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The H5N1 Avian Influenza Virus


The Pandemic of Avian Bird Flu (H5N1) Heralds the Coming of the Messiah

By Robert D. Mock M.D.

October, 2005



The World in Panic over a Pandemic

Is the Avian Influenza Virus in the Americas

The Mysterious Birds and Animals Deaths in the United States

Pandemic Fear and the Destruction of the Bird Populations around the World

The Case for Avian Influenza Transmission to Humans

The American President Preparing for: Flu Pandemics, Global Shifts of Strategic Resources

and the Fall of a Globalist Nation by Liberal Social Reforms

The Avian Influenza Virus Feared to be an American Bio-Weapon

United States Virus Weapons Lab Attacked in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

The Deadly Spanish Influenza Virus of 1918 Recreated

1918 Spanish Flu Virus targeted in International Heist by former East German Intel Agents

The Power will be Given to Satanic Agencies to Destroy Mankind at the Time of the End

Mistaken Pandemic Flu Viral Sample sent Around the World

Will Homeland Security Lead this Nation in Crisis under Martial Law?

The Prophetic Forecast: Famines, Pestilence and Earthquakes


The World in Panic over a Pandemic


Again and again the world around us is experiencing changes that are described by writers as catastrophic on the scale of Biblical proportions.  The weather forecasters are not only puzzled but by some are reported to be in a panicComputer models are “all over the board.”  Global weather patterns are called in “ruins.”  Hurricanes are called Super Storms or Hyper-dimensional Storms.  The tectonic forces under the earth continue to build up pressure and quakes around the world are now not just reported as a nuisance but with urgency as dam and building foundation structures are now being questioned.  Evidence is building around the world of unprecedented buildup of the magma under the mantle of the earth and the progressive eruptions of dormant volcanoes around the world. Yet the greatest fear of all mankind today flies on the wings of the vast migrations of geese and ducks and harboring in the foundation protein source of the world’s populations: chickens, turkeys and ducks.


More than all, the H5N1 Avian Influenza Virus called, Bird Flu, is the fear of mankind.  The dormant memories of those catastrophic years of 1918-1919 when millions of people around the world, hospitals with hundreds of dead bodies was the last time in America until the Hurricane Katrina that mass burial of the dead were considered among the population of Americans. 


Daily we obtain reports of the approaching pandemic, not knowing what the truth is. We hear of mysterious viral illnesses that are given multiple other viral names but we suspect, is this the Bird Flu?  Is our government really telling us the truth?  What is accepted by all, the greatest threat to human beings at this time is the unrelenting march of the threatening Avian Flu Pandemic.  We remember the prophetic words of Yahshua (Jesus) on the Mount of Olives that continue to haunt us as they ring in our ears:


Matthew 24:21 – “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.  And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.”


The official word from the United Nation’s World Health Organization is that there is no chance of stopping the avian influenza virus from eventually mutating into a form that will kill millions of people.  In the ABC News, they reported in their article titled, "World has slim chance to stop flu pandemic"

An Indonesian worker vaccinates a chick on a farm to protect thousands of healthy chickens from bird flu virus in Banten town of West Java province September 22, 2005. REUTERS/Firman Saputra


ABC News - "The initial outbreak of what could explode into a bird flu pandemic may affect only a few people, but the world will have just weeks to contain the deadly virus before it spreads and kills millions. Chances of containment are limited because the potentially catastrophic infection may not be detected until it has already spread to several countries, like the SARS virus in 2003. Avian flu vaccines developed in advance will have little impact on the pandemic virus.


It will take scientists four to six months to develop a vaccine that protects against the pandemic virus, by which time thousands could have died. There is little likelihood a vaccine will even reach the country where the pandemic starts. That is the scenario outlined on Tuesday by Dr Hitoshi Oshitani, the man who was on the frontline in the battle against SARS and now leads the fight against avian flu in Asia.


"SARS in retrospect was an easy virus to contain," said Oshitani, the World Health Organization's Asian communicable diseases expert. "The pandemic virus is much more difficult, maybe impossible, to contain once it starts," he told Reuters at a WHO conference in Noumea, capital of the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia. "The geographic spread is historically unprecedented."


At the same time, the World Health Organization has only confirmed about 60 cases of the Avian Influenza that have killed humans around the world.  The human fear centers that once a person contracts the illness, the mortality is about fifty to seventy percent fatal.  The World Health Organization scientists also continue to caution that this ‘slim chance’ to stop this pandemic is due only to ‘one small genetic link’ that is yet to be made by this virus.  We read in the article by Softpedia News titled "Avian Flu - One Step Away From The World's Largest Epidemic" and which says,


Softpedia News - "As the Western Pacific Regional meeting of the World Health Organization started today in Noumea, public health officials from more than 20 countries gathered to discuss ways to prevent a possible deadly outbreak of bird flu in humans and contain some other possible large epidemics. They all unanimously agree that a recently-evolved avian flu virus, Influenza A (H5N1), has one small genetic adjustment to make before it becomes transmissible between humans."


One of the hallmarks of the human attack of the Avian Influenza is that the children will be the first to be affected by this Pandemic.  In the CNN News they reported on this fact in the article, Bird flu (avian influenza)"


CNN News - "The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed a handful of cases of limited human-to-human transmission of bird flu. But unless such transmission becomes more widespread, infected birds or material present the greatest hazard. Even so, the pattern of human transmission remains mysterious. Young children seem especially vulnerable to the virus. Some scientists speculate they may simply be more likely to breathe infected dust or feces.”


Then we read on the Ireland Online News on September 20, 2005 that in India and Nepal thousands of children are being infected by a virus which they are calling “encephalitis.” In this article titled, "Encephalitis death toll nears 1,000 in India and Nepal", the devastating news is reported:


Ireland Online News - "An encephalitis outbreak has killed nearly 1,000 people – almost all of them children – in India and neighbouring Nepal, as too few doctors struggle to care for thousands of sick children in outdated hospitals. At the start of the week, the death toll in India’s northern Uttar Pradesh state stood at 767. Nepal has logged 204 deaths. Every day, parents from the poorest corners of India’s most populous state pour into the small town of Gorakhpur, some carrying unconscious children whose limp bodies flop from side to side as they’re raced into one of the Japanese encephalitis wards at the BRD Medical College. But by the time many children arrive, there’s little that can be done to even make them more comfortable. The tiny, often bare-chested bodies are placed with oxygen masks taped to their faces – a grim scene stretching across two hospital floors."


What is known today is massive deaths of children with flu symptoms diagnosed at Japanese Encephalitis is strange when in the rice producing regions and pig farming areas where the Culex tritaeniorhynchus mosquito inhabits adults are even more exposed than children.  Why the tens of thousands of children dying with a virus that is at most 30% fatal.  It does suggest a different virus. 


In the midst of this epidemic, the Indian Hindustan Times wrote an article titled, "Indo-US N-deal signed in haste and secrecy: Expert"

Russian Military Analysts are reporting that the United States has exerted pressures on India’s Leaders to ‘blackout’ all news relating to this Pandemic and in exchange for their doing so entered into a secret nuclear agreement with India, who had been under various US and UN sanctions for its unauthorized development of nuclear weapons, and as we can read as reported by India’s Hindustan Times News Service in their article titled  "Indo-US N-deal signed in haste and secrecy: Expert" and which says:


Hindustan Times - "The bold US-India nuclear deal proposed by President George W Bush and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was signed too quickly and secretively, a process that embedded major faults in the agreement, says a top US expert. George Perkovich, a nuclear and South Asia expert at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP), has released a report that claims the US-India civilian nuclear cooperation deal exposed important faults in the global non-proliferation regime, in US policy toward India, and in Indian nuclear policy…


Yet, the administration's desire to mobilise India to balance Chinese military power in Asia distorts the strategy, as does the Indian government's obsession with nuclear energy," the article contends, claiming that Washington should have based its partnership with New Delhi "on the intrinsic value of augmenting the political-economic development of democratic India's one billion people...


It is "strange and unexplained why an administration known for being exceptionally unaccommodating to most countries in most international discussions -- climate change, Iraq, International Criminal Court, nuclear test ban, etc -- finds it wise to completely accommodate India in this case," he said, noting that if changes were not made during implementation, US non-proliferation interests would be set back needlessly.”


Intelligence sources suggest that there is another motive.  Is the quick signing of this treaty to keep the silence of India?  Whereas Iran is a signature nation of the UN Treaties concerning nuclear energy, weapons and proliferation, India is not.  The United States is seeking to bring the nation of Iran before the UN Security Council, but keeps silent on India.  Yet the question also haunts us. Is India asked to keep silent about the deaths of this suspected Japanese Encephalitis outbreak when it is the nucleus of an Avian Influenza Pandemic? 


