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Global Seismic Tremors

By Robert Mock M.D.

June, 2004


Periodically we begin to see evidence of seismic tremors that occur worldwide.  One Global Seismic Tremor occurred on March 17, 2003 and was recorded on almost all the seismographs of this earth.  During that week several other global tremors occurred. 


These global tremors occur deep down with the mantle of the Earth and are evidence that geophysical forces are in the process of restructuring the mantle of this Earth.  The outer skin of this planet is composed of what is called by scientists as the outer mantle of the earth. 


One of the theories of earth changes is that that this outer skin, the rigid upper mantle, at time breaks loose from its attachment to the layers of the lower mantle. This intermediate level, called the Asthenosphere, becomes a flowing mantle and the upper layers slide or skid over the lower mantle of the earth.  This is called crustal shifting.


Within the center of the earth is a solid iron core surrounded by a molten iron magma that rotates as the gyroscope within this planet.  Rotating molten plumes of magma erupt from the center of the earth blast against the lower mantle of the earth. 


Occasionally the solid outer mantle of the Earth breaks loose around the stationary gyroscopic core of the earth to a different location latitude and longitude on the outer crust. 

Imagine the inner core of the earth spinning faster than the slower outer crust or mantle. The core, acting like a gyroscope, governs the direction of the magnetic axis upon which this earth rotates. 


Global seismic tremors are an indicator of the internal 3D model of mantle convectionstressors that are building up in the center of the earth to this big moment of time when the outer skin of this earth begins to skid and slide as it rolls over to a new location and a new home. 


Giant Plumes of Magma erupting from the Core of the Earth


The central centrifugal force of rotation in the center of the earth continues to resist the urge of the outer crust to equalize it weight by shifting to a new location.  This is no different than when you are standing on a slope or incline that you will shift your feet to a new location to balance your body. 


The core does not want to change is magnetic rotation, but the outer mantle becomes more unbalanced until it breaks loose and a whole continent can move or slide en-mass to a new home or location.  The north-south axis of the core will remain the same, but the outer surface on the planet will no longer remain on where you once knew the North or the South Pole resided. 


As we can see on this diagram, the crust with its mountains and plains override the continental plates.  Interspersed within the continental plates we have colliding continental plates, separating continental plates, descending plates under adjacent continental plates and over-riding plates.  These are interspersed with cracks, seams, voids and many areas of the crust that are of greater or lesser density.  Any of these Earth's Crustweakened areas in the mantle and crust can be the sight of magma from the center of the earth into mid-oceanic seamounts or volcanoes. 


The Crust of the Earth


Overall the earth seeks to remain balanced.  This is at times difficult where in the regions of the earth where there are mountains, the crust is very thick and other regions, the oceans, and the crust is very thin.   Volcanoes continue to erupt on different regions of the earth depicting the dynamic expansion and contraction of the earth’s crust. 


When we look at the towering peaks of the Himalayan Mountains, we also see that the weight is balanced by the Pacific Ocean on the opposite side of the globe. As the magma intersects this crust of this earth in volcanoes and mid-oceanic uplifts, sometimes we see crustal bulging.  As the very dense iron core magma lifts up into the outer crust, the earth becomes unbalanced.  This imbalance affects the earth’s rotation. 


We see this uplift of magma beneath the crust in the center of Africa, called the African Bulge.  This bulge is caused by a cycle of expansion of heavy magma penetrating underneath the continental crust into the interior part of the mantle.  With the insertion of a heavy iron mantle over a large region of this planet, the spinning top cycle of this earth begins to wobble


Yet at the same time, we can see core contractions when the bulge subsides and the magma settles down and returns to the core of the earth. This contraction and expansion of the crust cause global seismic tremors as the earth shakes and trembles around the entire face of the earth. 


On a smaller scale, we see this same process in the eruption of a volcano.  Can we conclude that with global tremors, we are actually experiencing global volcanic eruptions upwards from the core of the earth in possible many locations?  This many not appear evidence because a majority of the surface of the earth is under the vast oceans of the earth.  Yet each eruption will affect the balance or imbalance on this planet with the potential of more earthquakes and more global volcanic activity. 


So, when the outer crust of the earth begins to shift and move over the molten core and the semi-molten magma, we experience global earthquakes.  Considering the increased solar flares that occurred in the fall of 2003 and the resultant increased electromagnetic flares that blasted this earth afterwards, we can expect that the internal core engine of this planet will begin to energize itself.  The core temperature within this planet will increase in response to the ongoing solar storms.  We see this today, where the warming of the Pacific Ocean is shifting with the resultant swings in the trade winds by El Nino or La Nina. 


The Holy Scripture, with its uncanny accuracy, describes that the time of the end, this planet will experience not miniature global earthquakes, but a ‘great earthquake’ such as this earth has never experienced.  In the sixth seal, the ‘mountains and the islands will be shaken out of their place.  How can an island move out of its place without moving to a different latitude and longitude?  This will not occur just on one continent but will be global. 


Many students of the Bible, who begin to envision these catastrophic changes at the time of the end, want to panic.  The earthquakes and volcanoes that erupt can have catastrophic consequences.  The atmosphere of the heavens will be affected by the global ash fallout.  The days will turn grey and the atmosphere in some part of this globe will darken.  Yet when the earth begins to move, overall it will occur in sync with the rotation of the earth.  The seasons will change, the climate will change, and the positions of the sun, moon and the constellations in the heavens will change. With a massive polar shift, we could walk outside and suddenly realize that the stars are all different.  What we once saw in the northern hemisphere, we may now be looking at the southern hemisphere.  We may no longer see the Big Dipper in the north for we are now looking in the heavens towards the south. 


The Rocky Mountains Chain in relations to the continent of North America will change.  Islands will disappear and new islands will arise from the deep.  These changes will be even more dramatic as the crust of the earth is much thinner in the oceans and therefore more susceptible earthquakes and volcanoes and mighty eruptions under the ocean beds. 


This planet has undergone such changes within the history of mankind.  The land of Egypt at one time underwent massive rains with erosion seen on the sides of the Great Sphinx near the Giza Pyramids.  Ancient Sea Maps copied in the 16th century from maps far more ancient that show the Antarctica, with rivers and streams cascading down its slopes, fifteen degrees closer to the southern tip of South America. 


Yes, the Lord of hosts will remodel and rearrange His earth.  The divine hand of the Creator will rearrange this planet like a Master Painter.  The “signs” in the heavens plus the “wars and rumors of war, famines and pestilences” with “earthquakes in diverse places” will be all a part of the Eternal One rearranging the furniture in His house.  The dual earthquakes at the crucifixion of our Lord will be a shadow picture of the greater earthquakes that will occur at His return.  Just as the Lord of hosts proclaims the nearness of His coming, the geopolitics of the world will cycle tighter and tighter around the Middle East in preparation for all the men of war who create evil and chaos from all the nations of the earth to be in the Land of Israel, awaiting the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven.