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The GuidestonesThe Georgia Guidestones


The Georgia Guidestones and the Manifesto to Eliminate 6.0 Billion People from this Planet Earth

A Study on the Conspiracy to Eradicate God’s People from this Planet

by Robert Mock M.D.



The Georgia Guidestones’ Manifesto

ChoicePoint Database Heist on Consumer Private Information

The US Secret Police Force Bombs Biochemical Plant making Vaccine for Avian-flu Virus Pandemic

AIDS was Man-Made

The Pharmaceutical Consortium to Limit Inexpensive Patented Drugs

Asian Avian-flu Global Pandemic 

Mutation of Bird Flu to Dog and Horse Flu Epidemics: New Transmitting Vector - Migratory Birds

Summary of a New Influenza Pandemic

Global Powers and Global Organizations rush to the Aid of all Nations

“The Time of God’s Judgments has Come”



The Georgia Guidestones’ Manifesto


It was June 1929 about 100 miles outside of Atlanta Georgia a suave and dapper stranger strode into the offices of the Elberton Granite Finishing Company and laid out a project to build a monument as enigmatic as the Stonehenge Monument in Great Britain.  His mission was to build a monument later to be called “The Georgia Guidestones”.   He thereby engraved in stone a living monument of the mission of the hierarchy of the occult and the plans of the future global order for this planet earth. 


Today dubbed the “American Stonehenge”, four 19-foot giant Georgia Guidestones, a Center Gnome all supporting one common capstone was built of Georgia blue granite on the highest hill in Elbert County in eastern Georgia, the “Granite Capital” of the world.   It offered the advice of the unknown ‘sages’ in twelve different languages on how to conserve and preserve this planet earth. 


The origin of the monument, the identity of the man who hired its construction, R. C. Christian and the group that designed and sponsored its construction remains a guarded secret to this day.  As stated, they wanted to “build an edifice to transmit a message to mankind”…and “to offer direction to humanity.” 


What was this “message” from the unknown sages of a global order that they sought to give to mankind?  They consist of ten commandments of the global order that were engraved.  Each of the ten precepts or ‘The Ten Commandments of the Global Order’ was engraved in twelve (12) different languages: English, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish and Swahili plus Sanskrit, Babylonian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphics and classical Greek. Let us look carefully at each one of these ten commandments.



1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.


Though the Georgia Guidestones is unknown to most of the American public, the implication of its message is profound. The message of the stones set forth the basic principles of the establishment of the governance of a one world order with a unified world court of law where populations and reproduction are controlled, a unified “living new” language, whose philosophical foundation is built on ‘spirituality’ and man’s environmental responsibility to live in harmony with nature. 


On the capstone that sits over the four large granite upright stones is an astronomical calendar.  In the midst of the center stone is a 7/8th inch “eye hole” where the North Star can always be visible and where the sun shines through at noontime on the south side of the central stone. It will tell the observer the day of the year at noon each dayIn all, the entire monument weighs 110 tons.


The four large granite stones standing upright form an X and at the top of the center-piece are written in four languages, “Let these be Guidestones to an age of reason.”


According to the spokesperson for the Guidestones project, Mr. R. C. Christian claimed that the sponsoring organization was “a small group of loyal Americans who believe in God.”  They did not live in the state of Georgia and had planned this Guidestone Dedicationproject for over twenty years. 


The Granite Guidestones Plaque – March 22, 1980


Sitting on the top of this hillside, the monument has a command of the east and western horizons and can view the summer and winter sunrises and sunsets.  Fitting of a people who prize astronomical order, an oblique hole was drilled through the central Gnomen stone from the south side to the north, to visualize the North Star with a constant year around orientation.  It forms a window aligned with the rising sun at the summer and winter solstices during the equinox when the sun at noon-time shines through on a curved line. 


Affirming the principles of the founding group, they sent a document stating the philosophical principles of the organization.  As quoted,


"It is very probable that humanity now possesses the knowledge needed to establish an effective world government. In some way that knowledge must be widely seeded in the consciousness of all mankind. Very soon the hearts of our human family must be touched and warmed so we will welcome a global rule of reason."


There purpose was stark enough.  They envisioned a future day of a holocaust and were prepared to be the members of the founding order that would survive and remain in the ruling class after that day.  As stated to the Joe Fendley, the president of the granite company and Wyatt Martin the banker, this group believed this monument would be a herald to “the conservation of the world and to herald the coming age of reason…should there be a holocaust in the civilized world, the group wished the Guidestones to be one of the enduring things to help humanity start anew.” 


The Georgia Guidestones


According to John Conner (a pseudonym) who heads a resistance organization and wrote the book, The Resistance Manifesto He is intent on destroying the “Guidestones” Monument.  They claim that R.C. Christian is a play on the words of a 500 year old Christian sect called the Order of the Rose, the Rosicrucian Order or the Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross.


The reality of the mission of this group is quite simple.  With a population of earth of almost 6.5 billion people, the founders of this monument seek to exterminate almost 6 billion humans to achieve their sobering goal of a human life on this planet that is “in perpetual balance with nature.” 


Followers of Yahshua and the God of Israel will not be welcome as in commandment 4 they will Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.”  The commandment 2, “Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity” was the foundation of the Third Reich. Commandments 2, 5, 7, and 8 are all the roles and responsibilities of a global government while commandment 6, “Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court” embraced the newly inaugurated International Criminal Court and the legal body for the merging One World Order.  Then we see in commandment 9, “Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite”, the philosophical foundation that embodies the oriental eastern religion’s mystical approach to reality. It would replace the Torah based economy of a Jewish theocratic state under the God of Israel with a government who is “seeking harmony with the infinite”, even though any supernatural being, including Satan himself is infinite in our own eyes.


Here we find the same governance of the “Earth Charter” compiled by Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong, a document that emphasizes the same principles of governance, “world governance, population and reproduction control, primacy of harmony with nature and the rise of a new spirituality.” 


How beautiful this sounds in an era when the followers of Yahshua are anticipating similar principles of governance in a Messianic Age: world governance under the Maschiach (Messiah) of Israel who will govern with the rod in his mouth and a day when man will live to his full years of a hundred.  This Age as envisioned by the prophets will include a renewed state of this world like its original state in Eden and a new heart that will implanted in our bodies that will glorify our creator.  What is the difference?  One is man driven; Satan led as opposed to God driven while man is in submission and in harmony with his creator.  