With such suspicion and fear of the international scene can we trust to know the truth on the national scene?  Whereas the United States was quite casual in its reporting about the H5N1 Avian Influenza pandemic before the summer vacation of President George Bush, there is now a great urgency in his voice and throughout the entire American media since Katrina and Rita awakened America to national catastrophes.  Is there a catastrophic timetable to meet?


Is Avian Influenza in the Americas


On October 14, 2005, it was reported on Canada’s London Free Press that the reputed Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak, first reported on October 1, 2005 in the city of Toronto, Canada, had now shown signs of contagious spread even though Legionnaires Disease is not suppose to be spread from humans to humans.  In an article titled, "Legionnaires' link probed" it stated the following:


Toronto – “Doctors may not consider Legionnaires ‘ disease an airborne threat, but the two latest cases in Toronto have raised concerns about whether it's hazardous to inhale the air outside the seniors' home that was the epi-centre of the fatal outbreak. Health officials were initially mystified a pair of middle-aged men contracted the pneumonia-like illness, despite having no obvious connection to sick seniors at Seven Oaks Home for the Aged. Now, they are considering a possibility the disease that killed 17 elderly residents could have been spread by a rooftop air conditioner that sent bacteria through a nursing home, adjoining buildings and to pedestrians on streets below.”


Near the same time on September 29, 2005 in nearby Michigan, the Saline High School in Pittsfield Township was evacuated twice in a week when 15 students reporting nausea and confusion as reported in the WDIV Television News on September 29, 2005:  


Pittsfield Township, Michigan - "A high school that was forced to evacuate twice this week when more than a dozen students mysteriously became ill is closed Friday. Extra-curricular activities scheduled at other locations will take place Friday, but no events will be held at Saline High School, Local 4 reported. Crews ran more tests at the high school overnight in an ongoing investigation to Vet examines dogsdetermine the cause of the students' illness. The illness has been traced to two classrooms located on different floors and opposite sides of the building.”


Also reported in Florida by the News4Jax in their article, "Mysterious Dog Flu Beginning To Hit Pets In Florida" that reported:


Jacksonville, Florida - "A puzzling outbreak of respiratory disease in dogs has been tracked to a virus that has infected horses for decades -- a transfer researchers say is usually rare, but is now being seen in pet dogs.  The illness first drew attention sweeping through kennels of racing greyhounds in several states and has also been found in household dogs in Florida and New York. The flu kills between 5 percent and 8 percent of infected dogs, Dr. Cynda Crawford of the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine said at a briefing Monday. Some dogs get a cough, runny nose and fever while others show no symptoms at all. The flu can cause symptoms similar to the common illness known as kennel cough, Crawford said. But kennel cough is usually caused by a bacteria while the new illness is caused by a virus."


On October 14, 2005 it was reported on Click2Houston in the article titled “Subtype of Bird Flu discovered in Texas”:


“While there are concerns that the bird flu could travel overseas to the United States, a subtype of the bird flu appeared in Texas last year, KPRC Local 2 reported Thursday. It cost millions of dollars and thousands of birds' lives. At a Houston bird market, live chickens are bought by people looking to prepare a fresh meal. Last year, birds from two of Houston's live bird markets tested positive for the avian flu. "All the birds were depopulated and the facilities were cleaned and disinfected," said Max Coats, with the Texas Animal Health Commission.


Coats and his colleagues traced the infected birds back to a chicken farm in Gonzales, Texas. The farm was immediately quarantined. The flock was killed and the state set up a task force to prevent a possible outbreak of bird flu. "Because these flu viruses, if left alone, they do change themselves," Coats said. The virus killed 50,000 chickens and caused 40 countries to ban poultry and egg products from Texas. A major outbreak in Texas and the U.S. was successfully avoided. The state said that it was due in part to its strict "Avian Influenza" plan…


This month, the killer 1918 pandemic was discovered to have been caused by a bird flu that jumped to humans and then developed the ability to be passed from person to person. The question now is could that happen to the Asian flu or with the bird flu strains that hit Texas last year. "Everything can happen once," Gayle said. "This outbreak, if it happens, is not going to happen on Plum Island. It's not going to be up in New York. It's going to be in a feed lot in Amarillo."


Almost simultaneously in South America in the country of Columbia the Xinhua News of China reported in an article, "Venezuela bans poultry imports from Colombia" that a Bird Flu outbreak which have scientists concerned that it contained the mutants of the H5N1 Avian Flu virus in Texas which :


"The Venezuelan government announced on Wednesday that it will ban all imports of poultry products from neighboring Colombia to avoid the outbreak of the potentially deadly bird flu. Since cases of bird flu have been confirmed on three farms in Colombia, poultry products such as chicken, hens, eggs and turkeys from Colombia will be banned from entering Venezuela, the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement."


The viral scientists now have an all points bulletin of concern that the migratory path of wild birds from North America all go through the state of Texas and could have introduced the Texas mutant of the is that in the H5N1 Avian Flu virus to the poultry flocks of Columbia.  According to the American Audubon Society report on their website Swansunder their article, “Amazing Migratory Birds”, the following:


Audubon – “Neotropical Migrants are bird species that breed in the U.S. and Canada and migrate south each fall to the Neotropics - Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Migrating birds make these trips twice a year, every year. It takes an average sized bird 18 hours to fly the 600-mile stretch over the Gulf of Mexico. Texas is located directly in the center of the three main migratory routes for birds coming from the Neotropics… Roughly two-thirds of the birds that breed in North American forests and woodlands, and about half of all North American land birds, migrate each winter to rainforests. Approximately one-third of all migratory species depend heavily or exclusively on primary tropical forests.”

The fall of the year, when bird watchers look to the skies in delight, watching the vast throngs of migratory birds is all the most dreaded time of the year for experts in world health.  Hundreds of millions of birds of thousands of varieties begin their migratory routes around the world.  In June, 2005, BibleSearchers Reflections reported on a research article on the Georgia Guidestones the concerns of the migratory birds in a “Summary of a New Influenza Pandemic”


In summary, we now know that H5N1 influenza virus that has infected millions of poultry in Asia has been isolated in humans there with a low infectivity rate (spreads rapidly from human to human) but a devastatingly high mortality rate of 70% (kills a high number of human who contract the flu).  This is compared to the 1918 Spanish Influenza with a high infectivity rate but a low mortality rate of 2.5%.  Even so, about 40 million people lost their lives on the heels of about 10 million who died in World War I that ended in 1918. 


At that time the migratory paths of the bar-headed geese, the black cormorants and the great black-headed gulls was only in theory as the feared spread of the highly infective Avian Bird flu spread from western China in the winter and spring of 2005 over the Himalayas in route to feeding sites in India.  Migrations they did, but in India they did not stop. By July, the nations of Russia and Kazakhstan confirmed H5N1 outbreaks in their poultry and wild bird populations.  Flying south from Siberia where the H5N1 has already been detected can be transferred south to the Caspian and Black Sea and in migration routes across Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and other Mediterranean countries and west to Georgia and Ukraine. 


By early October the country of Iran reported in the IranMania News a article titled, "Mysterious mass death among waterfowl in Iran


"Iran's veterinary authorities have reported a large number of deaths among wild ducks, but the cause of the mortality is as yet unknown, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said. The OIE, the paramount authority for veterinary health, said on its website that 3,673 wild ducks had died at Poldasht, in West Azerbaijan province, AFP reported. The phenomenon began on October 2, according to the information received from the Iran Veterinary Organisation, a branch of the agriculture ministry, on Wednesday."


But the migratory birds have not stopped in the former western provinces of Russia.  Into the water of the Danube River that flows into the Black Sea is one of the most famed and richest deltas of Europe.  The Danube River delta has been designated as a UN World Heritage Site because it hosts over 300 species of birds in its numerous lakes and marshes.  This Heritage Site is under assault today in the AP News report, "EU Promises Aid to Romania for Bird Flu" which reports:


"The European Union pledged financial aid to help Romania fight against the spread of bird flu, an EU official said Friday, after birds on the Danube Delta tested positive this week for a virus subtype."


A veterinary worker carries domestic birds to be killed on suspicion of bird flu disease

in the village of Ceamurlia de Jos, 300 km ( 186.4 miles) of Bucharest, October 13, 2005. REUTERS/Pool


This came on the heels of similar reported viral positive tests in Turkey as reported in a CNN News report titled, "Bird flu strain confirmed in Turkey" that stated:


"The Turkish government said Thursday it has contained the outbreak of the H5N1 virus, which was detected after 1,800 turkeys died on a farm in Kiziksa, 120 kilometers (80 miles) southwest of Istanbul."


