of their place


If a 9.2 quake can cause the island of Sumatra to be moved about a hundred yards what magnitude size would it take for a global earthquake to displace all mountains and islands?  At the same time, a literal and linear interpretation of the Book of Revelation from Seal One to the Seventh Trumpet/Vial Plague of the Seventh Seal suggests that Seals one to six are Satan’s “time of trouble” to torment the ‘saints and the holy ones of Israel’.  Then at the time of Satan’s sealing (Mark of the Beast) there will also be a time when the God of Israel seals His own by the ascending angel prior to the earthquake of the sixth seal


It may be reasonable to assume that the great earthquake of the sixth seal is probably the result of satanic forces that we now know that they are in total control of this planet earth.  These evil forces do have the technology to do so. At the same time, a meteorite strike is possibly one of the “Acts of God” that would be difficult to reproduce with man-made or satanic forces


At the time of that cometary strike, the geo-magnetic shield around this globe will be virtually non-existent leaving this planet virtually exposed unprotected from cosmic asteroid penetration.  What if the superforces of the Internationalists and the Trans-nationalists of the Golden Internationale and the old KGB guard of the Red Internationale with their Japanese mafia have technology that can mimic and to inflict the same destructive forces upon this earth as an asteroid strike? 


On the heels of the March 4 swarm of earthquakes off the coast of Oregon along the Juan de Fuca Ridge up to the ocean barrier off of Vancouver Island there occurred on March 6 a series of earthquakes near the Franz Josef Land archipelago in the Russian arctic to the Quebec region of Canada, we now turn to the March 14, 2005 stellar display off the coast of Washington State where just “before 8:00 p.m., residents reported that they saw a “great ball of fire ignite the sky” only to go home and find their houses dark because of a power failure and the occurrence of a 3.3 magnitude quake fifteen miles up the coast from Olympia. 


Farther down the coast the Siskiyou County News in northern California reported that “thousands of people, including many from Siskiyou County, got a glimpse of an unusually large meteor that lit the sky to the north at 7:45 p.m., Saturday. Lasting only seconds, the large fireball was different than most shooting stars in its brightness and colors, causing some to wonder if it were possibly an incoming missile and bomb.”


On March 16, 2005, a report on a U.S. Experimental Bomb Test suggested that this “great ball of fire”, “large fireball” or “unusually large meteor” seen by thousands in the Northwest states in America was actually a secret explosion of one of America’s secret weapons known as the HPM or the High Power Microwave Bomb.  The New York Post quoted by Global Securities reported on the article, “Microwave Bomb our Secret Weapon.” It said, "The Pentagon says its latest deadly gadget - a precision-guided lightning bolt of microwave power - would be its most important weapon in a war with Iraq. The high-power microwave, aka HPM, has been under development for years in the black-operations programs at the National Laboratories and the Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico."


We must conclude that it was not an incoming exploding meteor that caused power outages and an earthquake but an outgoing missile and bomb sent to the outer limits of this earth’s ionosphere.  According to Russian Intelligence sources the “purpose of this secret Microwave Bomb explosion was an attempt by the American Space Forces to effectuate a change in the earth’s jet stream pattern over the North American Continent, and which is currently experiencing one of the worse droughts to their growing regions since the 1930’s.”


What we are seeing in living reality is the political and military use of the technology of scientists like Ben Eastlund and Dr. Tai-Yin Huang.  It was the theories of Dr. Eastlund who suggested using microwave technology to control or modify weather prevailing weather patterns.  It was this same Eastlund whose name is most associated with the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), which was initially called the “Eastlund’s ionospheric heater”.  In an investigative report by MT in 1996, “Who is playing hell with HAARP”, it stated that this ionospheric heater was to be “30,000 times larger than HAARP with power to distort the upper atmosphere through brute force. His transmitter and antenna site would have covered 1600 square miles (more than a million acres.) "You can (with my plan) lift part of the upper atmosphere," Eastlund said. "You can make it move, do things with it." Eastlund described how he could "surgically" distort the ionosphere to disrupt global communications. He told how he could generate enough turbulence in the ionosphere to destroy ‘middles’ in flight. By lifting and moving regions of the ionosphere, Eastlund theorized that he could redirect the jet stream to alter global weather patterns, incinerate airborne pollution, and repair the ozone layer.