ChoicePoint Database Heist on Consumer Private Information

Less than one hundred miles from the place of meditation at Georgia Guidestones is the international headquarters of ChoicePoint, whose headquarters and public records site is at Alpharetta, Georgia.  ChoicePoint is the largest collection of private information on the citizens of the world that has ever been accumulated in one database. As told in an article in the Chicago Sun-Times,

“ChoicePoint, based in Alpharetta, Ga., is a spin-off of the credit-reporting giant Equifax. ChoicePoint maintains databases that hold 19 billion Social Security numbers, credit and medical histories, motor vehicle registrations, job applications, lawsuits, criminal files, professional licenses and other sensitive information. ChoicePoint also owns a DNA analysis lab and facilitates drug testing for employers.”


MSNBC News reported in its article, “Database giant gives access to fake firms” that this Georgia based company discovered in October, 2004 a massive invasion of the privacy of a potential 10 billion records on individual and companies.  As stated, ChoicePoint:

sells data to 40 percent of the nation's top 1,000 companies. It also has contracts with 35 government agencies, including several law enforcement agencies.


Though typically unknown to the American public, MSNBC New Services stated:

"Even though you might not have heard of ChoicePoint, they've heard of you. They are playing a role in your people's lives whether they know it or not." …ChoicePoint maintains a dossier on virtually every American consumer, according to Daniel J. Solove…author of “The Digital Person.”


According to Daniel Solove, associate professor of law at the George Washington University Law School,

"Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, electronic databases are compiling information about you. As you surf the Internet, an unprecedented amount of your personal information is being recorded and preserved forever in the digital minds of computers.  These databases create a profile of activities, interests, and preferences used to investigate backgrounds, check credit, market products, and make a wide variety of decisions affecting our lives. The creation and use of these databases has thus far gone largely unchecked."


They revealed that “about 50 fake companies had been set up and then registered with ChoicePoint to access consumer data.” In California alone, “more than 30,000 may be at risk” but that does not include an unknown number of other individuals in every other state in the union. Their identity and personal financial and health data files may have been exposed and corrupted. To date only California citizens have been notified because California is the only state with identity theft laws to protect their citizens. With such an invasion of personal privacy, this news did not even make the top ten news items stories


Less than two hours from the company headquarters of ChoicePoint stands the monument, the Georgia Guideposts that espouses the same global government and surveillance system that ChoicePoint epitomizes. The goal of the Georgia Guideposts is to reduce the population of this planet earth by 90%. Does ChoicePoint have the same agenda?


It was ChoicePoint that was responsible for the corruption of the Florida voter database that gave the presidency of the United States to George W. Bush and cost the loss of the presidency to Albert Gore in the 2000 US Presidential election.  According to the Portland Independent Media Center, it was by ChoicePoint’s admitted mismanagement of the State of Florida’s voters database turned the only presidential nomination to the Supreme Court and gave the “crown” to the winner who did not win the popular vote of the American public. It is the same company, ChoicePoint who now carries an FBI file on every adult American citizen according to the FBI File,

“If you are an adult citizen of the United States, or if, after 1996, you have ever applied for credit, you have an FBI File. At that time the FBI spent millions with ChoicePoint Inc. to buy information on virtually all adults living in the United States with any credit or public record history. ChoicePoint, formerly a part of credit-reporting company Equifax, is a database compiler selling personal information for a profit. Using your Social Security number as the key identifier, ChoicePoint compiles dossiers on citizens from credit reports, and from public records such as court files, property tax documents, business incorporation filings, and professional license applications. ChoicePoint aggregates this up-to-date information and sells it to the FBI.”


The US Secret Police Force Bombs Biochemical Plant making Vaccine for Avian-flu Virus Pandemic


Hundreds of miles away on the Harvard University campus on March 23, 2005, the Boston Globe reported an explosion and fire in the article, “Roof of biochemical plant blown off in Leominster” which stated:

"An explosion blew off the roof of a biochemical building yesterday, injuring one employee and sending debris flying at least 100 yards from the site, officials said. Residents in about 10 nearby houses were evacuated after the 4:15 p.m. explosion in the small industrial building at 28 Elm Hill Ave., on the PolyCarbon Industries Inc. campus, said a spokeswoman for Mayor Dean J. Mazzarella."


Unknown except for the investigative work of the Russian investigator Sorcha Faal, this event would be a local mysterious explosion buried in a local newspaper except as revealed in her article, “US Secret Police Forces (SSB) Bomb Biochemical Plant near Harvard University, ‘Murdered’ Scientist Dr. Don C. Wiley’s Pioneering Work Destroyed”,


What is this Strategic Support Branch that has become a secret and potentially clandestine intelligence operation under the control of the Pentagon?  Who is Dr. Don C. Wiley?


According to the Washington Post in an article on January 23, 2003 entitled, “Secret Unit Expands Rumsfeld's DomainNew Espionage Branch Delving Into CIA Territory”, it reports that:

"The Pentagon, expanding into the CIA's historic bailiwick, has created a new espionage arm and is reinterpreting U.S. law to give Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld broad authority over clandestine operations abroad, according to interviews with participants and documents obtained by The Washington Post. The previously undisclosed organization, called the Strategic Support Branch, arose from Rumsfeld's written order to end his "near total dependence on CIA"


Inside this innocuous building were the entire records and experiments of the famed Harvard structural biologist who in November 16, 2002 fell to his death from a Memphis Tennessee bridge into the Mississippi River 135 feet below.  Though ruled accidental, there are many who felt that his death was murder.  Now the explosion in Boston potentially destroyed “the last scientific hope for the world for the development of a new and revolutionary vaccine to prevent a global flu pandemic based upon his research that went up into flames in Dr. Wiley’s Harvard University research labs.  


Just a few miles from this biochemical research lab in Leominster is the Massachusetts Region Poly Carbon Industries who is a world leader in the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and reagents used in peptide/protein synthesis.  As stated on their website:

"Poly Carbon's Mission [is to] Assist its pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers to bring their products to market as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible [and] Achieve 100% delivery of the molecules it is contracted to produce on time."