The European Union held crisis management talks in Brussels concerning the Pandemic as on the heels of Turkey’s outbreak and while they awaited the results from the Danube samplings in Romania.  In Reuters article titled, "European bird flu experts to hold crisis talks" it reported:


BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU experts opened crisis talks on the spread of bird flu on Friday, a day after health officials confirmed what many had long feared -- the arrival of the deadly H5N1 strain on Europe's doorstep. Turkey has the disease in its poultry but Romania must now wait another 24 hours because of a customs snarl-up to find out if it also has the highly virulent strain or a milder type of bird flu. The European Commission said the Brussels meeting would…examine the risk that migratory birds might pose for the 25-nation European Union.”


The testing for the Avian Bird Flu in the country of Romania did in fact turn positive as reported on October 15, 2005 in the MSNBC article called; “Tests confirm deadly bird flu strain in Romania.”  

Bucharest, Romania (MSNBC) - Romania's Agriculture Ministry said Saturday that British lab tests had confirmed the H5N1 strain of bird flu had been found in Romania. Agriculture Ministry spokesman Adrian Tibu said agriculture and veterinary officials were holding an emergency meeting Saturday morning with Interior Ministry officials and local leader to decide how to respond to the outbreak…Also on Friday, researchers said the virus was showing signs it can evade the drug considered the first line of defense against bird flu.  They found so-called resistant strains in a Vietnamese girl who recovered from a bird flu infection after being treated with Tamiflu. They also found evidence she was directly infected by her brother and not by chickens, a
rare case of human-to-human transmission of the virus.


Within seven days on October 22, 2005, the spread of the Avian bird flu went to the heartland and coast of Europe.  ABC News reported in an article titled, “New bird flu cases discovered across Europe” the following:


ABC News – “New cases of bird flu have been discovered in Europe, with Britain and Croatia both confirming birds found with the disease and Romania detecting a suspected new case. Britain says a parrot that died in quarantine has been diagnosed with an H5 virus, but does not say whether it is H5N1. Croatia says it has detected a bird flu virus in six dead swans and has sent samples to Britain for testing. Romania says it has detected a new suspected case close to its eastern border with Moldova.”


The Mysterious Birds and Animals Deaths in the United States


In the Los Angeles Times on September 13, 2005, an article titled, "West Nile threatens magpie population" stated:  


Los Angeles Times - "WEST NILE virus hasn't caused widespread human deaths in California, but its ravaging wild birds. About 88,000 have been reported dead across the state, though hundreds of thousands have probably died and not been recovered, says Walter Boyce, director of the Wildlife Health Center at UC Davis. The virus is hammering crows, jays and magpies. It has killed two-thirds to three-fourths of the crows in the eastern United States. "There have been a large number of magpies observed dead this year," Boyce says, noting the yellow-billed magpie, unique to California, could go extinct. "Because the magpie is limited in distribution and highly susceptible to the virus, this could push it over the edge."


As reported by the Fox News Service in their article titled "Mysterious Cattle Deaths in Orange County" and which says,


Fox News - "More than fifty cows have died on a farm in Orange County and the cause of their deaths remains a mystery. Lab tests have ruled out any infectious or contagious diseases, so the good news is there's no danger to people or to other animals. Unfortunately, officials are still not sure what killed the cows… 160 cows were grazing on a pasture along Route 20 in Orange and earlier this month, more than 30 percent of those cows turned up dead. What’s more, many expecting cows aborted their calves.”



Bighorn sheep are seen grazing on a hillside.On August 13, 2005, the Desert Sun near Palm Springs, California reported in their article titled "Scientists puzzle over sheep deaths" that said:


Desert Sun - "When five members of an endangered species turn up dead in two weeks, the scientific community takes notice. Bighorn  Institute researchers in Palm Desert are monitoring the daily habits of local peninsular bighorn sheep to determine what caused five of them to mysteriously die since July 28. "In our 25 years of field work, we had not had an occurrence of so many adult animals" dying, said Bighorn Institute Director Jim DeForge."


In the Billings Gazette on September 18, 2005 reported in their article titled "Minnesota bird deaths are a mystery for state officials" the following:


Billings Gazette - "Minnesota has been looking into a bird mystery since the discovery of at least 50 songbirds found floating dead in Lake Superior in early September. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) collected the 50 dead songbirds from 200 to 800 yards off shore in an eight-mile stretch of the Lake Superior between Grand Marais and the Brule River mouth…The birds were primarily Swainson's thrushes, white-throated sparrows and a number of warblers…The DNR doubts that either disease or poisons are involved…Apparently, the bird kill was caused by a weather phenomenon," said Dave Ingebrigtsen, DNR's wildlife manager in Grand Marais


Then in the St. Petersburg Times on August 17, 2005, it was reported in an article titled "Golf course bird deaths a mystery" the following:,


St. Petersburg Times - "Ducks have been dropping like flies at the city golf course at Treasure Bay. City recreation officials believe the ducks were poisoned and they have hired an environmental consulting firm to test the water. About three weeks ago, workers began hauling away the carcasses of ducks, egrets and herons from the two ponds at the city's nine-hole course on Paradise Island. They counted at least 40 dead birds."


"We have no duck population left," said City Recreation Director Cathy Hayduke. "We have no clue what happened. It has baffled us. Whatever it was, it was only attacking the birds," she said…It's a mystery, adding that city workers were very fond of the ducks. Neighbors also noticed the dwindling bird population. There were roseate spoonbills out there everyday," said Patricia Howerter whose Village of Paradise Island home overlooks the golf course. This place used to be covered with birds and it was turning into a beautiful bird sanctuary."


In the Brunswick Times in an article dated July 28, 2005 and titled "Geese deaths still a mystery" that documents:


Brunswick Times - "Nearly three weeks after the first dead goose was found at Cypress Run subdivision on the northern edge of Brunswick, authorities and residents alike remain puzzled – and concerned – about the mysterious, mounting death toll of Canada geese. "It's sad," said Bob Cooper, a retired federal agent who now lives in the subdivision. "We don't know what's going on… Cypress Run resident Tammy Bechtold found the latest victim on Monday near a pond. She estimated that about two dozen geese are now dead.


The deaths are especially baffling since neither fish nor ducks in the pond have been affected. In mid-July, the Department of Natural Resources sent four of the dead birds to the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, a state-federal cooperative organization in Athens that specializes in wildlife disease. Carmen Martin, regional supervisor for game management at the DNR, said initial tests came back negative for the existence of common toxic agricultural pesticides and for avian influenza. She said the birds are still undergoing testing for a variety of other possible causes, such as duck plague and botulism.


Then in the CBS News on July 26, 2005 reported in their article titled "Pelican Mystery Continues" the following:


CBS News - "Wildlife officials say the number of surviving chicks at the white pelican rookery at Chase Lake National Wildlife refuge is lower than previously thought. Biologists reported a die-off of thousand of chicks at the refuge earlier this month. The Fish and Wildlife Service said an earlier inspection indicated only about 500 chicks were left from a nesting period that could have produced as many as nine-thousand of them. Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman Ken Torkelson says biologist surveyed the rookery on Friday. He says the count showed that only 280 chicks remain…Torkelson says the adult population appears to have stablized. He says about two-thousand adults are left from a population of more than 18-thousand in May…Torkelson says West Nile, salmonella and botulism have been ruled out as the cause of death in the first sample of chicks sent earlier this month. Torkelson says a second batch of dead chicks collected last week probably died from the West Nile virus. He says those chicks had, ``droopy wings and were stumbling'' -- which are signs of West Nile.”

Pandemic Fear and the Destruction of the Bird Populations around the World


The British people are not waiting.  Taking the threat of the Avian Bird Flu pandemic as serious as the German Luftwaffe aerial invasions during World War II, they have risen up in defense of a threat potentially more destructive than a German military occupation.  In the Globe and Mail News, it was reported in an article, "There'll be flu birds over the white cliffs of Dover" it reported:


"Over the years, the British have fired shots at all manner of menacing things trying to make their way across the English Channel: French and Spanish warships, Luftwaffe planes, V-2 rockets, submarines. But it was only this week that geese and ducks became an imminent threat to national security. Thousands of shotgun-wielding British hunters, huddled behind duck blinds and crouching in marshes, have been empowered by the government to play a key role in their country's battle to prevent an avian-flu epidemic from overtaking the country.