Eastlund’s theories when combined with the work of American Physicist Dr. Tai-Yin Huang, "Imagine when you throw a stone in water," said Huang, when asked to describe her work. "You will see ripples forming wave fronts propagating on the surface of the water.  The stone is the source that generates the wave. The water is the medium that carries the wave. By the same token, it is similar in the atmosphere.  The underlying physics is the same; that is, they are all governed by fluid dynamics.  Instead of water, the fluid is the atmosphere. There are a lot of different kinds of waves moving through the atmosphere: internal gravity waves, planetary waves, sound waves, tides. Gravity waves can be generated by sources like thunderstorms, jet streams, nuclear explosions, and earthquakes."


HAARP was first developed by the oil giant, ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company).  It was initially sold to E-Systems, one of the largest intelligence contractors in the world and then resold in 1994, was sold to Raytheon, one of the largest defense contractors in the world. From the private industry to the intelligence community and now the defense department, HAARP has come under the secret control of the “black box” secret programs of the military. 


With the nomination by President George Bush of Michael D. Griffin to be the new head of NASA, we now have the man reputed to have headed this High Power Microwave Bomb ‘experiment’ off the Northwestern coast of the United States as the head of our space exploration program.  As one of the leading US Space Forces top organizational members, Michael Griffin is expected to complete the transformation of NASA which was once a civilian agency within the United States Government to the control of the United States military


There has been much concern by the United States Senators of the potential of a Secret Space Program that is unknown to the civilians of the United States and their nominated leaders in Congress.  The increasing trends towards ultimate secrecy and non-transparancy by our military was noted recently by reporters who questioned why such secrecy in reporting such launchings and explosions in outer space.  The California newspaper Santa Maria Times reported, “Citing security concerns, the Air Force has yanked its unclassified launch schedule from a Web site, a move that baffles secrecy opponents and some space hobbyists alike. The Web site, operated by the Western Range, suddenly disappeared earlier this year. Instead of upcoming missions with rocket pictures and a paragraph of information, the site says simply, "This page is temporarily unavailable." “Although the launches aren't classified, we still must weigh operational security concerns when determining what and how much information to make available and when to make it available," Capt. Todd Fleming, Vandenberg Air Force Base's public affairs chief, said in response to written questions. We are currently evaluating the security risks with providing such easy and early public access to launch information. The public launch schedule has been available for more than five years, but has undergone changes in terms of what information is available.”


The Evidence for the Collapse of the Magnetic Field that Shields and Protects our Planet Earth


At the same time the evidence is becoming overwhelming that the protective barrier of the magnetic field that is surrounding this planet is not only declining but declining alarmingly.  It was February, 2004, BibleSearchers Reflections reported in the article “The Earthquake Engine in the Core of the Earth” that the magnetic field that surrounds our earth is created by the massive electric currents, called electromagnetic induction, that flow between the positive and negative poles on this earth.  As noted above, the massive solar storms that were ejected from the sun in the fall of 2003 slammed into the magnetic field of this earth and powered up the internal thermal dynamo, the molten core at the center of this planet.  It then caused flumes of magma to rise and pound beneath the crust of this earth, causing earthquake and volcanoes.  What we have seen earlier is that this time window from the solar storm to the earthquakes and volcanoes is about thirteen months. 


A 3-D magnetic field surrounding the earth in the Glatzmaier-Roberts geodynamo model at the Pittsburg Superconducting Center and the Los Alamos Laboratories.


National Geographic News on September 9, 2004 reported that the “Earth’s Magnetic Field is Fading.”  According to the authors, “Today the magnetic field around this planet “is about 10 percent weaker than it was when German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss started keeping tabs on it in 1845.  If the trend continues, the field may collapse altogether and then reverse.  Compasses would point south instead of north.  The catastrophic changes on this planet without its magnetic field intact would subject this earth to immense solar or cosmic radiation that would knock out our electric power grid, disable communication systems on spacecraft and satellites, create larger atmospheric ozone holes and create the beautiful aurora borealis known as the ‘Northern Lights.” 