Dr. Wiley was a contributor in the ground-breaking research in 1998 at Duke University Medical Center in a subspecialty article in the Journal of Virology (JVI) called,

"Determinants of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Resistance to gp41-Derived Inhibitory Peptides", by his prior work, [Bullough P A, Hughson F M, Skehel J J, Wiley D C. Structure of the influenza haemagglutinin at the pH of membrane fusion. Nature 1994; 371:37– 43.] 


The leading statement on this research states: The revolutionary discovery made in this research is contained in just the first few words of the Abstract preceding the paper,

"A synthetic peptide, DP178, containing amino acids 127 to 162 of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) gp41 Env glycoprotein, is a potent inhibitor of virus infection and virus mediated cell-to-cell fusion"


Dr. Wiley was working on a vaccine to help eliminate or contain the feared Avian-flu virus pandemic. To create such a vaccine they were creating a new “synthetic peptide, DP178 which came off the gene sequencing amino acids 127 to 162 of the HIV-1 virus.


The HIV-1 virus is well known in certain scientific circles as it too was synthetically created by man in the scientific laboratoryWas the HIV-1 (AIDS Virus) a laboratory synthetically virus?  Yes and the implications of this fact are as serious as they are profound.  Now the DP178 synthetic peptide taken off the synthetically created HIV-1 virus was being created deliberately to achieve the goal of the total elimination of all flu viruses and capable of saving millions in the soon feared flu pandemic.   


AIDS was Man-Made


It was Dr. William Cooper who, as a member of the Naval Security and Intelligence Services, wrote a paper called “AIDs is Man-made”  In it he describes a series of studies in 1957 called “Alternative 3”.  Using this study, the elite globalist group called the Club of Rome, under the direction of a Dr. Aurelio Peccei made recommendations in 1968 on how to limit the growth of humans on this planet. It was the thesis of the Club of Rome that unless they could stop and limit the growth of humans on this planet, our civilization would collapse.  The recommendation was:

“The chief recommendation was to develop a microbe which would attack the auto immune system and thus render the development of a vaccine impossible. The orders were given to develop the microbe and to also develop a cure and a prophylactic. The microbe would be used against the general population and would be introduced by vaccine administered by the World Health Organization. The prophylactic was to be used by the ruling elite. The cure will be administered to the survivors when they decide that enough people have died. It will be announced as newly developed. This plan was called Global 2000. The cure and the prophylactic are suppressed. Funding was obtained from the U.S. Congress under H.B. 15090 where $10 million was given to the Department of Defense to produce "a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired." "Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease causing organisms.”


According to Dr. William Cooper who wrote later a book called, “Behold a Pale Horse”, claimed the order to implement this genocide program was given by the Policy Committee of the Bilderberg Group whose headquarters are in Switzerland.  Yearly they host a highly secret meeting of globalist elite to evaluate global strategies to enhance the influence and control of the Internationalist and Trans-nationalists of the Golden Internationale.  In concert with the “Haig-Kissinger Depopulation Policy” which was administered by the State Department of the United States, the new global virus was introduced first in Africa and then later in the United States.  As Dr. Cooper wrote,

“Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease." The project was carried out at Fort Detrick Maryland. Since large populations were to be decimated the ruling elite decided to target the "undesirable elements of society" for extermination. Specifically targeted were the black, hispanic, and homosexual populations. The name of the project that developed AIDS is MKNAOMI. The African continent was infected via smallpox vaccine in 1977. The U.S. population was infected in 1978 with the hepatitis B vaccine through the Centers for Disease Control and the New York Blood Center.”


So in 1977 on the continent of Africa and in 1978 in the United States, the first wave of biological genocide was unleashed upon the unsuspecting public.  What was designed in the scientific laboratory to selectively begin the ‘killing fields’ of biological deaths has become one of the most horrendous diseases that has cursed mankind


AIDS was first officially “discovered” in 1981 when scientists found an anomaly when a cluster of cases of Kaposi’s sarcoma were reported in patients in San Francisco and New York.  These cancer patients were not of the usual males of Mediterranean or Jewish ancestry who normally contract this type of cancer, but in young male homosexuals.  Since then, the curse of AIDS by the HIV-1 virus has cast its deadly net around the world


Today 42 million people around the world have HIV/AIDS with 39 million of them in developing countriesIndia alone has 4.5 million and China with 1.5 million.  In the regions of Africa called the sub-Sahara, HIV has wiped out many entire populations and tribes and it effect on the continent is called epic proportions. 


The Pharmaceutical Consortium to Limit Inexpensive Patented Drugs


In 2002, 35.9 billion dollars was earned in profits by the ten largest pharmaceutical companies according to Fortune magazine.  When the United Nations passed a resolution on November 19, 2004, it was their intent to highlight a global health emergency in which global epidemics such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculoses that have killed millions of humans who have no ability to afford medication or can be provided inexpensive drugs to potentially cure their diseases.  167 countries around the world voted in favor of the resolution.  There was one dissenting vote: the United States. 


As reported by Progressive Trails in an article called, “Profit Margins, Death Rates, Drug Patents and HIV/AIDS”, they stated in their June 7, 2005 newsletter:

“To protect their exorbitant profits, drug companies are fighting the production and distribution of cheap generic versions of patented drugs. Unable to afford the medicines necessary to save their lives, millions of poor people die of treatable illnesses every year…Not only does the U.S. government use its considerable economic power to bully developing countries into restricting access to low-cost generics, it continues to try to change the international rules that allow such generics to be produced in the first place.  Nothing in the ingredients of anti-retroviral drug treatment makes it inherently expensive. Indeed, when a combination of generic drugs is used, treatment costs are about $600 per patient per year…In the United States, the cost of anti-retroviral drugs is generally in the range of $10,000 to $15,000 per patient annually, and people with advanced cases of AIDS may pay far more. Relying on international patent protections, drug companies have been trying to maintain drug prices artificially high by restricting the production and distribution of low-cost generic substitutes.

Was the research of Dr. Wiley destroyed by the Strategic Support Branch?  It appears the Russian intelligence community thinks so.  What then became of the research?  Was it to be used for the potential saving of millions of human lives?  Since many of the top researchers in the world have died, murdered or are missing under mysterious circumstances and their research has disappeared, it is feared that the Black Box of the world’s military is where this research lies, not to save lives but potentially to destroy.  According to a website called, “Dead Scientists”, between the years 2001 and 2005, forty eight top American scientists have met their unfortunate death including Dr. Wiley under suspicious conditions.  Called by some investigators a “SSB bombing of the Poly Carbon Industries near Harvard University”, this hope to save human lives all but disappeared. 



20-25 million birds had been destroyed in Asia 28 January 2004.


Asian Avian-flu Global Pandemic 


The rhetoric of global concern on a pandemic for the Avian Flu has been rapidly increasing over the last few weeks.  In the Greek International News Service, Kathimerini, in EU official warns of deadly flu pandemic”, stated:

EU officials are already preparing for the possibility that a global flu epidemic, which could cause up to 30 million deaths, might break out in the next few years…Pandemics occur when a new strain of flu virus, to which humans have no immunity, emerges. The most recent one, the Hong Kong flu, killed around a million people worldwide in 1968. The worst episode ever recorded was the Spanish flu pandemic which killed up to an estimated 60 million people between 1918 and 1919.”


To date hundreds of million of animals around the world and especially in twelve countries of Asia have been killed.  Initially limited to poultry and domesticated fowl a new ominous trend has now emerged.  Avian Flu has now affected the intercontinental migratory birds like the geese


While the virus is extremely lethal to anyone who contacts the disease, especially by eating contaminated meat, there has been hope that it will not mutate into a virus that will spread from human to human


On the heels of knowing that the HIV virus was genetically created in the laboratory, a new shock has hit the international medical news.  In Bill Sardi’s “knowledge of Health Blogs” in an article “Who inserted the mutated Human Influenza Virus in a pig in South Korea? “, he wrote:

“Who inserted a mutated version of the human influenza virus in a pig in South Korea? That’s what a leading biologist wants to know. Health authorities claim that animal viruses from pigs and poultry are jumping to humans and infecting them, causing some people to die. But it appears somebody is helping the process along.”


Mutated Avian flu virus now infecting pigs


In Nature Magazine, February 24, 2005, they reported:

Biologist Henry Niman, who works for a biotechnology company, was examining flu virus’s gene sequences that were placed in GenBank, the public database for genetic sequence information. Niman found a strain of human flu virus that was created in 1933 in a London lab by scientists who were experimenting with the virus that caused the global flu pandemic of 1918. The flu sequence, obtained from a pig virus, had been placed in GenBank by researchers at Chungnam National University in Daejon, South Korea. Neither the World Health Organization (WHO) or the South Korean governments have commented on Niman’s claim. Niman says “the incident raises worrying questions about how the human flu genes got into a virus in a pig.” While laboratory accidents may be responsible, Niman wonders is this is evidence of “bioterrorism” at work?


It has been known in medical science that pigs are often the conduit for viruses to humans who have little immunity or resistance to viruses that they have not been exposed.  As such according to Dick Thompson, a spokesman for the World Health Organization, “pigs have always represented a danger to humans because these animals act as a mixing vessel for various strains of influenza.”   


Henry Niman retorts in the same article;

“If there really are WSN33 sequences in pigs -- and probably birds -- on farms in Korea," Niman said, "then there is a very major problem." Niman says the evidence can likely be explained by one of two possibilities: Either the man-made virus escaped from a lab, or the virus' genes are recombining -- morphing in a way that most flu researchers believe is impossible. "(WHO doesn't) want to think about the fact that it escaped from some lab, which is most certainly what happened, and they certainly don't want to think about recombination," Niman said.


In the Gulf Daily News of Bahrain in an article called, “Alarm bells over bird flu pandemic”, it stated:

"Experts are predicting a global flu pandemic which could kill 50 million people if nations don't act now to protect themselves.  The avian influenza virus, scientifically known as H5N1, kills 75 per cent of its victims. It is mutating and there is evidence that it can now be passed from human to human, making a global pandemic a real threat, says the World Health Organisation (WHO). Warning bells are being rung all over the world and nations are stockpiling vaccines."


For those of us living in the United States, it is the pretense on this type of danger to the American public that has triggered the signing of some of the most repressive laws in American history.  The fear of an impending flu pandemic in America and the signing of the new executive order by President Bush to quarantine the American public was analyzed by the British Newspaper, The Guardian in an article called "Order OKs Bird Flu Quarantine in U.S.", which says,

"President Bush signed an executive order Friday authorizing the government to impose a quarantine to deal with any outbreak of a particularly lethal variation of influenza now found in Southeast Asia."


On top of the recent executive order to quarantine the American public, there is also a little known human health law that is circumventing the entire medical health community.  A report by the LSU University Medical School states,

"Center for Law and the Public's Health, a federally funded project at Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities. It was done as a response to concerns about bioterrorism raised by the events of 9/11.  The act is based on the assumption that existing state laws are wholly inadequate to confront a bioterrorism event and should be superseded by a comprehensive act which will override any conflicting state laws.  While the Center for Law and the Public's Health is relatively new, the main academics behind it have been AIDS law activists since the 1980s. From the mid-1980s until 9/11, the primary focus of this research group has been to repeal traditional public health laws and substitute civil rights style laws which significantly reduce the authority of public health officials."


The concern in the United States is that the negligence of any country in the Orient of the East who does not address the global public health concerns of a mega-flu-pandemic will bring catastrophe to the population of the United States.  Or so it seems.  What is being suggested by researchers of the anti-globalists forces is that it is all a fix. What if HIV  was a genetically engineered laboratory virus?  Even though there may have been a great potential for good to engineer the HIV virus, its history has been a sociological disaster and has caused an epic shift in the destruction of millions in third world countries.


So now the Avian flu virus pandemic appears to be looming on the horizon.  Is this pandemic scare for real or is its threat being driven by the globalists to bring in massive and sweeping international laws to give global power over the sovereignty of nations such as the United States and even China?  Let us look at this evidence.


Mutation of Bird Flu to Dog and Horse Flu Epidemics: New Transmitting Vector - Migratory Birds


The Kansas City Star publishing an article by the Knight-Ridder News Service titled, “2 Epidemics spreading among livestock and bird, China says”.  In it the nation of China made some serious admissions.

"After stonewalling for weeks, China acknowledged Friday that two epidemics had spread among its animal and bird populations, renewing questions about its readiness to provide prompt information about infectious disease. The belated announcement came amid fresh criticism that China's disease-surveillance system is inadequate to deal with an avian flu virus that scientists say may turn into a global pandemic among humans.  Rumors had spread in rural areas about the outbreak as animal-health agents began culling cattle and spreading disinfectant along roads. Black-headed GullBut the matter was subject to a news blackout, and journalists were barred from affected regions. As recently as this week, officials said they knew nothing about a hoof-and-mouth contagion.


Black-headed Gull  - National Park Neusiedlersee Seewinkel, south eastern corner of Austria / Burgenland.


In another announcement “Chinese official says more than 1,000 migratory birds have died of Avian flu”, Jia said avian flu had killed 1,000 migratory wild birds in the northwestern province of Qinghai, but that it hadn't spread to poultry or humans. The toll marked a fivefold increase from previous reports China had offered to the Paris-based World Organization for Animal Health. Earlier this week, authorities dispatched experts to vaccinate 3 million chickens, ducks and other poultry in Qinghai, a sparsely populated province in the Himalayan steppes that's a migratory route for birds between Central Asia and India. Jia said the wild birds found dead include bar-headed geese, cormorants and great black-headed gulls."


Bar headed Geese by Audubon Society


The published rhetoric continues to escalate as San Francisco Chronicle, the bastion of civil rights advocates, on May 26, 2005 when they published the article, “Flu pandemic looms, experts warn world.  Millions will die if Southeast Asian bird virus mutates to lethal form, spreads”

“A lineup of leading infectious disease experts warned Wednesday that the world is unprepared for the health and economic consequences of an outbreak of pandemic influenza that could spring from a lethal strain of bird flu now ravaging poultry flocks in Southeast Asia…"This virus has the potential to trigger the next pandemic, which, judging from history, is well overdue,''… Flu pandemics are global outbreaks of virulent influenza caused by a viral strain so different from those of prior years that the human population has no natural resistance to it.


The 1918 Spanish flu was such a pandemic, and it killed an estimated 20 million to 100 million people around the globe. The H5N1 virus has worried flu experts since 1997, when it first appeared in the Hong Kong chicken markets as a lethal virus dubbed bird Ebola. After it infected 18 people, killing six of them, Chinese authorities ordered the slaughter of 1.5 million chickens, abruptly stopping the outbreak. In December 2003, H5N1 re-emerged in Southeast Asia and has killed millions of birds and 53 people. Efforts to contain the virus by culling birds have failed. The virus is being spread by wild ducks, which carry the virus but don't die of it…


Similarly, the federal government has stockpiled only enough Tamiflu, an antiviral drug that has shown promise against bird flu, to treat 2.3 million Americans. That is less than 1 percent of the population. Great Britain has ordered enough to cover 25 percent of its people. Swiss pharmaceuticals maker Roche Inc. produces the entire world supply of the drug at a single European plant. Federal authorities have been negotiating with Roche to build a Tamiflu factory in the United States…


In another Nature commentary, famed virologist Dr. David Ho of New York's Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center argued that China needs to confront the emerging threat of bird flu openly. "The world, China included, must respond as if the next pandemic is imminent,'' he wrote. Ho estimated that up to 207,000 Americans could die in it. "What will the death toll be in China?" he asked.


Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, warned in his Nature paper of the economic consequences of a major pandemic. "The world today is much more vulnerable to the collapse of trade than it was in 1918,'' he wrote. He dubbed the potential economic fallout "pandemic shock.'' Osterholm wrote that an H5N1 pandemic strain could rival the devastation of the 1918 pandemic. Industrialized nations reliant on "just in time" delivery of health care goods do not have enough medical supplies to care for the sick. "Nor are there detailed plans on how to handle the dead bodies whose numbers will soon outstrip our ability to process them,'' he wrote…calculates that, with the world population swelled to 6.5 billion, a flu strain as lethal as the one in 1918 could kill 180 million to 360 million people worldwide. Also an expert in terrorism, Osterholm observed that there were ample warning signs that an event such as the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks was possible. Those warnings were fully recognized only after the fact. "People like myself are often seen as scaremongers," he said, "but I'm afraid we are doing this all over again.''


The panic has increased another notch when the Malaysian Star News Service confirmed an escalation of the Avian Flu Pandemic in their article called, China culls 13,000 geese after discovering bird flu in far northwest" and which says,

"China confirmed on Thursday that an outbreak of bird flu in its far northwest had killed 460 geese and said the case had been contained. The announcement by China's agriculture ministry came a day after authorities in Hong Kong released the news, having been informed by Beijing. The ministry said it culled more than 13,000 geese at a farm in the Xinjiang region after discovering that about 460 had died from the H5N1 avian flu virus strain. Fears of bird flu in China were rekindled after Beijing reported in late May that more than 1,000 wild birds, including geese and gulls, were killed by the H5N1 flu strain in Qinghai, also in the country's remote west."


With the domesticated geese in the far west of China now being destroyed with the Avian flu virus and the wild migratory birds such as the bar-headed geese, cormorants and great black-headed gulls are potentially spreading the virus down the global migratory pathways between their winter nesting areas and their summer feeding lands, the specter of transmitting this virus into the global industrial world increased exponentially. 


While the American administration is watching in alarm of the transoceanic spread of the Avian Bird flu, within the United States a new potential mega-disaster began to emerge. The Revere’s Wonderland Greyhound racetrack in Massachusetts has been shut down and its 1600 greyhounds have been quarantined as it appears that a mutated form of the Avian bird flu is beginning to kill the champion greyhounds in this country.   In the Business Section of the Boston Herald News they posted on June 8, 2005 an article titled "No grey area: Canine flu killed Massachusetts’s dogs" and which says;

"The mystery killer that has dropped greyhounds at a Revere racetrack is part of the deadly canine flu ripping through racetracks across the country, test results reveal. State regulators initially downplayed as ``kennel cough'' the malady that eventually killed 18 greyhounds at Revere's Wonderland track. But test results just back from a University of Florida lab prove what activists argued from the start: that the mystery plague is canine influenza - the same killer canine flu that has infected an estimated 10,000 dogs across the country.