The government's veterinary authorities, fearful of infected birds making their way into Britain from flu-prone regions of eastern Russia, have given the hunters, as well as conservation groups and birdwatchers, bird-flu testing kits and asked them to shoot down as many birds as possible, test them for the disease, and otherwise stand guard against these menacing foreign invaders. Debby Reynolds, who devised the plan to empower hunters as head of Britain's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, urged citizens to keep watch over the skies."


The panic continues in what some believe is an epidemic of fear and others chide it as a featherweight pandemic.  The biggest toll to date are the millions of migratory and local birds that are now prey by the fear of death by mankind


The October 13, 2005 Globe and Mail article continues:


Troops have taken an equally aggressive stand against feathered foes in Turkey, where reports of bird flu are persistent. At one farm near the Aegean Sea, 2,000 birds were killed in one day. Yesterday, fears of disease prompted the EU to ban all live poultry imports from Turkey.


In Germany, the government ordered a complete halt to all free-range farming, ordering all domestic fowl to be moved into barns. Free-range poultry and eggs are hugely popular among wealthy consumers in continental Europe, so the ban has had a major effect.


The Dutch government has ordered that five million free-range chickens, geese, turkeys and ducks be kept indoors. And in Britain, farmers are terrified that a bird-flu outbreak could ruin the Christmas season -- even if it doesn't spread to humans.”


The Case for Avian Influenza Transmission to Humans


Is there a reason to panic?  Even though the official death toll of humans to the Avian Bird Flu is presently 65 human beings, the concern is not how many have died but the strange mutating pattern of the virus itself.  According to the World Health Organization in their article titled, Avian influenza ("bird flu") and the significance of its transmission to humans:”


"All birds are thought to be susceptible to infection with avian influenza, though some species are more resistant to infection than others. Infection causes a wide spectrum of symptoms in birds, ranging from mild illness to a highly contagious and rapidly fatal disease resulting in severe epidemics. The latter is known as “highly pathogenic avian influenza”. This form is characterized by sudden onset, severe illness, and rapid death, with a mortality that can approach 100%.


Fifteen subtypes of influenza virus are known to infect birds, thus providing an extensive reservoir of influenza viruses potentially circulating in bird populations. To date, all outbreaks of the highly pathogenic form have been caused by influenza A viruses of subtypes H5 and H7. Migratory waterfowl – most notably wild ducks – are the natural reservoir of avian influenza viruses, and these birds are also the most resistant to infection. Domestic poultry, including chickens and turkeys, are particularly susceptible to epidemics of rapidly fatal influenza.


Recent research has shown that viruses of low pathogenicity can, after circulation for sometimes short periods in a poultry population, mutate into highly pathogenic viruses. During a 1983–1984 epidemic in the United States of America, the H5N2 virus initially caused low mortality, but within six months became highly pathogenic, with a mortality approaching 90%. Control of the outbreak required destruction of more than 17 million birds at a cost of nearly US$ 65 million. During a 1999–2001 epidemic in Italy, the H7N1 virus, initially of low pathogenicity, mutated within 9 months to a highly pathogenic form. More than 13 million birds died or were destroyed.


All type A influenza viruses, including those that regularly cause seasonal epidemics of influenza in humans, are genetically labile and well adapted to elude host defenses. Influenza viruses lack mechanisms for the “proofreading” and repair of errors that occur during replication. As a result of these uncorrected errors, the genetic composition of the viruses changes as they replicate in humans and animals, and the existing strain is replaced with a new antigenic variant. These constant, permanent and usually small changes in the antigenic composition of influenza A viruses are known as antigenic “drift”. The tendency of influenza viruses to undergo frequent and permanent antigenic changes necessitates constant monitoring of the global influenza situation and annual adjustments in the composition of influenza vaccines. Both activities have been a cornerstone of the WHO Global Influenza Programme since its inception in 1947.


Influenza viruses have a second characteristic of great public health concern: influenza A viruses, including subtypes from different species, can swap or “reassort” genetic materials and merge. This reassortment  process, known as antigenic “shift”, results in a novel subtype different from both parent viruses. As populations will have no immunity to the new subtype, and as no existing vaccines can confer protection, antigenic shift has historically resulted in highly lethal pandemics. For this to happen, the novel subtype needs to have genes from human influenza viruses that make it readily transmissible from person to person for a sustainable period.


Why H5N1 is of particular concern? Of the 15 avian influenza virus subtypes, H5N1 is of particular concern for several reasons. H5N1 mutates rapidly and has a documented propensity to acquire genes from viruses infecting other animal species. Its ability to cause severe disease in humans has now been documented on two occasions. In addition, laboratory studies have demonstrated that isolates from this virus have a high pathogenicity and can cause severe disease in humans. Birds that survive infection excrete virus for at least 10 days, orally and in faeces, thus facilitating further spread at live poultry markets and by migratory birds."


The fact that Iranian ducks are now dying by the thousands is of great concern.  That ducks are one of the natural reservoirs of avian influenza viruses and are the most resistant to infection; it suggests that in Iran another dangerous mutation to the H5N1 virus is in progress.  The big concern is when will it make that final break and mutate with a human being carrier with another Influenza virus? 


Russian Intelligence Reports are claiming that this final mutation has already begun.  It is one of their suppositions that in the bid to control the mass panic that will arrive in such a pandemic, they will need to institute Martial Law.


The American President Preparing for; Flu Pandemics, Global Shifts of Strategic Resources

and the Fall of a Globalist Nation by Liberal Social Reforms


It was mid August and President was at his ranch for his month long vacation.  Very much like the ritual of the royalty of Europe, the media announced the agenda of the President as he would be basking in the warmth of the Texas hill country catching up on the reading he so much wanted to do.  It was the Seattle Times that reported in an article titled, "Bush's summer book list: salt, a czar and flu", which said,


Seattle Times - "Gas prices are climbing, motorists are fuming, and President Bush is at his ranch with a book about the history of salt. There could be a connection. According to the White House, one of three books Bush chose to read on his five-week vacation is "Salt: A World History" by Mark Kurlansky, who chronicled the rise and fall of what once was considered the world's most strategic commodity. The other two books he reportedly brought with him to Crawford are "Alexander II: The Last Great Tsar" by Edvard Radzinsky and "The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History" by John Barry."


While he was portraying to the American public that the United States government had everything under control, he was reading the John Barry book on The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague In History".  Was the president in preparation to define the next phase of his presidency; plagues and crises?  Within this book it defined the major facts of the last flu pandemic of 1918 and its affect upon not only America but the entire world:


Publishers Weekly Book Editorial - "In 1918, a plague swept across the world virtually without warning, killing healthy young adults as well as vulnerable infants and the elderly. Hospitals and morgues were quickly overwhelmed; in Philadelphia, 4,597 people died in one week alone and bodies piled up on the streets to be carted off to mass graves. But this was not the dreaded Black Death-it was "only influenza." In this sweeping history, Barry (Rising Tide) explores how the deadly confluence of biology (a swiftly mutating flu virus that can pass between animals and humans) and politics (President Wilson's all-out war effort in WWI) created conditions in which the virus thrived, killing more than 50 million worldwide and perhaps as many as 100 million in just a year. Overcrowded military camps and wide-ranging troop deployments allowed the highly contagious flu to spread quickly; transport ships became "floating caskets." Yet the U.S. government refused to shift priorities away from the war and, in effect, ignored the crisis. Shortages of doctors and nurses hurt military and civilian populations alike, and the ineptitude of public health officials exacerbated the death toll."


The Avian Influenza Virus Feared to be an American Bio-Weapon


The devastation that the Avian Flu Virus can wreck upon a nations economy is now known.  Its affect upon the mental and physical health of its citizens is also known.  It affects upon the geo-politics between nations is now beginning to be known.  As reported by the InfoRos portal for the Russian Federation Ministry for the Affairs of the Press in their article which was posted on What Does It Mean, titled "Very strange bird flu" or is bird flu - American bio-weapon?” says the following:


Russian Federation Ministry - "A recent outbreak of the bird flu (avian influenza) epizootic in Russia causes growing anxiety both in this country and on the international level. From the moment of its detection in Hong Kong in 1997 the H5N1virus which has become widely known by the name of bird (chicken) flu has caused the destruction of tens of millions of birds throughout the world and more than 60 human deaths in China, Vietnam and Thailand. The mortality rate among the infected people was more than 50 percent. The only known effective way to stop spreading of the bird flu is total destruction of all infected birds.