As noted in the BibleSearchers Catastrophe series, “Weakening the Earth’s Geomagnetic Field”, when the ‘field strength’ (gauss strength) or magnetic moment of this earth approaches zero a polar reversal will take place.  During this time, there will be an increased risk of cometary impacts because the ability of the geo-magnetic field to shield this planet and to deflect comets away from this earth will be vastly diminished.  There will be an increase in hurricanes and typhoons, the speed of the rotation of this earth will slow down with increasing wobble in its rotation with increasing earthquakes.  The temperature on this planet will increase due to increased solar radiation.  This will match every prophecy searchers expectation of the time of the end.


Scientists estimate that the normal geomagnetic field strength needed to protect this earth is between 7.4 and 12.  Today, the gauss strength is a mere 0.4 to 0.7 gauss.  This ‘magnetic moment’ dropped 14% between 1835 and 1965 in an era when climatic and planetary conditions appeared to be fairly normal.  Under normal conditions, it will hit zero in 2030 CE. Yet today’s atmospheric changes are not normal.


If the predictions of the prophets of Israel are to be believed, any ‘saint or chosen one’ who lives through the coming cataclysmic days will experience one of the greatest manifestation of the power of the God of Israel that has ever been witnessed by human eyes.  These same “chosen ones” will also see the worst of evil that Satan has enforced upon this planet earth. The witness to the cosmic battle between Christ and Satan in the final hours of this present era will open the eyes of man for the first time since the days of the patriarchs that the “Drama of the Ages” is now in its final chapter.


The Evidence for the progressive Fragmentation of the Continental Oceanic Plates,

Atmospheric missile launchings and Cosmic Blasts


Since the mega-quake in the Indian Ocean the evidence is mounting that the Indo-Australian plate is beginning to fragment into the separate Indian, Australian and Capricorn plates  This fact was documented in a research paper by Mike Sandiford of the University of Melbourne, David Coblentz at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and Wouter Pieter Shellart at the Australian National University titled, “Evaluating slab-plate coupling in the Indo-Australian plate.”  This fragmentation appears to be occurring just south of the Equator in the Indian Ocean and now the two continents are moving in different directions independent of each other.  The geologists believe that the Indian subcontinent was pushing northwards into the Eurasian continent.  The massive forces are what raised the Himalayan Mountains and the Tibetan Plateau.  With the huge mass of the Himalayan Range, it is felt has stressed the land masses that now the Indo-Australian tectonic plate is buckled and broke.  According to  Jeffrey Weissel, a scientist Photo: AFPat Lamont-Doherty, Columbia's earth sciences research institute in Palisades, N.Y., "The result of this critical stage in the collision between India and Asia is the breakup of the Indo-Australia Plate into separate Indian and Australian plates."


Russian missile launching Photo: AFP


At the same time, reports are coming in from the Arctic regions that Russian and the United States are participating in war games.  Unreported in  American press the news does come from the Russians.  In these reports, thousands of missiles are being launched from both aircraft and land based launchings and sent into the outer reaches of the ionosphere and the stratosphere of our planet. 


The purpose of these exercises according to the Moscow Times  News is that they are “aimed at protecting vital installations in a third country in the course of future international operations”.  They will last a total of ten days.  In an exercise that will assist effectively in the globalization of world order, the 4th Central Research Institute in Moscow claim that they are “hosting the joint theater-wide ballistic missile defense (BMD) command-post exercise Artist's impression of gamma ray burst     Image: Nasa(CPX)” in which they will coordinate their non-strategic and ballistic defenses while providing a ballistic missile defense (BMD) for a third country.”  While it states that computers are used to simulate these operations, the reports are coming out that they are in reality using live missiles in real-time exercises. 