Meanwhile, some activists contend that confirmation that the canine flu has infected Massachusetts racing greyhounds raises new dangers for domestic dogs and even possibly for humans. Federal researchers this summer are also expected to test racetrack workers in Florida for signs of the canine flu. Given the stakes, some activists contend the state should be taking stronger measures."

Test results show a nationwide canine flu was responsible for the deaths of 18 greyhounds at Wonderland. (AP)


One of the worlds leading viral scientists, Harvard Universities Dr. Henry Niman, who we sited above that found the viral sequencing of the Human flu influenza had possibly been “inserted” into pigs on samples found in the GenBank, guessed that the cause of these dog deaths was related to the Avian bird flu.  This suspicion is now raised in the following article as to the relationship between the H3N8 Greyhound Canine flu, the H3N8 Equine Horse flu and now the H5N1 Avian Bird flu and the H3N2 Human Influenza flu, all of which are influenza viruses.  In the Recombinonics Elegant Evolution Home Page we read Henry Niman’s report titled "Bird Flu Killing Greyhounds Throughout the United States?" and it states;

"The fatalities in greyhounds this season appear to parallel the deaths in Florida last year, but the scope of the infections is markedly greater this season.  Last season dog racing tracks were closed in Florida, but this season the closings are nationwide and the number of fatal infections has increased markedly. Last season H3N8 avian influenza was isolated in Florida.  This was the first reported isolation of influenza virus from dogs.  H3N8 has been previously associated with equine influenza.  There have been H3N8 outbreaks in horses in Florida, Wisconsin, and Kentucky, which may be related to the outbreak in racing dogs.


The widespread nature of this season's outbreak indicates this year's etiological agent is quite infectious.  Although the H3 in H3N8 isolates is distinguishable from H3 in human H3N2 isolates, a highly infectious fatal avian influenza that affects mammals is cause for concern.  Recent false negatives for H5N1 in Vietnam and WSN/33 H1N1 in Korea raise serious avian influenza monitoring issues."


Authorities warn that the illness attacking racing dogs could hit pets. (Staff file photo by Matthew West)


The Boston Herald News Service had also previously reported on these events in their article titled "Race flu may kill your pet: CDC probes possible link to humans" and which said,

"The devastating and shadowy malady that is claiming the lives of greyhounds at Revere's Wonderland racetrack may have even deadlier ambitions: lovable Fido and perhaps even his master. The federal government's top scientists are exploring whether a deadly dog flu that has ripped through greyhound tracks across the country - and is suspected in Massachusetts - could leap to humans… And the federal CDC may help in that research, with plans to request a tissue sample from some of the dead Massachusetts dogs, Donis said. This summer, the CDC also plans to begin testing the blood of track workers in other states - the first step in determining whether the canine flu may have already leaped to humans.


Summary of a New Influenza Pandemic


In summary, we now know that H5N1 influenza virus that has infected millions of poultry in Asia has been isolated in humans there with a low infectivity rate (spreads rapidly from human to human) but a devastatingly high mortality rate of 70% (kills a high number of human who contract the flu).  This is compared to the 1918 Spanish Influenza with a high infectivity rate but a low mortality rate of 2.5%.  Even so, about 40 million people lost their lives on the heels of abut 10 million who died in World War I that ended in 1918. 


What we now see is a new pan-epidemic, the Avian Bird flu (H5N1) that has a high infective rate in poultry has now spread to the domesticated geese farms in western China and have now been isolated in the migratory birds that have been found dead such as the bar-headed geese, the black cormorants and the great black-headed gulls. 


While the bar-headed geese are one of the highest altitude migratory birds on earth as they fly over the Himalayas in route from their nesting area of western China and Tibet to their feeding grounds of India, the great black-headed gulls as shown on the East Asian-Australasian Flyway chart follow the major migration route of the water fowls are between Alaska à Japan ß Australia; China ßà Australia and China ßà India.  Yet one of the Great black-headed gull’s migratory route is from Siberia to the southwest China’s Yunnan Province. 


According to the leading virologists in the nation, H5N1 Avian Bird flu may have now mutated as the H3N8 Canine Greyhound flu and the H3N8 Equine flu, the latter two flues that are found in the United States.  It is not clear if they have infected any humans to date. Of concern though is the fact that the human influenza virus has been found now in pig samples that have come out of Korea.


East Asian – Australasian Flyway by Tasweb


If the suspicion of famed Harvard biologist, Henry Himan is correct, on the farms in Korea where the H5N1 Avian Bird flu virus is in epidemic proportions, there is also a WSN33 gene sequencing found also in pigs in Korea that were submitted to the GenBank.  These pig gene sequences came from a 1933 experiment on the 1918 Human Influenza Virus that caused over 40 millions deaths. 


Consider this carefully. In the same region where the H5N1 Avian Bird flu virus is prevalent is also a gene sequence of the 1918 Human Influenza gene found in the pigs that are possibly cohabitating and eating the same food.


First of all how could this gene found in the pig actually get there?  There are only two possibilities of how this has occurred: (1) a man-made virus has escaped from a lab or (2) the “virus genes are recombining” or “morphing in a way that most flu researchers believe is impossible.” If a human-made gene did escape, who is the responsible and governing global organization that is responsible: World Health Organization (WHO)?  We then must ask the question, is WHO assisting in the spread of the “feared” pandemic or are they protecting the nations of the world? 


Global Powers and Global Organizations rush to the Aid of all Nations


What Americans and even other Industrial Nations understand is that the fear of the potential of a health disaster has caused the nations of the world to unite in unison and transfer extraordinary powers to globalist’s organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO).  They will have power over the sovereign decisions of any nation including the United States.  In the Financial Times News Service, an article dated May 24, 2005 that was sent out with the title, WHO gains new powers to tackle disease".  In it the following statement was made. 