In Russia the bird flu outbreak in a very short time had reached from the Far East to the Urals and was recently officially registered in Kalmykia. Hundreds of thousands of birds have become victims of the virus, mainly poultry: hens, ducks and geese. Fortunately so far the virus does not infect people. But, the danger of this pathogen’s mutation is very high. The Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation has already made a decision to make an experimental batch of vaccine for the population. However its creation may take about a year.  Recently experts of the Chelyabinsk territorial directorate of the Rospotrebnadzor (Russian oversight state body on consumers’ rights protection and public well-being) have made the unfavorable forecast that in 2006 all territory of the Russian Federation will be subject to the bird flu. In the second half of 2005 the bird flu will quite possibly extend to the territory of the Southern Russia - Krasnodar region, Astrakhan and Volgograd areas.  In 2006 the country could be completely enveloped by this virus.


In the end of the current year or the beginning of 2006 the bird flu from Russia could be carried by wild birds of passage to the Eastern and Western Europe. The gravity of this threat is confirmed by the fact that Russia and EU intend to discuss the problem of the bird flu at the next session of the International Epizootic Bureau (IEB) which is to take place in the middle of September in Suzdal. Meanwhile, the bird flu outbreak in Russia arouses many questions and suspicions among independent observers. In particular, till now the precise source of the infection and the way by which it got into Russia has not been determined. Presently the most widely circulating version is that the blame lies on wild ducks hibernating in "the bird flu’s native land" - the countries of South-East Asia. However the speed of flu’s expansion, its scale and geographical selectivity look too suspicious for a mere spontaneous natural epizootic.


Besides, by a strange coincidence the bird flu has struck the most dynamically developing branch of the Russian agriculture - poultry farming. Last year the fowl breeding in Russia grew by 15 percent. The country has got a real chance to strengthen its food security and reduce deliveries of chicken meat from abroad, which now is covering 47 percent of the Russian poultry market. It’s also of interest that the bird flu outbreak in Russia almost immediately caused a wave of sometimes simply panic publications in western media about the threat of the infection almost inevitably spreading on the countries of the European Union, which have a powerful poultry farming industry.


Proceeding from a known principle "qui prodest", it is difficult to get off the sensation that the main interested party in this entire situation is the USA - the largest world manufacturer and the exporter of chicken and other poultry. For example, in Russia today two thirds of all import of chicken meat are represented by so called "Bush's legs" (chicken frozen legs) and other American poultry production. The American poultry manufacturers annually receive only from export of chicken meat to Russia nearly US$2 billion and are eager to cut off a good chunk of the European poultry market. In this situation the bird flu outbreak in Russia with its real threat of spreading to Europe - looks simply like a gift of destiny for American manufacturers of poultry meat who now under certain conditions could not only flood the markets of Russia and the European Union with their products, but also dictate prices for them.


From this point of view the version on military-bacteriological character of the bird flu outbreak starts to look not so absurd. In 1972 Soviet film-director Savva Kulish shot a movie "The Committee of 19" in which some neo-Nazis aided by sympathizers from western special services intended to use a bacteriological weapon created by them in a secret laboratory in Africa by means of birds of passage, capable to span hundreds of thousands miles. And recently the report prepared by the Canadian military intelligence was published which specified, that terrorists could use the bird flu virus as a bacteriological weapon."


United States Virus Weapons Lab Attacked

in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina


The word is out that bio-terrorism is one of the hot topics of intelligence internal discussions.  What was even less known and more ominous in its intent was the report, with no American media substantiating its documentation, concerning the Russian intelligence as reported in an article on September 11, 2005 titled, “Global Pandemic Fears Fueled By Reports That United States Virus Weapon Lab Attacked In New Orleans, ‘Total Loss’ of Data and Bird Flu Virus Samples Reported”:


Sorcha Faal - Unknown to the vast majority of Americans is that the center for their Bio Weapons research programs is located in their City of New Orleans, and though an entity of the United States Government can be found in the buildings of Tulane University, and according to Russian Intelligence reports came under attack by Special Forces Troops who removed all of the files and virus samples from the offices and laboratories of Dr. Susan McLellan, one of the United States Military top infectious disease specialists.  To the affiliation of these Special Forces Troops, and to where the vital data and virus samples have gone it is not to our immediate knowledge, other than the introduction of thousands of US Military Forces into New Orleans have still failed to apprehend them.


This was also reported on CBS News in an article titled, “Hurricane Disrupts Scientific Research” which stated the following:


New Orleans (AP) -  “As rising floodwaters swamped New Orleans, Louisiana's chief epidemiologist enlisted state police on a mission to break into a high-security government lab and destroy any dangerous germs before they could escape or fall into the wrong hands. Armed with bolt cutters and bleach, Dr. Raoult Ratard's team entered the state's so-called "hot lab," and killed all the living samples. "This is what had to be done," said Ratard, who matter-of-factly put a sudden end to his lab's work on dangerous germs, which he wouldn't name.

Flood waters surround Tulane University.  (AP)

At least Ratard's team was able to retrieve laptop computers containing vital scientific data. Many other scientists in the region weren't so fortunate, losing years of research, either through storm damage or voluntary destruction. Not since the torrential floods from Tropical Storm Allison, which badly damaged the Texas Medical Center in 2001, has scientific research been disrupted on such a large scale. Doctors and researchers in the Crescent City became exiles overnight, indefinitely locked out of their labs and unable to see patients.”


Russian investigator Sorcha Faal then made this interesting observation:


Sorcha Faal – “As to the abilities of any Independent Nation attacked by the Military Leaders of the United States being able to use weapons of such fearful powers as to even create and control the movements of hurricanes….even to direct them against specific cities for the purpose of attacking secret installations for the gathering of evidence, remains in the realm of science fiction some say.  But in that same science fiction world where hurricanes become instruments of war, the Military Leaders of the United States should never forget that earthquakes can be more devastating than nuclear bombs.


To the American peoples themselves, and who remain sleeping in their self imposed ignorance of both history and the brutal aims of their Military Leaders towards them, perhaps the catastrophic events of this past week will serve as a reminder to them all that they are not separated from the world by anything other than their own ignorance.  As to their waking from their sleep into a world of nightmares or of peace they have made their choice, not for what they have done, but rather for what they have chosen not to do…..prepare. 


This same Dr. Susan McLellan, associate professor of medicine in the tropical medicine and infectious diseases section at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans was one of “Thousands of Doctors Displaced by Hurricane Katrina” according to the article posted by 4 WWLTV at New Orleans;


4WWLTV New Orleans - “Nearly 6,000 doctors along the Gulf Coast were uprooted by Hurricane Katrina in the largest displacement of physicians in U.S. history, university researchers reported Monday. How many of those doctors will set up shop permanently in other cities, or decide to retire instead of reopening their practices, remains as unclear as New Orleans' future. "We don't know what this is going to mean to health care," said Dr. Thomas Ricketts, who led the study by researchers at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. "We've never had to deal with something like this before… Ricketts' study found that 5,944 doctors were displaced in the 10 counties and parishes in Louisiana and Mississippi that were directly affected by Katrina-related flooding. That number covers doctors caring for patients, not those who are administrators or researchers, said Ricketts, a professor of health policy and administration at UNC's School of Public Health…More than two-thirds of the doctors displaced, or 4,486, came from the immediate New Orleans parishes of Orleans, Jefferson and St. Bernard.


Among those displaced is Dr. Susan McLellan. Along with her family, she fled to Atlanta from New Orleans and her home near the 17th Street Canal, where a levee broke after Katrina hit. When it became clear she could not return to her water-logged house or her job at Tulane University Hospital, she applied for a temporary medical license to practice in Georgia. A friend steered her to an AIDS clinic, where she volunteers three days a week, working to make sure about 45 AIDS patients who also fled Katrina are taking their medications. "I don't want to jump ship," McLellan said. "But if I can be useful in Atlanta, then I will stay until I get called back."


The Deadly Spanish Influenza Virus of 1918 Recreated


While Dr. Susan McLellan was heading to Atlanta, the world was shocked in the announcement that the deadly 1918 Spanish Influenza Virus had been recreated and its genetic sequencing map fully transcribed.  On October 7, 2005 the Newsweek News went on the magazine shelves with the leading article titled "Resurrecting a Killer Flu." In this article it says:


MSNBC - "Scientists have long puzzled over the exceptional lethality of the 1918 flu, which killed between 20 million and 50 million people worldwide. What features of the viral genome enabled it to become both highly transmissible and lethal at the same time? Some of those questions were answered this week, with the publication of twin papers in the journals Nature and Science. In Nature, Jeffery Taubenberger of the Pentagon's Armed Forces Institute of Pathology announced that he had completed sequencing the genome of the 1918 flu. At the same time, Terrence Tumpey, senior microbiologist at the Influenza Branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reported in Science that he and his colleagues had used Taubenberger’s sequence to reconstruct the actual 1918 virus, a living copy of the germ that killed millions."