Gamma ray bursts are the most powerful explosions known


This poses an important fact.  As much as we scan the horizons to see how the nations of the world are merging their technology, we can never trust either the public press or the reported sighting.  As with every report in this document, the reliability of the report affects significantly its application to any prophetic picture.  Do I believe the details?  These can only be believed in part.  Yet the trends persist.  The fact that they are secret, non-reported and are the fourth such exercise in the last nine years gives pause. Russia in Biblical prophecy appears to be the enemy of the United States in some future time.  What part does this event have in the transition of mutual defense and mutual annihilation. 



While the two strongest powers in the world are blasting their weapons into the stratosphere, the scientists on both countries are not only puzzles but expressing increasing alarm at the unknown cosmic blasts that are invading our planet.  According to British Broadcasting News, a “ten second burst near Earth could deplete up to half of the planet’s ozone layer.”  This in tern would “kill off much of the life on land and near the surface of oceans and lakes.”  The fact that this would destroy within weeks a large portion of the surface-dwelling plankton and other marine life on the surface of the ocean bodes ill for the animals and the humans that are dependent upon the sustenance of food from the sea.  In November 2004, the Swift launch was sent up by NASA to investigate the origins and implications of  the gamma ray burst from the vantage point of earth’s orbit. 


The ER-2 science probe in the stratosphere


As long ago as February, 2000, the Harvard University Gazette reported on the use of ‘spy planes flying over Russia to probe the Northern Hemisphere Ozone Loss.  Using modified U-2 planes called the ER-2, researchers from the Unites States, Canada, Europe, Japan and Russia send these planes soaring into altitudes over 13 miles high to measure the ozone levels.  What they were looking for are the frigid air spirals that descend from the stratosphere which is one link in the destruction of the atmospheres ozone levels. 


Using the ER-2 they fly upwards to 70,000 feet into the air to penetrate a vortex of air coming from the stratosphere in the region of 30,000 to 180,000 feet above the earth.  The ozone is depleted, the nitrogen is deactivated and only the oxygen remains.  There is one problem, oxygen does not absorb harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. 


Cosmic blasts, ozone depletion, declining magnetic field, increasing fireballs in the atmosphere are all signs that the protecting power of natures forces is being withheld by the Almighty One and the disruptive forces of nature are progressively being used by the guiding hand of Satan.  We can image the story of Job replayed out a billion fold.


The penetration analysis of Sorcha Faal’s “What does it mean” concludes one fact, “Today the missiles of both Russia and the United States continue to be fired in the Arctic Regions.  Today the world is still being hit with unknown energy surges of great power.  Today the world’s weather systems remain in chaos.  Whatever the final outcome of these events will be, it is well known that our tomorrows will no longer be like our yesterdays.”


The World Approaching the Third (Black) and Fourth (Dappled) Seals of Revelation


What are the implications to the saints and the “holy ones of Israel?”  In a September 2003 research article on BibleSearchers, The Catastrophic Destruction and Reconstruction of Pangea” it is postulated that the prophetic picture of the progressive cataclysm in Revelation is part of the plan of the Lord of hosts to reconstruct the ancient land which the geologists call Pangea. This mega-continent matches closely with the ancient Biblical picture of the land of Eden in which Adam and Eve made their first home.


As the prophetic drama rolls forwards through the Seals of Revelation, we eventually come to the sixth seal.


Revelation 6:12-17 –There was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood.  And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind.  Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. 


The cataclysmic changes that precede this event are not reported but could last upwards to a decade.  The fact that the island of Sumatra was moved out of her place with a 9.3 magnitude mega-quake, can we really fathom what magnitude of a quake would it take to move every mountain and every island out of its place. 


Must we consider the future Gog-Magog War?


Ezekiel 38: 16-20 - And thou will come up against My people Israel like a cloud, to cover the land.  It will be in the latter days that I will bring you against My land, so that the nations may know Me, when I am hallowed in you, O Gog, before their eyes. Thus says the Lord GOD; Art you he of whom I have spoken in former days by My servants the prophets of Israel, who prophesied for years in those days that I would bring you against them?