"The 192 members of the World Health Organisation yesterday approved international rules giving the WHO sweeping powers to tackle disease outbreaks and other health threats. The WHO said the need for new international health regulations had been underlined by the 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the more recent bird flu epidemic in Asia. The current regulations, introduced half a century ago before the days of mass air travel and global mobility, cover only cholera, plague and yellow fever."


Add these international regulations on top of the sweeping powers that were enacted after September 11, 2001 attack on New York and Washington D.C.  With the The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (PDF document), we find the following restrictions that can be put upon an individual of the United States if the government deems them a public health risk;

"The public health authority may isolate or quarantine, pursuant to Section 604, any person whose refusal of medical examination or testing results in uncertainty regarding whether he or she has been exposed to or is infected with a contagious or possibly contagious disease or otherwise poses a danger to public health. The public health authority may isolate or quarantine, pursuant to Section 604, any person whose refusal of medical examination or testing results in uncertainty regarding whether he or she has been exposed to or is infected with a contagious or possibly contagious disease or otherwise poses a danger to public health. To prevent the spread of contagious or possibly contagious disease the public health authority may isolate or quarantine, pursuant to Section 604, persons who are unable or unwilling for reasons of health, religion, or conscience to undergo vaccination pursuant to this Section


Reported in The Scotsman on April 1, 2005 about the recent executive order signed by President George Bush in the following article, “US Imposes Bird Flu Quarantine Order”, it states:

“US President George Bush signed an executive order today authorising the government to impose a quarantine to deal with an outbreak of the bird flu now found in Southeast Asia. Since January 2004, an estimated 69 people, primarily in Vietnam, have contracted the disease. The fatality rate among those reported to have the disease is about 70%.


While global power organizations such as WHO are in place to enforce any global decision affecting the health of the nations, the individual action of the United States suggests this has been done surreptitiously instead of being fully revealed to the citizens of the United States


Is it not surprising that only from Russian intelligence sources in the article on June 10, 2005 called “Mutated Bird Flu hits Dogs in United States, tens of thousands killed as US Government issues News Censorship Orders under New Quarantine Provision Laws.” do we learn that there is a news blackout on the ‘massive dog death’ so as to not stir up the passions of the citizens of America.  Since 911, numerous laws have been placed in effect not only to quarantine and isolate American citizens in drastic and draconian ways but the news sent out to American citizens has also been quarantined.  


While the news in American by every appearance is being suppressed and censored, the ability of Americans to take preventative measures and to protect the American public from millions of deaths that are to come is progressively limited. The path of the viral spread will be to the birds first, animals second and then humans. Yet instead of warnings and preventative counsel, we are met with secrecy.  Instead of openness, we are met with silence.  If and when that day comes, the American public will be left with arrest or quarantine of themselves and their families


Just below China on the major water fowl migratory flyway, the continent and nation of Australia is the latest of the nations of the world to alert its citizens.  As reported by the Australian National Nine News Service in an article titled Australia on alert over flu pandemic" they say;

"Revealing a plan to deal with the crisis Tony Abbott said Australia is at greater risk than ever from a deadly new strain which could kill thousands of people. According to the federal government, the WHO, which has been carefully monitoring the spread of bird flu in Asia, believes the world is closer than it’s ever been to a new pandemic outbreak. It has been calling on all governments to develop or refine pandemic plans.


The government has put on alert all emergency health workers, viral surveillance laboratories, and GPs, issuing 35,000 kits on how to fight the expected flu pandemic. If Australians aren't prepared, then just as the Spanish flu pandemic of 1919 wiped out thousands, we could expect the same. It is estimated that a major influenza pandemic could lead to 2.6m Australians seeking medical attention, 58,000 needing hospitalisation and 13,000 deaths."


According to the Stanford University education article, “The Influenza Pandemic of 1918”

“The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 killed more people than the Great War, known today as World War I (WWI), at somewhere between 20 and 40 million people. It has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in recorded world history. More people died of influenza in a single year than in four-years of the Black Death Bubonic Plague from 1347 to 1351. Known as "Spanish Flu" or "La Grippe" the influenza of 1918-1919 was a global disaster… The effect of the influenza epidemic was so severe that the average life span in the US was depressed by 10 years. The influenza virus had a profound virulence, with a mortality rate at 2.5% compared to the previous influenza epidemics, which were less than 0.1%. The death rate for 15 to 34-year-olds of influenza and pneumonia were 20 times higher in 1918 than in previous years (Taubenberger). People were struck with illness on the street and died rapid deaths.


With the mortality rate of the Avian Flu Virus at 70% with the mortality rate of the Spanish Influenza of 1918 of 2.5%, it is no wonder the nations of the world are in panic at what the hands of the Lord can bring upon this land. 


“The Time of God’s Judgments has Come”


Maybe it is time for all serious Bible students of the prophets of old to accept the realization that we do not have to wait for the announcement of a One World Order before we will begin a thoughtful spiritual preparation of our relationship with the God of Israel.  The literal reality that the time of the end is casting is pall over all of our lives.  We already are living in a world in which our lives are almost completely controlled by the globalists stated desires to not only control how we “buy or sell” but how we think or live.  


Many have wondered how the Christian nation of Protestant Germany allowed their freedoms to be taken away from them without objection or protest by Adolf Hitler.  However the horrors of the holocaust that the Jews, Gypsies, Christians (predominately Jehovah’s Witnesses) and many others who dared protest the rise of the Nazi state, might consider the story posted on May 2, 2005 by Joey Picador on “Justice for None” of a Holocaust Survivor, “Holocaust Survivor Leaving US – Sees What’s Coming”.  

“One of our neighbors is moving. I've been in this neighborhood for about six years now, but didn't really know them very well at all - just waves and nods, mostly.

So I heard the moving van pull up this morning. When I got home this evening I happened to spy my neighbor (he's like 85 years old - I don't know exactly, but he's old, talks and moves very slowly) standing on the sidewalk next to the van. I walked over and shook his hand, and we started talking. I asked him where he was moving, and he said, "Back to Germany."

I had been stationed in Germany for two years while in the military, so I lit up, and commented about how beautiful the country was, and inquired if he was going back because he missed it.