Terrence Tumpey discusses his work in Atlanta on Oct. 3

Terrence Tumpey discusses his work in Atlanta on Oct. 3 – photo Ric Feld/AP


According to the recent media releases the following information has been gleaned.  With a truly live 1918 pandemic avian influenza virus for study in a biotechnology lab and not a hybrid, the researchers found that out of 4,400 amino acids in the viral RNA genetic sequence, it took only 25-30 amino acids changes to make into a international killer. The prior “dogma” that “pandemics were caused by shuffling of genes between avian and mammalian viruses” has been discredited.  What is known now is that the current Asian H5N1 Influenza Virus and the 1918 Spanish Flu Virus are not human/avian reassortant virus.  Only three criteria left are needed to make it into a pandemic: “a novel subtype, a subtype to which the population has no immunity and high transmissibility.”


Like a detective, the first samples that were used to obtain the 1918 virus were from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology from tissue the size of a postage stamp of two soldiers who died in 1918.  To obtain more samples, the researchers obtained permission from the town of Brevig Mission in Alaska where in 1918 85% of the town died when a postman traveling by dogsled brought the Spanish Flu to themBuried in a mass grave in the permafrost layer, a lung sample was obtained from a female and the 1918 influenza virus was extracted. 


On October 6, 2005 the fears of the scientific community was expressed in an article by The Guardian titled, “Security fears as flu virus that killed 50 million is recreated” which said:

The Guardian – “Scientists have recreated the 1918 Spanish flu virus, one of the deadliest ever to emerge, to the alarm of many researchers who fear it presents a serious security risk. Undisclosed quantities of the virus are being held in a high-security government laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia, after a nine-year effort to rebuild the agent that swept the globe in record time and claimed the lives of an estimated 50 million people. The genetic sequence is also being made available to scientists online, a move which some fear adds a further risk of the virus being created in other labs.


The recreation was carried out in an attempt to understand what made the 1918 outbreak so devastating. Reporting in the journal Science, a team lead by Dr Jeffery Taubenberger at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Maryland shows that the recreated virus is extremely effective. When injected into mice, it quickly took hold and they started to lose weight rapidly, shedding 13% of their original weight in just two days. Within six days, all mice injected with the virus had died.


In a comparison experiment, similar mice were injected with a contemporary strain of flu, and although the mice lost weight initially, they recovered. Tests revealed that the Spanish flu virus multiplied so rapidly that after four days, mice contained 39,000 times more flu virus than those injected with the more common strain of flu. The government and military researchers who reconstructed the virus say their work has already provided invaluable insight into its unique genetic make-up and helps explain its lethality.


But other researchers warned yesterday that the virus could escape from the laboratory. "This will raise clear questions among some as to whether they have really created a biological weapon," said Professor Ronald Atlas at the centre for deterrence of biowarfare and bioterrorism at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Publication of the work and the filing of the virus's genetic make-up to an online database followed an emergency meeting last week by the US National Science Advisory Board for Bio-security, which concluded that the benefits of publishing the work outweighed the risks. Many scientists remained skeptical. "Once the genetic sequence is publicly available, there's a theoretical risk that any molecular biologist with sufficient knowledge could recreate this virus," said Dr John Wood, a virologist at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control in Potters Bar.”


Unbeknown to these scientists, their greatest fears may have already been realized. 


1918 Spanish Flu Virus targeted in International Heist

of former East German Intel Agents


In less than a week after the international announcement that the 1918 Spanish Virus had been recreated, an episode occurred that could easily be a plot on a James Bond movie.  In the city of Atlanta, where the National Headquarters for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is located, it was reported by the Russian Intelligence that a terrorist group had truly attempted to penetrate and heist the 1918 Spanish Flu Virus and its computerized genetic sequencing.  


Only a month after the Special Security Forces of the United States penetrated the Tulane University and reputedly removed or destroyed all of their viral samples, on October 11, 2005 in an article titled, “Terrorists Targeting US Center For Disease Control and American University Escape With Secret Documents And 1918 Spanish Flu Virus Samples”, was reporting  another attack of bio-terrorism sabotage: 


What Does It Mean - “On Monday morning, October 10th, this terrorist group carried out simultaneous attacks on both the United States Centers for Disease Control and the genetic laboratories located at the Georgia Institute of Technology College of Sciences, and which are both located in the American city of Atlanta, Georgia… In what Russian Intelligence Analysts are describing as one of the most sophisticated intelligence operations ever conducted in the United States, an unknown’, though suspected, terrorist organization, and operating under the ‘cover’ of an as yet unidentified foreign government, has succeeded in goals of acquiring the United States most protected secrets relating to the Bird Flu Pandemic. 


These reports further state that these terrorists have not only succeeded in obtaining their intended target, and which were the computer hard drives containing massive amounts of data, but were also able to obtain complete genetic samples of one of the world’s most feared diseases, the 1918 Spanish Flu Virus.


The Stasi Insignia


According to these reports, German Intelligence officers had first learned of this sophisticated intelligence plot less than two weeks ago and were unable to apprehend the subjects in Europe, whereupon they issued International Arrest Warrants for the 14 suspected terrorists and notified both Russia’s FSB and the American CIA. The members of this terrorist group, according to these reports, are all former members of the former East Germany’s Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (Stasi).”


Erich Mielke, director of Stasi


The sophistication of this group can only be suspected by the jobs which they once had.  As former employees of Staci (East Germany’s Ministry for  State Security), they were part of the most feared arm of the Communist East Germany Secret Service who ran one of the most extensive intelligence networks in the world. At one time before the fall of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 they had as many as 150,000 intelligence agents that were highly professional and known for their ruthless principles of conspiratorial aggressiveness for the protection of the Communist cause.  The most feared of all was the longtime head of this East German spy agency, Erich Mielke, a four starred general.  Under his direction, his agency included a network of 85,000 full time domestic spies and 170,000 voluntary informants who kept track of millions of East German citizens. 

Georgia Institute of Technology

The American media has been silent on this attack, if it truly occurred.  Following the leads, a tale of deadly suspense can be told that if true may spell a catastrophic end to millions around the world.


In the Associated Press article on October 11, 2005 it was reported in a reputed “heavily censored” article  titled, "Two Georgia Tech dorms evacuated after suspicious devices found" that said:


Atlanta (Accessnorthga) - Students evacuated two Georgia Tech dorms Monday morning after a janitor found a chemical-filled bottle on a campus courtyard that exploded, police said. About 100 students were evacuated from Cloudman and Glenn residence halls after the janitor found the suspicious bottle at 8:45 a.m., said spokeswoman Amelia Gambino. At least two other bottles were found and detonated by Atlanta police, she said. ”They're investigating this as a very serious offense we're looking to find who produced these and distributed these devices,'' Gambino said. “Everybody is safe. We'd like parents to know that students weren't injured.'' The janitor was picking up trash in the courtyard when he pulled out the bottle from bushes. The bottle exploded and the janitor was taken to a local medical clinic for evaluation but suffered no serious injuries, Gambino said. Police still are working to determine what chemicals were in the bottles. The incident prompted authorities to contact the Georgia Department of Homeland Security.


The first question, what were these chemical bottled explosives doing on the campus of Georgia Tech?  The story begins in Germany with the international intelligence agents seeking to capture a group of former Staci agents that escaped from Europe.   They were suspected of going to the country of the Dominican Republic. Reported in the Dominican Today on October 2, 2005 we find this article titled, "Germany is looking for 14 fugitives in the DR" that stated:


Santo Domingo - Dominican security agencies are looking for 14 Germans, wanted by that country’s authorities, for drug trafficking, fraud and tax evasion, among other crimes. The country’s investigative and airport security agencies were alerted of the German racketeers entering Dominican territory, and that the German government asked the authorities’ collaboration to locate about fourteen nationals from that country who are now fugitives after committing diverse felonies. The information appears in this week’s issue of the German magazine Der Spiegel, which reports that German criminals have been hiding out in the Dominican Republic, specifically in various tourist resorts, including Puerto Plata, Cabarete and Sosúa and the country East region. Locally, media reports said that among the fugitives believed to be in the country, are three women who are wanted in connection with frauds against German banks. 


Stolen Ten Passenger Cessna Citation Jet at Atlanta, Georgia’s Briscoe Airport.