‘And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog comes against the land of Israel,’ says the Lord GOD, that My fury will show up in My face. For in My jealousy and in the fire of My wrath have I spoken: Surely in that day there shall be a great earthquake in the land of Israel, so that the fish of the sea, and the birds of the heavens, and the beasts of the field, all creeping things that creep upon the earth, and all the men that are upon the face of the earth, shall shake at My presenceThe mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground.”


Like the 2004 Asian quake and tsunami which was a global quake, this quake in the land of Israel will cause the “mountains to be thrown down”, and the steep places to fall and “every wall shall fall to the ground”.  Prophecy searchers sometimes do not like to be very literal but the Lord of hosts speak in very stark and real language. When we read that passage that “all men that are upon the face of the earth shall shake at My presence”, we have to consider that the Eternal One of Israel mean what He says. 


As we sit and watch as the streams of prophecy are propelling all around us, we are reminded that the papal conclave is beginning tomorrow with the nomination of the future pope of the Roman Catholic Church.  Part of the “watching and waiting” is also to perceive where we are as the surge of prophetic events are swirling around us. 


We have postulated that we are standing in the stream of prophesies called the Seals of RevelationThe white and red horses and riders of the apocalypse appear to have already begun their return to the land of Israel.  Pope John Paul II recent death also lays bare his visionary analysis of mega-powers and their bid to control this planet earth; the Golden Internationale, the Red Internationale and the Black Internationale.  In this highly accurate and visionary view in 1978, he saw that the Golden Internationale were the Internationalists and the Trans-nationalist banking and economic giants backed by the military power of the United States of America.  He saw the Red Internationale as the Leninist- Marxist Communist States of Russia, China and their power base in the Islamic States in the Middle East that surround Israel.  What was most interesting was that he saw the “third geopolitical contender, the Roman Catholic Church - the ‘Black Internationale’ – was…to be the ultimate victor in any contention with those rivals.”


As we approach the looming Black Seal as the Black horse and rider of the apocalypse comes into the prophetic horizon from the land to the north of Jerusalem, we can only envision this black horse and rider charging towards Jerusalem from the “seat of Satan” in the region of Pergamum, Turkey. Here we find the hereditary seat of the former Babylonian priesthood that escaped the Persian invasion of Cyrus the Great.  Here was the ancestral seat of the Roman priesthood.  Is it with wonder that John Paul II feared that upon his death the catastrophes of the Fatima prophecies would cascade upon this earth.


According to Malachi Martin, an Irish Jesuit priest and confidant of the popes in the 1960s, he gave his summation of the Third Secret of Fatima with these words:


Martin- “It says that no matter what happens there are going to be terrible wars, there are going to be diseases, whole nations are going to be wiped out, there are going to be 3 days darkness, there are going to be epidemics that will wipe out whole nations overnight, parts of the earth will be washed away at sea and violent tornadoes and storms. It's not a nice message at all”


The world awaits the arrival of the new pope of the Roman Catholic Church as the Vatican conclave sits in council. (April 17, 2005)  We are treading on borrowed time and the future of transparent evil will be foreboding. The prophecies of the God of Israel and his arch-rival Satan agree to that fact.   


The papal prophecies give us one assurance.  They shutter at the calamities that will befall them when “the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people."    Yet their “dreadful Judge” will be our Messiah whom the prophet of Revelation proclaimed:


Revelation 2:25-29 – “But hold fast what you have till I come.  And he who overcomes, and keeps My works until the end, to him I will give power over the nationsHe shall rule them with a rod of iron; They shall be dashed to pieces like the potter’s vessels’  (Psalms 2:9) – as I also have received from My Father; and I will give him the morning star. ‘He, who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”


It there any turning back?  As Pope John Paul II lay in state in St. Peter’s Cathedral, the tectonic plates around the world were rumbling.  The frightful din of the tectonic plates is getting louder and louder.  The near future of this planet earth looks very grim.  As we move towards having a “Black Pope” the grinding stone on the mill of time there is one hope; the prophetic vision of the prophets of Israel proclaim a glorious tomorrow with a re-new earthThe time for prayer and fasting is now here.  The future of praise and rejoicing will be our heritage.


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