"No," he answered me. "I'm going back because I've seen this before." He then commenced to explain that when he was a kid, he watched with his family in fear as Hitler's government committed atrocity after atrocity, and no one was willing to say anything. He said the news refused to question the government, and the ones who did were not in the newspaper business much longer. He said good neighbors, people he had known all his life, turned against his family and other Jews, grabbing on to the hate and superiority "as if they were starved for it" (his words).

He said he was too old to see it happen right in front of his eyes again, and too old to do anything about it, so he was taking his family back to Europe on Thursday where they would be safe from George W. Bush and his neocons. He seemed resolute, but troubled, nonetheless, as if being too young on one end and too old on the other to fight what he saw happening was wearing on him.

I gotta tell you - it was chilling. I let him talk, and the whole time, my gut was churning, like I had mutated butterflies in my stomach. When he was finished, he shook my hand, gripping it really hard, until his knuckles turned white and he was shaking. He looked me in the eyes, hard, and said, "I will pray for your family and your country." He let go of my hand and hobbled away.

I have related this event to you in the hopes it will serve as a cautionary anecdote about the state of our Union, and to illustrate the path we Americans are being led down by a group of fanatics bent on global economic and military dominion. When a man who survived the fruits of fascism decides its time to leave THIS country because he's seeing the same patterns that led to the Holocaust and other Nazi horrors beginning to form here, it is time for us to recognize the underlying evil inherent in the actions of those who claim they work for all Americans, and for all mankind. And it is incumbent upon all Americans, Red and Blue, Republican and Democrat, to stop them.”


The sovereignty of the United States has been turned over to the international institutions of governance at least on paper and by executive order.  In the region of the health and welfare of the citizens of the United States, global powers have now been given to the World Health Organization with the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) that is now law of the land.  The Executive Order signed into law on April 1, 2005 by the President of the United States plus the operational laws that are already in place by the International Health Regulations (IHR) allow these organizations of the global government to impose health examinations, immunizations and mental health testing upon you or your family.  Under the threat of isolation, quarantine, separation from your families, closure of churches or public gatherings or even to impose their regulations against your religious beliefs, the specter of the time of the end will be real and complete


As pastors so casually tell us “the Lord is in control”, so also we believe.  May we allow our own thoughts to be challenged today before that day when our children may be removed from our homes by order of the state because we are determined to be a public health threat for following the will of the Lord.  Will then we still believe in the sovereign power of God?


It is not national sovereignty that we desire, it is the sovereignty of the God of Israel who is being challenged by the globalists today.  A complete disrespect for the uniqueness and sacredness of the human race, to the globalist life is but a race for the winner for ultimate power, greed and control. Yes, there is a conspiracy today. Even the Lord of hosts challenges those who will conspire against Him.


Psalms 2:1-5“Why do the nations rage, and the people plot (conspire) a vain thing?  The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying, ‘Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us.’ 


He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The Lord shall hold them in derision.  Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His deep displeasure: ‘Yet I have set My King on My holy hill of Zion.’”


The Lord of hosts is the Ultimate Zionist. His sovereign will for the Land of Israel, for the redemption of His people, for the restoration of His land, for the salvation of all mankind, for the restoration of the vibrant DNA that He created in that “Adam” that was created in His image will be ultimate purpose for His return to this planet earth.  The arrogance of those who “plot” to make a human expendable and that seek perpetual balance with “nature” instead of a relationship with their Creator will meet their final confrontation with the wrath and displeasure of the God of Israel. 


The Lord of hosts has given His word to the prophets by the honor of His Holy Name that those who accuse and seek to destroy His chosen ones and His saints will have to come face to face with His power and glory.  As this planet quickly sinks into the apocalyptic web of the black and the pale horse tribulation seals, the freedoms that we take for granted will disappear like smoke. 


The cherished Constitution of the United States at that time will no longer protect you or I.  It will become but a historic relic in the National Archives.   In that day when American that was built on the democratic foundation of a republic with a constitution that was “of the people, by the people and for the people” revokes the laws to protect the basic human rights of man, in that day this country will cease to exist. 


While the globalist seek to annihilate the populations of this earth by genetically engineered viruses, by genetically engineered food, by the weapons of war, and by the use of the forces and powers of nature to spread devastation and destruction throughout this planet by famine, hurricanes, typhoon, earthquakes and tsunamis, the Lord of hosts is preparing for His final judgments to be cast down upon this planet in the trumpet and vial plagues of the Apocalypse of Revelation. When the prophet John saw that the events at the time of the end will be swift, he also foresaw that a great delusion will sweep over the land.  The people will not know that the enemies of the Most High God have conspired against Him and His people.  Lest we forget, the winds of war and the effects of global pestilences or pandemics have in the past rapidly changed the course of history and so they will in the future. 


Within four years of the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu epidemic and World War I (1914-1918), the great empires of Czar Nicholas II of Russia, British Empire with Prime Minister David Lloyd George, the Ottoman Turkish Empire of Sultan Mehmed V, the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the Hapsburgs and the Second German Reich (Empire) of Kaiser Wilhelm II all disappeared.  In their place arose the Golden Internationale of the capitalists and the fascists, the Red Internationale of the Stalinist and communists and the ascension of the Black Internationale of Jesuits in the Roman Catholic Church.  Are the Georgia Guideposts giving us a clue of the intent of the final global master of this earth as they seek to reduce the population of this planet from over 6 billion people to 500 million of their chosen ones to live on this earth?


With a flu pandemic and the panic that will reside throughout the world, the activation of the Executive Order already signed and documented by the President of the United States, the plan of ultimate control for this planet is already encased in laws as much as the “Guidestones” are engraved in stone.  This planet will be divided into military zones, the local laws of the nations will be suspended and this planet will officially become a global military state. This is already official law.  For all the hopes for peace, this world will slide down the slippery path towards a global war and the chaos will spread like fire over the continents.  As long as you are sleeping in your own bed and you have enough money to pay your mortgage for this month, will you continue to rest in ignorance or will you allow your ‘eyes to be opened’ and your ‘ears to listen’ to the still small voice of Eternal One of Israel?  Are you ready to respond to the Lord of hosts who proclaims, “Come out of her My people” for the “hour of God’s judgment is come?” 


Revelation 14:7 – “Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth – to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people – saying with a loud voice, “Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the sea and the springs of water.” 



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