Understanding that when western media use the code words, “drug dealers, international fugitives or wanted for sex crimes” these are usually recognized to be terrorists or intelligence operatives


The next glimpse we get, if the leads are connected properly, these former intelligence operatives were reported as “surfacing” into the state of Florida by boat from the Dominican Republic.  They then commandeered a ten passenger Cessna Citation Jet owned by Pinnacle Air out of Springdale, Arkansas that was chartered to a St. Augustine, Florida airport.  It was discovered missing in Florida on Monday, October 11, 2005 but had landed according to the Gwinnett County Police in the early morning hours of Sunday, October 9, flying from Florida to Atlanta without a flight plan.  According to the news report that was last modified on October 11, 2005 by 11Alive in Atlanta reported in the article, "Mystery Behind Plane Unfolding" the following:


AtlantaAviation experts say planes are easy to steal if you know how to fly them. But to fly a jet without a flight plan to Gwinnett County from Florida, you'd have to have a lot of experience. Sometime over the weekend, a ten passenger Cessna Citation landed at Briscoe Field without anyone noticing. The mystery of the stolen jet that landed at Briscoe Field is beginning to unfold… Whoever piloted the plane did not file a flight plan with the FAA, according to Airport Division Director Matthew Smith. “The large jet aircraft like that are completely different than like a single engine piston aircraft. Just because you have a private pilot license and you can fly a little two seater or four seater aircraft, that doesn't mean you'll be able to fly a jet,” Smith said. And that significantly narrows the list of suspects for Gwinnett County Police to go after.”


If the sequence of the report of the Russian intelligence, the German intelligence and the Florida and the Georgia police is correct, this highly trained band of former East German Communists (Stasi) Secret Service Agents was behind the penetration of the highly classified and secured CDC and Georgia Tech bio-terrorism labs in Atlanta.  They had a mission that might spell trouble for millions of people around the world.


The whereabouts of these bio-terrorists is currently unknown or the reports are not recognized in the international media.  The purpose of even documenting such an account is not that we as individuals can do anything about it, but to recognize that in the covert war of bio-terrorism, it is hard or even impossible to know who is on the side of truth and justice as demanded by the God of Israel.


The fact that the highly classified medical research labs and the research that they are conducting, reputed the need to understand, document and to try to find ways to improve or protect the lives of humans around the world, are also at risk gives us pause.  The fact that these tests recreating the 1918 Spanish Flu Virus were done in “Level 3” biosafety instead of “Level 4” biosafety facilities also gives us pause.


The Power will be Given to Satanic Agencies to Destroy Mankind at the Time of the End


For the “power” to be placed in the hands of evil men seeking to destroy the very humans that God created is one of the recurrent themes of all apocalyptic literature on the time of the end.  The facts that these bio-terrorists were able to get the secret data of the targeted 1918 Spanish virus and what use they seek to do with it, we can only suspect and fear.  From the computer records obtained from the Georgia Institute Technical College was a complete sample of the world’s most dangerous virus, the 1918 Spanish Flu.  They were in the process of genetically coding this virus for the United States Military. The question must even be asked, why would the United States Military want this information unless it was to be used as a biological weapon? 


Relook at the time sequence.  It was October 2 that a group of reputed former East German international “terrorists” were suspected and reported as being in the Dominican Republic.  It was Monday, October 3 that the international press announcement was made by the Georgia Tech researchers that they had recreated the 1918 Spanish Flu Virus.  It was early Sunday morning on October 9, that the suspected intelligence agents of the former Stasi (East German Secret Police) landed a heisted ten seated Cessna plane that flew from St. Augustine, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia with no flight planSix days after an international press announcement announcing the success of resurrecting this biological monster, the 1918 Spanish Flu Virus was reported by Russian Intelligence on Monday, October 10 to be in the hands of the former communist intelligence officers.  That very morning, Monday, October 10, the dorms of Georgia Tech, the campus where the 1918 Flu Virus specimens were contained were evacuated because canisters of a chemical explosive were found on the campus of Georgia Tech. 


Knowing full well that in the covert war of terrorism, we may never know the real story until decades later when historians try to piece through the historical data, there is a reality to BibleSearchers.  The apocalyptic scene portrayed in the prophetic books of the Jewish prophets depicts vast destruction of human life while international societal control is placed in the hands of a one world government called “the Beast,” whose time of governance peaks during the Pale or Dappled Horse of the Fourth Apocalyptic Seal of Revelation.


Revelation 6:7-8 – “When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, ‘Come and see.’ So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him.  And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword (war and murder), with hunger (famine), with death (pestilence and catastrophes), and by the beasts of the earth.” 


The question we must ask; which part of this planet is the “fourth of the earth?”  That answer will elude us until we see it in stark reality.  Then we must ask, “Who gives this “power” to these controlling forces but the Lord of hosts? 


Revelation 17:17 – “For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled.”


The time of the full revelation of the effects of sin is about to exhibited to the whole universe.  Even the angelic hosts are clueless to the full ramification of the nature of sin.  The effects of sin will be played out to it final and fullest conclusion.


Mistaken Pandemic Flu Viral Sample sent Around the World


To understand how easy it is to make a mistake that might be fatal to millions of people, in the spring of 2005 a viral testing kit was sent to 3,000 to 4,000 in the following countries outside of the United States: Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Bermuda, Chile, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Taiwan received the kits.

In a CBS News article dated April 13, 2005, the following article was posted titled, Labs Rush To Destroy Deadly Flu  that said: 

CBS/AP  The head of the U.S. health agency said Wednesday that the government should restrict the handling of flu virus to more secure labs, as scientists around the world destroyed a deadly flu strain that had been sent to thousands of labs for testing.

"There's a lot of questions right now we don't have answers to." - Health and Human Services spokesman Tom Skinner

Dr. Julie Gerberding, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, said the agency has already recommended that change — a step not previously taken because flu virus has never been considered a possible bioterrorism weapon. Gerberding statements came less than 24 hours after the World Health Organization began urging the world's labs to destroy an almost 50-year-old pandemic flu virus.

The germ was sent in kits as part of proficiency testing to nearly 5,000 labs — mostly in the United States. A Canadian lab alerted the WHO that the sample was from the 1957 flu pandemic, which killed between 1 million and 4 million people. It has not been included in flu vaccines since 1968, and anyone born after that date has little or no immunity to it…


Dr. Jared Schwartz, an official with College of American Pathologists says Meridien didn't know it was a pandemic virus they sent out, they just thought it was an ordinary flu virus. He said they went to their samples and found a virus from the year 2000, which they'd gotten from another company, which had gotten it from yet another company. According to Meridien's process and evaluation they thought it was "an innocuous typical influenza A virus, the kind of virus they've used before in our programs.”

An international alert and a hunt to collect all the viral samples was the source of intense media attention.  The fact that no harm was caused was evidenced because it was widely reported in the media.  If there had been an international threat, the American public would probably never have known of if.  On the other hand, it did reveal flaws within the system of viral studies and their potential impact on viral bio-terrorism.


Bio-Weapon Labs a Threat to Urban America


In the War on Terrorism, it was reported on Agrnews two years ago between the dates of July 3-9, 2003 in an article titled, Bioweapon labs will bring threat of lethal viruses to urban America:

Agrnews - A network of high-security laboratories for storing and investigating some of the most lethal viruses known to mankind is being built across the US, leaving communities in uproar. They not only fear the risk of the viruses escaping, but also contend that the program, part of the $6 billion Project BioShield, is a stunning case of overkill. For none of the germs to be studied is related to bioweaponry…

In New York State, congressmen have already blocked a proposal to house a laboratory on Plum Island, off Long Island. In Davis, California, home to a major branch of the state university system, activists have sued the university for failing to abide by state environmental regulations in making its application to house nasties ranging from Ebola to hanta virus and tick-borne encephalitis. This is not just a matter of nimbyism. The protesters cannot understand why they should risk exposure to the tiny clutch of diseases requiring the construction of maximum-security “level 4” biosafety facilities -- there are just five of them -- when none has any known practical utility as a guerrilla weapon. The diseases the national security people are most worried about -- anthrax, smallpox and plague -- are either level 2 or level 3, and plenty of laboratories at those levels exist already.

Most experts agree that the level 4 facilities would probably be pretty biolab designer, Jim Orzechowski of the Canadian firm of Smith Carter Architects and Engineers, told the Los Angeles Times less than reassuringly last week: “We’re getting as close to fail safe as possible. As fail safe as the space shuttle.” The space shuttle has had two catastrophic failures in 17 years. (Independent Digital (UK))


Will Homeland Security Lead this Nation in Crisis under Martial Law?


It was September, 2004 BibleSearchers Reflections posted the article, “Katrina, the day God turned His face away from America” in which the question was asked, “Has America been put under Martial or Military Law?”  Here is an America that is presently perceived as weakened to those that seek her destruction.  Here is an America that has yet to receive her full strength and power until she finally gives her great power to “The Beast.” 


Revelation 13:4 – “So they worshipped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying. ‘Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?’”


In a land that is proud of the most advanced medical system in the entire world watched as the President of the United States proclaimed to the international press that it would not be the medical or health professional experts that would lead in the preparations for the Avian flu pandemic but the military and police forces put under the command of Homeland Security Department. 


As MSNBC reported on October 11, 2005 in the article titled, "Homeland Security to be lead in flu crisis" that stated the following:


Washington (MSNBC) – “If the nightmare of an avian flu pandemic emerges from the dark chapters of doomsday scenarios, it will fall to the Department of the Homeland Security, not the medical establishment, to manage the crisis, according to federal documents and interviews with government officials.


Avian Influenza Virus


This is a serious responsibility for Homeland Security and this mandate is not without its critics.  Some fear and wonder, how can the same military protect and guard its citizens against the same Avian Flu Virus which they believe was a creation of the black ops sector of the United States Military.  There are many who fear that this is next step of the long planned creation of an American Police State, the last step to a One World Order. 


None other than CNN in an October 6, 2005 posted an article titled, "Bush military bird flu role slammed" that questioned President George Bush’s request to the Congress of the United States for new law to allow him to use the American military forces in all national emergencies and crisis:


CNN - "A call by President George W. Bush for Congress to give him the power to use the military in law enforcement roles in the event of a bird flu pandemic has been criticized as akin to introducing martial law. Bush said aggressive action would be needed to prevent a potentially disastrous U.S. outbreak of the disease that is sweeping through Asian poultry and which experts fear could mutate to pass between humans.


Such a deadly event would raise difficult questions, such as how quarantine might be enforced, the president said. ‘I'm concerned about what an avian flu outbreak could mean for the United States and the world,’ he told reporters during a Rose Garden news conference on Tuesday. ‘One option is the use of a military that's able to plan and move,’ he said. "So that's why I put it on the table. I think it's an important debate for Congress to have."


The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 bans the military from participating in police-type activity on U.S. soil.


story.bush.tue.ap.jpgBut Dr. Irwin Redlener, associate dean of Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and director of its National Center for Disaster Preparedness, told The Associated Press the president's suggestion was dangerous. Giving the military a law enforcement role would be an "extraordinarily Draconian measure" that would be unnecessary if the nation had built the capability for rapid vaccine production, ensured a large supply of anti-virals like Tamiflu and not allowed the degradation of the public health system.”



Consequences of an outbreak in U.S. need to be addressed before catastrophe strikes, Bush said.


"The translation of this is martial law in the United States," Redlener said."


On October 12, 2005 in the FreeMarketNews, House of Representative member, Ron Paul from the 14th Congressional district of Texas made some very poignant statements about the Bush Administration’s approach to a impending Police State in an article titled, “Congressman Busts Bush Police State” that stated:


FreeMarketNews - "The Bush administration is attempting an end run around the Constitution by creating a militarized police state to take effect in the event of an avian flu pandemic – one that would include gun confiscation and ultimately martial law…


I believe it (Avian bird flu) is the president hyping this and Rumsfeld, but it has to be in combination with the people being fearful enough that they will accept the man on the white horse. My first reaction going from my political and medical background is that its way overly hyped and to think that they have gone this far with it, without a single case in the whole country and they're willing to change the law and turn it into a military state? That is unbelievable! They're determined to have martial law."

This statement is interesting in that this “man on a white horse” was subject first reported in the BibleSearchers Reflections on April, 2004 with the article title of “Are We entering the Second “Red” Seal of Revelation?”   It suggests that the rider of the white horse of the apocalypse of Revelation is the president of the most powerful globalist country of the world, President George W. Bush. 


Congressman Ron Paul was willing to open the lid of transparency and here alludes to the imagery of the first white seal of Revelation as being a part of the symbol of the Council of Foreign Relations.  This ‘white horse’ is the driving force of the Golden Internationale’s bid to control the future one world government. 


The world of fear casts it pall over the smartest and brightest of our culture.  As the world health advisors gather en mass to develop a global war against an influenza pandemic, the American administration seeks a military solution.  Many of Americans believe that their lives will be saved by the Avian Influenza Virus.  Little do they know that a vaccine does not exist for a virus that scientist do not know what it will look like upon its final mutational stage. 


While the President and the media are creating a panic state with the predicted social chaos that will come as earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons and Influenza Pandemics reshape the world around us, leading social scientists are warning the world about the myths and destructive effects of the panic itself.  In the Chronicle Review an article was posted on September 29, 2005 with the title: "Disaster Sociologists Study What Went Wrong in the Response to the Hurricanes, but Will Policy Makers Listen?"  Its conclusion:


Chronicle Review - "The panic myth is a consistent one," said Russell R. Dynes, a professor emeritus of sociology at Delaware, who was among the founders, in 1963, of the Disaster Research Center at Ohio State University...The idea of social breakdown -- I'm even pretty damn skeptical of that," he said. "One of the problems here is TV. If you take a film clip and you run it for five hours, you create a notion that something's happening." In 40 years of disaster research, Mr. Dynes said, he and his colleagues have found very few instances of true social breakdown…


Yet the answer continues to elude us.  Scientists are looking for the guidance in truth and sanity.  Many fear that the proponents of a national military command are bringing us the pathway of a fascist totalitarian stateLurking in the crevices of our minds are the apocalyptic pictures of the prophetic one world government and that pathway seems to be the path we are following today.  This path is described by the social commentator, Alan Bock in his essay, "Posse Comitatus: Remembering Why" which states:


Alan Bock - "President Bush, showing in full bloom the instincts that make it clear that whatever he is politically he is not a conservative of the traditional limited-government or Constitutionalist variety, has lofted a trial balloon to promote the idea of having the military play a more extensive, earlier and perhaps even primary role in handling future disasters. The fact that he has mentioned it more than once, and that press secretary Scott McClellan has discussed both that idea and the idea of bypassing governors when disaster strikes, suggests that the notion is not just something that popped into his head on the spur of the moment.


Posse Comitatus is a Latin phrase that sounds obscure to most people, so it might not seem like a big thing to amend the act to make it easier to deploy the military in essentially civilian duties. But it is a big thing. The president's call to consider changes so far seems to have had little resonance, as have earlier calls. But the president is a stubborn man who sometimes confuses stubbornness with integrity or commitment to principle."


The Prophetic Forecast: Famines, Pestilence and Earthquakes


Over and over commentators are resurrecting images of Hitler’s Nazi Germany in the 1930s.  It is the archetype of a social system that went wrong. Using the national media, an ‘illusion’ is created that all is good, the government is our protector, it is powerful and we are weak and no one can defeat them.  It reminds us again of Revelation’s description of that formidable “beast” at the time of the end.


Revelation 13:6“Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?”


The pall of death is hanging over the minds of people around the worldWe will vicariously die a thousand deaths with fear before the reality of a real death greets us.  Around us the forces of nature and the push for power of evil men reign supreme in our world on the verge of insanity.  They broker for our lives, our freedoms and our souls.  As our freedoms are stripped away day by day, we utter no dissent and no outrage.  


Yet this was the prophetic picture that Yahshua gave his disciples as a window looking to their far future at the time of the end. When asked by His disciples:


Matthew 24:3 –Tell us, when will these things be?  And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?”


Yahshua responded:


Matthew 24:6-8 – “And you will hear of wars and rumors of warsSee that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.”


The only hope that will finally be realized by many is that the God of Israel will find us and will redeem us. It is not our failure that we fearThe stark fear of our lives is that God’s mission of redemption will fail.  We will fear that He will not come to redeem and deliver us. In that moment of despair, we will cling to the promise of the Psalmist:


Psalm 91:1-12

“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High

Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress;

My God, in Him I will trust.”


Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the one who seeks to snare you,

And from the perilous pestilence.

He shall cover you with His feathers,

And under His wings you shall take refuge;

His truth shall be your shield and buckler.

You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,

Nor of the arrow that flies by day,

Nor of the Pestilence that walks in darkness,

Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday.


A thousand may fall at your side,

And ten thousand at your right hand;

But it shall not come near you.

Only with your eyes shall you look,

And see the reward of the wicked.


Because you have made the Lord, Who is my refuge,

Even the Most High, Your dwelling place,

No evil shall befall you,

 Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling’

For He shall give His angels charge over you,

 To keep you in all your ways.

In their hands they shall bear you up,

Lest you dash your foot against a stone”




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